Review: Bejeweled LIVE for Windows Phone 7

PopCap Games has brought its popular franchise Bejeweled to Windows Phone 7, and the game does not disappoint. With the release of Bejeweled LIVE, PopCap has delivered a game which offers a smooth, beautiful and fun experience.

Bejeweled LIVE’s game play starts with the classic 8×8 grid of colored jewels. Your goal is to line up three or more of a kind by moving gems horizontally or vertically in order to make a match. Match three jewels and they disappear, leaving the jewels above them to fall into place. Match 4 or more jewels and they also disappear, but leave behind one special jewel which can be combined in a later move to do things such has create large explosions.

Bejeweled LIVE features three game modes: Classic, Action and Endless. Each level of each mode become progressively harder to find moves and the overall pace increases. If you need some assistance the hint button will light up an available move for you.

The Windows Phone 7 version of Bejeweled bears the moniker “LIVE” due to its integration with Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. This integration provides users with Xbox Live Achievements as well as score and performance tracking and comparisons with your friends.

Bejeweled LIVE is a fun and addicting game that has good graphics and background music. If you’re already a Bejeweled fan, or just like puzzle games, you should definitely give Bejeweled LIVE a try.

Bejeweled LIVE is available from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $4.99. A trial version is available that provides you with access to try the Classic mode of the game.

Author: George Roberts

George Roberts is the Editor of Twist: on Tech