Rumor Killers: NBC Gaming Show, GTA 5 Vice City, 3DS Release

Rumor Killers: NBC Gaming Show, GTA 5 Vice City, 3DS Release

Is NBC Getting In On Gaming Television?

If you’re a gamer (as in… you’re reading this) then a wider exposure of gaming to the general public, and thereby hopeful growth of the industry, could only be a good thing, right? Well the net may be widened sooner than you think if NBC launches the purported gaming show pilot as reported on Joystiq. Unofficially dubbed “Game On”, this would follow very much in the tradition of GameTrailers TV on Spike, showing interviews, footage, likely some exclusives with the kind of money NBC is kicking around.

But it could even be on primetime! Ok, slow down, there, Joystiq. As G4 points out, the news of pilot doesn’t really mean THAT much. It could stay simply in the pilot phase, dependent on test audience response, or it could be a full blown thing, especially if it’s on one of NBC’s many cable channels.

What’s important to keep in mind is the potential viewership for a program just dedicated to gaming culture. While the industry is indeed growing, it’s still relatively small as a major point of societal interest. I mean to say that while somewhere around 65% of Americans say they play video games, only a small portion of those people would actually want to watch TV about those games. For instance, some of the bestselling video games of the past year were Nintendo’s Mario titles which sold a little over 10 million units. There are a little over 300 million Americans. That’s a small pool to draw from, and an additionally smaller sub-group of those who have played such titles and loved them enough to want to know about other games as well.

Even given all of the fairly downcast marketing possibilities, I still think that at least the pilot is definitely happening. NBC saw a small boost in viewership during Jimmy Fallon’s gaming week, so maybe this is just a stab in that direction. The key to the success of this kind of program, however, will definitely be the personalities attached to it, which have yet to be named. Either way, it’s definitely worth NBC’s try, and it will almost definitely happen.

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Will GTA 5 Be Set in Vice City?

This rumor comes simply because of one very unassuming listing on an Australian classification website. All it really lists is this: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Computer Games (Multi Platform) and a few details. But it’s a new listing. So what’s the deal?

The Examiner says it could be a remake, a port, or GTA 5. Of course the first two would make sense for a downloadable title on PSN or XBL, but GTA 5 being outed like that? I mean, the profile fits with Rockstar North being the studio, the multi-platform, the time frame. But Rockstar is generally more in control of their information than that. We’ll hear about GTA 5 when they are good and ready.

The other thing to consider is the location. Yea, GTA IV saw the return to Liberty City, which probably feels a little overdone at this point, especially with all the other games doing vague profiles of NYC. So a change in locale makes sense, but Vice City doesn’t seem any more viable than, say, San Andreas, often touted as the coolest sandbox city/ environment of the series. I’m just not seeing it.

Obviously GTA 5 is coming. Where it’s going to be is still up in the air, and I’d say it’s staying that way for awhile. The listing on the Australian site could just be a fluke, or it could be a hint at a port, but it’s almost definitely not about the next next-gen game.

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What’s the Real Deal with the 3DS Release Details?

The internet has been buzzing big time with speculation as to the possible release details for Nintendo’s 3DS. While the pot got stirred at E3, Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo of America President) really got everyone talking when he appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and stated in no uncertain terms that the 3DS would be coming in 2011.

But a “source” close to the Japanese Nintendo headquarters has reportedly said that what Reggie said on national television is a mistake. No, really, that’s what they said. Kotaku has confirmed that it’s coming sometime this fiscal year (until March 2011), but has received no word on the holiday season. It would certainly make a lot of sense for Nintendo to get another holiday favorite on the shelves in time for the greatest spending season of them all, but if the units aren’t ready, they aren’t ready. The bottom line: sounds like nobody really knows any information to the contrary, so I’m trusting the president at this point. Once some solid evidence comes out, then I’ll change my mind.

The other real issue is the potential price. The number seems to be floating around $200 USD right now, as reported by IncGamers who managed to spot a Dutch retailer listing pricing the DS around $210. And there have been a few other strange oversea retailer listings here and there, all seemingly legit. But remember back to the Kinect pricing deal? Microsoft posted the price of $150 as a place-holder on the Microsoft Store, but did not confirm the price. Maybe these retailers are doing something similar to allow for pre-orders?

The important point for both the release date and price is that nothing has come from Nintendo ACTUALLY. There’s some hints here and there, sure, but the proof is in the… Reggie.

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