Flying Under the Radar: Ninjabread Man

I decided to do another odd game today because I’m in just that sort of mood. I studied the IGN calendar thoroughly, but dismissing most of what I saw: this was too gory, this too dramatic… I was fussier then a cat in a room full of toy mice. Then, though, I found a very odd little game that will be coming out on the Wii on the nicely near date of September 4th. The game is entitled Ninjabread Man and it turns you into the baked good that can’t be beat.

The plot is equally as eccentric as the gingery goody who’s the main hero. The Gingerbread Man did get caught (and almost eaten) by a fox and has since realized that he needs to play smarter, not harder. He has been re-baked into the smart, stealthy, and quite delectable Ninjabread Man. The life of a twice baked cookie isn’t an easy one, though… you must climb mountains of cake, test your mettle against evil cupcakes and living piles of jelly, and survive through all to face the ultimate challenge!




What, you’re still here? No, I’m not going to tell you what it is. Find out for yourself; that’s part of the fun.

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