Call of Duty 4 walkthrough

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C AAAAA L L O O FF D D U U T Y 44444
C A A L L O O F D D U U T Y 4


*Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare*

Call of Duty 4 FAQ/Walkthrough
For Xbox 360, PC, PS3
Version 1.8 (12/8/07)
Written by Brad Russell “TheGum”
(email at the bottom)

Version 1.0 – got the guide and other sections; plan to add weapons and
achievement section, maybe in an update later.

Version 1.5 – added intels and achievements, and did some minor tweaks.

Version 1.7 – added all TV’s, sorta, and minor fixes.

Version 1.8 – added a tip from a reader regarding the epilogue on veteran.

Table Of Contents
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Section: Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls CON2222
3. Starter Tips TIPS333
4. Walkthrough FAQ4444
type “mission #” to get where you need to be

Mission 1: F.N.G.
Mission 2: Crew Expendable
Mission 3: Blackout
Mission 4: Charlie Don’t Surf
Mission 5: The Bog
Mission 6: Hunted
Mission 7: Death From Above
Mission 8: War Pig
Mission 9: Shock and Awe
Mission 10: Safehouse
Mission 11: All Ghillied Up
Mission 12: One Shot, One Kill
Mission 13: Heat
Mission 14: The Sins of the Father
Mission 15: Ultimatum
Mission 16: All In
Mission 17: No Fighting in the War Room
Mission 18: Game Over

5. Intel/Achievements ACH5555
6. Copyright/Misc.

* 1. A Brief Foreword *

Hmm, the Resident Evil series pulled one of these too. The guys at Capcom and
Infinity Ward think alike. Both knew their franchises were getting dull, and
both drastically changed things for the fourth outing. However, both also
kept many of the same gameplay elements.

Hold on now, this game is not the Second Coming like RE4 was. This game is
good, but it’s still COD with a new coat of paint. That is not a bad thing in
any way, but having last played COD2, I quickly realized this game is more or
less the same. And according to the rap during the credits, COD3 isn’t even a
real COD game, so I guess I’m good to skip 3.

This game is great. The developers realized that instead of making a 12 hour
game with about six hours of pure repitition, they decided to cut out the
filler and serve the tender meat only. This game is short, but that is not a
knock against it. You’ll appreciate the fast pace and the tense situations.
These are the most intense cutscenes/pseudo-cutscenes in any game, and they
may play with your emotions at times. It’s a game you want to play for
presentation alone.

The bad is that this game is TOO fast. It’s wham, bam, twist, end level. It
borders on stressful, since you really never stop moving for long. Another
issue that new players won’t realize, this game is COD with new guns. The
bad thing about this is that instead of the ultra-high tech of a game like
GRAW, this game feels like you are limited. At times when things get hectic,
you just might wish you had a really cool helmet.

I’m through talking. Great game, enjoy, see ya,

* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *

Here are the 360 controls:

A – jump
B – crouch; press again to prone (lie down)
X – reload/use; usually need to hold to use something
Y – switch guns
RT – fire
LT – aim down the sight
RB – frag grenade
LB – special grenade (either flash or smoke)
RS – look/aim; click to melee
LS – move; click to sprint
START – pause
BACK – not sure

The PC has standard FPS controls, and the same since the last game. For all
three of you with PCs and without knowledge of the controls, you can choose
what buttons do what in the options menu.

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *

*Toss ’em back – learn this trick early. When a grenade indicator pops up on
screen, or you hear the sound, go pick up the grenade and quickly toss it
back. It’s a free frag, but you have to get it as soon as it drops or else it
will blow. If you can’t reach it in like one second, then run far away.

*Cover up – if you are getting torn to pieces, fall behind cover and let your
blood settle through your magic healing problems. Crazy biology aside, finding
any cover, even not so good cover will usually save your life.

*Don’t lose your tools – it’s the d-pad functions on the 360, but each button
has a use in certain levels and with certain guns. All I’m saying is don’t
forget those abilities are there (claymores, gun-grenade launchers, etc.).

*Follow the crowd – sticking to your somehow-always-the-same-size squad of
friends is the only way to play. Don’t get too far ahead or behind, but mainly
don’t go Rambo. There’s nothing for playing alone and no reason to not let
your allies kill enemies.

*Preset vs Infinity – this regards enemy group sizes. Every area with bad guys
will either have a set number you must kill, or they will keep coming no matter
how good you kill them. But here is the trick to both: be aggressive. Just run
toward all groups of enemies in a timely fashion. This is the only way to take
out the neverending groups, since taking their areas chases them away, and it
also works on set armies.

*Watch your step – be aware that there will be new guns in every level. Swap
anything for your pistol, and keep an eye out for better guns.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *

Played on the normal difficulty. There is mentioning of the achievements, but
I have not covered them all from top to bottom. This is not an achievement
guide, so look elsewhere for now for extra help on achievements. And please
read ahead of where you are, just to try to better connect the dots.

*NOTE: Instead of a separate Weapons and Enemies sections of this guide, I’ve
decided to just add what guns you have and what guns you run into at the start
of each level (except where it’s not needed). And the enemies are just normal
bad guys, nothing special to write about.*

Mission 1: F.N.G.

Go pick up the rifle when you get control, the G36C. Then go to the first
shooting station to recieve your orders. Just follow along and find out how to
reload (X on the 360). The most useful tip is that by just pressing the aim
button when you’re looking toward an enemy will set the sights on that enemy
(on the 360, just keep pressing LT and then RT quickly to get each target in
a breeze).

Then go back to the table and grab the USP .45 (a handgun). Switch weapons to
get the button down (Y on 360), and then go slash the melon by the shooting
range (there is a yellow marker on your compass at the bottom) (click the RS
on 360 to slash).

Next take a stroll outside to a blue building that will open when you get
near. Go meet Captain Price and then take the ladder to get up. Grab the
MP5 and the flashbangs.

*NOTE: The name Captain Price rings a bell. Unless this is his son or something
like that. Wouldn’t be Call of Duty without him after all.*

When ready, slide down the rope, shoot the three targets in the room, then
go to the right and enter the room. Take the stairs at the back, shoot the
target. At the bottom you will toss a flashbang into the room (LB on 360). Hit
the targets and keep moving, hit the next set of targets (remember that trick
we learned for aiming quickly). Then go into the hall and toss a flashy into
the last room and then hit the targets inside, and then go out and sprint to
the end (click LS on 360). And there are arrows that help you too.

If you don’t do good enough you will have to replay it. 30 seconds will get
you by, but if you want to try and master the course you can try again. 20
means you’re pretty good, and 15 means you beat the best time (but 20 will
net you 360er’s an achievement). Always keep moving, but not to sacrifice
accuracy, and shooting from the hip will save time, and throw the flashbangs
before being told.

*NOTE: Here is a complete step-by-step method of getting to 20 seconds, if you
must. Never use the sight, and toss the flash before you get to the room and
do know that you can’t look at the flash, so briefly stand behind the door.
Drop down the rope, shoot the closest two targets through the first window
going right, then sprint right, strage inside the room, hit the target as you
strafe, and then sprint down the stairs. Shoot the target about 2/3 the way
down the steps and as soon as you do you should get your motion of tossing the
flashbang so that by the time you look through the doorway you will already
be tossing the grenade. Stop by the door to not get blinded, run through as
you shoot the first one and the other one, go into the next room where you
will shoot at the right target first, and then the one by the door. As you go
out the door into the hallway you need to be getting the flash ready. Toss it
toward the table inside the room, and then go by the door as you shoot the
targets and end up outside. In the final stretch you should be sprinting before
you get out of the setup. Accuracy is big, so is not getting stuck even for
a second, getting blinded, and having to reload. May take a lot of tries and
a lot of frustration. If you can somehow manage to shoot through the first
windows while moving you will probably already have this goal met.*

*NOTE: Instead of moving that previous big block of text around, I will just
say this here. The key is to go LEFT in the first area. The thing I did was
go left as soon as I landed and I shot at the first target, which ended up
hitting the target in the corner that was directly behind it. Then I just shot
the other one and slipped in through the left doorway instead of the right.
I ended up with 18 seconds the first time I did this, but running the rest of
the method I described also helped. So in the first part you must go left. And
again, achievement hounds are the only ones who should be going crazy over
this. Everyone else can come back later since it’s just the first level.*

*NOTE: More of a general tip, but it did help me in this test. I paused the
game and went to the options menu to change the sensitivity to low. This was
on the 360 and it helped me.*

Go to the monitors in the corner when satisfied. All you do here is select the
difficulty of the game. Select the normal setting in spite of what the test
results recommend if this is your first playthrough. Or go rookie if this is
in fact your first gaming experience (pop that cherry good!).

Mission 2: Crew Expendable

Guns: MP5SD, a solid submachine gun
USP .45, basic pistol

The mission starts as a cutscene where you can look around, as will be the
case with most COD cutscenes. Just look around until you get on the ship. Well
actually your teammates will clear the first room, so you don’t need to help
if you don’t want.

Follow them down the steps where they will shoot a dude in the hall and then
kill two guys sleeping in a room on the left (that’s so sad). Then follow
them outside.

Someone else joins with you as you move through the rain to the back of the
ship. Follow them to the left side and after you hear “weapons free” your team
should kill some guys in the center and up high. Then stay left until you see
lots of enemies up in the windows. Crouch if you like or try to kill a few,
but the bottom line is that all of them will soon be wiped away.

Go to a door on the left and enter with your team. Stay toward the front of
the pack behind whoever is in the front. After you go down a level there will
be enemies down a hallway with pipes. You can go rambo, or just sit back and
take pop shots into the seam, or use the red crosshair to know an enemy is in
your sights.

After that your team hits a door and some bullets fly. Charge in after the
flashbang is sent and kill the guys at the bottom. Down the steps and follow
your team on the right side (I ran into an enemy around a corner, which I
guess I needed to slash him, but then he wasn’t there the second time). Stay
close and follow you squad through a door. In the next cargo hold will be
more guys on the opposite walkway, so do that auto-aiming trick to kill them.
Keep close to your team when they move down some steps at the end. You can
stay on the walkway to have the height advantage and kill the enemies below
as your team act as decoys.

Keep moving after the fighting at an open door. This third large room will be
the toughest yet. You should stay crouched and stay by your teammates, never
wandering too far away. Just stay low and be on your toes. The enemies will be
all over, so be ready to slash someone close (just don’t forget who your allies
are). Going to the left side of the room does work though, so try that.

After the tangos are stamped out, follow you men to the container with the
goods (or bads). Go inside and grab the papers on top of the item and then get
ready to make a speedy retreat. Remember to sprint if needed. After leaving
this room you will be hit with a twist, so turn around again and follow your
team as the ship sinks. You MUST keep up with them or you’re done for. Don’t
fall behind and try to stay balanced as you run down the walkway. Be sure to
not get tossed when it breaks as you near the door.

Keep running through the slanted hallway. When you get up the stairs, go left,
and when you get back outside, go right. Follow your team to the edge of the
ship and press the jump button (A on 360) to get on the chopper (even if you
kinda fall off without jumping, still try to jump and the game may be in a
forgiving mood and let you move on to the next level anyway).

*NOTE: By far one of the best starting levels to a shooter that I’ve seen,
especially since I almost died a few times while running.*

Mission 3: Blackout

Guns: M4A1 SOPMOD, a basic rifle
M21 SUPRESSED, a sniper rifle that is quiet
RPD, heavy machine gun
RPG-7, rocket propelled grenades
G3, a solid rifle

Just watch as names pop up and various happenings take place during the ride
(just another day in L.A., right?). Don’t forget to read the messages of the
talking voice. Keep watching for a surprise. Surprise, you’re dead!

Yeah, not really the start of a mission, but wow was that interesting.

Now things will get going. Now you have night vision goggles (Up on the D-Pad
on the 360). Move forward through the water to reach two enemies. Kill them
and then enter the shack for an enemy intelligence in the form of the laptop.
Take it and listen to the TV if you want, then slash it just in case.

*NOTE: This TV DOES NOT count toward the achievement.*

Come back out and follow your men under bridge and through more swamp. When
you guys stop by a house, you can plant some claymores if you wish, you don’t
have to. Kill the two inside and the ones from the house up the hill.

Follow your team to the big house and go inside. Go through and stop in the
field and wait for more allies to show up (don’t shoot). After some talk, go
up the path. Follow Price and Kamarov when they split and go left while the
others go right.

Switch to the sniper rifle when you get to the break in the fence. Shoot the
turret gunner through the right window the the building below, then shoot the
wall next to the left gunner to get him (may take a few shots).

*NOTE: Hold the aim button and press the steady button, which is the LS on the
360, to get better shots.*

After you get both and shoot some grunts (not your guys), follow your guys
down the trail and through a burnt building. On the other side you need to
look down the way to see more enemies approaching. Snipe them, but make the
RPG dude on the right your top priority.

When all is quiet, move into the field and the debris until more enemies come
from up the road. Duck and get out your regular rifle to kill them. Again,
another RPG on the left side.

Now go to the fence-opening on the cliff and lend your sniping skills to the
scrubs on the ground. The enemies are on the left, your freinds on the right.
Kill an RPG guy when he runs behind a tank. Then snipe the three guys through
the hole in the roof under you and anyone else to get moving.

Follow Price to what appears to be another sniping point, but he cuts it short
and then you need to use the rope to rappel down the cliff. Just crouch and
run to the cover looking toward the house. Just use the sniper rifle and go to
where you see bullets flying in either direction, that usually means there is
a bad guy shooting you or your friends. Kill all the enemies around the front
of the house and then get out your normal rifle.

Make your way to the right side and proceed eastward through the two smaller
homes, killing soldiers along the way. Near a road at the back, three enemies
will run for the cover of a car, so get them first. Then make your way up the

Follow Price to a door as Gaz goes to cut the power. After he does, put on your
night vision and enter. Just two guys on your way to the stairs. Up the stairs
and in the first room will be two more, one in each corner (one is behind a
table). Careful as you round the corner and look into the dark room on the
right, an enemy may pop out and pop you one. Go inside to grab Nikolai.

Backtrack to the front of the house and jump inside the helicopter for evac.

Mission 4: Charlie Don’t Surf

Guns: M9, pistol
M4A1, basic rifle, again
W1200, found in the first building, a solid shotgun
Dragunov, sniper rifle in first building too
AK-47 Grenadier, AK-47 with a grenade-launching attachment
AK-74u, a great gun for close combat

*NOTE: I say a lot about the TV achievement here.*

Now you are an American named Jackson; the name is important because when
someone says Jackson you need to know that that is you.

Watch the intro cutscene, which is sweet and then you land (“Cutscenes watch
Chuck Norris”, I don’t know why I thought of that from watching that cutscene).
Anyway, follow your the fresh faces to a building that they will clear.

Then go down the steps and look into the basement for more enemies inside.
Shoot at them and enter the room crouched over. Take cover behind crates and
your squad will back you up. Just poke around the corner and shoot.

When the room is clear, go into the room on the left, but there is a bad guy
that will shoot you through the doorway, so be ready to shoot from the hip or
slash. In this room will be more intel and another TV to slash, go do both.
There is another TV in the big room too. Also in this big room will be lots
of guns on the table; at least swap the pistol for the sniper rifle.

Go back into the bigger room and go to the rooms on the right that your men
will start shooting inside. Enter the door on the right (both lead to the same
room) and kill the five or so enemies inside. Follow the wall on the right and
be prepared for more men as you approach a door.

Let your guys go up the stairs and then follow them outside and into a street
nearby. Shoot the guys down the left street, but be wary of the ones down
the right street. Kill some on the right, but you need to start heading down
the left street. Going down the left street, find a wall piece that gives you
cover and get behind it (one guy should be on the left wall, so you take the
right wall). Pop out and use the auto-aiming trick to find targets high and
low. When it seems clear, cautiously move down the road and stay behind cover.

You can take some steps on the left side to get up to the roof where the
enemies occupied, so get up there. As soon as you get to the top of the steps
you should see a hole in the brick wall, so jump through. You can follow this
back path not only across the open road, but also all the way to the ruined
buildings at the end of this street. But for now, just get across the open
road and take the rooftop on the opposite side; there are steps to get up to
this roof too. There will be another intel on a table.

On the main street, look down the way to see a bunch of enemies on approach.
Kill them from afar and watch out for more on the sides. Keep moving down this
road until you hit a dead end, but when you get to the corner of another road
you should quickly look up to a building to hit an RPG gunner. There will be
more baddies up on the roof and more down the road, so kill some and then
start heading northeast.

*NOTE: The area with the ruined building can be reached through an alleyway,
which makes it a bit easier.*

Get to a ruined building and then go left to find a path to go north. You will
arrive at the TV station. Follow your boys to a door and wait for them to blast
it open. Go inside and look down the hallway to hit a dude, then slash the two
TV’s. Follow your team down the hall to a room with another TV to slash. When
you guys go through the room with the computers there will be lots of fighting
on the other side. You may even pick up W1200 by now; it’s a shotgun, so swap
it with your handgun.

Proceed to a big room that appears to be the nerve center of the station. Go
along the left wall and eventually this place will become a very messy place.
Use the shotgun to blast close enemies and try to fight your way into the rooms
on the other side; grenades are a big deal, so just run when one falls nearby.
Stay in these rooms and use them as cover. Swing your way to the north end
to see lots of enemies coming from that side, so clear them out with either
shotgun or rifle. Don’t forget to toss frags all over the place (RB on 360).
The goal is to not die and to keep moving until you have taken the doors that
the enemies keep pouring from, so don’t stay still. Then use the shotgun to
clear out the center area.

Also, there are tons of TV’s in here. Slash or shoot the ones with the dude
giving the speech on them. Most in the center will be destroyed during the
battle; that leaves the ones stacked by the walls and the ones hanging up high.
And yes, this is only for an achievement, so if you don’t care, then ignore all
mentions of TV’s.

Stack up by a door in the hall. Then you will enter the foyer to get upstairs.
In the room on the second level will be a TV hanging. When you get to the
outside there will be a fight in the parking lot below. Shoot all enemies that
come from the left side, but never shoot someone that has a name because that
will be one of yours in case you didn’t realize.

After that, proceed moving up the station. You’ll go up some stairs to cross
a roof on the third level. In the hallway just wait for the breach and then
enter. There will be some more TV’s to slash, but you have to get them quickly
before the speech is cut off, or no achievement for you.

*NOTE: You most likely haven’t gotten all the TV’s, so don’t worry if you’re
not an achievement hound.*

Mission 5: The Bog

Guns: Same as before
Javelin, a rocket launcher
Dragonov, a fancier sniper rifle
M249 SAW, powerful machine gun
FIM-92 Stinger, a fancy heat-guide rocket launcher

Run forward until your team comes under fire. Shoot a bit into the windows of
the building on the right, but your goal is to keep moving. Dodge heavy fire
and use cover as you make your way to a burning car on the right on the
bridge (near the first enemy building). Go down some steps next to it and
follow this path to get to the area below the ruined building. Clear out the
guys on the ground and then get to the open hallway.

*NOTE: The enemies that are not on the ground will continuously reappear, so
you shouldn’t waste too much time with the guys up high.*

Save Roycewicz when a bad guy tries to strangle him on the steps. Go up and
look through the doorway to kill the enemies shooting down to the streets.
Be careful as a bad guy from a room near the door on the right will pop out.
Go through to the end and find a turret on a ledge that looks north. Use it to
kill a few enemies and shoot through the walls if you can’t see them.

Drop the turret and pick up the Dragonov nearby (swap out your pistol). Reload
it and go back the way you came. Your guys will kick down a door and go inside.
After they come out you should go in a grab the intel on the table.

Go back downstairs and enter the newly opened door. Disable night vision and
hug a wall by a window. Just kill as many dudes in the open as you can (and
don’t forget you can shoot through thin walls). Then make your way left
through the rooms and get on the streets. Provide some fire to the previous
street, but make your way left to the back alley.

Kill the guys that run from the building and then go into the tunnel, but don’t
enter any of the buildings. Run back to the first open area (to the east) and
grab the Javelin on the ground. Now behind the building nearby so that you can
see the overpass, but also stay behind cover.

The way to use this rocket gun is to aim, then you get a bunch of green squares
on the screen. Set the crosshair over a tank and wait for it to blink and then
lock on. Now fire for the rocket to shoot out just in front of you and then it
will blast off into the air. After a few seconds the target will be destroyed.

Do this for at least two tanks and the enemies on the overpass will start to
retreat, but you can keep shooting the tanks if you want. After they leave make
your way back over and go through a broken fence to the northwest. Just follow
your teammates all the way to War Pig. If you find a heavy machine gun called
a M249 SAW, grab that and use it in the next battle. There is an intel in the
alley after a flare goes up, in a tight corner.

When you hit the field, run to the tank and swap your sniper rifle for a M4A1,
or whatever else you can find. There will be tangos from the west and south
sides of the tank. I found it best to go to the back of the tank and use it for
cover to handle the ones coming through the junk to the west. The ones to
the south may require you to move around a bit and find different cover, but
you should be able to stay behind the tank.

The only way to survive this encounter is to balance between the two sides. Put
a great priority to the many more enemies from the front of the tank, but
always keep an eye to the junkyard in the back. The RPG gunners, if you haven’t
noticed by now, will look like they have spikes sticking from their backs, so
if you see them you must get them quickly.

Go to the area where the enemies attacked the front of the tank, behind the
metal wall, and go right to find an open doorway. Take it to emerge in a store
under fire from across the street. Toss some frags and then run over to that
building and clear the front.

It may be best to toss a frag toward the AA unit because there are enemies
guarding it, or toss a flash before you go to it. Kill them and then plant
the C4. Back away and detonate.

Now make sure there are no enemies on the previous building before you make
your way to the cover of some containers to the northwest. Just wait for the
message to plant the beacon, then go to the yellow circle and plant it. Just
stay behind cover and make sure you got a good view of the enemy building.

After the show, return to the tank and meet with Vasquez to end the mission.

Mission 6: Hunted

Guns: MP5, submachine gun
G36C, I like this one for the small crosshair
M4A1, same old rifle
FIM-92 Stinger, a fancy heat-guide rocket launcher
M1014, a shotgun

Well, you can’t accuse the British campaign of being boring. Go to the bodies
and pick up two of the three guns. Run like the wind all the way to a little
farm. Listen to the conversation, but right after Price says something about
saving the old man, you should shoot the enemy talking to the farmer before
he kills him, or even do it earlier (it’s an achievement if you save the
farmer, but you have to wait for the cue from Price). Then just kill the rest.

Run to the field and then hit the floor (press the crouch button twice). Wait
for the chopper to fly over and then keep moving. At the little house, turn
around and look to the southeast to get some enemies on your tail. Stay behind
the tractor as your allies open the cellar door. When told, go inside.

Move through the junk and get up the stairs. Enemies will be through the
windows, so stay out of sight. Some may even enter the house, so be aware. Get
to the back and go outside.

Things will be quiet, so go to the building in front of your to find more intel
on a table. Then get back outside and take cover so that you are looking down
the path for the coming dogs. If you fail to kill them with bullets, do your
melee if they get you. Then clear out the bad guys firing upon you and move

When that wave is over, go to the left of the big building and be ready for
some enemies on that side. Kill them and go up the steps on the corner. Crouch
behind the cover on this roof and take out the tangos on the ground. When
your men start proceeding along, follow them, and watch out for the dog last.

Crouch behind the right wall in the stream to avoid detection, and then keep
moving into the field. Stay behind the hay as your guys move along, but near
the other stream you will get detected. Fight all the enemies and then follow
your team to a new set of buildings.

Go inside the and you will be under fire from outside. Duck and shoot, same
as you’ve been doing all along. When you can, go into the small building on
the right and from there you can look to the other greenhouse to spot more
troops. Make your way to that place and clear it out. The quicker you move the
faster you kill off the flow of enemies, as is usually the case.

On the other side is a trail, so follow it and when you round the corner get
ready to handle more men and the heli from above. Just stay behind cover that
protects from the southwest sky and that will take care of the chopper, and
sprint when you need to move. Make your way to the enemy barn, and the best
way to clear it is to toss in a few frags. There is also a ruined building in
front of the barn that you can go through to reach an area with a metal roof.
Helps avoid the chopper if you need to. Toss flashies into the barn and hide
behind the tractor to take the place easier.

Inside you will pick up a Stinger. You need to hold the sight on the chopper
for a few seconds and then fire to take it out. But the chopper will have
flares that will screw it up. The best way to do this is to fire at the
chopper from the bottom, that way the rocket will go up into the flares as
they fall. So get into the doorway, wait for the heli to swing around the
building, hold the sight on it, and then fire the rocket to any spot below
the heli. And if you miss you can keep trying with more Stingers.

Meet up with Price inside and then follow through the door and down a trail.
Stop when they stop and just watch the show. It would be a good time to slash
at the retreating enemies since they don’t fight back. Then just move down
the road to end the mission.

Mission 7: Death From Above

Guns: AC-130 air support, 25, 40, 105 mm cannons

*NOTE: You can stick to the 40 mm throughout.*

This part is interesting. You can press X to switch the black and white, but
it makes little difference. You can switch the guns from a big blast, to a
little blast, to a machine gun, but the first gun is the best option.

Now, there is a big church structure below, and that is off limits. Across
from this church and a few buildings away will be a line of friendlies, so
don’t blast them. You can tell friendlies because they shine a little bit, but
you can always switch guns to get a closer look to see if they are blinking.

The first target will be a moving car in front of the church, so aim as far
from the church as you can to hit the car. Then there will be small fries
coming out of the church, so get them when they come out. Clean up the area

Then you move to circle a field where there will be another car crossing over,
so get it. More enemies pour from the place that car came from, so just blast
them and don’t forget to switch guns if you need to know who you’re shooting

After that, you hear of more cars coming, but don’t shoot them. Your guys will
surround the civilian cars and take them. Zoom with the small blast gun to see
that your guys are now in the cars; don’t fire at the little people running

After some crazy direction-giving, when your view changes to the next village
you should start shooting at all the cars, just not the ones that will come
down the “curved road.” A tank will roll behind the buildings, so get it
quickly. You should switch to your chaingun when the friendlies drive by

Then you will be over a junkyard. You guys stay by the entrance road for
quite a while, so just keep a focus on the big building where lots of enemies
will pour out in waves. Across from them will be two guys appearing every now
and then; just don’t hit your guys (use the small blast).

When you guys start moving, just shoot all the targets around them, but stay
away from their path. If you must get enemies that are close, switch to your
chaingun. When they get close to the helicopters, shoot at the vehicles and
tangos around the empty space and that will do it. Back to being American.

Mission 8: War Pig

Guns: M4A1 Grenadier, one of the better sights, but bad recoil
M249 SAW, a powerful machine gun near the start
Dragunov, also near the start, your choice
G3, a good gun that you may need to fall on after you lose the SAW
AK-47, encountered before, but also a good SAW replacement

Pick up the SAW nearby by switching it out with the pistol, or grab the sniper
rifle, either way. I liked sniping the guys in the bus, then anyone left.
Then go to the right side and fight your way around the bus, make sure there
are no guys behind the containers nearby. Grab an RPG standing against the
bus and use it to down one of the choppers in the air, but you have to be quick
for this (it’s an achievement). Then clear out the field and head toward the

*NOTE: I liked the combo of the M4A1 and the G3 in the streets. Use the
M4 for long range, and the G3 for storming buildings.*

Next will be a truely chaotic endeavour. Your best bet is to stay behind the
tank and take out the guys on the roofs and up high, even on the roof directly
above you. Then make your way to the right side of the street. At the back of
the second building will be some stairs, so go up. You should see a door
slightly open and then see someone toss a grenade at you, so toss it back (if
you haven’t learned yet, you get close to a grenade and press the toss grenade
button to toss it back, which is RB on the 360), or just avoid the blast.
Fight your way into a room nearby to grab more intel in the closet.

The tank will move down the road, but there is another intel in the building
that is behind the tank, on the second level, but you’ll have to fight for

*NOTE: The SAW won’t last long, so pick up an AK-47, it’s pretty good. Or get
any other gun you run across.*

When you do head down the road the tank is looking down, stick to the left
side. When you get to the enemy building, run around the ruined wall and go
down an alley on the left to get inside easily. Just go in and clear the only
room with baddies.

As for the building across the street, run around the side, shoot enemies along
the way, and then go up the stairs to get to the second level. Don’t forget
that you do have flashbangs, and those are the best way to clear places in
tight quarters combat. Clear this building and then get to the back of this

Toss a flashbang into the building to the north and then rush inside to clear
it out; use two if you think you need them. Clear this place out and your
friends will join you. Follow them out, or you could go up the steps for a
fight with some guys, but there’s little reason to. When you join your bros
in the alley, use the dumpster they push as cover while you clear out the
enemies in the building (fire through walls, remember that). Then get to that

Go up the steps and into a room to find more intel on a bed. Then join your
buddies nearby for some skirmishing. Just get some of the enemies near the
enemy tank and just wait for War Pig to blow it up. Then run down the street
to the evac point.

Mission 9: Shock and Awe

Guns: Mark 19, the helicopter gun that overheats in a hurry

Just some good ol’ turret shooting here. Only fire in bursts, because it
doesn’t take long to overheat this thing. Basically, shoot everything after
you pass your own tanks. Shoot guys on rooftops, shoot AA batteries, and shoot
tanks. Then you will land, but thankfully you don’t have to get out and get
in on the ground action.

But after you pass over the hill and after you shoot a tanker truck to hit two
RPG gunners, then you have to unload; dang. Start heading north down the alley
and take out dudes. When you near the building, toss in some frags/flashies
and run inside. Clear the ground level and then get upstairs to your guys.
An intel in the corner.

After you get up there, drop over the side into the next area and go to the
right. Watch for guys up high in the windows and on the roof. Make your way to
the door, clear out the front and clear out the inside before going in. Keep
firing and tangos all around as you go up the stairs. Clear it out and then
find the closet with the intel inside (hey, that phrase sounds familiar, I
better not say that or someone may steal it…).

Once all is clear, go back down and head south to the old LZ. Hop on the gun
and get going. You will see a cobra take a nose dive. When you circle around
the crash site it would be wise to shoot at any moving targets. Then you hop
back out to save the day yet again.

When you step out, kill the two enemies nearby and run to the crashed bird, or
snake. Just pick up the pilot and haul tail back to the chopper. Then start
firing back at the tons of enemies behind you as you get airborne. But things
don’t end so well, as you will see.

After the cut away, you’ll be back, kinda. When things look weird, crawl and
then try to stand up and get out the back of the chopper. Just move straight
ahead and I’ll let you handle the rest. You can stand though, after a point.

Mission 10: Safehouse

Guns: M1014, a shotgun
M4A1 Sopmod, same gun from before

Just follow your team team up the road and up the hillside. Toward the top,
start looking left to the church for enemies. When you get close to the
buildings the full battle will start, so keep skirmishing until you gain
air support. Just activate it (Right on the D-pad for 360), and then fire it
at the building like any other gun. Target the building on the right. After
the fireworks, make your way inside this building.

*NOTE: In the entrance to the church, you can climb up to a tower and send
out the mosin commands to a few of the buildings. And know that you don’t
have to clear out every building yourself, just so long as all the bad guys
are dead.*

Should be very few enemies left, so clear it out. Go upstairs and find some
intel in one room. Then go back downstairs. Go out to the northwest and set
an airstrike on the next enemy building. Clear it out and then come back to
the church, just to avoid the guys that might control the center area.

Get to the door on the other side and the air support should be ready to go, so
use it on the building up the hill with more enemies. Go inside, clear it out,
same as the other two, and now you should have the first three buildings

The next building up the way has a cellar entrance on the right, so use that
after you send another airstrike to it. Clear it out and then go out the back
and up the hill. The fifth building behind the water tower has many approaches.
You can come up the hill through the water tower path, or swing up the curve in
the road. Enter from either side adn clear it out.

Just one more on the farm. Set the airstrike on the smaller building on the
right after you get close and engage with the enemies. Should be just one guy
in the other building before the big one at the back. Clear out both the
others and then stack up on the door. Just wait and watch after you enter.

Mission 11: All Ghillied Up

Guns: USP .45, pistol
M21 Suppressed

*NOTE: At ANY point when you get spotted, don’t fight back, just let the bad
guys kill you. You want to get through this without detection, and restarting
the level is more work then just going back to a checkpoint by dying.*

Follow the dude to a little shed. Just aim at the two guys and wait until they
are separated, then shoot one in the head, he’ll shoot the other. Now follow
him to the house, and don’t shoot the enemies inside. Around the corner is a
tough spot to get past. It’s not easy to shoot this guy, so wait until he
goes back in the house. Then follow Mac to the right side.

After he tells you about a lookout in the church, don’t move up, just stay
back a bit so you can actually see the tower. Look to the right and up into
the tower to see the guard pacing. It’s tough, but don’t forget to hold your
breath as you aim for better accuracy. The best thing to do is target a spot
you know his head will pass through, then go steady right before he gets there.
Then quickly nail the guy patrolling the ground to the north.

You two will then cross over to a door on the church. Enter and climb the
ladder to the tower to grab an intel. Follow Mac, like really stick close to
him, and then go prone when he does in the field. While he is crawling, you
need to stay right on his butt, like really. When he stops to let the dudes
go by, you need to be directly behind him, and if you must move, do so very
gently. Just mimic his movements after they pass by and you’ll be fine. If
you somehow get separated, slow movements and wait for them to pass. If you
do get spotted, die and try again.

When you are up and to the helicopters, stay crouched and follow Mac. When he
gives you next choice of sneak or kill, choose kill. Snipe the guy farthest
away, not the one moving, and then MacMillan will take out the other one. Now
it comes time to get the other two at the same time. Let him go to his spot
and then look to the two. You have two points when the guy on the left will
be in one spot for a time: while he is picking up a body, or after he has
tossed a body. I choose after the toss, sine you can mark the spot at the back
of the truck; his head will always be there. If you get caught and want that
completely undetected achievement, run up the them so you die and get to try

After you pull it off, follow Mac to the containters and stick to the shadows
like he says. In fact, just continue to mimic his movements. He will make the
kill on the first guy, so just follow after. When he says stay back and he
goes across the open gap, you stay to the shadows, but keep your eye on him as
he kills the next guy. Then follow, stay low, and you guys will ignore two
more guards and enter a container.

The next part is tricky. He says stay behind him, so do it. Stand up as you
wait for the doors to open, and when he takes off you should just sprint right
behind him. Then crouch and stick close at the cars. Follow him as he crawls
a long way under the trucks. When you get to the end, get next to him and
wait for the guys to move away. Crawl out as he does and get up, and then just
haul tail right behind him to the containers.

Follow him to a wall, but stop in the shadow of a tree. Look up the stairs on
the building and hit the sniper. Then follow Mac up the stairs, inside, and
then onto the streets. Keep up and stop when he says. It’s just a wild dog, so
keep your distance as you continue to mimic the Mac. You’ll pass through a
building and then hit the end, or a fast forward in time.

Mission 12: One Shot, One Kill

Jump on the sniper rifle and press up to get in close on the action. Wait
until the moment that flag goes limp, and Mac will tell you to take the shot
too. Do so and you get only one chance, so make it count. Then press back to
zoom out and then hit the helicopter pilot.

*NOTE: You can shoot at any time. You can start firing once Zakhaev is in view
and then just start firing randomly, taking the wind into account. You get
about five good shots if you miss the first time.*

Now you will get off the gun and start running. Run a bit and get on the rope
to get down. Run forward and then you hit lots of enemies. Just toss some
grenades to the right and then try to run to the right side and past everyone.
Wait for him if he’s behind and then follow him into the building (don’t worry
about the bad guys, for some reason they don’t follow).

Follow him forward and kill a dog when one scares you. When he stops as guys
appear, get out a claymore and go right to plant it somewhere along the door,
and of course back off. Then get out your other rifle and start fighting with
the few enemies, or snipe them. When a chopper appears, just aim for the front
of it. He will help and the thing will crash land, on top of MacMillan of
course. Go around and pick him up.

Now head southwest and then set Mac by the building on the right, in the path
in front of the car; you want him to see both east and west, front and back.
Three enemies will come from your front, and then two from the back. After you
hear the all clear, pick him up and proceed.

Go left instead of right toward the fire. Set him down on a ledge that will
let him see over the obstructions in the field. Some guys will appear and they
will toss grenades, so just back away. When he says clear, pick him up and
move forward. Then haul butt directly south and into a building before the
heli tears you up.

Get to the end and get inside the room. Enter the red, burning room and go
through. Head south when you’re back to normal rooms and follow the path. When
you see a dog, set Mac down in front of a doorway, or so that see can see
through a doorway, and then check these four rooms for two bad guys. Pick him
up and keep going south.

On the streets, keep going south and enter the building he points out. Take the
path on the right, through a shower area and then you’ll emerge near an empty
pool with dogs inside. Go around to the break in the wall and jump down.
Immediately set him down and shoot the two soldiers nearby. Now get to the
ferris wheel.

What comes next is a good old fashion standoff. Set him down in the yellow
circle to the side of the ferris wheel. He gives you his claymores and your
job is to set these up in good places. One idea is to set them up behind the
cars so that enemies seeking cover will die. Another choice would be to set
all of them along a line so that you know some will at least be used. Either
way, set them up near the grass, and don’t set too many close to the wheel.
Then you need to pick a sniping point. I would think either near his spot, or
perhaps on the ferris wheel. But I seriously recommend a place near him.

*NOTE: A cheap trick is to find a booth to the northeast of MacMillan’s spot.
What you can do here is fight off the enemies as usual, using the booth itself
as cover. You can go prone in the corner adjacent to the doorway and under the
table. This spot will keep you from any grenade damage, and you can guard the
doorway, but no one should bother you. The only trouble is running to Mac
when it’s time.*

The first wave is easy enough, all of the bad guys come from the pool area.
Try to get two in a row, and try to get them before they hit your bombs. If
you start seeing too many go for the sides, always be ready to whip out the
other rifle and start blasting away. If you take a lot of damage, run behind
the ridge and go prone, or get to cover if you’re somewhere else.

*NOTE: To the southeast is a doorway that is usually shut. An intel is behind
this door, so fight your way to the northeast corner by the pool and fence to
choke off that enemy spawn point. Then you can go back to find the door is
now open to let more guys through. The intel is on the ground.

This is an advanced tip here, but staying at either the northeast or in this
doorway will be excellent places to wait out the assault. Much easier than the
booth or any other location. Trust me.*

But that was too easy. Now helis will come in with lots of guys, and more will
keep coming from the pool area. There’s little solid strategy to this part, you
just have to survive. Honestly, don’t worry about getting too many kills, he
will do a lot of shooting. All you should do is start chucking all your grenade
types as your mines get used up. Then become more mobile and protect your
flanks with your rifle, because they will get to your sides. Toss back grenades
if you can, but just back off if you must. Mix between sniping and shooting
as well, mainly because so many will get close. Just survive, that’s the best

After what seems like forever, the bird lands in the parking lot. Run to Mac,
pick him up, and hoof it to the back of the chopper. Run inside and you’re

Mission 13: Heat

Guns: FGM-148 Javelin, again
P90, one of the better guns in the game

Sprint with them to the bottom of the town. Go prone when they do and crawl
to the fence. Don’t shoot at these first guys, it’s a waste. Wait for them to
get blown up and then focus fire on the ones further down. When you need to
reload or if you get injured, just crawl back a little bit. Don’t forget to
toss them grenades. Soon some smoke will fill the area, so wait for the signal
to get up and fall back to the southwest.

You need to run to the downed chopper in the center area, crouch to get
inside, and then get on the minigun. Hold down the aim button to get the
bullets turning and then fire as normal, but don’t over heat. Tangos from the
left and right of the church, and don’t let them get under you. Shouldn’t be
too tough. Soon a bunch of choppers arrive, so blast each out of the sky.

Then you hear that it is time to fall back, so get off and run to the water
tower. You are told to run north and use some detonators in the tavern. Enter
through the back door and stay on this second level. Go to each window and
pick up the devices, then just press the fire button when enemies are in those
danger zones.

Fall back all the way to the farm when told and grab the Javelin. Use the
sight to spot the four tanks and take each out. The two on the left are easy
since you can use the cover of the barn. For the ones on the right, find
cover in the open so that no guys will be shooting at you, but also so that
you can get the rocket off; there are some barrels in front of the barn.

Once all the tanks are gone, then it becomes a matter of survival. Use the
airstrike you are granted at the front of the field, but that does you little
good. Enemies will be pouring from all sides, even through the little barn.
There is a P90 in the big barn if you need to swap the Javelin out.

Soon the survival objective is scratched (too much like COD2’s ending) and now
you must head through the thick and down the hill. Start by getting that P90
in the barn and then clear out the enemies approaching. Head down the field
using the empty stream on the left. You may need to snipe the snipers along the
wall at the end, preferably before you get too close. And then follow your
guys back onto the streets.

The key is to actually clear the area of bad guys, but just one sweep because
they do fill back up. Just don’t leave guys shooting at you, there are too
many and you have to move slowly. Start by going to the left and as you do you
need to clear out the guys by the logs, down the road, and way down the road
on the right (you’re heading south, back the way you came). This really is the
only hard part to this level, just getting back toward the church. Just do one
sweep over the path in front of you and be sure to address any targets hitting
you from places unknown. Stay behind cover and make your move to sprint when
there are very few left.

Charge down the hill, head directly toward the marker, when on the hillside,
just hop over the white fences, and then dash inside the bird.

Mission 14: The Sins of the Father

Guns: A700, sniper rifle
M1911 .45, pistol
W1200, a shotgun found in the tall building

Follow everyone until they stop and you, still Soap, needs to get on the
dumpster. Look southeast and be ready to snipe the two guards in the tower.
Come back around the corner and help by sniping the dudes on the broken corner
of the building across the way. Snipe others and make your way to the
diner. Go left and grab the intel on the table once the place is clear.

Fast forward and you’re in a tower. Grab the two guns on the ground and have
the rifle ready. When the enemy vehicle approach, the dude will be in the
jeep, so avoid hitting it. Once the order is given to smoke ’em, do so. Enemies
will pour out to all sides, so get the ones below you. Eventually you will
be knocked the shoot out.

After the scene, follow after the son back through the junkyard. A dog when
you reach the building, so shoot it quick. Outside you will run to the north,
and of course it’s crawling with baddies. I chose left, but the right side
works too. Weave through the buildings as you clear the streets, but do not
for any reason hit the dude in the blue jumpsuit.

Your friends will show up as soon as you make some progress down the road, so
be quick. They say to take an alley on the left, so do that. When you near the
metal fence, toss a frag through the opening and do so again if you need to
clear the lot. Watch out for two enemies to pop up on the roof in front of you
soon after.

Make your way west to another alley and follow it, but there will be guys
around both corners, so just take your time and don’t rush things. When you
go up some steps to reach a parking lot by a tall building, just sit back
on the steps and let the birds take out the gunners up high. Then make your
way to the complex.

Go up the stairs to the second level and fight the soldiers in the first room.
There may be a shotgun lying around, so grab that if you like. There will be
no more enemies on this level, so just follow the holes in the wall to the
stairs on the other side.

On the third level will be more enemies, but sit back as the friendly chopper
clear the way, then maneuver your way up the debris. Just go up the stairs
and to the roof. Not much you can do on the roof but watch what unfolds.

Mission 15: Ultimatum

Guns: MM4A1
USP .45, with a silencer

Just follow, your guys can actually handle the first to fights themselves. Go
inside the house when you get there with your silent gun. Price will clear the
second level. The third level is yours and there is a good group up here. You
don’t have to use the silent gun, because it might be a better idea to toss a
frag into the room with the enemy, then switch to your rifle for the rest. But
if you can creep and get stealth kills, that will work.

Go back downstairs and ready to go outside. Now is time for the silencer.
Peek out the door to the right and shoot the first guy you see. This should
draw over the other, to investigate, so get him too.

Follow the team to the next house and enter. First level is clear, so go up
one. The team will handle the breach, so just hang back. Go cut Griggs loose
and then back outside.

Move along with the guys, duck when the choppers fly over, and then get to
the tower. Plant both bombs and then let everyone back away before you fire.
Then follow the action and then go through the fence when told.

After you and the others split and jump through a wall, grab the shotgun by
swapping out your pistol, or get one of the other guns, whatever suits your
playing style. When you reach the open it will be another gun fight, so carry
on. Once the initial baddies are gone, RPG’s appear on the roof to the south.
Once those are taken care of, helicopters with more guys drop in, but these
guys will be packing serious hardware and they’re smart, so help your guys when
you can and stay alive.

Make your way south after things die down, and clear some guys atop some steps.
Get up those steps and go inside with your team. On the other side will be a
few more, but then ropes will drop meaning so will some more enemies. This
would be a good time to get under the ropes with a shotgun and anticipate
their landing, or use grenades. Then proceed south.

The next area is a toughy because of all the red barrels and the cars;
basically you have very little cover when the enemies pop out. The best thing
to do is sprint behind the tank and be sure to move away before the car nearby
gets pelted too much. From the tank, shoot at the guys that appear on both
rooftops. Then do your best to clear the troops on the ground; a good way to
do this is by circling around the back of the tanks. Watch out for the many
flashbangs used by them, more enemies on the roofs, and a dog at some point.
Just take your time and be smart.

Once both buildings are clear, get in the one on the south and look west.
Trucks will pull up with more guys, so maybe toss grenades as they step out.
Flashbangs will work here, so toss one or two into the crate area. Use the
shotgun on those tangos in hiding. You’re done with this level afterward.

Make your way down the road the trucks came from. Look east when you hook
up with the snipers to see the fireworks. Keep moving

Mission 16: All In

Guns: Sopmod
M1014, another shotgun

Follow the road to the fence. Go left and take some of the guys among the
containers. Toss smoke down the open path and then make your way inside it,
like toss about three smokes down the path. It’s dangerous going through the
smoke, but just be reayd to slash if needed. The vehicle stops in the road, so
just toss some right on it and make your move when no one can see you. Plant
the bomb, stand back, and fire.

Don’t waste your time going left, just head right. There will be some RPD’s
on the ground along the way, to swap with that shotgun. Get to the right side
and there will be heavy fire pinning everyone down. You need to stick to the
right side of this path, so sprint over to the first safe spot by one of your
guys, then run around the corner to take a building with enemies. Go around
the corner on the right to find some guns and an intel.

Now get back on the path and make your way to the gate. Run through and go left
to take cover behind some metal things. Toss smoke to the BMP’s when they roll
up, and then blow them up like the last one. Then move to the next set of
metal shields and keep going until you’re in range of the next BMP. Toss some
smoke, plant the C4 before it rolls away, and then boom.

Head north with the team and take the middle vent to get down and done.

Mission 17: No Fighting in the War Room

Guns: Whatever you had last mission

Follow Griggs down the vent quite a ways. After you drop head north and then
proceed down the hall on the right. Fight your way straight north and into
the kitchen area, and be efficient, but don’t be too slow. Take the red hall
after the room is clear; that’s the path on the right.

*NOTE: The path on the left takes a bit longer, but it goes around the kitchen
and takes you right to the stairs. There’s also an intel down that way.*

Mop of this area and then go east to take the stairs downward. When you reach
the dark corridor, move up and then go left to take a lighted path with a blue
strip on the wall; or go left. Play things safe and make steady progress toward
the south. Also know that your friends make the same progress you do, so you
have to get moving or else no one will.

*NOTE: Both of these “fighting tunnels” are made simpler with some speed. The
quicker you run through, the quicker you’re done with them. If you have to
go slow then that’s okay, but if you can run past some enemies to get to the
other side, do that.*

Down this dark hall and then into another. Same plan here, just that this
corridor looks different. When you get toward the end of this narrow tunnel,
run through the door because this place is about to cook.

Wait for the slow door to open and start shooting the guys on the other side
before it’s all the way. Toss in a flash after you clear a bit out and then
run in and to the room on the right. From here, clear the place out and then
enter the hall leading west.

At the wall, plant and blow the C4 when told, then inside with ya. Go inside
and clear the place out as you’ve done so many times before. Then get to the
middle of the computers and find the blinking keyboard. Hold down the button
to upload the codes yourself.

Now follow Price and Griggs back and bit and then down a new corridor. Clear
it and the adjacent to get to the lift. Toss lots of grenades. At the depot,
just toss whatever you got left and the place will be cleared quickly.

Mission 18: Game Over

This level really displays how crappy the M4A1 is. This rail shooting would
be fun, but you have to reload every ten seconds. Just keep looking behind you
and shoot at the guys in the backs of the trucks. When you hit the tunnel you
need to worry about the RPG dudes, but good luck hitting them. When the copter
shows up, grab the RPG and try to get a good shot, but it’s no use.

After the crash, go forward and make your way up to the top by jumping. When
you get up, toss a frag at the truck when it drops off some soldiers. Move to
the busted car on the left and from here anticipate more trucks and drop them
a frag too. Pick up any RPG’s from the ground to help the cause. This is
basically a survival scenario, so just last it out until the tanker blows.

Seems like a cutscene, but after Price tosses you a gun you have to just shoot
all three bad guys without aiming, you don’t have time for headshots. Yes,
that was the main bad guy, K-what’s-his-name.

Then that’s it, game over. Watch the credits and that’s all. Actually, it’s
not. There’s more after the credits!

Just proceed down the plane and shoot the enemies, whoever they are. Get past
the first area and in the second will be a ton more. A hole in the wall makes
things difficult, but keep fighting your way forward.

Up the stairs and clear out the top, then look down the hall in anticipation
of a bunch of guys to come filing down. Clear the way and dash forward to
a door. When it opens, shoot the bad guy in the legs, but you can’t hit the
hostage, then finish him off. Go out the hole when it opens.

Well, the game started good and then ended good, very nice.

* 5. Intel/Achievements ACH5555 *

Here is all I can give on the enemy intel locations and the other nifty ways
to get some other achievements (curse Microsoft and your dubious ways of

Enemy Intel

Crew Expendable

1. In the room with the two sleeping bad guys toward the start.

2. After you go into the first cargo hold, it’s on the floor by a slightly
open floor panel immediately after going down the stairs.


3. In the first shack.

4. In a bathroom by the toilet on the second level in the final building.

Charlie Don’t Surf

5. In the room in the left corner of the basement.

6. The best way I can get you there, get on the first rooftop that you take
from the enemies on the street. After the area is secure or even after you’ve
gotten to the TV station, get up here and get on the wooden boards that
connect the two rooftops to make one. Looke south and you should see
a building down a road. Take this road and the door should open, with one guy
coming out and one more on the second level. The intel is up there, so is a
hidden TV.

7. On a table in the second rooftop, you can take stairs to get on both. It’s
the roofs where enemy RPG’s occupied on the streets.

The Bog

8. In a room that your team enters after the turret part of the first building.

9. In the alley after the Stinger event, and before the friendly tank. It’s
in a corner after you see a flare go up.


10. In the house right after you exit the house with the cellar.

11. Across from the big barn where you find the Stinger, kinda in the open.

War Pig

12. On the second level of a building on the right, shortly after the tank
starts moving through the streets. It’s through a door that someone tosses a
grenade from.

13. In the building across the street from the last intel, on the left side of
the street. You will have to fight for this one.

14. In the last building of level, get it before you jump down to the streets.

Shock And Awe

15. On the second level in a closet in the building the building after you save
the soldiers.

16. In the building where you find the guys pinned down, right next to them
in the corner.


17. Again, upstairs in the first building you clear in the town.

18. In the house by the water tower, in a booth.

All Ghillied Up

19. In the tower of the church.

20. After sneaking through the grass, and once you hit the containers, you will
notice that you and MacMillan will normally skip the enemies amid the many
containers. There is an intel on some barrels by the two that are talking. Your
best bet is to just run and grab it, then let them kill you, and then continue
on with the mission. It’s possible to kill them all, but no need, just die.

21. After you snipe the final enemy on a staircase on the side of a building,
go up those stairs and hop inside a room for the intel.

One Shot, One Kill

22. On another staircase on the side of a building. This building will be after
Mac is on your back. You’ll be right at the staircase once you come out of a
whole in the wall of the first building you two run through. You can carry him
up the ladder and then the stairs.

23. This one is tricky. You can only get this one during the final fight at the
ferris wheel. Before the battle, go southeast of the wheel to find a door of
a building down a little pathway (it’s on the right). This door is closed at
the moment, but it will open once the fight starts. It’s best to go for this
one after the enemy choppers have dropped off some guys. Then run from your
cover (one of the many booths by the ferris wheel for instance), and then
charge to this path. The door might be closed, but that’s okay. If it’s closed,
fight your way to the northeast to the corner of the pool and where most of
the bad guys are coming from. Fight your way to the fence or whatever, just get
out of view of the door, and then come back and the door should be open; the
idea is that enemies have to come from somewhere, so if you choke off one point
or the other, one point has to be open.

Also, you can stay in this doorway for the rest of the fight, it’s a good
tactic. It’s kinda tough to get back to Mac once the friendly choppers arrive,
but you should be able to make it.

The Sins of the Father

24. In the diner of the first fight on a table to the left, but you have to
grab it before the transition from night to day.

25. While chasing Zakhaev’s son down the alley, when you hit a parking lot you
should clear it out. You should notice the enemies in a building to the right.
Kill them and take the stairs up there to grab the intel.


26. In the north building when you start fighting waves of soldiers. It’s the
first battle after you cut the power.

All In

27. After you hit the first BMP, go to toward the gate on the right and find
an alley behind a building.

28. Immediately after you blow both BMP’s, go south and into the hangar to
find the laptop along the right wall.

No Fighting in the War Room

29. Shortly after you drop down into the showers, instead of going down the
right side directly to the kitchen, go left down the barracks side. It’s beyond
the small rooms and when you start heading north that you will find a dark
room to the left. The intel is right on the table. This path also leads you
past the kitchen and directly to the stairs leading down.

30. In the control room after you breach the wall, just clear the room, enter
the code, and then go into the meeting room ont the other side to grab the last


These are not the level-specific ones, though I will list them here for easy-
access. The purpose of this is to help get those easy or tricky ones.

Tricky ones

New Squadron Record – beat the training exercise in 20 seconds.

The trick is to go left from the start instead of right, and get two
of the first targets in one shot. It’s all at the start of the guide,
so go there for more.

Four of a Kind – get 4 headshots in quick succession.

Not just four in sequence, or maybe, I forget how I got this one. For
the knife one it has to be done quickly, so perhaps this one too, or
maybe you can have time in between. Best place is at some point in the
Blackout mission.

Three of a Kind – get 3 knife kills in quick succession.

This one has to be done quickly. The best place is the cargo ship
mission, Crew Expendable. Beat your team to the lower decks at the
start and kill the drunk and the two sleeping guys quickly. Or do
Blackout on easy and knife three guys after you jump over the cliff
and head through the houses on the right (it will be toward the end of
these houses).

Roadkill – kill two enemies by car explosion.

Should get this during Charlie Don’t Surf. Or anytime after.

Down Boy Down – survive a dog attack.

Just let the first dog get you during Hunted and then melee it to
kill Lucky.

No Rest for the Weary – stab a wounded enemy.

Just corner someone, shoot him so he falls, let him crawl a bit, and
then cut him. Or just run across an enemy during the game (playing on
easy helps this one, but you should run into it at some point either

Daredevil – kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang.

Got to set this up, or you could do it by accident, either way. You can
find an enemy, toss a flashbang, and then go knife/shoot blindly. But
toward the end of the game the enemies will be using flashies quite a
bit, so you might run into this one on mistake. Play on easy if you

Look Sharp – get 15 enemy intels.

Got all 30 in the part above.

Eyes and Ears – get all 30 intels.

Straight Flush – kill 5 enemies at once while playing Death From Above.

Easy enough, just wait for the junkyard. Let some enemies spill out
from the big building on the right and then blast them with the big
gun. Could maybe get this earlier too if you try hard enough.

Bird on the Ground – kill a helicopter with an RPG.

Easy during War Pig. Wait until the choppers show up and then run to
the back of the bus. Three RPG’s lean against the back end, so grab
one and quickly shoot down one copter before it flies away.

Your Show Sucks – smash the TV’s with Al-Asad’s speech in Charlie Don’t Surf.

Not easy to do. There are two in the first building you enter. There
are two in the village, both on the right and both on second levels of
buildings. A couple on your way to the main nerve center of the TV
station, and then about a million in the big room. One on your way to
the rooftops, and then a handful in the final room, and be quick on
these last ones. That should do it.

Also, in the big room of the station, just toss grenades at the stacks
of TV’s on the walls. Just hit all the TV’s, that worked for me. And
make about five comb-overs in this room, just to be safe.

Level-Specific ones

Earn a Winged Dagger – complete F.N.G.

Make the Jump – complete Crew Expendable

Dancing in the Dark – complete Blackout

Save Pvt. Roycewicz – someone who made the game has this name, you will save
him during The Bog and once you’re in the first building.

Save the Bacon – complete The Bog

Man of the People – save the farmer in Hunted. You must wait until Price says
to save him or you don’t get it.

Death From Above – complete that level

Wrong Number – complete Safehouse

Ghillies in the Mist – complete All Ghillied Up without being spotted. My
guide achieves this, but if you are spotted, just toss a frag to your
feet and retry.

Piggyback Ride – complete One Shot, One kill

Desperate Measures – complete The Sins of the Father

Win the War – beat the game

Difficulty-based ones

The Package – beat Crew Expendable on veteran

The Rescue – beat Blackout on vet

The Search – beat Charlie Don’t Surf on vet

The Bog – beat The Bog and War Pig on vet

The Escape – beat Hunted and Death From Above on vet

The First Horseman – beat Shock and Awe on vet

The Second Horseman – beat Safehouse on vet

The Shot – beat All Ghillied Up and One Shot, One Kill on vet

The Third Horseman – beat Heat and The Sins of the Father on vet

The Ultimatum – beat the next three levels on vet

The Fourth Horseman – beat Game Over on vet

Mile High Club – beat the epilogue on veteran

Deep and Hard – beat game on hard or veteran

* 6. Copyright/Misc. *



Tony (RaiderNationUK) – for epilogue tip




Q: How do I beat Mile High Club on vet?

A: It’s beyond me. I can make it to the stairs pretty good, but that’s it.
Everything about this achievement sucks, so no point in going crazy over it is
my thinking. Everything has to work to an exact science or this won’t work, and
you really need to be lucky. If it involves luck and hardcore skills, count me

I’m sure there’s a video on YouTube by now. And at the end of the day, don’t
you have better things to do?

What follows is a tip sent in by a reader. DO NOT SEND ME emails complaining
if this does not work. It’s not my words, so I would not be one to offer
any advice.


Tony (RaiderNationUK)

How to get the Mile High achievement on Epilogue at Veteran difficulty.

The level starts with the mandatory cut scene as your team breach the plane
with a torch (Check out the Airplane movie reference from Cpt Price.)

You begin at the back of the plane facing down the plane with a corridor to
the right and a room to the left hand side, against all your instincts here,
DO NOT MOVE, instead, aim your iron sights directly through the room on the
left and take out the two tangos the walk past the doorway, headshots are
crucial here as you need to drop them quickly. Don’t worry about the guy
coming out of the loo on the left, he will either be taken out by your team-
mates, or, run straight out into your line of fire.

(Roughly 54 Seconds left)
Swap to your pistol and move forward through the room on the left. When
roughly halfway through the room throw a flashbang down the right hand isle
of the seats outside, look away but keep moving forward. Sprint to behind the
set of chairs infront of you and crouch, here you will find a shotgun dropped
by one of the tangos you had killed at the beginning, pick it up and move
behind the left bank of seats firing what ammo you have left in the shotty
at any tangos who are infront of you. Crouch behind the left hand set of
seats, reload the shotgun and switch to and reload your MP5. Allow your team
to drop the existing tangos in the room and help out, but, keep behind cover
(remember, your weapon fires through thin materials i.e the seats and
partitions). Keeping crouched move up the left hand isle to the partition
infront of the seats and take out the tango crouching on the right hand side
the other side of the partition, be aware that there may be another tango
opposite this one on the left hand side of the plane, take him out if
required and take the left hand path to the next room.

Once beyond the partition, there are some seats directly infront of you,
crouch behind these and throw a flashbang down the plane. Make sure the
flashbang clears the wooden partition (Halfway down the room on the left of
the plane) if it does not you will not stun any of the tangos and you will
be dropped very quickly. As soon as the flashbang goes off sprint to behind
the wooden partition and drop to prone (laying down) directly behind it
facing the right side of the plane. If there is a tango infront of you, drop
him and reload your MP5, if not, use this time to reload MP5 anyway. You will
hear the side of the plane be blown and the whole plane tilts as it begins to
loose altitude. Give it a second or so afterward and you will find that most
of the tangos have been sucked out of the plane.

(Roughly 30 seconds left)
Get up and sprint down the right hand isle and up the stairs, beware, your
team mates may not have completely cleared this yet so you may need to drop
one of two tangos on your way to and up the stairs. Stand on the flight of
stairs to your left and throw a flash up and beyond the wooden partition
(Again, make sure if goes through the door) then immediately take the
opposite flight of stairs, you have 3 tangos in the room, one directly
infront of you which can be taken out on your way up the stairs, your team-
mates should take out the two on the right, but, be on your toes in case they
don’t. By now, the flash has worn off and you have a load of pissed off
tangos coming through the doors take who ever you see out. There will be two
tangos crouched behind the partition, firing through the partition will take
these out.

Proceed down the left hand side and through the partition, you will see any
tangos remaining in the room will flee down the corridor, pick any of them
off that you can but don’t get caught up doing it and carry on moving forward
toward the table with the flashbangs on!

(Roughly 12 seconds left)
Swap to your fully loaded shotgun and throw a flashbang down the corridor
(bounce it off the right wall of the plane to keep your body hidden and to
avoid getting caught up in the flash). As soon as it goes off sprint down the
corridor past the tangos and now you come to the hardest part, but, you are
so close to the finish line here.

At the end of the corridor turn left and there are 2 tangos infront of you,
be very aware because they are there as soon as you reach the end of the
corridor and if you are not quick on the trigger they will drop you with
their shotguns. Drop these two and then head right, again, immediately
infront of you is the last tango (also has a shotty), drop him and sprint to
the double white doors where your hostage comes out.

The game slows right down and you pull out your pistol (which you dropped
about 50 seconds ago…?) You have 3 seconds to shoot the tango holding the
hostage. Note: This HAS to be a headshot! You will get ample opportunity to
get the shot off and the clock slows right down (I got 4 shots off on one of
my attempts!) and the hostage is struggling. The tango puts his head down
past the right shoulder of the hostage and that’s your opportunity, take it.

Make your way through into the room where the hostage is and wait for the
doors to be blown. When they are simply run out of them and skydive to a
measly 20 Gamerpoints, but, one of the most satisfying achievements in the
game! Go have a cup of tea and let the adrenaline settle down!

Points of note:

The guide above is exactly how I did the level and is very tactically
demanding, you have to be accurate with your flashbangs and shooting. Use
cover where needed and let your team-mates do some work for you if you in
cover, if you are not behind cover, keep moving forward.

The most important things to remember is that you can shoot through thin
walls and that it is quicker to change to your secondary weapon than reload
you existing one. If you need to swap to your shotgun at any point before I
do in the guide, do so as reloading whilst not in cover is a death sentence!
If done correctly you have about 5 seconds left over anyway at the end of the
level so you can use this time elsewhere to get to cover and reload if

It is possible to spring past the tangos at the end instead of engaging them
but you have to be very accurate with you running to do so. Afterall, the
best way to stay alive is avoid gun fire altogether. I don’t recommend it,
but, I have done it this way too.

Tony (RaiderNationUK)


Q: How do you get all the TV’s?

A: Actually got them all, and I knew where they all were the whole time, I just
forgot one.

Q: I’m pinned down and can never get up on One Shot, One Kill.

A: Use the door that has the intel, or just stand by one of the choke points.
That helped a lot. Or go prone in a booth.

Q: I can’t get through the field in All Ghillied Up.

A: Not sure why, I was able to stay right behind MacMillan everytime. You must
be doing something horribly wrong.
Q: I get to (blank) and then nothing happens. Can you help?

A: No. It’s a glitch, or you’re not getting close enough.



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Please have ’COD4’ in the title.

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