Crackdown Walkthrough

                                                         OOOO                                                       OOOOOOOO                         T                              OOOOOOOO                       TTT                             OOOOOOOO                       TTT                              OOOOOOPPP                   TTTTT         A PPPPP            OOOOOOOO         N     NNPPPPPPPPP       A   TTTTTTTTTT     AA  PPPPPPPP      OOOOOOOOOOO       NN    NNN PPPPPPPPPPP   AAA  TTTTTTTTTT    AAAA  PPPPPPPPP   OOO        OOO     NNN   NNN PPP   PPPPP  AAAAA   TTTTTT     AAAAA   PPP   PPP OOO   OOOOO  OOO   NNNN  NNN   PPPPPP     AAAAAAA  TTTTT     AA  AAA   PPPPPPP  OOO  OOOOOOO OOO  NNNNNNNNN  PPPPP     AAA  AAA   TTTT    AAA  AAAA   PPPP    OOO  OOOOOOO OOO  NNN  NNN   PPP     AAAAAAAAAA  TTTT   AAAAAAAAAA    PPPP    OOO  OOOOO OOO  NNN  NNN    PPP   AAAA  AAAAA  TTTT  AAAA   AAAAA    PPP     OO   OOO  OO  NNN  NNN     PPP  AAAA   AAAAAA TTTT AAAA   AAAAAAA    PPP     OOOOOOOOOO  NNN  NNN                           TTTT                              OOOOO                        TT                        TT

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        01. Legal Mumbo Jumbo ----------------------[000A]        02. Revision History -----------------------[000B]

        03. Introduction ---------------------------[000C]        04. Gameplay Mechanics ---------------------[000D]        05. Frequently Asked Questions -------------[000E]        06. Walkthrough ----------------------------[000F]        07. Materials Listings ---------------------[000G]        08. Armour And Weapons Listings ------------[000H]        09. Patapon Unit Combinations --------------[000J]        10. Minigames ------------------------------[000K]        11. Finish! --------------------------------[000L]

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Version 1.4 (07/03/08)- Mission 15: Despair can actually be completed (thanks Muobman!)- Mission 23: New information on hot geysers (thanks fourtwo!)- Mission 24: Strategy on using Earthquake Miracle added (thanks               techthunder101!)- Mission 31: Strategy on avoiding Kharma’s meteors added (thanks akodinito!)- Added a tip on stopping temporarily lightning bolts (thanks Holygrunt!)- Added more information to the Frequently Asked Questions section

Version 1.3 (29/02/08)- Included the mission I omitted, Mission 14C: Convoy Escort (thanks   BoMbFuNk.Mc!)- Included a detailed explanation on the way Armour / Speed stats are      calculated (thanks six_digit!)- Included tips on Gorl, Mission 15: Despair (thanks rhyfe2002!)

Version 1.2 (27/02/08)- Updated last Boss information (thanks Exhys and Nuruhuine!)- Updated the Patapon Unit Combinations section to include additonal   background as to the units (thanks Nuruhuine!)- Crab Bosses stances are differentiated now (thanks Dragros!)- Updated tips on using the Charge Up Song 

Version 1.1 (27/02/08)- Generally fixed grammatical / spelling errors- Fixed the Mission numbers for the Walkthrough, made the Boss sections more   uniform- Reformatted the Gameplay Mechanics section, added tips on breaking Fever- Added question about maximum Boss Level, skipping credits- More info about Megapons’ yellow notes (thanks DenisF!)- More info about Fever / Beat mechanics (thanks Killua_14 an Froozog!)- Improved descriptions for the Plant Bosses- Added a tip for Mission 21, on how to kill Gong easily (thanks Ghianluca!)- Added description on how Meats can be substituted with Vegetables in the   creation of certain Rarepon (Thanks Cypher1386, Froozog!)- Removed set order for Divine Weapons from Smith Minigame, it appears to be  in a different fixed order for different people (thanks Waynec02!)

Version 1.0 (26/02/08)

O=============================================================================O|                               INTRODUCTION [000C]                           |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

If you’ve not played Patapon yet, I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy. It’s a really packed game that’s been much more enjoyable that other PSP games I’ve had. 

Patapon, for the uninitiated, is a mishmash of different gaming genres. You basically control a tribe of talking Eyeballs as they rampage their way acrossthe World in search for IT.

To control them, you enter a series of button presses, not unlike the DJ Max,Dance Dance Revolution or RaPappa games. There’s different combinations to getthem to do a variety of actions, such as Advancing, Attacking, Defense and others.

To add to this, there’s a complex system for gathering Materials to create different classes of Patapons each with their own abilities / stats, differentweapon trees, and even a host of Minigames that are interesting and rewarding.

Interestingly enough, Patapon is a game that can be played at differet levels of difficulty. Once you get into the swing of things, you can complete the gameat a generally easy difficulty, but you can also challenge yourself with optional Bosses at increasing difficulties.

So if you have a PSP, please do yourself a favour and pick up the Demo at thevery least. You won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, this is my first guide, so please email me if you’ve got any suggestions or questions! I suspect there’s a host of errors here too, so if you spot any just point them out!

O=============================================================================O|                             GAMEPLAY MECHANICS [000D]                       |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

The best place to learn to play this game is to dive into the game itself. I highly suggest that you just play the first few levels on your own, since thereare visual and audio guides there to help you learn the fundamentals, then comeback here for more tips.

... Back? Good! Now, you should know by now that you control your Patapons by inputting a series of 4 button presses, with different combinations resultingin different actions taken.

Rhythm Fundamentals-------------------Each ’cycle’ consists of 8 beats, the first 4 where you input the button presses, and the next 4 where the Patapons sing to acknowledge your input. 

You have to wait for them to stop singing, before you can input the next set of commands.

If you screw up, you can only begin another 8 beat cycle after one uninterrupted beat has passed. This means that if you screw up, you can’timmediately start the next cycle, you have to wait for a beat to pass first.

Fever ’Intro’ Fundamentals--------------------------

Now you’re wondering, how the heck do I maintain Fever? My guess is that duringthe first few levels you managed to work your way up to Fever, but had it failfor some inexplicable reason.

The answer to this conundrum is simple: When Fever first begins, your Patapons don’t Sing their usual chant, and this may throw you off track! This speciachant of theirs, which changes according to which stage you’re on, is known asthe Fever ’Intro’. 

The best way to counter this, is not to rely on what the Patapons are singingduring their 4 beat half of the cycle. Keep the tempo in your head, even singit softly to yourself until you get the hang of it. That way, you can continueFever even when the Patapons sing their Fever Intro.

Visuals Aids To Attaining Fever:--------------------------------

There’s also visual aids to help you build up Fever. Look at the Combo Meter:the numbers here flash at the exact times you should input your button presses.Sometimes with all the action on screen you can get distracted, such as when Bosses smash the ground creating similar but off-tempo rhythms. Concentrate on the Combo Meter flashes to keep track of your timing.

Alternatively, notice that every beat in the cycles are accompanied by a whiteborder flash around the screen, which turns into a green border flash when youenter Fever. Use this too, to keep track of your timing!

The Beat System Explained: (with the help of Killiua_14 and Froozog!) --------------------------

Just like other rhythm games, each drum hit is counted as either an ’Good’, ’Great’, or ’Perfect’, in increasing order of accuracy. You can tell how accurate you have been by listening intently to the drum beat! This is a list of how different the drum beats sound:

Good   : High pitched sound, like hitting a glass plateGreat  : Normal, flat drum soundPerfect: Full, echo-ey bass sound

Normally, you need 10 combos to enter Fever. However, you can shorten this whentwo conditions are fulfilled: (1) the Combo meter is at 2 or higher, and (2)you get 4 Perfect beats in a row. (Unlike what I wrote in the previous versionof this FAQ, you DO NOT need 3 perfect cycles of 4 perfect beats to enter Fever! I stand corrected!)

Without Fever, a ’Good’, ’Great’ or ’Perfect’ can all be used to increase the Combo meter, and complete the current chant / Song. 

In Fever mode, only a ’Great’ or ’Perfect’ can continue Fever - a mere ’Good’ will break Fever, but will thankfully still complete the current chant / Song. 

Thanks again, Killua_14 and Froozog!

Why Break Fever?----------------

There are some instances when you want to break Fever. As you fight Bosses athigher levels, or as the battle draws on, the Bosses may get out of sync with the rhythm.

Say you begin a Boss fight with an Advance-Advance-Attack-Retreat sequence - this may give you ample time to retreat before the Boss attacks. But as the battle wears on, the Boss may begin to attack earlier or later, and may launch their attack just a few seconds earlier which... is bad.

           |  (Advance) * (Advance) * (Attack) * (Retreat) * (Advance) *   AT      |                                               ^         BEGINNING  |                                               |           |                                         (Boss Attacks)

           |  (Advance) * (Advance) * (Attack) * (Retreat) * (Advance) *  LATER    |                                         ^            ON      |                                         |           |                                   (Boss Attacks)

In this example, you have three options. (1) is to Retreat one cycle earlier, and (2) is to break Fever. Just don’t press anything, and your Patapons will just move to gather around your Flag Bearer, often moving away from the evil clutches of the Bosses. (3) You can also break Fever, wait for a Beat to pass, then quickly do the Retreat Song too! 

Lastly, this game is about practise and getting into the mood of things. For a while you’ll be EXTREMELY frustrated by the lack of Fevers and you’ll wantto tear up that Contract you signed at the beginning of the game. But really,practise makes perfect! Don’t get discouraged! We were all monkeys with this game when we began!

O=============================================================================O|                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [000E]                   |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

Q: Are there any differences between the various releases of the game?A: In the EUR release you know it by ’Miracle’, whilst in the NA version you    will see it as ’JuJu’. There are other slight localization differences,    mainly with names, but no item / unit stat differences. The JAP release has    fewer unique equipment, and is missing stuff like Beetleton’s Helm.

Q: [SPOILER] For the ’Secret of Patata Plain Mission’, I can’t get the item    from the weird totem pole thing!A: You’ve got to press the buttons in timing with the rhythm! It’s the same 8   beat Cycle: press Triangle-Circle-Triangle-Circle according to the tempo,    wait 4 beats, and then repeat!

Q: Can I use a certain Song at anytime in the game?A: No you cannot. You have to have the Song in your inventory to use it. This    means that you cannot start using, say, the Retreat song from the beginning   of the game.

Q: Where do I buy weapons from?A: You can’t. You have to get weapons as drops from enemy Zigatons or Bosses. 

Q: How do I know whether a certain mission I’ve just completed yielded good    loot? Should I replay it?A: Generally, the Story Missions drop good loot, and the Bosses should yield   Materials of Level 3 and above. I’m working on a maximum loot drop per level   guide, so that you know whether you’ve not been sufficiently rewarded from a   certain mission.

Q: How do I unlock [XXX] Minigame? What are they good for?A: Look at the Minigames Section!

Q: I can’t complete a certain Mission! It’s too hard!A: Most of the time, it’s a combination of incorrect strategy and weak Patapons   that is getting you down. Experiment with different units, or go hunting to    get new materials to create stronger Patapons.

Q: I can’t get the rain to stop on the Search For A Lucky Star level!A: As explained in the Walkthrough, you need to let one of the Crabs kill any    one of your units on this level, pick up the fallen Cap, then complete it.   Afterwards, it will RANDOMLY stop raining, so just play on until it clears.

Q: I can’t kill the Gold Birds! My weapons deal 0 damage to them!A: They are invulnerable to Fire Weapons. Use other weapons to kill them.

Q: I want to make Rarepons, but I’ve filled up my stable with White Patapons    already! How do I kill them so that I can new ones?A: Just go to the army selection screen, press Triangle to edit their weapons,   then you will get an option to press Select to retire (ie. squish and kill)   that highlighted Patapon. Note, this is irreversible. 

Q: Which Rarepons are the best? A: Generally, assuming you don’t have a budget constraint, the Mogyoons give    the best bang for your buck. They get insane boosts to many stats, esp. in    the Attack department. Barsalas are more expensive than them, but I’ve yet   to discover why Barsalas might be better. 

   For more in-depth discussion of Army construction, see the Patapon Unit   Combinations section.

Q: Well, if Rarepons are better than White Patapons, shouldn’t I have all my   units as Rarepons?A: Not really. The largest drawback to Rarepons is that they cannot equip    Helms, and are difficult to make. Sometimes it’s better to have a few    White Patapons equip the various Helms for special boosts, such as the    Scorpiton Helm which makes enemies fall asleep. 

Q: My Patapon’s movement speed value is higher than the rest, so why is he    still attacking slower than the rest?A: The LOWER the movement speed value, the FASTER they attack. It’s counter-   intuitive, I know.

Q: Does speed matter?A: Yes! Speed affects two things, Patapons’ movement speed and attack speed.   The number there is an indication of how many seconds it takes to attack,   so just know that the lower the number the better.

   Also, slower Patapons eventually move behind the rest, and may not    contribute as effectively to battle. They also Retreat slower. This is more    pertinent for melee units, though. See the Patapon Unit Combinations section    for more tips here.

Q: I just got a Stone and a Banal Branch from a Boss! Yay?A: NO yay! Reset! Bosses get increasingly tough, so it’s really hard to farm   items / materials from them later. As a general rule of thumb, they should   drop something really useful (which you can’t get elsewhere easily) before   you are content. So reset and fight them again! 

   Note though, that Bosses under Level 5 don’t usually drop very good stuff,    so don’t kill yourself trying to get Level 4 materials or Divine-Godly-   Unstoppable-Patapata Weapons from them when they are only Level 2.

Q: So then what is the maximum Level that a Boss can get to?A: Er. Youtube has a video of this guy killing a Level 40 Gaeen / Dogaeen. I   think then the current proven limit is Level 40, though in theory we can   keep going higher. Thing is, your Patapons can only be improved so much,   so there will come a limit where you can no longer kill the Bosses.

Q: I’ve completed the game, and everytime I kill the last Boss again the    entire friggin’ credits roll by again! Is there any way to skip this?A: No way that I know of so far. I’ve been pressing every single button in    various combinations, but no cigar. Anyone know better?

Q: Is this game on PS3 too?A: So far, no plans have been announced. My guess is that they will want to   keep it on the PSP for a while, so that it’s an exclusive game that will   help move systems. 

Q: How do I know if I’ve been playing too much Patapon?A: If your son comes home from school running a temperature, and you tell him   to keep it up.

O=============================================================================O|                               WALKTHROUGH [000F]                            |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

STOP!! Before you begin, note that importing a save game from the Demo will give you access to a unique weapon, the Spear Of Protection. Since the Demo stages are the same as the Full Game’s, this walkthrough applies to both the Demo and the Full Game versions.

  PROLOGUE  --------

Difficulty: Easy

After selecting New Game and signing the contract, you’re treated to a short tutorial mission on gameplay mechanics (if you need further help on this, refer to the previous section.) 

Your task is simple: keep advancing across the screen, and your flag-bearer will meet up with other two other stray Yaripons. Together, you guys are goingto keep advancing until you find out that you’re in a Jurassic Park remake. Yes, that dinosaur is after you, and he’s not friendly.

Don’t sweat it though, if you keep advancing he’s not going to catch up with you. Along the way you’ll also catch your first glimpse of the Zigotons, the enemy species to your Patapons. You’ll soon see a little pink endpoint - onceyou reach it, the stage is over. Phew!

If you can’t hit or maintain Fever during this stage, don’t worry! There’s plenty more time to practise!

  Interlude  ---------

You’ll find yourself back in Patapolis, at the village centre. This is your chance to input your name, so please choose a cool moniker, they are going to add the prefix ’Lord’ to it after all. 

Meden, the only skirted Eyeball in the whole game, is then going to beg you to lead them to hunt for food. She’s going to show you the Obelisk, the portal through which you enter the various stages. Use the L and R shoulder buttonsto navigate through the village.

Although you can catch a glimpse of other goodies in between the village centreand the Obelisk, you can’t really do anything with them yet, so just head outthrough the Obelisk on your first mission!

Note: Save frequently with the Select button, you’ll see why soon enough! 

  MISSION 1 - Hunting On Patata Plain  -----------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

This is the first time you get to equip your army, but since you’re a fledglingPatapon tribe there’re not many options open to you. Just go ahead and start.

You begin with a quick tutorial on how to attack, so destroy the brick wall toadvance. At this point you’ll notice a strangely-shaped Totem Pole, but for nowwe’ll just ignore it. Two types of prey populate this level, the cow-like Kacheek and the usually-sleeping-bird Motiti.

For the Motiti, you can’t get too close to it, or it’ll up and run. You should try to keep at least two advancement-pacings away from it, then hit it with your Yaripons. When the wind is blowing towards the Motiti, you need to be even further away.

Both animals tend to start running away after you first hit them, so try to get close before you start hitting them. Of note in this level are the sparklydaisies, and the red flower in the middle of the stage. When your Patapons hit them, they release Ka-Ching. 

You can’t target these floral piggy-banks directly, so try to have them in between your Yaripons and the prey. That way, your Yaripons will attack the animals, and the spears will hit them in mid-flight. Items disappear if left too long on the ground, so don’t leave them uncollected for too long!

  Interlude  ---------

Cool! Now you can check out the Altar, a fancy name for your inventory. Note that new items are always flashing, so this way you can keep track of your spoils from war.

You also get to see how much Ka-Ching you currently have. Wonder how much isenough? Well, let’s just say that my final army took about 7080 Ka-Ching to produce. =)

Ok there’s still not much you can do, so head out out through the Obelisk. Youcan revisit old hunting grounds, and if you’re new to the game I suggest yougo back and hunt a bit more, for both the spoils and the practise. 

  MISSION 2: Escape From Isolation  --------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

First off, another stone wall for you to pummel though. On the other side lurkZigotons, but don’t worry about them just yet. Once you break through, the various Eyeballs start trash-talking each other, so take this chance to startworking up combos towards Fever!

Before long your three lonely Yaripons receive aid, from a godly Tatepon no less! He’s the melee character to the ranged Yaripons you have, so you have quite a nice set up so far. He’s tricked out with end-game equipment, so hewill basically pummel through all the other walls and Zigotons that stand in 

your way. 

See that

 bee-hive thingy hanging in the air? It’s another Ka-Ching piggy-bank,so try to time your spear attacks to get some extra cash. This stage is prettygood in the loot department, as it is common for the stone walls or the Zigotons to drop loot after they are destroyed.

Ban the Tatepon soon leaves, but not before dropping the Tatepon Memory and other random loot. The Tatepon Memory allows you to create Tatepons, so yourYaripons won’t be too lonely after this. 

Finally, you see a black tombstone-like thing, and another house. Destroy them both to get to the pink endpoint. Don’t get your knickers in a twist if youdidn’t get god-like drops so far, there’s plenty of time left to collect stuff.

  Interlude - New Minigame: Tree Minigame! New Unit: Tatepon!  -----------------------------------------------------------

Note, one item that you’ll definitely pick up from Mission 2 is the Pakapon Cap. Basically, these Caps allow unique non-combatant Patapons to be ’born’,and they populate your Patapolis while providing various Minigames. 

(If you can’t find the Minigame, just head out to the World Map and return, and you should be able to find it on the extreme left of the Patapolis. There’s adelay because Pan the Pakapon is being birthed at the Tree of Life.)

Meden then shows you Mater, the Tree of Life. Here, you can create new unitsusing Ka-Ching and materials. 

In a prophetic flash, our female Patapon Meden then talks about a sense of impending doom and ’Crimson blood’ (I’m trying my best to refrain from a crass joke here), and you learn that the Zigotons are attacking!

At this point, to make your life easier, I suggest you go hunting until you’ve got enough materials to create at least 3 Tatepons and 6 Yaripons. I maxed outmy army though, cuz I liked crushing my enemies.

If hunting is not giving you the materials you need, like branches or stones,then just keep playing the Tree Minigame. More help on Minigames in the Minigame section.

So yea. When you’re ready, head over to...

  MISSION 3: Zigotons Strike Back   --------------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

Beware! Your Patapons are in grave danger from a well-executed ambush! Ok seriously, you should be able to spot the Zigotons a mile away. Bash through 3 waves of Zigotons, and don’t forget the beehive along the way! 

The third wave should drop a green flask, get it! That restores your Pataponsto full health, and is vital if you don’t want to lose any Eyeballs along the way. 

Once you’re out of the bushes, you will see a pompous, offical-looking Zigoton with some fancy headgear come up to your party. He’s the mini-boss, but he falls just like the rest, so just hack through him. Destroy the house, and you’re free to advance to the endpoint!

By now you should realize that story-levels drop tons of gear. If ever you getextra bits you don’t need, just reset and play the level again. 

  Interlude  ---------

Um, there’s nothing new going on. So on we go!

  MISSION 4: Crack The Zigoton Fort!  ----------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

Get past the first stone wall, and you’re presented with the first tower inthe game! Don’t worry too much about the archers on the tower, they can’t hit you very well on account of parallex error and their one eyeball.

Concentrate on building up Fever, it will really help you on this stage. YourTatepons should be holding off the wave of Ziggies, while your Yaripons are spearing them. Then, get up close to the tower and blast away. Once it’s down,it should reveal a nice green flask.

Advance a bit further, and Yumipon comes out to help you! He’s another tricked-out Patapon, but of the Archer class this time. With him around, getting past the next few waves and buildings should be easy. Get into Fever mode, and Yumipon starts firing Triple shots!

Once you’re done looting, Yumipon disappears too, leaving you the Yumipon memory and one random item. You should also have found the Chakachaka Song fromone of the structures - the song is a green note on paper thingy.

That’s it! Another mission under your belt!

  Interlude - New Unit: Yumipon!  ------------------------------

Take the chance to start adding Yumipons to your army! So far I’m still using 6 Tatepon 6 Yaripon and 6 Yumipon, all white. Their equipment is only the stuff I’ve found from the story levels, no extra grinding yet. If you’re having probs though, please feel free to grind your Patapons. Fever is your friend.

  MISSION 4: Gong The Hawkeye  ---------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

This stage can be tricky if you let the archers and Gong’s Tornado attack get you all frustrated and worried! This is your first time seeing Gong, and trustme, he’s going to be a royal pain in the ass for many missions to come.

He’s probably going to open with a volley of swipes and Tornado attacks, butdon’t let that bother you. I hope you have all three unit types, the Yaripons, Yumipons and Tatepons! 

Focus on getting up close to the other Ziggies to get rid of them first. Ideally, your Tatepons will hold off the Ziggies, while your archers and spear-men lay waste to them from behind. Keep in mind that while Gong and the other enemy archers seem to be having a field day dealing damage to your troops, itsnot a lot of damage, and you should be fine. 

Midstage you encounter a Patapon trapped in a cage, as Gong taunts you from theother side. Just keep your cool, destroy the cage, then press on. You’re get toanother tower, the destruction of which will give you a health potion. 

Don’t let your guard down! A final wave of enemies come by, and if you’re already in Fever you should be able to defeat them quickly. Gong then runs away! The scamp. You can’t really catch him or kill him at this stage, so justlet him go.

One of your loot items will be a Blank Map, don’t worry you can’t miss it!

  Interlude  ---------

I suggest that you still don’t have a full army, now would be a good time to get one! Remember that Blank Map we found? It’s a signpost to the next Mission,and here we’re going to face off with our first Boss!

  MISSION 5: Ancestral Guardian - New Song: Defense!  --------------------------------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

Begin this stage and the first thing you’ll note is the black tombstone nearby.Hopefully by now you have already associated black tombstones with goodies,so just head over and beat it up. Lo and behold! Chaka Drum!

Cue another short tutorial where you get to learn how to Defend, finally putting that Chaka song you found a while back to good use. And you’re going toneed it, the next boss coming up is pretty tough without the Defense song!

Just a bit further, and you’ll see a familiar face / visage / ugly dinosaur mug! It’s Dodonga from the beginning, and this time it’s a proper showdown.

   --------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Dodonga Lvl. 1|   --------------------------

Dodonga has three main attacks: (1) Fire Breathing, (2) Head Butt, and (3) Gobble Gobble Attack. Ok so those are my own names, but it’s important to tellthe difference between his attacks!

The strategy is simple: anticipate his attacks and react accordingly, whilejust pummeling him with whatever you’ve got at other times. Now, we’ll look atwhat attacks he has.

For (1), Dodonga will rear himself up to full height and tilt his head back. For (2), Dodonga will crouch and lower his head - crucially, his head is held          parallel to the ground. For (3), Dodonga will crouch too, but this time his head is tilted downwards          towards your forces.

To counter:(1) --> start prepping your Defense song! Your Patapons still take damage         from the fire blasts, but it’s much reduced.(2) --> just defend because you will still mete out some damage. Later on,         when you refight him, use the Retreat Song if you have it.(3) --> see below:

At this point you can’t really do anything about (3), and your best bet is just to defend. Hopefully Hatapon (your flag-bearer) is some distance from Dodonga, such that when you defend everyone retreats a little, so that you’re out of his reach. When he gobbles you, your units die immediately! The good news is that gobbled units still drop their Caps, so you can revive them for free later.

Another tip for this battle: Maintain Fever, and try to attack him from as faraway as possible! That means NOT advancing right up next to him. You’re goingto want to do as much damage with your Yaripons and Yumipons as possible. Thatmeans that if Dodonga retreats and you’re chasing him, watch your Yumipons,because once they get in attack range their eyes become frowny, and that’s when you know you can start your Attack song!

I was super lucky my first time killing Dodonga! I got a Tytanium and a SuperCedar! Woot! Mogyoon Rarepon I choose you!

  Interlude  ---------

Feeling pretty good now, eh, seeing that Dodonga head cooking in the stew potin Patapolis! Not much else is unlocked now, Meden only says that you need tocross the desert, but that you might need to unlock the secret of Patata plain.

And she’s right! If you tried to go to the next story stage now, there’s no way you can beat it! You’ll just get to this desert-y part and you get to seeyour Patapons fry. I myself spent a frustrated hour trying to figure out what was wrong. 

Remember, when you’re stuck, Meden often offers little clues that help. So now,head for the first Patata Plain hunting stage!

  MISSION 6A: Patata Plain  ------------------------

Difficulty: Easy 

This two missions are interlinked, hence the different numbering system. Remember how when you first came here you saw a Totem Pole with Sony ControllerButtons inconspicuously hidden on it? Well, now you can actually interact withthe Totem Pole!

Just walk up to the thing, and hit Triangle Circle Triangle Circle a couple of times. It should elongate and spit out a Bent Compass! That’s all you need from this stage, so quickly complete it.

  MISSION 6B: Miracle of Lostdon  ------------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

With the Bent Compass, it will open up a new map, the Miracle of Lostdon! Thisis where you need to go before the Desert stage, so head on over. Once the stage begins you’ll see another black tombstone, destroy it and you’ll findthe Don Drum!

Enjoy the brief tutorial teaching you where the Don Drum is mapped to (wow!). But the stage isn’t over! Say hello to Majidonga, Dodonga’s uglier cousin!

   ----------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Majidonga Lvl. 1|   ----------------------------

Majidonga has the same three attacks as Dodonga, namely (1) Fire Breathing, (2) Head Butt, and (3) Gobble Gobble Attack. Although (1) and (2) are basicallythe same, (3) is more nasty!

Majidonga’s Gobble Gobble Attack actually destroys your Patapon completely,thus you can’t even retrieve the Cap to revive him! Try your darndest best to avoid this sucker of an attack! I suggest though if you lose any of your Rarepons to this attack, just reset the game. At least, that’s what I would do.

Otherwise Majidonga’s not that different from Dodonga, other than him havingslightly more health and dropping slightly better stuff on average. Kill him toget the Rain Miracle! Usually, you get an Ice Shield too! Niceee.

If you have problems with him, I suggest getting stronger Yumipons, because once they hit Fever they get Triple Attacks. Thus, if say you get a Mogyoon Yumipon like I did, in Fever he’s dealing three attacks of about 40-70 damage per round!

If you can’t afford Mogyoons now on account of the materials, try to go for either the Gekolos or Tikulee Yumipons. No point in them having more defense asa Mofeel, or stability / movement as Pykola, since they are usually in the backanyway. You want powerful Yumipons! More on this in the Patapon Unit Combinations section!

  Interlude  ---------

It’s pretty cool, eh, to see your various fallen foes cooking in the stew pots? Hunt a bit more or something, the next battle is going to be tough! And don’t forget to equip the Rain Miracle before you start the next battle!

  MISSION 7: Desert Crossing  --------------------------

Difficulty: Hard, *&@)#* hard

If this is your first play-through, don’t worry, it’s NORMAL to get frustrated with the stupid Rain Miracle. The stage opens with a short tutorial on the RainMiracle, and personally I took over 40 minutes to get the bloody thing going.

The idea is not to rush the X-XX-XX once you get Fever. As a tip, notice how there is a flashing outline around the border of the screen? That’s when you’renormally supposed to hit your buttons, so for the double taps, just hit themwhen the border flashes, in a steady rhythmn.

I can’t describe it very well, it just comes down to practice I guess. All the best! Getting Fever up is a bitch, I know!

Anyways, once you perform the Miracle, there’s a series of beats you have to dowith Pon. I surmise that the more combos you do here, the longer the Miracle lasts, and trust me you want that for this stage.

Head on out, and you’ll see a curious looking purple Kacheek (amongst other newBrown Kacheeks) that morphs into a snail after you hit it. It’s hard to kill itnow, since you are likly to lack the firepower, but don’t worry. We’ll leave itfor later when you can unlock a Minigame with killing it =)

Kill the various Ziggies that stand in your way, and after a bit you reach a Sign Post that warns you about the dangers of the desert. Don’t go past the Sign without it Raining! Everyone will toast quickly!

Stay here and keep doing the Defense Song until you reach Fever, perform the Miracle, then move on. You’ll encounter about 6 to 7 stone blocks, so just march up to them and destroy them. Keep in mind, you have to be nimble here, because you want to hit Fever again ASAP.

This is because one Rain Miracle is not going to last you through the entiredesert! The rain will run out on you sometime during your third or fourth rock, so you wanna be in Fever to summon another Rain Miracle. Two Miraclesare good enough to last you through the stony bits of the desert!

Once you pass the final stone block, there’s not need for any more Rain, because the hot bits are over! Yay! Congrats! This was my most hated stage fora long time! You’ll see a final house, so just break through it and you’redone!

  Interlude  ---------

Once you’re safely back, Meden’s assistant runs in to inform everyone thatziggies are in Dodon Basin, and they need to find a way to repel them. Beforeyou head on to the next story mission, there’s a new hunting ground available!

It’s the Creatures Of The Sand stage, and here you can hunt Brown Kacheeks andPink Motitis. Pink Motitis give you Tender Meat, but there’s not a lot of Ka-Ching on this stage as compared to the first one, so come here only if you need the materials.

More importantly, this stage also yields the Cap needed to unlock the FlowerMinigame, and so we’ll take a little jaunt to unlock this before we go on to the next story mission.

  MISSION 8: Creatures Of The Sand  --------------------------------

First thing you gotta do is work up a Fever, and then invoke the Rain Miracle.Don’t worry about how long it’s going to last - after it’s raining, just advance a bit and you should spot the Purple Snail which eluded you earlier!

Being in Fever and having fire weapons helps you kill it faster, if that’s where you’re having problems. It should drop the Zakpon Cap once it’s dead,and you’re done with the stage!

  Interlude - New Minigame: Flower Minigame!  ------------------------------------------

Head over to Mater the Tree of Life to watch your Patapons bury the new Cap. Wait a bit, and Zakpon will spring to life, and take his place by the wilted Flower to the left of the Bon Bon Tree. 

Note though, at this point playing the Minigame has no immediate benefits, for the Vegetable materials that the game yields cannot be utilized until later, so you can take your time about this Minigame. You can start stockingup if you’re the sort to get OCDs about this sorta thing, though.

  MISSION 9: Zigotons Attack  --------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

There are three main waves of Ziggies on this level, but what makes it slightlytougher than previous battles is that they now have Calvary! It’s their versionof the Kibapons, which you will get soon too. 

Their Kibapons have the disturbing effect of Knock Back, which basically throws your front line troops a short distance back. I countered with brute force,simply spamming Fever attacks with my army, though my sole Mogyoon Yumipon  helped very nicely. 

I’ve heard of how other people prefer to time a Defense Song, such that the Kibapons’ attack is largely neutralized, before they relaunch an attack. It’squite dicey predicting their attacks though, so I just spam Fever attacks, butit’s really up to your playing style.

After the second wave is over, you’re treated to a nice potion, so that’s good!You’re eventually finish off most of the Ziggies, but there’s a bunch that runsaway and I haven’t been able to catch them. Let me know if you manage to killthem, I’m curious as to whether they drop good stuff.

You’ll then reach a house, so just destroy it and you’re done! Hope you managed to pick up some good loot!

  Interlude  ---------

Meden informs you that there’s a new memory of a hero that’s been captured byan enemy! Excited about getting a new unit soon? Head on out!
  MISSION 10: Desert Behemoth  --------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

   ------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: King Zaknel Lvl. 1|   ------------------------------

Just for your information, I’m still using one Mogyoon Yumipon, with the rest being just normal white Patapons. I’ll notify you once I change my army, so that you can get an idea of how hard I found the missions too.

King Zaknel has three main attacks: (1) Fire Breathing, (2) Head Slam, and (3) Spoilt Child Attack. You’ll see what I mean when he does Attack (3). The strategy is the same: anticipate and react accordingly. 

For (1), Zaknel will rear himself up into a S-shape, with his tail almost          touching his head.For (2), Zaknel will try to stand up straight, and this time he will rise          higher with his tail closer to the ground. For (3), you don’t get much reaction time, because he just stretches out flat          on the ground, ready to start thrashing around.

To counter:(1) --> Just defend and you should be fine.(2) --> The best you can do now is defend too, and hope that whilst defending         your troops retreat past his attack zone (which is rather limited).(3) --> This attack spans the entire stage, so no matter where you are, once he         starts thrashing just Defend!

By now you should have realized that if you deal enough damage to bosses, theyare momentarily stunned and their current actions are cancelled. I’ve seenhow people on Youtube like to focus exclusively on Attacking, continually stunning bosses so they don’t get a chance to respond, but it really depends on how powerful your army is now. 

Patience is the key, so don’t rush it if you can’t deal enough damage now! Learn to recognize the attacks and defend, that will really save your Patapons from lots of damage. Played well, at the end of this stage all your units should still be in green health. 

When defeated, Zaknel will drop the Memory of Kibapon! Yay for new units! Note too, that while it’s thought that only higher level Bosses drop Level 4 materials, I’ve gotten Mytheerial from a mere Level 2 King Zaknel! I think it’sjust a matter of probabilities, then.

  Interlude - New Unit: Kibapon!  ------------------------------

Meden informs you that there’s an oasis that’s the centre of a tussle betweenthe Patapons and the Zigatons now, so that’s where you’re headed next. You havethe opportunity to create Kibapons now, although there are no new Minigames.

More on Kibapons and their strengths in the Patapon Unit Combinations Section. I managed the next stage without them, but take your time to experiment with them. Take note though, Kibapons are as good for hunting as a blindfold is for driving.

  MISSION 11: Battle For The Oasis  --------------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

It’s dicey on this stage because without constant Fever, I find that my units start dying. My suggestion is to really start exploring the Rarepons now, and to find out which suit your playing style. As a quick guide, I suggest usingGekolos or Tikulee units, with at least one Rarepon for your Tatepons so theycan better withstand damage, and another in your Yumipons for damage.

In any case you begin the stage with a bit of trash talk between the two armies,and then you have to plow through a series of stone walls, towers, and stones.Again, keep your cool, they’re not dealing as much damage to you as you think!

There are about 4 waves of enemies on this stage, and they tend to stop youradvancement with Tatepons whilst firing on you. I suggest getting up as close as possible, then allow your Yumipons and Yaripons to attack them. It’s a useful strategy once you get the hang of it.

There’s no life potion on this stage though, I suspect the game is trying to get you to use the new Kibapon units because they are great for breaking through enemy Tatepon defenses. But I don’t like them, and I survived, so powerto the gamer.

Seriously though, use the Kibapons to see if you have an easier time. Note thatthe Kibapons are much, much better in Fever than when they are out of it.

  Interlude  ---------

Meden, who is very slightly getting on my nerves with her whining now, tells you that General Gong is angry about recent developments, and needs you to handle matters for her. In normal layman speak, that means to ’kick his ass’.

No new Minigames! So pump all you need to, then head on out!

  MISSION 12: Gong Returns  ------------------------

Difficulty: Hard

The stage begins with Gong pleading with you to stop the Patapons, and this wasthe first time I actually got guilty about the destruction my lovely little Eyeballs were causing. Take this time to build up Fever!

Once Gong is done talking, he engages you in battle, and other units come up to aid him. He’s got two attacks of note, one is a Tornado thing that causes minordamage and disrupts your current action, and another is a Ground Smash thatthrows everyone to the ground.

Defeat the first wave, and he’ll happily retreat, skipping over rocks which you have to tediously break down later. A second wave pops out from the bushes, andbarely after you defeat this wave does a new unit make his appearance - the Dekapon! 

He’s this big menacing thing with a stick, and while he does deal quite a bitof damage and has high health, he’s not invincible. Take him down, finish upthe remaining waves, and Gong runs away! Stage done!

I had a lot of problems with this stage, mainly because my units kept dying and there’s a lack of potions too. I suggest keeping in Fever mode and usingRarepons, they will make your life much easier. If you’re good at Fever, useKibapons, they really help smash a path through the enemies. 

  Interlude  ---------

When you’re back, you discover a voice of dissent amongst the Patapons. It seems as if not everyone is very sure about their overall goal, or even the morality of their actions. 

Kinda like bombing a city and then wondering if you should have just asked for what you wanted nicely first, but hey, they are your Patapons so you gotta love them unconditionally. 

As your parents do to you. 


Ziggies are attacking the Basin again, so it’s you to the rescue!

  MISSION 13: Zigatons Attack Again?!  -----------------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

This stage certainly isn’t a walk in the park. You’re up against 3 waves ofZiggies, the latter 2 of which will include 2 Kibapons and 1 Dekapon each. Make sure that your units are well-equipped - as a general rule, if more than 4 ofyour units die during the course of the stage, your units are either weak or you’re employing the wrong tactics.

A health potion will only present itself after the second wave, so try yourbest not to lose any units until then. I tried spamming Fever attacks againstthe Kibapons, and while it works, it may be more efficient to defend against them and allow your ranged attackers to take them out.

Finally, some units from the 3rd wave will run away instad of staying to fightthe good fight. Don’t worry about them, it’s not going to affect your loot drops much.

  Interlude  ---------

Meden frets about there never being peace for the Patapons, and contemplatessome grander plan in order to ensure everyone’s (not the Zigatons’, for sure)safety. 

Meanwhile, there’s another hunting level open to you, so we’ll go on and checkout the Desert Paradise stage!

  MISSION 14A: Desert Paradise   ----------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

Remember, this is a hunting stage, so leave your Kibapons and Tatepons at home.Advance along and you’ll soon see a Pink Motiti, otherwise known as the Momoti. He’s flighty, so work up a Fever and attack with Yumipons from afar. He’ll grudgingly drop the Dusty Crystal, which is your key to the next Ruins / Boss.

Elsewhere on the level, you’ll also encounter a beetle-like Kacheek, who willnot take your intrusions lying down. He’s not much of a threat though, and after you put him down he will leave behind a Kimpon Cap, which will unlockthe next Minigame back home in Patapolis.

That’s it for this stage, so finish it up quickly. A new Minigame beckons!

  MISSION 14B: Guardian Of Knell - New Song: Retreat Song!  ------------------------------------------------------------------

Difficulty: Hard

   ---------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Great Dokaknel Lvl. 1|   ---------------------------------

In case you’re wondering, this stage was unlocked the moment you found the Dusty Crystal from the previous Desert Paradise hunting stage.

Another black tombstone, another song for your Patapons. This time, it’s the Retreat Song, which is a truly important addition to your arsenal. Practiseit for a bit, work up a Fever, then move on.

A bit further on, say hello to King Zaknel’s upgrade, Dokaknel. The good thingis that both Worm Bosses essentially behave the same way, and the bad thing isthat this one has slightly higher HP and attack power.

As a quick summary:(1) Fire Breathing      --> rears up into an S-shape, tail touching head(2) Head Slam           --> rears up straight(er)(3) Spoilt Child Attack --> sprawls out flat on ground, begins to arch

I wonder if my eyes are deceiving me, but it seems as if this Worm’s number (2)attack, the Head Slam, seems to be faster than that of King Zaknel’s. This means that you have less time to goof off on the timing when he sidles up toyour army. 

It’s almost as if the game if forcing you to use the Retreat Song (yessss I know it’s technically called the Ponpata Song but damned if I want to be clearer). Retreating is a good maneuver if you can pull it off - you completelyavoid any damage at all, which is crucial when you refight the Bosses at higherleverls.

If you have problems clearing Dokaknel, or if a single Head Slam of his wipes out your party, you might want to consider fighting the easier bosses in orderto unlock a few Rarepons to help you out. My party for this battle was: 2 Mogyoon Yumipons, 1 Tikulee Yaripon, 1 Tikulee Tatepon, the rest being the plain White ones. 

Note, Dokaknel randomly drops the unique Spear, Dokaknel’s Fang. It’s a prettygood Spear, and although I only got mine at Level 8, there have been people on the forum boards who report having gotten it much earlier, so it’s really the luck of the draw I guess.

  MISSION 14C: Convoy Escort  --------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

After you finish the sidequests, head over here to continue your next story mission. Turns out that Meden’s plan is to construct a fort of your own, toprotect the growing Patapon tribe. 

In order to do this, you need to escort a convoy cart to the end of the level.Thus, you need to cut a path through enemy Zigotons. You’ll be facing about4 - 5 waves of Zigotons, but they won’t present too much of a problem to you.

If you’re having problems, it’s probably because you can’t bash through theenemy Tatepons fast enough, such that their Yumipons have enough time to fireon your convoy cart.

To combat this, bring along Kibapons and stay in Fever: they will knock back front-line enemies, so then quickly Advance, and engage the enemy Yumipons. If you’re still too slow, upgrade your weapons!

  Interlude - New Minigame: Mountain Minigame!  --------------------------------------------

The Mountain Minigame is unlocked, and if you think it’s going to be as easy as the Tree one, get ready for a big shock. I almost broke my PSP out of frustration from this Minigame (and admittedly, from many other moments in Patapon), so save your game before you squander all your resources trying todevelop a sense of rhythm.

Meanwhile, Meden reports that the Zigaton castle has been discovered, and thatshe fears for the future of the Patapons. In other words, she’s asking very subtly that we go ahead and demolish the Zigaton base. Being nice, we shall oblige.

  MISSION 15: Despair  -------------------

Difficulty: Near Impossible!

I think this stage can’t be completed with any army you can muster at this point, but you’re free to go ahead and try. Quickly take out the three towersthat you come across, along with the accompanying Ziggies, and you’ll get anidea of what I’m talking about.

After the 3rd tower, you’re reach an open space, and the background changes toan ominous orange-castle backdrop. Warmly welcoming you is a bunch of well-equipped Ziggies, and if you manage to defeat them, you’ll discover a very welldefended fort, indeed. 

Four reasons why your Patapons are quickly decimated here: (1) there’s a plankfrom which rocks roll off, crushing advancing Patapons, (2) there’s a spiked clamp which squishes any Patapon who dodges the rock trap, (3) there’s spikescoming out of the wall which deals insane damage, and (4) the Ziggies you justdefeated keep respawning.

I tried. And I failed. But it’s ok, the game wants you to fail. Either fight tothe last Eyeball, or just retire from the mission after you reach the fort. Also, reader Chun Hong verifies that if you were to start this mission and quitimmediately, it triggers the story event just as well, but I would still adviseyou to play through to the fort so that you can see what defenses lie in storefor you. 

UPDATE: The impossible’s been done! Reader Muobman has actually managed to beatthis stage, and confirms that if you do beat this stage the Catapault Mission disappears, so your next stage is Mission 17 and Mission 18 doesn’t trigger.

This is how he did it, and once again thanks Muobman! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------|2 Pykola Tatepons - Sleep sword + Ice shield, Steel Axe + Steel Shield       ||1 Normal Tatepon  - Wind Helm + Steel Axe + Iron Shield                      ||1 Gekolos Tatepon - Iron Sword + Wood Shield                                 ||1 Mofeel Tatepon  - Tin Axe + Wood Shield                                    ||                                                                             ||1 Mofeel Yaripon  - Wooden Spear                                             ||1 Gekolos Yaripon - Scorching Spear                                          ||4 Normal Yaripons - 2 x Steel Helm + Iron Spear, Steel Helm + Steel Spear,   ||                    Wind Helm + Steel Spear                                  ||                                                                             ||2 Mogyoon Yumipons - Steel Bow, Flame Bow                                    ||1 Tikulee Yumipon  - Steel Bow                                               ||3 Gekolos Yumipons - 3 x Steel Bow                                           ||                                                                             ||I tried to stay away from the defenses, but the Tatepons all suicided, in the| |end it was luck that really decided it, as my last Yumipon faced their       ||Yumitons, and I won by moving closer so they overshot, and then repeatedly   ||defended so my attack was shorter range so I took them out. What happened    ||after was that the new hunting stage and attack on Dekapon tower just        ||magically became available and, as you say, the catapult stage was skipped   ||entirely. I ended up keeping a save just after it and actually doing the     ||catapult stage in the end, simply for the extra loot, but I can confirm that ||it IS possible, but only just.                                               | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Interlude  ---------

Upon retiring from the mission, you spot Meden, and she quickly apologizes for the failed mission. Just then, Meden’s assistant appears, and informs both of you that they’ve spotted a Catapault they may be able to use.

(This is the turning point. The turning point at which I start to believe that my chosen prophet, Priestess Meden, is a doofus in a skirt.)

Meden then demonstrates sublime wit and insight in the way she assesses the importance of the aforementioned Catapault. Seriously. Well, all this is a big enough hint for your next mission, yes?

  MISSION 16: Ray Of Hope  -----------------------

Difficulty: Easy

Once the stage begins, you’ll see that a stone wall separates you from the Catapault. Quickly bring the wall down, and push back the Ziggies to seizecontrol of it. To ensure that you don’t inadvertantly destroy the Catapaultyourself, leave your Yumipons at home. Kibapons, Tatepons and Yaripons are a good combination for this stage. 

Once you touch the Catapault, it will defect to your side, and while you can’t really count on its firing rate or accuracy, it deals an awesome punch to whatever it does hit. Watch those towers fall oh-so-fast!

Ensure that you’re always ahead of the Catapault, because in a badly-played game the Ziggies can deal enough damage to your Catapault to destroy it. You’re going to go through 2 towers, rocks, and then a 3rd tower manned by enemy Archers. In total you’ll face off about 4 - 5 waves of Ziggies, butin Fever mode you’ll make short work of them.

Finish up the final tower, then end the stage. Make sure you’re getting useful non-repeat items from these story stages! I got a couple of flameweapons from this stage alone.

  Interlude  ---------

Now, after going to such lengths to secure the Catapault, Meden asks what it is for. Her assistant rushes to explain that it is exactly what you need totake down the fort from a few stages ago...

... don’t you feel like reaching down, squishing Meden and promoting her assistant? I know I felt that way. =)

Another hunting stage is open to you now, and while we don’t need to rush toit now, I find that the Tailwind Miracle you receive from it is pretty usefulfor the next story mission, so it’s there we shall go now!

  Mission 17: World Of Ooze  -------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

Watch out for lightning bolts, they hit you for minimal damage and interruptyour current action. Ok fine you can’t really watch out / avoid them, but just thought you should be aware of the inclement weather here.

Advance slowly, and you should spot a Gold Bird, the Motsitsi. Kill it with a Fevered Yumipon / Yaripon attack from a distance away, and it should dropthe Tailwind Miracle. If I’m not wrong, *this* Gold Bird is susceptible to Fire Weapons, so there’s no need to fiddle with your iventory. If I’m wrong,then just swop out Fire Weapons for normal ones. 

Further on, you’ll see Crabs too. Don’t get too close to them, their pincerattack really stings! The Crabs drop Metal materials, and the first one dropsthe Gashapon Cap, which is the link to the Cooking Minigame. 

Come back when you have time to hunt the Gold Birds, since they drop MysteryMeat, a Level 4 material. Since this is a relatively replenishable stock of materials, it should go a long way towards building a nice stable of Rarepons.

UPDATE: Reader Holygrunt has written in to let me know that there’s a way totemporarily stop lightning bolts. Basically, just do a Rain Miracle, and therewon’t be any lightning for the first few bits afterwards. Though, take note,as your Patapons improve the damage from the lightning is minimal, and you’llfind it better to maintain Fever.

  Interlude - New Minigame: Cooking Minigame!  ----------------------------------------

With the Gashapon Cap, you have a new Minigame unlocked! Remember the Vegetablematerials you were stocking up earlier? Now’s your chance to use them to create a variety of Stews. 

The good thing about Stews is that you can equip them prior to missions, and they boost your Patapons’ health and other stats by different amounts. The Divine Stew even grants all your Patapons Fire-Based attacks! Equip them in the slot above where you equip Miracles. 

I suggest that you take some time out to cook up a few Stews for any battlesthat you might find hard later. It really makes all the difference for some of the harder Boss / Story battles.

For the next mission, you technically can survive without the Tailwind Miracle,but I find it makes your life much easier, so pack it along with you!

  MISSION 18: Door Of Promise  ---------------------------

Difficulty: Hard

This is basically the earlier Despair stage, but with a much cheerier and brighter sounding name! You begin with your trusty Catapault at your back, and you’ll be glad for it. 

As with the Despair stage, bash through the first 2 towers, and before you demolish the 3rd tower, invoke the Tailwind Miracle (ensure first that there are no items around you want to pick up - they disappear once the song is over).

Then, after you destroy the 3rd tower and face off with the Ziggies over that little open space, you’ll find that enemy arrows from the Fort are no longer aseffective against you. What I like to do then is advance to the front of the Fort, and then spam my ranged attacks from a safe distance.

The Tailwind Miracle ensures that your arrows hit the Fort, but more importantly, that you and your Catapault aren’t pulverized by enemy fire. This is when your Catapault really shines - watch as it pummels the various Fortdefenses into oblivion.

If your front units are still getting hit by the Fort defenses, stay where youare and just Defend - your Yumipons and Yaripons will still fire, albeit at adecreased rate. This part of the timing is tricky, because you might even have to fend off another round of Ziggies.

You’re just buying time for your Catapault to take down some of the defenses,to allow you to go in and mop up. Usually, if your Yumipons / Yaripons are strong enough, their might combined with that of the Catapault’s is enough tobring it down veyr quickly.

This is a hard stage, so if you keep getting your units killed by sending themin too early, or you can’t seem to bring down the Fort, just keep trying again.Practice makes perfect!

  Interlude - New Minigame: Chef Minigame!  ----------------------------------------

You learn that the Catapault has broken down, although you can swear that you protected it very well. Maybe Meden was in charge of maintenance, who knows.

Meden and her very trusty assistant tell you about the Dekaton tower, and theysubtly hint that you’re going to need the Tailwind Miracle with you again, sopack it along!

  MISSION 19: Battle! Bachikoi Fort  ---------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

From the outset, Fever up and invoke the Tailwind Miracle - there’s no other way to get the wind to stop blowing against you, and you’ll soon find out why.Quickly work your way through the first 2 towers, and you’ll then reach a hugeWindmill protected by barricades.

It seems as if the Windmill is the structure responsible for causing the unfavourable winds, so you need to take it down. Right about now your TailwindMiracle should be winding down (hurhurhur), so unleash another Miracle. Work your way through the barricades, Ziggy Dekapon and other miscellaneous Ziggies,and presto the stage is over!

The main difficulty I had with this stage is building Fever to unleash theMiracle, but if you’re good in that department, this stage should be a breeze(ok ok no more bad puns I promise). 

If you’re wondering, I’m still using 2 Mogyoon Yumipons, 1 Tikulee Yaripon, 1Tikulee Tatepon (the rest are White), and this stage was still very doable.

  Interlude  ---------

Meden brings it to your attention that her spider sense is tingling, and that there’s a another Patapon Memory nearby, so head on out to find it!

  MISSION 20: Lord Of The Mountains  ---------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

   ------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Gaeen Lvl. 1      |   ------------------------------

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the Boss designs. This one lookslike it came straight out of Shadow of the Colussus for the PS2, sized downfor the PSP. Though it looks like a frog when it’s sleeping.

Gaeen has three main attacks: (1) Overhead Crush, (2) Toss Up Attack, and (3) Laser Eye Attack / Better Than Sharingan Attack.

For (1), Gaeen will raise his hands above his head, and seriously, any kid can         tell you what’s to come. For (2), Gaeen cups his hands on the ground in front of him, then rushes          forward and flings up any nearby Patapons.For (3), Gaeen will stand up ramrod straight, and start powering up while his          eyes flash nastily. 

To counter:(1) --> Either Retreat or Defend. Easy attack to avoid.(2) --> Try to Retreat, but sometimes your front units are trapped behind his         hands, such that when everyone else Retreats they are stuck there. In        such a situation, just Defend, it’s your next best alternative.(3) --> Just Defend, damage is minimal despite my name for the attack. 

This Boss is much easier than the previous ones (at this level at least),because of his larger exposed surface area and relative slowness. This meansthat more of your Yumipon arrow attacks connect, and it’s easier to take himdown. 

When defeated, Gaeen drops Dekapon’s Memory. Note, he drops a unique weapon,Gaeen’s Horn for the Megapons, at higher levels. (I got mine when he was Level8, but I hear you can get it earlier)

  Interlude - New Unit: Dekapon!  ------------------------------

I personally finished the game without using Dekapons at all. Once I’m done with this walkthrough, I’ll experiment with them a bit more to find out just what they are good for. In any case I saved my materials for Megapons, afterhearing about how good they are. 

If you’re good at using Dekapons let me know how you utilize them!

Rest up, there’s a tough battle ahead! Take the time to pump your Patapons alittle!

  MISSION 21: Legendary Night Sky  -------------------------------

Difficulty: Hard

At the beginning, Gong will be perched on some ledge (how did he get up there?)as he delivers a moving speech. Take this time to Fever up! He then challengesyou to a duel: whoever bashes through 4 rocks first to rescue / kill a Pataponprisoner wins!

The camera swings over to General Gong as he makes a show of attacking the rocks on his side. It then pans back to you, so off you go! Advance to your side of the rocks and bash your way through. Note, the camera will swing away again, so if you’re already in Fever, as a rule of thumb Advance once for everytwo Attacks you make.

(Interestingly enough, I replayed this mission and noticed something: Gong destroys the rocks at the exact same rate as you do! This is to ensure the Dramatic Moment, when both your army and Gong reach the prisoner at the exact same moment. Once, I destroyed all four rocks at the same time, and Gong did the exact same thing! Pretty cool to watch.)

Once you’re at the centre, break the cage to set the hapless Patapon free.This is where the real challenge begins.

The thing is, Gong’s reinforcements come along, so behind him stands a stableof Yaripons with Fire Spears. You CAN’T kill Gong at this point, so what you need to do is defeat all his reinforcements. 

To do this, I invoked the Tailwind Miracle, and kept Gong at bay with my Tatepons. My Yaripons and Yumipons then fired on the reinforcements, with both the Attack and Defend Songs depending on how much I was missing the enemies by. Just to be 100% clear, this is because arrows / spears fired with an Attack Song fly at different heights as compared to the Defend Song, so use the appropriate Song for the occasion.

I admit, this is a pretty tough mission. I experimented with Kibapons and Dekapons, but neither seemed to hold up as well as the Tatepons did. Once you kill them all, Gong will retreat, and this challenging mission will end. Part of your loot includes the Broken Sign, which will point you towards your nextRuins.

Extra Tip! Reader Ghianluca wrote to inform me that he had a different strategyfor this Mission. Apparently, after saving the prisoner, keep Retreating andonly Gong will follow you! This means you get to kill him first, then deal withthe reinforcements separately later! I’ve not tried this out myself, so do give it a try. When I manage to verify it I’ll say so here! Thanks, Ghianluca!

  Interlude  ---------

You return to Patapolis to discover that Meden has been kidnapped. I know, theforemost question on your mind is whether we can skip saving her!?! You can’t,sorry.

But no one said we had to do it immediately. Maybe her ordeal will do her somegood, so we’ll concentrate on other matters for now. 

Two things of note: one is a new hunting ground, and the other is the Ruins that was unlocked by the Broken Sign. We’ll head over to the hunting groundfirst since it unlocks tons of Ka-Ching + an important Minigame. After thatwe’ll pay a visit to the new Boss and see what booty he has for us.

And then maybe after that we’ll go save Meden. As you can see, I’m not overly worried about her.

  MISSION 22A: Search For A Lucky Star  -----------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

The big secret about this stage is that you’re, well, on a search for a luckystar, but it won’t appear when it rains. How do we get it to stop, then?

Did you spot the clue embedded in the description of this stage? Yeap, it seemsthat if you want to get it to stop raining, you’re going to have one of yourPatapon army sacrifice himself (why not Meden?). Not to worry, it’s not a permanent sacrifice.

First off, equip a few of your Yaripons with the most basic gear, such that they are returned to their original 100 HP. This is to help them accomplish the act of self-sacrifice more easily.

During the stage, you should see a couple of Pink Birds, clear them out of yourway. What you’re looking for is the Crab. Hurt him a little to draw out his Crabby form, then sidle up and wait for him to use his pincer attack on you.After he kills any unit, PICK UP THE CAP, then kill the Crab and finish the level.

Afterwards, the rain on this stage will RANDOMLY stop. Yes, that’s right, RANDOMLY. I’ve experimented, and sometimes it stops the very next stage afterI sacrificed my Patapons, but sometimes it takes up to 15 (FIFTEEN) other battles / stages to occur before the rain stops. So don’t get discouraged,just go off and fight a boss or two. Just check back every time you come to the World Map.

(If you’re insecure, and worry about whether you did the Eyeball Sacrificeproperly, feel free to go back and repeat it until you are very, very, VERYsure you saw that Patapon DIEEEE in all his glory.)

When the rain stops, head back into the stage, and then DE-EQUIP your Fire-Based weapons. This is because a Gold Bird you’ll find on this stage is invulnerable to fire attacks. Once the stage begins, you’ll spot only two animals, a Picheek and a Gold Bird sleeping next to it.

The Gold Bird has low HP, so it shouldn’t take more than a couple of shots to get it down. The Picheek isn’t much of a challenge either, and when it sputtersit coughs up a very interesting prize... Hoshipon!

Yeap, Hoshipon’s the Star that got swallowed by Picheek. Note! When Hoshiponfirst flies out, there’s tons of moolah all over the shop, but don’t get moving just yet! Advance and Hoshipon will think you’re not interested in whathe’s saying, and he will fly off!

What you should do, is simply wait for Hoshipon to continue his riveting tale. Advance only once per speech bubble that Hoshipon delivers. If Hoshipon accusesyou of not listening, stop advancing, and just wait him out. Eventually, he will deign to reward you with a prize! Only then is it safe to advance to collect all the Ka-Ching!

The first time you do this whole routine, Hoshipon gives you the Black Star,which points you to the Claws of Guchoppa Ruins. You would have thought Hoshipon would have learnt his lesson... 

...but you can actually keep repeating this process for Ka-Ching and anotherprize. NO, you DO NOT need to sacrifice another Patapon again. Just wait a couple of rounds, and this time round Hoshipon will yield the Kampon Cap, which unlocks the Smith Minigame!

You can repeat this ad nauseum, but Hoshipon doesn’t drop any other goodiesafter he gives you the Kampon Cap. He should stock up on brains instead of presents, and just friggin avoid being eaten again by the Picheek, sheesh.This star’s as good as eluding predators as the ones in Mario, it seems. 

  MISSION 22B: Claws of Guchoppa Ruins (From Black Star)  ------------------------------------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

   ------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Cioking Lvl. 1    |   ------------------------------

Cioking has three main attacks: (1) Bubble Power, (2) Pincer Smash, and (3) Overhead Pincer Grab (I ran out of pseudo-witty names).

For (1), he will lean backwards and snap his pincers menacingly, and then          release a stream of bubbles that deal minimal damage. Note! His         pincers open and close AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.For (2), he will do a similar stance as in (1), his pincers will NOT open         and close at the exact same time! They no longer open and close in          sync! For this Attack he smashes his pincer down in front of him for          heavy damage. For (3), he will arch over the ground in front of him, and any units he scoops         up will be thrown away / KO’ed permanently. 

To counter:(1) --> Just keep attacking! The bubbles do put you to sleep, but they cause        minimal damage!(2) --> Retreat! Or Defend if you have the chance!(3) --> Retreat! You don’t want to lose units!

Thankfully, for the story battles the Crab bosses are easy enough to handle.

Your army should be sufficiently sturdy enough to withstand the occasional Pincer Smash that you can’t avoid in time, and powerful enough to deal him acouple of stunning blows. 

Be very alert when he starts clamping his pincers, that’s the only way to differentiate between Attack (1) and (2)! When he does (1) it’s your chanceto lay it on him good, while you really should Retreat / Defend when it’s (2)you’re up against. 

(Thanks a lot Dragros for pointing this out to me! You’ve got really keeneyes!)

If you’re having problems with timing your defense after consecutive attacks, I suggest Retreating / Defending once for every time that you Attack.

Lastly, by now you should have perfected the art of chasing after a RetreatingBoss, and then firing from afar by observing that look in your Patapon’s eyes. This strategy will give you a lot of room in which to engage the Boss in.

There’s not much else to say for him at this point, other than he seems to be one of the easier bosses, in the grand scheme of things. When you defeat him, he will drop the Earthquake Miracle. 

  MISSION 22C: Awakening At Gayeen - New Song: Charge Up! (From Broken Sign)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

   ------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Dogaeen Lvl. 1    |   ------------------------------

Just to inform you, this stage is unlocked with the Black Star that Hoshipon drops in the Search For A Lucky Star Stage. Begin this stage and you’ll spot another black tombstone, which holds the Power Up Song. After the tutorial you get to face off agianst Gaeen’s elder sibling!

This Giant attacks the same as the earlier Gaeen. That makes for three main attacks: (1) Overhead Crush, (2) Toss Up Attack, and (3) Laser Eye Attack / Better Than Sharingan Attack.

As a quick summary:(1) Overhead Crush      --> raises his hands above his head(2) Toss Up Attack      --> cups his hands in front, on the ground (3) Laser Eye Attack    --> stands up straight, starts powering up

To counter:(1) --> Either Retreat or Defend. Easy attack to avoid.(2) --> Try to Retreat, but sometimes your front units are trapped behind his         hands, such that when everyone else retreats they are stuck there. In        such a situation, just Defend, it’s your next best alternative.(3) --> Just Defend, damage is minimal despite my name for the attack. 

As expected, Dogaeen is slightly more hardy and strong compared to Gaeen, but all the way to Level 10, these two bosses are easier than the rest. After thatit’s a different story, but more on that in an update.

I didn’t have much use for the Power Up Song during this stage, or during otherstages for that matter. I’ll experiment with it more to discover when are goodtimes to employ it, because mostly the other Songs get me by just fine.

Note though that the Power Up Song changes the Attacks your Patapons make. Here’s a quick list of the different types of attacks to expect:  Tatepons --> They do a little running jump attack.  Yaripons --> They shoot more arrows than usual.  Yumipons --> They do a jumping attack.  Kibapons --> They seem to rush forwards to deal more damage than usual, and               their range is significantly improved if they are not already               in Fever  Dekapons --> They do a ground smash, which stuns all enemies on stage.                Bosses are unaffected by this.  Megapons --> They shoot out red piercing notes instead of normal ones. When               you Defend after Charging, you spit out yellow blocks which               stick in the ground and act as barriers against approaching                enemies! Thanks to DenisF who told me about this!

As a final note for the Charge Up Song, it’s useful when you’re out of Fever,but I can’t verify if it causes that much more damage when you’re already inFever. It seems not to make any large difference in damage dealt, though forthe Dekapons you still have the ground smash thing.

  Interlude - New Minigame: Smith Minigame!  -----------------------------------------

In some ways this is one of the more important Minigames, because it is only through this Minigame that you get access to the most powerful weapons in thegame, otherwise known as the Gold Weapons. More on that in the Minigames section.

In any case, I hope you have a huge store of Mytheerial! You’re going to need about eight of them to complete the collection!

  MISSION 23: Meden Kidnapped  ---------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

To pass this mission without a hitch, don’t equip any Fire-Based weapons. However, for some pretty funny sound effects, keep your Fire-Based stuff. That’s all you need for a pretty disturbing / gratifying scene that is well-worth the restarting of the mission.

In this mission your task is to rescue Meden from the carraige in which sheis being driven off in. It looks like a simple mission, and really it is. Justkeep Advancing and Attacking, once you’re in Fever you basically Advance twiceevery three times you Attack. 

The Zigatons here aren’t going to give you much problem as well, so I can’t even imagine how you could possibly fail this mission...

... unless you have Fire-Based Weapons! If you do, you set fire to the carraigeeventually, thus dooming Meden to a fiery end. Her death scream is unlike anything you would expect from an Eyeball, and even the Ziggies chastise you for burning her. 

Ok enough with the Meden hate. It’s all out of my system now. 

UPDATE: Reader fourtwo has written in to inform me that this stage may not beas easy as I originally listed. Apparently, if you take too long to destroy thecart, your Patapons will cross over to Toasty Desert Territory, and hot lavageysers will sprout out and decimate your Patapons. 

Therefore, try your best to save Meden before you reach that bit of background with all the huge rib-cages around! If you want a video of it, you can watchthe one fourtwo uploaded, at

Thanks fourtwo!

  Interlude  ---------

I decided it was time to give my Patapons a makeover, so I grinded until I had 6 Mogyoon Yumipons, 3 Mogyoon Yaripons, and 2 Mogyoon Tatepons. I kept the White Patapons so that I would have units to try out new helms that I found.

Of course there’s no need to create the same army as I did, in fact, it’s better if you found an army that suits your playing style. I prefer raw poweras opposed to nimbleness, hence the Mogyoons. That said, my difficulty ratingsfor the remaining missions are assigned from a strategic perspective, so youcan still get an idea of how demanding a mission is. 

There’s nothing much else new to do, so just head on out to your next mission.

  MISSION 24: Gong Vows To Fight  ------------------------------

Difficulty: Hard

For this stage, prepare for a hard battle. There will be multiple waves of Ziggies, mainly Tatepons and Yaripons, a smattering of Kibapons, and most importantly, Megapons.

Megapons appear by the third wave or so, and this marks the hardest part of themission. Again, General Gong acts as a one-Eyeball roadstop, preventing youfrom getting to the weaker reinforcements behind you.

Since Kibapons can’t knock Gong back as well, I chose to move my units as close to Gong as possible, and then aim for the Megapons from that vantage point. Take note that the Tailwind Miracle doesn’t seem to have an effect on the Megapons’ attacks, thus you’re not going to stop them from hurting you bad.

Take out the Megapons, and Gong will only have Makoton left. Gong will thenduplicate himself as a final resort, but then only one of them has his realstrength, the rest are only as good as normal Tatepons.

Once you defeat Gong, he’ll either drop his Scythe or his Helmet. I personally prefer the Scythe because it’s so badass, but check out their stats in the Items section to see which is more up your alley. Just reset and play this mission again until you get the item you want.

Lastly, try your best to maintain Fever in this mission. I found that with Fever it was much, much easier than without.



Meden talks again about the Patapon obsession to see IT, and also remarks tastefully that Gong’s death seems to have affected her. I have to agree,for all the billion and one friggin’ tornadoes he shot at me, he was still merely trying to protect his people. 

You then learn that Ciokina is the last defense before you strike at the Zigaton heart, so that’s where you’re headed now!

  MISSION 25: Volcano Guardian  ----------------------------

Difficulty: Easy 

   ---------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Ciokina        Lvl. 1|   ---------------------------------

Ciokina has three main attacks: (1) Bubble Power, (2) Pincer Smash, and (3) Overhead Pincer Grab.

As a quick summary:For (1), he will lean backwards and snap his pincers menacingly, and then          release a stream of bubbles that deal minimal damage. Note! His         pincers open and close AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.For (2), he will do a similar stance as in (1), his pincers will NOT open         and close at the exact same time! They no longer open and close in          sync! For this Attack he smashes his pincer down in front of him for          heavy damage. For (3), he will arch over the ground in front of him, and any units he scoops         up will be thrown away / KO’ed permanently. 

To counter:(1) --> Just keep attacking! The bubbles do put you to sleep, but they cause        minimal damage!(2) --> Retreat! Or Defend if you have the chance!(3) --> Retreat! You don’t want to lose units!

Generally, this Crab is not all that different from Cioking. Perhaps Ciokina has slightly higher HP or damage, but you hardly get to notice the differences too. If you had no problems with Cioking, you shouldn’t have any problems here too.

Upon defeating Ciokina, he drops Megapon’s Memory. This, my dear reader, is the final unit that you can add to your army, and boy are the Megapons worththe wait.

  Interlude - New Unit: Megapon!  ------------------------------

Try to make some Megapons, and go test them out on your own. Although the attack power seems abysmally low, the good thing is that their notes can hitmultiple times, and can also inflict status effects like Sleep occasionally. Once they become a Rarepon like say a Mogyoon, their attack potential soars through the roof!

Once you’re done head out! You’re in the final stages!

  MISSION 26: Across Enemy Territory  ----------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

This mission was kinda disappointing, mainly because I expected a challenge from the Ziggerzank and Spiderton, but they’re not very tough opponents. Spiderton will assume the role of Kibapon, and keep dashing to and fro within a given distance. 

The Ziggerzank, on the other hand, is just lame. It fires out missiles of some sort, which do damage you but by a relatively small degree. It appears as ifyou cannot defeat Spiderton without destroying the Ziggerzank first, so againI just Advance as much as a I can, and then continue my ranged attacks from afar.

Note, if you allow the battle to drag on further, you’ll get to see Beetletonemerge to offer his services to Spiderton, but no matter how long I wait to see them cooperate, they never seem to do! 

Defeating Spiderton makes his drop the Spiderton Helm, which in my opinionis a really cool and rad piece of headgear. The stats aren’t the best, but damn if it doesn’t look cool.

  Interlude   ---------

Meden informs you about the existence of a demon gate, and suggests that sinister forces are at work here. She’s not willing to say more on the topic,so it falls to you to investigate further!

  MISSION 27: Facing GateGhoul Baban  ----------------------------------

Difficulty: Hard, *&@)#* hard

This stage, along with the Desert crossing stage at the beginning of the game,make up two of the hardest stages for me, so do come prepared. I strongly suggest equipping the best Stews you have too.

When you first see the stage, it’s deceptively simple. General Scorpiton tauntsyou, and random Ziggy flunkies appear. They are easily disposed of, but thenthe General retreats to the Demon Gate, and makes all sorts of demands like calling on the Demon Lord Baban to grant him strength, vanquish his foes (you) and file his taxes while he’s at it.

The Gate quickly sprouts tons of mini-turrets, which start to launchgazillions of Fire Spears. For a moment this seemed like those old arcade aeroplane shooters where you have to dodge like a similar number of bullets.Without the proper preparations, your troops keep getting knocked back, and soon they will be in tatters.

It seems as if the only way to stem the tide of Spears, is not with the Tailwind Miracle which is useless here, but the Earthquake Miracle. Invokethe Earthquake Miracle, and in those short few seconds the Gate will not be able to fire any Spears at you.

I’ve only done it once, but I managed to get a succession of 3-Combo-Fevers, such that I could attack in non-Fever mode whilst the Gate was defenceless.With the Megapons this is a feasible strategy, but frankly it’s impossible to get such a constant run of 3-Combo-Fevers.

Another possible strategy is to use Tatepons, Megapons and perhaps Yaripons.In Fevered Defense, the Tatepons provide sufficient cover, and the Megaponsand Yaripons aren’t too bad with their Defensive attacks. 

So yea. There you have it. Either go with (1) Fever Spam Attacks, (2) TateponFever Defense, or (3) Earthquake Miracle Spams. Eventually, after you defeat the Gate and Scorpiton, he’ll drop the Scorpiton Helm, which is not too shabby a drop. Phew. Mission Complete!

  Interlude   ---------

Meden is worried that the gate is only a prelude to things yet to come, and alludes to the Demon Gorl who once terrorized the world. Dundundun!

  MISSION 28: Zigoton Queen  -------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

This is a curiously easy battle, and it made me wonder if these General Random-Animal-tons are more joke characters than anything. Here, General Beetleton only has a few soldiers with him, and when you start giving him thesmack-down, out pops Queen Kharma.

Apparantly she’s offering him assistance, but in a fit of ill-advised machismoBeetleton wants to tango with you and you alone, no third parties welcome. Butshe doesn’t leave quite so fast, instead literally hanging around and sheddingZigaton dandruff all the way.

You basically have to wait while they finish their conversation, so just buildand maintain Fever. Beware of her dandruff / fairy dust, it puts your unitsto sleep! Once she’s out of the way, head over and show Beetleton how much juice you can make out of him.

Beetleton drops the Beetleton Helm, which kinda completes your collection ofvery ostentatious and garish head gear that your elderly aunts will definitelycondemn.

At the end of this easy stage, it occured to me that Spiderton and gang are the very jokers the Zigatons received after bartering their souls away. Well, if it were me, I would ask for a money-back. Talk about a bad deal. I’ll choose to resurrect Gong any day.

  Interlude   ---------

You quickly learn that there’s going to be a bodyguard of sorts standing between you and Queen Kharma! I smell another Boss!

  MISSION 29: Kharma’s Pet  ------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

   ------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Shookle Lvl. 1    |   ------------------------------

You’re going to have to advance a bit before you encounter this Venus Flytrapof a Boss. Fever up - this fight can be a bloodbath if you let up your attacks!

Shookle’s got a number of attacks: (1) Sleeping Gas, (2) Reactionary Sleeping Gas, (3) Jumping Jacks, and (4) Patapon Feeding Time. 

For (1), she (don’t ask me why) will curl her vines behind her, then squirt out         gas after a few secondsFor (2), she will just spew out sleeping gas after being stunned by your          attacksFor (3), she will hold her vines above her head, and then start jumping          forwards onto sleeping /  hapless PataponsFor (4), she will hold out her vines in front of her, pick up three units in          range (though it happens rarely), and then swallow them if not          stopped

To counter:(1) --> I suggest you Retreat, because Defense won’t stop the sleeping effect.(2) --> You can’t react in time to this, so the next best thing is to ensure         that when you’re spamming attacks you’re a distance away.(3) --> Retreat, or Defend if you don’t have the time. If your units are         sleeping, then well, at least they will die in their sleep. This         attack seems to miss non-sleeping Patapons quite often, but hits         sleeping ones almost all the time.(4) --> It seems as if she only picks up sleeing units, so if you do have units        asleep in range, just keep hitting her in the hopes that you stun her!        Retreating / Defending is useless, anyway!        If she does pick them up, you still have some time to destroy the vines        holding your units, which sets them free (unless it’s Meden, then I        suggest that you... D’oh!)

Generally, pack lots of fire weapons. They tend to make her vines burn away, thus preventing her from using Attack (4). Watching your Patapons squirm in hertummy is a sight though... you didn’t know her stomach was see-through, right?

For some reason she seems very susceptible to being stunned too, though methinks this is just so she can squirt her sleep juice over your units. My melee units were useless here, they fell asleep too much, so I survived this with Megapons, Yaripons, Yumipons.

Don’t worry too much though, this Level 1 Shookle is easy enough to handle. It’s her upgraded versions that you fear, so for advanced strategies refer to the Shooshokle guide two missions down. 

When you defeat her, she’ll drop the Dark Palace Model, which points the way to the final ’hidden’ Ruins in the game. You can also defeat her again laterto gain Shookle’s Horn, a unique weapon for Megapons. 

  Interlude   ---------

Meden informs you that Kharma is determined to fight to the death! As if Kharmawas gonna bake cookies and come over and ask to make up. Before we take on the ’Final Showdown’, we’ll take a quick jaunt to the newly uncovered Ruins.

  MISSION 30: Dark Palace Guardian  --------------------------------

Difficulty: Medium

   ----------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Shooshookle Lvl. 1    |   ----------------------------------

She’s got the same attacks as her brethren: (1) Sleeping Gas, (2) Reactionary Sleeping Gas, (3) Jumping Jacks, and (4) Patapon Feeding Time. 

For (1), she will curl her vines behind her, then squirt out gas after a few          secondsFor (2), she will just spew out sleeping gas after being stunned by your          attacksFor (3), she will hold her vines above her head, and then start jumping          forwards onto sleeping /  hapless PataponsFor (4), she will hold out her vines in front of her, pick up three units in          range (though it happens rarely), and then swallow them if not          stopped

To counter:(1) --> I suggest you Retreat, because Defense won’t stop the sleeping effect.(2) --> You can’t react in time to this, so the next best thing is to ensure         that when you’re spamming attacks you’re a distance away.(3) --> Retreat, or Defend if you don’t have the time. If your units are         sleeping, then well, at least they will die in their sleep. This         attack seems to miss non-sleeping Patapons quite often, but hits         sleeping ones almost all the time.(4) --> It seems as if she only picks up sleeing units, so if you do have units        asleep in range, just keep hitting her in the hopes that you stun her!        Retreating / Defending is useless, anyway!        If she does pick them up, you still have some time to destroy the vines        holding your units, which sets them free

I found Shooshookle much harder than Shookle. I don’t know if it’s just me, but she seemed to move much faster, and once I took her to Level 4 I was havingmore problems with her than with any other boss. 

One other thing I’ve seen her do, which Shookle hasn’t, is to start jumping towards you even when she’s still far away. When she starts doing this Retreatas much as you can, and you should be able to avoid her. 

What I’ve found is that if you destroy all her vines, she can’t even performattack (2). A strategy that works for me is to use all ranged, then keep Feverspamming her. Alternate Attacking with Retreating, and this should ensure thatyour units stay out of range when Shooshookle gets stunned and squirts outher sleeping gas. 

Just make sure that you’re always as far away from her as possible. Retreatoften, and then keep Fever attacking from far away. Use the Tailwind Miracleif necessary, this should help ensure that there’s enough space between you two. If she does get closer, stop attacking, because you don’t want her to squirt everyone to Lala Land.

Remember, it pays to be patient with this Boss. Once she gets up close and puts a few of your guys to sleep, then stomps on them, it’s unlikely you’llbe able to recover from it. With this strategy I managed to defeat her allthe way to Level 10, though I used Divine Stews for the last few battles. 

Don’t fret too much though, at Level 1 she’s certainly manageable. When she isdefeated, she will drop the Storm Miracle, which rounds out all your Miracles.She also tends to drop Horns, I got an Ancient Horn from her!

  Interlude   ---------

Without giving away too much, let’s just say that while the next battle is the penultimate one in the story mode, your adventures don’t end here. Prep up, the last few Bosses aren’t exactly easy by any standard!

  MISSION 31: Final Showdown!  --------------------------

Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Depending on how pumped your army is, this fight is either a short one or a very, very long and painful one. I suggest you pack along all ranged units, and if you’ve been saving up on those Divine Stews, now is a good time to useone.

When the stage begins you see Kharma flutter in, and remind you about her fantastic once-in-a-lifetime deal with the devil. Quickly build up Fever, because once she’s done talking she will start raining down meteors on you.

If you’re well-equipped, you should still be able to deal enough damage to hersuch that within a few rounds she throws in the towel. Your units should sufferjust about enough damage to bring them to yellow health.

If you’re not well-equipped, well, basically you are just here to roast. Yourbest bet is to invoke the Storm Miracle, which reduces the number of meteorsraining now, and hope that the little time you bought can allow you to beat her.

UPDATE: Reader akodinito has informed me of an alternate strategy for dealingwith Queen Kharma: use a mix of ranged and melee units. Apparently, your meleeunits will force Kharma to use magic attacks on them, which cause far lessdamage than the huge meteors do! akodinito’s army consisted of Tatepons, Dekapons and Yumipons, and he reports that he had an easy fight, so try it out! Thanks, akodinito!

  Interlude   ---------

Meden confirms that Gorl is back to terrorize the world, but in a rousing display of feasance to you, your Patapons affirm that you can save the day! 

  MISSION 32: Servant Of Darkness  -------------------------------

Difficulty: Easy

Gorl, for all the hype he’s got, isn’t that hard after all. He’s only got 4attacks across 2 forms: (1) Purple Fireball, (2) Clutching Death, (3) Rampage,and (4) Phelgm From Hell.

   ------------------------------  |BOSS FIGHT: Gorl Lvl. 1       |   ------------------------------

For (1), he will hold his finger out, and purple sparks will gather. He then         shoots a purple fireball at you which hits for decent damage.For (2), he will stay still, and his hands are bent in front of him. He then         picks up a hapless Patapon, fries him for 999, and you lose the Cap!For (3), he will retreat a distance, and then get ready to charge at you. This         charge attack hurts quite a lot!For (4), he will bow down like a begging puppy and start charging. Then he          spits out four to five small purple fireballs that may cause your          units to fall asleep.

To counter:(1) --> Attack / Defend. It’s not a heavy attack, so try to take him down now.(2) --> Retreat! When he picks you up he deals a staggering 999 damage to         that unit, and you don’t even get the Cap back! Perm. kill!(3) --> Defend! It’s hard to not counter this attack, you’re given way too        much time!(4) --> I choose to Retreat, but you can just take the damage if you want.        It’s minimal, so just hope your units wake up before they get targeted        again.

An alternative counter to (2), pointed out by reader Chun Hong, is that if you bring Tatepons in, and they are grabbed by attack (2), Gorl drops them immediately and does not hit them for 999 damage. This way you ensure thatnone of your frontline troops are fried by this. Thanks, Chun Hong!

I found this to be an easy battle. Gorl comes in as a Flying Dragon, and in this form he can do attacks (1) and (2). After you deal him enough damage,he morphs into a Flying... Dog form, which I must admit is a pretty coolvisual effect. 

In Flying Fido form Gorl is capable of attacks (3) and (4). Otherwise, just avoid as necessary and hit him as hard as you can! He should fall very soon!

Thanks to Exhys and Nuruhuine for pointing out the 4th Attack!

  Interlude - Credits and New Game +?!?  -------------------------------------

I shan’t spoil the ending for you. Anyways, the ending is kinda interactive, and if you can’t do it yourself then hey, erm, yea. I’ll leave you in suspenseso have fun discovering the ending for yourself!

And if you’re worried that your game will end... =)

O=============================================================================O|                               MATERIALS LISTINGs [000G]                     |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

1 - Meats---------

You’re going to need Meats to create Tatepons, Yaripons and Dekapons. Kacheeksyield Leather Meat, the Birds give you Tender Meat, whilst Bosses drop both Dream Meat and Mystery Meat.

To get Mystery Meat easily, just keep killing the Gold Birds on levels such asWorld of Ooze or Search For A Lucky Star. 

Level 1 - Leather MeatLevel 2 - Tender MeatLevel 3 - Dream MeatLevel 4 - Mystery Meat

2 - Ores--------

Ores are required to create Kibapons, Yumipons and Tatepons. Stones are a dimea dozen, while you usually get Hard Iron / Tytanium from the Dragon Bosses or from the Mountain Minigame. Later, the Robot Bosses Gaeen and Dogaeen seem to drop Mytheerial quite often.

You’re going to want to stock up on MYtheerial, since you also need at least 8of it to create all the Gold Weapons. That means try to conserve stocks of it!If you need to create Kibapons, Yumipons or Tatepons, use the other Level 4material so you can conserve Mytheerial!

Level 1 - StoneLevel 2 - Hard IronLevel 3 - TytaniumLevel 4 - Mytheerial

3 - Woods---------

Woods are required for Yaripons, Yumipons and Megapons. Cherry Trees drop quiteoften from the Tree Minigame, and if you’re lucky you can score a number of Hinoki from the game too.

As for Super Cedar, I’ve had the most luck getting them from the Sand Worm andDragon Bosses.

Level 1 - Banal BranchLevel 2 - Cherry TreeLevel 3 - HinokiLevel 4 - Super Cedar

4 - Metals----------

You’re going to need Metals to create Dekapons and Megapons. Since there are fewer units which require this, there’s less pressure to stock up on these.

On the other hand it’s not thattt easy to get Metals too. Crabs yield Alloys,and it isn’t too hard to squeeze rarer Metals from them. The Smith Minigamealso yield Metals, and after you finish making all the Gold Weapons, the conversion rate is one Mytheerial for one Magic Alloy.

Level 1 - Sloppy AlloyLevel 2 - Hard AlloyLevel 3 - Awesome AlloyLevel 4 - Magic Alloy

5 - Vegetables--------------

You get these from the Flower Minigame, and are required to make Stews. ThePlant Bosses also drop these materials quite frequently! 

And it turns out that the Vegetables can be used to substitute Meats in thecreation of new Patapons! It’s a one-for-one substitution, so the Eyeball Cabbage substitutes for the Leather Meat, the Crying Carrot for the TenderMeat, and so on.

The benefit to this, it seems, is that the overall Ka-Ching required to create the Patapon is lower! Way to go on sending a subtle message on vegetarianism there, Sony. 

Thanks to Cypher1386 on the gameFAQs boards who brought this to the public’s attention!

Level 1 - Eyeball CabbageLevel 2 - Crying CarrotLevel 3 - Predator PumpkinLevel 4 - Hazy Shroom

6 - Stews---------

You get these from the Cooking Minigame, and are quite a vital addition to theequipment your Patapon bring into battle. 

This is a quick summary of the effects Stews have on your army. Note, the statchanges are slightly different for different Rarepons, and the following numbers are based on the white Patapons.

Level 1 - Gnarly Stew --> HP +20Level 2 - Tasty Stew  --> HP +40, Damage +1, Resist KB / Resist Cnc increaseLevel 3 - King’s Stew --> HP +60, Damage +2, Crit Chance +10, Resists + 10Level 4 - Divine stew --> HP +100, Damage + 5, all stats increase except Speed,                          Attacks are now Fire-Based

O=============================================================================O|                       ARMOUR AND WEAPONS LISTINGS [000H]                    |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

These are the listings of the items you can get for your Patapons, in order of increasing strength / utility. 

Note that the Optimize Army function is not 100% useful, as there are timeswhen you want to swop out certain items for different effects. For example, during boss fights the Sleep Sword may not be as useful as another sword withhigher chance of Critical Damage. 

Also note that certain Bosses drop unique equipment, such as Dokaknel droppingthe unique Dokaknel’s spear, so you can keep killing those Bosses to get the stuff you want.

Note also, that all stats below are for the White Patapons. I discovered thatthe numbers differ slightly if you are using Rarepons instead of the regularWhite Patapons, but you’re mad if you think I’ll list all the numbers for allthe different Rarepons. 

And here’s a quick explanation of what the different fields for the stats mean:  HP             - Patapon’s health.  Damage         - How badass said Patapon is.  Speed          - Attack / Movement speed, the lower the number, the more                    attacks per round.  Armour vs Inf. - Defense against infantry units.  Armour vs Arw. - Defense against arrows.  Armour vs Spr. - Defense against spears.  Armour vs Lnc. - Defense against halberds.   Crit Chance    - How often Patapon hits for critical damage.  KB Chance      - How often Patapon’s hits knock the enemy backwards.  Cnc Chance     - How often Patapon’s hits concuss the enemy, and make them                    fall asleep.  Resist vs Crit.- Resistance against criticals, the higher the better.  Resist vs KB.  - Resistance against knock back, the higher the better.  Resist vs Cnc. - Resistance against concussive attacks, more is better.

Also, it appears as if some versions of the game lists "Armour vs. Spr." as"Armour vs. c." in the detailed stats screen, but yea it’s the same thing.

Quick Explanation About Speed / Armour Percentages--------------------------------------------------

Reader six_digit observed that equipment affect Speed / Armour through a multiplier effect: For example, the Wind Helm doesn’t simply subtract 0.20 sec from Speed, but it multiplies the Speed value by 90%. To the layman, this means that now the Patapon’s moving 10% faster. 

Armour % are affected the same way as well, so effectively Armour stacks. I’ll edit the Item Listings to include a value to show how much faster / slowerthat equipment makes you.

(If there’s any problems with my mathematics, apologies to my math teachers at school. Just drop me a note explaining my mistake please, I’m a slow learner!)

I’ll end this section by thanking six_digit again for sharing his data with me, and will include here his succinct and clear explanation:

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------|(thanks six_digit!)                                                          ||                                                                             ||I’d very much like to point out the way speed and armour bonuses from items  ||don’t exactly stack linearly.  From data I collected, both of these          ||attributes stack as a multiplier rather than an addition.                    ||                                                                             ||First dealing with the speed stat.  I’ll use as an example, the divine sword ||and divine shield.  They both reduce the speed stat.                         ||                                                                             ||~speeds~~~~~~~~~(norm)~~~(sword)~~(shield)~(both)                            ||regular tatepon~~2.00~~~~~1.00~~~~~1.80~~~~~0.90                             ||tikulee tatepon~~1.00~~~~~0.50~~~~~0.90~~~~~0.45                             ||                                                                             ||This suggests that the bonus provided is a multiplier, with the sword at 0.5 ||and the shield at 0.9. Penalties seem to apply the same way as a multiplier  ||of 1.1 in the case of an Ultra Heavy Shield.                                 ||                                                                             ||On the same line of thinking, the armour stats are also multipliers on       ||damage taken.                                                                ||                                                                             ||~armour vs inf~~(norm)~~~(divine shield)                                     ||regular tatepon~~40%~~~~~~46%                                                ||mofeel tatepon~~~52%~~~~~~57%                                                ||                                                                             ||~armour vs arw~~(norm)~~~(divine shield)                                     ||regular tatepon~~0%~~~~~~~10%                                                ||mofeel tatepon~~~50%~~~~~~55%                                                ||                                                                             ||Reversing the percentage would make the relationship clearer.                ||                                                                             ||~damage fr inf~~(norm)~~~(divine shield)                                     ||regular tatepon~~60%~~~~~~54%                                                ||mofeel tatepon~~~48%~~~~~~43%                                                ||                                                                             ||~damage fr arw~~(norm)~~~(divine shield)                                     ||regular tatepon~~100%~~~~~90%                                                ||mofeel tatepon~~~50%~~~~~~45%                                                ||                                                                             ||These numbers suggests that a divine shield adds a 0.90 multiplier on        ||damage received from all 4 sources.                                          | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 - HELMS---------

Wooden Helm  (You begin with this.)  

Iron Helm  HP +20

Steel Helm  HP +40  Armour vs Inf. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%  Armour vs Arw. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +06%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Spr. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +08%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Lnc. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%

Wind Helm  HP +60  Speed -0.20 sec (10% faster)  Armour vs Inf. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%  Armour vs Arw. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +06%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Spr. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +08%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Lnc. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%  Improves resistance to fire-based attacks

Strength Helm  HP +80  Damage +0 / +5  Armour vs Inf. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%  Armour vs Arw. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +06%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Spr. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +08%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Lnc. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%

Ancient Helm  HP +100  Damage +1 / +1  Speed -0.20 sec (10% faster)  Armour vs Inf. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%  Armour vs Arw. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +06%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Spr. Tatepon +10%, Yaripon +08%, Yumipon +08%, Kibapon +08%  Armour vs Lnc. Tatepon +06%, Yaripon +10%, Yumipon +10%, Kibapon +06%  Crit Chance     +10%   KB Chance       +10%   Cnc Chance      +10%   Resist vs Crit. +10%   Resist vs KB.   +10%   Resist vs Cnc.  +10% 

Giant Helm "Turtle"  HP +200  Speed +0.20 sec (10% faster)  Armour vs Inf. Tatepon +12%, Yaripon +20%, Yumipon +20%, Kibapon +13%  Armour vs Arw. Tatepon +20%, Yaripon +12%, Yumipon +16%, Kibapon +16%  Armour vs Spr. Tatepon +20%, Yaripon +16%, Yumipon +16%, Kibapon +16%  Armour vs Lnc. Tatepon +12%, Yaripon +20%, Yumipon +20%, Kibapon +13%  KB Chance       +20%   Cnc Chance      +20%   Resist vs KB.   +20%   Resist vs Cnc.  +20% 

Divine Helm  HP +150  Damage +5 / +10  Speed -1.00 sec (100% faster)  Armour vs Inf. Tatepon +12%, Yaripon +20%, Yumipon +20%, Kibapon +13%  Armour vs Arw. Tatepon +20%, Yaripon +12%, Yumipon +16%, Kibapon +16%  Armour vs Spr. Tatepon +20%, Yaripon +16%, Yumipon +16%, Kibapon +16%  Armour vs Lnc. Tatepon +12%, Yaripon +20%, Yumipon +20%, Kibapon +13%  Crit Chance     +60%  KB Chance       +60%   Cnc Chance      +60%   Resist vs Crit. +10%  Resist vs KB.   +10%   Resist vs Cnc.  +10% 

Bunny Head  HP +80  Damage +0 / +20  Speed -0.40 sec  Crit Chance     +30%

Gong’s Helm  HP +30  Damage +1 / +2  Speed -0.20 sec (10% faster)  Armour vs Inf. Tatepon +12%, Yaripon +20%, Yumipon +20%, Kibapon +13%  Armour vs Arw. Tatepon +20%, Yaripon +12%, Yumipon +16%, Kibapon +16%  Armour vs Spr. Tatepon +20%, Yaripon +16%, Yumipon +16%, Kibapon +16%  Armour vs Lnc. Tatepon +12%, Yaripon +20%, Yumipon +20%, Kibapon +13%  Crit Chance     +20%  KB Chance       +20%   Cnc Chance      +20% 

Scorpiton Helm  HP +50  Damage +5 / +5  Adds Sleep-Inducing effect to attacks

Spiderton Helm  HP +80  Crit Chance     +50%

Beetleton Helm  HP +200  Speed +0.40 sec (20% slower)  (Is supposed to add to strength too, but I guess they meant HP)

2 - SHIELDS-----------

Wood Shield  (You begin with this.)

Iron Shield  HP +10  Resist vs Crit. +10%  Resist vs KB.   +10%   Resist vs Cnc.  +10% 

Steel Shield  HP +20  Resist vs Crit. +20%  Resist vs KB.   +20%   Resist vs Cnc.  +20%   Helps prevent status inflictions too.

Ice Shield  HP +30  Resist vs Crit. +30%  Resist vs KB.   +30%   Resist vs Cnc.  +30%   Counteracts flame attacks.

Ultra Heavy Shield  HP +50  Speed +0.20 sec (10% slower)  Resist vs Crit. +40%  Resist vs KB.   +200%   Resist vs Cnc.  +40%   Slows down your speed.

Ancient Shield  HP +100  Speed -0.20 sec (10% faster)  Resist vs Crit. +50%  Resist vs KB.   +50%   Resist vs Cnc.  +50% 

Giant Shield "Octagon"  HP +60  Armour vs Inf.  +30%  Armour vs Arw.  +50%  Armour vs Spr.  +50%  Armour vs Lnc.  +30%  Resist vs Crit. +10%  Resist vs KB.   +10%   Resist vs Cnc.  +10%   Supposedly neutralizes most damage.

Divine Shield  HP +80  Speed -0.20 sec (10% faster)  Armour vs Inf.  +06%  Armour vs Arw.  +10%  Armour vs Spr.  +10%  Armour vs Lnc.  +06%  Resist vs Crit. +60%  Resist vs KB.   +200%   Resist vs Cnc.  +60%   Neutralizes Fire-Based attacks as well

3 - YARIPON WEAPONS: SPEARS--------------------------

Wooden Spear  (You begin with this.)

Iron Spear  Damage +2 / +3  KB Chance   +20% 

Steel Spear  Damage +3 / +4  Crit Chance +10%  KB Chance   +20%   Cnc Chance  +10%  Supposedly attacks faster, not verified.

Scorching Spear  Damage +4 / +5  Crit Chance +20%  KB Chance   +40%   Adds flame to your attacks, sets enemies on fire.

Dokaknel’s Fang  Damage +2 / +3  Crit Chance +50%  KB Chance   +20%   Cnc Chance  +20%  Makes your attacks piercing as well.

Ancient Spear  Damage +5 / +10  Speed -1.60 sec (80% faster)  Crit Chance +20%  KB Chance   +50%   Cnc Chance  +20%  Supposedly launches a 2nd Spear even before the 1st hits.

Giant Spear "Bullet"  Damage +20 / +40  Speed +2.00 sec  Crit Chance +10%  KB Chance   +80%   Cnc Chance  +50%

Divine Spear  Damage +5 / +10  Speed -1.60 sec (80% faster)  Crit Chance +20%  KB Chance   +50%   Cnc Chance  +20%  Supposedly launches a 2nd Spear even before the 1st hits.  Adds flame to your attacks, sets your enemies on fire.

Spear of Protection (From Demo only)  HP +120   Damage +2 / +5   Armour vs Inf. +20%   Armour vs Arw. +12%   Armour vs Spr. +16%   Armour vs Lnc. +20%   Crit Chance    +10%   KB Chance      +40%   Cnc Chance     +10%   Resist vs Crit.+10%   Resist vs KB.  +10%   Resist vs Cnc. +10% 

4 - TATEPON WEAPONS: AXES / SWORDS----------------------------------

Tin Axe  (You begin with this.)

Iron sword  Damage  +0/  +5  Cnc Chance  +20%

Steel Axe  Damage +0 / +10  Speed -0.20 sec (10% faster)  Crit Chance +30%  KB Chance   +10%   Cnc Chance  +10%

Sleep Sword  Damage +00 / +15  KB Chance   +20%   Puts your enemies to sleep.

Flame Sword  Damage +0 / +20  Crit Chance +20%  KB Chance   +20%   Adds flame to your attacks, sets your enemies on fire.

Ancient Axe  Damage +5 / +5  Speed -1.60 sec (80% faster)  Crit Chance +50%  KB Chance   +20%   Cnc Chance  +20%

Giant Sword "The Butcher"  Damage +0 / +100  Speed +4.00 sec (200% slower)  Crit Chance +10%  KB Chance   +80%   Cnc Chance  +50%

Divine Sword  Damage +20 / +20  Speed -1.00 sec (50% faster)  Crit Chance +100%  KB Chance   +100%   Cnc Chance  +100%  Adds flame to your attacks, sets your enemies on fire.

Gong’s Scythe  Damage +0 / +30  Crit Chance +250%

5 - YUMIPON WEAPONS: BOWS-------------------------

Wooden Bow  (You begin with this.)

Steel Bow  Damage +2 / +5  Crit Chance +20%

Flame Bow  Damage +3 / +6  Crit Chance +30%  Adds flame to your attacks, sets your enemies on fire.

Piercing Bow  Damage +4 / +7  Crit Chance +40%  Adds Piercing to your attacks.

Ancient Bow  Damage +5 / +10  Speed -1.20 sec (60% faster)  Crit Chance +100%
Giant Bow "Failnaught"  Damage +0 / +100  Speed +4.00 sec

Divine Bow  Damage +10 / +15  Crit Chance +100%  KB Chance   +100%   Cnc Chance  +100%  Adds both flame and Piercing to your attacks.

6 - KIBAPON WEAPONS: HALBERDS-----------------------------

Wooden Halberd  (You begin with this.)

Iron Halberd  Damage +1 / +2  Crit Chance +10%  KB Chance   +10%   Cnc Chance  +10%

Steel Halberd  Damage +2 / +3  Crit Chance +30%

Deflecting Halberd  Damage +3 / +5  Crit Chance +20%  KB Chance   +50% 

Flame Halberd  Damage +4 / +6  Crit Chance +40%  Adds flame to your attacks, sets enemies on fire.

Ancient Halberd  Damage +6 / +10  Crit Chance +50%  KB Chance   +20%   Cnc Chance  +20%

Giant Halberd "Grizzly"  Damage +4 / +40  Speed +2.00 sec (100% slower)  Crit Chance +20%  KB Chance   +50%   Cnc Chance  +100%

Divine Halberd  Damage +8 / +10  Speed -0.60 sec (30% faster)  Crit Chance +100%  KB Chance   +100%   Cnc Chance  +100%

7 - KIBAPON WEAPONS: HORSES---------------------------

Horse  (You begin with this.)

Fast Horse  HP + 10  Damage +0 / +1  KB Chance   +10%   Cnc Chance  +10%

Tough Horse  HP + 30  Damage +1 / +1  Armour vs Inf. +16%   Armour vs Arw. +20%   Armour vs Spr. +20%   Armour vs Lnc. +16% 

Strong Horse  HP + 20  Damage +1 / +4  Cnc Chance  +20%

Crimson Horse  HP + 40  Damage +2 / +2  KB Chance   +50% 

Ancient Horse  HP +60   Damage +1 / +3  Armour vs Inf. +14%  Armour vs Arw. +30%   Armour vs Spr. +30%   Armour vs Lnc. +14%   Crit Chance    +10%   Resist vs Crit.+10%   Resist vs KB.  +10%   Resist vs Cnc. +10% 

Deep Impact  HP +80   Damage +6 / +6  Armour vs Inf. +08%  Armour vs Lnc. +08%   Crit Chance    +30%   Cnc Chance     +50%  Resist vs KB.  +50%   Resist vs Cnc. +50% 

Divine Horse  HP +100   Damage +2 / +5  Speed -0.40 sec (20% faster)  Armour vs Inf. +08%  Armour vs Arw. +10%   Armour vs Spr. +10%   Armour vs Lnc. +08%   Crit Chance    +20%   KB Chance      +20%  Cnc Chance     +20%  Resist vs Crit.+20%   Resist vs KB.  +20%   Resist vs Cnc. +20% 

6 - DEKAPON WEAPONS: MACES--------------------------

Club  (You begin with this.)

Iron Hammer  HP +10  Damage +0 / +5  KB Chance      +10%  

Steel Mace  HP +20  Damage +0 / +10  Crit Chance    +40%  KB Chance      +10%  

Nail Studded Bat  HP +40  Damage +5 / +15  Crit Chance    +20%  KB Chance      +20%  

Dream Weaver  HP +50  Damage +0 / +20  KB Chance      +20%    Cnc Chance     +30%  Puts your enemies to sleep (the temporary kind).  

Ancient Hammer  HP +100   Damage +10 / +10  Speed -1.60 sec (80% faster)  Armour vs Inf. +10%  Armour vs Arw. +10%   Armour vs Spr. +10%   Armour vs Lnc. +10%   Crit Chance    +20%   KB Chance      +20%  Cnc Chance     +20%  Resist vs Crit.+10%   Resist vs KB.  +10%   Resist vs Cnc. +10% 

Morning Star "Giganto"  HP +60   Damage +0 / +120  Speed +4.00 sec (200% slower)  KB Chance      +50%  Cnc Chance     +50%

Divine Axe  HP +80   Damage +0 / +30  Speed -1.00 sec (50% faster)  Crit Chance    +80% 

7 - MEGAPON WEAPONS: SAXOPHONES-------------------------------

Wood Horn  (You begin with this)

Steel Horn  HP +20   Damage +2 / +4

Gaeen’s Horn  HP +30   Damage +3 / +3  Cnc Chance     +50%  Causes enemies to lose their will to fight, and fall to their knees.

Ciokin’s Horn  HP +50   Damage +3 / +5  Puts enemies to sleep (the temporary kind).

Shookle’s Horn  HP +60   Damage +3 / +6  KB Chance       +50%

Ancient Horn  HP +100   Damage +5 / +5  Speed -1.60 sec (80% faster)  Armour vs Inf. +10%  Armour vs Arw. +05%   Armour vs Spr. +10%   Armour vs Lnc. +10%   Crit Chance    +20%   KB Chance      +20%  Cnc Chance     +20%  Resist vs Crit.+10%   Resist vs KB.  +10%   Resist vs Cnc. +10% 

Divine Horn  HP +80   Damage +0 / +10  Speed -1.00 sec (50% faster)  Crit Chance    +60% 

O=============================================================================O|                        PATAPON UNIT COMBINATIONS [000J]                     |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

People often ask, when should I start making Rarepons?

The short answer is it depends on how much you need that extra boost in your Missions. Personally, I didn’t start making Rarepons until Mission 14, theGuardian of Knell stage. It was mainly because I liked a challenge, and am apackrat when it comes to amassing resources.

I also didn’t like how the Tier 1 Rarepons were not future-proof, since theTier 2 ones were just round the corner. That said, I’ve heard of players havinga great time using Tier 1 Rarepons, and then only upgrading them much later, soreally it’s up to you. 

Q: Do I even really need Rarepons?A: Er, yes. The Bosses / enemies get progressively harder, and the weapon drops   don’t make up entirely for your lack of firepower. So spring for the    Ka-Ching and materials, you cheapskate.

Q: Why would I NOT want a Rarepon?A: Sometimes, Helms give bonus effects that outweigh the benefits of Rarepons.   You also want some White ones around to check out the cool art for the    Helms.

Q: When selecting units for my army, can I shift their positions around? For    example, can I shift Yumipons in front of Tatepons?A: No you can’t. They have different fixed priorities, so just choose which    units you want, and go with whatever formation the game gives you.

Q: Which Rarepons should I get?A: It depends on what you are going to use them for. Here’s a quick summary,    with the listed Rarepons in increasing order of desirability:

   For Melee Tanks           --> Mofeel (against non-Fire enemies) / Barsala /                                  Mogyoon   For Melee Damage Dealers  --> Gekolos / Tikulee / Barsala / Mogyoon    For Ranged Tanks          --> Wert. Are you familiar with strategy games?   For Ranged Damage Dealers --> Gekolos / Tikulee / Mogyoon

   Note that I have a heavy preference for Mogyoons. I haven’t discovered how   Barsalas can be more effective, since the movement speed reduction is not    a big thing for me. 

Q: Can you explain the movement speed thing a bit more?A: Slower units eventually end up behind their counterparts, even if you order   them first. Thus, if say you had 5 White Tatepons and 1 Mogyoon Tatepon, the   Mogyoon will eventually end up lagging at the back.

   The thing is, this means that the Mogyoon can’t contribute as much anymore.   You’ll notice that only the front few Tatepons get to attack, so effectively   you’re losing the support of the Mogyoon. 

   There are ways to counter this, such as Retreating (which kinda resets the    order) or by waiting for the front few to be knocked back. Also note that    slower units Retreat slower, so they may still suffer the full brunt of    enemy attacks.

   The reason I don’t really mind movement speed, is because eventually I end   up with a lot of Mogyoons, so everyone’s about the same speed again. 

Q: I’m trying to figure out which Patapons to use in battle. Any tips?A: Here’s a quick summary of what I found each Patapon class useful for, with    more details in the respective sections:

   Kibapon --> Use them to break through enemy defenses, since they have good                knockback. In Fever they are great for pushing the enemy back                advancing quickly. Without Fever, they are quite crappy.   Tatepon --> Balanced unit. Great for defending and absorbing damage, and                good for holding enemies at bay while your ranged Patapons                kill them. Not fantastic for damage dealing, though.   Yaripon --> Good ranged unit, in Fever their range increases. Essential for               hunting.   Yumipon --> Great ranged unit. In Fever they are even more valuable, since               they get Triple Shot which greatly increases their utility.    Dekapon --> Powerful melee units, but they don’t defend as well as the                Tatepons. They seem to attack a bit slower too.    Megapon --> Great ranged unit. Without Fever they shoot tons of Blue Notes,                and in Fever they shoot Red NOtes which pierce through enemies.               Their attacks are also supposed to cause status ailments. 

The Rarepons, And Their Unique Attributes-----------------------------------------

Pykola (Red)                 = Movement boostGekolos (Yellow)             = Small Atk boost, increased resistance to fireMofeel (Purple)              = Large Def boost, increased vulnerability to fireTikulee (Blue)               = Medium Atk boostMogyoon (Horny Light Purple) = Super Atk boost, slow movementBarsala (Angelic Green)      = Large universal stat boot, no weak points

Additional Background On The Patapons-------------------------------------

Reader Nuruhuine sent in this extremely interesting piece of the names of thePatapons, something which I would not have been able to add since I’m not thatfamiliar with the Japanese language.

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------|Tatepon comes from "tate" which means "shield" in japanese.                  ||Yaripon comes from "yari" which means "spear" in japanese.                   ||Yumipon comes from "yumi" which means "bow" in japanese.                     ||                                                                             ||Kibapon is a bit more tricky to explain. Basically, when you get on something||to fight, may it be a horse for a serious to-death fight, or on your friend’s||shoulders for a friendly brawl with some other friends (which basically      ||mimics the to-death fight on the horse), it is called "kibasen". It basically||means that you’re not fighting on foot, but on a horse’s back. By the way,   ||"kiba" is composed f 2 kanjis: "ki" which means to get on something, and "ba"||which means horse.                                                           ||                                                                             ||Dekapon comes from "dekai" which is an adjective in japanese that means      ||"large", "big".                                                              ||Megapon though, I don’t really know, but it might come from "megaloman", as  ||in someone really fond of music. Well it makes sense to me anyway.           | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nuruhuine also writes about the gibberish the Patapons yell, some of which apparently really is Japanese:

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------|Every now and then, when some of your units get hit, you may hear one of     ||them scream: "konoyaro!" It means "you bastard!" or any similar insult. Of   ||course, it’s in Japanese.                                                    | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks Nuruhuine for the information!

 -----------|1 - KIBAPON| -----------

Use them a lot if you are comfortable with getting and maintaining Fever, as they are very effective in Fever. Without Fever they move slowly, have limited range, and attack about as frequently as a grandmother (though some old ladiesare indeed feisty).

I find their utility limited, because when I knock back enemies, my ranged units have to reshift to target the enemies again. This takes up time and is not as efficient as I would like. Furthermore, the three Kibapons you’re limited to reduces their raw damage dealing capacity. 

Use them on missions where you are facing off a lot of ranged enemy units, andcan’t break through close enough to target them. Just keep that Fever going.


Stone + Stone      = Normal (200)Stone + Hard Iron  = Pykola  (Red) (400)Stone + Tytanium   = Gekolos (Yellow) (600)Stone + Mytheerial = Mofeel (Purple) (800)

Hard Iron + Tytanium   = Mofeel (Purple) (800)Hard Iron + Mytheerial = Tikulee (Blue) (1000)

Tytanium + Tytanium   = Tikulee (Blue) (1000)Tytanium + Mytheerial = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (1200)

Mytheerial + Mytheerial = Barsala (Light Angelic Green) (1400)

PYKOLA ~ Kibapon------  Damage +3 (11-13)  Cnc. Chance +30% (50%)

GEKOLOS ~ Kibapon -------  Damage +5 (13-15)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit. Chance +10% (20%)  Resist vs Crit. +20% (30%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (30%)

MOFEEL ~ Kibapon------  HP + 100  (250)  Armour vs Inf. +16% (36%)  Armour vs Arw. +50% (50%)  Armour vs Spr. +50% (50%)  Armour vs Lnc. +12% (36%)

TIKULEE ~ Kibapon-------  HP +50 (200)  Speed -1.00 sec (1.00 sec)  Crit Chance +80% (90%)

MOGYOON ~ Kibapon-------  HP +100 (250)  Damage +30 / +50 (38-60)  Speed +0.60 sec (2.60 sec)  Armour vs Inf. +08% (28%)  Armour vs Arw. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Spr. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Lnc. +08% (28%)  Crit Chance    +20% (30%)  KB Chance      +50% (70%)  Cnc Chance     +50% (70%)  Resist vs Crit.+20% (30%)  Resist vs KB.  +20% (30%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (30%)

BARSALA ~ Kibapon-------  HP +150 (300)  Damage +10 / +15 (18-25)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit Chance +50% (60%)

 -----------|2 - TATEPON| -----------

Although you get them from very early on, they remain relevant for a good portion of the game. I only fully phased them out when I got my Megapons.

First, they are great for holding off enemy forces. When you’re Advancing, theyalso start absorbing damage, and this is evidenced by the little force-fieldlike things that surround them as enemies hit.

Secondly, when defending they also help absorb the brunt of enemy attacks, suchas when you see enemy Kibapons come charging from a distance away. Lastly, they are not shabby when it comes to dealing damage too. 

A nice effect is defending during Fever, because their shields enlarge and apparently absorb more damage. Also, when you do the Charge Up Song, and then attack, Tatepons rush forward and do a little jumping attack that’s pretty cool.

Leather Meat + Stone      = Normal (120)Leather Meat + Hard Iron  = Pykola  (Red) (240)Leather Meat + Tytanium   = Gekolos (Yellow) (360)Leather Meat + Mytheerial = Mofeel  (Purple) (480)

Tender Meat + Stone      = Pykola  (Red) (240)Tender Meat + Hard Iron  = Gekolos (Yellow) (360)Tender Meat + Tytanium   = Mofeel  (Purple) (480)Tender Meat + Mytheerial = Tikulee (Blue) (600)

Dream Meat + Stone      = Gekolos (Yellow) (360)Dream Meat + Hard Iron  = Mofeel  (Purple) (480)Dream Meat + Tytanium   = Tikulee (Blue) (600)Dream Meat + Mytheerial = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (720)

Mystery Meat + Stone      = Mofeel  (Purple) (480)Mystery Meat + Hard Iron  = Tikulee (Blue) (600)Mystery Meat + Tytanium   = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (720)Mystery Meat + Mytheerial = Barsala (Light Angelic Green) (840)

PYKOLA ~ Tatepon------  Damage +3 (13-18)  Cnc. Chance +30% (70%)

GEKOLOS ~ Tatepon-------  Damage +5 (15-20)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit. Chance +10% (40%)  Resist vs Crit. +20% (40%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (40%)

MOFEEL ~ Tatepon------  HP + 100  (200)  Armour vs Inf. +12% (12%)  Armour vs Arw. +50% (50%)  Armour vs Spr. +50% (50%)  Armour vs Lnc. +12% (52%)

TIKULEE ~ Tatepon-------  HP +50 (150)  Speed -1.00 sec (1.00 sec)  Crit Chance +80% (110%)

MOGYOON ~ Tatepon-------  HP +100 (280)  Damage +30 / +50 (35-65)  Speed +0.60 sec (2.60 sec)  Armour vs Inf. +06% (46%)  Armour vs Arw. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Spr. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Lnc. +06% (46%)  Crit Chance    +20% (20%)  KB Chance      +50% (60%)  Cnc Chance     +50% (90%)  Resist vs Crit.+20% (40%)  Resist vs KB.  +20% (40%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (40%)

BARSALA ~ Tatepon -------  HP +150 (330)  Damage +10 / +15 (15-30)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit Chance +50% (50%)

 -----------|3 - YARIPON| -----------

Yaripons as ranged units are good, and remain vital to every successful army.In Fever mode they jump and attack, extending their range significantly. Also,when Defending, they do this huge-ass jump when laser beams or Fireballs hit them, such that they take minimal damage and retaliate at the same time. Coolshit. All NBA first-team possibles, really.

The only drawback as compared to Yumipons is that they don’t receive the same sort of crazy attack boost, but that’s alright. Their weapons tend to hit for more damage than the Bows do too, so that’s another plus. Frankly, it’s hard toimagine a situation where you wouldn’t want them on your team.

If your Yumipon spears aren’t hitting the enemy, try out other Songs. The Defense Song makes them attack a bit closer, so try out different Songs, or tryadvancing forwards a bit more then Attacking again. 

Leather Meat + Banal Branch = Normal (80)Leather Meat + Cherry Tree  = Pykola  (Red) (160)Leather Meat + Hinoki       = Gekolos (Green) (240)Leather Meat + Super Cedar  = Mofeel (Purple) (320)

Tender Meat + Banal Branch = Pykola  (Red) (160)Tender Meat + Cherry Tree  = Gekolos (Yellow) (240)Tender Meat + Hinoki       = Mofeel  (Purple) (320)Tender Meat + Super Cedar  = Tikulee (Blue) (400)

Dream Meat + Banal Branch = Gekolos (Yellow) (240)Dream Meat + Cherry Tree  = Mofeel  (Purple) (320)Dream Meat + Hinoki       = Tikulee (Blue) (400)Dream Meat + Super Cedar  = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (480)

Mystery Meat + Banal Branch = Mofeel  (Purple) (320)Mystery Meat + Cherry Tree  = Tikulee (Blue) (400)Mystery Meat + Hinoki       = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (480)Mystery Meat + Super Cedar  = Barsala (Light Angelic Green) (560)

PYKOLA ~ Yaripon------  Damage +3 (13-18)  Cnc. Chance +30% (30%)

GEKOLOS ~ Yaripon-------  Damage +5 (15-20)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Armour vs Arw. -12% (28%)  Crit. Chance +10% (40%)  Resist vs Crit. +20% (20%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (20%)

MOFEEL ~ Yaripon------  HP + 100  (200)  Armour vs Inf. +20% (20%)  Armour vs Arw. +30% (70%)  Armour vs Spr. +40% (60%)  Armour vs Lnc. +20% (20%)

TIKULEE ~ Yaripon-------  HP +50 (150)  Speed -1.00 sec (1.00 sec)  Crit Chance +80% (110%)

MOGYOON ~ Yaripon-------  HP +100 (200)  Damage +30 / +50 (40-65)  Speed +0.60 sec (2.60 sec)  Armour vs Inf. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Arw. +06% (46%)  Armour vs Spr. +08% (28%)  Armour vs Lnc. +10% (10%)  Crit Chance    +20% (50%)  KB Chance      +50% (100%)  Cnc Chance     +50% (50%)  Resist vs Crit.+20% (20%)  Resist vs KB.  +30% (50%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (20%)

BARSALA ~ Yaripon -------  HP +150 (250)  Damage +10 / +15 (20-30)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit Chance +50% (80%)

 -----------|4 - YUMIPON| -----------

Yumipons extremely effective as ranged units. Primarily because in Fever theyshoot our 3 arrows per Attack turn, so this basically gives you 18 Yumipons worth of firepower. Plus their range extends too!

It’s rare to have your Yumipons move to the front lines, since it would requireeveryone else in front of them to die. Which is not a very good thing. But I needn’t tell you they are crap as melee units, since their arrows don’t hit and they die really fast.

You’ll also notice that when Attacking, Yumipons position themselves to attackthe closest enemy. This means that sometimes they will hit, say, the enemy Tatepons in your path, instead of the irritating enemy Yumipons at the back. Todeal with this, either invoke the Tailwind Miracle, or Advance your troops and then attack again.

Lastly, the Charge Up Song makes them shoot more arrows, but it seems that thisis still less that what they normally fire when in Fever.

Banal Branch + Stone      = Normal (150)Banal Branch + Hard Iron  = Pykola  (Red) (300)Banal Branch + Tytanium   = Gekolos (Yellow) (450)Banal Branch + Mytheerial = Mofeel  (Purple) (600)

Cherry Tree + Stone      = Pykola  (Red) (300)Cherry Tree + Hard Iron  = Gekolos (Yellow) (450)Cherry Tree + Tytanium   = Mofeel  (Purple) (600)Cherry Tree + Mytheerial = Tikulee (Blue) (750)

Hinoki + Stone      = Gekolos (Yellow) (450)Hinoki + Hard Iron  = Mofeel (Purple) (600)Hinoki + Tytanium   = Tikulee (Blue) (750)Hinoki + Mytheerial = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (900)

Super Cedar + Stone      = Mofeel  (Purple) (600)Super Cedar + Hard Iron  = Tikulee (Blue) (750)Super Cedar + Tytanium   = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (900)Super Cedar + Mytheerial = Barsala (Light Angelic Green) (1050)

PYKOLA ~ Yumipon------  Damage +3 (6-9)  Cnc. Chance +30% (30%)

GEKOLOS ~ Yumipon-------  Damage +5 (8-11)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Armour vs Arw. -16% (4%)  Crit. Chance +10% (10%)  Resist vs Crit. +20% (20%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (20%)

MOFEEL ~ Yumipon------  HP + 100  (200)  Armour vs Inf. +20% (20%)  Armour vs Arw. +40% (60%)  Armour vs Spr. +40% (60%)  Armour vs Lnc. +20% (20%)

TIKULEE ~ Yumipon-------  HP +50 (150)  Speed -1.00 sec (1.00 sec)  Crit Chance +80% (90%)

MOGYOON ~ Yumipon-------  HP +100 (200)  Damage +30 / +50 (33-56)  Speed +0.60 sec (2.60 sec)  Armour vs Inf. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Arw. +08% (28%)  Armour vs Spr. +08% (28%)  Armour vs Lnc. +10% (10%)  Crit Chance    +20% (30%)  KB Chance      +50% (50%)  Cnc Chance     +50% (50%)  Resist vs Crit.+20% (20%)  Resist vs KB.  +20% (20%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (20%)

BARSALA ~ Yumipon-------  HP +150 (250)  Damage +10 / +15 (13-21)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit Chance +50% (60%)

 -----------|5 - DEKAPON| -----------

I haven’t really used Dekapons that much, since I didn’t like the way theylumbered around. Their higher HP and damage output capacities didn’t offset thedisadvantages of not being able to Defend as well as Tatepons, or the lack of equipment you can foist onto them.

That said, I haven’t developed many strategies using them. Shall update moreonce I get the chance to play around with them a bit more. I used for them battles where I don’t have to maneuver much, and need only just bash as hardas fast as possible. One mission like this is Mission 24, where Meden is kidnapped and you have to destroy her cart ASAP.

One good thing about them is that when when you do the Charge Up Song, and thenattck, Dekapons unleash this ground-smash which has more knockback and has achance of stunning other enemies for a bit, which helps break up their attacks.

Sloppy Alloy + Leather Meat = Normal (250)Sloppy Alloy + Tender Meat  = Pykola  (Red) (500)Sloppy Alloy + Dream Meat   = Gekolos (Yellow) (750)Sloppy Alloy + Mystery Meat = Mofeel  (Purple) (1000)

Hard Alloy + Leather Meat = Pykola  (Red) (500)Hard Alloy + Tender Meat  = Gekolos (Yellow) (750)Hard Alloy + Dream Meat   = Mofeel  (Purple) (1000)Hard Alloy + Mystery Meat = Tikulee (Blue) (1250)

Awesome Alloy + Leather Meat = Gekolos (Yellow) (750)Awesome Alloy + Tender Meat  = Mofeel  (Purple) (1000)Awesome Alloy + Dream Meat   = Tikulee (Blue) (1250)Awesome Alloy + Mystery Meat = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (1500)

Magic Alloy + Leather Meat = Mofeel  (Purple) (1000)Magic Alloy + Tender Meat  = Tikulee (Blue) (1250)Magic Alloy + Dream Meat   = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (1500)Magic Alloy + Mystery Meat =  Barsala (Light Angelic Green) (1750)

PYKOLA ~ Dekapon------  HP +30 (330)  Damage +5 (20-25)  Cnc. Chance +50% (100%)

GEKOLOS ~ Dekapon-------  HP + 50 (350)  Damage +8 (23-28)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit Chance +20% (20%)  Resist vs Crit. +30% (30%)  Resist vs Cnc. +30% (60%)

MOFEEL ~ Dekapon------  HP + 200  (500)  Armour vs Inf. +20% (20%)  Armour vs Arw. +50% (50%)  Armour vs Spr. +50% (50%)  Armour vs Lnc. +20% (20%)

TIKULEE ~ Dekapon-------  HP +100 (400)  Speed -1.00 sec (1.00 sec)  Crit Chance +60% (60%)

MOGYOON ~ Dekapon-------  HP +200 (500)  Damage +0 / +80 (15-100)  Speed +0.60 sec (2.60 sec)  Armour vs Inf. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Arw. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Spr. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Lnc. +10% (10%)  Crit Chance    +10% (10%)  KB Chance      +80% (130%)  Cnc Chance     +80% (130%)  Resist vs Crit.+20% (20%)  Resist vs KB.  +20% (50%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (50%)

BARSALA ~ Dekapon -------  HP +300 (600)  Damage +20 / +30 (35-50)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit Chance +60% (60%)

 -----------|6 - MEGAPON| -----------

Ooh, Megapons.

When I first saw them, as well as their stats, I was quite sure I had just unlocked the most effeminate and useless Patapon ever. I mean, damage of 1-1?

In battle though, it’s a different matter. Megapons’ attacks PUT ENEMIES TO SLEEP. Of course this is not 100%, but I really appreciated this. Furthermore,once you upgrade them to Mogyoon, they turn into really insane powerhouses.

You would note (no pun intended... ok maybe a bit) that Megapons’ attack notesspray all over the place like a messy sneezer. Furthermore, unlike arrows whichdamage once for every arrow, these attack notes tend to cause damage more thanonce. You would see this most with Bosses.

Thus, once you get Mogyoon Megapons, the notes start flying around and hittingmultiple times for 30-50 damage! And this is not counting their equipped weapons too! They deserve to be gushed about.

When they are in Fever, their notes change colour, and become these red thingswhich have piercing qualities. You can also achieve this effect by using the Charge Up Song, then attacking.

I like having a full ranged attack team, since when fully upgraded your Yumipons, Yaripons and Megapons deliver a megaton-bomb’s worth of damage. Theonly drawback to this is that they don’t handle melee Zigatons well, since their attacks tend to fly over the closest enemy units. 

To counter this, use the Defend Song, and Patapons shoot their notes forwardsinstead of their usual upwards-at-an-angle attack. You can also use the ChargeUp Song which makes their notes shoot forwards, or simply stay in Fever. 

A quick addition about the yellow notes you see on the tips screens: do theCharge Up Song, then the Defend Song, and your Megapons will spit out thesehuge yellow note things, which stick in the ground and hurt enemies who walkinto it. It causes Knock Back for normal Zigotons, but doesn’t really impedethe onslaught of Bosses though. Thanks to DenisF for telling me about this! 

I love Megapons, and so would you.

Sloppy Alloy + Banal Branch = Normal (300)Sloppy Alloy + Cherry Tree  = Pykola  (Red) (600)Sloppy Alloy + Hinoki       = Gekolos (Dream) (900)Sloppy Alloy + Super Cedar  = Mofeel  (Purple) (1200)

Hard Alloy + Banal Branch = Pykola  (Red) (600)Hard Alloy + Cherry Tree  = Gekolos (Dream) (900)Hard Alloy + Hinoki       = Mofeel  (Purple) (1200)Hard Alloy + Super Cedar  = Tikulee (Blue) (1250)

Awesome Alloy + Banal Branch = Gekolos (Dream) (900)Awesome Alloy + Cherry Tree  = Mofeel  (Purple) (1200)Awesome Alloy + Hinoki       = Tikulee (Blue) (1500)Awesome Alloy + Super Cedar  = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (1800)

Magic Alloy + Banal Branch = Mofeel  (Purple) (1200)Magic Alloy + Cherry Tree  = Tikulee (Blue) (1500)Magic Alloy + Hinoki       = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (1800)Magic Alloy + Super Cedar  = Barsala (Angelic Light Green) (2100)

PYKOLA ~ Megapon------  Damage +3 (4-4)  Cnc. Chance +30% (30%)

GEKOLOS ~ Megapon -------  Damage +5 (6-6)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Armour vs Arw. -10% (40%)  Crit Chance +10% (10%)  Resist vs Crit. +20% (20%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (20%)

MOFEEL ~ Megapon ------  HP + 100  (320)  Armour vs Inf. +20% (20%)  Armour vs Arw. +25% (75%)  Armour vs Spr. +50% (50%)  Armour vs Lnc. +20% (20%)

TIKULEE ~ Megapon -------  HP +50 (270)  Speed -1.00 sec (1.00 sec)  Crit Chance +80% (80%)

MOGYOON ~ Megapon -------  HP +100 (320)  Damage +30 / +50 (31-51)  Speed +0.60 sec (2.60 sec)  Armour vs Inf. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Arw. +05% (55%)  Armour vs Spr. +10% (10%)  Armour vs Lnc. +10% (10%)  Crit Chance    +20% (20%)  KB Chance      +50% (50%)  Cnc Chance     +50% (50%)  Resist vs Crit.+20% (20%)  Resist vs KB.  +20% (20%)  Resist vs Cnc. +20% (20%)

BARSALA ~ Megapon -------

  HP +150 (370)  Damage +10 / +15 (11-16)  Speed -0.40 sec (1.60 sec)  Crit Chance +50% (50%)
O=============================================================================O|                                  MINIGAMES [000K]                           |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

I’m only going to give brief instructions here, I suspect there will be peoplewho will produce detailed FAQs on these in time to come. If there aren’t, andpeople have problems with these, I’ll come back and buff up this section.

1 - Tree Minigame-----------------

UNLOCKED   : Get the Pakapon Cap from Mission 2.REQUIRES   : One Leather Meat per play.WHY PLAY IT: Easy source of Wood (Levels 1 - 3), and more rarely Ores (Level 1              - 3). Oh, and CRAPLOADS of useless leaves.

Basically the Bon Bon Tree sings a set of 8 songs, comprised of a wide rangeof notes (ok fine just Bon). Once he’s done singing, just press Circle the same number of times he sang ’Bon’ in the last song. 

It’s an easy Minigame, and the rewards are good at the beginning. I remembergetting my first Tytanium here! You’ll need Ores quickly to build your armyat the start. 

BTW, is it not disturbing that you’re picking up the remnants of dandruff from a talking tree?

But hey you’re a God of talking walking Eyeballs, so it shouldn’t faze you.

2 - Flower Minigame-------------------

UNLOCKED   : Get the Zakpon Cap from Mission 8.REQUIRES   : One Banal Branch per play.WHY PLAY IT: Main source of Vegetables, though the last few Plant Bosses do              drop Vegetables regularly too. You need these to make Stews!

Basically, just keep tapping Circle at a steady rhythm. You should be able tohear the proper tempo from the "Oh oh oh’ that the FLower sings.

You know you’re doing it right if the Flower’s mood starts improving and eventually smiles. If the Flower starts frowning and flipping you the finger, you’re probably pressing Circle too fast, too slow, or at an inconsistent pace.

You’ll know what type of veggies you’re going to get by how happy the Flowerhas been throughout the game: If she were continually ecstatic, then you are going to receive higher grade veggies. If you missed a couple of beats, thenyou get the leftovers she pooped out.

When she decides to reward you, she’ll throw the veggies up in the air, and youhave to catch them as they come down. Listen for the sound of the veggies 

falling, and press Circle just before the falling sound ends. Zakpon should jump up and catch them.

You’ll have to try a few times with this, because you need to remember just howlong the sounds go on for. It’s quite a tricky Minigame, if you ask me. And er,this is pretty embarrassing, but I have no idea what the higher level veggiesare for. You only need Eyball Cabbages for the Cooking Minigame... so...

3 - Mountain Minigame---------------------

UNLOCKED   : Get the Kimpon Cap from Mission 14B.REQUIRES   : One Tender Meat per play.WHY PLAY IT: Good source of Hard Irons or Tytaniums!

Ok this Minigame drove me up the wall. What happens is that the Mountain’s toes light up in a song, either Single-Beats or Double-Beats. A typical songhe would play is:

Tap, Tap, Tap, Pause, Tap, Tap, Tap-Tap

As you can see, you’re expected to mimic this by pressing Circle. I had problems adapting to this bloody rhythm after coming back from a 4-Beat missionbut it’s definitely doable.

The best I can say is practise. But trust me, the whiny Mountain’s ’Noooo’everytime you screw up makes you a twisted person inside, especially if you keep screwing up like me.

4 - Cooking Minigame--------------------

UNLOCKED   : Get the Gashapon Cap from Mission 17.REQUIRES   : One Eyeball Cabbage per play.WHY PLAY IT: Only source of Stews!

It’s a fun and very rewarding Minigame. Basically, just time your Circlepresses perfectly to slice the food before they drop in. Look at the Pot’s face to see if you did it right. 

If you get a perfect run, you get Divine Stew, which really is quite good!

5 - Smith Minigame------------------

UNLOCKED   : Get the Kampon Cap from Mission 22AREQUIRES   : Either one Hard Iron, or one Mytheerial per play.WHY PLAY IT: Only place for Divine Weapons! And Alloys too!

You want this game for the Divine Weapons, pure and simple. However, to getthem you must offer up the Mytheerial, the Hard Irons (even on a perfect run)will only net you Alloys up to Level 3 (Awesome Alloy).

The game consists of four cycles. Cycle 1 - 3 are in increasing speeds, whileCycle 4 goes back to a slow speed.

What happens is that the Fwoosh Famoose the Furnace Guy will tap his right legwhich is when you’ll hear the Furnace Fart. Right after, you hit Circle to temper the Ore. He either blows the bellows in Single-Beats or Double-Beats,so tap Circle accordingly.

At the beginning of each cycle you’ll keep hearing the Furnace Fart, so lookclosely at his right leg to tell how much times you should press Circle. 

Cycle 1 is easy, Cycle 2 is tougher, and Cycle 3 is killer. Here, your double-taps must be the springy sort, so that they don’t overlap into the next beat(s). It’s not easy, but practise to get the hang of it.

When you do a perfect run, or just miss one or two beats with the Mytheerial,you’ll get a Divine Weapon. The Furnace apparently gives them out in a set order, so you must get one before you can get the next. Once you get all of them, getting a perfect run here will only net you Magic Alloys. If you screwup slightly, you also get Magic Alloys instead of Divine Weapons.

I had originally thought that there was a set order in which the Gold Weaponswould be produced, but it seems as if the order is fixed only for your particlar game. That means that my fixed order is going to be different from yours, so there’s no need for me to list mine here! Just know that it comes ina fixed order! Thanks, Waynec02!

O=============================================================================O|                                  FINISH! [000L]                             |O=============================================================================O*******************************************************************************

My goodness what an insane amount of work this FAQ took. Anyways, do go out andget this game if you haven’t! It’s apparently even cheaper in the US, apparently because the marketing guys at Sony were worried that the people wouldn’t take to such a genre-mashing game. 

Thanks for reading this far, send me any questions you have about the game, and would love to hear any feedback you have about this guide! In future revisions I’ll try to include a detailed Boss guide, so that we can figure outhow to tackle them at higher levels!

Thanks too for all the people who’ve helped in the updating of this guide, your emails of support and information I missed out really helped to make allthis more robust!

Pon-Pata-Pon-Pata for now!


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