Ninety Nine Nights walkthrough

Ninety-Nine Nights


01.) Introduction
02.) Contact Information
03.) Disclaimor/Copyrights
04.) Controls
05.) The Battle System
06.) Menu
07.) Characters
08.) Walkthrough
09.) Frequently Asked Questions
10.) Credits/Acknowledgements

01.) Introduction

This is my first time writing a FAQ/Walkthrough, so please forgive any major
errors. I wanted to write a FAQ for a game that -needed- a FAQ, and I noticed
that there were no Walkthroughs for this game on Gamefaqs (at the time of me
writing this). I also noticed a lot of requests for tips and advice on the
message board. I'm not an expert at this game (or any game, really), but I feel
like I should share what I do know. If you're much better at this game, know
better strategies, etc., why don't you write a FAQ too? This game certainly
deserves it.

The game itself is a "hack-and-slash" action game that places you in the shoes
of a warrior. This warrior must wade through wave after wave of enemies, aided
by guard units who will attack along with the warrior or defend him/her,
depending on what commands the player gives them. Who this warrior is varries
according to how far along you are in the game. In the beginning, you must play
as the female warrior Inphyy, but as you progress through the game, more
characters become available.

Often compared to games like Dynasty Warriors, Ninety-Nine Nights is an amazing
video game experience with gorgeous graphics (both in-game and in the FMV
sequences), haunting music, and incredibly fun gameplay. The story is involving
and the fact that you can experience alternate versions of the story by using
different characters keeps everything fresh.

02.) Contact Information

If you'd like to contact me for any reason (to ask for help or send me info to
add to the FAQ), feel free. Below are some ways that you can reach me. Keep in
mind that I may not get back to you immediately if you e-mail me. But I'll
respond as soon as possible. Also, if e-mailing, be sure to put "N3 FAQ" in
the subject line so that I can be sure to notice your e-mail.

Main E-mail Address:
(do NOT send attachments here)
Secondary E-mail Address:
(use this address if you send any attachments)

AOL Instant Messenger: Faellamor
MSN Messenger:

If you plan to contact me by using an instant messaging service, please be
clear. In your very first message, write something like "Hi, I'm using your
N3 FAQ and I have a question." Please don't just pop up with "Hi." and make me
ask a ton of questions just to figure out who you are, how you found my screen
name, and what you want, when all of that could be cleared up with your first
message. Remember, the sooner you get to your question, the sooner I can try to
help you.

03.) Disclaimor/Copyrights

Ninety-Nine Nights belongs to Q Entertainment and Phantagram, not me. I am in
no way connected to or affiliated with the creators of this game, nor do I
claim any rights or ownership of it. This is a fan-created walkthrough.

The actual writing in this FAQ belongs to me. Please do not attempt to copy it
and call it your own work. Feel free to download it, save it to your computer,
print it out, etc. to use for personal purposes. Do NOT redistribute this FAQ
in any way. That means do not place it on your website (or anyone else's
website for that matter) or e-mail it to people. If you know someone who would
like to use it, it's far more simple to send them a link to where they can
download it themselves. Currently, it should only be available on Gamefaqs.

If you find it somewhere else, please e-mail me with a link to where you found
it so that I can check it out. I'll never name you as the person who "told on"
the other website. If you'd like to put this FAQ on your website, e-mail me to
ask and send a link to your site.

Do NOT for any reason attempt to sell this guide for a profit. This is illegal
and just plain rude to boot.

04.) Controls

The controls for N3 are incredibly simple and intuitive, but it's always handy
to have a list of what each button does, and how to control you character when
you're starting a new game.

Left Stick - Controls your character

Right Stick - Controls the camera

X - Normal Attack

Y - Power Attack

B - Orb Attack or Orb Spark

A - Jump or Confirm selections

Left Trigger - Block or Reset camera angle

Right Trigger - Special move

Left/Right Bumpers - Summon or Release guards

Directional Pad - Command guards to attack (Up) or Command guards to defend

Start - Pause or Access the in-game menu

05.) The Battle System

The Battle System of N3 is very simple and easy to use. Within seconds of
playing, you should feel very comfortable with it. It is possible to simply
wade through the hordes of enemies mashing X and Y repeatedly, and beat the
entire game that way. But that would get fairly difficult in the later
missions. To successfully complete the game, you need to make use of the
various combos and special attacks available.

As your character runs into battle, hundreds of enemies will swarm him/her. It
is up to you whether to have your guards attack relentlessly or attempt to
defend you. Regardless, you would be foolish to rely heavily on them in
combat. In general, they are not terribly powerful and you'll end up killing
most enemies yourself. Luckily, even the "Normal Attack" is rather powerful
and can hit many enemies at a time. Still yet, there are many aspects of the
battle system that allow you to wipe out hundreds of enemies in a matter of

First of all, you can use combos. To use combos, you mash X and/or Y in various
sequences. For example: X X Y Y Y will perform a powerful combo attack. Simply
mashing them randomly, alternating between buttons every few seconds, will
generally end up performing most combos without much effort, but you stand a
much better chance of performing the combo you want if you count your button
presses. As you defeat more enemies and your level increases, more combos will
become available over the course of the game.

Another important element of combat is the Orb Attack and the Orb Spark. You
may notice early in gameplay that small red orbs of light are flying into your
character as he/she moves around. Don't worry, you are not being attacked. The
orbs are actually very beneficial to you. Every enemy you kill will release an
orb and the orbs will automatically go to your character (you don't have to
manually collect them). When you gather a certain amount of orbs, the Orb Meter
(a bar that fills with the color red, near your HP Meter) will grow. When it
completely fills and begins to flash, it means you can use the Orb Attack.
Press the B button and your character will begin to glow and the whole screen
looks somewhat blurry. In this state, your character's normal X or Y attacks
become extremely powerful, often wiping out entire groups of enemies with ease.
Your speed is also increased in this state. When the Orb Meter drops back down,
you return to your original state and must begin collecting red orbs again to
enter this state again.

Whenever you kill enemies with the Orb Attack, they emit blue orbs, rather than
red. They enter your character in the same way, and fill a secondary Orb Meter
(it fills with the color blue, and is located near your red Orb Meter). When
this blue Orb Meter is full press B and you can use the Orb Spark. This is a
one-time attack that is ridiculously powerful and will generally kill every
enemy nearby (the exception, of course, is bosses). The down side to this
attack is that it takes a long time to fill the blue Orb Meter so you usually
don't get to use the Orb Spark more than once per mission. The final benefit to
collecting orbs is that the more orbs you gather, the faster you will level up.

Aside from the main combat techniques, there are more aspects to the battle
system of N3. In the vein of RPG's, your character will gain levels. When
he/she gains a level, their stats will increase. Most noticeably, they will
have more HP, access to more combos, and could possibly have more accessory
slots with which to equip more stat-boosting items. There are also certain
weapons that are only available for use when the character reaches a specific

As for the accessories, there are a variety of items you can find on the battle
field as you defeat your enemies that can be equipped onto your character. Some
items will increase your character's max HP, or increase their attack power,
defensive power, item drop rate, etc. Your character will start out with only
one or two accessory slots, but as they level up, more slots will open up so
that you can equip more helpful items. You can then decide how to build up your
character. Will you equip all attack power-boosting items to create a raging
power-house? Or will you equip all defense-boosting items to make your
character hard to kill? I personally like to balance it out by using many
different types of items, but you're encouraged to make your own choices,
allowing for some customization.

Aside from equipable items, there are other types of items found on the battle
field. The most common will be potions (to recover HP) and items that
temporarily increase specific stats. Some items will give you higher attack
power for a certain amount of time, or temporarily increase your speed. There
is even an item called the "Angel Wings" that makes your character completely
invulnerable for a brief period of time.

The battle system of N3 is simple yes, but as you dig deeper and become more
accustomed to the various aspects of it, you'll find that it is surprisingly
complex as well. Use all of these aspects to customize your experience to your
playing style.

06.) The Menu

You can access the in-game menu by pressing the Start button at any time. This
also pauses the game.

The menu serves several functions that are important to the game. The first
option is "Resume", which takes you back to the game (unpausing it). The second
option is the "Status" section, which I'll elaborate on below. The third option
is "Combo Attacks", which basically lists all the combos available to your
character at the current time, including the button sequences needed to
perform them (this is very handy!). The fourth option is "Controls", which
allows you to change the button configuration of the controller. The fifth
option is "Options", which allows you to customize certain aspects, such as
how to move the camera (you can leave it on "normal" or change it to
"opposite", which means the camera swings in the opposite direction of how you
tilt the Right Stick; handy if you're used to other games that control the
camera in this way). The sixth option is "Objectives", which lists the things
you need to accomplish in the current mission. This is useful if you find
yourself lost or if you forgot what you were supposed to be doing. The seventh
option, "Select Mission", stops the game and returns you to the Select Mission
screen. The last option is "Quit", which quite obviously stops the game and
returns you to the Start screen.

Now, the only option that needs more explaining is the "Status" option. This
option takes you to a screen displaying your current character and their basic
stats. You can view their current level, their HP level (current and max),
and the current number of orbs they have obtained. You also use the "Status"
section to equip weapons and accessories. By selecting the current weapon
equipped, you will see a list of available weapons to equip, and with each
choice, information about how that weapon changes your stats. Select the
weapon you want to use and it will be equipped to your character. If for
some reason the weapon cannot be equipped, you will be told so. In the same
fashion, you can equip different accessories. The current number of slots you
have available will be displayed (available slots look like empty circles,
unavailable slots look like thick dashes), and you can select a slot to see a
list of items that you can equip, along with info on how each item changes
your stats.

07.) Characters

You must begin the game with Inphyy and complete her missions in order to
unlock other characters. Luckily, she is a strong character who is easy to use.
Inphyy equips swords and has fast, powerful combos. She's one of the quickest
characters in the game, making her a breaze to play as. Her normal attacks are
strong enough to deal with a lot of problems without even having to use a
combo. But you'll realize quickly that she has a huge variety of useful combos,
so practice them to use Inphyy to her full potential.

Inphyy is a prominent member of the Temple Knights and is highly dedicated to
her mission and her people. She is the younger stepsister of Aspharr, and while
the two of them care about each other very much (to the point that another
character seems to think romantic feelings between them are possible; they are
not related by blood after all), they often disagree on their ideas of justice.
It's also interesting that Inphyy's personality is rather different, depending
on which character you're playing as. While playing as Inphyy herself, she is
depicted as a stern, almost harsh commander who will stop at nothing to
accomplish her goals. While playing as Aspharr, Inphyy seems more like a brash,
hot-headed youth who likes to show off.

After you complete Inphyy's third mission, you will be able to play as
Aspharr. He is very powerful, with quick attacks capable of plowing through
numerous enemies. He equips spears, giving him a slightly broader attack range
than Inphyy. I've also found Aspharr's Orb Attack moves to be more powerful and
more useful than Inphyy's.

Aspharr is a very kind, compassionate man who often finds himself at odds with
his more violent stepsister. He doesn't like killing (though he will kill his
enemies in battle) and is unhappy with the war. He tries to spare as many
lives as possible while protecting his own people, and will go out of his way
to help others in need.

Myifee becomes available after completing Inphyy's fifth mission. He is very
powerful, using brute force and strength. His Orb Attack and Orb Spark moves
are extremely powerful and possibly more effective than Inphyy's or Aspharr's.
The major drawback to Myifee is that he has slow movement. It's easy for him
to get surrounded and be attacked from behind. Luckily his Orb Attack/Spark
moves can target the whole area around him. I've also noticed that his Orb
Meters fill up more quickly than the other characters.

Myifee is at first a laid back, careless guy who joined the Mercenaries for
all the wrong reasons. But as you get to know him, you realize that he is
kind and willing to endanger himself to help those who cannot help themselves.
He's very different from Inphyy or Aspharr, who seem so refined. Myifee is
a little wilder, a little more rugged.

Dwingvatt becomes available after completing Myifee's missions. He's one of the
easiest characters to play, mainly because he is lightning fast and has good
combos, a great Orb Attack, and a nice Orb Spark. It's literally hard for your
enemies to even touch you when playing as Dwingvatt, as long as you keep him
moving. Dwingvatt seems to level up a little faster than the other characters.

Dwingvatt is a goblin, a very rare goblin born with human-like skin. His older
brother, whom he looked up to and was very close to, was killed by Inphyy. So
of course, this provokes a desire for revenge in Dwingvatt. It's a very unique
and fascinating experience to play as Dwingvatt, because he is on the "bad"
side, and yet he seems more like a noble hero than most of the characters on
the "good" side. He helps those who need it, and he fights hard for his
people. To me, he was easier to root for than most of the other characters.

Klarrann becomes available after completing Dwingvatt's missions. He's strong
and carries a heavy, powerful weapon. He's somewhat slow, cannot jump, and his
normal attacks tend to leave his back open. But he has excellent combos, many
of which seem to incorporate magical attacks. His Orb Attack and Orb Spark are
powerful as well. If you can learn to use his combos, you can use him

Klarrann is a human priest who once lived a violent life. He turned his life
around and is now devoted to helping others and defending his people. He is
kind and compassionate, like Aspharr, yet he understands war and that lives
must be lost in order to win.

Tyurru becomes available (along with Klarrann) after completing Dwingvatt's
missions. You will either hate her or love her, depending on your personal play
style. At first, it seems as though Tyurru is extremely weak and you will think
it is impossible to complete her missions, but once you learn how to use her,
she becomes more effective. She relies on water magic, and has no real physical
attacks to speak of. Her most useful ability is to "glide" in the air on her
staff for a brief period of time. This can get her out of danger quickly.

Tyurru is a sweet young girl who happens to be very confident in her abilities.
She doesn't understand what war is really about, until she heads into battle
and see's it for herself. She simply wants to help those around her and bring
an end to the war, and she gradually learns along the way that fighting may be
the only way to attain peace.

Vigk Vagk
Vigk Vagk is the "secret character", the final one to become available. He is
unlocked after you complete all of Tyurru's missions AND all of Klarrann's
missions. He is a troll, whom you will fight several times over the course of
the game while playing other characters. He has incredible strength and such a
high defense that very few enemies (even among bosses) will be able to do any
damage at all to him. His normal attacks are enough to deal with most anything,
but he also has some useful combos (allowing him to pull off some of the moves
that killed you while playing other characters). His only real drawback is that
he moves rather slowly.

When I first read that Vigk Vagk was going to be the last playable character, I
was disappointed because I didn't expect him to have much personality. I
thought he was just going to be a "gimmick" character. But I was surprised to
discover that he has one of the most touching, heart-breaking stories of all.
He's a very deep character, so I'll avoid spoilers and let you discover it for

08.) Walkthrough

Here is the meat of this FAQ, the walkthrough. There are some things I'd like
to point out before going further:

1. This walkthrough is, for the most part, spoiler-free. If I absolutely must
spoil something in order to explain something important to gameplay, I'll be
sure to include a spoiler warning that will look like this: !!SPOILER WARNING!!
I will then put this at the end of the spoiler: !!END SPOILER WARNING!! As of
right now, I don't foresee any reason to spoil anything, so it shouldn't be a

2. As I said before, I am not an expert at this game. This is actually the
first game of this type that I've ever played. This walkthrough is intended
for those who are new to this game and need a little help figuring out exactly
where to go and what to do. It is not designed for seasoned players looking
for detailed statistics or strategies for getting every single item or even
how to get perfect S ranks on all missions.

3. Speaking of rank, I am not going to focus on trying to get a perfect S rank
in this walkthrough. What rank you get depends on many things, so I'll let you
decide whether or not you want to put in the extra effort to get better ranks.
Currently, I have never gotten under a B rank, and almost always get A or S
ranks, so I don't feel that this walkthrough will "mess up" your rank. It is
only a guide for getting through the game. However, I have included a few
tips here and there for improving your rank in each mission.

4. I will sometimes use the terms east, west, etc. When I use these terms, I
am referring to directions on the map. In case you don't know, east is to
the right and west is to the left. Note that this will not always be your
character's left or right, but simply the direction on the map. If I say "to
your left" or "to the right", I am generally talking about your character's
left or right. If you find any of my directions confusing, you can always rely
on the glowing dots on the map, as they will always indicate where enemies are
and for the most part, where you should be heading.

Basic Tips

Here are some basic tips and pointers for getting through the game safely.
Please keep in mind that all of these don't work all the time, but I've found
that they are generally helpful in most situations.

1. Use the Orb attack as often as possible. Every time the red Orb Meter fills,
use it! Unless there are only a small number of enemies around, you should
always use it immediately. The more often you use it, the more blue orbs you
can collect, and the more often you can use the Orb Spark. Always try to lure
as many enemies together as possible before using it though.

2. Save the Orb Spark attack for when your character is surounded by lots (and
I mean LOTS) of enemies. Never use it on small groups of enemies, as it would
be a huge waste. I also don't recommend using it on bosses unless they are
joined by a fairly large group of enemies. Some Orb Spark attacks will
actually miss the boss, therefore being wasted, and you get a better rank if
you kill a lot of enemies with the Orb Spark.

3. Keep your eyes peeled for items to appear on the battle field. Although they
will sparkle, they are often hard to spot amidst all the chaos of combat. If
you think you may have seen an item, run slightly away from the main area of
battle and rotate the camera around to scan the area. Items will sometimes
disappear if left alone for too long. You don't want to miss a great item!

4. If a boss appears along with an army of lesser enemies, rush into the midst
of the lesser enemies and fight enough to charge up your red Orb Meter. It also
gives you the possibility of finding a potion or other helpful item. As soon as
the Orb Meter is full, run back to the boss and unleash the Orb Attack on them.
Then return to the lesser enemies and repeat the process. Do this until there
are no lesser enemies left.

5. If you have a character with you helping (Heppe, for example) during a boss
battle, and you are low on HP, you might want to pull back from the battle
and attempt to avoid the boss for a while, allowing your helper character to
whittle down the boss's HP. This isn't extremely effective, but it could buy
you some precious time to go looking for a potion.

6. You get the chance to save after each mission. There are no save points or
check points during missions, so keep that in mind. Yes, if you screw up at
the end of a mission, you'll have to replay it from the beginning. For the
most part, this won't be a huge issue. But please be aware that you must have
a separate save file for each character! If you overwrite another character's
save file, it will erase all progress you made with that particular character!
For example, if you have Inphyy at level eight, and overwrite her save file
with Aspharr at level two, you'll start out as level one the next time you play
as Inphyy. All of her weapons/items will be gone as well. Please don't forget
this! Something neat, however, is that your ranks will still be saved once you
start playing again as the character who's save file you accidentally deleted.
For example, if you accidentally save over Myifee's game, then start a new
game as him, you'll notice that the ranks you received before will still be
recorded. It's nice to know that if you got all S ranks with a particular
character, you don't have to get them again if you save over their file. (I
found this out when my nephew saved over my Myifee file).

7. You can actually adjust the difficulty of each mission. There is a trick to
doing it. When you select a mission, you'll see a loading screen. Beside the
name of the mission you're going to, you'll see the level of the mission. If
you're struggling with a particular mission, let yourself get killed three
times in a row, always using the "retry" function, and the fourth time you
select the mission, the level will be lower. For example, if the level started
at three, after you die three times and retry for the fourth, it'll be at level
two. You can repeat this as many times as you need to get it down to the level
you want. This doesn't affect your rank either. This tip was first told to me
on the Gamefaqs message board by sherryj80.

8. Sometimes a cut scene will occur while you are fighting. If it does, keep
mashing the attack button throughout the cut scene, because in some cases, as
the cut scene ends and the game returns to the battle screen, you'll be
attacked while the screen is still black, before you can see anything. This is
annoying, yes, but if you're already mashing the attack button, you'll greatly
lessen your chances of being attacked during this. Also, if a cut scene
interrupts an Orb Attack, I've noticed that when you return to battle, your
Orb Meter will be half full or more, depending on how long you used the Orb
Attack before the cut scene, instead of being empty. So no, a cut scene will
not completely ruin an Orb Attack.

9. If you get stuck on a mission and can't beat it no matter what you try, the
general rule of thumb in this game is to go back to previous missions and level
up twice, then return to the mission you were stuck on. You have no idea how
much those two levels will help. If even that doesn't help, feel free to e-mail
me and ask for advice. I'll try my best to help you out.


Mission One: Divine Varrfarrinn

When you begin the game, you are told to select a character. At first, you must
choose Inphyy, so go ahead and select her. You will see a brief introductory
cut scene, then the mission will start. Since this is the first mission, it is
very easy and relatively short. Each mission will have one primary goal or
objective, and several smaller objectives throughout. You can always view the
current objectives by pressing Start and going to the "Objectives" section.
Also, as new objectives arise, you will be notified via text that appears on
the screen. This is all very easy to follow.

At the beginning of most missions, you can choose what sort of guard units to
take with you. Your choices are Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Pikemen, and Archers.
Personally, I have the best luck using Heavy Infantry and Archers, though there
is no specific "right" group for any given mission. Experiment and see what
works best for you. Note that you cannot choose your guards on the first

When the first mission begins, Inphyy will be on the battlefiled with her guard
units. Your first objective is to kill fifty enemies. In the lower right corner
of the screen is the current number of enemies you've killed. Just rush forward
and into the large group of enemies, hacking and slashing away. It shouldn't
take long at all to kill fifty of them. When you do, you'll be notified via
text on the screen (the text is somewhat small, so you might miss it).

After this, you see a small cut scene and you'll get your next objective, to
kill the enemy archers. Be careful not to confuse the enemy archers and your
own archers (you can't attack your own, but it's just a waste of time if you
run to the wrong hill and start attacking your archers). The enemy archers
will be in the direction of the blue flag in the distance, on a hill. There
are two groups of them, and while fighting them you will have to defeat
Grorgonn. He is easy to beat, but you can use your Orb Attack if you're
having trouble. In this area, there are two treasure chests, so make use of
them when you need to. Make sure you wipe out ALL of the Archers.

Once the Archers are all dead, it will trigger another cut scene, and your
next and final objective will be to defeat Aspharr. If you used your Orb
Attack on Grorgonn, I recommend that you wade back into the thick of fighting
and build your Orb Meter back up before facing Aspharr. In the beginning, at
your low level, he is not easy to beat, though he is not hard either. Once
you feel like you can face him, follow the large yellow arrow (it will more
than likely point to Aspharr, if not, find another yellow arrow). Aspharr
will stand out because he is wearing bright blue clothing. Unleash your
Orb Attack and mash X and Y as fast as you can. Don't let up on Aspharr for
a second. If your HP starts getting lower, run away from him as quickly as
possible and begin fighting lesser enemies to recharge your Orb Meter or
to perhaps find a potion. You could also press down on the directional pad
to summon your guards to help defend you. Personally, I didn't have much
trouble with Aspharr even on my first play through (when replaying, after
leveling up a little, he's barely tougher than regular goblins in my

Once Aspharr is defeated, you'll see a brief cut scene and the mission will
end. You'll see your mission results (rank, stats, etc.) and you'll get the
chance to save. You'll see another cut scene before your next mission
becomes available to you.

Mission Two: The Eaurvarria Mountains

When this mission begins, you'll be facing a group of goblins. Run forward and
begin fighting them. After a few minutes, a cut scene will occur and you'll be
separated from Aspharr and his soldiers. Your main objective in this mission is
to meet back up with Aspharr. If you look at your map in the top-right corner
of the screen, you'll see that there are two paths on this level that join
together toward the top. At the point where they join together and become one
path is where you will meet with Aspharr, so head there.

As you move up the path, you'll face several more groups of goblins. None of
them are very hard to defeat. Remember to use your Orb Attack as often as
possible. Eventually you'll reach the point where the paths become one, and
you'll be attacked by a massive group of goblins and a troll. Begin fighting,
killing as many of the goblins as possible while evading the troll. Try to
build up your Orb Attack. If possible, build up your blue Orb Meter and use
the Orb Spark (this increases your chances of getting a good rank). After a
little while, Aspharr will appear to help you out.

The troll can be tough at lower levels. His attacks are fairly strong and he's
hard to attack. If he begins attacking you, dash away, then run around behind
him and begin attacking his back. Pound him with combos, or the Orb Attack if
you have it ready. If you start getting low on HP, hang back and let Aspharr
do most of the work. Something you should note is that there are some items
beyond the troll, so if you want to get them, make sure you do so BEFORE you
defeat the troll. Once the troll is dead, the mission will automatically end.
This is also why I said to fight the rest of the goblins before tackling the
troll. Remember, the more orbs you get, the faster you level up, and the
better your rank.

When you're ready to end the mission, go ahead and kill the troll, using the
strategy above.

Mission Three: Fort Wyandeek

You will begin the mission in a dry, rocky outside area. There will be a LOT
of enemies in this area, but they shouldn't pose much of a problem at this
point. Your first objective is to defeat two Goblin Captains. Run foward and
defeat the goblins in the area, then head east. You'll come to another group
of goblins, and a dead end. In this group is the first Goblin Captain. He isn't
very tough so kill him quickly. Head back toward the west.

Toward the west (following the red dots on the map), you'll encounter more
goblins. Watch out for rolling boulders. You'll find the second Goblin Captain
here, so kill him then wipe out the rest of the goblins. You'll be notified
that a gate has opened, so head back to the east (not all the way to the dead
end, but back to where you started the mission), then go north through the now
open gate. Once you step inside the gate, you'll be attacked by a gigantic group
of enemies. Make use of the Orb Attack and Orb Spark if they are available. This
is also a great chance to get items that enemies drop, as you'll be killing LOTS
of enemies here. Once you've cleared out most of the goblins, head west. You'll
be told to defeat the Orc Corporal. He is joined by another large group of
enemies, so plow through them.

Once the Orc Corporal is defeated, you'll be notified that another gate has
opened. Follow the red dot on the map to get to the opened gate. Inside, there
will be many more enemies, and you'll be told to defeat the archers. There are
two main groups of goblin archers in the distance, plus a lot more goblins
attacking you from all sides. Dash over to the archers and destroy both groups,
as they will shoot arrows at you while you're dealing with the other goblins if
you don't get rid of them first. Make your way west here and you'll see Tyurru
fighting goblins. She'll aid you in wiping out another large group of enemies.

Now go back to where you first entered this particular gate and go on to the
eastern area to defeat more goblins. Once they are defeated, you'll be told
that another gate is opened, so go back a little west, then north to enter the
opened gate. In here you'll be told to defeat another Orc Corporal. You'll see
Klarrann here and he will aid you in fighting the Orc Corporal. Once that is
finished, another gate will open. Head north, toward the red dot to go through
the gate.

In this area, you'll be told to kill the three goblin wizards "at the altar".
If you look at your map, you'll see a central path leading to the
northern-most area. You'll also see a path on the west side that leads to the
north-western corner. If you use that western path, you'll have to fight your
way up the hill only to reach a village area where civillians are running
around trying to escape and a few goblin soldiers have blended in with them.
There is a treasure chest here, but it's only a mildly useless item and in
my opinion not worth the trouble. I recommend fighting most of the way up,
mainly because you can collect a lot of orbs for leveling and you get a cut
scene that makes the whole mission a little more interesting (and makes you
think a little more about the goblins in general). But once you come to the
village area, turn around and head back down. Or you can wade through the
village to the back to get the chest. It's up to you. Either way, go back
down the hill.

Now, fight your way up the hill in the center path, toward the top northern
part of the map. Watch out for rolling boulders as you go. When you reach the
top, there will be more goblins, and the three goblin wizards you were told
to defeat. When you kill all three wizards, the mission will automatically
end, so if you want to gather more orbs for leveling (and to raise your
chances of getting that S rank, thereby getting the Divine Tiarra), kill the
other goblins before tackling the wizards.

After the wizards are defeated, the mission will be completed. Once this
mission is cleared, Aspharr will be unlocked as a playable character. For
those who don't know, this does not mean that you can play out the next few
missions as Aspharr. This simply means that you can stop playing Inphyy's
missios right now and start Aspharr's missions. Each character has their own
set of missions to complete, and Inphyy has three more. I strongly recommend
finishing Inphyy's missions before using Aspharr, as you are now used to her
fighting style and moves. But the decision is yours.

Mission Four: Outside Wyandeek

This is a short, easy mission to complete. But since it is short, you don't
have much time get that S rank. At the beginning of the mission, you'll be told
to pursue the goblin troops. In front of you, you should see a group of goblins
running away (slightly toward the west). Run straight for them as quickly as
you can and dash to the very front of their group, then start attacking. If you
can get to the front of the group, ensuring that none of them get away, you'll
probably get a better rank.

Before you even get the chance to wipe them all out, you'll be attacked by a
huge group of goblins. You're told to destroy the enemy, so begin fighting
them. You should be using your Orb Attack often. Once you clear the area, your
new objective is to find the enemy camp. Look on your map for the red square.
This is the enemy camp. Run to it, and when you enter, you'll be swarmed by
a gigantic horde of goblins. Don't be intimidated, as goblins are weak. This
is simply a good opportunity to use your Orb Attack and Orb Spark to get more
blue orbs (thereby getting a good rank). You'll be told to destroy the enemy
leader, so look for the Goblin Captain. He's easy to beat. Keep fighting and
you'll eventually run into another Goblin Captain. Note that once you defeat
him, the goblins will begin fleeing. I suggest that you clear out as many
goblins as possible before fighting the Goblin Captain. Once you do so, and
the goblins begin fleeing, you'll be told to defeat as many fleeing enemies
as you can. You don't have much time, so pursue the little red dots on the
map to find the fleeing goblins and try to kill them all. After a few seconds
the mission will end.

Mission Five: Pholya Flatlands

This is the first mission in the game that gave me some trouble. I was so used
to everything being easy that I didn't expect to be killed. I strongly
recommend that you go back and repeat some of the earlier missions until you
level up at least once. Get some items, practice combos, try to get better
ranks, etc. A great and helpful item to try for is the Divine Tiarra, which
you get if you complete the Fort Wyandeek mission with an S rank (which is not
terribly hard to do). It would be a huge help in mission five.

You begin this mission in what looks like an open field, with a river in front
of you. Race toward the river to get a treasure chest on the bank. Across the
river, hordes of enemies are rushing toward you. Meet them in the river and
begin fighting. Wipe out as many as you can, building up your Orb Meter if
possible. Soon you'll see a cut scene indicating that a troll is on the way.
In actuality, TWO trolls are on their way. On the other side of the river,
you'll see them approaching with two different groups of goblins and other
enemies. Rush out to meet one group, and try to take down the first troll.
The key to this part of the mission is to never let both trolls corner you.
If that happens, dash out of their way very quickly or you're as good as
dead. Do not try to fight them both at one time, so lure one away from the
other. It's best if you can take down the first troll before the other one
reaches you, but unless you're at a very high level and using a great weapon,
that's probably not possible. Still yet, it's good to have a head start. Just
keep pounding away at one of them. Once you pick one, keep your eye on him
and stay focused on him, letting your guard units and Aspharr keep the other
one busy. Many times while playing this mission, Aspharr took out one of the
trolls for me, without me having to fight it at all (and this doesn't affect
your rank, I got an S rank even when this happened). Before long, the Arphann,
along with the dragons, will appear. Fight fast and hard, using combos and
the Orb Attack to take out as many enemies as possible. This will greatly help
you in leveling up, and getting a good rank. If you're lucky, you'll kill a
couple of dragons while using the Orb Attack.

Once you wipe out the Arphann, the dragons will retreat. Now you'll see a cut
scene of Dwingvatt approaching. Rush toward the big red dot on the map, back
across the river. You'll first see Dwingvatt, followed soon after by a horde
of goblins and orcs. Dwingvatt is very fast and hard to catch in a combo. His
attacks are somewhat powerful, though I didn't have a big problem with him,
even on my first playthrough. Just be sure to keep moving and keep attacking.
Don't let up on him. If you're having any trouble with him, hang back and kill
a few lesser enemies to build up your Orb Attack again and let Aspharr do some
of the work.

Once Dwingvatt is defeated, there may be a few goblin wizards lurking around,
so kill them quickly because another boss is approaching and you don't want to
be fooling around with the wizards when he gets there. The last boss of this
mission, Dwykfarrio, will arrive very soon after, and he can be somewhat tough
the first time you play. He's fast, but not nearly as fast as Dwingvatt, so in
my opinion this fight goes more quickly. It's pretty easy to catch him in a
combo, so keep getting behind him and attacking with everything you have. It's
also fairly easy to knock him down, so run over and attack relentlessly as he
is trying to get up. If he starts to glow or it looks like he's about to do
some kind of attack, dash away until he's done, then dash back in and continue.

Once Dwykfarrio is defeated, the mission will end. When this mission ends, you
will unlock Myifee as a playable character. As I explained above when Aspharr
was unlocked, I really recommend finishing out Inphyy's missions before starting
new missions, because at this point you are used to her. But again, it's up to

Mission Six: Ywa-Ue-Uar Forest

When you first begin this mission and take a look at the map, you may be
concerned that it will be a long, frustrating mission. It's not that bad, so
don't worry. At several points in this mission, Inphyy will be automatically
transported to a different section of the map.

Begin the mission by heading north on the map. It's not really that important
where you go (unless you're exploring, looking for items). Just start fighting.
Run around, fighting groups of enemies, gathering orbs, etc. As soon as you
defeat 400 or more enemies, you'll automatically be transported to the middle
area of the map. Run forward just a little and you'll be faced with the first
boss fight, Ppakk the Third and the Pwuck.

This boss fight can be difficult at lower levels (though your level shouldn't
be too low at this point). Your first step is to eliminate the Pwuck. Dive in
and wipe them out. This is to gather more orbs (the battle will be over once
Ppakk is dead, thus you can get no more orbs from the Pwuck), to prevent them
from attacking you while you're fighting Ppakk, and to possibly ready your Orb
Attack. Once the Pwuck are all dead, start attacking Ppakk. The strategy that
worked for me was to constantly get behind Ppakk and pound him with combos and
even just normal attacks. Your guards and Heppe will lend a hand, and they're
great for keeping him distracted. If you HP starts to get low, dash away from
the battle and take a breather, letting Heppe whittle away some of Ppakk's HP.
Then dash back in and finish him off. The main attacks to watch out for are
when he jumps into the air and lands on you (if you see him jump into the air,
be sure to dash out of the way before he lands) and when he shoots what looks
like acid from his mouth (dash away, out of the range of his attack, then run
around behind him, as this is an excellent opportunity to attack his back).

Once Ppakk is defeated, Inphyy will automatically be transported again, this
time to the area in the top-left corner of the map. Here, you will be in very
dense fog, so dense that you can't see much of what's around you. On your map,
head south. You'll eventually be attacked by a strange group of enemies that
have been dubbed the "army of the night". They look menacing but they're not
too bad. Just dive in and attack as if they were goblins. Keep moving and
don't worry if you can't even see what you're attacking, just keep fighting!
After only a short time, they will retreat. Head south a little more and
you'll see a cut scene. Now you'll be transported to the top-right area of
the map. We're very close to the end now.

Head toward the very top-right corner of the map. You'll have to fight through
a few more groups of enemies (a lot of goblins, goblin wizards, etc.). Nothing
too bad. Try to keep your HP up, as you'll need it in a little while. Also try
to build up your Orb Attack, then save it. If you have enough HP for it, try
to kill as many enemies as possible.

Keep moving toward that top-right corner, and you'll eventually arrive at the
end. Dwykfarrio is there waiting for you, and he has a small army of goblins
and goblin wizards with him. If you have that Orb Attack ready, use it now to
wipe out all of the lesser enemies. The wizards in particular will be a problem
if you let them live. They can cast spells on you from afar while you're trying
to fight Dwykfarrio, which is very annoying. So at the very least, kill them by
any means possible.

Now begin your attack on Dwykfarrio. He's fairly similar to the way he was in
the last mission. Fast, but not so fast that he's hard to catch. His attacks
seemed a little more powerful here, so make sure you dash away if he starts to
perform an attack. Try to catch him in a combo, and do your best to get behind
him as often as possible. Once he gets knocked down, you can repeatedly run
over and attack him as he's getting up to knock him back down. Once you start
this pattern, you can easily defeat him if you simply keep up the attacks and
never let up.

Once Dwykfarrio is defeated, the mission ends. Enjoy the cut scene!

As you clear Inphyy's missions, two more characters will be unlocked,
Aspharr and Myifee. It doesn't really matter who you choose first, but I
personally went with Aspharr, so I'll be dealing with his section in the
walkthrough before Myifee's. If you go with Myifee first, skip the Aspharr
section of the walkthrough and go straight to Myifee.


Mission One: Divine Varrfarrinn

Something you should know before tackling Aspharr's missions is that the story
is different when you play as him instead of Inphyy. He becomes commander of
the Temple Knights instead of Inphyy, so of course certain game events will
change. Also, instead of the linear fashion of Inphyy's missions, Aspharr gets
to choose to go to a completely different area, or follow a path more similar
to Inphyy's. Think of Aspharr's version of the game as an "alternate version"
of the story.

Also, with Aspharr, I cannot stress enough how useful his X,Y,Y,Y combo is.
Begin using it as soon as it is available to him (check the "Combo Attacks"
section of the menu). It's extremely effective in boss battles, even the
final boss of his last mission.

Now, the first mission for Aspharr is very similar to the first mission that
Inphyy faced. You start out on the same battlefield in Divine Varrfarrinn,
but this time you are on the opposite side. Your first task is to rush forward
and defeat Heppe. He is not difficult to beat, so don't waste your Orb Attack
if it's available.

You are then told to defeat the "enemies atop the hill". These are basically
the enemy archers, so run over to the opposite hill and wipe out both groups.
There are two treasure chests in this area, so be sure to use them!

After doing this, you are told to reinforce the troops in battle. Rush back
to the thick of the fighting, in the middle of the battle field, and start
hacking away. You'll see a cut scene letting you know that Inphyy is
approaching, so this is your cue to gather as many orbs as you can and try
to build up your Orb Meter (if you haven't used it yet, it should already
be full). Once your Orb Meter is full, find Inphyy and unleash your Orb
Attack. If you aim well and press Y, you'll end up taking a great deal of her
HP off. The battle is not very hard, so you should win fairly quickly. Also
of note is that each time I have defeated Inphyy in this mission, I never
had to completely deplete her HP. The mission ended when I got her down to
around one fifth of her HP.

The mission will end and you'll see a cut scene. Procede to the next mission.

Mission Two: The Eaurvarria Mountains

At the beginning of this mission, simply run forward and begin fighting the
goblins. They don't pose much of a challenge, but after a certain point they
will begin to run away. Chase after them and a cut scene will occur. After
that, Aspharr and his guard units will be separated from Inphyy and the rest
of the soldiers. Your main goal here is to meet back up with Inphyy. Use the
map in the top-right corner to make your way to the meeting point. If you
look closely, you'll see that there are two paths that eventually join together
near the top. Of course, when you reach the point where they join together,
you'll be at the meeting point.
Note: In this mission you can find a great weapon for Aspharr, the Knight
Lance. It is randomly dropped by enemies here, but the chances of you getting
it are incredibly high. Every single time I have done this mission, the lance
has been dropped. Without fail. Just be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Along the path you will run into several groups of goblins. They are not very
tough so take this time to experiment with new combos, gather items, etc. At
one point, you'll see two goblin wizards, and you are told to find them and
defeat them. Run in the direction you last saw them, wading through even more
goblins. You'll eventually find them, so defeat them quickly.

When you near the meeting point, your guards will inform you that there are
messengers on their way. You'll meet up with Inphyy, who will fight along
side you for a little while before a troll appears, along with more goblins.
Aspharr will command Inphyy to go and escort the messenger to them. Aspharr's
objective is now to defeat the troll before the messenger arrives. You'll see
a timer appear at the top of the screen, giving you 95 seconds. Even with the
timer, defeating the troll is no problem if you keep hitting him with combos
or Orb Attacks. The battle will end shortly after, triggering a cut scene.

At this point, you are given a choice. You can continue on to Fort Wyandeek
as you did in Inphyy's missions, or you can choose to go to Castle of
Varrvasarr. I personally chose to go to Castle of Varrvasarr, just for the
sake of having a little variety, but the choice is yours. Below are
walkthroughs for both. Just choose your path.

After making your choice, the mission ends. Please note that anytime you want
to switch between going to Varrvasarr or Fort Wyandeek, all you need to do is
repeat this mission and make the other choice. You don't have to make another
save file. For instance, if you go to Varrvasarr first, and decide you want
to try Fort Wyandeek, go back and repeat this mission, then choose Fort
Wyandeek. You can switch as many times as you like on the same save file.

Mission Three: Castle of Varrvasarr (Option #1)

If you chose to go to Castle of Varrvasarr, use this portion of the
walkthrough. If you chose to go to Fort Wyandeek, skip this part and scroll

Note: This mission is the first of Aspharr's that I initially had some trouble
with. I strongly recommend that you go back and repeat his first two missions
to level up and get some more items before trying this mission, just to save
yourself some time.

This mission begins with a cut scene. When it ends, run forward and to the left
to battle the Gewgs. They're a little tougher than the goblins/orcs, so be
careful. Keep an eye on your Orb Meter and be sure to use the Orb Attack as
often as possible so you can build up your blue Orb Meter. You'll need it
later. Once the Gewgs are defeated, you'll be told that Ppakk the Third has
arrived, and he is of course joined by the Pwuck. On the map, look for the
large red dot to know which direction to go.

One thing you should note about this mission, if you go in the opposite
direction of the main conflict at any time, you'll more than likely run into
other battles. If you want to build up your orb count (for leveling up) or try
to get more items, it's a good idea to take part in these battles. If you
simply follow the map, heading for the large red circles each time, the
mission will go quicker, but you'll get less orbs. The decision is yours.

Regardless, you should eventually go to fight the Pwuck and Ppakk. This is an
easy battle, as Ppakk is much easier to defeat here than he was in Inphyy's
last mission. The X,Y,Y,Y combo works great against him. Just try to keep
your HP up, as many more battles await you.

After defeating Ppakk and the Pwuck, you'll be told that the Arphann and the
dragons have arrived. Again, head for the large red circle on the map to
find your enemies. The Arphann are not terribly hard to beat, but the dragons
constantly flying over head, breathing fire at you, can pose a problem. Try
your best to kill a few of the dragons, as this can raise your rank. A good
way to kill them is to use the Orb Spark or the Orb Attack, if you time it
just right (use it right when you see one flying toward you). It's fairly
hard to jump up and attack one without using the Orb Spark/Attack, so I don't
recommend trying it. If you're running low on HP, don't bother with the
dragons and try killing some the next time you do this mission. Once you
wipe out the Arphann, the dragons will leave, whether or not you killed any.

Next, you'll be told that the main enemy forces have appeared, and you need
to defeat the Orc Chieftan. As you know, run toward the large red circle
on the map. If you've been saving your Orb Attack or Orb Spark, now is the
time to use it! The Chieftan can be difficult to beat, as his attacks are
powerful and take off a large amount of Aspharr's HP with just one hit.
Don't hold back or let up for a second. Concentrate on the lesser enemies to
build up your Orb Meter if you have to.

Once the Orc Chieftan is defeated, Dwingvatt and more goblins will appear.
Dwingvatt doesn't pose much of a problem, as his attacks aren't too
powerful. He is very fast though, and can be hard to keep up with. You'll
need to rotate the camera quickly and often to keep track of where he is.
Just keep attacking, using the X,Y,Y,Y combo whenever you get him cornered.

Dwingvatt will eventually retreat, and the mission will be over.


Mission Three: Fort Wyandeek (Option #2)

If you chose to go to Castle Varrvasarr, skip this portion of the walkthrough.

Note: The walkthrough for this mission will probably seem familiar to you.
That's because it was so strikingly similar to Inphyy's mission here that I
simply copied/pasted it and then made a few changes where the missions
differed. I wasn't just being lazy, I really saw no point in rewriting
something that's this similar to something I've already written. It would
actually be a struggle for me to come up with new ways to word it. That
being said, you should definitely read through this again because there ARE
changes, and fairly important ones at that.

You will begin the mission in a dry, rocky outside area. There will be a LOT
of enemies in this area, but they shouldn't pose much of a problem at this
point. Your first objective is to defeat two Goblin Captains. Run foward and
defeat the goblins in the area, then head east. You'll come to another group
of goblins, and a dead end. In this group is the first Goblin Captain. He isn't
very tough so kill him quickly. Head back toward the west (at this point, you
can go to the southern dead end on the map, which is right behind where you
started the mission, to find a treasure chest containing the Blue Lancer, a
decent weapon for Aspharr).

Toward the west (following the red dots on the map), you'll encounter more
goblins. Watch out for rolling boulders. You'll find the second Goblin Captain
here, so kill him then wipe out the rest of the goblins. There are two chests
here as well. You'll be notified that a gate has opened, so head back to the
east (not all the way to the dead end, but back to where you started the
mission), then go north through the now open gate. Once you step inside the
gate, you'll be attacked by a gigantic group of enemies. Make use of the Orb
Attack and Orb Spark if they are available. This is also a great chance to get
items that enemies drop, as you'll be killing LOTS of enemies here. Once you've
cleared out most of the goblins, head west. You'll be told to defeat the Orc
Corporal. He is joined by another large group of enemies, so plow through them.

Once the Orc Corporal is defeated, you'll be notified that another gate has
opened. Follow the red dot on the map to get to the opened gate. Inside, there
will be many more enemies, and you'll be told to defeat the archers. There are
two main groups of goblin archers in the distance, plus a lot more goblins
attacking you from all sides. Dash over to the archers and destroy both groups,
as they will shoot arrows at you while you're dealing with the other goblins if
you don't get rid of them first. Make your way west here and you'll see Tyurru
fighting goblins. She'll aid you in wiping out another large group of enemies.

Now go back to where you first entered this particular gate and go on to the
eastern area to defeat more goblins. Once they are defeated, you'll be told
that another gate is opened, so go back a little west, then north to enter the
opened gate. In here you'll be told to defeat another Orc Corporal. You'll see
Klarrann here and he will aid you in fighting the Orc Corporal. Once that is
finished, another gate will open. Head north, toward the red dot to go through
the gate.

In this area, you'll be told to kill the three goblin wizards "at the altar".
If you look at your map, you'll see a central path leading to the
northern-most area. You'll also see a path on the west side that leads to the
north-western corner. If you use that western path, you'll eventually reach
a chest containing an excellent weapon for Aspharr, the Crystal Spear. I think
it's definitely worth the hike up the western hill, but if you don't, just skip
this paragraph and move on to the next. If you ARE getting the Crystal Spear,
just fight your way up the hill on the western path, which is not very hard.
Unlike in Inphyy's mission, there will be no scattered civillians at the top of
the hill, so that's one less thing to worry about. Grab the spear and head back

Now, fight your way up the hill in the center path, toward the top northern
part of the map. Watch out for rolling boulders as you go. When you reach the
top, there will be more goblins, a troll, and the three goblin wizards you were
told to defeat. When you kill all three wizards, the mission will automatically
end, so if you want to gather more orbs for leveling (and to raise your chances
of getting that S rank, thereby getting that super-useful Hourglass), kill the
other goblins and the troll before tackling the wizards.

After the wizards are defeated, the mission will be completed.

Mission Four: Pholya Flatlands

This is easily my favorite mission. It's fairly short and takes place in wide
open spaces, no winding paths. It's also FULL of large hordes of enemies that
will fill your red and blue Orb Meters very quickly. If you want to show off
how good you are at this game to your friends, this is the mission to use, as
it's very easy to look like a pro here.

That being said, you'll begin the mission in a wide open area, facing a river.
Across the river, hordes of enemies are rushing toward you. Run toward the
river and you'll see a treasure chest right on the edge of the bank. By the
time you get it, the enemies should've made their way across the river, so just
lay into them. Like I said, filling your orb meters will be very easy here, so
hack and slash and enjoy yourself. You'll fight many different types of goblins,
orcs, Gewg, and Arphann. The dragons will also make another appearance. Just
keep fighting through them all. Myifee will appear and help out as well.

Eventually you'll have to fight the Orc Chieftan again (remember him from the
last mission?). I feel that he was easier to defeat here than last time. But
maybe it's just because I consistantly had a full Orb Meter. After defeating
the Orc Chieftan, you'll have to defeat Dwingvatt again. He's easy, so don't
waste your Orb Spark if you've been saving it. Then you'll be told that the
king of goblins, Dwykfarrio is there. If you have the Orb Spark or Orb Attack
ready, use it here. Dwykfarrio is not incredibly hard to beat in this mission,
but he is quick and has some relatively tough attacks. Luckily you can hang
back and let Inphyy and Myifee do a lot of the work if you run low on HP.
Remember to make use of that X,Y,Y,Y combo!

Dwykfarrio will retreat and the mission will end.

Mission Five: Ywa-Ue-Uar Forest

This mission gave me the most trouble of any mission thus far in the game. It
is much harder than Inphyy's mission here, despite being very similar. Unlike
Inphyy, Aspharr will not be automatically transported to different sections of
the map after getting four hundred kills. There is one occasion where he is
transported, but other than that, you have to wade through the whole, huge,
winding path. Also, you'll get three boss fights relatively close together,
and possibly with no healing items between (depending on whether or not an
enemy drops any). I fought through this mission three times, only to be killed
by the last boss, before coming back the fourth time and beating it. I highly
suggest going back and repeating some of the previous missions until you are
at least level seven. I personally leveled up to eight, to be on the safe side.
I also recommend making sure you at least have the Knight Lance (if you have a
better weapon, that's great!). Equip an accessory that raises the item drop
rate to improve your chances of getting more healing items, and also equip
item that increase your HP. The more you have, the more you can afford to lose.

Now, when you feel that you're prepared, begin the mission. I recommend taking
Archers in this mission, as there will be many cases where enemies will attack
from afar. In general you will be facing many small groups of enemies, rather
than large groups. This is annoying because it's harder to build up you Orb
Meters, and even when you do, you feel like it's a waste to use them on such
small groups.

When you start out, begin moving forward. Look at the map in the top right
corner. You should be aiming toward the north. It doesn't really matter which
path you take, as I didn't notice any substantial difference in difficulty from
one path to the next. You'll run into several small groups of enemies, and
many will approach you from behind. Make sure you wipe out ALL of the enemies
every time you are attacked. If you don't, your guard units might stay behind
to fight them and you'll end up separated from them. It's very easy to get lost
in this mission, so be careful. If you run from enemies and get in a hurry,
it's easier to get turned around without realizing it. Take your time and keep
an eye on the map.

When you reach the area close to the center of the map, you'll see a river or
lake. You'll then be notified that Ppakk the Third has arrived, along with
the other Pwuck. If you don't see them immediately, rotate the camera until
you do, then dive into the midst of them to fight. If you haven't built your
Orb Meter up, do so now, then attack Ppakk. He's not very difficult here, so
the battle should go quickly. He will sometimes do an attack where he jumps
into the air and lands on you. If you see him jump, be sure to get out of his
way, as this attack can do a decent amount of damage. Luckily, it's easy to
avoid. Use X,Y,Y,Y on him, as always.

After you defeat Ppakk, Aspharr will (finally) be automatically transported to
another area of the map. As with Inphyy, he'll be in the top left area of the
map, in the foggy area where it's hard to see where you're going. Use the map
to navigate, and begin heading south. A cut scene will trigger and you'll be
forced to fight the army of the night. They are not very difficult, so wipe
them out quickly. Unlike Inphyy (who only had Heppe to help her), Aspharr's
guard units will be there to help him out.

Once the army of the night are defeated, the fog will begin to clear a little.
On your map, begin to head toward the top right corner. You'll have to head
south a little, and take some more twisting paths. Eventually you'll be
attacked by a swarm of Arphann. This is your only chance to fight a large
group of enemies, so quickly build up your red Orb Meter, use the Orb Attack,
and build up your blue Orb Meter. There should be enough enemies to fill it up.

During the fight, you'll see Syumerrt (an Elf, not a Dark Elf) appear. He will
help you out here, and he's actually quite useful as he uses a lot of magic
attacks (in my opinion, he would've made a GREAT playable character). After
you defeat the Arphann, you'll encounter another boss fight. This time it's
Pyurrot, the Arphann commander. You'll see her approaching from across the
river. Again, Syumerrt will aid you. Still yet, this boss fight can be hard if
you aren't careful. Pyurrot is very fast and good at evading your attacks. It's
even hard to catch her in the X,Y,Y,Y combo. But for the most part, her attacks
aren't very powerful. The only move to watch out for is when she shoots red
energy from her hands. If you see red light coming from her, do NOT get in
front of her. Use this opportunity to attack her from behind. If you keep
getting behind her and hacking away, you shouldn't have too much trouble. If
need be, hang back and let your guard units + Syumerrt damage her for a while.

Once she is defeated, continue on (remember, you're heading toward the top
right corner of the map). It's easy to get turned around at this point and go
the wrong direction. Just stay focused on your map! Eventually you'll encounter
Inphyy and a cut scene. What happens here depends on where you went for your
third mission. If you went to Castle of Varrvasarr, Inphy will help you out
from here on. If you chose the other path, she won't. Regardless, continue on
your way, fighting more weak enemies (a few goblin wizards, mainly). There
aren't many more before the final boss.

When you finally reach the top right area, you'll see a cut scene showing the
final boss, Dwykfarrio. He is joined by a small group of goblin wizards. I
suggest that you immediately wipe out the wizards while the others are
attacking Dwykfarrio. The wizards will ruthlessly target Aspharr with tough
spells, knocking off a lot of your HP before you even get to the boss. As such,
they should be eliminated as soon as possible. You may also want to pause the
game and switch out any accessories that increase the item drop rate for those
that increase attack power or defense. At this point items are not that

Once the wizards have been dealt with, begin attacking Dwykfarrio. If you have
the Orb Spark or Orb Attack ready, use it! Dwykfarrio is very fast, and has
some powerful attacks (he's tougher here than in the last mission). But if you
keep your distance while he is performing big attacks (if he's glowing or
there seems to be power coming from him, that's your cue to stay far away) and
pound him with the X,Y,Y,Y combo whenever possible, you should eventually
defeat him. Try to attack him from behind while he's concentrating on your
guards, and if you see him get knocked down, run over and begin attacking as
he's trying to get up.

Note: Inphyy may or may not help you with this fight, depending on what you did
in the third mission.

Once you defeat Dwykfarrio, you'll see another cut scene and Aspharr's final
mission will end. Congratulations! The ending you see will, again, depend on
your third mission. Note that the ending you see if you go to Fort Wyandeek
instead of Castle of Varrvasarr is longer and more detailed.


Mission One: Felppe Village

Once you select Myifee, you'll view a nice cut scene, then you'll be in the
midst of Felppe Village. Orcs are attacking the town, and it's your job to
stop them. You must first begin by rescuing a little girl. She'll be clearly
identified by a text label on screen. Run directly to her and kill all the orcs
that come near her. After you wipe them all out, you'll see a cut scene and be
informed that the girl's mother is at the church, so your new mission is to
make your way to the church. Run deeper into the village, toward the red dots
on your map. As you go, you'll run into several small groups of orcs, so be
sure to kill them all to build up your Orb Meter and get items. There are
several treasure chests scattered around this area, near the houses, so keep an
eye out for them.

You should notice quickly that the little girl now has her own HP bar, so you
need to keep an eye on that as well. While I was playing, I never had trouble
with this as she was never attacked, but I assume the mission would end if she
died. Around this point the other soldiers/mercenaries will run off to do their
own thing. Ignore them and keep heading for the church.

Once you arrive at the church, you'll fight another relatively small group of
orcs and eventually save the little girl's mother. After this, you'll be
swarmed by a large number of orcs (presumably, this is to help build up your
Orb Meter, as it comes into play later). Use your Orb Attack as often as
possible to build up your blue Orb Meter. Keep in mind that Myifee is slower
than Inphyy or Aspharr and as such, he can be more easily attacked from behind.
Adjust your fighting tactics accordingly.

After you rescue the girl's mother, they will be reunited and you'll no longer
have to look after the little girl. Go back the way you came and begin heading
toward the rest of the soldiers (you should see red dots on the map). At this
point you'll be attacked by a huge group of enemies, so many that it can pose
a problem at your low beginning level. Just keep moving and use the Orb Attack
whenever you can. Eventually you'll see a cut scene, then you'll have to battle
more orcs. You'll then be given another mission, to go and help out Epharr, who
has been surrounded by enemies. Move toward the red dots on the map and Epharr,
along with a gigantic group of orcs, should come into view. Run toward them
quickly and begin attacking. Your blue Orb Meter should be full at this point,
so head for the middle of the enemies and unleash your Orb Spark. This should
wipe out most of them, but there will certainly be a few left, so finish them
off with combos and regular attacks. Note that Epharr has her own HP meter
here, so you might want to stick close to her and make sure she doesn't get

Once all the orcs are defeated, the mission will end.

Mission Two: Bastide of Varrgandd

This is easily the most frustrating mission in the game. If you aren't tearing
your hair out or screaming wildly at the tv by the end of this mission, you
have incredible patience and deserve a pat on the back. If you were playing as
Inphyy or Aspharr, it would be a breaze. But unfortunately, you're playing as
Myifee, who is obnoxiously slow. Just be prepared to get angry. Then be ready
to take a break, catch your breath, calm down, and try it again.

The mission begins with the most frustrating part, so at least you get it over
with quickly. You're outside the city where goblins are using catapults to
attack the city wall. Your objective is to destroy the catapults before the
city wall falls. The wall has its own HP meter, and it's small. I counted five
catapults, but there may have been six. They're relatively close together, but
they take a lot of hits to destroy, and all the while huge numbers of goblins
are flanking you from every direction. Consider that Myifee's moves tend to
leave his back unguarded and you can see how difficult this will be.

Begin the mission by rushing toward the catapults as quickly as you can. Use
Myifee's dash over and over if you have to. The catapults are toward the right,
in case you can't find them. Run up to the first catapult you come to and start
attacking it with everything you've got. Use combos, mash buttons furiously,
whatever it takes. Always attack the catapults from BEHIND! If you attack from
the front or the sides, the goblins operating it will continue launching rocks
at the wall, thereby depleting the wall's HP. Attacking from behind will at the
very least keep the goblins from using that particular catapult.

Once you get one catapult down, rush toward toward the others. Try to get in a
position where there are at least three catapults close to you. Then very
quickly kill goblins until your red Orb Meter fills. The very second it fills,
use the Orb Attack and use the X attack to wipe out at least three of the
catapults (if you're really fast, you might even destroy a fourth one). With
this attack, the catapults will be destroyed with one hit! This will leave
one or possibly two catapults standing. Hurry over to them and destroy them.
The key to victory here is being in the right position when you use the Orb
Attack to be able to destroy as many of the catapults as possible while in
that state. I'll tell you now that you don't have a hope of destroying them
without the Orb Attack.

Some other tips for this section:

1. Command your guard units to defend. This will cause them to surround you
and help fight off the goblins who are swarming you while you're trying to
destroy the catapults. Each time you run over to a new catapult (not while
using the Orb Attack), tell them to defend.

2. Attack the catapults with the X attack, rather than the Y attack. For some
reason, I noticed that Myifee's X attack is much quicker and actually does more
damage to the catapults than his supposed "power attack" (Y attack).
Periodically turn around to face the goblins and use the Y attack on them. It
has a broader range and will knock more of them back. This will hopefully keep
Myifee from being killed while trying to destroy the catapults.

3. Do NOT leave a catapult that you've been attacking to work on a different
one before you see it fall apart. I don't care if your Orb Meter has suddenly
become full and you have the urge to run to a position where you can take out
several catapults. Finish the one you're working on and THEN do it. It takes
too much time to run away from the catapult you're attacking, then run back to
it later. And if you've attacked it for a while, don't waste your Orb Attack on
it when it would be better spent on other catapults.

Now, when you've finished the catapults (it may take you several tries, it took
me three), you'll see a brief cut scene and be told to go into the city to
fight off the orcs. There are some treasure chests here (at least one of them
is a potion), and I'm sure you'll need them, so be sure to round them up before
going into the city. When you're ready, head through the gate and into the

Fight off the various groups of orcs and goblins. They're not too tough, but if
you're low on HP, they can be very annoying as you're trying to find another
potion. If you find yourself in trouble, continuously tell your guards to
defend. Follow the red dots on the map to the various streets and corners of
the city, fighting orcs and goblins as you go. You should be building up your
Orb Meters nicely. Use the Orb Attack often! Around this area of the city, you
should find a treasure chest containing the Tornado, a very useful weapon for

Eventually you'll happen upon a young man plotting to commit theft. This is
TeaTea. You'll see a cut scene and then you'll be forced to fight him. Many
people have complained that he is difficult to defeat, but I had no problem
with him. Command your guards to attack and they will be very helpful here. He
gets easily distracted by them. The best tactic I can recommend is to simply
lay into him with attacks, combos, etc. Do not, for even a moment, let up on
him. If you knock him down, keep hitting him furiously to slow him getting back
to his feet. If you have the Orb Attack available, use it by all means! I don't
recommend using the Orb Spark unless you're in serious danger of dying. You'll
need it more later. Eventually TeaTea will be defeated and you'll see another
cut scene.

After this, continue running in the direction of the red dots on the map.
You'll have to fight a lot more orcs and goblins. You'll soon be swarmed by a
very large group of enemies, along with them two Orc Chieftans (there are HP
meters for three Orc Chieftans, but the third one won't appear until later, so
don't bother trying to find him right now). If you have the Orb Spark ready,
use it as soon as you are close to both Orc Chieftans and are surrounded by
enemies. If you don't have it ready, fight until you do. It shouldn't take
long. At the very least, use the Orb Attack and then the Y attack while in
that state. The Orc Chieftans will often charge at Myifee and push him a
certain distance, then attack, causing a fair amount of damage. If one of them
begins pushing Myifee, immediately run to the side and Myifee will
automatically get out of their way, dodging their attack. At this point it's
easy to get behind them and begin attacking with combos.

Once the first two Orc Chieftans are defeated, finish off the rest of the orcs
and goblins in the area. Up ahead, you should see another group of orcs, along
with the third Orc Chieftan. By this point, you should probably have your Orb
Attack ready. Regardless, rush into the new group of enemies and begin
fighting. If you're in a hurry to finish off the mission, immediately begin
attacking the Orc Chieftan and defeat him to end the mission. If you have some
spare HP and want to gather more orbs for leveling purposes, defeat all the
lesser orcs and goblins first. Basically, as soon as the third Orc Chieftan is
dead, the mission is over. So how you go about this is up to you. Either way,
the Orc Chieftan is not difficult to beat, just like the first two.

Finally, this frustrating mission is over!

Mission Three: The Ice Gate

Note: In this mission you can find a great weapon for Myifee called the Dual
Crescent. It is apparently in a treasure chest near the fourth gate. I didn't
find it there, but I got a B rank on my first try and the weapon was given to
me. I'm not sure why, but I'm glad I got it. This is just to let you know
that you can get it without hunting down the treasure chest.

You may recall, when Aspharr visited Castle of Varrvazarr, that they mentioned
the Ice Gate many times. Well, here you are, with yet another alternate view
of the game's events.

At many points this mission seems intimidating, but it's really not as bad as
it looks. Just don't panic and screw up. I completed it on my first try (but
only with a B rank), so it's not extremely difficult.

You begin near Gate Two, where lots of enemies are attacking. You'll see a lot
of goblins and Gewg in this mission, and they seem a whole lot tougher than
they did in Aspharr's missions. Just keep attacking with combos and your Orb
Attack. By now you should have access to combos that have a wider attack
range, so be sure to learn how to use them. Random button mashing doesn't work
well for Myifee.

Eventually you'll clear out some enemies and head through the gate. You'll be
told to rescue Vyarrharienn, and as you approach you'll notice that he has his
own HP meter. Presumably, the mission will end if his HP runs out. While I was
playing, I didn't notice him lose any HP at all, so it shouldn't be a big
problem for you. Once you clear the area of enemies, Gate Two will close.

Your next objective is to rescue Vyden, so run north, around the curve to the
east, then a little south, toward the glowing green dot. You'll be told to
defeat the Gewg Chieftan. Vyden (who does not have an HP bar here, thankfully)
will help you with this battle. The Gewg Chieftan isn't much of a threat
anyway, so kill him quickly and Gate Three will close.

Your next task is to rescue Vyerten. Run toward the glowing green dot on the
map, as usual, to find him. He'll be surrounded by Arphann, and you'll be
told to defeat Pyurrot. Vyerten will have his own HP bar, and he'll also
help in the fight. Dragons will be flying overhead, shooting fire at you,
but they're not a huge problem here. Concentrate on the rest of the Arphann
to build up your Orb Meter then begin attacking Pyurrot. The battle with
her here is much the same as Aspharr's battle with her in his last mission.
She's quick and her red energy attack is the most dangerous. Remember to
constantly get behind her and attack with combos. Soon, the battle should be
over and the Arphann will retreat.

Now you're told to rescue the "wounded Lord Vydenn". This is the same Lord
Vydenn that Aspharr fought along side when he came to Castle of Varrvazarr.
Again, head for the glowing green dot. You'll run into more enemies along the
way, so take your time and defeat them. Vydenn isn't going anywhere. You
want to build up that Orb count anyway. When you finally get closer to Vydenn,
you'll notice that he has an HP bar too, but that it's only half full. He's
wounded, remember? Don't worry about his HP. While I was playing, it never
dropped lower than half. As soon as you begin fighting the enemies that had
him surrounded, he'll retreat to a group of soldiers in the distance. At this
point you don't have to worry about him any more, so rush back into the
fighting and kill a few more enemies to build up the Orb Meter and raise your
orb count. If possible, build up your blue Orb Meter because you're certainly
going to need it very soon. Once you feel satisfied with your Orb Meters, run
over to where Vydenn is to trigger a cut scene.

Following the scene, you'll suddenly see LOTS of big red dots on the map
coming toward you quickly. Hordes of enemies from the outlands are breaking
through. I nearly freaked out the first time I looked at the map and saw
all those dots. You'll keep getting notices on-screen saying "The Gewg have
broken through!" then "The Arphann have broken through!" then "The Pwuck
have arrived!" It can be intimidating, yes. All of these enemies will begin
pouring in, and they'll be joined by two trolls. Oh yes, this is a scary
part of the game. If you have an Orb Spark or Orb Attack ready, use it! If
not, or immediately after using it, build it up again! As soon as you kill
the trolls, the mission will end. Knowing that, you can immediately go for
the trolls to get the mission over with or you can spend some time wiping
out the other enemies to get more orbs (and probably get a better rank). It
pretty much depends on whether or not you're at risk of getting killed.
Remember, you can always come back and redo this mission later to get a
better rank. But the decision is yours.

Once you kill the trolls, the mission is over.

Mission Four: Everr Mountains

This is one of the easiest, shortest missions in the game. When I got the
"Mission Complete" screen, I was really shocked.

You start out in the Everr Mountains, facing a group of goblins. You are told
to "Overrun Goblin Positions", so rush forward and defeat the first group.
You'll then see several read dots coming toward you from the southern portion
of the map. Don't worry, it's not nearly as bad as it might look. If you go to
the path to the west of where you started the mission, you'll find a treasure
chest containing another great weapon, the Black Ox.

Run toward the dots and you'll face more goblins, then the dragons (along with
the Arphann of course) will appear. Wipe out the Arphann while dodging the
dragons' fire. Try to kill some dragons with the Orb Attack or Orb Spark if
you can, as it will improve your rank. Another large group of goblins and
Arphann will appear, so begin wiping them all out. You really don't have to
move much from the same spot, unless you want to look for treasure chests
(there are a few in this area). Finally, you'll see yet another large group
of enemies, along with a troll. Wipe the rest of them out and the mission will

Mission Five: Pholya Flatlands

Myifee's mission here is much tougher than Inphyy's or Aspharr's, in my
opinion. It's not terribly difficult (I beat it AND got an S rank on my first
try), but there are a few points in which my HP dropped drastically and there
was a moment of concern until I found a potion. The plus side to this mission
is that you get to explore different parts of the Pholya Flatlands than you did
before, making the whole level seem fresh and new.

Begin the mission by rushing forward and fighting a huge group of enemies. You
will see goblins, orcs, and Arphann. Keep fighting and you'll also run into
Inphyy and Aspharr, who will talk to you. After a while, they'll tell you that
enemy reinforcements are on their way, from the north, and Myifee will
volunteer to head north and hold them off. In the northern part of the map,
you'll see a large red dot. This signifies the enemy reincorcements. Head in
that direction and you'll come to a river. Nearby (probably to your right),
you'll see a bridge leading across the river, and countless enemies rushing
toward it from the other side.

Cross the bridge and begin plowing into enemies. There will be a LOT, so you
should build up your Orb Meter very quickly. I also filled up my blue Orb
Meter in no time. Use your Orb Attack and Orb Spark if you have them, as there
are plenty of enemies here to give you more orbs and keep refilling those
meters. If you run a little farther north (leaving some enemies behind if you
have to), you'll see a treasure chest that contains one of Myifee's best
weapons, the Ansalar.

Once you defeat all of the enemies, a Temple Knight will appear and talk a bit
with Myifee (via text at the bottom of the screen, which is sometimes hard to
read while you're trying to fight). Basically he'll be impressed that Myifee
could wipe out so many enemies so quickly. You'll then be told to go and help
Epharr. Look at your map and you should see another red square. Go back across
the bridge and to your left, where you should see some very dense fog. Rush
into the fog and you'll be attacked by goblins and goblin wizards. There
aren't too many, so kill them all and keep heading toward that square on the
map. I also advise you to make absolutely sure you've built up your red Orb
Meter before reaching the red square. Even if you have to go back and hunt
down enemies to fight. You'll desperately need that Orb Attack when you
reach that square.

Eventually you'll get through the fog and you'll see a cut scene of a Troll
and more orcs/goblins attacking Epharr. At this point you should be getting
close to the square, so rush into battle as soon as you reach the enemies.
The troll is none other than Vigk Vagk (who will come into play in later
missions). He's not your average troll, despite the fact that he looks like
one. He's VERY tough. I found it completely impossible to attack him from the
front. He's extremely fast and his attacks knock off a lot of HP. Make good
use of the dash button, repeatedly getting out of his way and hurrying to get
behind him, then launching combos at his back. Unlike the other trolls (and
even a lot of the other bosses), Vigk Vagk will constantly turn to face you.
Even the other guards and Epharr can't keep him distracted from you. For this
reason, it's very hard to stay behind him for long. You can't even run away
from him to attack other enemies and build up your Orb Meter, because he will
follow you. Remember when I told you to build up your Orb Meter before you
came here? Well now's the time to use it! Make sure you are close to the troll
(shouldn't be a problem, considering he follows you wherever you go) and use
the Orb Attack (or Orb Spark if you're lucky enough to have it ready). Don't
even look at the other enemies, just use the whole Orb Attack on Vigk Vagk.
Eventually, if you keep at it, Vigk Vagk will finally be defeated, and you'll
see a rather cool cut scene.

You'll see more dots on the map, and you'll see more orcs, plus another Orc
Chieftan, coming toward you. Head over to fight them. I recommend killing as
many orcs as possible before dealing with the Chieftan. He's not hard to beat,
and the mission ends as soon as you defeat him, so round up as many orbs as
you can before tackling him. Once he is dead, the mission will end.

Congratulations, you've completed Myifee's game! Upon doing so, you will
unlock Dwingvatt as a playable character.


Mission One: Bastide of Varrgandd

Remember how annoyingly fast Dwingvatt was when you were fighting him? The good
news is that he's just as quick when you're playing as him. It's easy to breeze
through hundreds of enemies with Dwingvatt, because he's just too fast for any
of them to get a good hit in on him. But bosses can still give you some trouble
if you're not careful.

You begin mission one in Varrgandd, and your first objective is to defeat the
Captain of the Varrgandd Defenders. Run forward and begin fighting soliders.
The Captain is just up ahead, but I recommend that you kill every last soldier
in this area before moving on. This helps you to level up and get a better
rank. There are also plenty of treasure chests in this area, so rotate the
camera to scan the area, then round them all up before moving on.

Once you're ready, run deeper into the level to find the Captain, surrounded
by more soldiers. If you have your Orb Attack ready, this is an excellent time
to use it. The Captain is very easy to beat, so wipe him out along with all
the other soldiers in the area. Remember to keep looking for treasure chests.

Next, you're told to defeat Myifee. He's indicated on your map by a red square.
Run toward it, and you'll face many smaller groups of soldiers along the way.
Take the time to kill all of them. They're not much a threat to you and won't
take off much (if any) of your HP. If you kill all the soldiers you run into,
you'll more than likely level up once before you even get to Myifee (I did).
Also, on your way to Myifee, in a treasure chest in plain sight near some
soldiers you'll be fighting, is a weapon called the Assassin's Dagger. Not the
best weapon, but it's a lot better than what you have so make sure to get it.

You'll eventually reach the area where Myifee is. There's a pretty large group
of soldiers right before you reach Myifee himself, but don't worry, he'll come
to you. Try to kill as many soldiers as possible while dodging Myifee. Try to
build up your Orb Attack and unleash it on Myifee and the many other soldiers
who will be surrounding you. Myifee is fairly tough to beat, since his attacks
are dangerous and he's surprisingly fast (considering how slow he was while we
were playing as him). Just don't get caught in any of his combos and you should
be okay. If you do find yourself caught in one, try to dash away as quickly as
you can and put some distance between yourself and him. Then dash back in, get
behind him, and use some combos of your own. Attacking him from the front does
little good, as he's good at blocking your attacks. If all else fails, run far
away, fight more soldiers and build up your Orb Attack again before Myifee
catches up to you. Keep in mind that there are more treasure chests in this
area so go looking for them if your HP drops drastically. After Myifee is
defeated, wipe out any remaining soldiers in the the area.

Your next objective is to defeat the Gate Keeper and open the castle gates.
Again, this will be indicated on your map as a red square. Run toward it,
killing any soldiers you may pass on your way and grabbing any treasure chests
you may find. You'll eventually reach an area full of soliders, archers, etc.,
plus the Captain of the Guard, who is essentially the Gate Keeper. The Captain
of the Guard is not hard to defeat (he's pretty much the same as the Captain
you fought before), so use this opportunity to round up a lot of orbs and use
your Orb Attack and Orb Spark if you have them. Since there are hundreds of
enemies surrounding you, you'll get a LOT of orbs here. You could possibly
level up again here (I did). If you keep moving until they're all dead, you
won't lose any HP at all. Dwingvatt is just too fast for them.

Once this is finished, you'll be told that the castle gates are open. Your
final objective is to defeat Klarrann and the Varrgandd castellan Ugor. They
are waiting outside, through the gate. Right now you have an opportunity to
explore the rest of this level before going through the gate (which is very
close to you right now). If you like, make a quick run through the level to
get any treasure chests you may have missed.

When you're ready, go through the gate (if you get lost, just look for the red
square on the map, as usual), where you'll see another large group of soldiers
and your two bosses, Klarrann and Ugor. There are also two treasure chests in
the immediate area, one being a red potion and the other being a blue potion.
Use them to your advantage. If you have the Orb Attack or Orb Spark ready, use
them now. Wipe out the soldiers first if you can, because the mission will end
when the two bosses are dead. I suggest going for Klarrann first, as he is the
biggest threat and will go after you more relentlessly than Ugor will. Try to
push Klarrann away from Ugor, so you can more easily take him on. Just keep
attacking him and above all, keep moving. He can't catch you in a combo if you
are constantly moving. Use combos, Orb Attacks, whatever you have. Eventually
he'll fall and you can then quickly kill Ugor (who is very easy to beat).

With both bosses dead, the mission will end.

Mission Two: The Ice Gate

This is one of the best missions in the game, in my opinion. This will be your
chance to fight along side different enemy races and interact with them. It's
definitely different, and provides a really interesting perspective.

You begin the mission near Gate One, with the other goblin troops. You'll be
told to help your allies breach Gate One, so begin fighting the soldiers.
Periodically you'll be told that enemy reinforcements are coming, and you'll
see soldiers coming from the gate. Wipe out as many soldiers as you possibly
can, using the Orb Attack often to build up your blue Orb Meter. After a while,
more reinforcements will come and they'll be joined by Vyarrhartennl. Your new
objective is to defeat him. He's not very tough, so deal with him as you did
the Captains from the previous mission. As usual, I recommend wiping out as
many of the lesser enemies as you can before taking out the boss.

Once he is defeated, you'll be told to go and help the orcs breach Gate Two.
Look on your map for the big red dot or square. This is where you need ot head.
You'll run into several groups of soldiers, and you'll be alone, so quickly
deal with them. It shouldn't be a huge problem for you, as long as you keep
moving and don't stand still. Eventually you'll reach Gate Two, where the orcs
are fighting soldiers. This plays out very similar to how you dealt with Gate
One. More and more soldiers will come pouring out of the gate and finally the
enemy general will appear. This time it is Vyden. He's also very easy to defeat,
especially with the orcs helping you.

Once Vyden is defeated, you'll be told to help the Arphann breach Gate Three. So
head toward the red dot/square on your map to find them. Again, you'll fight a
few groups of soldiers and archers on your own as you make your way there. When
you arrive, you'll find the Arphann fighting. Just like the previous two gates,
you'll fight a few swarms of soldiers until the enemy general, this time
Vyertenn, comes out. Just like before, try to defeat all of the lesser enemies
first, then take out Vyertenn, who doesn't pose a threat at all.

Once Vyertenn is defeated, the Arphann will begin heading for the main Ice Gate.
Your objective here is to protect the Arphann until the Ice Gate is reached.
Stick with the Arphann, fighting off enemies with them until you get to the Ice
Gate. You'll see orcs and goblins fighting here too, and a huge number of
soldiers. Just tear into them, using the Orb Attack and Orb Spark as much as
you can. These attacks definitely won't be wasted here, as there are plenty of
enemies to use them on.

Eventually you'll see Myifee and Lord Vydenn appear, along with another huge
group of soldiers. They will be your final bosses, and they will gang up on
you at the same time if you let them. Syumerrt (the Elf) is running around here
too, though he is not considered a boss and he really doesn't give you much
trouble. Wade into the soldiers and begin fighting. Try to kill as many as you
can while fending off Myifee and Lord Vydenn. For some reason I think Myifee
wasn't as tough in this mission as he was in the first one, so don't worry too
much about him. When you're ready to fight the bosses, just dodge their attacks
and continuously get behind them, laying into them with combos. If you have an
Orb Attack ready, use it! Above all, keep moving and never stand still for
even a second! Once you get them down to around half their HP, they will flee
into the Castle of Varrvazarr. Quickly run up and try to kill some of the
fleeing soldiers, just to get some more orbs as the mission ends.

Mission Three: Castle of Varrvazarr

This mission is similar in structure to the previous mission. You basically
run from point to point helping out other groups of orcs, goblins, etc. It's
not very hard, and is fairly quick. There are more treasure chests in this area
than in the last, so this will be beneficial to you.

When the mission begins, you'll be told to aid the Gewg in destroying the
soldiers, so run forward and begin fighting. At many points in this mission,
you'll notice that Archers are shooting arrows at you from a distance. Always
run over and wipe them out as quickly as possible. The arrows can possibly hit
Dwingvatt even though he is fast and constantly moving. If one hits you, it can
make you pause for a moment, which can leave you open for more attacks. So
always take out the Archers first! You'll be able to tell where they are by
watching where the arrows are coming from. Remember, this will happen at many
points in this mission, so I'm not going to type out "Go wipe out the Archers"
for every paragraph in this walkthrough. Just remember to do it whenever you
notice arrows coming at you.

Now, once you've killed the soldiers with the Gewg, you'll be told to go help
the Pwuck destroy the enemy. Following the large red dot on your map, find the
Pwuck and help them fight the soldiers. There should be two groups of Pwuck
fighting two groups of soldiers, so make sure to involve Dwingvatt in both to
get the maximum number of orbs. In one group is Ppakk, so it's pretty fun to
fight along side him. Once that has been done, you'll be told to go and help
the orcs destroy more enemies. Again, follow the large red dot.

When you approach the orcs (who are battling soldiers), you'll realize that
among the enemies they are fighting is Aspharr. Wipe out as many soldiers as
possible while avoiding Aspharr. Once you defeat Aspharr, the enemy will
retreat, so make sure you gather plenty of orbs before tackling Aspharr. When
you're ready, begin fighting Aspharr, who is almost as fast as Dwingvatt. His
attacks aren't too powerful, so he's not terribly difficult to beat. As usual,
keep moving and use combos. It's not a bad idea to use the Orb Attack when you
first get to this area, wiping out a lot of the soldiers and inevitably taking
off some of Aspharr's HP. The orcs will help you out with Aspharr, so if you
need to, hang back and dodge while they fight him for a while. Once you get
his HP low enough (you don't have to completely deplete his HP bar), he will

Your next objective is to help the orcs extend the front. Run along with them,
fighting soldiers as you go along, pressing toward the castle. Grab a few
treasure chests on the way, but focus on killing as many soldiers as possible.
Soon you'll be told to defeat "Varrvazarr's three sons", which are Vyertenn,
Vyarrhartennl, and Vyden. You'll see three large dots on the map, which
represent the three sons (joined by groups of soldiers, of course). There are
tons of enemies here, and a lot of Archers lurking around, shooting arrows at
you. Try to wipe out all the enemies in the immediate area, and the all the
Archers you can find. Then begin looking for the three sons. I don't think the
order in which you kill them matters much, but I'll outline how I did it.

I went for Vyertenn first, who happened to be close by the Archers I had just
killed. The Gewg will help with him, and the soldiers with him. Of course,
wipe out the soldiers first, then tackle Vyertenn. He's not hard to beat at
all, just like in the previous mission. Next, I went for Vyarrhartennl. The
Pwuck help you with him. As per usual, kill the soldiers with him first. I
finally went for Vyden. The Arphann will aid you in fighting him.

After this is over, Lord Vydenn himself will come out to fight. There will
also be plenty of soldiers and Archers. As you know, go take out the Archers
first of all, then start killing off the soldiers. The orcs will keep Lord
Vydenn busy. You'll notice that pretty much all of the other races are
helping at this stage (Arphann, Pwuck, etc.). Once you're satisfied with the
number of soldiers you've killed, begin attacking Lord Vydenn. He's not much
of a threat at all, barely tougher than his three sons. I don't think he got
a single hit on me. Just keep moving as usual and lay into him with combos. I
really can't imagine anyone struggling with this fight.

Once Lord Vydenn has been defeated, the mission will end.

Mission Four: Pholya Flatlands

This is a fairly quick mission that starts out easy and gets a little more
difficult toward the end. Still, if you're careful you'll get through it easily
and with an A or S rank to boot.

You begin the mission on the flatlands with the rest of the goblin soldiers.
Your first objective is simply to "destroy the enemy", so rush forward and
begin fighting soldiers. As usual, kill as many as possible and use your Orb
Attack when surrounded. Keep fighting and you'll eventually be told that the
"human mercenaries" are holding back the goblin reinforcements. Of course, the
mercenaries are joined by Myifee. Head south, toward the larger red dot. Try
to wipe out as many other groups of soldiers as you can on your way. Round up
any treasure chests you see on the way.

Once you reach Myifee, begin taking out the mercenaries with him. The Gewg
will help you here. Myifee himself isn't hard to beat and is very similar to
the other times you've faced him. I felt that he was easier here. Just avoid
his combos, get behind him, and keep moving.
Once Myifee has been defeated, you'll get your next objective, which is to rescue Dwykfarrio. Again, follow the large red dot, killing off soldiers as you go. If you go around to the area just north of the large red dot (where Dwykfarrio is, you'll probably be able to see him as he is battling a large troll), you'll find a treasure chest containing the Hells Dagger, a great weapon for Dwingvatt (it has 100% critical rate!). Equip it before going over to where Dwykfarrio is, you'll need it.
When you're ready, head over to Dwykfarrio and take out the human soldiers. 
You'll soon realize that the large troll is Vigk Vagk, and he's NOT on your
side. For right now, avoid him. You'll see a cut scene showing the temple
knights, including Inphyy and Aspharr, approaching. Rush out toward them,
making use of the dash button. If you run fast enough, Vigk Vagk shouldn't
follow you. The temple knights will automatically run toward Dwykfarrio, which
means they'll run to Vigk Vagk. Here's where you have a decision to make. You
can wipe out the temple knights, then take out the three bosses (Vigk Vagk,
Aspharr, and Inphyy) for the optimum number of orbs and to increase your
chances of getting an S rank. Or, you can let the temple knights keep Vigk
Vagk busy, slowly whittling away at his HP while you run a little distance off
and take care of Aspharr and Inphyy. I personally did the latter, and got an A
rank on my first try. So it's up to you.

If you're going with my strategy (to let the temple knights fight Vigk Vagk),
here's how it'll go: Run far away from the area where Vigk Vagk is, actually
running through the temple knights. The knights will run on over to where
Vigk Vagk is and begin fighting him. Inphyy and Aspharr will stay behind to
fight Dwingvatt. They will double team you, but at Dwingvatt's speed, they're
not too terribly difficult to beat. I recommend targeting Inphyy first, as
she will go down quicker than Aspharr, at which point you can focus on him.
Keep moving, never pausing for even a second, and get behind Inphyy to pound
her with combos. It won't take long to kill her. Aspharr will already be
attacking you, so just focus all of your attacks on him now. He's a little
tougher than Inphyy mainly because he's faster than her, and it's easier to
get caught in his combos. If he catches you in one, dash out of the way
quickly or try to block. Like your previous fight with him, repeatedly get
behind him to eventually defeat him.

By this point, the temple knights should mostly be wiped out by Vigk Vagk, but
the good news is that they've probably got him down to around half of his HP.
Get behind him and unleash combo after combo. He'll continuously turn around
to face Dwingvatt, which can make this fight difficult. Whenever he begins
attacking you, dash out of the way immediately. If there are any soldiers left
alive, don't kill them because they can possibly distract Vigk Vagk.

When all three bosses are killed, the mission will end. Keep in mind that this
was only the way I completed the mission. If you're at a high level, have a
great weapon, have plenty of HP left, etc., feel free to wipe out all the
soldiers, then take care of Vigk Vagk, then Inphyy and Aspharr. You'll get more
orbs and possibly an S rank.

Once you complete this mission, you will have finished Dwingvatt's game. Now
two more characters will be unlocked: Tyurru and Klarrann. Choose which one
you'll play as next and go to that section of the walkthrough. I personally
played Klarrann next.


Mission One: Bastide of Varrgandd

Something to note about Klarrann is that he cannot jump. I also feel that he
moves slower than some of the other characters. For me, it took a little
getting used to. The key to using Klarrann is making use of his excellent
combos. It may take some patience, but keep trying.

His first mission begins in Bastide of Varrgandd. You'll be told to defeat the
goblins and rescue their human captives. Run foward and begin killing the
goblins in the area. There are lots of treasure chests around, so rotate the
camera every time you enter a new area to make sure you spot them all. Follow
the dots on the map to eventually find a group of humans surrounded by goblins.
Run over and kill all the goblins. Make sure you kill every last one. Your new
objective is to lead the captives to the West Gate. This is where the challenge
sets in. Escort missions are rarely fun, and I don't think this one was an
exception to that. The West Gate will be indicated on your map as a glowing
square, so make your way in that direction. You will meet several groups of
goblins who will waste no time running right by you to get to the humans. Be
quick to turn around and protect the captives, as you have to make it to the
West Gate with at least ONE alive in order to complete the mission. I believe
you get a higher rank for keeping as many as possible alive.

Keep running toward the square on the map, and you eventually come to a path
with more goblin attackers and a troll. The troll will relentlessly attack you
while the goblins go for the humans. If at all possible, stay near the humans
and wipe out all the goblins while dodging the troll. Do NOT run out to meet
the troll and goblins when you see them approaching. The goblins will zip
right past you and kill the humans while the troll starts pounding you. Your
best bet is to remain with the humans until the goblins are all dead. Once
they are, lure the troll away from the humans, further down the street, and
defeat it. Surprisingly, Klarrann's attacks are very effective on the troll,
even his basic moves. Be sure to pick up the item that the troll drops, a
weapon for Klarrann called the Roar.

Once that has been taken care of, continue on toward the square and the escort
mission will be over. The captives will be free. Now you'll learn that the
"white goblin" is outside (this is Dwingvatt). Run outside the gate, killing
many groups of goblins as you go, to find Dwingvatt surrounded by even more
goblins. Kill them all before taking out Dwingvatt to get the most orbs. Use
the Orb Attack or Orb Spark here. Dwingvatt is fast, as usual, but not very
powerful. Keep pounding him with powerful combos and he'll go down fast.

Once Dwingvatt has been defeated, the mission will end.

Mission Two: Fort Wyandeek

This is one of the shortest missions at Fort Wyandeek. Your first objective is
to "defeat the guard", which I assume is referring to the goblins guarding the
gates. Rush forward and defeat the goblins in your path, heading west to defeat
more and then east to defeat even more. In the groups, you'll encounter goblins
who are slightly stronger than the others, which are captains (remeber these
from the earlier missions here?). They seemed stronger to me than they did in
the earlier parts of the game. They're still not a big threat, so take them
out and move on. A gate will open, so follow the red dot on the map and
continue through the gate.

When you go through the gate, you'll be told to destroy all the enemies in the
plaza. The enemies here are the Pwuck, along with Ppakk the Third. There are a
LOT of Pwuck here, probably the most I've ever seen in one spot. Wipe them all
out before starting in on Ppakk. He's not a huge threat, as he is slow and easy
to avoid, so it shouldn't be a problem to kill all the Pwuck. Once they are all
dead, begin fighting Ppakk. He's extremely easy to beat here. All you really
have to do is repeatedly run up to him and use Klarrann's Y attack over and
over. It will knock Ppakk down, so just run over and hit him again just as he's
getting up. He'll be defeated very shortly, and he probably won't get a single
hit in.

Another gate will open at this point, and you'll be told to join Inphyy and
Aspharr. You'll see them up ahead battling orcs, so run up and help them out.
This is a good place to use an Orb Attack if you have one ready. After a
while, a troll will approach. Focus on the orcs and let Inphyy and Aspharr
deal with the troll for now. Once the orcs are all dead, go back and help
them with the troll. Use combos, or even just Klarrann's regular attacks.
Remember to get behind the troll at every opportunity. This is an easy battle
since Inphyy and Aspharr will keep the troll distracted.

Another gate will open, so (as usual) follow the dot on the map to find the
open gate. As soon as you go through this gate, quickly run to your left and
circle around to get the treasure chest here. It's somewhat hard to find, so
keep going left until you reach a spot where you can go up a little and back
the way you came. The treasure chest will be right beside the gate. It holds
a great weapon for Klarrann called the Sentinal.

In this area, you are told to defeat the two trolls at the altar. But for
right now, begin fighting all the goblins you see, along with Inphyy and
Aspharr. If you want, you can run up the western path fighting goblins to get
more orbs. There will be a troll here, so use the same tactic you used before
(let Inphyy and Aspharr do most of the work). Whenever you're ready to end
the mission, make your way up the central path, toward the extreme north
(there will be a red square indicating where you need to go). As you make
your way up the path, you can run through the first group of goblins to lure
them toward the other group, then use the Orb Spark if you have it. This will
ensure that you get a lot of kills with it (giving you a better rank). Or use
the Orb Attack to quickly get a lot of orbs for leveling purposes. Regardless,
try to kill as many as possible on your way. Eventually the two trolls will
make their way down (you don't have to go all the way up to the altar, they
will come to you). If you want, avoid them until you kill more goblins, or if
you're in a hurry to end the mission, go ahead and fight them. Inphyy and
Aspharr will help you, but it's a little tougher since there are two of them.
Don't let them corner you and double team you. If you get sandwiched between
them, dash away to escape, then run around behind one of them to attack. Once
they are both defeated, the mission will end.

Mission Three: Pholya Flatlands

You may notice fairly quickly that the Pholya Flatlands (which should be very
familiar to you by now) look a little different in this mission. Everything is
foggy and it's a little hard to see where you're going. You're going to have to
rely almost completely on your map here, so keep your eyes on it. You'll also
notice that there's a new type of enemy this time around: The army of the
night. Remember those guys? Inphyy and Aspharr both faced them in their last
missions. They're a little more dangerous here simply because there are so many
of them.

At the start of the mission, you'll see a few of the army of the night enemies
so run forward and begin fighting them. It's a little hard to see here, so try
to use combos and moves that attack all around and don't leave Klarrann's
back vulnerable. Eventually goblins will appear and join in the fight, and
your first official objective is to defeat Dwingvatt.

You'll be surrounded by lots of enemies, including goblins, army of the night
creatures, and even Gewg. Just keep using combos or Orb Attacks, building up
your blue Orb Meter. Try to avoid Dwingvatt for now and focus on all the other
enemies, as this will be benificial to your rank. Once you take out enough to
feel satisfied, begin fighting Dwingvatt. At this point, he's not a challenge
in the least, so just pound him with combos or even normal attacks to take him

After Dwingvatt has been defeated, you'll be swarmed once again by army of the
night creatures. They will attack in huge numbers from all sides, and you'll
probably end up using the Orb Attack several times just by fighting them. Use
the Orb Spark if it becomes available. It'll be very helpful here. Once you
have defeated them all, you'll be told that the Arphann have arrived, along
with Pyurrot, as usual. Run around looking for treasure chests until you see
a little red dot appear on the map. Now run toward it to find the Arphann.

Luckily, this area is a lot less foggy, so you can actually see what you're
doing. Clear out the Arphann while dodging Pyurrot, then take her on. She's
very easy to beat here, just stay away from her when she's doing attacks and
keep getting behind her to unleash combos. Once she's defeated, the mission
will end.


Mission One: Bastide of Varrgandd

Tyurru is another character that takes some getting used to. She doesn't use
physical attacks, but water shot from her staff via magic. The attacks
themselves are rather powerful and fun to use, but they tend to leave her back
wide open. It also seems like Tyurru takes more damage than some of the other
characters. One good thing about Tyurru though is that she can do a really
neat move if you push the jump button twice very quickly. She'll glide around
in the air for a brief period of time, and can even attack while she's gliding!
This is great if she gets surrounded by enemies and needs to attack them from
afar. But it doesn't last very long, so be prepared to be dropped right back
in the middle of the goblins. You can always jump right back up though.

You start outside the castle at the Bastide of Varrgandd. There will be many
goblins around, so begin fighting. You are told to destroy the enemies, and
there are plenty. Look around the battlefield and try to spot Myifee. You
should be able to find him easily because of his fire attacks. Run over to
him and try to stick by him throughout most of the mission. He will do a lot
of the fighting for you and make it easier for you to get through this
mission alive. If you feel safe moving away from him, try to go all around
the area killing off the smaller groups of goblins. You'll see a lot of red
dots gathered on the map, and if you look in the distance you can see the
enemies along with catapults (don't worry, the catapults don't come into play
here). Avoid this area for right now. As long as you don't stray too close,
nothing will happen. But if you do get too close, they'll rush out to attack
you, and if you haven't dealt with the smaller groups running around in the
battle field, you'll find yourself surrounded on all sides. Killing off all
the smaller groups also lets you fill up your Orb Meter.

When you're ready, head toward the red dots. The goblins will rush out to meet
you, and so will a troll. If you have your Orb Attack ready, this is a great
time to use it. Try to get close to the troll before using it, so you can do
a lot of damage to him as well as wipe out a lot of goblins. Once the Orb
Attack is over, run away from the troll, as far as you can. Let Myifee deal
with it for a while and go kill goblins to round up some orbs. I suggest
getting your back to a catapult and firing away at the goblins from there, at
least until the troll approaches. When you notice that the troll's HP is
getting very low, run over to it and begin using Tyurru's Y attack on him
from behind. This attack will often knock the troll down, and does quite a
bit of damage. He should fall pretty easily now.

When that is over, you'll see a cut scene and automatically be inside the
castle. You'll be told to destroy the enemies at the North and East gates.
You'll already be at the North gate, so go around killing all the goblins.
This part shouldn't be any trouble for you, as there are no trolls and the
goblins are spaced out well enough that you shouldn't get badly surrounded.
There are a couple of treasure chests in this area, so make use of them.

Once this is over, you're supposed to head on out to the North gate. Right now
I suggest you comb the streets for items. There are several treasure chests
in this area, and you won't run into much trouble until you get relatively
close to the big glowing square on the map. When you get to the section right
before you reach the square (the East gate), you'll run into more goblins and
another character to help you out. Kill all the goblins and head on to the
East gate.

This is where things can get tricky, and it may require a few tries to get it
right. There will be lots and lots of goblins here, with more coming in through
the gate. Try to stay right at the gate, killing goblins as they come in. As
groups of them make it through and out of the area, getting deeper into the
castle, they will be numbered in a counter at the top of the screen. So if one
group of goblins gets out of the area, it will say "1 Invader" and so on. There
will also be another troll (Vigk Vagk himself). The trick to this is that, once
you kill Vigk Vagk, the mission will end and you won't have to worry about any
of the goblins anymore. But if the counter at the top gets to four, the castle
will fall and you will fail the mission. So as a player, you have a choice. Do
you try to wipe out all of the goblins and prevent them from invading, getting
a ton of orbs and probably getting a good rank, THEN take on the troll? Or do
you run directly to the troll and quickly defeat it to end the mission? I
personally advise that, at least the first time through, you go for the troll.
You can always repeat the mission later to get a better rank, right? But the
choice is yours.

If you're going for the troll first, I advise you to build up your Orb Attack
before he even gets there (while you're first clearing out the area, before
more goblins start rushing through the gate) and then save it. When Vigk Vagk
arrives, quickly run over and use the Orb Attack on him. Hit him with all
you've got, and as soon as the Orb Attack runs out, use your Y attack on him
over and over, as quickly as you can, until he dies. Remember, you have to
focus on doing all of this quickly, because the goblins will be invading and
if you're focusing on the troll, you won't be able to hold them off.

Once Vigk Vagk is defeated, the mission will end.

Mission Two: The Eaurvarria Mountains

This can be one of the toughest missions in the game if you haven't repeated
the first mission a few times to level Tyurru up. I'm going to have two
strategies here, one for if you have Tyurru leveled up to around level five or
six, and one for if you're just trying to make it through the game and you
have her around level two or three.

The Easy Way (for lower levels):

If you have Tyurru at a low level and you're just trying to get through the
mission alive, not worrying about rank right now (as I've said before, you can
always come back to these missions later to improve your rank), here's how you
do it. When the mission begins, you'll be told to make it to the glowing
square at the top of the map. If you look at the map, you'll notice that you
have to go all the way up, then almost all the way back down, then all the way
back up again. So yes, this is a fairly long walk. Along the way you'll meet
TONS of goblins, orcs, and a troll at the end. Sound hard? If you use my
strategy, this will be one of the quickest, easiest missions in the game. And
I even got a B rank the first time!

Begin by killing a few goblins that come your way. More will come, so kill
them as well. Use combos, or either of Tyurru's regular attacks, as they are
very effective against goblins anyway. When you get to the traps, you have to
glide over them (press the jump button twice very quickly, if you don't
already know how). Once you glide over them, there will be another horde of
goblins waiting for you. Now here's where my strategy comes in.

Glide over all the enemies. And then keep gliding. In fact, glide over the
entire map! Yes, you will be dropped back down every few seconds, often in the
middle of a group of enemies, but if you're fast enough you can jump back up
before you are ever attacked. You can do this throughout the whole level until
you reach the troll. It's actually pretty fun to fly through the level and
watch the red dots pile up behind you as the enemies give chase.

As you fly over each group of enemies, use her X attack to fire water at them
so you can collect a few red orbs. Whenever your Orb Meter gets full, drop
down and use the Orb Attack. You're almost untouchable while using it anyway
and this gives you the chance to build up the blue Orb Meter. Whenever that
gets full, wait until there are TONS (and I mean TONS) of enemies behind you,
fly back, land in the middle of them, and use the Orb Spark. Then go back to

When you reach the end of the level, you'll quickly spot the troll. Land near
him and begin using her Y attack on him as fast as you can. If he attacks you
just keep at it. If your HP starts to get low, glide away from him, kill a
few goblins to charge up your Orb Meter (and you might even find a potion),
then glide back to him and use your Orb Attack on him. When that's done, just
go back to mashing Y furiously. He should go down pretty quickly, and the
mission will be over. Hurrah!

The Not-Quite-As-Easy-Way (for higher levels):

If you replayed the first mission a few times and have Tyurru at level five
or above, you might want to try this tactic. You get far more orbs using this
route and you'll no doubt get a much better rank. Here's what you do.

Begin by killing off all the goblins in the immediate area. Glide over the
traps, then begin gliding over the enemies. Shoot them with her X attack while
gliding until your red Orb Meter fills. Drop down and use your Orb Attack. Kill
off the remaining goblins with combos or regular attacks. Now, simply move
through the level repeating this same process until every group of enemy is
wiped out.

Whenever your blue Orb Meter fills, lure a few enemy groups together and then
unleash your Orb Spark. If you're lucky, you'll be able to use the Orb Spark
at least twice. When you reach the troll, just kill him by repeatedly using
Tyurru's Y attack. Also use the Orb Attack. Then the mission will end!

The reason this tactic is a little more dangerous is because Tyurru is not
gliding away from the enemies, but perpetually over them until they are all
dead. This means that she'll drop down into the middle of them much more
often, and therefore take more damage. But at higher levels, this shouldn't
be a big problem.

Whatever strategy you used, once the troll is defeated, the mission ends.

Mission Three: Fort Wyandeek

This mission is a little easier, because you actually have help via your
soldiers and Yesperratt, who's magic will be extremely helpful to you in this

Your first objective is to defeat the goblin corporals. Begin by heading to
your right (east) to fight some goblins. Don't go on without your soldiers!
Just kill off the goblins as they come to you. Once all the goblins have been
eliminated and no more are coming toward you, head forward to fight more. Keep
following this pattern (of killing all the goblins that come to you, then
moving on along with your soldiers) until you reach a dead end, where the
goblin corporals are waiting for you. You'll also see a lot of goblins, plus
more will continously pour in from the sides. Using your Orb Attack is very
handy here. You'll probably get to use it at least twice. Whatever you do, do
NOT go anywhere near the goblin corporals. They are positioned near the dead
end (it looks like a bridge right now, but believe me, it's a dead end). Hang
back, far away from them until you've eliminated ALL of the goblins. As long
as you don't go near them, they will not attack. This is a good thing, as they
are ridiculously tough, considering how weak they were in other missions while
playing as other characters. It took me longer to take each one out than it
did for me to take out a troll. Seriously.

The best way to survive this onslaught of goblins is to keep Tyurru in the air
and shoot them with water via her X attack while gliding. I personally would
not let her feet touch the ground without jumping right back up, until all
of the goblins have been killed. You can get just as many orbs this way as you
can on the ground, and this way you take MUCH less damage. The treasure chest
here contains a potion, so I suggest you use it only when you need it. And you
WILL need it. Just don't be an idiot and use it when you're a full health.

Once all the goblins have been killed, and no more are pouring in, head toward
the goblin corporals. Once you begin attacking them, they will rush out to
fight you. Like I said, they're tough, so I advise you to stay in the air
again. Let your soldiers and Yesperratt deal with them while you fly around,
shooting at them from above. This will take a while, so just be patient. Don't
try to rush, because if you stay on the ground and try to fight them directly,
they WILL kill you very quickly.

Once they are dead, the west gate will open, so head toward the square on the
map. When you get close to the open gate, you'll be attacked by another horde
of goblins. No corporals, so it shouldn't be a big problem. Use your Orb
Attack here if you have it. Try to be building up your blue Orb Meter, but
don't use it yet. If you have trouble, just use the tried and true method of
gliding around and shooting at them from above. Once they're defeated, head
through the open gate.

There are more goblins here, so start fighting. There's a treasure chest to
the immediate left of the door, so don't miss it. Don't use the Orb Spark yet.
Just fight them normally. Head on down and fight more. When you round the
corner to head to the right, you'll be SWAMPED with goblins. There are TONS
here and more coming, so this is the perfect opportunity to us that Orb Spark.
If you have it ready, glide down toward the enemies positioned a little farther
down and lure them back up to the rest of the enemies, then position yourself
back at the front, where you first turned the corner. Use the Orb Spark here
and the water will go gushing all the way down the path, wiping out everything.
If any enemies remain, kill them and move on. If you don't have the Orb Spark
available, use the Orb Attack and then glide and shoot from above again.

Around here, you'll be told to meet up with the Temple Knights. Your
destination will of course be indicated by the square on the map. As you head
toward that direction, you'll encounter a goblin wizard. He's extremely easy
to kill, so do so. There's a treasure chest around the area he appears in, so
grab it. You'll now be told that there are more goblin wizards. Fight a few
more goblins and keep going toward the square on the map. Eventually you'll
find the Temple Knights.

Right when you meet up with the Knights, they'll be attacked by huge groups
of goblins and orcs. The orcs are particularly dangerous to Tyurru, because
she has somewhat low defense and they have high defense, making her water
attacks less effective on them. Avoid them at all costs. I really recommend
gliding over the battle here as well. Just stay in the air and shoot from
above. Inphyy and Aspharr should keep most of the enemies busy. If you have
the Orb Attack here, use it! Try your best to build up your blue Orb Meter
again, but save it. Once you've wiped out the enemies here, you have three
paths you can take. The path on the far east has another goblin wizard, which
you are told to defeat. He's not very far up, so run up and kill him. You can
also run farther up to grab a treasure chest without much trouble.

The middle path is where you will eventually end up, so don't waste time going
up there right now, you'll just have to go right back. For now, head up the
western path (this is where Aspharr found his Crystal Spear, remember?) where
a small group of goblin corporals will be waiting. Yes, they are still
ridiculously tough, so just glide right past them and keep gliding until you
get near the top. They'll stop chasing you so don't worry about them following
you. When you reach the top, you'll find a lone goblin wizard, so quickly kill
him. You'll see a short cut scene, then you're free to roam this area. There's
a treasure chest here, so grab it and head back down.

The goblin corporals will run up to meet you, so just glide over them again and
head up the middle path. The Temple Knights and your own soldiers will follow
you. As you start heading up the middle path, you'll be attacked by swarms
of orcs and goblins. If you have the Orb Spark ready, glide all the way to the
top, turn around and face downward, toward all the enemies, and use the Orb
Spark right there to wipe out a TON of enemies. If you don't have it ready,
glide around killing enemies from the air until you build up your red Orb
Meter, then glide to the top, go down a little until you're surrounded pretty
nicely, then use the Orb Attack. This will clear out a lot, and you can count
on the Temple Knights to keep the remainder busy while you go back up and
take care of the goblin wizards. Immediately kill the first two (they're easy
to kill), but leave the third one alive. Run to the main back of this area and
to the east. In a little corner here you'll find a treasure chest containing
an excellent weapon for Tyurru, the Prime Key. Make sure you get this item
before the last goblin wizard dies! You don't want to miss it! Once you have
it, kill the last goblin wizard and the mission will end.

Mission Four: Pholya Flatlands

This is without a doubt the most difficult mission in the game, unless you
level Tyurru up before going here. Do NOT even try this mission without getting
to at least level six. If you're under level six, this mission will slaughter
you. So right now, go back and repeat previous missions until Tyurru is at
level six, if she isn't already.

Once you're ready, start the mission. If you rotate the camera a bit, you'll
see that there are two separate groups of goblins fighting soldiers here. To
survive this mission, you're going to have to use actual strategy. You can't
just waltz in and start fighting. You have to time your Orb Attacks and Orb
Sparks perfectly. So run out to the first group of goblins you come to, where
Inphyy and Aspharr will already be fighting. Be advised that if you're not
careful, they CAN be killed in this mission, leaving you with less help. Try
not to let that happen.

Wipe out the first group of goblins, then hurry over to the next group and
wipe them out as soon as possible. Make absolutely sure that you build up you
Orb Attack, but do NOT use it. Save it. Once you clear out most of the goblins,
the Gewg will approach. Again, make SURE you have the Orb Attack ready before
you fight them. If you don't, you'll die very quickly. Gliding around and
shooting from above doesn't work with the Gewg. When they approach, make sure
they have all reached the area, then use the Orb Attack. This should take out
almost all of them. Very quickly get rid of the rest of them with combos or
normal attacks. I recommend commanding your guard units to Defend.

Before you can even finish picking off the Gewg, Dwingvatt will approach, as
well as a whole horde of goblins. Avoid Dwingvatt completely, and kill enough
goblins to fill your Orb Meter again. Use the Orb Attack when enough have
gathered around you. By this point, your blue Orb Meter should be ready. Don't
use it yet, as more goblins are coming. Remember to keep avoiding Dwingvatt.
When another horde of goblins reaches you, go ahead and use the Orb Spark.
Be sure to use it when you are surrounded by LOTS of enemies.

Once that is over, go around killing off the remaining goblins. There should be
enough to fill your red Orb Meter again, so be sure to kill every single one
you can. Don't try to leave any for the guards. Once every last goblin is dead
you can begin fighting Dwingvatt. By this point he should be at around half of
his HP, because you probably hit him while doing the Orb Attacks at one point,
plus Inphyy will have been fighting him. Stay in the air and shoot him from
above with the X button, because whenever you land, he'll come at you and he's
so fast that it's hard to block or dodge. Once you've got his HP down very low
you can land and begin pounding him with combos or the Y attack. He should die
fairly quickly. Be sure to round up any dropped items.

After Dwingvatt dies, you'll see another dot appear on the map (it might be
closing in on you, if not, go to it). These are the army of the knight
creatures, so use the Orb Attack if you have it (hopefully you do). Wait until
they surround you of course. If you don't have the Orb Attack ready, stay in
the air and shoot at them until you DO have it ready. After using the Orb
Attack, pick off the remaining creatures while gliding. Their attacks are rough
on Tyurru, so don't stay on the ground very long at a time until they're all

Right now, you can head straight for Dwykfarrio (who is in the very top right
corner of the map) and speed up finishing the mission. Or you can follow the
rest of this part of the walkthrough to fight more enemies and get a better
rank. If you want to go straight to Dwykfarrio, just scroll down to that
portion of the walkthrough.

Once they are wiped out, you should see another dot appear on the map. Run
toward it. If you don't see one, head toward the west and it should appear.
This is another group of goblins, but this time they have goblin wizards with
them. The wizards will be very annoying because their attacks can literally
knock Tyurru out of the sky. Try to fly in close to them and eliminate them
first. Then pick off the rest of the goblins. This should charge up your Orb
Attack again, but save it unless there are still a TON of goblins left.

Now, look on your map and you'll see that on the western side, if you head
south a little, you'll have to cross a bridge (see that little narrow strip
connecting the two sections of land?). Head in that direction. As you get
closer, a red dot will appear. It's another group of goblins (and goblin
wizards) here to cut you off. If you have your Orb Attack ready, use it here.
This should charge up your Orb Spark. Try your best to have your Orb Spark
ready by the time you clear out all the enemies here. But don't use it yet!

Once you've cleared them all away, cross the bridge. Remember to repeatedly
command your guards to defend, or to attack, depending on the situation (when
being surrounded, tell them to defend, when picking off remaining enemies, tell
them to attack). There will be LOTS of goblins and goblin wizards here, so
if you have your Orb Spark or Orb Attack ready, run around and find all the
different groups of enemies and lure them all to one place so you can use the
Orb Spark/Attack. If you don't have either of them ready, glide around
shooting until you do have one of them ready, then use it. Wipe out all of the
goblins, then cross the bridge to head back the way you came. Be sure to grab
all the treasure chests!

Now you need to head toward the very top eastern corner of the map. Once you
reach it, you'll find Dwykfarrio, along with another horde of goblins. If you
have the Orb Attack or Orb Spark ready here, use it! If not, glide around
and kill goblins until you do. Make sure you wipe out all of the goblins and
then take on Dwykfarrio. He's not too hard to beat, because your guards, plus
Inphyy and Aspharr, will help. Command your guards to attack. If he starts to
do an attack, glide away. Try to put distance between him and yourself, then
use the X attack to hit him from afar. When he comes toward you, glide away
again. You can repeat this process until he's defeated.

Once he's beaten, you'll see a cut scene, then the Arphann will attack. No
Pyurrot this time, thankfully. Wipe out the Arphann using the trusty method of
gliding and shooting them from above. No need to waste an Orb Attack or Spark
here because they're not too hard to beat. If you do get an Orb Attack/Spark
ready, save it! Once you've defeated all of them, you'll see a large glowing
square appear in the middle of the map, so begin heading there. On your way
there, keep an eye out for treasure chests. There's one directly in your path
that contains a full-healing potion! Be sure to use it.

When you reach the square, you'll see a cut scene and you'll have another boss
fight. I won't say who, to avoid spoilers, but they are rather easy to defeat
because they are alone (no goblins or orcs or anything with them). Command
your guard units to attack and be sure to put distance between yourself and
the boss. Use Tyurru's X attack from afar, and if the boss comes close to you
or begins attacking, glide far away and do the X attack again. If you can keep
attacking the boss from afar, this battle will be ridiculously easy. The good
point is that this boss is slow and doesn't move around much, so this tactic
is easy to use. The boss does have a few tough moves that can take a lot of
HP from Tyurru, but you can see them coming so glide away and dodge like

Once the boss has been defeated, the mission will end. Once you have cleared
all of both Tyurru's and Klarrann's misions, Vigk Vagk will be unlocked as a
playable character!

Vigk Vagk

Mission One: Bastide of Varrgandd

This is a fairly quick and simple mission. You begin outside Varrgandd, near
the catapults. Your first objective is to destroy the enemies attacking the
catapults. You'll see a number at the top of the screen indicating how many
catapults remain, and the number will decrease as more are destroyed by the
soldiers. So immediately run in and start killing the soldiers. They're not
hard to destroy, and the catapults are fairly safe for now. Just keep wiping
out the soldiers closest to the catapults.

Finally Myifee will arrive, and you'll have to defeat him before he destroys
all the catapults. He's easy to spot because of his flame attacks, so hurry
over to him and begin pounding him. He'll go down quickly as long as you just
keep hitting him and don't let up.

Now you'll go inside the gate, where you'll be told to destroy the enemy at the
North Gate. Begin fighting the soldiers in here and grab the treasure chests.
Nothing here is hard or challenging. Just enjoy Vigk Vagk's amusing combos.

Eventually you'll see a cut scene and you'll be told to defeat Tyurru and help
your allies. Follow the glowing square on the map, moving through the streets
and fighting soldiers as you go. Whenever you come upon a group of enemies, be
sure to take out the archers first. The regular physical attacks of the
soldiers won't do much damage to Vigk Vagk, but the arrows from the archers
can hurt him.

Once you reach the square on the map, you'll find LOTS of soldiers, plus
Tyurru. If you're going for a good rank, defeat all of the soldiers while
avoiding Tyurru. If you're just trying to get through the mission, go for
Tyurru first. Either way, when you fight her, use the same tactic you used for
Myifee. Just keep on pounding her as hard and as fast as you can, and she'll
quickly go down.

Now you'll be told to find the goblin commander, so follow the large red dots
on the map and you'll see a cut scene. There will be a lot of soldiers here as
well. Your final objective is to destroy the statue. You can see it up ahead
(it's white and very big, you can't miss it). It'll have its own HP bar too.
Again, if you're going for a good rank, kill all the soldiers here before you
begin attacking the statue. If not, go ahead and attack the statue. This part
is not hard at all, as the soldiers won't even try to attack you while you're
hitting the statue. Once the statue crumbles, the mission is over.

Mission Two: Pholya Flatlands

This is probably one of the easier missions that take place on the flatlands,
unless you're under level three. When you begin, you'll see a lot of soldiers
fighting goblins. Run into the battle and begin clearing them out. Very
quickly you'll be told to defeat Myifee. He's even easier here than he was
before, so take him out. Try to kill as many soldiers as possible here. After
a while, a cut scene will occur and you'll be told to go "defend the front".
You'll then see a lot of red dots closing in, so begin fighting the soldiers.
Pretty soon Aspharr will approach, and you'll be told to defeat him. He can
pose a challenge, so be careful. He's quick and his attacks are fairly powerful
but if you just keep hitting him with combos and knocking him down, he'll be
defeated quickly.

Clear out some more soldiers and you'll then be told to move to the designated
spot, represented by a glowing square on the map. Head for it, and you'll find
a lot of Temple Knights, and soon see that Inphyy is approaching. She'll be
represented by an outlined dot on the map. Kill soldiers until she approaches,
then begin fighting her. She's not even as tough as Aspharr, so just use the
same tactic and she'll go down quickly. Once that is over, just hang around
this area killing off Temple Knights until another outlined dot begins
approaching. This is Dwykfarrio, your final boss.

Here is where you find your first serious challenge while playing as Vigk Vagk,
as Dwykfarrio is flanked by two trolls. When he reaches you, completely ignore
him for now and take out the two trolls with combos and the Orb Attack/Spark
if you have it ready. Do NOT try to ignore the trolls and go for the boss, as
this will get you killed. Try to attack them from behind and if you get
sandwiched between them, dash away from them to escape, then get behind one
of them. Once BOTH trolls have been killed, focus on Dwykfarrio. He's not hard
to beat, but he is fast and good at evading. Just keep on him with combos or
just regular attacks. His attacks don't really do much damage to you, so don't
worry about them unless you only have a tiny bit of HP left. Keep pounding him
and he'll soon be defeated. Once he's dead, the mission will end.

Once you complete Vigk Vagk's missions, you'll unlock Inphyy's final mission,
a.k.a. the Secret Mission.

Inphyy's Final Mission (The Secret Mission)

In case you don't know, to get this mission you must complete the missions of
all other characters. Once you complete Vigk Vagk's final mission, load up
Inphyy's save file and you'll see a new mission available to her, called
"Another World". This is the Secret Mission.

When you first begin the mission, you'll be told to find the King of Nights.
This is THE final boss. If you look on your map, you'll see that the paths
branch off to the left and right, but that you can follow a fairly easy path
to get to the main top of the map. At the very top is where the King of Nights
waits. Along the way there, you'll run into several groups of army of the
night creatures. If you follow the paths that branch off to the left and
right, you'll find other enemies (such as goblins, trolls, gewg, etc.) fighting
army of the night creatures.

Here is where you can make a choice. Do you run straight to the King of Nights
and try to beat him? Or do you go to each branching path and fight everything?
Note that there is an extremely useful item only dropped by army of the night
creatures called the Deadly Armband. The more of them you fight, the more
likely it is that you'll get this item. However, you'll fight plenty on the
way to the King of Nights, plus he'll be surrounded by them when you get there,
so you have a fairly decent chance of getting it either way. What the Deadly
Armband does is allow you to use Inphyy's special level nine attacks without
consuming her Orb Meter.

Whatever path you take, you'll eventually arrive at the top. You'll see a cut
scene, then the King of Nights will step down to fight. This is without a doubt
the most difficult boss fight in the game. His attacks are powerful, take off
a lot Inphyy's HP, plus he has extremely high defense and sometimes doesn't
take damage at all! There are two different strategies that seem to work for
most people:

Strategy #1:
Make sure Inphyy is at level nine, therefore able to use her Seraph Butterfly
attack (A,A,Y). Fight the army of the night creatures until one of them drops
a Deadly Armband. Equip it and repeatedly use the Seraph Butterfly attack
until the King of Nights is dead. Be sure to aim at him while doing it.

Strategy #2:
If you can't find the Deadly Armband, try this strategy. Equip every single
attack boosting item you have (the Giants Club, etc.). Note that this will
leave Inphyy with crappy defense. Now follow a pattern of dashing in to attack
the King of Nights only when he is on the ground (he's a lot more vulnerable
on the ground than he is while floating), and dashing away when he begins an

Regardless of what strategy you use, this is still a difficult fight. I advise
against even trying it until you are level nine. Use combos and Orb Attacks if
you can, and just keep at it.

Other Tips:

1. He is vulnerable while walking on the ground.

2. Attack him from behind, never from the front.

3. If you're struggling, dash away and let Dwingvatt deal with him for a while.

Once you defeat the King of Nights, the mission will be over. Congratulations!
You've just beat Ninety-Nine Nights!

09.) Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that I have seen people ask on various message boards.
If you have a question about the game that has not been answered here, feel
free to contact me (see the rules for contacting me above, near the top). Just
keep in mind that I don't know everything about this game, and I might not be
able to answer your question.

1. How/where do you fight the King of Nights?

You must first complete all missions of all seven playable characters. Then
load Inphyy's save file and go to select a mission. You'll see a new mission
available. This is where you go to fight the King of Nights.

2. Aspharr's missions seem just like Inphyy's! Aren't there any differences?

Yes, there are a few. The differences are fairly mild until the third
mission, where you can choose to go to Castle of Varrvazarr instead of Fort
Wyandeek. This of course causes minor changes to the other two missions as
well. Regardless, in the fifth mission you have an extra boss fight when you
play as Aspharr (Pyurrot, the Dark Elf commander). And you get completely
different endings.

3. Help! I'm lost and can't find where I'm supposed to go!

First of all, look at your map. Do you see any red or green dots? Head toward
them. If you don't see any dots, I recommend heading toward the top,
northern area of the map. If you still can't find your way, send me an e-mail
and describe where you are, what mission you are on, and what character you
are playing. I should be able to direct you to where you need to go.

4. Can every character take guard units with them?

No. Certain characters cannot take guard units, and some characters can
take guard units on some missions but not on others.

5. I just can't seem to level up! I've completed several missions and I'm
still at a low level. What am I doing wrong?

Are you running away from battles without fighting all of the enemies? You
level up by collecting orbs. You collect orbs by defeating enemies. It
makes sense that you have to kill as many enemies as possible in order to
level up.

6. What's a quick and easy way to level up faster?

The best method I know of is to equip Wisdom Charms.

7. I completed all of Aspharr's missions but Myifee still isn't playable.
What gives?

Completing all of Aspharr's missions does not unlock Myifee. Completing
Inphyy's fifth mission (Pholya Flatlands) unlocks Myifee.

8. I completed all of Myifee's missions, but Dwingvatt still hasn't
been unlocked. Why not?

To unlock Dwingvatt, you must complete not only all of Myifee's missions,
but all of Aspharr's and Inphyy's as well.

9. All of my characters are at level nine. Why didn't I get the level nine

You must replay all the missions with the characters at level nine before
you get the achievement. So yes, you basically have to replay the entire
game. However, at level nine and with all your items, it shouldn't be too

10. The enemies aren't dropping any items, and I desperately need a potion!
How can I get them to drop a potion?

There is no specific way to make an enemy drop a potion. But you can equip
accessories that increase the item drop rate. If you're in a situation where
you badly need a potion and the enemies don't seem to be dropping much of
anything, equip all the accessories you have that increase the item drop
rate. Eventually, one of them will drop a potion, along with other useful

11. How can I get an S or A rank?

There are many factors that help your rank, but I think the most important
factors are number of orbs collected, number of enemies killed, and the
survival percentage of your guards. To increase your rank, make sure to kill
every single enemy you encounter. Leave none behind! It does help to get a
high combo count, but it must not be all that important because I've never
gotten a very high combo and yet I've gotten several S ranks. In my
experience, using the Orb Spark often (more than once in a mission) will
greatly improve your rank.

12. Where can I find (insert item here)?

I decided not to include a list of where each item is, because there is
already a FAQ detailing item locations on Gamefaqs. I did, however, point
out certain item locations in the walkthrough if I found them very important
(such as specific weapons).

13. What do the cursed items do? Why would I equip something that lowers my

The cursed items do lower your stats, yes, but they do have their purpose.
Depending on which ones you equip, they can improve your chances of
getting rare items or improve your combo count (some cursed items prevent
the enemies from dying too quickly, therefore letting you hit them more,
which can let you get a higher combo number). Experiment with them and
see what they do for you.

14. Your strategies don't work! Why did you tell me a bad strategy?

I wrote this guide explaining what worked for me personally while I was
playing. If you follow my guide exactly, you'll probably survive the
game. Maybe you won't get the absolute best rank (but as I've said many
times, you can go back and improve your rank later), but you should be
able to complete the game. That's what I focused on. These strategies
worked for me.

15. Does it affect my rank in Inphyy's Fort Wyandeek mission if I kill the
goblin civilians or not?

I don't know for certain whether or not it directly affects your rank to
kill them or spare them, but here is my experience with it: The first two
times I played this mission, I killed a lot of civilians (it was mostly by
accident, as I was aiming for the goblin soldiers). I got a B rank both
times. The third time I played this mission, I didn't even enter the village
area where the civilians were (I fought my way up the hill, then turned
right back around without touching a single civilian) and I got an S rank.
I'm not sure if this is what changed my rank, because I did use the Orb
Spark more, which has been known to improve your rank. All this really
proves is that you don't HAVE to kill any civilians to get an S rank.
16. What difference does it make where I go for Asharr's third mission? Does
anything change in the story?

Oh, there's a big difference in the story! There's not much difference in the
fourth and fifth missions themselves, or in gameplay (except that Inphyy will
help you out in the last part of the fifth mission if you go to Castle of
Varrvazarr, but won't help you if you go to Fort Wyandeek). But there is a
significant difference in the endings you see.


If you go to Castle of Varrvazarr for the third mission, you'll find Inphyy
toward the end of the fifth mission. She will be tired but unharmed, and she
will aid you for the rest of the mission. In the end, Aspharr will stop her
from killing Dwykfarrio, sparing the goblin king's life and thus, saving
Inphyy from her own darkness and desire for revenge. As the game ends, Inphyy
seems to have come to understand Aspharr's ways, and a bright light appears
before them.

If you go to Fort Wyandeek, Aspharr will again find Inphyy toward the end of
the fifth mission, but this time she has arrows in her back and collapses. She
dies in Aspharr's arms, and he rushes off to face Dwykfarrio without her. In
the end, consumed by his own rage, Aspharr kills Dwykfarrio. He later returns
to Inphyy's body and cradles her in his arms, sobbing as the game ends.

I think the second ending, the one you get by going to Fort Wyandeek, is far
more detailed and powerful. It's also longer. Of course, it's technically a
"bad" ending, but I found it more poignant.


10.) Credits/Acknowledgements

All credit goes to Microsoft, Q Entertainment, and Phantagram for making such
a great game in the first place.

The Gamefaqs message board gave me a lot of inspiration for what areas many
people needed help with.

The writing in this FAQ belongs to me. Copyright 2006 to Tiffany Tackett,
known mostly on the web as Archica.

This walkthrough reposted to with permission of the author.

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