Team Fortress 2 walkthrough

Team Fortress 2 FAQ/Strategy Guide
For PC
By Raining Metal (
Version 1.03

>Table of Contents<

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Version History

2.0 Basics
2.1 Controls
2.2 Classes
2.21 Scout
2.22 Soldier
2.23 Pyro
2.24 Demoman
2.25 Heavy Weapons Guy
2.26 Engineer
2.27 Medic
2.28 Sniper
2.29 Spy
2.3 Voice Commands

3.0 Multiplayer
3.1 Maps
3.2 Achievements
3.3 Taunts
3.4 More Tips
3.5 Glossary

4.1 And The Rest!
4.1 F.A.Q
4.2 Email Guide
4.3 Credits
4.4 Legal Disclaimer

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1.0 >Introduction<
It’s been a long while since I made my last guide, but I’ve made a comeback!
Team Fortress Classic, an unforgettable explosive multiplayer action game, was
a smash hit, and people have waited around a decade for its sequel! Well, here
it is folks, and enjoy my guide!

1.1 >Version History<

Version 1.03

Added the Medic Unlockable Weapons, Achievements, and the Goldrush Map.


Version 1.02

Added some bits by Thomas Page and Michael "EN4CER420" Bilberry.


Version 1.01

Changed the Guide Status. Added the Suggested amount of Players status for each
Class, as well as more tips and more key commands.


Version 1.00

Initial Release

2.0 >Basics<

These will provide some of the basic tips and know-hows to own some noobs in
this game.

2.1 >Controls<
These are the default controls for Team Fortress 2. Note that the controls can
be changed via the Options menu.

Mouse: Look around.
W: Move Forward.
A: Move Left.
S: Move Backward.
D: Move Right.
Primary Mouse Button: Fire.
Secondary Mouse Button: Special Ability.
Space Bar: Jump.
Ctrl: Crouch (Hold).
E: Call for Medic.
R: Reload.
G: Taunt.
L: Drop Intelligence.
T: Draw Spray.
Y: Talk to all.
U: Talk with team.
B: Quick Redisguise (Spy only).
Z,X,C: Voice Commands.
1-5: Weapons.
,: Change Class.
.: Change Team.
Esc: Pause menu.

2.2 >Classes<

Now onto the big parts of this guide, the list of characters! When choosing,
try to pick a Class no one else on the team is using. If there’s more than one
Class that has no players using them, try to choose the higher priority Class
first. Choosing an Engineer while on Defense is much better than being a Scout
or a Spy unless there are already 4 Engineers.

2.21 >Scout<
The Scout, a teenage punk from New England, likes to torment his opponents and
ridicule n00bs. He also scoffs at slow characters like the Heavy, who he also
enjoys to tease.

In TFC, the Scout was made for Capturing the Flag, Getting the Flag to the
Control Point, and little else! In TF2, he can do much more than that. Thanks
to his newer and more useful weaponry, he’s deadly at close range. Those who
like to rush their victims and getting up close will enjoy playing as the perky
vandal. In addition, he can double-jump, and while doing so, can change
directions. Last, but not least, he can Capture Control Points twice as fast.

Health: 125.
Speed: Very Fast.
Suggested Players: 2 (1 on Defense).


Clip Size: 6.
Carrying Capacity: 32.
Power: Varies (High-Low).
Accuracy: Big Spread.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Very Short.
Reload Speed: Varies.

The Scattergun, as explained above, is what makes the Scout deadly up close.
Like all "Shotgun Reloading" weapons, don’t be afraid to press R whenever
possible. The Scattergun is better up close than the regular Shotgun. It also
doesn’t need to pump.


Clip Size: 12.
Carrying Capacity: 36.
Power: Low.
Accuracy: Medium.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Medium.
Reload Speed: Fast.

The Scout’s Secondary Weapon. This is only useful when shooting bad guys from
afar, or when the Scattergun is empty. If the Pistol does manage to shoot any
Critical Hits, then the whole clip will shoot Critical Hits (until the Pistol
is reloaded).

*Baseball Bat*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: Medium.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Fast.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

Because of the Scout’s Speed, his melee weapon is more important to him than
melee weapons would be to other classes. Even though this has the least amount
of power, the Scout’s speed takes care of that. Also, the Baseball Bat swings
faster than any other melee weapon. Playball!

2.22 >Soldier<
The Soldier just wishes to be in the Second World War, just look at his
uniform! He always likes to boss people around, courtesy to the inspiration he
got from his instructor.

The Soldier hasn’t changed much from TFC. Since he’s got the second most
health, he’s a good buddy for the Medic if a Heavy Weapons Guy isn’t around.
As well as besieging enemy bases, he’s also capable of defending one in a
jiffy. The Soldier also has an ability known as Rocket Jumping. Aim at the
ground (with the Bazooka), and while firing, crouch and jump. This costs
health though.

Health: 200.
Speed: Slow.
Suggested Players: 2-4.


Clip Size: 4.
Carrying Capacity: 16.
Power: High.
Accuracy: High.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Varies.

The Soldier’s Primary Weapon. Since the Rocket is a tad bit slow, the Bazooka
is only effective at closer ranges and in tight corners. But since the Bazooka
packs a punch, it’s an effective way to take out Heavies when outgunned. The
Bazooka has a much shorter clip size than any other "Shotgun Reloading" weapon,
so reload frequently! It’s also an excellent way to take out Sentry Guns if a
Spy isn’t present, along with other slower-moving targets.


Clip Size: 6.
Carrying Capacity: 32.
Power: Varies (High-Low).
Accuracy: Big Spread.
Rate of Fire: Pump.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Varies.

The Shotgun is the Secondary Weapon of the Soldier. If the Bazooka is out of
ammo, use the Shotgun when up close. The Soldier can also use this if he
doesn’t want to hurt himself in the process of taking out his target. There’s
not much else to say about the Shotgun.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Medium.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

Ironically, the Spade was used by AXIS Soldiers in the World War 2 Game, Day of
Defeat. The Spade is the Soldier’s fighting weapon, and has pretty much the
same capabilities of most other Melee Weapons.

2.23 >Pyro<
The Pyro is an enigma. Nobody knows who he is, what the colour of his skin is,
or even if he’s a guy! The only thing we know about this person is that
he/she’s obsessed with fire.

The Pyro is a deadly up-close fighter. One moment in front of a hostile Pyro’s
face and meet the Grim Reaper! Since the Pyro is deadly up close, the maniac
dislikes being out in the open. Also, the Pyro is not at all effective in

Health: 175.
Speed: Medium.
Suggested Players: 1-3.


Clip Size: None.
Carrying Capacity: 200.
Power: High.
Accuracy: High.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Very Short.
Reload Speed: None.

The Flamethrower is pretty much self explanatory. The lethal insturment of
destruction lights its victims on fire, and makes them lose damage over time.
In TFC, it only lit people on fire. In TF2, using the Flamethrower on a person
already on fire not only prolongs their period of insanity, but also gives them
incredible damage! This weapon is also useful for Spy-Checking. A Flamethrower
combined with Critical Hits is a very deadly event. Whenever the Fires from the
Flamethrower hit an enemy, it will make a sizzling sound.


Clip Size: 6.
Carrying Capacity: 32.
Power: Varies (High-Low).
Accuracy: Big Spread.
Rate of Fire: Pump.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Varies.

The Secondary Weapon for the Pyro. The Shotgun is the Pyro’s only chance of
fighting at ranges. It also allows the Pyro to finish of his/her victims when
they are on fire. If the Pyro has to fight in bodies of water, use this Weapon.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Medium.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

No, the Pyro does NOT use deodorant to blind bad guys! This is pretty much a
simple Fireman’s tool to chop down doors, as well as hostile foes.

2.24 >Demoman<
A Black, Scottish, Cyclops warrior, the Demoman is always jealous of many of
his opponents, often because they have two eyes! He may be drunk, but he also
knows where to "Set up them the Bomb", being drunk or sober!

The Demoman excells at making traps. Planting Sticky Bombs on the right places
can turn the tide of the battle! Regular Grenades can also hold the enemy off
for a while, as well as making certain Engineers angry. Like the Soldier, the
Demoman can jump to amazing heights with his Sticky Bombs, and is quite

Health: 175.
Speed: Slower than Medium.
Suggested Players: 1-3 (2-4 on Defense).

*Grenade Launcher*

Clip Size: 4.
Carrying Capacity: 16.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Varies.

The Grenade Launcher is the Demoman’s Basic Weapon. If he ever needs to fight
a foe directly, he should use this. This is good for attacking heavily-armored
bad guys, as well as Sentry Guns. It’s also possible to fire above certain
boundaries of the map and into an area where the enemy could be present. The
grenades will explode in a few seconds or when it hits a target.

*Sticky Grenade Launcher*

Clip Size: 8.
Carrying Capacity: 24.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Varies.
Reload Speed: Varies.

The Demoman can also plant some explosives on key areas. The Demoman can place
up to Eight bombs in the whole map. Hold the trigger to fire the Bomb farther.
When arming the Grenade Launcher or its Sticky variant, right click to detonate
them. In TFC, the two weapons were the same weapon, and had to be reloaded at
the same time. In TF2, the weapons and ammunition are separate, and now the
Demoman can defend himself, even if he’s recently planted a trap. The Demoman
can reach insanely tall heights like the Soldier. To do this, plant a single
Sticky Bomb on the ground, then detonate it when on top of it.

*Whisky Bottle*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Fast.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: N/A.

The Bottle is the only weapon that the Demoman has that isn’t explosive, and
has instant contact. Other than that, the Bottle isn’t that special other than
breaking during critical hits.

2.25 >Heavy Weapons Guy<
A huge, jolly Russian, the Heavy likes his Minigun, and he likes to go on crazy
killing sprees. He even named his gun "Sascha" and will pummel anybody who
dares to touch her.

The Heavy is a "Point and Kill" Class. In tight areas, he’s deadly, and in the
open, he can block an entry point. Being the Class with the most Health,
biggest size, and slow speed, he’s a good friend with the Medic. Because of his
simple deeds, he’s a good character for beginners to learn the basics of TF2.

Health: 300.
Speed: Very Slow.
Suggested Players: 1-2.


Clip Size: None.
Carrying Capacity: 200.
Power: High.
Accuracy: Low.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Reload Speed: None.

The Minigun is a Machine Gun. Self-Explanatory, this weapon consumes its
ammunition at an alarming rate. To keep the gun spinning, hold right-click.
This can be vital to the duty of the Heavy. When spinning the Minigun, the
Heavy’s speed decreases dramatically.


Clip Size: 6.
Carrying Capacity: 32.
Power: Varies (High-Low).
Accuracy: Big Spread.
Rate of Fire: Pump.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Varies.

If the Heavy doesn’t want to risk his speed, or doesn’t have time to charge
up his Minigun, he can use this instead. In TFC, the Minigun used Shell Ammo
as well as the Shotgun. In TF2, the Ammunition types are separate, so if he
ever runs out of Minigun ammo, he can also resort to his smaller Weapon.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Medium.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

The Heavy is tough enough that he can use his own fists for melee brawls. The
other two of his Weapons are far better though. An interesting note is that the
left mouse button controls his left fist, and the same applies to the right
button and his right fist. The only exception is during critical hits. If a
Heavy is killed while using his Fists, he will not drop anything valuable to

2.26 >Engineer<
Hailing from the west, the Engineer likes to sing folk songs while his Sentry
Guns protect him. He often dislikes vandals (especially Spies) that destroy his
machines. His answer to anything? Use a gun.

Engineers are Defensive, and only Defensive. He can set up a Mini-Base far from
his main spawn points, as well as keeping the enemy busy with his Sentry Guns.
He can also give his troops infinite rations of Ammunition with his Dispensers.
The bane of the Engineer is, of course, explosives and Spies.

Health: 125.
Speed: Medium.
Suggested Numbers: 2-3 (3-4 on Defense, 1-2 on Offense).


Clip Size: 6.
Carrying Capacity: 32.
Power: Varies (High-Low).
Accuracy: Big Spread.
Rate of Fire: Pump.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Varies.

Unlike most Classes, the Shotgun is the Engineer’s Primary Weapon. He may need
to use this when he catches a Spy "Sappin’ his stuff". He can also use this to
give support to fellow teammates. Most of the time, though, he uses this for


Clip Size: 12.
Carrying Capacity: 200.
Power: Low.
Accuracy: Medium.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Medium.
Reload Speed: Fast.

Like the Scout, this weapon is better for the Engineer at far ranges. Unlike
Scout, however, he can carry much more ammunition. Occurances where he runs out
of Ammo for this Weapon are extremely rare.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: 200 units of Metal.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Medium.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

The Wrench is the most important Melee Weapon, the other being the Spy’s Knife.
It can repair, re-equip, and upgrade existing equipment. Metal can be obtained
by collecting ammunition, using dispensers, and salvaging Weapons from
casualties. Whacking a machine during construction speeds up its process as
well. Remember to maintain equipment; a careless Engineer is a dead Engineer!

*Equipment Builder*

Purpose: Builds Sentry Guns, Dispensers, and Teleporter Entrances/Exits.

To select certain projects, 1 is for the Sentry Gun, 2 is for the Dispenser, 3
is for the Entrance, and 4 is for the Exit. After doing so, place the building
where desired, and wait for 10/20 seconds. Be sure to protect it during

*Equipment Detonator*

Purpose: Destroys existing Sentry Guns, Dispensers, and Teleporter Entrances/

Like the Builder, the keys are the same. Detonate the equipment when out of
usable sight.

2.27 >Medic<
A German Doctor, the Medic always likes to stick with his teammates. Because he
sticks around his buddies, he’s pretty much to blame for many kills. He’s also
a bit crazy, so refuse any of his offers for shots. His best friend is the
Heavy Weapons Guy.

The Medic is a dedicated Support Class. With his Healing Power, he can prolong
the lives of his mates, and when the moment arrives, he can team up with a
tough player to advance through the most lethal obstacles.

Health: 150.
Speed: Faster than Medium.
Suggested Numbers: 2 (3-4 on Offense).

*Syringe Gun*

Clip Size: 40.
Carrying Capacity: 150.
Power: Low.
Accuracy: Medium.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Medium.

The Medic’s Primary means of defending himself. The projectiles fly in an arc,
so aim a little higher at longer ranges. The gun is weak, so stick around
teammates for self-defense.


Purpose: Heals other friendly Players, as well as activating Invulnerable
Ubercharge at 100%.

The Medigun is what the Medic is all about. As well as Healing a target at a
fast rate, Healing targets can also gather Energy for Ubercharge, an ability
that makes the Medic and his Healing target invulnerable for a valuable ten
seconds! During the process of Healing, the Medic can also boost his target’s
Health to 50% more than what that class usually has at maximum.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Medium.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

The Chainsaw is another average Melee Weapon. However, the Chainsaw is a much
better choice for the Medic to fend off bad guys, Spies in particular, up


Clip Size: 40.
Carrying Capacity: 150.
Power: Low.
Accuracy: Medium.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Short.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Requires: 12 Medic Achievements.
Replaces: Syringe Gun.

The Blutsauger is the first of the Medic’s unlockable weapons. Although it is
unable to fire Critical Shots, it will give the Medic health if the projectiles
manage to hit an enemy (3 health per shot). Because of this, it is useful for


Purpose: Heals other friendly Players, as well as activating Full-Crit
Ubercharge at 100%.
Requires: 24 Medic Achievements.
Replaces: Medigun.

The Kritkrieg, when fully charged, allows the Medic to give his (friendly)
target fully Critical Shots (every shot he fires will be Critical) for ten


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Slow.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.
Requires: All Medic Achievements.
Replaces: Chainsaw.

The Ubersaw, when hitting an enemy, will charge the Medic’s Medigun/Kritzkrieg
by 25%.

2.28 >Sniper<
The Australian Rifleman enjoys fighting from large distances, and has a knack
for looking at people’s heads. The Crocodile Hunter wannabe wears his trusty
Akruba, and has an adventurous attitude.

The Sniper, of course, is a Long-Range destroyer. Unlike most Snipers in games,
he needs to charge up his Rifle for maximum firepower. He also has a few other
Weapons if anybody tries to attack him from up close. In TFC, he had to hold
the trigger to charge his shots. In TF2, he simply needs to use his scope,
resulting in less sore index fingers for the Commonwealth Marksman.

Health: 125.
Speed: Medium.
Suggested Numbers: 1-2.

*Sniper Rifle*

Clip Size: 1.
Carrying Capacity: 25.
Power: High-Very High.
Accuracy: Very High.
Rate of Fire: Bolt.
Range: Long.
Reload Speed: Fast.

The Sniper Rifle is the Ultimate Weapon for the Sniper. Charging shots is vital
to pick off targets from a distance quickly. Use the Scope to charge the shots.
Charging takes time. The density of the Dot seen through the Scope and the
amount of units in the meter indicates the shot’s power. Headshots are always
considered Critical Hits.

*Submachine Gun*

Clip Size: 25.
Carrying Capacity: 75.
Power: Low.
Accuracy: Medium.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Reload Speed: Fast.

The Sniper’s Secondary Weapon. The Submachine Gun is very similar to the Pistol
(the two even SOUND similar!), but the SMG is more effective up close. If the
Sniper ever needs to fight in close areas, he should use this Weapon. He can
also use the Submachine Gun on the move.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High.
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Fast.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

Also called the "Sword" or "Machete", this is the Sniper’s Melee Weapon. The
Sniper can use this as his up close weapon with his SMG, or he can use this
against Spies who try to cut his back.

2.29 >Spy<
The Master of Espionage and Suave tactics makes his debut in TF2. He may not be
the legendary 007 Agent, but he’s pretty damn close. Known to practically
shapeshift as other people, he’s a master of disguise, and vandalism. Sometimes
it’s not wise to trust him...

The Spy is the master of disguise. Get into some clothing, and he’ll start
acting accordingly. With only a Revolver and a Knife for self defense, he’s not
very good at direct combat, with his low Health only making the job worse. He’s
more professional at infiltration and causing trouble within enemy territory.
He’s also got a new trick up his sleeve. He can now Cloak for up to ten seconds
to infiltrate the enemy bases. The Spy cannot attack or plant Sappers while
he’s Cloaked, nor can he reload, but can still change Disguises. Cloaks take a
while to recharge as well.

Health: 125.
Speed: Medium (Varies if Disguised).
Suggested Numbers: 1-2 (3 on Offense).


Clip Size: 6.
Carrying Capacity: 24.
Power: High.
Accuracy: High.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Medium.
Reload Speed: Medium.

The Revolver is the Spy’s Primary and only Ranged Weapon. The Revolver is quite
Powerful and Versitalle, but for the Spy, it just isn’t meant for Wild West
shootouts. Whenever the Spy loses his cover though, he can use this. The
Revolver is also very accurate, which can kill enemies at long ranges.


Purpose: Saps any piece of an Engineer’s Equipment. The Spy does not lose his
disguise while placing a Sapper, and can place more than one.

As explained above, the Sapper is what usually angers Engineers. The Sapper,
when planted, prevents the victim Equipment from doing its normal task and
recieves damage over time. A Sapper can only be removed by two whacks by the
Engineer’s Wrench. Sappers need to be placed up close. Engineers will be
alerted when a Sapper is placed.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power: High (At/Near the back) or Medium (At/Near the front).
Accuracy: N/A.
Rate of Fire: Medium.
Range: Melee.
Reload Speed: None.

The Knife is, like the Engineer’s Wrench, one of two of the most important
Melee Weapons in the game. When facing the back or at the back parts of the
side of a victim, the Spy Backstabs his target and recieves an instant kill.
Don’t ever try to use the Knife in the front.

*Disguise Kit*

Purpose: To Select Disguises, as either part of the enemy or of the friendly

The Disguise Kit is another vital part of the Spy’s arsenal. After selecting
the Kit, the Numbers 1-9 indicate the Classes to Select. Press - to switch from
Hostile or Friendly uniforms. The best and most convincing Disguises are often
the Engineer, Sniper, Demoman, and the Soldier Costumes. The least are probably
the Medic and the Spy costumes. A Spy cannot Capture Control Points or carry
Intelligence when he is Disguised or Cloaked, and the Spy loses his Disguise
whenever he uses his Revolver or Knife. A friendly Disguised Spy appears like
a Spy with a mask over his face.

2.3 >Voice Commands<
Voice Commands are a quick and effective way with communicating with teammates.
Some voice commands show up on the dialog box while others don’t. Voice
Commands with the * on them show on the dialog box. Voice Commands with the #
on them will display a symbol on that person’s head.

Voice Menu 1 (Z):
1 - Medic! *#
2 - Thanks! *
3 - Go go go! *
4 - Move Up! *
5 - Flank Left *
6 - Flank Right *
7 - Yes *
8 - No *

Voice Menu 2 (X):
1 - Incoming! *#
2 - Spy! *
3 - Sentry Ahead! *
4 - Need a Teleporter here
5 - Need a Dispenser here
6 - Need a Sentry here
7 - Activate Charge! *
8 - Ubercharge Ready (Medic Only)

Voice Menu 3 (C):
1 - Help! *#
2 - Battle Cry
3 - Cheers
4 - Jeers
5 - Positive
6 - Negative
7 - Nice Shot
8 - Good Job

The "Medic!" Command can also be used with E. If someone calls for help when
they are on a Control Point, they will ask for help for either Defending or
Capturing the Point. A player that points to another player while using the
"Spy!" Command will say that the player is a spy rather than that a Cloaked Spy
is around.

3.00 >Multiplayer<
Here’s some more Strategies when actually being in the Battlefiels of TF2.

3.1 >Maps<
This is the (incomplete) list of maps for TF2.
>Official Maps<

One of the most popular Maps in the Team Fortress Series, the 2Forts have made
some drastic changes in TF2. There are two identical bases, separated by a pool
and a bridge with a roof. There are also underground entrances to both bases,
which are no longer full of water, but instead, shallow entrances with a good
place to construct a Mini-Base within. There is a Sniper’s ledge on the bases,
and the vital Intelligence boxes are located in the underground Lobby. There’s
three restoration rooms, and many corridors that can be baited with traps.

Another popular Map from TFC, this one is about Assault. There are three stages
that the Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) Faction must defend from the
takeover of the Builder’s League United (BLU) Organization. For every stage,
there are two Capture Points that RED must defend against BLU. When the first
is Captured, the Defenders must defend the second Control point. Each stage has
lots of action, so be prepared for a violent gunfight!

This Map, by far, has the most changes from its TFC counterpart. While the
basic layout is slightly similar, its size is not. In the Control Point Mode,
the two Teams must take over all of the Control Points, meaning that the Teams
have to assault each others’ base! The action starts at the central Control
Point, which is inside a Train Tunnel. Noobs must be aware of the train lights.
In the CTF version, the intelligence case is located in each of the bases.

The first of the new Maps, the open fields is another equally balanced CP Map.
There’s many buildings for cover, and many bridges and catwalks for Snipers.
There’s nothing much else to say about this map.

There are three Control Points that RED must protect against BLU. Two are
available for grabs against BLU, but the third cannot be taken over until both
of the first two Control Points have been Captured. One of the first ones
overlook a cliff while the other one is in the center of a field. The third is
a tall tower which is difficult to defend and besiege. It’s going to be a
difficult battle for RED!

In this Hydroelectric Map, the two Teams must secure the entire Map, which is
divided into four sectors. On each round, two opposing sectors are controlled
by each of the Teams, and the goal is to control the enemy sector. No two
battles are ever the same! Victory occurs when a Team captures the final
Control Point from the other Team. This is the only official, and perhaps just
the only Territorial Control map to date.

In this map, the action takes place in the Arizona. Two Bases oppose each
other, with a capturable Spire outside. The only thing standing between these
two Bases is a lone Bridge.

In this new map, the BLU team must escort a cart full of explosives along a
track towards the RED HQ. The cart acts like a mobile dispenser, and the map is
separated into 3 phases. The cart must be escorted to different checkpoints in
order for BLU to gain more time before it runs out. The cart moves faster if
there are more BLU players next to it, and it will stop if there’s a RED player
next to it.

>Unofficial Maps<

This map consists of two large vehicles (trains, maybe?) driving quickly across
a desert. The intel is located inside the driving terminal area, while the
spawn points are in the middle of the vehicles. Only a few catwalks and bridges
connect the two trucks together.

Orange X
A symmetrical map that has only Orange textures, this map is a Sniper’s dream.
There’s a tower in the middle of the battlefield, which is often difficult to
Capture. There are many versions of this map.

A remake of the classic Warpath in TFC, this is a tired-but-true CP map. The
map is quite linear and dusty.

Another exciting CTF map that includes two huge bases. There are many twists
and turns in each of the bunkers, as well as a defunct sewer system and many
Sniper ports.

Melee Mountain
A pointless but still fun melee-only map that consists of a mountain with
Boxing rings on it.

The BLU team tries to take the RED radar station in this map. There are three
CPs (like in Gravelpit), and there are many alternative paths to take.

3.2 >Achievements<
This is the list of all of the rewards in TF2 when completing a certain task.

-Hard to Kill: Get five kills in a row without dying.
-Master of Disguise: Trick an opposing Medic into Healing a Spy.
-Grey Matter: Get 25 Headshots as a Sniper.
-Powerhouse Offense: Win 2Fort with a Shutout.
-Lightning Offense: Win Well in less than 5 Minutes.
-Head of the Class: Play a complete round with every Class.
-World Traveler: Play a complete Game on every Map.
-Team Doctor: Accumulate 25000 Heal Points as a Medic.
-Flamethrower: Set five enemies on fire in 30 seconds.
-Sentry Gunner: Kill 10 people with a single Sentry Gun.
-Nemesis: Get Five Revenge Kills.
-With Friends Like these...: Play with 8 Friends on the Friends List.
-Dynasty: Win 20 Games.
-Hardcore: Get a total of 1000 kills.
-Relentless Offense: Win Hydro without giving up a Capture.
-Impenetrable Defense: Defend Dustbowl without giving up a Capture.
-Impossible Defense: Defend Gravelpit without giving up a Capture.

-Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria: Assist in killing five enemies on an enemy
Control Point in a single life.
-Medical Breakthrough: Assist in destroying five enemy Engineer Buildings with
a single Ubercharge on a Demoman.
-Blunt Trauma: Assist in punching two enemies with a single Ubercharge on a
-Big Pharma: Assist a Heavy in killing 20 enemies without dying.
-Consultation: Assist a fellow Medic in killing five enemies in a single life.
-Autoclave: Assist in burning five enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Pyro.
-You’ll Feel a Little Prick: Assist in killing three enemies with a single
Ubercharge on a Scout.
-Blast Assist: Assist in exploding five enemies with a single Ubercharge on a
-Doctor Assisted Homicide: Assist in killing twenty Nemeses.
-Peer Review: Kill fifty Medics with the Chainsaw.
-Sawbones: Hit enemies with the Chainsaw five times in a row without dying or
-FYI I am a Medic: Use the Chainsaw to kill five enemy Spies who have been
calling for Medic.
-Preventative Medicine: Block the enemy from Capturing a Control Point with an
Ubercharged teammate.
-Family Practice: Ubercharge ten Steam Community Friends.
-Second Opinion: Ubercharge two teammates at once (Note that this means
simultaneously, which can be achieved by changing rapidly between two targets
with Ubercharge in effect).
-Double Blind Trial: Deploy an Ubercharge within eight seconds of a nearby
enemy Medic deploying his.
-Infernal Medicine: Extinguish one hundred burning teammates.
-Autopsy Report: Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you taunting above
their corpse.
-Bedside Manner: Be healing a teammate as he achieves an Achievement of his
-Grand Rounds: Heal 200 teammates after they have called for Medic.
-Midwife Crisis: Heal an Engineer as he repairs his Sentry Gun while it’s under
enemy fire .
-Chief of Staff: Accumulate one million total health points.
-Specialist: Accumulate ten thousand heal points in a single life.
-Intern: Accumulate seven thousand heal points in a single life .
-Quadruple Bypass: Heal a teammate who is taking fire form four enemies at
-House Call: Join a game with a Steam friend and then deploy an UberCharge on
-Hypocritical Oath: Kill an enemy Spy that was being healed.
-Placebo Effect: Kill five enemies in a single life, while having an Ubercharge
ready but undeployed.
-Trauma Queen: Deploy three Ubercharges in less than five minutes and assist in
five kills during that time.
-Medical Intervention: Save a falling teammate from dying on impact.
-Triage: Deploy an Ubercharge on a teammate less than a second before they are
hit by a Critical explosive.
-Surgical Prep: Have an Ubercharge ready before the set up phase ends.
-Group Health: Work with two other Medics to deploy three simultaneous
-Play Doctor: In a team with no Medics, be first to switch to Medic after a
teammate calls Medic and heal 500 health.
-Does It Hurt When I Do This?: Kill fifty Scouts with the Syringe Gun.
-First Do No Harm: Play a full round without killing any enemies and score the
highest on a team of six or more players.

3.3 >Taunts<
Here are the available Taunts, and Taunt Quotes for each Class and Weapon. Note
that it’s possible to be able to use a Taunt for a certain Weapon, but be
arming another. Use Quickswitch (Q) to swtich Weapons just before Taunting.


Scattergun: Slaps his thigh like he’s riding a horse.
-"That’s what I’m talking about!"

Pistol: Puts his Pistol away and runs on the spot.
-"Alright, I feel good!"
-"I’m running circles around ya!"
-"I’m not even winded!"

Bat: Leans Backward, stretches his arms, and then points.
-"Yeah, why don’t you come over and say that to my face tough guy! BONK!"
-"Hey Knucklehead, I’m talking to you! BONK!"
-"Hey, is someone keeping track of my heads batted in? BOIK!"
-"Who wants some-a this? BONK!"


Bazooka: Stands up straight and does a Loser Sign with his hand in a mock


Shotgun: Puts his Shotgun away, then juggles his Rocket and Grenade Ammo.
-"Ahha ha ha ha hah!"
-"Screamin’ Eagles!’

Spade: Screams with his war cry and bangs himself on the helmet.


Flamethrower: Thrusts his Flamethrower in the air and laughs.

-"Mhmph Mhmph Mphmph Mphm!"
-"Mmmmph Mphm!"

Shotgun: Performs Hadouken.

-"Mphmph, mpmmm mm!"

Axe: Plays a guitar with his Axe.

-"Mppm... mphm!"


Grenade Launcher: Lifts his groin armor, showing a taped smiley face.


Sticky Grenade Launcher: Spins around, thumps his chest twice, and does the
Victory sign.

Bottle: Takes a drink from the Bottle, then burps.

-"Cheers, Mate!"

Heavy Weapons Guy

Minigun: Hugs his Minigun.

-"We make good Team!"
-"You did well!"
-"Kiss Me!"

Shotgun: Spins his Shotgun and does the cutthroat gesture.

-"You, yes you! You are dead!"
-"All of you are dead!"

Fists: Mimicks quick-draw.

-"Pow! Ha ha!"


Shotgun: Dances.

-"He hee! YEEE HAW!"
-"Yippie-yai-yay kee yeah!"

Pistol: Twirls his gun and laughs quietley.

Wrench: Laughs evilly and manically.

-"Heheheheh... Hahahahah... MUHAHAHAHAH!!"


Syringe Gun: Pulls his rubber glove and snaps.

-"Another sucessful proceedure!"
-"Whoops! That was not medicine!"
-"That, was doctor-assisted homocide!"
-"Did that sting? Sorry!"

Medigun: Puts his Medigun away and bows.

-"Danke, Dummkopfs!"

Chainsaw: Plays his Chainsaw like a violin.


Sniper Rifle: Waves.

-"Thanks for staying still, Wanker!"
-"Wave goodbye to your head, Wanker!"
-"There you go!"

SMG: Kicks his heels, then punches.

-"God save the Queen!"

Kukri: Takes off his hat and holds it across his chest.

-"You got blood on my knife, mate."
-"You’d best keep lying down."
-"That funeral ’ain’t going to be open casket."


Revolver: Brushes his suit and adjusts his tie.

-"Well, this was a disappointment!"
-"You got blood on my suit!"
-"Oh dear, I’ve made quite a mess."
-"I never really was on your side."

Disguise Kit: Flicks his cigarette and gets a new one from the case.

-"Oh Please!"
-"Fine Job!"

Knife: Puts the Knife in his left hand and uses it as a Rapier.

-"I’m going to gut you like a Cornish Game Hen!"
-"Just put your Weapons down and walk away."

3.4 >More Tips<
Here are some more tips for the Game.

In General:
-When Ubercharged, don’t be afraid to go into dirty combat, even if it means
using a Melee Weapon.
-Use the voice commands often, especially the "Incoming" and "Medic" commands.

As a Scout:
-Use Speed. While he’s also deadly at close range, don’t forget his ultimate
goal: Control Points and the Enemy Intelligence!
-Try to Double-Jump to places most other Classes can’t get to quickly.
-Attack from the back rather than the front.
-Keep running and hopping.

As a Soldier:
-Aim towards the ground with the Bazooka.
-Reload often, since all of the Soldier’s Weapons reload gradually.
-Try to use cover. Fire the Bazooka and head back to cover often.

As a Pyro:
-Avoid fighting near water.
-Try to fight indoors, or in tight areas..
-Use the element of suprise.
-Use the Flamethrower to "Mark" an enemy Spy.
-If fighting against another Pyro, use the Shotgun (the Pyro is immune to burn

As a Demoman:
-Use the Grenades stragetically. The Grenades can bounce off walls and
ceilings, so use them against enemy Sentry Guns.
-Setting up Sticky Bombs when out of the public’s eye is better than setting up
Bombs in an easy to notice area.
-Reload often.
-Try to secure as many entry points as possible.
-While on the run, plant Stickies on the places the enemy may pursue.

As a Heavy:
-Try to refill on ammunition often.
-Upon locating a Medic, stay close together.
-Don’t try to take a Sentry Gun head on, even with a Medic.
-Avoid open and wide areas.
-Upon spotting an enemy Sniper, take cover!
-Keep an eye out for Spies.
-When on the move, keep the Shotgun out in case of an emergency.

As an Engineer:
-Build the Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and Teleporter Exit close to each other.
-Build the Teleporter Entrance near a Spawn Point.
-Engineers should stick with their Equipment to ensure their safetey.
-Try to get Metal through destroyed Equipment and Dispensers rather than Ammo
-Try to help other Engineers with developing their Equipment.
-When a Spy is spotted, kill him first before repairing any Sapped Equipment.
-Strafing while upgrading or repairing equipment may help prevent a Spy from
getting a sucessful Backstab.

As a Medic:
-Choose the more heavily armored targets for Ubercharge.
-Avoid Ubercharging Snipers, Spies, Scouts, and other Medics.
-The Healing range of the Medigun can bend, use this to find cover.
-When using Ubercharge, the Medic’s Ubercharge target can change. Use the
Medigun on another target.
-Look for Heavies or Soldiers to stick around.
-Move around often and use as much cover as possible.
-Uber a Heavy or a Pyro when attacking large groups of enemies. Uber a Soldier
or a Demoman when trying to destroy an Engineer’s Sentry position.

As a Sniper:
-Be aware of Spies and sneaky Scouts and Pyros.
-Medics are the highest-priority targets, next to the Heavies and Snipers.
-Don’t be afraid to abandon a fully charged Sniper Shot when the action is
occuring up close.
-Avoid Soldier Rockets and Demoman Grenades.
-Hide the Sniper Dot in somewhere that the enemy can’t see.
-Snipe near a Sentry Gun so that when a Spy goes to that location, he’ll have
to Sap the Sentry first. This will allow the Sniper to react to the Spy’s
-Try to stay near a wall or a corner.

As a Spy:
-Be sure to Cloak, then run to and then Uncloak at the enemy’s blind spots.
-Backstab starting with the guy in the back, not the front.
-Avoid Pyros like the plague.
-Never attempt to Backstab a Scout.
-Don’t Disguise as a Scout, Medic, or Heavy.
-The most convincing Disguises are the Sniper, Engineer, and Demoman.
-Diguise as a Class the enemy has. A Spy disguised as a Pyro, where, say, the
enemy team does not have any Pyros, will always get busted!
-After Backstabbing a victim, Disguise as the victim’s Class.
-Press "B" after Backstabbing for a quick redisguising.

Helping a Scout:
-Defend the Scout while he’s carrying the Intelligence or Capturing a Point.
-Press L to drop the Intelligence (when carrying it) to let the Scout carry it

Helping a Soldier:
-Flank two ways together.
-Cover him while he reloads.

Helping a Pyro:
-Locate nearby enemy Spies to inform the Pyro to light him up, alerting other
-When an enemy gets lit up by the Pyro’s fire and attempts to run to safety,
kill him with a longer-range weapon to finish him off.

Helping a Demoman:
-Tell him whenever some enemies are coming through the point where he laid his
-Don’t let his Sticky Bombs get shot away.

Helping a Heavy:
-Cover his back.
-Keep enemy Snipers at bay.

Helping an Engineer:
-Alert the Engineer if there’s a Spy around, and who is the Spy.
-Try to kill the Spy while the Engineer gets the Sappers off of his Equipment.
-Try to get ammunition from Dispensers rather than ammo boxes or fallen
-Tell him where to place his Equipment.

Helping a Medic:
-Cover him while he Heals.
-When injured, go to the Medic. Medics get Ubercharge faster when healing
wounded opponents.
-Let him take the Medpacks on the field.

Helping a Sniper:
-Cover the closer areas while he takes care of the far areas.
-Warn him of Spies whenever necessary.

Helping a Spy:
-Tell him that there’s a Sentry ahead to get him to Sap it.
-Make a distraction while he does the Backstabbing.
-Kill the Pyros first.

Against a Scout:
-Fire a little bit ahead of him, since the bullets will actually hit his body.

Against a Soldier:
-Use any usual tactic available.
-Fight from afar.

Against a Pyro:
-Fight near water.
-Stay out of his/her Flamethrower’s range.

Against a Demoman:
-Get someone to go into his field of Sticky Bombs to force him to detonate
them, then run in when he’s got no trap!
-His Sticky Bombs can be shot away to unintended areas.

Against a Heavy:
-Outflank him, or outsmart him.
-Take him out from behind or from afar.

Against an Engineer:
-The best countermeasure against Sentry Guns are Sappers and Explosives, as
well as being out of sight.
-Don’t be afraid to take an Engineer head on unless he’s near his Sentry Gun.
-When he is, try to kill him before his equipment.
-Use indirect combat.
-Try to attack him and his equipment outside the range of his Sentry.

Against a Medic:
-When a Medic is among a group of enemy individuals, kill him first to cease
the Healing.
-An Ubercharge makes people invulnerable, but not impervious to the physical
force of projectiles. A well-defended Sentry Gun can prevent the Ubercharged
enemies from advancing directly.
-Kill Medics with Ubercharges ready at all costs.
-An Ubercharged pair can still be blown away with Sticky Bombs.

Against a Sniper:
-Sniper Dots are indicated by the team’s colour. Avoid the general area when
there’s an enemy Dot, and if the area is vacant.
-Engage them up close, or from behind.

Against a Spy:
-When the Spy is Disguised, he always carries a certain gun as a certain
character. He always shows the Scout’s Scattergun, Soldier’s Bazooka, Pyro’s
Flamethrower, Demoman’s Grenade Launcher, Heavy’s Minigun, Engineer’s Shotgun,
Medic’s Syringe Gun, Sniper’s Rifle, and Spy’s Revolver when he’s undercover.
Take advantage of this when there’s an enemy Spy around.
-If he Cloaks, try to shoot wherever paths he may use to get around.
-A Reddish Cloak indicates a RED Spy, a Blueish Cloak indicates a BLU Spy.
-Watch for the name he uses.
-A teammate may be suspicous when he’s heading towards an Engineer’s Equipment.
-When Healing a Heavy, he’s a Spy when his Health recharges faster than usual.
-Spies often appear to start off with half Health when disguised.
-Spies disguised as Medics do not show an Ubercharge Meter.

In 2Fort:
-Scouts can jump onto the bridge’s roof to get to the enemy Sniper ledge.
-There are only two ways out of the Intelligence room, and only two ways out of
the Basement.
-The Intelligence Room is cramped. Set up Sentry Guns for a tough defense.
-Underwater tunnels into the bases can provide Engineers with probable foreward

In Dustbowl:
As Defenders:
-Plant Sticky Bombs directly on the CP.
-Construct Teleporter Entrances near the Spawn Point.
-Use Spies with Sappers to destroy Attacking foreward Mini-Bases.
As Attackers:
-Always try to start getting the Ubercharge charged before the Game begins.
-At point 2, get Engineers to start pumping out Teleporters!

Phase 1, Point 1:
As Defenders:
-Build in the CP Building, even though it’s cramped.
-Also build in the corridor inacessible from the second point.
-Get Snipers to guard the ravine.
-Use Demomen to guard the two higher entry points.
As Attackers:
-Use explosives to destroy the SGs that defend this cramped point.
-Attack from all fronts.

Phase 1, Point 2:
As Defenders:
-Stay in this CP point.
-Prevent the enemy from building in the Mine ajacent to the CP area.
As Attackers:
-There are many ways for BLU to enter to this area. Try to outflank RED.
-Build in the mine ajacent to the CP area. Build a Sentry Gun facing the entry.

Phase 2, Point 1:
As Defenders:
-Build the SG, Dispenser, and Teleporter Exit in the CP Building.
As Attackers:
-Try to find alternate ways into the CP Building.

Phase 2, Point 2:
As Defenders:
-Build a SG next to the Ammunition/Health spawn area.
As Attackers:
-Sometimes, Engineers build their Equipment near each other’s. As a Spy, Sap
them all at once!

Phase 3, Point 1:
As Defenders:
-Build Teleporter Exits in the Point 1 shortcut. When the Attackers secure
Point 1, this shortcut will be closed. This is also a good place to build a SG
and a Dispenser.
-Get an Ubercharged Pyro to rush the attackers once the gate is open.
As Attackers:
-Fire Grenades in the bunker windows.

Phase 3, Point 2:
As Defenders:
-Defend the Bridge AND the Tunnel.
-Use the Tunnel to outflank the Attackers.
As Attackers:
-Don’t let the Defenders build Teleporter Exits in the shortcut.
-Don’t let the Defenders try to outflank the Attackers through the Tunnel.

In Well:
-At the middle Control Point, be sure to look at the lights before crossing the
-Also, listen for the Train.
-Underwater Tunnels can be used to infiltrate the Bases.
-There’s always a Bulletproof glass window at the outer Control Points.
-The Sniper windows need to be carefully watched.

In Gravelpit:
As Defenders:
-Try to stick together! Don’t let both points A and B be taken by the Attackers
due to careless defense!
-Avoid building at the top of point C. Instead, guard the entry points.

As Attackers:
-Agree to attack A or B. Don’t try to attack both.
-Attack the weaker point first.

In Hydro:
-Don’t forget to defend the Point! A Spy can easily infiltrate a Capture Point
without any Sentries or Traps around.

In Badlands:
-The Spires are difficult to both defend and attack. Use cover from the metal
plates on the spire.

In Goldrush:
As Defenders:
-Plant Sentries in areas overlooking the tracks.
-Plant Teleporters in the buildings away from the tracks.
-Step near the Cart to make it stop when there are enemies next to it.
-Plant Sticky Bombs on the Cart or on the tracks.
As Attackers:
-When moving the Cart, stick next to it.
-Use the Cart for cover if necessary.

Phase One:
As Defenders:
-Sneak up behind the enemy and strike them from behind.
As Attackers:
-After capturing the first point, use the buildings to outflank the Defenders.

Phase Two:
As Defenders:
-Secure the spawn points.
As Attackers:
-After capturing the first point, go to the upper building overlooking the
second area to pin down the Defenders.

Phase Three:
As Defenders:
-Plant Sticky Bombs and Sentries throughout the buildings next to the tracks.
-Use cover.
As Attackers:
-Find alternate routes to secure the tracks.

3.5 >Glossary<

Critical Hit: A shot (or burst of shots) where the projectile does more damage
than usual. A Sniper’s Headshot is always a Critical Hit.

Headshot: A Headshot caused by the Sniper’s Rifle.

Backstab: A Melee attack caused by a Spy’s Knife from behind.

Spy Checking: The process of checking for enemy Spies within a team. Pyros
excell at this.

SG: Sentry Gun.

Solly: Soldier.

CP: Capture/Control Point.

Mini-Base: Location where a Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and Teleporter Exit are in
the same general location.

Fatty: Heavy Weapons Guy.

Steam Friend: Steam friends can invite each other to be friends. The Steam
program will tell a player if one of his/her friends are playing on a Steam
game (including TF2). Some achievements can only be fullfilled through getting
many Steam Friends.

Metal: Another type of ammunition collected by Engineers to build their

Assist: If a player damages a player and another player manages to kill the
victim player, both players get credit (more so to the finishing player).

Ubercharge: The Special Ability for Medics and his target to become
invulnerable for 10 seconds.

Knock Back: Force created by strong projectiles that push back targets or makes
them fly. Explosives, Minigun Bullets, and Sentries are examples of Knock Back

Domination: If a player kills another certain player three times without being
killed by that player, the target player is being dominated by the other
player. Domination ends when the target player kills the Dominating player.

Nemesis: The opposite of domination, it will appear when a player is being
killed by another player for at least three times without getting killed by the
player. When Domination occurs, the target player sees the Dominating player as
their Nemesis (I’m always determined to get Revenge (see below)).

Revenge: The occurance where the Dominated player kills the Dominating player.
A Revenge Kill will score the Dominated player double points (as well as giving
satisfaction). Revenge, Nemesis, and Domination events occur even with assists.

Sudden Death: The point where time runs out on a CTF/Symetrical CP Map. Nobody
respawns here!

Overtime: A peroid of time where the Game is extended and ends whenever the
person attempting to Capture a Point is killed or suceeds in the Capture.

Humiliation: The peroid of time where a Team wins and they get to kill the
losing Team with all Critical Hits and preventing the enemy Team from

4.0 >And the Rest!<

All of this will cover up the rest of the guide.

4.1 >F.A.Q<

Q: Why are the Classes divided into Offense, Defense, and Support?
A: It’s just easier to identify what the Classes are for, but a Soldier can
still be able to Defend as well (for example).

Q: What are some good custom-made maps?
A: CP_Orange X, CP_Warpath, and CP_Wolf are some good maps.

Q: I only want to get a certain part of this guide! What can I do?
A: Select what’s necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select
and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click,
and paste (or press control V). Print away!

Q: I want to contribute to this guide by writing some information for it!
A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at

Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below.

4.2 >Email Guide<

Here are some ground rules for making e-mails.

1. Spam is stupid. Never EVER write that kind of stuff.

2. Spell correctly with good grammar.

3. Don’t ask something that’s already inside this guide.

4. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy
from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help.

5. Don’t forget about the subject (Team Fortress 2)! Then I will know what the
topic is about.

6. Don’t ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever.

Just give me these things if you want to contact me about the guide.

1. Strategies on incomplete stuff.

2. Expansions on current walkthroughs.

3. Additional FAQs.

4. Other stuff to make this guide interesting.

4.3 >Credits<

-Me, the Author.
-Additional info by Thomas Page and Michael "EN4CER420" Bilberry.
-Valve for the game itself.

4.4 >Legal Disclaimer<

Copyright 2008 Brett Sim

This may be not be rewritten under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without permission before so. Use of
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Thank You.

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