Are You Addicted to Halo 3?

After almost a month of prime Halo 3 gaming, jobs have been lost, classes have been flunked, and girlfriends have whined. Admittedly, it’s been difficult for most gamers balance actual human contact (talking smack on multiplayer doesn’t count) with battling the Flood and the Covenant. Who else is going to save the universe from destruction? From the midnight launch, gamers have been forsaking relationships and personal hygiene for more time with Master Chief. Many gamers have uttered the famous last words, “I can quit Halo 3 any time I want to!” only to be sadly mistaken. Admit it Halo Nation: most of you are addicted to Halo. Take the quiz to find out if you are indeed a Halo addict!

You Ready? Answer Yes or No to these questions and proceed to see the results.

1. You have seriously considered wearing adult diapers so you wouldn’t have to quit multiplayer matches.
2. You have told your family and friends to refer to you as Master Chief more than once.
3. You believe Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel gives you special Halo powers
4. You have told your girlfriend no to sex so you could “Finish the Fight.”
5. Your girlfriend started having sex with your best friend because you were “Finishing the Fight.”
6. You are working on a “best of” Halo 3 theater of yourself to post on youtube.
7. You have listed “fragging noobs” as one of your specialized skills on a job application.
8. You will only play Halo 3 in a Master Chief costume that you made from cardboard and green finger paint.
9. You took a “semester off” because you felt you needed to devote all of your attention to finding hidden skulls.
10. You have lucky Halo 3 underwear that you haven’t taken off since you beat Halo 3 on Legendary.

1-3 – You call yourself a Halo addict? Do you think Kurt Cobain became a junkie by only doing heroin once in a while? Go directly to your nearest Xbox 360, fire up Halo 3 and think about what a disappointment your life has become. You are a disgrace to Halo Nation.

4-7 – You’re doing ok, but your skin isn’t quite pasty enough to be considered great. Do you really want to finish this fight? Stock up on some Game Fuel and put a bucket by your chair in case of a so-called “emergency.”

8-10 – Congratulations, you have risen to the top of Halo Nation! You are an official Halo 3 addict. If you were cut, you would bleed “Game Fuel.” You know that girlfriends come and go, but the Chief stays with you forever. Go post your “best of” clips on youtube. You deserve the fame kid.

Author: TGRStaff

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