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Geltabz are small tabs that fit snugly over top of your controller’s thumbsticks. They provide comfort and extra grip that is unmatched. I have been a long time user of the Geltabz. The first pair I owned I bought for use on the original Xbox console. A few years later I had converted all of my friends and family over to these little tabs of gel. So you can imagine my excitement to write this hands-on review for these new Geltabz.

So Many Pretty Colors!

So how do you take a controller accessory that is nearly perfect and make it better? Well has done it. They are releasing five brand new colors to pick from. Even better still, all of the new Geltabz will be made with a new universal thumbstick grip. You can secretly use your sister’s pink Geltabz for her Wii on your Xbox 360, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 without her ever knowing.

The package the new Geltabz will come in

My only complaint is that people could run into problems putting them on their sticks. Applying these little guys can be fun and challenging, but once you get the hang of putting them on it is much easier. There is a few techniques to remember that work well when applying the Geltabz. The first way is to pull as much of one side of the stick into the Geltabz and slowly work it around from one side to the other until it’s on. My favorite way though is to reach into the Geltabz and pull everything inside out and set it on top of the stick.

The Geltabz are now compatible with the Xbox/Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 2/3. For use on the Playstation, you will have to remove the top “mushroom” stick by gently pulling up on them. The Geltabz is designed to replace the top piece. For the Wii and 360, it just slides onto the existing stick. The current color is Black and soon you can pick them up in Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Orange is soon to be my new favorite color

Overall, the product has really simplified itself by going with the universal grip. No more having to buy a set for your Playstations and Xbox consoles seperately. Now the hardest decision is how many to buy and what colors to pick. Geltabz can be purchased at, EBGames/Gamestop stores and select Hollywood Video stores are carrying them also. Keep a close eye on our website here for more information on when the new Geltabz colors are available for purchase.

Want to see what they look like up close? Check these out:BlueGreenOrangePinkYellow

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