Gamers Issue Message to Stop Hatin’

The latest data reported by Nielsen Media Research, that surveyed American men from 18 to 34, found that 48% regularly play video games, for almost 3 hours per day, on average. While this is no surprise to anyone who really understands the gamer identity, the buzz on the gamer circuit seems to have provoked a bit of anger.
Defensive gamers relate gaming activity to any other hobby that someone may have — especially their fathers. When you think about it, many men – and women, retain their hobbies well into adulthood. Why online gaming is so often considered a childish activity seems to have sparked some debate from those in the gaming community.
One person, who identified herself as a female gamer, surmised that while gamers have games, others collect expensive popular items, such as smartphones and ipods. Still others maintain that those who are concerned with the relative age of male gamers may actually have boyfriends who have preferred to play games, rather than spend time with them.
In this technical age, online gaming has grown into a multi-million dollar industry, and it is obvious that it isn’t only because young boys are playing the games. The consoles, equipment and games do not come cheaply. The average pre-teen or teenager is not likely the only person supporting the industry. So anyone that is surprised that grown men and women have developed a game playing hobby seems to have been living under a rock for a very long time.
Video games have not been limited to children for quite some time. The fact that so many games have developed into other print, films and music venues, should also point to the fact that the gaming industry has reached out to a very large collection of diverse individuals. Gaming involves storytelling, role playing and music, in addition to the usual ’’joystick’’ activity.
Others suggest that anyone who is that concerned with those who spend their time gaming, perhaps do not have any hobbies that they are passionate about, or simply do not realize that other activities, such as reading novels, sporting related events and dancing, are often begun when a person is young, and then continued far past childhood, often engaged in, for the rest of people’s lives. Besides, studies have reportedly shown that playing games is a great way to release anger and tension, without having to resort to violence.
One gamer “confessed” that he is just under 30, has a full time career, and became an avid gamer, while his wife studied for her PHD. And it doesn’t take a PHD to know, that there are many other things that could be a lot more troubling for people to involve themselves with, besides gaming.
To criticize someone for video gaming exposes the ignorance that some people have of the far-reachingness of the industry. Gaming is very similar to sports – which usually involves people of all races, genders, and ages. Yet, no one criticizes sports fanatics for staying involved in the activity and following it into adulthood. The definitive message from gamers to haters? Get your own life and stop worrying about gamers!

Author: TGRStaff

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