Six Games That Show the PS3 is an FPS Powerhouse

It used to be that if you wanted a great FPS experience on a console, the Xbox was really your only option, and while the PS2 may have had some decent shooters, the big box was really where the goods were. Thankfully, the PS3 is changing this with not only commendable multiplatform titles, but high quality exclusives that would bring a grin to any FPS fan’s face. Let’s take a look at the games that are helping defeat the stereotype of Playstation not packing any good shooters.

Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2

The first Resistance title was a very well made FPS, and arguably the best launch title that the PS3 released with. The game possesses a unique sci-fi story that introduces an alternate reality: instead of WW2, humanity got a war with the nasty Chimera species. The game is developed by Insomniac Games, so you know you can expect a great line-up of unique weaponry. The multiplayer mode was pretty beefy as well, supporting up to 40 players.

Resistance 2 has set out to out do its predecessor in almost every way, and continues the story of the main character, Sgt. Nathan Hale, and the war against the Chimera. The game will support two campaigns, one for single player and one for co-op, which supports up to eight players. If you think those 40 person battles in the first game were intense, get ready for more because Insomniac is planning on support for up to 60 players! Altogether the Resistance franchise is making for a great exclusive FPS property for Sony, and is pushing the limits of the genre itself.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Yeah we know. This is available for Xbox 360 and PC, but nevertheless, the PS3 has access to one of the best multiplayer experiences since Counter Strike. This version of the game is by no means inferior to any of its counterparts, packing great graphics and the same smooth-as-butter frame rate. With its unique experience point system, CoD 4’s multiplayer gives you reasons to keep coming back and makes us all realize what gets so many people addicted to games like World of Warcraft: the thrill of always working towards something new. Remembe,r it’s important to have the third party support as well, showing that the 360 isn’t the only place you have to go for Call of Duty 4.

Unreal Tournament 3

While PS3 owners may not be able to enjoy Gears of War, it has been blessed with Epic’s other franchise, one of the most prestigious multiplayer shooters ever made. If there is one FPS series that will entice people to buy your system, it’s Unreal Tournament. While it may be also available for the PC, the PS3 version of UT3 is no slouch: the graphics are some of the best on the console and show why everyone is licensing the Unreal 3 engine. Many customization options not usually found in a console game are present as well, including server filters, a level editor, and mouse and keyboard support. UT3 is an important title to have in the PS3’s library, and is one of the most tried and true multiplayer experiences you can find.


Another exciting shooter that Sony was able to pick up timed exclusivity for, Haze looks to be a unique experience in terms of story, and a feast for the eyes with its graphics. Haze will possess a robust co-op mode with 4 players online, well as an adversarial mode supporting up to 16 players. Some original elements that Haze will bring to the genre are upgrades called Nectar, a type of extreme steroids for soldiers that boosts senses and physical strength, as well as creating a tripped out on-screen distortion that certainly looks like the effects of drugs. In the campaign, you play as a solder working for the Mantel corporation, which is involved with a variety in business ventures including paramilitary work. While the jury is still out on Haze, it’s good to see Sony trying to snap up some timed exclusives, and realizing that in order to compete with Microsoft, they need some AAA exclusive shooters.

Killzone 2

Even though the original Killzone may not have lived up to the lofty expectations of PS2 gamers, its sequel Killzone 2 is still showing promise. Of course we all know of the controversy with the original trailer that erupted at E3 2005, and while that trailer may have been pre-rendered, the gameplay recently shown certainly looks close. Exact details of the storyline and multiplayer modes are still very scant at this point, but recent demos have shown a very intense and destructible combat zone that ups the ante from the original game. Also, be on the look out for a public beta, which was announced by QA manager Sebastian Downie. We may not know everything about the game yet, but Killzone 2’s importance to the PlaySation brand is common knowledge and its success imperative, because you won’t be able play it anywhere else.

We hope this look at FPS games for the PS3 helped show that the console can bring it in terms of shooters, especially with quality exclusive titles. The genre is definitely one of North America’s favorites, and Sony needs to convince gamers that a 360 and copy of Halo 3 isn’t necessarily the only way to get their fix. However, let’s remember that if it weren’t for Halo’s success on the original Xbox, developers may never have been convinced to start making serious FPS games on other consoles. Publishers are finally realizing that gamers on both systems want great shooters, and it seems like Sony no longer has to worry about being bereft of the genre with a lineup such as this.

Author: TGRStaff

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