M.A.P. Top 6 Master Chief Candidates for Halo Movie

With the upcomming Halo movie almost upon us, we couldn’t help but to cast our vote as to whom should star in the film. This week we narrowed down the six Master Chief finalists. Vote in the polls and let us know who you would like to be the official Master Chief for the M.A.P. Halo Movie. This is a 5 week special and in the end we will bust out the champagne and celebrate with a full color movie poster of our All-Star Halo Movie Cast. Enjoy everyone.

Bush Master Chief AKA: Presidential Master Chief

The Classic Teletubby Master Chief.


Spidey Master Chief

Dumbledore Master Chief.

Trump Master Chief…. “You’re Fired”.

There you have it folks. The best Master Chiefs out there in the eyes of M.A.P.
Cast your votes today for who you want to see featured in our very own Halo Movie Flyer at the end of our little mini series.

Written and Edited by: Fidel Betancourt JR

Author: TGRStaff

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