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All-Pro Football 2K8
Copyright 2007-2008 by Brad Earlywine.
All Rights Reserved.
V 0.71

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1b.Version History
1c.What Should I Contribute?
2. New Game Features
3. Abilities System Intro
3a. Ability List
4. Legends List (Partial)
6. Credit & Thanks

Well first off, I am Brad. I am a very big football fan, but normally I play
Madden. I rented this game just wanting to try it out, but I turned out to
love the online mode so I bought it. So basically I wrote this guide to explain
the online play, legend abilities, team creating strategies, and list the
legends. Well, I hope to contain all aspects of the game.

CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING YOU WANT! It helps and will make this guide much larger,
more detailed, and contain more information! Also, I make a lot of typing
mistakes so player names, abilities, and descriptions might be wrong.

This is copyrighted 2007-2008. Any use, other than personal use, is forbidden.
You must obtain permission if you wish to use any of this information that I
have provided on your strategy guide, or you wish to put this guide on any
other website other than or (added Aug 11,
2007). No other websites are permited. All you have to do is simply ask me
and I will, most likely, permit you to do so. If this guide is found on any
other source without my credit and my permission, it is against the law and
will be punishable by law. The copyright notice may be changed at any time
without further consent or notification. Any commercial use of this guide is
strickly prohibited, unless again approved by me. By continuing reading below,
you agree to have read the copyright terms above. All Rights Reserved.

1b.Version History
V 0.10 – Guide Just Started. Used my old Madden 05 guide as template. Lots of
work left to do. There are so many legends and so many abilities.
V 0.25 – All abilities and descriptions have been added.
V 0.50 – The Complete List of Legends is finally done. I have just started
adding the abilities to legends, but only did 2 QBs as a test.
V 0.60 – Officially Started Adding Abilities. Finished all star QBs, RBs, FBs,
Kickers, and Punters. Added a few missed Abilities, and corrected
V 0.70 – Complete WRs, C, G, T. All of offensive players have their abilities.
Found another missed ability, very few spelling errors corrected.
V 0.71 – Updated Copyright.

1c.What I should contribute?
Anything that is not mentioned, left out, or otherwise unlisted.


2. New Game Features
To kick off this guide, it would be wise to explain the actual game features.
Several great features have been added into this years addition of 2K Sports
Football franchise. One such feature, is basically the “Ultimate Fantasy
Draft.” The first thing you do when you turn the game on is create your team.
The team’s star players consist of 2 Gold Star players, 3 Silver Players, and
6 Bronze players. Obviously, the gold star players are your best players,
then the silver star players, and then finally the bronze star players. You can
choose from over 240 different legends from any position with varying abilities
and advantages. If none of those fit your needs, you can even make your own
players to your liking. I will later explain the abilities in detail, and
also list the players and what abilities they have. So we will be back at
this screen later.

After you choose all your star players, the next screen goes over all your
non-star players. You must cycle through the positions to choose your
preferences. For your information, a bronze player is much better than a
non-star player.

After you choose those preferences, you can now edit your team’s uniforms,
names, and logo’s. I am not going to go over this, but I will tell you to
do a search for “Uniform” codes if you want to make your uniforms just like
your favorite NFL team.

3. Abilities System
Say so long to the 1-100 stat ratings that you are used to, and in the
new Abilities system. There is no way to check exact stats, but only to check
what abilities they have. Each position on the field has their own arsenal of
selectable special abilities, some of which are charge type and some that are
always active. Generally, the players can have no more then 5 (five)
abilities. Even some bronze players have 5 (five) abilities and some Gold
players only have 2 (two). If you create your own player, then you are limited
to 3 (three) abilities for Gold, 2 (two) abilities for Silver, and 1 (one)
ability for Bronze. Creating your own player is usually the best choice for
certain postitions to get exactly what you want. Make your selections of
players based off of abilities that coincide with your play style.

3a. Abilities Explained
Let me explain exactly how my list is written. Each position has access to
several abilities, and most are abilities that other positions on the same side
of the ball can access. So I decided to put the abilities in a order of how
and when they are used rather then who used them. The exception is the
quarterbacks and kickers. They have abilities that no other player can have,
and I have listed them on their own. As an example, you have an All-Star
gold running back. He has 2 abilities in the “running” section, 2 abilities
in the “Catching” section, and even has 1 ability in the “Blocking” section.
As you can imagine, you can send him out for a pass, rush with him, or even
keep him in for blocking. Now that you understand how the list is composed
for the offense, you will come to find that the defense is slightly different.
Defense abilities are depending on the player position, and are in pairs of
linemen and linebackers, and linebackers and defensive backs.

QB Only – Only the QBs can have these abilities.
Scrambler – Talented at throwing the ball outside of the pocket.
Rocket Arm – Has top flight arm strength with QB charge.
Quick Release – Has quick throwing motion.
Pocket Presence – Is at his best inside the pocket.
Play Fake – Play action fake is great at fooling defenders.
Pass Threat – Threat of passing makes draw plays more lethal.
Laser Arm – Pinpoint Accuracy with QB charge.
Deception – Pump fakes more likely to deceive defenders.
Cadence – Voice good at drawing defenders offside.
4th Quarter comeback – Is at his best when trailing in 4th Quarter.
Signal Stealer – Press Square with the QB to try and steal your opponents play.
Tough as Nails – Tough under pressure, not phased by sacks.
QB Evade – Has special Evade ability.

Running – These are any abilities to do with running with the ball.
Branching Tackles – Player good at shaking tackles by tapping X.
Break Away Burst – Has extra gear when running away from defenders.
Cutback Ability – Is quick out of cuts.
Return Specialist – Great at returning kicks and punts.
Ankle Breaker – Has 2nd level charge juke move.
Battering Ram – Has 2nd level charge shoulder charge.
Spin – Has 2nd level charge spin move.***
Cyclone – Has 2nd level charge spin move.***
Arm of Steel – Has 2nd level charge stiff arm.
Stop on a Dime – Has 2nd level charge stop.
Work Horse – Ball carrier gets better the more he gets the ball.
Scissor Kick – Has scissor kick special move by pressing R3.
Finesse – Has 2nd level charge spin and juke.
Power – Has 2nd level charge shoulder charge and stiff arm.
Secure Ball Bonus – Good at holding on to the football.
Goalline Dive – Player can jump higher when diving into endzone.

Finesse and Power – Has 2nd level charge spin, juke, shoulder charge, and
stiff arm.

Catching – These abilities cover the players who go out for passes.
Acrobatic Catches – Is able to make difficult circus catches.
Bump Buster – Is talented at beating bump n’ run coverage.
Mr. 3rd Down – Player is clutch in 3rd down situations.
Possession Receiver – Particularly talented at running short routes.
Route God – Great at route running.
Tough in the Middle – Isn’t afraid at getting hit on catches in the middle.
Soft Hands – Has excellent hands.
Magic Feet – Has footwork and balance to stay in bounds on sidelines.
Deep Threat – Good at catching deep passes and draws extra attention from

Blocking – These abilities cover anyone that is blocking.
Brick Wall – Has superior pass blocking skills.
Bulldozer – Has superior run blocking skills.
Stonewall – Gives QB extra composer around him.

D-line and LBs – Specifics for D-line and Linebackers.
Bull Rush – Has 2nd level charge bull rush.
Club – Has 2nd level charge club.
Rip – Has 2nd level charge rip.
Spin – Has 2nd level charge spin.

LBs and DBs – Specifics for Linebackers and Defensive Backs.
Footsteps – Strikes fear in receivers and results in more drops.
Ball Hawk – Has keen sense of the ball on passes.
Signal Stealer – Press Square with defender to try and see your opponents play.

All Defense – These are available to all defensive players.
Ball Strip – Is adapt at forcing fumbles.
Big Hit – Is particularly adept at big hit tackles with R3.
Bump Master – Is skilled at bum n’ run coverage.
Pass Rush Bonus – Skilled at rushing the passer.
Run Coverage – Good against run when pursuing ball carriers.
Reach Tackle – Has strength to pull down ball carriers with reach tackles.
Loose Ball Magnet – Has a knack for recovering fumbles.
Run Reader – Has a sixth sense that allows him to hit the holes.
Sack Master – Is particularly skilled at sacking the QB.
Wrap Up Tackler – Is a text book wrap tackler.
Coverage Bonus – Has excellent pass coverage skills.
Closing Speed – Able to cover ground quickly when closing in on the ball.

Kicking – Only available to kickers or punters.
Coffin Corner – Good at pinning punts inside the 10yrd line.
Kick Accuracy – Has excellent kick accuracy.
Kick Power Bonus – Has excellent kick power.

General – Available to every player in the game, with a few exceptions.
Clutch – Performance best in all Clutch situations and games.
Durability Bonus – Is resilient to injuries and very dependable.
Hops – Has excellent jumping ability.
Quick Feet – Has top notch agility for his position.
Leadership Bonus – Makes his teammates better. Like a mentor.
Speed Burner – Has top notch speed for his position.
Stamina Bonus – Doesn’t tire easily.
Strength Bonus – Has top notch strength for his position.
Special Team Demon – Talented at covering punts or kicks.

4. Legend Lists
The NFL legends from several decades return to the “gridiron” once again in
this football game. These are well known legends from the Hall Of Fame, and
some are not quite so familiar. Are you wondering who is in game for those
of you who don’t own it yet? Well, thats why I have composed a list of ALL
the legends in the game, and soon will include the abilities they have to
offer. Once the abilities are in the guide, some of the words will be
abriviated, and or missing a few words. Example would be “Leadership Bonus”.
It might be listed as “Leadership”.

Quarterbacks – Gold
Dan Marino – Pocket Presence, Quick Release, 4th Qtr, Laser Arm, Rocket Arm
Joe Montana – Scrambler, Clutch, Signal Steal, Leadership, Laser Arm
John Elway – Cadence, 4th Qtr, Scrambler, Speed Burner, Rocker Arm
John Unitus – Pocket Presence, Tough as Nails, Clutch, Signal Steal, Laser Arm
Otto Graham – Scrambler, Clutch, Leadership, Stamina
Roger Staubach – 4th Qtr, Tough as Nails, Scrambler, Leadership
Sammy Baugh – Signal Steal, Laser Arm, Rocket Arm
Steve Young – Tough as Nails, Scrambler, Quick Feet, Speed Burner, Laser Arm
Troy Aikmen – Pocket Presence, Signal Stealer, Leadership
Warren Moon – Pocket Presence, Pass Threat, Signal Stealer, Rocket Arm

Quarterbacks – Silver
Archie Manning – Tough as Nails, Durability
Bart Starr – Clutch, Signal Steal, Leadership
Joe Theisemann – Leadership, Laser Arm
Ken Stabler – Deception, Scrambler, Clutch, Leadership
Len Dawson – Play Fake, Clutch, Laser Arm
Randall Cunningham – Scrambler, Quick Feet, Speed Burner, Rocket Arm, QB Evade

Quarterbacks – Bronze
Andre Ware – Pass Threat
Bernie Kosar – Pocket Pressence, Signal Stealer, Laser Arm
Bill Wade – Scrambler
Bobby Hebert – Rocket Arm
Bubby Brister –
Dave Krieg – Scrambler, Laser Arm
Greg Landry – Scrambler, Quick Feet
Jeff Hostetler – Scrambler
Jim Harbaugh – 4th Qtr, Laser Arm
Jim Hart – 4th Qtr
Jim Zorn – Scrambler
John Brodie – Leadership
Ken O’Brien – Pocket Pressence, Signal Stealer
Lynn Dickey – Play Fake
Mark Rypien – Rocket Arm
Neil O’Donnell – Signal Stealer, Leadership
Steve Bartowski – Signal Stealer, Strength, Rocket Arm
Steve Grogan – Tough As Nails, Scrambler, Quick Feet
Tommy Krmaer – 4th Qtr, Quick Feet

Half Backs – Gold
Barry Sanders – Branching Tackles, Cutback, Quick Feet, Speed Burner, Finesse
Earl Cambell – Branchin Tackles, Workhorse, Stamina, Power
Emmitt Smith – Arm of Steel, Branchin Tackles, Workhorse, Durability, Goaline
Gale Saylers – Return Spec, Break Away, Quick Feet, Speed Burner, Finesse
Leroy Kelly – Return Spec, Durability, Soft Hands
Marcus Allen – Clutch, Branching Tackles, Cutback, Soft Hands, Goalline.
O.J. Simpson – Break Away, Quick Feet, Speed Burner, Finesse
Pual Hornung – Clutch, Leadership, Soft Hands
Thurman Thomas – Arm of Steel, Stop on a Dime, Soft Hands, Finesse
Walter Payton – Leadership, Durability, Goalline, Scissors, Finesse and Power

Half Backs – Silver
Abner Haynes – Soft Hands
Billy Sims – Break Away Burst, Finesse
Charley Trippi – Quick Feet
Chris Warren – Workhorse
Chuck Forman – Ankle Breaker, Soft Hands
Chuck Muncie – Arm of Steel, Branching Tackles
Curt Warner – Battering Ram, Stop on a Dime, Workhorse
Hugh McElhenny – Return Specialist, Cutback Ability
Matt Snell – Battering Ram, Brick Wall, Bulldozer
Otis Anderson – Battering Ram, Workhorse, Secure Ball
Ricky Walters – Possession Recevier, Cyclone, Soft Hands
Roger Craig – Mr. 3rd Down, Possession Receiver, Cyclone, Soft Hands
Tony Canadeo – Return Specialist

Half Backs – Bronze
Barry Foster – Battering Ram
Christian Okoye – Battering Ram, Branching Tackles, Workhorse, Strength
Dalton Hillard – Cyclone
Dave Meggett – Return Spec, Ankle Breaker, Stop on a Dime, Soft Hands
Eric Bieniemy – Return Spec, Cyclone, Soft Hands
Floyd Little – Return Spec, Cutback
Freeman McNeil – Ankle Breaker, Cutback
Greg Bell – Arm of Steel
Mike Rozier – Arm of Steel
Natrone Means – Battering Ram, Workhorse
Reggie Cobb –
Ronnie Bull – Soft Hands
Tony Nathan – Soft Hands

Fullbacks – Gold
Joe Perry – Cutback, Speed Burner

Full Backs – Silver
Daryl Johnston – Brick Wall, Bulldozer, Soft Hands
Ickey Woods – Power

Fullbacks – Bronze
Merril Hoge – Arm of Steel, Soft Hands
Tom Rathman – Brick Wall, Soft Hands

Wide Receivers – Gold
Fred Biletnikoff – Deep Threat, Clutch, Durability, Soft Hands
James Lofton – Deep Threat, Durability, Speed Burner
Jerry Rice – Route God, Clutch, Break Away, Leadership, Soft Hands
Raymond Berry – Route God, Bumper, Tough in Middle, Possession Rec, Secure Ball

Wide Receivers – Silver
Andre Reed – Tough in Middle, Mr. 3rd Down, Possession, Break Away, Quick Feet
Bobby Mitchell – Deep Threat, Return Spec, Ankle Breaker, Speed Burner
Charley Taylor – Bumper, Return Spec, Ankle Breaker, Cutback, Quick Feet
Dante Levelli – Route God, Bumper, Soft Hands
Don Maynard – Route God, Bumper, Tough in Middle, Deep Threat, Soft Hands
Drew Pearson – Deep Threat, Clutch, Speed Burner
Gray Clark – Tough in Middle, Break Away, Quick Feet
Henry Elard – Return Spec, Hops
Herman Moore – Bumper, Acrobatic Catches, Mr 3rd Down, Magic Feet, Possession
Irving Fryar – Tough in Middle, Possession, Return Spec, Soft Hands
John Jefferson – Acrobatic Catches
Lenny Moore – Ankle Breaker
Pete Pihos – Bumper, Tough in Middle, Battering Ram, Stamina

Wide Receivers – Bronze
Alvin Harper – Acrobatic, Deep Threat, Speed Burner
Anthony Carter – Acrobactic Soft Hands
Cliff Branch – Acrobactic, Deep Threat, Speed Burner
Dwight Clark – Magic Feet, Clutch, Soft Hands
Eric Martin – Bump Buster
Earnest Givins – Hops, Quick Feet
John Taylor – Return Spec, Ankle Breaker, Soft Hands, Strength
Mark Carrier – Acrobatic Catches, Magic Feet
Rick Upchurch – Return Spec
Ricky Sanders – Return Spec, Quick Feet, Soft Hands
Bob Moore – Tough in Middle, Acrobatic Catches, Possession, Soft Hands
Rocket Ismail – Return Spec, Speed Burner
Steve Tasker – Special Team Demon, Big Hit, Strength
Tony Martin – Deep Threat
Wesley Walker – Magic Feet, Deep Threat, Return Spec, Stamina
Willie Gault – Deep Threat, Speed Burner
Yancey Thigpen – Soft Hands

Tight Ends – Gold
Jackie Smith – Bulldozer, Durability, Soft Hands
John Mackey – Return Spec, Break Away, Durability, Speed Burner
Mike Ditka – Tough in Middle, Leadership, Bulldozer, Durability, Strength
Shannon Sharpe – Route God, Speed Burner

Tight Ends – Silver
Ben Coates – Break Away, Soft Hands, Strength
Billy Joe Dupree – Bulldozer
Brent Jones – Mr 3rd Down, Possession
Jay Novacek – Tough in Middle, Possession
Keith Jackson – Bulldozer
Todd Christensen – Route God, Magic Feet, Break Away

Tight Ends – Bronze
Eric Green – Bulldozer
Pete Metzelaars – Tough in Middle, Possession
Troy Drayton –

Centers – Gold
Dwight Stephenson – Stonewall, Brick Wall, Qucik Feet, Speed Burner
Jim Otto – Leadership, Bulldozer, Durability

Centers – Silver
Dermontti Dawson – Bulldozer, Durability, Strength
Jim Langer – Bulldozer, Durability, Quick Feet, Strength

Centers – Bronze
Bill Cury – Leadership
Jesse Sapolu – Durability, Strength
Mick Tingelhoff – Bulldozer, Durability

Guards – Gold
Larry Little – Leadership, Brick Wall, Bulldozer, Quick Feet, Speed Burner
Russ Grimm – Bulldozer, Speed Burner, Strength
Stan Jones – Leadership, Brick Wall, Quick Feet, Strength

Guards – Silver
Joe DeLamielleure – Stonewall, Bulldozer, Speed Burner
Randall McDaniel – Strength
Tom Mack – Leadership, Durability

Guard – Bronze
Bill Fralic – Strength
Guy McIntyre – Brick Wall
Randy Cross – Brick Wall
Steve Wisniewski – Leader

Tackles – Gold
Anthony Munoz – Stonewall, Bulldozer, Quick Feet, Strength
Bob Brown – Stonewall, Brick Wall, Quick Feet, Strength
Jim Parker – Stonewall, Brick Wall, Strength
Ron Mix – Speed Burner, Stamina, Strength
Rossevelt Brown – Clutch, Brick Wall, Speed Burner

Tackles – Silver
Bob St. Clair – Brick Wall, Bulldozer, Speed Burner, Strength
Jim Lachey – Brick Wall
Lou Creekmur – Brick Wall, Bulldozer, Durability
Mike Munchak – Special Team Demon, Brick Wall, Strength
Rayfield Wright – Quick Feet, Speed Burner
Richmond Webb – Brick Wall
Ron Yary – Durability, Quick Feet

Tackles – Bronze
Bubba Paris – Strength
Joe Jacoby – Bulldozer, Strength
Korey Stringer – Brick Wall, Strength
Tony Boselli – Brick Wall

No Gold Kickers Available

Kickers – Silver
Jan Stenerud – Clutch, Kick Accuracy, Kick Power

Kickers – Bronze
Al Del Greco – Kick Accuracy, Kick Power
Eddie Murray – Kick Accuracy
Garo Yepremian – Kick Accuracy
Jeff Jaegar – Kick Accuracy, Kick Power, Strength
Jim Bakken – Clutch, Durability
Lou Groza – Stamina

No Gold/Silver Punters Available

Punters – Bronze
Ray Guy – Coffin Corner, Clutch, Kick Accuracy, Kick Power

Defensive Tackles – Gold
Art Donovan
Bob Lilly
Randy White

Defensive Tackles – Silver
Dan Hampton
Jerome Brown
Keith Millard

Defensive Tackles – Bronze
Dan Slaeumua
Dave Butz
Greg Kragen
Leon Lett
Marty Lyons
Mike Golic
William Perry

Defensive Ends – Gold
Deacon Jones
Gino Marchetti
Lee Roy Selmon
Reggie White

Defensive Ends – Silver
Chris Doleman
Elvin Bethea
Jack Youngblood
L.C. Greenwood
Leslie O’Neal
Too Tall Jones

Defensive Ends – Bronze
Clyde Simmons
Dexter Manley
Harvey Martin
Jim Marshall
Rulon Jones
Tony Tolbert

Outside Linebackers – Gold
Dave Wilcox
Derrick Thomas

Outside Linebackers – Silver
Chuck Bednarik
Greg Lloyde

Outside Linebackers – Bronze
Brad Van Pelt
Bryce Paup
Carl Banks
John Anderson
Lamar Lathon
Otis Wilson
Robert Brazile

Inside Linebackers – Gold
Dick Butkus
Jack Lambert
Joe Schmidt
Mike Singletary

Inside Linebackers – Silver
Harry Carson
Jessie Tuggle
Karl Mecklenburg
Nick Buoniconti

Inside Linebackers – Bronze
Brian Bosworth
Brian Jones
Chris Spielman
Chuck Noil
Gray Plummer
John Offerdahl
Ken Norton Jr.
Pepper Johnson
Scott Studwell

Cornerbacks – Gold
Mike Haynes
Night Train Lane
Rod Woodson
Willie Brown

Cornerbacks – Silver
Lem Barney
Lester Hayes
Mel Renfro
Roger Wehrli

Cornerbacks – Bronze
Albert Lewis
Terry McDaniel
Tom Brookshier

No Gold Strong Safteys Available

Strong Safetys – Silver
Dick Anderson
George McAfee
Joey Browner
Leroy Butler

Strong Safetys – Bronze
Charlie Walters

Free Safetys – Gold
Cliff Harris
Ronnie Lott
Willie Wood

Free Safetys – Silver
Deron Cherry
Eric Tuner
Jack Tatum

Free Safetys – Bronze
Eugene Robinson
Fred Marion
Nolan Cromwell
Soloman Wilcots

This section is still under construction…

Well, the time comes where I describe this area. All you have to do is
submit you’re questions and I will try and find an answer.

Q:When does 2k9 game come out?
A:Rumor has it, that 2K Sports decided this was a bi-yearly game. So there
will only be a 2K10.

7.Credit and Thanks
Believe it or not, I owe a lot of credit to my girlfriend, who helped me
make the list of legends.

Thanks for all the help I have and should receive. My screen name for online
PS3 is “GBpackerfanbrad” I believe. Send anything that you would like added,
and I’ll most likely add it and I will give you credit. Thank You.

My email address is:

All trademarks are registered trademarks to their respective owners.
Mainly, 2K Sports. Names are also trademarks to respective player.

Copyright 2007-2008 Brad Earlywine. All rights reserved.

This walkthrough reposted to with permission of the author.

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