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Games we under looked this year
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If you look around, you can probably find a dozen or so articles on the Best Upcoming Games. But what about those under hyped games? Those games stuck in the shadow of Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4. We give them the spotlight for our Xbox 360 Under Rated Titles of 07. Please take a look at our Top Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2007


With a very close, yet almost unheralded release, Shadowrun stands to become a sleeper hit for the upcoming months. From the experiences I have heard from beta players, this game has the ability to be one of the better multiplayer games out there (It will also feature live anywhere compatibility). Players will have the option to play as different races all with strengths and weaknesses. The cross-platform play and interesting integration of magic and weapon combat prompts us to see a vision of greatness. Hopefully, it won’t be all smoke and mirrors.

Shadowrun Trailer


Codemasters has developed one quality of a racing game. Dirt brings next-generation racing in Rally Sports. With cutting-edge graphics and game play, Dirt is around to stay for a while. Even though the game is huge in Europe, Codemasters hope that it will have a similar impact in the North American audience. Because of the demo released on Xbox Live I have had a chance to play the game, and I can tell you, that it’ll give other racers good competition when it releases in June, with its slick game menu.

Dirt Trailer

John Woo’s: Stranglehold

Choreographed cinematic action has been a mainstay for John Woo games. Stranglehold stands to follow this precedent. The gamer plays the role of Inspector Tequila, who must walk the line between his duty as a cop and his desire to save his wife from the Russian Mob. With acrobatic gunfight sequences (I mean who doesn’t want to jump in the air while dual wielding) and “Massive Destructibility,” Stranglehold should impress gamers upon its release.

John Woo’s: Stranglehold Trailer

Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway

WWII shooters over? I think not. Gearbox has been developing Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway for quite some time now, and the game is looking better every time we get a glance at it. A few delays have stopped this intense shooter from release, but from the looks of it, it’s only for the better. With well defined war torn environments and strong character models, it’s looking to break the graphical barrier of WWII shooters. Look for this game sometime later this year, possibly around fall.

Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway Trailer

Splinter Cell Conviction

Ubisoft recently announced that Splinter Cell Conviction would be a PC/Xbox 360 exclusive; however, the more interesting news is the direction they are taking this game. Ubisoft has transformed one of the most recognizable game series and gone in a completely different direction. It is now Sam Fisher on the run. The shadows have been lifted, and the game now focuses on blending into normal situations. The gadgetry has taken a back seat, leaving the gamer with only his wit to conduct each episode. While it is hard to truly call this non-hyped, we feel the change in direction may shake some of the more hardcore fans at first, but this game shows great promise. Read our preview to catch up on all the details.

Splinter Cell Conviction Trailer

Medal of Honor: Air Borne

Medal of Honor: Air Borne is all around impressive. The team at EA Los Angeles has been in development of the title for some time. From the moment you drop from the plane, to the ground battles of each mission, it will feel realistic. With one of the most realistic audio effects for a WWII shooter and impressive graphical detail, this game will make you feel like you are a part of the experience. EA has done a lot of research and dedicated their time to making the game as close to the real experience as possible.

Medal of Honor: Air Borne Trailer

Blue Dragon

When it comes to gaming, Blue Dragon is no way, shape, or form under anticipated; except maybe in America. The sure hit JRPG shares a few characteristics with the wonderful game of soccer: most Americans don’t understand the rest of the world’s obsession with it. However, this game is sure to have a strong following even in America. With visuals similar to the hit show Dragon Ball Z and an innovative RPG experience, this game should strike chords with games on any continent. Read our early Preview to catch up on more details.

Blue Dragon Trailer


EA has been working on a skateboarding game named Skate, which they say will bring next-generation game play and graphics to the skating genre. EA is standing by their claim that it will be more of a realistic skate simulator. Looking at some game play, I can agree with EA, this game will definitely have a more realistic feel to it. Will this be the end of the successful Tony Hawk Franchise? I do not think so, but it will give it some great competition.

Skate Trailer

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