Neverwinter Nights 2 walkthrough

Neverwinter Nights 2 Walk-through.

Current version is 1.1 - July 13, 2007

Written by: Peter Cook -

To e-mail me with any corrections or additions enter nwn2 in the subject line.

0 - Table of Contents

0 - Table of Contents 1
0.1 - Version History 2
0.2 - Introduction 3
0.3 - Legal Info 3
0.4 - Other Guides 3
0.5 - Creating a Character 3
0.6 - Crafting 4
0.6.1 - Required Skills 4
0.6.2 - Gems and Essence Locations 4
0.6.3 - Making Armor and Weapons 4
0.6.4 - Enchanting Items 4
0.7 - Hints and Tips 5
0.8 – Tutorial 6
0.9 - Cheats 6
1.1 – Attack on West Harbor 7
1.2 - The Swamp 8
1.3 - Weeping Willow Inn 9
1.4 - Swamp Cave 9
1.5 - Fort Locke 9
1.6 - The Graveyard 10
1.7 - Bandit Camp 10
1.8 - Elanee 11
1.9 - Highcliff 11
1.10 - Shandra’s Farm and the Highcliff Castle Ruins 11
1.11 - Neverwinter 12
1.11.1 - Neeshka Subplot 12
1.11.2 - Tomb of the Betrayers 13
1.11.3 - Khelgar’s Subplot 14
1.11.4 - Elanee’s Subplot 14
1.12 - Dwarven Scouts 14
1.13 - Work for the City Watch 15
1.13.1 - Qara Subplot 15
1.13.2 – Hagen’s Shop 15
1.13.3 – Caleb 15
1.13.4 – City Watch Betrayers 15
1.13.5 – The Back Alley 16
1.13.6 – The Warehouse 16
1.13.7 - Old Owl Well 17
1.13.8 - Bonegnasher Clan 17
1.13.9 - The Eyegouger Clan 18
1.13.11 - The Sea Ghost 19
1.13.12 - The Githyanki Lair 19
1.14 - Blacklake 19
1.15 - Githyanki Base 20
2.1 - Introduction 21
2.2 - Exploring Blacklake. 21
2.3 - Investigating the Slaughter of Ember 23
2.4 - Port Llast 23
2.5 - Duskwood 23
2.6 - Ember 24
2.7 - The Trial 24
2.8 - Aldanon 25
2.9 - The Tavorick Estate 25
2.10 - Crossroad Keep 25
2.11 - The Ruins of Arvahn 26
2.12 Ammon Jerro’s Haven 27
3.1 Attack on Castle Never 28
3.2 Circle of the Mere 29
3.3 The Wendersnaven 29
3.3 Neverwinter Merchant District 29
3.4 Sydney Natale 29
3.5 Ironfist Dwarves 30
3.6 The Lizardfolk 30
3.7 Shadow Reaver Slaying for Fun and Profit 31
3.8 Nolaloth’s Valley 31
3.9 Return to West Harbor 31
3.10 Bikini Beach Shadow Reaver 32
3.11 Shandra’s Farm Redux 32
3.12 The Bridges of Never County 32
3.13 The Battle Part One 32
3.14 The Battle Part Two 32
3.15 The Pursuit of Black Garius 33
3.25 The King of Shadows 33

0.1 - Version History

0.10 March 5, 2007 - First draft
0.20 May 14, 2007 – First update.
1.10 July 7, 2007 – Updated The Ruins of Arvahn, added Crafting, new info on
The Keep, tips for Dragon killing. Added how to reactivate
the Blade Golem/Construct.

0.2 - Introduction

This is my first official FAQ. I’ve been playing RPGs since AD&D version 1.0.
My favorites remain the Baldur’s Gate series, Icewind Dale 1 & 2, and my
absolute favorite: NWN1 Hordes of the Underdark. Only relevant information will
presented here, I will not bore you with trivial details or how to create a
character. Read the manual!

If anyone knows how to rebuild the bridge when you return to West Harbor later
in the game, please let me know.

0.3 - Legal Info

This document is copyright 2007 by Peter Cook. Unauthorized use of it will
result in fifty lashes with a wet noodle.

0.4 - Other Guides

Check out the other in-depth guides on Three of them are very
handy indeed. The Crafting Guide by Offkorn, the Stronghold Guide by Paradox
Jast, and the Item List and cheat codes. Nothing like starting the game with
a +5 sword!

I have started covering crafting in this FAQ as of version 1.1.

0.5 - Creating a Character

Keep in mind that you cannot advance past level 20 in the game until you get
to the expansion pack(s). The first one has been announced for the Fall of
this year (2007). If you dual class you won’t go over level 10 in each.
If you want to get one of the prestige classes you need to pick your skills
carefully as you advance levels.

I loathe version three rules on ability score generation, but you can’t do
anything about it, so live with it. Actually, there is. You can cheat.
There are benefits to version three rules such as the rules governing use of
armor and weapons have changed; magic users can now use a crossbow for
instance. Certain magic items will stack. A +5 ring of protection will stack
with a +5 amulet of armor, but will not stack with a +5 amulet of protection.
You will also gain ability points at certain levels so you can up that STR or
CHA stat as times goes by.

For skills your main character will want to concentrate on conversation skills
such as bluff, diplomacy, taunt, etc. If you’re a rogue this is easier to attain.
Do not bother giving these skills to your NPCs, it’s a complete waste of points.

0.6 - Crafting

0.6.1 - Required Skills

You will want good crafting skills if you want to make your own items. I would
suggest pumping up an NPC with crafting skills instead of taking them yourself.
The only issue with this strategy is that you will lose your current NPCs in the
expansion so I would suggest having your main character taking these skills
unless you’re a magic user of some kind, etc. The two skills required are Craft
Weapon and Craft Armor. To enchant items you need a couple of feats, Craft Magic
Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Items. There is also Craft Wand and one or two

0.6.2 - Gems and Essence Locations

I’ve been asked where the essences are in the game. These are required for
crafting certain things. In the Merchant District Pap’s will have some essences.
Also Sand’s shop has some as well. And of course you can cheat and give yourself
the items you need to craft. The essence and gem codes all work perfectly. Most
of the essences you find will be in the middle of Chapter 2 and 3 so if you don’t
want to cheat you have a ways to go before you can put that +3 enchantment on a
suit of armor. If you want to cheat, see the Cheats section.

As always, I welcome any crafting tips.

0.6.3 - Making Armor and Weapons

The first thing you need is high enough skill to craft what you want. I wasn’t able
to craft a suit of full plate armor or a katana out of special material such as
Adamantine until I had a skill level of 15! The next thing you will need is a table
to do your smithing. The first one is available at Fort Locke. You can get molds
from the merchant in Fort Locke and he has a huge variety of them.

The second thing you need is at least two ingots for a weapon, three for something
like full plate armor. I was able to get 3 from Pap’s and the merchant in Fort Locke.
If you look hard enough there are plenty of Mithril, Adamantine, etc. Examine the
mold, it will tell you what you need.

The third thing you need is a smithing hammer, again, available from the merchant in
fort Locke. Put the mold and the ingots on the bench and put the smithing hammer in
a quick slot and click on the bench using the hammer. You should see a message
telling you it worked.

0.6.4 - Enchanting Items

To enchant an item you obviously need a recipe. If you go to the Bioware NWN2 forum
they will have a thread there that has a link to the complete list of all the recipes.
I am told you do not need the books in your inventory to enchant items. The next
thing you need is the proper feat and a magic user. Third of all you need an
Alchemists Workbench. There is one in Fort Locke and one in Sand’s shop in
Neverwinter’s Docks District. There are also benches in the Keep’s basement.

What you do is put all the items on the workbench, cast the right spell and presto!
You add a +1 up to +5 enchantment on an item, add fire damage, protection from some
element, etc.

The first time through the game you may want to skip this but you will want to
experiment with it, it is very cool.

0.7 - Hints and Tips

Most of the dialogue in NWN2 can cause alignment changes depending on how you
converse with other characters. This stuff is blatantly obvious so I’m not going
to mention them in here. Some conversations will cause you to gain influence with
one character, sometimes with the result of losing influence with another. I
won’t detail the loot as much of it is randomly generated. Certain things are not
however, like essences for instance.

As usual with these games - save often and in different slots.

To issue commands to your party you right-click and hold it until you see a tab.
Use the "broadcast command" option. You can change a NPCs behavior by clicking
on their portrait, then hitting the "C" key and go to the Behavior tab. There are
parts of the game where you think your party is right behind you but no, they’re
20 miles away lost in la-la land.

Talk to your companions once in a while. Do their sub quests. There should be more
dialog between the main character and the NPCs in this game. It really pisses me of
how RPGs have devolved since Baldur’s Gate II.

Redo your NPCs spell lists. Use the B and F keys to bring up the screens and pick
wisely. As the level up don’t forget to check them. Make sure you keep an eye on
the spell lists of everyone (except Qara, she’s a sorceress and doesn’t need to
memorize spells).

It’s good to save gold. You will need a lot of gold to rebuild your keep. While
some merchants have nice items to buy, a lot can be done cheaper by crafting items
or enchanting current ones. Even so, feel free to get good equipment for your party.
There’s enough loot in this game to choke a horse, just don’t go crazy.

As in Oblivion, all merchants have a maximum amount of money. If you tap them out,
that’s it and they have a limit as to what they can buy items for. If you have too
much or your stuff weighs too much buy a magic bag to keep them in. They are
readily available.

Remains of dead enemies take a few moments to appear. Make sure you go through
any area thoroughly after all the battles so you don’t miss any loot.

I would highly recommend not playing a mage if you’re going through the game for
the first time unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

Don’t forget the "Z" key; it will highlight all important objects in the game
such as people, chests, doors, ore deposits, etc.

Don’t be afraid to cheat if you have to. All is fair in love and war.

During battles always attack magic users first. Likewise, set your NPC behavior
so that your mage and thief stay as far back from you as possible. Enemies WILL
try and go after them.

I can’t emphasize enough how useful the Empower Spell skill is for magic users.
Take it as soon as you can get it. With it and a well placed low level spell,
you can take out some REALLY BIG monsters in this game.

Khelgar will eventually get a REALLY nice hammer later in the game. As soon as
you can switch his weapon to a hammer and have him get skills in hammer. You will
not regret it.

If you play a magic user in this game the initial part of the game is going to be
difficult. You won’t have but first and second level spells, very low hit points,
etc so it’ll be hard to stay alive. There are bonuses though. I’m going through
as a Sorcerer so I can get Knock to open doors and chests. You can also take the
skill to use martial weapons so I can use a sword. Nice! So there are no limits
here. So far I prefer to play as a Rogue but the Sorcerer is good so far and I
definitely like it. A straight fighter was pretty boring.

There is only one romance-able character in the game, one for male PCs, one for
female PCs. Yes, this complete sucks. Yes, I’ve ranted and raved about it on the
forums. The same will apply to the expansion, hopefully it will have more
interaction and dialog than this first game does.

0.8 – Tutorial

This is initial part of the game so you can learn the new game mechanics and it
is highly recommended for first time players. Probably the hardest things to figure
out are spells and thieving abilities as they have changed the most. If you’ve
played through more than once, skip it.

0.9 - Cheats

As we used to chant at King Richards Faire, “Cheat to win!”. Cheating kicks major
butt so here are the codes and how to do it.

First thing and most important you do: right click on the character you wish to use
a cheat on. Most of the time it will be your main character but it can be any NPC as
well. Many people miss this. The character stat and gold codes will NOT work unless
you do this!

Second, hit the “~” key. You don’t need to use Shift or Ctrl. Just hit that key.
The Debug screen will come up.

Third, enter “DebugMode 1” (no quotes obviously). You are now ready to enter the
codes listed below. DO NOT USE THE “irolltwenties” code. If you do you will be
unable to level up your character any longer and you WILL be stuck. Now, if you’re
level 20 go ahead, that’s as high as you can go in the original game so no sweat.

Codes are case sensitive! Feat numbers run 2 through 500. The item codes for the
giveitem cheat code are listed in the Item Codes FAQ at . I have
only listed the relevant cheats. There are others but they are practically useless.

Code Effect

irolltwenties 20 in every state.
rs kr_influence An influence editor in the form of a dialogue
givefeat # Add the feat to the currently selected character
dm_unlockcamera Use the camera with better scrolling, etc
givexp # Give specified number of exp points to selected char.
givespell # Gives a spell to the character
giveitem # Gives specified item to selected character
dm_givegold # Gives specified amount of gold to selected character
dm_god Invicibility/god mode
rs kr_roster_edit Opens dialog enabling the switching of party members
rs ga_influence Raises influence level for that companion
rs ga_party_limit(6) Raises number of party members allowed to 6.
Removefeat # Removes specified feat.
Unpolymorph Removes polymorph effect
SetCHA # Set charisma to specified number
SetCON # Set constitution to specified number
SetDEX # Set dexterity to specified number
SetINT # Set intelligence to specified number
SetSTR # Set strength specified number
SetWIS # Set wisdom to specified number
Rs gr_dm Spawns a dungeon master MPC that allows you to do all
sorts of cool stuff.
Polymorph # Turns selected character into a different creature


1.1 – Attack on West Harbor

You’re awakened by your friends so grab your equipment in the chest next to your
bed, get ready, go loot your foster father’s room and head downstairs.

Three Duergar (the game says Grey Dwarf) break the door down and attack. Kill
them, loot the desk in the next room and any remains.

Exit the house to be met by Brother Merring. He will bless you all and tell you
to get to the bridge to help Georg. Kill the Duergar and talk to Georg. He wants
you to rally the militia.

First talk to Ward Mossfeld but he’s wounded and won’t budge. Talk to Brother
Merring again. He’ll give you swamp moss to use on the wounded. Talk to Ward
again. Heal him with the moss. You only need five militiamen but get all of them
because they are worth 50 experience points a piece. The list of militiamen is
Ward Mossfeld, Wyn Mossfeld, Laszlo, Ian Harman, Pierson, Webb Mossfeld, Pitney
Lannon, and another simply named "militiaman".

Cross the bridge to heal up your militia so they’ll go to the rally point. During
this a cut-scene will appear of a mage battle. Amie will try to help but dies. That
was quick! Search the area for remains, enemy, and militiamen. Pierson is hiding in
the house in the Southeast corner. Make sure you also enter Tarmas’ house and loot
it. Near the barn is a wounded Duergar. Talk to him for info.

After you’ve visited all the militia go talk to Georg at the rallying point and
the battle begins. After the second wave some will enter the Starling house.
After the cut-scene you go inside after them. Talk to Retta to get the dogs to
help. While inside talk to the kids and tell them to shut the door. Talk to the
woman inside before you exit for a reward. Help the militia kill the rest of the
Duergar and Bladelings. Enjoy the cut-scene as your foster father kicks some
Duergar and Bladeling butt. He’ll want you to go the swamp and retrieve
something he hid there long ago.

1.2 - The Swamp

Follow the path toward the ruins, killing Lizardfolk and beetles along the way.
You’ll notice two ruins here. One you won’t be able to open until later. Enter
the ruins and clear the entire place, looting everything. Remember that you can
off-load stuff to Bevil if you have to. Once the place is cleared go north.
Before you open the last door to the north rest up, open the door, and watch the

Always take down the magic user first and then kill the remaining fighters. Loot
everything then open the chest. Grab the shard and select the "let’s go" option
to get teleported back to West Harbor. Get as much information from your foster
father as you can and tell him you want to talk to everyone before leaving.

Tarmas won’t have much to sell so save your gold. He’ll give you a potion of
barkskin if you pass a diplomacy check. Make sure and take everything off of
Bevil because he isn’t going with you. Strip him bare and sell it all.

Bevil will give you a healer’s kit +1. A successful diplomacy check also gives
you 100 gold.

Orlen will give you a potion of cure moderate wounds. If you chose the farmers
background he’ll give you an archer’s belt.

Retta Starling will give you a quest to find out what happened to Lorne, Bevil’s
brother, who disappeared during the war.

Georg will give you a light shield +1.

Brother Merring will heal any wounds.

Speak with your foster father again when you’re ready and head for the world map

1.3 - Weeping Willow Inn

A Dwarf is getting harassed so help him out. When you’re enjoying yourselves in
the tavern afterwards watch the cut-scene, you will get interrupted by more
enemies. Clear the place of the Duergar and Bladelings.

Gera will come down and ask for help. Head upstairs and clear the area. Talk to
Galen and learn what you can. When you enter the room where Zachan is, kill the
Bladelings and then talk to him. Remember to loot everything. If you’re not a
thief you can bash any locked containers.

Go back downstairs and talk to the barkeep for your reward. He also has the
widest range of selection in armor and weapons that you’ve seen up to this
point. Once you and your new Dwarven companion are ready to go, head to the
Swamp Cave, your first optional area.

1.4 - Swamp Cave

When you arrive you’ll see a merchant, Galen, in trouble up ahead. Help him out.
Continue on, killing all the Lizardmen you come across. Kill the spiders near
the cave entrance for more experience and enter the cave. Watch out for traps.
Kill and loot everything until you reach the Lizardman chieftain, a shaman, and
a warrior. As always, take out the magic user first. Remember to loot them all.
Both chests in the back of the room are trapped and locked. Once looted, return
outside and go back to the world map transition. It’s off to Fort Locke.

1.5 - Fort Locke

When you arrive at Fort Locke go to the western edge of the map. Clear out all
the Wolves there and loot the corpse. Move back to the road, go forward then
look off to the left. You’ll notice another group of people. If you don’t let
his guards attack Galen they attack you.

Continue on the road until you encounter a group of soldiers harassing a
Tiefling. Now I think Neeshka is irritating as hell, I can’t stand her. If you
help you’re stuck with her, they’ll think you’re in league with her and will
attack. Kill them and talk to the Tiefling. There is no way to refuse her entry
to the party so accept her. Unless you took my advice you do need a rogue. Go
south and take care of some more wolves then head into Fort Locke. Here is the
first place where you’ll do a lot of talking, get some quests, buy & sell, and
if you wish, do some crafting. Talk to all the named characters for the sub

Head to the world map when you’re ready. You’ll have three new options; Bandit
Camp, Highcliff, and the Graveyard. You can do the Bandit Camp and Graveyard in
any order you want.

1.6 - The Graveyard

While heading for the graveyard you’ll be interrupted by a group of bandits.
A successful check makes them run away and gives you 150 experience points. Take
them on for more loot and experience.

At the graveyard you’ll encounter a large group of Skeletons and Zombies. Clear
the outside of the graveyard and loot the three graves. Enter the crypts. Take
the one to the west first.

Inside the crypt watch out for traps. Take the north door first, then the south
door, and finally the eastern door. When you approach the statue in front of the
last door it will disappear and let a large group of undead in. Kill them, loot
everything and don’t forget the sarcophagus.

Move outside again and enter the crypt on the eastern side. Clean the place out
until you reach the Shadow Priest. Take him out first and then the undead. Talk
to the commander to find out that there are three soldiers in here somewhere.
Use the lever to open the doors you couldn’t before and move out.

Find all the soldiers. One is dead. Once all three are found head outside and
then return to Fort Locke. When you return Commander Vallis will rebel. Kill him
and the Commander will run towards the Fort. Remember to loot his remains.

Once you return to the Fort, Commander Tann is in control and will thank you and
tell you that there’s still a bandit threat. Speak to Cormick again for more
experience points and move out to the bandits.

1.7 - Bandit Camp

You’re up for a big battle so make sure you’re ready. Enter the camp and start
killing. Once the area is clear of bandits and is completely looted, go to the
Prisoner’s pen. They’ll ask you to free them, but while you’re talking, you’ll
be discovered by the bandits. Kill the rest and lead the hostages out. They’ll
tell you to meet them in Fort Locke.

Return to the camp and enter the building. Kill any bandits you find and go
through all the rooms looting everything. When you reach the last room the
bandit leader doesn’t attack you automatically. I kill them for more experience
but a good intimidate or diplomacy check will persuade him to give themselves up
and become militiamen. Either way loot the containers before you leave. Return
to Fort Locke and speak with everyone to finish the rest of your sub quests.
Rest, shop, and it’s off to Highcliff.

1.8 - Elanee

On the way to Highcliff you’ll be interrupted by a group of Duergar and a
Bladeling. Remember those cut-scenes of an Elf tailing you? She’s a Druid come
to help you. Agree to let her join the party (she’s also a potential romantic
interest later in the game). As usual Neeshka is a complete ass during this.
Follow Elanee to the glade. When you arrive she’ll say something is wrong.

Continue on, killing the animals as they attack. When you reach the corpses of
three wolves, Elanee will ask you to investigate. Continue on, killing as you go.
Once you spot the huge bear attack it and defeat it. It will reveal it was a
Druid from the Mere. He gives you information about the corruption of the Mere.
That’s it for here, on to Highcliff.

1.9 - Highcliff

Before you enter the town, talk to all of the named characters. Once you enter
the town (up the stairs) you’ll notice a group of sailors. You guessed it, fight
time. If you start the fight yourself, you gain influence with Khelgar but lose
influence with Elanee. If you try to avoid it, the opposite happens. Both ways
Khelgar shoots his mouth off and its curtains for the sailors. Head off to the
southern end of the town and you’ll find Branson Marlek. See his inventory for
a good laugh and move on.

Across the street is Gera and Zachan. Their sons are missing in some ruins
outside of town so agree to help them. Neeshka will complain about it as usual
(God, I hate her). Depending on your answer you will either gain more influence
with her or with Elanee.

Head off to Par’s house. He has some unwelcome visitors, so take care of them.
Loot the place and return to Par for your reward. Go to Edario. He’s an armor
smith and may have a few nice upgrades for you and your friends. Take note of
him because he’ll become your armor smith when you get the keep.

Go across the street and speak to Captain Flinn. He’ll send you to the village
elder. Head there and speak with him for your main quest. Go over to Juni to get
another sub quest. Move to the north gate and talk with Mozah for another sub
quest. Head out the north gate go to Shandra’s farm.

1.10 - Shandra’s Farm and the Highcliff Castle Ruins

When you enter the area you’ll have a long talk with Shandra at her farm.
Towards the end you’ll see a couple of Lizardmen sneak by and set fire to her
barn. After she’s done ranting move on to the ruins.

When you arrive, move forward looking off to the right. You should see a small
camp, and William. A few conversation checks later you should be able to get him
to return home. Return to the road and clear the western side of the map until
you find Alex and Andrew, the two lost children. Kill the wolves and talk to the

Outside the ruin you’ll see a Lizardman, Slaan, fighting a few Zombies. Help him
and then talk to him. His tribe is the one attacking the ships. His tribe is now
trapped below because of the undead. Tell him you’ll help him and his tribe if
he will take you to his chief. He will join your party temporarily and help you
through the ruins. If you kill him, which I do not recommend, you will find a
map on him that gives you the location of the lair. Don’t forget a bunch of undead
off to the left of the ruins, then enter.

Start by clearing every room of undead until you reach an area where a cut-scene
kicks in. Kill and loot the Shadow Priest as well as that of his servants. Check
the chest behind him for ‘Mozah’s back pay’ as well as the Shadow Priest’s
journal, etc. Return to the main hallway and go east, clearing the area of any

When you reach the Northern room in the middle you’ll find Slaan’s tribe. Make
sure you’ve cleared the place before entering. Tell them you’re ready to go see
the chief. If you killed Slaan, you’ll have to kill these as well. You’ll be
teleported to the Lizardman chieftain. Talk with him and make a deal, which
Khelgar won’t like. Now you need to convince the village Elder that this is the
best way to deal with this situation.

You’ll be teleported back to Highcliff. Talk to Mozah and give him his back pay.
Convince the Elder that your deal is the best way to handle everything. You’ll
get teleported to the harbor. Finish off the quests with Zachan and Gera, Juni,
then talk to the Elder. Don’t bother going back to the ruins to see if there is
any loot in the Lizardfolk lair in the ruins. There isn’t. Enjoy the boat trip.

1.11 - Neverwinter

Welcome to the city of Neverwinter. The place and the other towns whose names
you are familiar with have totally changed since NWN1. I recommend heading to
the Sunken Flagon first. Enter the tavern and talk to “Uncle Duncan”. After a
bit the wizard, Sand, will enter. After a long chat you end up with a choice.
Follow the good path and go to Cormick, i.e. join the city guard and enter
Blacklake that way, or follow the evil path and join the Thieves Guild and work
your way into Blacklake with their help. This inn is your headquarters for now.
All NPCs will stay here and you can choose among them to form your party as you
leave the building. Some NPCs will trigger sub plots if they are in your party.

Before going to the City Watch go explore the city first. Make a visit to the
armorer and weapon smith. You’ll get ambushed by 4 Bladelings here as well.

1.11.1 - Neeshka Subplot

If Neeshka is in your party you’ll encounter “an old friend” of Neeshka’s.
There’s a bounty out on her. Wonderful!

Head off to the merchant district. You will encounter another group of thugs who
want to collect the bounty on Neeshka. There’s no peaceful solution so handle
it. Neeshka will say to visit Ophala at the Moonstone Mask.

While here make sure and visit Deekin from NWN1. He’ll become a merchant at your
keep later in the game. Past the Moonstone Mask is Pap’s. He’s a merchant
specializing in crafting materials.

North of Pap’s is a little girl being accused of stealing. Help the kid so you
can enlist Wolf’s help later on for your keep.

Now to the Moonstone Mask. Speak with Ophala to learn where Leldon is and that
he’s prepared for Neeshka’s return. Go to his home (in this district) Be
prepared for a tough battle.

Leldon’s hideout is right next to the entrance to Blacklake district. Go inside
and enter the first door to the right. Watch for traps. Continue through killing
thugs and disarming traps. Continue until you reach the treasure room. Battle,
loot, etc. You should get Leldon’s Lucky Coin here.

That’s about it for now.

1.11.2 - Tomb of the Betrayers

Enter the Temple of Tyr. Khelgar has three trials to go through to become a
Monk, one of which requires you to gain quite a bit of influence with him but
you can also get a side-quest here. Enter the left door and talk to Judge Oleff
(remember him?). One of his priests has gone missing in a place called “Tomb of
the Betrayers”.

Head to the tomb and enter it. Watch for traps. Go left first. The second room
you enter has a lever and a block. Broadcast a "stand your ground" by right
clicking, holding it, and selecting the right command. Now take control of
Neeshka, get her to the lever and have her pull it. Next!

Another trap room. Broadcast a “stand your ground” command and let Neeshka deal
with the room. In the Southeastern room you need to lure the shadows out. They
get hurt every time they step on a specific part of the floor. Once all the
shadows are dead take over Neeshka, broadcast a “stand your ground” and run to
the trapped chest, avoiding the pressure plates.

The northeastern room is another tricky one. You need to keep one member of your
party on the pressure plate constantly to keep the door open and let Neeshka
inside to get to the chest.

The remaining rooms, except the two in the central south area, all have some
form of undead monsters, so make sure you clear those as well. It’s free

Once everything’s cleared, head down to the southern rooms. Take the southern
door first to reach the missing priest. You’ll soon learn that a powerful
traitor has risen from the dead and has taken control of the tomb. Rest up and
head through the door to the north to locate him. It’s Fenthick, Lady Aribeth’s
lover from NWN1. Use your ranged weapons and spells on him because he runs
around like a spaz. Once he’s dead, pull the lever to open the door to the
outside again, then go get priest and lead him safely outside. Return to Oleff
to get your reward.

1.11.3 - Khelgar’s Subplot

To become a monk Khelgar has to complete three trials. The first one is completed
by doing the Dwarven Scout area. The second one you need a lot of influence with
him to get him to admit that your other companions have their strengths and that
fighting doesn’t solve everything. The third I’ve never completed, any tips are
welcome here. Once these are all done there’s a dialog with Hiam at the Temple of
Tyr. If you choose to make him a Monk he starts back at level 1. I personally
would never do this but it’s up to you.

1.11.4 - Elanee’s Subplot

Just west of the city watch between you and one of the shops is an alley with a
wolf in it. Go in there and speak to the wolf with Elanee in the party. It’s a
druid who’s injured and can’t get out of his animal form. He will tell you about
Skymirror. You can do this area at any point during the chapter but you need
Elanee in your party to do it.

When you arrive at the Skymirror, Elanee will tell you about it. After the cut-
scene, go and look at the trees. These are the seals she mentions. They have
specific symbols. All four of them represent a spell Elanee can cast. Have her
cast the appropriate spell for each tree:

1. A massive bull - Bull’s Strength
2. A leaping panther - Cat’s Grace
3. A man’s face that looks half wooden and half flesh - Barkskin
4. An owl perched on a high limb - Owl’s Wisdom

Touch each tree after the spell is cast to verify that it worked. When you touch
the fourth tree, you will get the "Skymirror Offering". Speak with Naevan, a
Druid of the Mere. He suspects the King of Shadows is returning. Once the
conversation is done you will get 400 experience points and Elanee will say that
something is wrong, and that you should all leave immediately. On your way out
you’ll be attacked by Water Elementals and Ghasts. Just before the exit you’ll
meet up with a Shadow Priest and his minions. Kill and loot them.

1.12 - Dwarven Scouts

You’ll first encounter Khulmar Ironfist and he’s not exactly thrilled to see
Khelgar. Once all the chat is over with move on. Keep going killing and looting
your way until find a Dwarf prisoner. Release him and be careful what you say
to Khelgar. continue on until you arrive at the Clan hold entrance.

Inside you’ll come to a chest with a strange part inside. Keep it. Keep going
until you come to Gruum and Grish. Kill them and continue until you get to a
door with strange lock. If Neeshka is with you give her the hunt about the
strange part you found and the rest is history.

Go through the door and into Grausch’s place. Kill and loot. Inside a chest are
the Gauntlets of Ironfist. Khelgar will tell you about them. He’ll want you to
wear them but give them to him to gain a LOT of influence with him. Agree to
return to Khulmar and you’ll get teleported. Talk to Khulmar and return to
Neverwinter and your commander.

1.13 - Work for the City Watch

Head to the city watch building, go inside, and speak with Cormick. After some
conversation you’ll be assigned your first task. A merchant has a few problems
with some extortionists. Remember to put on the city watch cloak.

1.13.1 - Qara Subplot

The first two times you leave the Sunken Flagon with Qara in the group you will
be attacked by academy students who don’t exactly dig her. They will attack no
matter what you do or say. The first encounter is easy. The second is far more

In chapter two you will see a cut-scene where a weird elemental is summoned to
go after Qara. This attack will not come until chapter three.

1.13.2 – Hagen’s Shop

Once inside the shop talk to Reesa and Hagen. Four thugs will show up. The game
seems to have a glitch here so be patient. Kill all four of them, loot the
remains and return to Cormick.

1.13.3 – Caleb

Cormick’s next assignment for you is to get Caleb. Save your game and go have a
word with him. It won’t go well and he’ll attack you. Kill him and his two
friends, loot the remains and return to Cormick.

1.13.4 – City Watch Betrayers

The third task is more complex. You need to make a sweep through the district,
killing any thugs you see and checking up on the watch posts. To complete the
quest you need to visit the four City Watch sergeants and their outposts in the

During this head to the Sunken Flagon. Three magic users are about to start a
fight. Stop the fight and you’ll end up with a new party member, the sorceress
Qara, your first magic user NPC! Enter the Flagon and have a word or two with
her, check out and adjust her gear, etc.

Go to the first outpost. All is normal here so off to the next one, killing
thugs as you go. At the second post, near Sand’s shop, you can choose one of
three options. Start taking bribes, say no to it, or threaten to report the
sergeant. The last option, which I always take, makes the sergeant and men
attack you.

All the outposts are marked on the map. Go visit them and deal with each one

Just north of one of the posts you’ll see a few thugs with a wagon full of loot.
I usually kill them and take the loot for myself.

Once the sweep is complete, return to the city watch to see it on fire. Cormick
has gone to the merchant district to talk to the commander. Head there to meet

Before you head out, turn south at the exit and go to the merchant getting
harassed by a group of thugs. Sort it out for one more merchant.

1.13.5 – The Back Alley

Enter the City Watch building in the Merchant District and talk with the
commander. She wants you to shut down the smuggling operations and root out a
few of the traitors in the city watch.

Head to the Docks District and into the Back Alley. Right before the Back Alley
you’ll see a thug trying to extort Wolf, the leader of the kid gang. Protect
Wolf from the thug by going along with Wolf. He’ll come in handy when you get
the keep.

When you enter the Back Alley you’ll see some guards taking a bribe. A
successful check will give you a peaceful resolution, otherwise time to kill.
You’ll come to a large group of city watchmen and thugs milling about together.
If you have Qara or Neeshka along, you can send off one of them to start a small
fire, which will divert the city watchmen. When the thugs are dead you can deal
with the watchmen. Eliminate them all. Eventually you’ll come to the shipment.

After the battle a discussion occurs. Neeshka wants to sell off the weapons for
the gold and Khelgar wants to return it. Whichever side you take you will gain
influence with that NPC. Click on the wagon and you’ll teleport back to the
city watch in the Merchant District and report your progress to the commander.

1.13.6 – The Warehouse

Your next assignment is to investigate the destination of the shipment. Head to
the far Northwest and enter the warehouse.

Move through the warehouse killing off thugs as you go. Loot absolutely
everything you can carry. Loot everything before you reach and take the documents.

Upon leaving the warehouse, you’ll meet one of the Neverwinter Nine preparing to
assault the warehouse. When you tell them you’ve already done it, he’ll be a bit
pissed off at first but be polite and he’ll thank you. Send them off to the
Sunken Flagon for some fun.

Your next assignment is to protect an important informant. He’s had his cover
blown and you get make sure he stays alive. Head out to Fihelis’ estate but when
you get there you’re too late. The enemy has already invaded his house. Clear out
the place one floor at a time killing and looting your way. Once you reach the
final room on the second floor (the only closed door) prepare for a tough fight.
Rest up, get ready and open the door.

Moire herself has arrived to finish off the informant. Once you arrive she
decides you’re first and attacks. Kill her and her buddies and then talk to the

The next mission is at Old Owl Well, outside of Neverwinter. You’ve done such a
good job that the Docs District is all set now. An emissary from Waterdeep has
gone missing and it’s your job to find out what’s happened to him. Before you go
sell all the treasure you’ve found and gear up your party. Bring Elanee along.

1.13.7 - Old Owl Well

On the way to Old Owl Well, you’ll meet up with Grobnar Gnomehands, a Gnome
Bard. I can’t figure out who’s more irritating, Neeshka or Grobnar.

Once there check out Simmy the merchant. He has a good variety of stuff available.
Several of them have fire or acid damage abilities so get at least one member of
the party equipped with one (HINT).

Speak with the runt, Commander Callum. He’ll give you some information then a
band of Orcs will attack. Kill them and continue your conversation. The emissary
has been taken by Orcs and Callum guesses it’s the Bonegnasher clan. He’ll
mention the Eyegouger tribe and that there’s an Orc slayer out there somewhere
working independently. Rest up, etc and head out.

1.13.8 - Bonegnasher Clan

You should have Elanee in your party for this. Kill Orcs and Trolls as you go
until you arrive at a rock slide, a cut-scene tells you that you need to find
a way to remove it. More Orcs attack. Move north. You’ll reach a second rock
slide but this one is passable because you were smart enough to bring Elanee
along like I told you, right? If you didn’t bring her you’ll have to take the
long way around. Take the long way to get to the cave and the short cut on the
way back. There’s more to kill and loot that way.

Get to the cave to the north. Go through the cave and kill the trolls, sounds
easier than it is. Once the place is cleaned out, at the end is an ore deposit.
Click on it for 50 experience. This will come in handy for your keep. Near it
you will find a crate with ”blast globes”. Make sure you take ALL of them. If
Qara is with you she’ll tell you what they are and how they’re used.
Head out of the cave, use your new shortcut and go back to the big rock slide.
With the blast globes in your inventory a cut-scene will kick in, the rock slide
will blow up, and the way is open. Take the southern route first to kill and
loot all the Orcs. Head up the eastern path to find Guyven. Talk to him and
discover that the old Ironfist stronghold was around here. Ask him to tell you
the story of the Clan. If Khelgar is with you he’ll comment a few times during

Make your way to the lair of the Bonegnasher Clan, kill the guards, and enter
the lair. Move North, clearing the rooms as they come. When you get to a
large room with another ore vein, click on it for 50 experience points. Keep
going and clearing rooms. Eventually you’ll arrive at a prison of sorts. Free
Pentin the miner, he’ll be of use at your keep later. Pentin will thank you and
then run back to Old Owl Well.

Continue your slaughter until you arrive in a big room and you will find the
chieftain. After a brief conversation he will run off and let his guards attack.
Once they’re dead continue on. The next room is full of traps, so take care of
them as you go. Move forward until you see Bonegnasher again. Now he’ll fight.
He will surrender when you’re about to kill him. There’s no benefit to keeping
him alive so off with his head. Loot the place and move farther along the path
to find a human. He claims to be the emissary but Neeshka will be suspicious.
If you push him far enough you’ll find out he doesn’t have the required
credentials, and doesn’t know the contact in Neverwinter. If you do this he
will attack you. If you don’t he’ll attack you before you reach Old Owl Well.

When heading back to Old Owl Well your journey will be interrupted with an
encounter with more Orcs and Casavir, a Paladin. He’s the one who’s been
slaughtering Orcs independent of the Neverwinter forces. He knows where the
Eyegouger lair is located. Return to Old Owl Well to sell loot, etc before
heading out again.

1.13.9 - The Eyegouger Clan

Kill a couple groups of spiders and bands of Orcs before coming to a barricade
with Orcs behind. Use a fireball or bash it to take care of the barricade then
waste the Orcs. Keep moving forward, eliminating the next barricade and the next
group of Orcs. Kill the giant Blade Spider (yikes!) guarding the entrance to the
lair and enter.

Now, this is one big place so use your map. I won’t go into detail here, just
kill and loot your way through. There’s an ore vein here and a room with some
white wolves. If you have Elanee in your party you get them to help you or just
ignore you. If she’s not in your party they’ll attack. Once the level is clear
head downstairs.

Hack and loot your way through the second level until you get to the large room
to the north. Rest and enter. Here you’ll find Logram Eyegouger. Waste him and
his guards, loot everything and head down to level three.

Upon entering you’ll see some dead bodies. Casavir will say that he knew them.
There’s a good chance to gain influence with him during this conversation.
Continue on to find another ore vein and eventually a Shadow Priest. After he’s
dead talk to Issani, the real emissary.

Once it’s all cleared out return to Old Owl Well and sell the loot. Talk to
Callum and Katriona. If you haven’t done so by now lets head to the Dwarven
Scouts area. Make sure you have Khelgar in your party.

1.13.11 - The Sea Ghost

Brelaina has a new mission for you, the Sea Ghost. Go to the ship and prepare
well because this is a heck of a battle.

Head to the docks and find the Sea Ghost. The ship is in the middle of the dock
area. Once you approach it you’ll get into a fight with a few Luskans. Once
they’re dead another group will attack led by Ahja the Azure. Have a fighter keep
him busy while you take out the guards, then mass attack him, he’s tough. Once
defeated he’ll tell you that he’s not really working for Luskan, but for Black
Garius, the leader of the “fifth tower”. Return to the city watch for your
reward and next assignment.

1.13.12 - The Githyanki Lair

Assassins have been discovered. Tag, you’re it. Head towards the warehouse in
the northwest corner. On the left will be a door to a house you can access. This
is the Githyanki lair. Once you reach the northern most room a cut-scene will
show a Blade Golem entering the portal and attacking the Githyanki. Enter and
attack the Golem. After you’ve hit it enough it will go back through the portal.
All done so return to the commander for your reward.

When you return to the city watch this time, Brelaina has company. After her
dress down you’re finally given access to the Blacklake district, this
continuing your main quest.

I recommend visiting everywhere, getting as many sub quests as you can and
complete them before going to Blacklake. Make sure you’ve done the side quests
for your NPCs as well.

1.14 - Blacklake

Take to the guard to be let in. Your first stop in Blacklake is the old dude,
Aldanon. After a long conversation you get information about the shards and
Ammon Jerro. You’re told that the location of his secret retreat should be in
the Neverwinter Archives. Aldanon will give you his shard and off you go.

Ask the guard outside to take you to the Neverwinter Archives. When you arrive
you notice the Githyanki have beat you to it. Prepare for a big battle. Clean
the place out completely and then talk to the caretaker who will tell you how to
gain access to the locked room in the middle.

Once the place is clear find the dead caretaker who is just Southeast of the
locked middle room. Put on the veil to find and manipulate the books on the
pedestals in each room. Don’t forget to loot all the bookshelves around the
entire place. Some contain clues you need to solve the upcoming riddles.

These questions are random, you really need to read the books before you
proceed. If you open all four in first attempt you’ll get a periapt of wisdom
+2. To do a riddle have the veil on which will show you the pillar to be
activated in the center of each room. Click on it to start. The Southwest pillar
asks about the “Illefarn Cypher”. The Northwest pillar asks about the “To
Counter The Assumption Of...”. The Northeast pillar asks about “The Luskan
Threat to Neverwinter”. The Southeast pillar asks about the “Death of a

Once you’ve answered all four correctly, the door to the vault will open.
Unfortunately, the Githyanki already got inside. When the ones inside are dead,
you learn that the last living relative of Ammon Jerro is Shandra, the woman who
has the farm near Highcliff. You will then be teleported there.

As usual the Githyanki have already arrived. Kill all the ones outside then head
inside the house. Clear the house and try to convince Shandra that you’re here
to help. They’ll set fire to her house anyway, and everyone will run outside.
After another wave of Githyanki she’ll finally accept your help and go with you
to the Sunken Flagon.

After the cut-scene everyone and crashes for the night and the Githyanki invade
the Flagon. Kill all enemies inside. Shandra has been kidnapped. After another
cut-scene introducing Bishop it’s time to track them down to the village of Ember.
As usual it’s an ambush.

Kill off the waves of Githyanki. A woman will tell you that they took Shandra to
the mountains. Before leaving Ember talk to Marcus. Qara says she feels immense
power coming from him. Marcus will want Bishop’s skinning knife. Persuade Bishop
to hand it over, Marcus will help you out later.

Before you head off to the new location on your map, the Githyanki Base, make
absolutely sure that you’re done with everything in Chapter One. All sub quests,

1.15 - Githyanki Base

Rest and beef up before entering. You’ll be in for tons of fun until you find
Guyven. He’ll tell you about the Illefarn ruins here and you get some experience
points. Proceed and enter the cave.

Kill your way through this place until you come to some Succubus teasing a
Devil. Kill the Succubus and talk with the Devil. He wants to be freed and doing
so is the only way to get past the force field ahead. Learn his true name, say
the words and the barrier will disappear. Loot the room and clear the two side-
rooms before continuing on.

Rest up and head north, you’ll find Zaxis, the demon. Once he’s dead the door
into the next room will open. Rest up and prepare for another battle deluxe.
Have the usual conversation with Zeeaire. Do not take the diplomacy answer or
you’ll lose potential loot as two of the guards will leave.

Zeeaire is inside some sort of shield or portal and there are two ways to
remove it. Use the sphere you got from the Devil earlier or bash the pillars
around her. Once they’re down have at her. Once Zeeaire has been defeated she’ll
rant about the King of Shadows. Loot the place then talk to Shandra to teleport
back to the Sunken Flagon.

Shandra will now join your party. The best part is that she will not count as an
NPC in your party, she’s a “free NPC” so to speak. She’s a level 11 fighter and
specializes in short sword so find or make her a good one. Her stats are weak
however, so find some strength enhancing items for her.

At this point there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you’re done
with the Githyanki. The bad news is you are accused of butchering the town of
Ember. Sand will now become an available NPC. One of the Neverwinter Nine will
come in and tell you that if you accept and become a squire of a knight of
Neverwinter, Lord Nasher and Luskan will be forced to enter a trial here in
Neverwinter, not in Luskan. This way you have a fighting chance. Thus ends
Chapter One.


2.1 - Introduction

Before you visit the City Watch in the Merchant District to become a squire
there are other things to do first. Neeshka, Qara and Khelgar have some sub
quests in this chapter.

The first time you leave the Flagon with Neeshka in your party, she’ll be
approached by Tasha. She says that Leldon plans to rob The Collector’s Mansion.

The first time you leave the Docks District with Qara in your party you
will see a cut-scene of Johcris and an evil Luskan assassin conjuring up an
elemental that will attack Qara at a time it sees fit.

If Khelgar hasn’t completed his three trials yet, you may want to do this soon
if you want him to become a Monk (no thanks IMHO).

Once you arrive at the City Watch speak to Captain Brelaine to get your next
assignment and speak to the Knight to become a Squire.

2.2 - Exploring Blacklake.

Once inside Blacklake you’ll find a painter. If you talk to him he’ll say that
Shandra is the perfect model and he just has to paint her. Convince Shandra to
do so, pay the 500 gold for the painting and you boost your influence with
Shandra. If Neeshka is in the party you lose influence with her.

Definitely check out the merchant at the Academy square, He has some items worth
looking at.

Quest: An Imp’s Dilemma

In Academy Square is a man named Jenks. He has some imps trapped in crates but
will not reveal this unless you pass some diplomacy checks. Interact with him
and/or the Imp and the Imp will disappear. You can find Kiggo the Imp in a small
alcove nearby after he disappears. He’ll ask you to use a key to free his
friends. Doing this is a very chaotic action. Kiggo only rewards you with some
low-level magical scrolls, and a little experience.

Quest: Lute Contest

You can challenge a guy named Cain to a lute contest by matching his tune.
Speak to the bard there and you’ll get the chance to compete with him in a
contest regardless of whether or not you’re a bard.

The following are the number sequences for the four songs that you have to play.
1: 44124754
2: 234451122
3: 2332233175
4: 35345272725

Sometimes if you play all of these correctly you still might not win completely.
Try to select the option between each round/song that suits your particular set
of skills, whether it’s Taunting, Intimidation, etc. There’s a different set of
options for and after the fourth round, so find one that suits you. If you beat
the lutist, you’ll earn 250 XP and the use of his lute. If you absolutely cannot
beat him, you can set him on fire and take his loot; you won’t earn any XP, but
the only penalty is a mild Evil shift of one point.

Quest: Temple of Lathander

There’s a quest to be gotten at the Temple of Lathander. The priests would like
to give good old Brother Merring a little reward for his efforts. They want you
to go to West Harbor and present him with a gift. When you go there speak to
Mrs. Starling to complete her quest when Lorne is dead.

Quest: Saving Lisbet

Before entering the Collector’s place you’ll see four people standing around
talking. Talk to them and see up. Tell Kyli that you’ll find her sister. Enter
the crypt, o through some conversation until a scream interrupts the party.
Head on until you see two people trapped by undead. Kill the undead and talk
to the two people to find out that they work for the King of Shadows. D’oh!
Loot Lorelei’s remains to get a key and continue on into the crypt.

Eventually you’ll reach a room with a gong in it. Go north through the hallway
first. Watch for traps and loot the sarcophagus’ and the chest. Now go south to
the final room. Rest and save before entering. You’ll see Savannah and Raven in
the room. Pass a diplomacy check to persuade Savannah to quit the cult. The
others will attack you, kill them and keep Savannah alive. Speak to Savannah
and get 400 experience points for saving her.

Enter the final room, to see the Priest getting ready to finish a ritual. Do
your talk thing and it’s a fight. Kill the initiates first then focus on Arval.
Once they’re all dead Lisbet will summon a group of greater shadows (by accident).
Kill those and talk to Lisbet again to learn what’s going on. If you’re friendly
to her she’ll follow you out of the place. And oh by the way, that little ritual
she did caused all the enemies you killed to respawn. Make sure and keep her
alive, I usually do a Broadcast Command and tell everyone to stand their ground.
She often doesn’t, so be careful. It’s not easy to keep her alive. Don’t forget
Arval’s Journal. After you make it out talk to Kyli for a reward and 2000

Quest: The Collector

For Neeshka do The Collector quest. Pick the lock outside and enter the
Collector’s house. This place is a pain in the you-know-what because it’s
difficult to find and no resting is allowed. Work your way through the first
floor until you meet Vania. Speak with her, pass a diplomacy check and she
will help you by giving you her key and will act as your hostage. Check the
journal on the table.

Go upstairs. Give her some money to start anew, grab the painting next to the
Collector, and threaten to destroy it. He’ll give you his key and tell you
that one of the books has the secret to unlocking the vault. Go grab the book
about numerology. The code is 513. You need one more key so head downstairs
to the servant’s room. Grab the empty bottle from the wash basin and put it
into the vase of water to create a full bottle of water. Head back upstairs
and use the bottle on the fireplace. Grab the silver key. Use all three keys
on the door, then enter the combination, 513. Once you enter the vault,
Leldon will arrive. Kill him and loot the vault.

Now finish your city watch mission in Blacklake. Go in the empty house west
of the district exit and talk to one of the undercover watchmen. When thieves
arrive there will be some conversation, a fight breaks out, and you’ll just
have to kill them. Return to Captain Brelaine to be informed that she has no
more jobs for you. When everything else is squared away, time for introduction
to the nobility.

2.3 - Investigating the Slaughter of Ember

Speak to Sir Grayson in the city watch. He’ll give you the run down and tell
you need stand vigil for one night alone in the Solace Glade. Right. Tell him
your ready and you’ll be teleported there. Watch the cut-scene until you get

The morning after you’ll become Sir Grayson’s squire and Lord Nasher tells
Torio, the Luskan ambassador, where to stick it. Now you have to investigate
what happened at Ember. Before you leave talk to Lord Nasher about that journal
you found in the crypt.

Before heading out make damn sure you’ve completed the sub quests and all that
in Neverwinter. Head to Port Llast.

2.4 - Port Llast

Sand will talk when you arrive. Tell him you’re glad to have him along and
you will gain influence with him.

Head to the Garrison and speak with Haeromos. They have a witness who saw you
slaughter the villagers. A good diplomacy check will allow you to talk to her.
with some successful diplomacy checks and Sand’s help, she becomes uncertain
that it was you who did it. After some more talk head back outside.

Visit Haljal the Weapon smith and Yaks the Armor smith at the Cracked Anvil.
Also note Nodal and Enleva, two gnomes obsessed with Wendersnaven. Remember
them for later. Visit Nya for a sub quest which can be done in Ember.

Inside the Alliance Arms Inn is Malin, a ranger that tells you that there might
be a survivor from Ember hiding out in the Duskwood Grove and that it has become
a dangerous lately. Speak to Elgun after speaking with Haljal, Alaina and Malin
to find he’s lying. Tell him he’s a witness, that the attackers are still alive
and he’ll stop spreading lies. You get 500 experience points. Go speak with
Calindra. She’ll want you find her partner, Bradbury. Take the sub quest, you’ll
need her for your keep later.

To the south in Port Llast, you’ll be accosted by a group of guards. A good
diplomacy check will make them relent and give you 250 experience points. Now
head to Duskwood.

2.5 - Duskwood

Upon arriving Sand will tell you that his magic will be weakened in here. Be
nice and respectful to him for increased influence.

You will find Lyssa. She gave Lorne some powder of alteration to help him
revenge on the villagers as well. She will give you some of that powder if you
get her the glow stone from the goblin caves below. Pass some bluff checks and
she will make think you’re Lorne and give you the powder.

Head up on to the ridge. On the way you’ll see the cave entrance blocked by
rocks. Speak to the insect collectors, Jilla and Mirri. Inside the cave you’ll
find the body of Bradbury at the end. Jilla and Mirri then attack you. Grab the
insect collection from one of their corpses. Now head to Ember. Make sure Elanee
is in your party.

2.6 - Ember

When you arrive in Ember do Nya’s quest first. Go around to each corpse and use
the item she gave you. You’ll come across a corpse that Sand says didn’t die
in the attack, he was poisoned. He will take a sample for evidence.

During your examination of the town you’ll find the Quartermaster’s Log, another
piece of evidence. Near there you’ll encounter Guyven again. Tell him that he’ll
always have a place by your fire and he’ll join you at your keep later in the

Once all the villagers are set go down the well. If you helped Marcus back when
you were first came to Ember, he’ll be down here and tell what really happened.
He’ll return to the Sunken Flagon. There’s also ore vein down here and a door
leading to caves.

Head through the door and you’ll find goblins. Talk to their chief about the
ring. He wants you to clear out the spiders nearby. Agree to this, and continue
forward. Locate the spiders, and kill them all. Click the ore vein.

You’ll find a giant spider named Kistrel. Elanee can help you talk with it. Give
it the insect collection and you’ve made a new friend for your keep.

Return to Glek, the goblin chieftain, and tell him the spiders are dead. He’ll
give you a Luskan Assassin ring, another piece of evidence. Time to head back to

2.7 - The Trial

If you have a high diplomacy skill you should be able to represent yourself in
the trial, if not Sand do it. No matter what you do the whole thing will end in
a fight to the death the next day.

You’ll be sent to the Temple of Tyr to prepare a cleansing ritual. Khelgar will
come to you insisting on taking your place. Your choice. If you’re not a fighter
I’d recommend it because Lorne is tough. Once the ritual has started, members of
your party pay you a visit. Sand will come. Casavir offers to take your place.
Finally Nevalle will come, telling you it’s time to party. Lord Nasher will give
you the keep if you win. If you lose, well, don’t do that. During the battle Lorne
will enter a barbarian frenzy (what we old folks call going bezerk), making it
virtually impossible to kill him. Use the Potion of Invisibility Sand gave you,
wait it out and then kick his butt. Once the fight is over, you’ll be
congratulated by Lord Nasher. Watch the cut-scene and time to rest.

After the cut-scene you will wind up back at the Flagon. Don’t forget the chests
behind you, they contain treasure from Nasher and Lorne’s belongings.

Make sure you go to West Harbor and tell Reatta Starling what happened to her
son, Lorne. Pretty soon you won’t have a chance to go there any longer.

2.8 - Aldanon

After the trial you can convert Khelgar to a Monk. I did not do this but it’s up
to you.

Wolf will have a message for you from Aldanon so go see him. Once you arrive you
find that thieves have invaded his home. Cormick lies on the ground and two
thieves are holding him hostage. With some diplomacy checks you can persuade
both the thieves to surrender and they’ll answer any questions. Once you’re done
go inside.

Be careful of traps as usual and kill any enemy you encounter along the way.
Quick save before you reach the room north of the library. You’ll see the butler
and he’s about to be killed. Save him for 500 experience. Clear the first floor
and head to the basement. Once you approach a group of four thugs is killing off
hostages one by one. Save as many as you can for the most experience. Afterwards
you’ll find out that each noble that has been killed had a silver shard. There’s
one more left and Aldanon has disappeared.

Go to Lord Nasher, he will order you to Tavorick mansion and will send a
group of guards with you.

2.9 - The Tavorick Estate

Once inside talk to Ballard, then Tavorick. Inspect the house. In the south-
eastern room there are two barrels of old blast globes. Grab them. Talk to Ballard
about the blast globes then order the house locked down. Prepare your defenses.
After a while you’re beckoned downstairs and will be attacked by waves of Imps and
Succubus. After some time during the battle you’ll hear a scream from upstairs.
Return to Tavorick. He’ll mention a crypt downstairs - head there. Don’t forget
to use your map if you get lost. You’ll be attacked again by a demon or some such
thing. It looks worse than it is so kill it. After the battle Tavorick will admit
that he gave the stone to his honey you saw earlier. Turns out that girlfriend
is one of the Neverwinter Nine.

Head to the Moonstone Mask. Head in, go upstairs and clear the area, then
proceed through the closed door. The warlock up here is Ammon Jerro. He will
summon two hellhounds and disappear. Kill them and return to Lord Nasher. He’ll
send you to Crossroad Keep to clear it and rescue Aldanon.

2.10 - Crossroad Keep

After much ridiculousness the doors to the keep are sealed and the Neverwinter
force leader will tell you of a secret tunnel. They want to use to get inside
and unlock the door. Head to the world transition and go to the escape tunnel.

Once there follow the path forward, killing anything in your way. In one of the
rooms you’ll find another ore vein. Loot everything. Kill everything. When you
enter the Keep you’ll find Aldanon. Tell him to get out and warn Neverwinter.
Loot everything you can and don’t forget the golem activation manual. Keep going
until you get to the door and open it to let everyone in.

Backtrack a bit and you’ll find a group of Shadow Priests. Kill them and
continue. Keep going until you see a cut-scene of Garius. Tell everyone to hold
on and loot all the corpses. Talk to Vale again to get teleported to

After a long cut-scene in Neverwinter Zhjaeve will join your party, a good
Cleric. Nevalle will tell you to meet him at the Crossroads Keep.

Head back to the Keep. It’s yours. I STRONGLY recommend reading the Stronghold
Guide by Paradox Jast. It’s available at:

Once your keep progress is at 25% and Kana says the men are tasked to capacity,
and if you haven’t done so by now, it’s time to go to the Ruins of Arvahn.

Make sure you were nice to Guyen of the Road during the early parts of the game.
He should be located in that room you couldn’t open when you first cleared the
place out. When you visit interesting place you’ll see some text saying “Guyen
will be interested in this place”. Go back to Guyen and tell him about the
place. Eventually he will reveal the location of some hidden treasure outside
the keep, which is a VERY nice crossbow.

Quest: Reactivating The Blade Golem/Construct

At the end of Chapter One you find the construct. When you get Crossroad Keep
the construct will be relocated to the basement, where Grobnar will ask you to
find some items to help reconstruct it. Here are the locations:

Manual of Golemcraft: When you enter Crossroad Keep for the first time, after
approaching through the exit tunnel you’ll encounter Aldanon, who’s been kept
prisoner in the library. One of the books here is the Manual of Golemcraft.

Rune-Inscribed Iron Piece: You can find this in the smithy of the Gem Mine in
the Ruins of Arvahn.

Glowing Liquid: The Glowing Liquid is found in the caves beneath Ember near
where the goblins are worshipping the gemstone. You need Grobnar in your party
to extract the liquid from the pool there.

Once it is done you can buff him up a bit if you have a PC or NPC with craft
alchemy skill.

This is highly worth doing because you can add it as a party member and let me
tell you, this thing is like no other battle tank you’ve ever seen.

2.11 - The Ruins of Arvahn

You need to find five statues of purity. Each will give you a special ability
that can be accessed using the drop-down menu by right clicking on an object
and holding it. The first statue is practically right in front of you as you
enter the area.

Continue to the Orc camp and they’ll ask you to kill the Ogre Mage, Ghellu.
Agree to this for now and go back and right to get to Riverguard Keep. On the
first level some bugbears will agree not to fight you if you bring them
Ghellu’s head. They’ll head outside and wait for you.

On the next level a guy named Ribsmasher is behind the first door you open. If
you let him, he’ll run around attacking enemies for you. Unfortunately this
reduces your experience potential and he also smashes containers so just kill
him. Your choice. Behind the second door is an Ogre Captain who has the master’s
shield. On the third level, there are goblins in the side rooms but they will
not fight you yet. Once you meet Ghellu, he wants you to kill the Orc Leader.

Here is what I did. I killed Ghellu, then let the Bugbears know I killed him.
I then went back to the Orcs and told them. After talking to the Orcs I went
back once more and talked to the Bugbears. He agreed to give me the Master’s
Sword as a reward and I had all three items so I could open the door.

What you can also do is agree to Ghellu’s offer, go back and waste the Orcs.
They have one of the Master’s items and you need it. Then you can come back
here and kill Ghellu and his friends, then go back and kill the goblins in the
side rooms. The master’s scepter is on Ghellu’s corpse.

If you just randomly kill all three partiess I believe you’re stuck, which is
what happened to me once but people can feel free to let me know the different
paths they took here.

When you have all the masters items you can unlock that door down in the bottom
of the dungeon to access the statue.

Continue on to the Temple of Seasons. Read the book in the room, which will
spawn and respawn enemies. This isn’t easy. Eventually you will reach the
centre room and the third statue. Once I did the Winter room and another time I
did the Spring room. I’ve never gotten the other locked doors open. Tips on this
area are welcome and appreciated.

Your next stop is the gem mines in the Southeast corner of the area. You need to
find six ghosts. When you find one speak to it. Listen to their stories for some
very good background information. After the initial conversation speaking to the
ghost will cause it to move. You want to get them in the tree room in the middle
of the map. All along the corridors are lights that can be switched on and off by
focusing and clicking on them. The ghosts won’t move past the lit ones so you
need to turn off the one in the direction you want the ghost go and then light it
up again behind them so they don’t turn around and go back the way they came. I
highly recommend going through the entire place and killing all the undead first
before dealing with the ghosts.

The spirit locations are: the room next to the tree room; the third room down on
the right side; the room to right of the central area, surrounded by corridors;
the mess hall on the left side; the dead end near the bottom left; and the bottom
right behind the Iron Golem. In the smithy on the top left is a piece of iron with
runes on it that Grobnar needs to reactivate the construct. The ghosts will gather
in the front part of the large room. Click on them again to go to their spot around
the tree. A cut-scene kicks in and you access the fourth statue.

As you leave the gem mines, you see the song portal open so head up there. This
takes you back to West Harbor where everyone has been slaughtered. Over by the
Southwest field Zhjaeve speaks and suggests investigating the swamp. Go to the
Guardian Ruins in the swamp, they were inaccessible earlier, and defeat the Shadow
Reaver and his minions, grab their loot and use the nearby song portal to go back
to the ruins, and then go manually back to your keep. Develop your keep more and
speak to Aldanon when you get the ’Lord Nasher wants to see you’ speech from Kana.

2.12 Ammon Jerro’s Haven

Aldanon sends you to Ammon Jerro’s haven in the Sword Mountains. Visit the
guardian at the top left to get three quests and an empty bottle. Work your way
through, killing and looting everything. Once everything is clear head up and
talk to the Guardian. He will of three challenges. Go back where you came from
and you’ll see fire elementals all over the place. When you defeat a group of
them you find a heart and some fire essence. Put the heart on one of the
braziers. Shadows will attack each time you do this. After placing three hearts
on the three braziers, take the path up the mountain. Here you’ll find a Shaman.
If you refuse to kill him a group of barbarians will attack you and they are
VERY tough, so take your pick.

At some point in here you will see “Guyen will be interested in hearing of this
place”. When you get back tell him about it.

Finally, fill the bottle at the geyser. You’ll take damage here so be careful. If
you can, keep your party way back and give the "stand your ground" command. Before
returning to the guardian, strip Shandra of all her equipment because she’s

Once inside, speak to Mephasm and he’ll tell you to convince at least three of
the five demons to open their portals for you. The first one you meet is
Baalbisan and he wants you to slay Hezebel’s Erinyes. Move on and speak to
Hezebel. She’ll tell you that you may be able to provoke Baalbisan into
revealing his true name. Zaxis is next and refuses to help you. Koraboros is the
fourth fiend and wants you to find a missing imp. The imp is in a room to the
east. You need to read the correct phrase from the book in the bookcase next
to him to release him. ’Tilo ut lon’ should work. If you guess the wrong phrase
various bad things happen. Once the imp is free return to Koraboros and he’ll
agree to help you. The last demon is Blooden, who wants you to convince
Koraboros to send some hellhounds to fight her succubae. After a fight she will
help you.

Head through the portal, fight Ammon Jerro, watch the cut-scene, and then speak
to him again. Another cut scene follows and you wind up back in the tavern in
your keep. Ammon Jerro is now available as a party member. I rarely use him,
Qara seems much more effective but sometimes he may be needed to advance the
plot in some areas coming up. You are summoned to Castle Never and part two ends.


3.1 Attack on Castle Never

You have a ceremonial sword in your hands so equip your normal weapon, defeat
the enemies and follow Nevalle to the guard room. You need to use an underground
tunnel to reach the throne room as the castle is locked off. Take the first
right turn outside the guard room and use the tapestry at the end. The shadow
priests use death magic so if you don’t have immunity, use the ceremonial sword,
which does. Neverneath is a series of statues who will ask a question. If you
answer correctly you get some experience points and a door opens, allowing you
to move further. Otherwise a different door opens, which leads to the same
place, but you have to fight some monsters. Also, in some but not all of these
side paths are rooms with treasure. I figure for experience and loot it’s
better to actually answer each one incorrectly! The answers in order are: nine,
black lake, the tomb of the betrayers, Neverwinter river, say nothing, and
three. Now kill the swords of Never and grab the rod from Halueth Never’s tomb
in order to proceed. Don’t worry, these aren’t nearly as hard as the ones in NWN1.

After saving Nasher, he asks you to form alliances to help defend Crossroad
Keep. The four possible alliances are: Ironfist Dwarves, Lizardfolk, Druids of
the Mere, and the Wendersnaven. Finish up any business at the keep, then leave.
You’ll want Khelgar, Grobnar and Elanee in the party for this.

3.2 Circle of the Mere

Go to the Circle of the Mere. Bishop joins the party for this. You’ll wind up
in a fight because the Circle is now corrupt. This shouldn’t pose a problem by
now. After the battle loot the bodies, go drop Bishop off if you want and head
to Port Llast.

3.3 The Wendersnaven

You’ll see a character, Light of Heavens, near the entrance of Port Llast.
Talk to her and accept the challenge. She will join the Keep eventually. Go
talk to the two gnomes to the East. With Grobnar’s help you’ll eventually get
a map to the Wendersnaven. Go to the strange clearing, Well, there is no
Wendersnaven and you get attacked by Orcs on the way out. Stupid gnomes.
Don’t forget the ore vein to the west of the entrance. At some point in here
you will see “Guyen will be interested in hearing of this place.”. When you
get back tell him about it.

3.3 Neverwinter Merchant District

This is a good time to visit the Neverwinter Merchant District. Shop up, meet
Light of Heavens again and accept the second challenge, get Joy for the keep and
check out the two new merchants.

3.4 Sydney Natale

At some point when you return to your keep, if he’s there, defeat Light of
Heavens for the last time, and speak to Khralver Irlingstar outside. Quick save
and go to the meeting with Sydney Natale.

If you offer Jalboun double what Sydney is paying, he will aid you in the fight
if your conversation skills are high. If he joins you, try not to let him die
because he’ll work in your keep later. This is very difficult to do.

If you did Qara’s sub-quests the elemental that was conjured during the cut-scene
in Chapter Two will appear to fight you first. Natale will respawn three times
during the battle. This is your first really tough battle.

Once done loot the bodies and click on the ore nearby. When you return to the keep,
you want Zhjaeve to keep the true name scroll. Only she and Ammon Jerro can use
it and Zhjaeve, as a Cleric, is more useful by far. Reform your party and head to Mt.

3.5 Ironfist Dwarves

Your last stop is the Ironfist dwarves. This is by far the hardest part you’ve come
across so far so leave it for last. Speak with the two named characters and
visit the smith. Khulmar sends you to Mt Galardrym to retrieve the belt of
Ironfist. He also gives you a fire resistance ring which you will need (hint).
From this point on this gets tough.

Take the left path at the first intersection, staying at the bottom of the map
and grab the ore at the end. Then head up to the top right exit and speak to the
dragon. It wants your help to kill the fire giants. Return to the mountain and
go up towards the top left. Somewhere around here is a Drow merchant being held
prisoner. If you want to get the Master of the Keep feat, get the feat first
then get the Drow merchant. Free her and convince her to come to the keep. If you
agreed to let Torio stay at the Keep she will have told you about her already.
There is another ore vein near the camp. Free the prisoners, get ready for a big
battle, and take the top left exit. Immunity to fire damage really helps in this
next part.

You will get a dialogue option to attack either the giants or the dragon, or
both. Do what you want but keep in mind the Red Dragon has a rating of
impossible for a reason. Choose to attack the Fire Giants, one thing at a time
you know. Now thanks to input from readers of this FAQ (Thank You!) we finally
have a method for Dragon killing. Once you get to the Red Dragon have a fighter
with that ring of fire resistance on keep it busy. Take Qara and any other magic
user and position them off to either side of the Dragon. Have them let loose with
empowered ice based spells. Empowered Harm also works well for the Cleric. Using
this method you should make quick work of it. Now that everything is dead, loot
the corpses and chests, free the Drow merchant, and head back over to the Dragon’s
hoard. Loot everything there too. There’s another ore vein at the back of the
Dragon’s lair.

Now get the support of the dwarves by speaking to their leader. The Hammer of
Ironfist is a good weapon but Khelgar needs to wear the belt and gloves to wield
it. If you listened to my tip you already primed Khelgar for this by switching his
weapon from axe to hammer and upping his hammer skills early in the game. If you
speak to Kana after finding the true name scroll, she’ll tell you the
men have tracked the location of a Shadow Reaver. Speak to Guyven as well for
some advice. At this time the men have also retrieved the gold from the Dragon’s
hoard if you killed it.

At some point through here you will see “Guyen will be interested in hearing of
this place.”. When you get back tell him about it.

3.6 The Lizardfolk

That leaves the Lizardmen of Highcliff. You can do this even if you slaughtered
every last one of then back in part one. Save Gera and Zachan again on the way,
find another ore vein and then go into the village. Looks like that truce didn’t
last. Speak to the elder and the captured Lizardman. Heal his wounds and
talk to him to find out what is going on. Head south of the city and defeat
Batha and his guards to get the support of the lizardmen.

3.7 Shadow Reaver Slaying for Fun and Profit

Build up your keep for a bit. Your next stop is the Shadow Reaver camp. Take
control of Zhjaeve and read/use the true name scroll while your other characters
take out the minor enemies first, then the Shadow Reaver. I’ve found that she
will not read the scroll automatically. The last shard is on the Reaver’s
corpse. Return to the keep courtyard and Ammon Jerro gives you directions to
Nolaloth, an ancient crystal dragon.

3.8 Nolaloth’s Valley

In the valley kill the monsters until you reach the rocky outcropping with a
crystal at the end. Nolaloth will appear and tell you how to reforge the silver
sword. It will request that you end his life by destroying the crystal heart. Go
back and bash the crystal. This attracts the attention of not one but two Black
Dragons. Gulp! Welcome to the second hardest battle of the entire game.

A tip for killing these dragons from ActionHank:

“What I found to work was this : I had Qara in my party and I learned the
maximize spell feat. With her being able to cast level 9th spells, I could
maximize the greater arrow storm spell. I would rush each dragon with 2 of
my characters to keep them busy, then max out arrow storm on one dragon, 3
should be almost enough, then just use the regular greater arrow storm
spell. It was somewhat close, but it was fairly easy for me.”

Afterwards, if there is one, finish off the crystal to complete the quest. There
are two more ore veins in this area, one by the entrance and the other in the
Northwest corner of the clearing in the middle.

3.9 Return to West Harbor

We need to go to West Harbor to reforge the sword but how? It’s not on the map.
Go to the Ruins of Arvahn and use the Song Portal. Once you exit in West Harbor
you’ll have to kill some shadows. I’ve read that you can cross the river by
rebuilding the bridge if your main character has the necessary skill. Mine
apparently didn’t and I=don’t know what skill is required. To do it locate the
four logs, Use that Z key.

If you can’t rebuild the bridge (I’ve never been able to get it done) you’ll have
to wade through the river and may be affected by the poison. I wasn’t. Follow the
path to the burned spot and reforge the sword. Defeat the second Shadow Reaver
with Zhjaeve manually reading the scroll as you did before, then leave using the
exit nearby.

3.10 Bikini Beach Shadow Reaver

Back at your keep you’re summoned to the beach where a Shadow Reaver is
attacking your men. This time Ammon Jerro joins your party so use him manually
to read the scroll. Give him the Neverwinter Nine tunic you got earlier. Kill
the Reaver and grab the Tome of Iltkazar, then return to the keep. Finish up
business and speak to Sir Nevalle near the main gate when you’re ready.

3.11 Shandra’s Farm Redux

There’s a cut-scene and afterwards speak to Nevalle again. He asks you to speak
to your people and prepare to defend the keep. Reform your party to include
whoever you had to drop when Ammon Jerro joined, then speak to Nevalle. He
informs you that Ammon Jerro is missing. Enter the keep and Aldanon speaks to
you and sends you to Shandra’s farm. Welcome to the third toughest battle of the
game. You have to battle Koraboros and twenty gabillion of his minions. Be
careful when talking to Ammon Jerro again after the battle. I have read in
another FAQ that Ammon apologizes to Shandra for killing her but I must have
taken another conversation path and this didn’t happen much less Shandra being
around to apologize to in the first place. Lots of good loot here.

3.12 The Bridges of Never County

Back at the keep speak to Nevalle again. Another cut-scene and you are sent to
destroy two bridges to halt the enemy advance. You can only choose two companions
this time. Advance through the area destroying everything. After the fight the
bridges are destroyed automatically so return to the keep. Before the battle, if
you have enough influence with Elanee, she will profess her love, and you can
bang her silly. I don’t know if Qara is ever a possible romantic interest or not.
If anyone has ever gotten her, let me know.

3.13 The Battle Part One

Get ready for a big fight. Siege towers will arrive one at a time and undead
will pour out of it. Attack or bash the towers until they are destroyed and then
move on to the next one. Deal with the undead after the tower is destroyed. The
longer they remain the more undead you have to deal with. Make sure you take out
the vampires. The rest can usually be dealt with by others.

3.14 The Battle Part Two

After the last siege tower is destroyed you are sent to the courtyard. Hordes of
undead swarm through. Just keep killing them and don’t forget about those
special powers you have. Black Garius finally appears along with a Nightwalker.
Make sure you have mind immunity and remove fear spells on hand. At first ignore
Black Garius and focus on the Nightwalker. Once it’s dead there is a cut-scene
where Ammon Jerro will read the true name scroll, which destroys Garius and the
rest of the undead army. Woohoo!

3.15 The Pursuit of Black Garius

Afterwards head back inside the keep, Aldanon will finally notice that you have
the Tome of Iltkazar and will tell you how to use it. This is the last chance to
shop or otherwise prepare. Speak to Aldanon again, you’ll need to take Zhjaeve and
Ammon Jerro plus two others for the final assault on the King of Shadows.

Rest and buff in the first room and quick save. Spiders will appear and attack when
you move. You’ll exit into a large area with lots of undead and lootable corpses. I
didn’t find anything particularly useful. There is a strange black fog that acts as
a teleporter. Move to the right and enter the fog at the bottom of the stairs. This
teleports you to the upper level on the left. Unlock the door and head through. Go
down the stairs and fight the blade golems, then through the door at the Western
end of the area and through more black fog. This sends you to the top right. You’ll
then run into a Nightwalker near the bottom of the stairs. This is yet another tough

fight in here.
Prepare and go through the south door for a fight with a Lich, two shadow priests
and some vampires. Take out the Lich first. Head around to the left and enter the
black fog where Mummies will attack you. In the last room you have to fight three
Shadow Reavers. Have Ammon Jerro or your Cleric manually use the true name scroll
on each one.

Go to the inner sanctum and all the other party members will join you. Rest and
buff like hell and quick save. As soon as you open the door Black Garius appears
along with tons of undead. There is a cut scene where various members of your
party members may or may not betray you and fight for Garius. Bishop being evil
always does. If you have a very high influence with Neeshka she’ll side with you,
otherwise she’ll go evil as well. Qara will betray you if Sand does not and vice
versa. The most irritating part of this battle are the force fields appear, which
can separate your party. Anyone near the door should ignore the nearby enemies and
run immediately around the ends of the force field to get at Garius in the center.
Again, take manual control to do this. Manually use the true name scroll on him
too. This is one tough fight.

3.25 The King of Shadows

Once Garius dies there is a another chance to rest, buff, and save. When you’re
ready use the portal and the King of Shadows appears. If you take the evil path
here and ally with the King of Shadows, he asks you to slay all your friends as
a gesture of faith. He’ll then raise them as his servants. This ends the game.
Screw that!

Once you seemingly destroy him lots of little mirror images of him will start
appearing from the statues so kill all of them. Keep your party together
on one side of the area so you aren’t taking them all on at once. Give your
mages some protection. This part is really a pain because there are a lot of
them and they don’t go down easy. Finally the King of Shadows appears again. You
won’t be able hurt him until all five statues are destroyed, so bash them. Have
some NPCs keep the King of Shadows busy while two or three of you go after the
statues. Now destroy the portal using the Silver Sword of Gith. This is difficult
because the King of Shadows is always standing over the portal and you need to
aim at the portal, not the King of Shadows. Bad game design here people!
Make sure you right click on the portal so you can see it’s hit point level.
PitA! The King of Shadows is fairly easy to kill after the portal is destroyed.
Enjoy the lame cut scene and that is the end. Wah. I wish it was a longer game!

Now for my opinion – this ending is horrible. Standing on it’s own without an
expansion pack or two this is probably by far the worst ending to any RPG I’ve
ever played. You need to keep in mind that there is an expansion coming in the
Fall of 2007, so this is not truly the end. One tip to the designers of the
expansion: DO NOT STRIP ME OF ALL MY GEAR this time in the expansion. Thanks!
Oh, and how about one more romance-able NPC with some more dialog? This isn’t
exactly rocket science, it was done well how many years ago in BGII?

This walkthrough reposted to with permission of the author.

Author: Nick2930

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