Inside The Games Interview with Simon Bradbury Founder of Firefly Studios

The Game Reviews:  What is your name, Title and who do you work for/with currently?

Simon: Simon Bradbury, designer/founder Firefly studios

The Game Reviews:  What is your lineage, your story, from education to now, how did you
get to be the Designer/Founder?

Simon: band – bedroom coder – freelancer – setup Firefly.  Became a designer
because there was no one to stop me, Muahaha etc etc


The Game Reviews:  Tell us what it is that you do, what is your job like?

Simon: Design is hard work!!  – you have to take on a lot of responsibility to
create a fun game in the time allotted. As well as all your own work,
document and level creation etc , you work very  closely with a lot of
talented people, coders, art, sound, writers and  producers and need to
communicate well with them and push them hard to get your ideas turned
into reality.  

The Game Reviews: A lot of talented people are looking to get into the Video Game
industry but have no idea how to go about it. What do you suggest to
someone who wants to work in the video game industry? What do you look
for when hiring into your division?

Simon: To be a designer  – you need a good background in at least one core
discipline  – 3d art or programming ideally. Otherwise you have no
chance of grasping the realities of game production needed to make
realistic design decisions. When hiring, we look for the right
personality first, someone that is prepared to work hard and can work
well in a team. Having produced your own small but well crafted game is
always a major plus!   

The Game Reviews: . What is your favorite game of ALL time, it cannot be a title you have
worked on.

Simon: Populous

The Game Reviews: . Do you have religion, meaning what is your favorite gaming platform?
Xbox 360, PS3 or WII?

Simon: I’m a Heretic, meaning the PC!

Author: TGRStaff

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