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Table of Contents [BW.00.00]

* Table of Contents.................................................[BW.00.00]
* History & Next Version............................................[BW.01.01]
* Introduction......................................................[BW.02.01]
* Walkthrough.......................................................[BW.03.01]
* Land 1..........................................................[BW.03.02]
* Land 2..........................................................[BW.03.03]
* Land 3..........................................................[BW.03.04]
* Land 4..........................................................[BW.03.05]
* Land 5..........................................................[BW.03.06]
* Land 6..........................................................[BW.03.07]
* Land 7..........................................................[BW.03.08]
* Land 8..........................................................[BW.03.09]
* Land 9..........................................................[BW.03.10]
* Secrets...........................................................[BW.04.01]
* Norse Mini-game.................................................[BW.04.02]
* Move the Lionhead Logo..........................................[BW.04.03]
* Infinite Evil Points............................................[BW.04.04]
* Move the Logo During the Credits................................[BW.04.05]
* Afford Anything.................................................[BW.04.06]
* Increase Impressiveness.........................................[BW.04.07]
* FAQ...............................................................[BW.05.01]
* Conclusion........................................................[BW.06.01]

History & Next Version [BW.01.01]

Version 0.1 (10/09/05) - Everything is new. (19,1KB)
Version 0.2 (10/13/05) - Made the guide more clear, walkthrough updated,
secrets added, FAQ updated. (30,7KB)
Version 0.3 (10/14/05) - Updated the walkthrough, added a secret. (37,9KB)
Version 0.4 (10/22/05) - Added another tactic for land 6, updated the
walkthrough, added more tactics to certain quests, added a general long
tactic before the walkthrough, removed the sandbox cheat, updated the FAQ.
Version 0.5 (11/04/05) - Thanks for all the mails on the "how to give people
sleep" question. But after getting a few times each day, for a few weeks
straight, I decided to just update my guide with that question covered.
Furthermore, big thanks to Alfred for a tactic for land 9. For now, you can
check it in the walkthrough. Next to that, I added more hints and cheats.

Next version(s):
* Walkthrough complete
* Tribute Buy-list
* Creatures
* Good vs. Bad
* Miracles

Introduction [BW.02.01]

Official description:

Black & White 2 combines distinctly different gaming genres into one game. You
will construct sophisticated cities, raise armies and lead them into battle,
and if that weren't enough, you get to interact with your giant creature, a
sort of virtual pet that can also serve as your enforcer. There's so much in
Black & White 2 that it's amazing it all blends together like it does. Though,
it does go a bit overboard in some areas at times. Black & White 2 is
considered a god game because you play, well, a god. Specifically, you happen
to be god for the Greeks, though that's not to say that you're a Zeus or a
Hera or one from the traditional pantheon. The setting is in a fantasy world
that happens to be occupied by the Greeks, the Norsemen, the Japanese, and the
Aztecs. The Aztecs begin the game by sacking the Grecian capital, but not
before you manage to spirit away a handful of survivors to a faraway land to
begin anew. This story is a huge improvement over the first game, because it
offers a cause to see to the end, as well as a focused enemy to take down.

Walkthrough [BW.03.01]

Let's go through a few things before we start;
* I'll guide you as much as possible and how to do something good or bad, but
by all means, please experiment yourself.
* Be sure to get at least the first patch. It'll solve some problems, and
allow you to skip the tutorial (not recommended). The path is here -
* Even though only the limited edition of the game was suppose to have a
tiger, EA messed up, and you'll be able to find it with Google without too
much of a problem.
* If you plan to be good, you need to get a lot of influence. I quote a mail
I got from James Frizell, with some tactics on how to get this done pretty

1. Town layout is worth a lot of impress points.

A. Build roads going straight away from your main town center, and follow
the perimeter of influence to connect them into pie shaped sections.
B. Line the roads with houses, leaving a gap for a road to get into the
C. Place impressive buildings inside pie shapes, and fill odd areas with
whatever you can, linking it with road.
You'll get a heck of a lot more influence, and I beat levels in half the
time using impressiveness

2. Trees can increase impressiveness.

A. Leave some large areas big enough for trees.
B. Place trees in there for a free 20 impressiveness points.
If you do this throughout the town the points can really add up, especially
when you place meadows in those areas (since nothing else can fit anyways).

3. Watering certain trees can make them grow into forests.

A. Use the water miracle on trees that aren't being used for impressiveness
(trees won't grow otherwise).
B. If this does not work try moving the trees to a very fertile area.
This will essentially make your wood supply only as limited as your mana is.

4. Nurseries increase productivity.

A. Place these at the end of the roads in your "Pie" shapes, to spread the
influence to many houses at once.
B. Don't waste space placing these inside the pies, as your city will most
likely spread out beyond your first "pie" row and the influence will be
spread better.
Children follow their parents behind and slow them down while they work.
Build these every so often if you need faster workers in your land.

5. Creature poo and dead bodies fertilize fields.

Place the "poo" or body in the field and shortly afterward (much shorter if
you had left them anywhere else) they will disappear into the ground.

6. Do not build Manors or Mansions for housing until you have the smelter.

Smelters increase ore by a large amount. I've found that I had no ore when I
needed it when I started using these as my main source of housing in the
* When you get attacked by an earthquake miracle, use the hand force skill to
stop it.
* If the enemy decides to attack with catapults, you can catch the rocks and
keep them for yourself, or throw them back (depends on your alignment).
* Apparently, it's possible to power up miracles by holding the right
mouse button. Furthermore, you can mix miracles by picking them up when you
still have another on in your hand.

Water - You can grab a few to increase the power and range.
Heal + Shield - As you expect.
Fire + Lightning - As you expect.
Meteor - You can grab a few to increase the power and range.

Land 1 [BW.03.02]

Main Objectives: * Quite a lot, just follow the instructions
Bronze Scrolls: * Learn how to move objects
* Assign villagers
Silver Scrolls: * Help the farmer with the rock
* Unblock the waterfall
* Rescue the villagers in the valley

Main Objectives

After watching the intro movie, you'll be introduced to your conscience. Good
and evil, as you probably know. They'll talk a bit, and then introduce you
to the creatures. It's time to pick the creature you want to use for the rest
of the game.

If you have the limited edition of the game, you'll be able to select the
tiger (next to the monkey, lion, wolf and cow). However, EA left the unlocker
on their FTP, and everyone was able to get it. Google for a "tiger unlocker"
to find one. It's not big at all, and it's an easy way to get a tiger (it's
your own fault, EA).

Once you selected a creature (by left clicking on it twice), you'll be able to
do a tutorial, or simply skip it (if you have patch 1, at least). I suggest
to do it, because you'll get quite some tribute for this.

The first thing you'll learn, is how to move the camera. To do this, use the
right mouse button, and drag the mouse left or right. After that, you'll need
to move the camera forth and back. Nothing hard there.

It's time to move the camera around. Hold your middle mouse button, and move
right. Once that is done, you need to pan up or down. Click the middle mouse
button in the highlighted area, and move up with the mouse. After that, you
need to... yes... down.

Zooming in and out can be done with the mouse wheel. Now you know how to move
around, and the most annoying part is done.

The good and bad guy will tell you the use of scrolls; bronze are tutorials,
silver are side-quests and gold scrolls are main quests. Double click with
your right mouse button near the bronze scroll to zoom in. Then left click
to select it.

*Bronze* You need to move the rocks out of the circle, by picking them up with
your left mouse button, holding it, and moving them away. Nothing hard. (1000
tribute reward)

*Bronze* Next to the last scroll, is another tutorial. You need to pick a
villager up, and give them an assignment. Pick the guy up, and make him a
breeder. Make the other guys a farmer, forester and builder. (1000 tribute

Now click on the gold scroll to leave (or do the extra stuff first).


Type: Silver Scroll
Location: Zoom out, and find a silver scroll near a big rock.
Goal: The guy needs the rock removed.
Reward: 5000 tribute
Solution: Good - Move the rock away
Bad - Drop the rock on the villager

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: On a little isle.
Goal: Unblock the waterfall by throwing rocks at it.
Reward: 5000 tribute
Solution: Throw rocks, until you hit the rocks on the waterfall. This will
unblock the waterfall.

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: Next to the waterfall.
Goal: Place some villagers from one valley to the other.
Reward: 1000 tribute
Solution: Good - Move them into the village
Bad - Throw them away.

Land 2 [BW.03.03]

Time to learn about war (yes, it's needed). Your land is under attack by
Aztec scum. You'll first save 10 villagers. After that, it's time to counter
attack a bit.

Remove the guard fence next to the barrels, to they roll over the invaders.
After that, set the other things on fire. Another volcano will be summoned,
and it's time to leave, and start over again.

Land 3 [BW.03.04]

Main Objectives: * Sorry, didn't write it down - will come soon
Bronze Scrolls: * Learn how to change time
* How to check your objectives
* How to build roads
Silver Scrolls: * Silence the rooster
* The pregnant daughter
Special Object.: * Clear the land of question-mark signs
* Increase impressiveness and happiness by 30000

Main Objectives

We can now start all over again. Thanks to the Aztec invaders. How nice of
them. You can look around a bit if you want. As you can see, you can't do
anything outside the green ring, which is your influence. You'll also notice
there are enemies around. When you're done, click on the gold scroll.

*Gold* Pick up enough grain, and put 200 grain in the storehouse. (5000
tribute reward)
Assign 3 farmers to the field, so you have enough food for the moment. (2000
tribute reward)
Pick up a couple of trees, until there is enough wood in the storehouse. (2000
tribute reward)
Create 3 foresters, for more tribute. (2000 tribute reward)

*Gold* Next to the other scroll, is the next one. The town center will be
explained to you.

*Gold* Find the next scroll. You'll learn how to build houses. You need to
grab the house in your town center, and drag it towards a place that's
available. Then you need to grab a tree, and drop it on the foundation of the
house. This will help the villagers a bit. Build a total of 12 foundations in
your village. After that, you'll need to create 3 builders in order to get the
houses built. (2000 tribute reward)
You'll also learn godbuilding. This is when you grab a tree, hover over the
foundation of a building, and then hold the left mouse button. The building
will be built really quick, but you'll lose some resources. Finish all the
foundations until they are houses. (3000 tribute reward)
We need more people in the long run, so we need to create 3 breeders. (2000
tribute reward)
The good guy wants a population of 75 now. (5000 tribute reward)

*Gold* Waiting for the population to rise is a waste of time. Instead, click
the next gold scroll to learn about the tool bar. You need to open the tool bar,
close it, and open it up again.
After that, you need to head to the tribute tab (or press F4). Tribute is used
to build buildings, like the temple on your screen. Buy the temple, and build
it. The temple needs ore to be built. The villagers can mine them in mines, or
they can get them from ore rocks. Help the villagers by picking up a rock and
putting it in your storehouse. After you did that a bit, finish the temple by
Godbuilding. Because you finished the temple, new villagers will join you.
(5000 tribute reward)
Wait until the tribe got to your village, and accept them.

*Gold* Now it's time to build an armory and create a small army. Buy an
armory, and build it. Then you'll learn to create an army. Follow the
instructions of the bad guy.
You'll also learn how to move the platoon. It's time to take over the town, so
do so. (8000+3000 tribute reward)

*Bronze* Outside your first time, near a mountain, is a bronze scroll. You'll
learn how to change between day and night. Try it. (2000 tribute reward)

*Bronze* In town is a scroll to learn how to check the objectives. Open your
tool bar, and check them out. You'll notice there are also special objectives.
For now we need to increase the size of town and how happy the people are, and
we need to find 20 signs.

*Bronze* One more bronze scroll remaining in your town. This will teach you on
how to build a road. Nothing hard. (2000 tribute reward)

*Gold* Time to move on, and finally play around with your creature. Click on
the gold scroll in your town. Use the leash on your creature (click the action
button on it, or press L). Move him outside the pen, give him some grain to
eat, and then leash him to the rock next to the field.
Your creature will grab a villager, and wonders if it should eat the villager.
Hold the left mouse button on your creature and punish (good, move from side
to side with your mouse) or reward it (bad, pet it by stroking up and down).
(10000 tribute reward). This is where you'll really have to decide if you want
to become good or bad.

Now follow your creature around, teaching him what's good or bad. He'll have
silly ideas like eating rocks, pooping on villagers etc. Do what you like
about it. Also expand your village.

Keep going, and eventually you'll be told that you can move on. Click on the
gold scroll when you're ready.


Type: Silver Scroll
Location: Near the bronze scroll on how to change time.
Goal: Silence the rooster.
Reward: 10000 tribute
Solution: Change the time from day to night a few times.

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: A house a bit away from town.
Goal: Find more out about the pregnant woman.
Reward: 20000 tribute
Solution: Follow the woman until she enters a house and you hear kissing
sounds. Then pick up the father, and drop him next to that house.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Increase impressiveness and happiness by 30000
Reward: 10000 tribute
Solution: Just expand your city, build temples, and be sure your people have
what they need. This will happen as you play, don't worry too much about it.

Type: Special Objective:
Goal: Find all 20 question-mark signs.
Reward: 2000 tribute
Solution: Sign 1 to 5 - In and around your first town
Sign 6 to 13 - Near the town that's far away from your own town
Sign 14 - Near the big statue near your town
Sign 15 - On a beach
Sign 16 and 17 - Near the town that decides to live with you
Sign 18 - Near the town you take over, close to the water
Sign 19 - Near the town you take over, close to the ore mine
Sign 20 - On the left hill, that leads to the big statue

Land 4 [BW.03.05]

Main Objectives: * Win the land
Resource Object.:* Villagers must collect 4000 ore
* Villagers must collect 4000 grain
* Villagers must collect 4000 wood
Town Objectives: * Make 12 breeders
* Have a population of 150
* Build 1 field
* Water the field
* Create 10 worshipers
* Water forest
* Build 10 buildings on impressive areas
Creature Object.:* Entertain 5 people
* Collect 3000 food
* Kill 2 platoons of enemies
* Let your creature build 12 houses
War Objectives: * Level up a platoon to regular skill
Bronze Scrolls: * How to build walls
* How to build an altar
* Give your creature roles
Silver Scrolls: * Nut Oil
* Legion of the Undead
Special Object.: * Increase impressiveness and happiness by 30000
* Deforest the land

Main Objectives

We need to get the Norse people on our side. We can do this with love or hate.
It's your call now, I'm not telling you what to do. Well, I am. But not if you
should be good or bad, that's your own decision.

*Bronze* Near your town is a bronze scroll, that'll teach you how to build
walls. Just set the foundation, and your villagers will do the rest.

You'll see a lot of objectives in your objective tab, so let's start right
* Let your creature entertain 5 people (by picking them up, and putting them
down) - 8000 tribute reward
* Create 12 breeders - 4000 tribute reward
* Create a lot of houses and a big field. Then create about 10 foresters, 10
farmers and 10 mineworkers. For each resource you get 4000 off, gives you
3000 tribute reward.
* Build a field with gatherers for an easy 3000 tribute reward.
* Build an altar - 2000 tribute reward

*Bronze* Once the altar is built, select the bronze scroll to learn how to
get mana (create worshipers) and to use a water miracle. (2000+3000 tribute

*Bronze* The other bronze scroll allow you to learn how to give your creature
roles. Make him a gatherer, and let him gather some grain. Don't give him a
role for too long, because this will affect his free will.

So, back to the other objectives again. You'll most likely have all the
objectives above done.
* Build more houses. Not an objective, I'm telling you this. Do anything to
keep your people happy.
* Be sure you have 10 worshipers - 5000 tribute reward
* Find a tree, and water it - 3000 tribute reward
* Let your creature gather 3000 grain - 3000 tribute reward
* Let your create build 12 houses - 10000 tribute reward
* Get a population of 150 (don't worry, it will happen) - 10000 tribute reward
* If you want to be on the side of evil, create a platoon, and let them fight
until they leveled up to regular skill - 4000 tribute reward

By now, people will want to move into your city, because you're impressive.
Open the gate, and let them in. When an enemy platoon gets near, let your
creature destroy it. This is evil, but do this when you're good too. When you
killed two of them, you'll get 4000 tribute reward.

It's your decision if you'll take over the land by force or by impressing the
other villages around you. Both ways will allow you to go to the next land. Do
any remaining objective you want to do first though.

To finish the "Build 10 buildings on impressive areas", the easiest way would
be to first win the land. Then build impressive buildings (granaries, for
example) on impressive areas, like mountains or inside the town of your
enemy. When you have the building you want to build, hover over it on a piece
of ground. Normally you'd only see how much it'd impress, but when it's very
impressive (so on a piece of ground you should build), it'll say something
like 800+170.


Type: Silver Scroll
Location: On an isle, pretty far away from your town.
Goal: Throw a barrel from one isle to another.
Reward: 20000 tribute
Solution: Just throw the barrel from one isle to another. Don't worry if it
falls into the water, they seem to have unlimited barrels. You can also wait
till you won the land, and then just pick the barrel up, and drop it where

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: At night, close to the big enemy town.
Goal: Get a legion of undead.
Reward: 20000 tribute, 12 undead soldiers
Solution: You need to click on the tombs in a certain order to get access to
this legion of undead. Read all the stones. Start with the one that has the
lowest date, and move up from there. When you clicked all five of them,
you'll get your new army.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Increase impressiveness and happiness by 30000
Reward: 10000 tribute
Solution: Just expand your city, build temples, and be sure your people have
what they need. This will happen as you play, don't worry too much about it.
Be aware you have plenty of tribute to buy things with.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Deforest the land
Reward: 30000 tribute
Solution: You need to remove every single tree from the isle (after you won
the land, of course). Quite a tricky thing to do. If you're going for the
good side, I suggest to not to this, since ripping out trees is considered
evil. If you plan to do this, buy the skill (with tribute) that allows you to
grab multiple things in one go. This will speed things up. Good luck with it.
You can also burn things down to speed things up.

Another strategy is to put a big building there (like the creature pen) and
immediately remove it. The trees will be gone.

Land 5 [BW.03.06]

Main Objectives: * Win the land
Resource Object.:* Villagers must collect 6000 ore
* Villagers must collect 6000 grain
* Villagers must collect 6000 wood
Town Objectives: * Have a population of 300
* Build a Wonder
* Build 5 fields on fertile ground
* Build 10 Embellishments
Creature Object.:* Creature collects 5000 ore
* Creature collects 5000 grain
* Creature collects 5000 wood
* Get the creature to help build 30 houses
War Objectives: * Create 100 soldiers
* Take over 3 towns by force
* Kill every living thing
Silver Scrolls: * Monk Test
* Save the lambs!
* Forest Ambush
Special Object.: * Enclose town within walls
* Take over 3 towns by impressiveness
* Increase impressiveness by 30000
* Link 3 of your influence bubbles together

Main Objectives

At first the land seems pretty quiet, but soon enough the Japanese will enter
through the portal. It's time to win the land again - any way you like.
However, being good takes ages. I suggest to take the small towns by force,
and the big town by impressing them. They won't attack your town, so don't

The easiest way to expand your influence (for various objectives) is by
building a wonder, so buy and build one as soon as you can. Also get
worshipers for it, because it allows you to transform enemies into allies.

There is nothing hard about this land, it just takes quite some time.


Type: Silver Scroll
Location: Near your town
Goal: Help the monk with his test
Reward: 40000 tribute
Solution: You need to buy the hand forcing skill with your tribute before
you're able to do this quest. All you need to do, is hold your left mouse
button, and "scrub" the stones. The monk will do the rest.

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: Near the town of the enemy
Goal: Save the lambs!
Reward: 40000 tribute
Solution: Some sheep is pregnant, and for some reason, she throws them away
high into the air. Catch the sheep, there are about 30 of them.

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: On the island
Goal: Help the spy get through the forest
Reward: 40000 tribute
Solution: I haven't completely figured out this one yet. You can rotate the
signs, so the spy (and the bandits) walk that way. Your spy needs to collect
all the gold shiny things.

There's an alternative strategy for this; when you won the land, burn the
forest down to get a much better view of what's going on.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Enclose town within walls
Reward: 15000 tribute
Solution: When you have enough influence, surround your town with walls (and
a gate would be nice). No real rush here, but the tribute is always welcome.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Take over 3 towns by impressiveness
Reward: 15000 tribute
Solution: Just build your main city, and soon enough people will want to live
with you (note this goes perfectly fine with the war objective to get 3 towns
by force).

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Increase impressiveness by 30000
Reward: 10000 tribute
Solution: Just expand your city, build temples, and be sure your people have
what they need. This will happen as you play, don't worry too much about it.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Link 3 of your influence bubbles together
Reward: 5000 tribute
Solution: You can do this by taking towns over by force (2 of them), and then
linking your bubbles together. If that's not what you like, you can just
wait till you finished the land, so you own the whole land, and then link the
bubbles. You won't see the bubbles anymore, but they're still there.

Land 6 [BW.03.07]

Main Objectives: * Win the land
Town Objectives: * Have a population of 300
* Create 20 breeders
* Use Shield Miracle to protect person or people
Creature Object.:* Creature collects 3000 wood
* Creature kills 10 platoons
* Use creature to break enemy walls
* Get the creature to help build 30 houses
* Win 3 creature fights
War Objectives: * Only attack under cover of darkness
* Take over 3 towns by force
Silver Scrolls: * Solve the riddle of the seven samurai
* Nut Oil
* Guide the archaeologists to the ruin
* Cure the sick town
Special Object.: * Build a Wonder
* Take over 3 towns by impressiveness
* Change of heart - convert from good to evil (or evil to
* Segregate men and women into separate towns

Main Objectives

In the previous land, the other man was mainly focused on defense. This guy
isn't, and he's going to attack you with endless swarms of platoons. This is
not a land you'll be able to take with just some love, I'm afraid. Start with
getting 20 breeders (tribute reward), make fields, then make foresters,
farmers and mineworkers (when possible).

Once you made a set-up, with some houses, and whatever you people want (build
a wonder too for more tribute). Let your creature deal with the upcoming
platoons and catapults. It should be able to handle it without a problem. If
you give your creature a lightning miracle and a heal miracle, he'll be

Build a wall as soon as you can. Let's say that the way the platoons are
coming from is north. Then build a wall north of your town, with a gate
in the middle of it. Create a platoon of archers, and put them on your wall.
They'll shoot at the upcoming platoons (which aren't archers, only swordsmen)
and so much for that. They'll rarely send a catapult. If that happens, let
your creature have some fun with it.

Expand your city to the east, since there's plenty of space. If you want to
take the land by force, I wish you a lot of luck, but I just went the evil
way. It's so much faster...

So I made a wall, defense and had fun. With a lot of breeders, there were a
lot of people, and the ore in the mine is rather limited. Create an army that
has 50% archers and 50% swordsmen. Then do the seven samurai scroll, and meet
the samurai with your existing army. Be sure your creature is there too.

There are 3 walls, and the one that's most on the right is unprotected. Let
your creature destroy the gate, and let your man take over the town that's
near it. It contains truckloads of ore, plus the mine is rather full too. Be
sure to build a wall with a gate around it when you can. Let your creature
destroy the catapults that are near, on a mountain.

There is another town close, and it has a wall around it. I suggest to ignore
it. The next town should be ignored too (it has no defense, but it's quite
easy for the enemy to get back).

One wall is blocking the path to your enemy. Let your creature destroy it,
including the platoons that are on the wall (with lightning it's a piece of
cake). Capture the town that's nearby and let your troops rest here and

Prepare for the final confrontation. Let your creature crash open the gate to
the town of the enemy, and let your troops kill the platoons here (the samurai
are really great for this) and take over town.

Once again, you can probably do this with love too, but I wouldn't suggest it.
I needed over 3.5 hours to do it with force. Do anything you want, and leave
for the next land.

Note: If you want to finish the "let your creature fight three times"
objective, you need to at least fight (and allow the creature to resurrect)
the other creature 2 times and win. Once you conquered the land, and kick the
living shit out of the creature, he won't resurrect.

Note: I got a quite different strategy to beat the land. Build up your
influence, so it reaches the small path ahead of you. Then block the path with
big rocks and the platoons of the Japanese can't reach you. When you want to
move out, simply smash them with a rock or miracle.


Type: Silver Scroll
Location: Near a strange looking path
Goal: Solve the riddle of the seven samurai
Reward: 40000 tribute, 7 very good soldiers
Solution: All you need to do, is find seven samurai statues, and put them on
the right pedestal. Finding them isn't even hard, because they glow up and
you'll be able to see them from miles away. In case you can't find them;

Violet - Near the wall that's closest to your town (the one of the enemy,
mind you).
Purple - Near the first torch you lit during the nut oil quest.
Blue - Near the starting point, on a path.
Green - Near the sick village, near the sea.
Yellow - Behind the mountain of the city of the enemy.
Orange - Near the walled Japanese city (near the one with lots of ore)
Red - Near your town are some islands. It's on the one that's far away.

Head back to the start point, and place them in that order on the pedestals,
from left to right. Note it's easier to find them in the dark, because you'll
see them glow.

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: Near your town
Goal: Help the nut oil men again
Reward: 40000 tribute
Solution: If you didn't do the other nut oil quest, you can't do this one. All
you need to do, is throw barrels to the big wooden torches. However, you have
about 10 tries each torch, so don't play around too much. Instead, you can use
fireballs, of which you have unlimited, and long as you have mana.

Just like the other quest, you can also wait until you cleared the land and
just put the barrels there. What's also possible, is to simply use the meteor
or fireball miracle.

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: On the biggest island
Goal: Guide the archaeologists to the ruin
Reward: 40000 tribute
Solution: For this quest you need the hand forcing skill. You need to uncover
4 runes, and then help them uncover the "hidden" tomb (it's not hidden at
all, but whatever).

1 - Near where the men are standing, rub the ground.
2 - Under the tree on the kill nearby.
3 - Near the rock on the beach.
4 - Straight left of the first rune, near a hill.

Now throw the rocks away for them, and the quest is solved.

Type: Silver Scroll
Location: In the town of the Japanese
Goal: Cure the sick town
Reward: 40000 tribute, the town will be able to migrate
Solution: You need the hand forcing skill for this quest as well. What you
need to do, is "rub" the illness away. Be fast, because else the people will
get sick again. You'll have a painful arm at the end. If you solved it, the
people will be allowed and able to migrate when you impress them enough (or
you can take it over, but in my walkthrough I told you not to).

If you don't really care for the people, only for the tribute, start the
quest right away, and simply let them die. When there are only a few left,
cure the sick people from it.

You can also wait until you finished the land, then pick them all up, put
them on one spot and cure them.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Build a Wonder
Reward: 100000 tribute
Solution: What do you expect?

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Take over 3 towns by impressiveness
Reward: 20000 tribute
Solution: What do you expect?

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Change of heart - convert from good to evil (or vice versa)
Reward: 5000 tribute
Solution: Not really worth it tribute-wise. If you planned to change sides,
do it. Otherwise forget about it.

Type: Special Objective
Goal: Segregate men and women into separate towns
Reward: 10000 tribute
Solution: Quite an unique objective. Make a town for men, make a town of
women. I didn't bother with it, and you can't breed when you do this, but if
you're feeling like it, be my guest.

Land 7 [BW.03.08]

Time to face both Japanese brothers. We now have to face mighty miracles
(earthquakes) and fast non-stop attacks. Get ready right way, and start
expanding your city, building what you people need, getting children and
resources. The usual. When your influence is big enough, start building walls
with gates. Let your creature take care of platoons in the mean-time, and be
sure to destroy the catapults.

It's nothing you never did before, but it just takes some time. Just be aware
of how big the armies of the enemies are.

Apparently, earthquakes come at pre-set places, and mainly near your gates.

More coming in the next version.

Land 8 [BW.03.09]

Coming soon.

Land 9 [BW.03.10]

This tactic is submitted by Alfred Beat, and will be replaced with my own one,
once I get to it. Thanks for this one Alfred, watch your language though ;p

To beat the last land at first seems to be very difficult, but actually it
isn't. First of all, you need to expand your influence ring by building a
wonder to the right of your city (next to the wall, near your altar). This
because the Aztecs attack with the fucking volcano spell and they attack
ALWAYS in the same place, so, if you build something in the top left of your
city (near the farms), the volcano will destroy it instantly. Why to expand?
Well... They attack in the only two sides of the city that can be taken down,
the right and the top. But, because the volcano breaks a lot of buildings
here, then it's useless to build something until you get 2 Aztec cities (I'll
explain it later). When the wonder is built, and your influence ring
expanded, then it's gonna be easy to beat the first armies. The first
attacking are those of the top, and you can beat them instantly by using the
stones of the catapults and throwing back to them or using the fire miracle...
In the right, because you already expanded the influence ring, use the fire
spell to kill all the armies in a second. You can kill the enemy's creature
as a bonus or let him to have fun with your creature =P (My lion was a master
warrior when I arrived to this land =P)
With all the enemy's armies down (And without using your own armies -o-) The
fucking Aztecs will cast the goddamn volcano spell. They don't care about your
influence ring and they'll use it VERY VERY close to your city. So it's time
to say goodbye to your farms and some of your villies (Because I still can't
believe that they're very dumb trying to run out of the volcano if they're
running to it) Power up the water miracle and use it to take off the lava
before it reaches something that you really appreciate (Of course, my armies!
They do A LOT for my city [LOL]) Anyway they laugh at your face (I mean, at
your all mighty hand) thinking about your weakness and how are you going to
beat them with just influence.

Think again... You Aztec jerk...

Just when it seems that you're gonna lose, your Japanese friends arrive to the
east beach with a BIG army (If you're good alignment and you don't use an
army), hopefully the east Aztec city NEVER close its doors and you can take
the town center without doubt... You'll get 150,000 tributes for this.

By the way... Don't build anything in your main city until you get two Aztec
cities, if you build something where they used the volcano spell they'll use
it again.


The Aztec's creature (A gorilla I guess), has his hitpoints increased each
time you defeat him, so, if you killed him 3 times try to figure out how many
hp will have in the next encounter. If you have your creature mastered as a
warrior, the Aztec's creature will be no match for him so... Have fun watching
how your creature is saving the day =P

Ok, so, now you have two cities, but, what's next? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey... Do you
remember those Norse guys? Yup! They arrive 5 minutes before the Japanese did
in the west coast to take down the west Aztec city, this one has its doors
closed so use the catapults to break them and take the town center for the
glory of the Greeks! (Ok ok I just enjoyed it typing it =P) You'll get another
150,000 tributes for this. When you take this city, the Aztecs will not have
their creature anymore, so, enjoy killing him before do that.

With the two Aztecs cities on your side, your creature as a master warrior, a
huge army, and all a land for you, you can decide if attack them and take the
town center by force or just now with influence.

Taking the town with influence it's pretty easy because when you get the two
Aztec cities the last one will not use the volcano spell anymore, for unknown
reasons. Use the smelter to increase the ore production and you'll get the
land as soon as you can expect. You can use also the mermaid spell to call
some new villies to your cities.

Taking the town with your armies and creature will not be fun... All you have
to do is break their door, kill their pathetic army and claim the town
center. It'll be yours in 30 seconds.

If you want a challenge, try to take all the cities by influence =P (Ok ok
I'm out of my mind =O)

Secrets [BW.04.01]

Norse Mini-game [BW.04.02]

On the fourth land, near the town you began, there is a path that goes down.
There is a man in a cave here. Throw him away as far as you can. The further
you throw him, the more tribute you will get. Set new records to get more
tribute each time.

Move the Lionhead Logo [BW.04.03]

When the game starts, and the Lionhead logo appears, you can move it with your
arrow keys or left mouse button and have a bit of fun with the small blocks.

Infinite Evil Points [BW.04.04]

Take over a town, and remove all food and population. Now you'll keep getting
evil points for it, because you're not feeding the "population". This will
keep going on forever.

Source: GameFAQs

Move the Logo During the Credits [BW.04.05]

During the credits, you can move the logo by holding the right mouse button.
You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

Source: Alfred Beat

Afford Anything [BW.04.05]

This little trick will only work on new games, just for the record.

Go to your Black & White 2 dir, and open the file
"DataBalanceGameBalanceArtefact.txt". Back the file up and you can play
around. You can change the values of everything in the tribute menu (the first
number after the name). Keep it above 1000, and you can play with it all you

Make sure that the number behind "TOTAL_COST" is changed too, so it all sums
up correctly.

Source: GameFAQs

Increase Impressiveness [BW.04.06]

Go to your Black & White 2 dir, and open the file
"DataBalancePlacementData.xml" with Notepad. Find the third paragraph,
that starts with '<object type="abode" name="greek_abode_c">'. Change the line

<basevalue impressiveness="0.2" />
<basevalue impressiveness="20" />

Now place some villas, or other impressive buildings, and your impressiveness
will grow very quick, and makes you win the land.

Source: GameFAQs

FAQ [BW.05.01]

Q: I installed the patch, and my saves refuse to work!
A: That's not a question.

Q: I installed the patch, and my saves refuse to work! Why?
A: Better read the notes that come with the patch.

Q: How can I get the tiger?
A: By getting the limited edition of the game, or by getting a tiger unlocker.

Q: How do I build gates?
A: Build a wall, then make the gate into the wall.

Q: How can I cast wonders?
A: It depends on how impressive you are, your influence, where the wonder is
located etc. Sometimes you can cast it within the influence of your enemy,
sometimes a little bit outside of it. Just try it out. It seems that the
more worshipers you have, the further away from your own influence you'll
be able to cast the miracle.

Note that wonders need to have worshipers around it to charge.

Q: My villagers complain they need more sleep and free time. What to do?
A: Set the time to "ZzZ" etc, by holding the left mouse button on the horizon.
For free time you can also build "fun" things like a tavern, baths etc.

Conclusion [BW.06.01]

I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file.

Thanks-list: Gaines Johnston, Jeff, Steve, Mindcandy, Tyler Giesel,
Blitzkrieg, Sven, Oblivion, From: BarkingSquirrel Snake, brotherkhong,
Lars L, Doug Hunter, Steven Trewartha, Stéphane Chouinard, Joseph Breen,
Alfred Beat

And especially you, for reading this.

For other guides, you can check this link:

Copyright (c) 2005 by Grawl. All rights reserved.
This walkthrough reposted to with permission of the author.


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