Dungeon Defenders Release Date Announced

Trendy Entertainment’s revolutionary cross-platform tower defense game, Dungeon Defenders, is coming to PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 19. The release date for the PlayStation Network version of the game will be announced soon.

Trendy Entertainment is one of the first game developers to take part in GameSpy Technology’s Open program, where indie developers are given full, free access to GameSpy Technology’s full suite of online game development APIs. Trendy and GameSpy Technology worked together closely to implement groundbreaking cross-platform multiplayer functionality that allows PC, iOS, Android and PlayStation players to join in a game of Dungeon Defenders simultaneously. Dungeon Defender’s game experience has been modified to best suit each individual platform, making the game just as fun to play on a portable touch screen as it is with a mouse and keyboard or Dual Shock 3 controller.

During PAX Dev in Seattle, Trendy and GameSpy Technology will share key learnings from their experiences, discussing technical approaches to building out forward-thinking features while also exploring the business rational for making games – especially on emerging mobile platforms like iOS and Android – cross-platform. You can catch this presentation during PAX Dev on Wednesday, August 24 at 1 PM in Grand Ballroom B.

Author: Dan White

Dan has been creatively writing for various forms of media and outlets ever since third grade, starting with his first adventure story in crayon on craft paper for his teacher. He enjoys writing, but rarely has enough time for it along with his passion for video gaming and other pursuits. He still uses crayon or fountain pens at times in order to help jumpstart the creative process.