Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions walkthrough part 3.

Zwill Straightblade [dagger] Fomalhaut [gun]

* Orochi [ninja blade] Glacial Gun [gun]

* Moonsilk Blade [ninja blade] Blaze Gun [gun]

Blood Sword [sword] Artemis Bow [bow]

* Onion Sword [sword] * Gae Bolg [polearm]

* Francisca [axe] * Chaosbringer [fell sword]

Golden Axe [axe] * Arondight [fell sword]

* Nirvana [staff] * Balmung [fell sword]

* Vesper [flail]



* Reverie Shield



* Onion Helm [helm] Cachusha [hair adornment]

* Acacia Hat [hat] Ribbon [hair adornment]



Rubber Suit [clothes] * Brave Suit [clothes]

* Minerva Bustier [clothes] * Sage’s Robe [robe]



* Onion Gloves [gauntlets] Chantage [perfume]

* Empyreal Armband [armlet]



Elixir [item]


Note that some of these items (like the Brave Suit) are quite rare, and you

won’t find them often even with all characters at level 99.


—Item Evaluation————————————————————-


Of these items, the most valuable by far is the Brave Suit. This is the best

suit of clothes in the game; it boosts your HP and MP by quite a bit and gives

you a permanent Reraise like Chantage! This means you can finally have male

characters with a permanent Reraise. And, equipping a Brave Suit on a female

character frees up an accessory slot that otherwise might have gone to

Chantage. Unfortunately, the Brave Suit shows up quite infrequently.


Other good armor here includes the Acacia Hat and the Reverie Shield, which is

second only to the Escutcheon II amongst shields. (And since there’s only one

Escutcheon II, a supply of Reverie Shields is good to have.) In some cases,

the Reverie Shield can be even better than the Escutcheon II since it halves

all elemental damage, good for magick attacks you can’t evade (e.g. hydra

breath attacks). And while they’re not unique to Melee Mode, the plentiful

supply of Rubber Suits and Ribbons here is actually quite nice; the Rubber Suit

is the best alternative to the Brave Suit, and Ribbons guard female characters

against almost all status ailments!


The Orochi and Moonsilk Blade are the most powerful ninja swords — the

Moonsilk is a bit stronger in raw attack power, but the Orochi drains HP. If

you use Ninjas, you’ll want to collect these up!


The Minerva Bustier is also good to pick up if you use Reis. Although not as

strong as some other pieces of armor, it’s the only body armor that can be

equipped by Reis’s Dragonkin job.


Finally, if you use Onion Knights, you’ll also want to grab the Onion Sword,

Helm, and Gloves here. (The Onion Armor and Shield are found in Rendezvous



Most of the other equipment isn’t that great; they’re either in unhelpful

weapon classes (e.g. axes) or are inferior to items available in Rendezvous



%%%RENDEZVOUS MODE – GENERAL INFORMATION%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00ren0


The Rendezvous Mode is a two-player co-operative mode. It consists of 15

missions that two players tackle together. (It’s not possible to play these

missions with just one player.) Completing the missions earns you items,

including a number of rare items you can only find in this mode (see below for



The later missions also make for a particular challenge for FF Tactics masters,

as they’re the toughest battles in the game.



Beginning midway through Chapter I, new Rendezvous Mode missions will continue

to become available as you progress through the single-player game. A mission

may be selected as long at least ONE of the two players has unlocked it, though

both players must have at least progressed through the first few battles of the

game to make the Rendezvous Mode option appear in a Taven.


To start a Rendezvous Mode mission, have each player go to the Tavern and

choose Rendezvous Mode and "Start a Mission." The hosting player (Player 1)

should choose to host a mission and the other player should choose to join.

Like Melee Mode, Rendezvous Mode can only be played over a local (ad hoc)



Each mission can be played an unlimited number of times, regardless of whether

you win or lose.


Unlike the Melee Mode, Rendezvous missions do not cost gil.



The Rendezvous Mode missions that you can unlock as you play through the

single-player mode are appropriate for characters at that stage of the game.

So, the missions you unlock in Chapter II can be tackled while you’re still in

Chapter II, and so on.


The experience level of the enemies you face in Rendezvous Mode scales with

your own characters’ levels. So, simply leveling up won’t really help you win

the battles. Of course, learning new abilities, gaining equipment, and using

the stat-raising tricks described in the Level Downs and Stat-Grinding section

*will* help you. 🙂



Rendezvous Mode differs from single-player combat in several ways:


* You CANNOT permanently lose items or characters in this mode. Stolen and

broken items, and items consumed using the Throw, Iaido, and Items commands,

are restored to you at the end of battle. Characters cannot permanently die

because they simply teleport out of the battle when their KO counter expires.

(Since they’re not permanent deaths, these do NOT count as Casualties on your

Chronicle screen.) Anyone turned into a Malboro by Malboro Spores is turned

back into a human.


Note that this makes some abilities substantially more useful in the Rendezvous

Mode since you no longer have to worry about losing rare items. Elixirs are

great for restoring HP and MP, the Masamune and Chirijiraden Iaidos can be used

freely (Masamune casts Haste and Regen on a group!) and rare weapons like the

Chaos Blade can be thrown without losing them.


* You CAN keep items that YOU obtain from chests, stealing, and catching them

from ENEMIES using Sticky Fingers. You CANNOT keep weapons caught when your

partner throws them (which would otherwise allow you to easily duplicate any

weapon :P). You must win the battle to keep your gained items; they are lost

if you fail the mission.


* The Arithmeticks command is completely off-limits in this mode and cannot be



* Monsters cannot be poached for items. Poaching a monster will still remove

it from the map, but no items will be added to the Poachers’ Den.


* While the Traitor status (from Entice or Tame) can still be used to recruit

enemies onto your side for the duration of the battle, they cannot join your

team permanently afterwards.


* Only JP, not EXP or levels, is earned. In addition to earning JP, you can

also learn and keep abilities from crystals. Magick that can be learned from

being hit with it (see Advanced Tactics) can also be learned and kept. You

must win the battle to keep your abilities; they are lost if you fail the



Since you cannot gain levels, the Wild Boar’s Bequeath Bacon is ineffective in

this mode.


* Bravery and Faith can be changed for the duration of a battle, but there are

no permanent changes.


* There are no traps and no items that can be found using Treasure Hunter (even

on tiles where there are traps/items in the single-player game).


* Your characters cannot be put under AI control.


* The game cannot be paused. (However, when one player is moving, the other

player can scroll around the map and looking at characters’ status.)


* Although Bonus Gil is earned after a battle, gil cannot be gained or lost

*within* a battle from Gil Snapper, Steal/Plunder Gil, or treasure chests.


* Enemies killed during Rendezvous Mode are not added to your Kills tally on

the Chronicle screen. I’m assuming this means they also aren’t counted towards

unlocking Dark Knight, but I haven’t confirmed this.


* This isn’t a Rendezvous Mode-specific rule, but it’s worth noting that all of

the multiplayer-exclusive weapons cannot be thrown with the Ninja’s Throw



%%%RENDEZVOUS MODE – TREASURES AND RANKING%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00ren1


After winning a Rendezvous Mode battle, each player will be presented with a

ring of chests, and can open 1 to 5 of them based on your performance during

battle. (No chests are awarded if you lose.) Since these battles are a

cooperative effort, both players will always earn the same number of chests,

even if one player had his/her forces completely wiped out.


The NUMBER of chests you can open is determined by how well you fought. You

can open more chests when you….

1) Deploy fewer characters. Typically, you can deploy up to a total of 3

characters (i.e., one player deploys 1 character and the other deploys

2 characters) and still earn 5 chests, but this may vary a little from

mission to mission.

2) KO more enemies. Some missions don’t require you to KO every enemy, but

KOing more of them will earn you more chests.

3) Do not have any of your own characters get KOed. If characters are KOed

but later revived, this does not appear to penalize you.

The number of turns you take does not seem to be relevant.


The CONTENTS of the chests are determined by different factors:

1) The average level of your characters

2) Most missions have a "cap" on item quality. The tougher the mission, the

better the items you can get.


Note that the QUALITY and QUANTITY of items you receive are determined by

completely different factors! Even a poor performance on the later missions

will earn you a chance at rare items; you just won’t get as *many* of them. On

the other hand, blowing through early missions will not get you unique items,

no matter how efficiently you fight or how high your level is.



A (probably incomplete) list of RARE items that you can win in Rendezvous Mode

is below. (I haven’t listed items that can also be bought in a store, though

you’ll often get these from the early missions.)


* indicates items that can ONLY be acquired in Rendezvous Mode.



Sasuke’s Blade [ninja blade] Ras Algethi [gun]

Nagnarok [sword] Fomalhaut [gun]

Materia Blade [sword] Glacial Gun [gun]

* Moonblade [sword] Blaze Gun [gun]

Defender [knight’s sword] Blaster [gun]

Save the Queen [knight’s sword] Yoichi Bow [bow]

Excalibur [knight’s sword] Perseus Bow [bow]

Ragnarok [knight’s sword] * Sagittarius Bow [bow]

* Durandal [knight’s sword] Faerie Harp [instrument]

Chaos Blade [knight’s sword] Omnilex [book]

Masamune [katana] Holy Lance [polearm]

Chirijiraden [katana] Dragon Whisker [polearm]

Golden Axe [axe] * Gungnir [polearm]

Dragon Rod [rod] Fallingstar Bag [bag]

* Stardust Rod [rod] Wyrmweave Silk [cloth]

* Crown Sceptre [rod] * Deathbringer [fell sword]

* Dreamwaker [staff] * Valhalla [fell sword]

Scorpion Tail [flail]



Kaiser Shield * Genji Shield

Venetian Shield * Onion Shield



* Genji Helm [helm] Cachusha [hair adornment]

* Vanguard Helm [helm] Ribbon [hair adornment]

* Brass Coronet [hat]



Genji Armor [armor] Mirage Vest [clothes]

* Onion Armor [armor] Rubber Suit [clothes]

Ninja Gear [clothes]



* Gaius Caligae [shoes] Invisibility Cloak [cloak]

* Genji Glove [gauntlet] Sortile’ge [perfume]

* Brigand’s Gloves [gauntlet] Chantage [perfume]

* Sage’s Ring [ring]


Of course, as noted above, not all of these items are available in every

mission. Again, the best items are only found in later missions, and your

characters must have a high level to have a chance of getting them.


In addition, there are also some items that only appear in specific missions:


The Guarded Temple Grand Armor, Fomalhaut

Nightmares Gungnir, Dreamwaker

Brave Story Crown Sceptre, Sage’s Ring

An Ill Wind Valhalla, Vanguard Helm

(Note that the Fomalhaut isn’t *really* unique to The Guarded Temple, since you

can get it quite easily in Melee Mode. But The Guarded Temple is the only

place the Fomalhaut shows up in Rendezvous Mode.)



In addition to treasures, you will also be awarded a "title" for clearing each

mission. For example, completing the Chocobo Defense mission earns you the

"Defender of the Wild" title. These titles don’t do anything, they’re just for

fun 🙂


Each title comes with a "level" or star rating, on a scale from 1 to 5. The

star rating is simply equal to the number of chests you were awarded at the end

of the battle. In the Tavern, the game tracks your highest star ratings for

each battle, so you can challenge yourself to try to earn 5 stars on every



%%%RENDEZVOUS MISSION STRATEGIES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00ren2


—Rendezvous Mission 1: Chocobo Defense—————————————

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Visiting Gariland on the way to the Siedge Weald in

Chapter I

BATTLE MAP: Windflat Mill


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player, Chocobo [guest] x2

ENEMY FORCES: Squire [male] x4, Chemist [male] x3, Thief [male] x1


The goal in this mission is to defeat all the human enemies while keeping both

of the Chocobos from being KOed. If *either* Chocobo is KOed, you lose.


Both players start on top of the plateau with the Chocobos and the majority of

the enemies below. Player 1 faces away from the windmill, while Player 2 faces

down the stairs. Both players should put their mages, Archers, and Chemists

in the "back row" of their deployment screens and the fighters in the "front."

This will pack the weaker characters in the center, while the physical fighters

protect them from both sides.


Note that if Player 2 deploys any character in his/her two leftmost tiles,

they’ll actually start down on the ground and not on top of the plateau. This

puts them in a bit more danger, but can help you reach the enemies more

quickly. You’ll only want to do this with melee fighters, not rearguard

characters like mages.


Your success in this battle will probably depend a lot on what jobs you’re

using. If your characters are still Squires, this battle may be tough given

the large enemy party. However, if you change your fighters into Knights and

Monks, their superior Physical Attack will allow them to take out each enemy in

just a few hits. The Knight’s ability to equip shields will also be helpful in

this battle, as will the Monk’s Counter ability if you have it.


Black Magick is also quite powerful in this battle and sometimes gives you a

chance to hit more than one enemy at once. If you’re progressed far enough

that you can buy the Flame, Ice, or Thunder Rod (available after the Sand Rat’s

Sietch battle), using one of these rods will make the corresponding elemental

magicks even stronger. Just make sure that the Chocobos don’t get hit in the

effect radius of the magick! Before casting, check the Turn List to make sure

your planned target won’t have a chance to move next to the Chocobos before the

magick goes off.


Archers can also be useful; standing on the top of the plateau will allow them

to target almost the whole battlefield. They can often attack without having

to move, which will get them more turns. However, Black Magicks tend to do a

little more damage and are probably the better choice.


You’ll definitely also want to bring someone with the Items command (or White

Magicks) who can heal the Chocobos. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full

Chemist so long as you assign the Items command as a second ability — and you

may not *want* to deploy a full Chemist so you can pad your roster with

fighters instead. At any rate, you can use your Items freely; you get them

back after multiplayer battles.


When the battle starts, you’ll want to catch up with the Chocobos as quickly as

possible to protect them. Otherwise, the enemies will gang up on them. Most

of the action tends to take place at the bottom of the cliff, so try to get a

few close-range fighters down there quickly. (Mages and Archers can stay up

top where it’s harder for them to get attacked.) If the enemies aren’t

standing at the side of the plateau, you can jump down fairly easily, or you

can just have Player 2 deploy his/her characters so they *start* down there.

The Squire’s Move +1 ability and the Battle Boots accessory will both increase

your movement range, which helps a lot in this battle.


The Chocobos can use Choco Cure to heal themselves (and you!), but they won’t

*always* do so. They tend to only do it if one of the Chocobos or a human ally

is in critical HP (HP < 20% of max). However, even if a Chocobo isn’t at

critical HP, the enemies may gang up on it and KO it before it DOES have a

chance to heal! That’s where Items comes in handy; heal any Chocobo that has

taken a few hits and is vulnerable to attack. Another tactic: when one of your

characters is at critical HP, move him or her away from the battle. This will

often draw the Chocobo away from the enemies to heal him or her.


Watch out; the Squires may throw stones at the Chocobos even if they can’t

move in range for a physical attack. It doesn’t do much damage but can be

enough to finish off a weakened Chocobo! Keep them healthy.


Another very useful ability is the White Mage’s Protect magick; cast this on

the Chocobos and it will reduce the damage they take from physical attacks.

(Shell, which reduces magick damage, is really not helpful here as it’s

unlikely the enemies will have many magick attacks.) The Chocobos will

sometimes end up standing next to each other and this is a great opportunity to

cast Protect as you can target both Chocobos at once.


The enemies here have pretty generic jobs and few special abilities, there are

a lot of them. You’ll probably want to take out the Thief first since he’s

fast and can steal your equipment–it’s not lost permanently in multiplayer

play, but losing your gear still makes it harder to win! (The Chemist’s

Safeguard ability will also keep your equipment from being stolen.) You’ll

also probably want to defeat the two enemy Chemists early since they can

keep healing the enemies otherwise.


You may also encounter some of the Squires using a powerful second ability,

like Martial Arts. (The specific abilities they have are assigned at random.)

If you spot a Squire using a particularly nasty attack, be sure to KO him



Depending on your level, the Thief may have a Blind Knife here. This weapon

can inflict the Blind status on your characters, which makes it easier for

enemies to dodge your attacks. This isn’t as bad as it seems since most of an

enemy’s evasion rate can be nullified by attacking him from behind, even if

you’re Blind. (See Evade Rates under Basic Mechanics and Tactics for more



On the other hand, if you’re using a shield, it’s not effective against rear

attacks, so try to keep your back protected from attack where possible. You

can use the side of the plateau or enemy bodies to guard your back.


In some cases, you may be able to leave a low-HP enemy for the Chocobos to

finish off, if they’re nearby.


Finally, when attacking the enemy, don’t forget that Zodiac compatibility

affects the damage you do — you’ll do more damage to an enemy with whom you

have good compatibility. When picking the Chemists and Squires to target

first, it can help to go after the enemies with whom you have good

compatibility. You can defeat them more quickly.


While you don’t earn EXP and levels during multiplayer combat, you DO earn JP,

and you can also keep abilities from crystals and items from chests. So, after

you’ve defeated most of the enemies, you may want to hang around and let them

decay into crystals or chests. This is a good way to pick up some extra

abilities, if you don’t mind fighting with your friend over who gets to pick up

the crystals 😉


If you’re having trouble with this battle, progressing a little further through

Chapter I may help you out as you gain more abilities and can buy useful items

like the elemental rods. Or, team up with a player who’s already further

through the game 🙂


In this and all other Rendezvous Mode battles, you’ll earn more items if you

can win the battle using a smaller party of characters. Of course, this makes

the battle tougher for you. When you’re just starting out, you may want to

stick with a full party; assuming you don’t have any fatalities of your own,

you’ll still earn 3 chests per player. Later, you should have no trouble

reducing your party size and still winning.


TITLE AWARDED: Defender of the Wild


—Rendezvous Mission 2: Chicken Race——————————————

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Start of Chapter II

BATTLE MAP: Tchigolith Fenlands


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Knight (male, undead) x3, Archer (male, undead) x2,

Black Mage (male, undead) x1, Time Mage (female, undead) x1, Revenant x3


This is the easiest of the Rendezvous Mode battles! Although there are a lot

of enemies, they’re ALL undead. This means that each enemy can be instantly

killed simply by throwing a Phoenix Down at it. And, since items you use in

Rendezvous Mode are restored after battle, you won’t even permanently consume



However, you’ll need your Chemists to be sturdy enough to survive while they

throw Phoenix Downs. There are two good ways to do this: make the Chemist into

a Knight and equip Items and Throw Items, so that you have the Knight’s HP and

armor, but all the item-using abilities of a Chemist. Or, equip a Chemist with

the Knight’s Equip Heavy Armor ability and you can use good armor to boost your

HP. (You can swipe Gaffgarion’s good armor.) If you can’t do either of these,

you could also deploy one character as a healer while the other Chemists fling

Phoenix Down.


Throwing Phoenix Downs at the enemies as they come in range. The Knights and

Black Mage are the most dangerous, so target them first, followed by the

Archers. The Time Mage can be defeated last. Phoenix Downs are your best

weapon since they have a 100% hit rate and KO the enemy no matter how much HP

they have. You’ll need 10 Phoenix Downs between the two players to KO all the

enemies. If you run out, Hi-Potions are also reasonably effective (doing 70 HP

damage); you could also use regular attacks or White Magicks.


When possible, throw Phoenix Downs without moving; you’ll get new turns more

quickly when you don’t move. Sometimes, though, you’ll need to move,

especially if the enemies end up hiding behind plants. If you do need to move,

try to avoid ending your move in the swamp tiles, as doing so will poison you.

And definitely avoid standing in water with a depth of 2, you won’t be able to

take action at all there!


Since the enemies here are undead, some of them may start reviving if the

battle drags on. With 3 Chemists throwing Phoenix Downs, you can probably

finish the battle before too many have the chance to revive, though. The KOed

enemies can simply be redefeated; since they won’t come back with full HP, you

may be able to defeat them with a weaker attacks. Some enemies may crystallize

instead; picking up these crystals is a good way to heal or (in the case of the

human enemies) learn new abilities!


Later in Chapter II, Mustadio will join your team, and he makes this battle

even easier. His Seal Evil ability turns undead enemies to stone, which both

defeats them and prevents from reviving, and when it has a very long range when

combined with his gun.


You can probably clear this battle with a small number of characters.

Completing this battle with just 3 characters total will earn you five stars

and five treasures per player, and it’s not very hard to win even with just 3





—Rendezvous Mission 3: Treasure Hunt—————————————–

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Start of Chapter II

BATTLE MAP: Dorvauldar Marsh


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Squire (male) x1, Archer (female) x3, Monk (male) x2,

Thief (male) x2, Thief (female) x1


This mission is a race for the treasure chest on the far side of the map —

whichever team picks it up first (your team or the enemy team) wins.


There are really two ways to play this battle. One is to make a beeline for

the chest and pick it up. If you do this, you’ll only receive a 1-star

ranking (because you didn’t KO any enemies) and each player will get to open

only a single chest from the ring of chests. But the player who grabbed

the chest gets to keep whatever’s inside it, and it’s usually a pretty high

quality item — better than anything you can buy in a store or win from the

item ring at this point in the game.


The other approach is to play this mission like a conventional battle and KO

all the enemies. You’ll get to claim up to 5 chests after the mission this

way, but you won’t get the really good item in the battlefield chest. This

strategy is actually kind of pointless: You can earn items of equal quality

from the Chicken Race mission, and Chicken Race is much easier and faster to

win. The real reason to play this mission is to grab the battlefield chest and

claim the good item inside.


So, the way to go is to forget your ranking and just make a run for the chest.

(Since only one player gets to open the chest, the two players can take turns

being the one to open it.)


To reach the chest quickly, deploy characters with a high Speed and/or Move

rating — Knights, Monk, and Thieves all fit the bill, as do Ninjas if you have

them. Assign a helpful to your movement ability. Teleport is probably the

best, as it lets you move through the enemy units and also gives you a chance

of extending your movement range. Where you don’t have that, Move +1 (or

better) is also quite helpful.


You won’t want to waste time fighting, so focus on equipping your characters to

dodge or survive lots of attacks. Heavy armor is a plus, as are good shields

and cloaks. Good reaction abilities are Archer’s Bane (which will help block

the attacks from the enemy Archers) or Auto-Potion.


Also, you should deploy 3 characters per player. If you’re going for the chest

and not playing for ranking, there’s no reason not to take as many characters

as possible.


During the battle, you’ll just want to run for the chest at the other end of

the map. Don’t attack enemies; if you only Move (and don’t Act), your CT gauge

will fill again more quickly and you can take more turns. If you’re using

Teleport, don’t forget that you can warp through enemy units. You can also try

teleporting 1 or 2 tiles beyond your usual movement range, but beware that

teleporting *too* far is likely to fail.


The watery tiles here are just regular swamp and NOT poisonous fen, so you

don’t have to worry about getting poisoned if you stand in them.


There are a lot of enemies — too many to fight directly, generally — so this

battle is mainly about surviving long enough to reach the other side of the

battlefield and claim the chest. One tactic is to designate one or two fast

characters as your main runners. Have them run for the chest, using only the

Move menu so they get more turns. Meanwhile, other characters can follow up

behind them, healing from a distance (using Throw Items or White Magicks) and

other support abilities such as Protect. Another defensive tactic is to use

characters with Archer’s Bane as defenders; put them in the way of the enemy

Archers to prevent the Archers from hitting the characters running for the

chest. Don’t turn back to revive any downed characters; remember, as long as

one character reaches the chest, you win. Finally, try to keep your front side

towards the bulk of the enemies to maximize your evade rate.


Although the enemy Thieves can steal your equipment, you may not want to block

their steals with Safeguard. If you DON’T have Safeguard, they’ll waste some

of their turns trying to steal your equipment instead of attacking, which helps

keep you alive! (You get your stolen equipment back after the battle in

Rendezvous Mode.) However, a Nu Khai Armband (not for sale until Chapter III)

is helpful for blocking their Steal Heart attack. Since there are Thieves of

both genders here, deploying a single-gender party is not helpful 🙁


Chapter II has a lot of guest characters. They can’t participate in this or

other Rendezvous Mode missions, but you CAN strip them of their equipment and

give it to your main team.


If you DO want to take out all the enemies, be warned that it’s pretty tough

— you’re outnumbered and the enemies have a lot of annoying abilities. Try to

gather your characters into one group quickly. The Thieves are probably the

most dangerous enemies because of their Steal Heart ability, so take them out

first. If you’re planning on fighting, blocking their steals with Safeguard is

a good idea. Also, once you get to Chapter III, a Nu Khai Armband is great for

blocking Steal Heart. If a character DOES get Charmed by Steal Heart, use a

weak attack to knock some sense into him or her. A magick user’s physical

attack or the Squire abilities Rush and Stone are good for removing Charm

without inflicting too much damage.


Watch out for the Monks, too. Although fists only have a range of 1, the Monks

will often have Martial Arts abilities that let them attack at a distance!

(i.e., Aurablast and Shockwave)


Even if you’re planning just to KO all the enemies, you must keep the enemies

from picking up the chest. You’ll especially need to watch out for the male

Thief in the center of the enemy group. He tends to hang back instead of

advancing with the rest of the enemy forces, and in a few turns, he’ll pick up

the chest and cause you to lose the battle. To prevent this, you must advance

quickly and he’ll come forward to fight you instead of chasing after the chest.

As long as you are in range of the enemies, they should fight you instead of

going after the chest (even when they could pick it up in a single move!).


Other useful abilities for taking down all the enemy forces include Archer’s

Bane, Counter, and Defense or Attack Boost. Don’t forget, too, to check your

Zodiac compatibility with the enemies. It helps to attack the enemies with

whom you have high Zodiac compatibility as you can more quickly defeat them —

plus they’re the ones who can do a lot of damage to you!


Once Mustadio joins the party, his Leg Shot ability is quite helpful here as it

allows you to Immobilize enemies in place and keep them from getting to the

chest, and his gun gives him a long range with which to inflict it. Do NOT use

Arm Shot. If you Disable an enemy with Arm Shot, the enemy will drop out of

the main brawl and go back to pick up the chest, causing you to lose!


Again, since you can earn medium-quality items more quickly from Chicken Race,

there’s not too much point in trying to KO all the enemies. (And it’s actually

pretty challenging.) Picking up the chest is the real reward. If you want to

earn 5 stars on this battle just for completeness’ sake, you may have better

luck as you progress through Chapter II and get some of the special story

characters to join your roster.


TITLE AWARD: Retriever


—Rendezvous Mission 4: Teioh————————————————-

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Story Battle 13: Zaland

BATTLE MAP: Araguay Woods


ENEMY FORCES: Teioh [Black Chocobo], Chocobo x4, Red Chocobo x2,

Red Panther x1, Pig x2


The goal of this mission is to defeat Teioh, a Black Chocobo with a ginormous

amount of HP. (Teioh’s specific level and max HP are based on your own levels,

but even at a low level, he’s going to have over 1000 HP.) Teioh is also

accompanied by a gang of other chocobos and some other miscellaneous monsters.

Although you only need to KO Teioh to win the battle, to get a good rank you’ll

need to defeat the other monsters as well. (If you KO only Teioh and no other

monsters, you’ll receive only a single star and single chest!)


The enemy chocobos have some powerful attacks, so come prepared with shields

and cloaks to block them. (The only potential status ailment you’ll face here

is the occasional Poison from the Red Panther’s Poison Fang, so you needn’t

worry about any status-protection accessories.) Auto-Potion is a great

defensive ability here, especially if you buy Hi-Potions (or, later, X-Potions)

and discard all your regular Potions. This will allow you to use Hi-Potions

when you activate Auto-Potion. Counter is also quite useful since you’ll

mostly be hit with close-range attacks and Counter lets you strike the enemy

back. (Do not use First Strike here; it doesn’t work against monsters.)


When deploying your characters, both players should place their characters in

the front row (i.e., the first row in the direction the characters are facing).

Characters placed in the rear will end up on top of the cliff at the back of

the map and have a hard time getting into battle.


Your first target needs to be the Red Chocobos; their Choco Meteor attack does

a lot of damage, has a good range, and is completely unblockable. Concentrate

on chasing them down and defeating them.


The yellow Chocobos can use Choco Cure to heal themselves and other enemies.

This can be a real pain, but the good news is that Chocobos tend not to use

Choco Cure unless they themselves have been injured. So, don’t attack the

yellow Chocobos until you’ve finished off the Red Chocobos, then just attack

one Chocobo at a time. This will minimize the amount of healing they do.


The Pigs and Red Panther are not much of a threat at all, so just ignore them

until you have finished off all the Chocobos. If you have someone with

Counter, you have a pretty good chance of finishing them off just with your

counterattacks. (While Pigs are normally good for poaching rare items, you

can’t poach monsters or recruit them in Rendezvous Mode, so they just function

as weak oppoents here.)


Because all the enemies here are monsters, they can all have a chance of

Countering your melee attacks. You can avoid this by using attacks that hit

from a distance, like spears and the Monk’s Aurablast. Once Agrias joins the

party, her sword techniques will be quite helpful as well. Magick could also

be useful, especially Summons (which will hit many enemies at once), but you’ll

need to shield your mage from enemy attacks. Equip Heavy Armor would be good

for giving a mage enough HP to survive the initial wave of Choco Meteors. The

Dragoon’s Jump attack also lets you escape counterattacks (as long as you

use it at a range of more than a single tile), but can be tricky to use since

the chocobos are all fairly quick and can often move out of the way before you

land the Jump. Only target chocobos that have just moved or that have been



Position your characters next to each other will limit the number of directions

some of the enemies can attack from you. Since no enemy here has magick that

hits more than one character, there’s no harm in standing next to each other.


Try not to leave enemies standing with critical HP. They’ll usually flee into

a corner of the map, which will make it hard to finish them off before you

fight Teioh.


Once you’ve wiped out all the minor monsters, it’s time to take on Teioh. As

mentioned above, he has a ton of HP, but if you’ve defeated all the other

monsters, you’re pretty safe as he can’t do all that much damage to you (and

his Choco Beak and Choco Pellets attacks can both be blocked). While you’ll

generally want to keep him from attacking your back (since your shields don’t

work against rear attacks), in practice this is pretty tricky since he can fly

over your head. Still, in some cases you can put your back to a tree.


Pretty much any attack is good against Teioh. Ranged attacks are particularly

useful since they won’t allow him to Counter. If you have any attacks that do

damage based on the target’s maximum HP, like the Time Mage’s Gravity and

Graviga, the Mystic’s Invigoration, or the Lich summon, these attacks are quite

useful since they will quickly knock down Teioh’s sizable HP total.


As the battle progresses, many of the defeated monsters will start turning into

crystals. You want to be sure to pick these up before the enemies can; it’s a

real pain if Teioh heals himself. Check the Turn List to see when the enemy

will move and be sure to have a character grab the crystal before any of the

enemies will be available to pick them up. (You can use them to heal yourself

too, but even if you don’t need healing, you’ll want to grab the crystals just

to prevent the enemies from using them.)


When Teioh gets low on HP, he’ll start trying to flee while continuing to shoot

Choco Pellets at you. This is pretty annoying, but you’ll just have to chase

him down and keep hitting him. Again, Immobilizing him, or even hitting him

with Rend Speed to slow him down, will help keep him from getting away.


If you’re having trouble here, this battle is much easier after at least one

player has progressed further through Chapter II and acquired the two story

characters available in this chapter. Agrias’s sword techniques are great for

damaging the monsters without being counterattacked, and Mustadio can use Leg

Shot to inflict Immobilize on Teioh or the other chocobos.


TITLE AWARDED: Chocobo Hunter


—Rendezvous Mission 5: Lost Heirloom—————————————–

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Story Battle 16: Goug Lowtown

BATTLE MAP: Goug Lowtown


YOUR FORCES: 1-2 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Knight (female) x2, Archer (male) x3, Time Mage (female) x2,

Thief (male) x3


The enemies here don’t have much in the way of special abilities, but the catch

is that each player is limited to 2 characters. And, to get the highest

possible ranking here, you must only deploy a single character each!


There are three male Thieves here, which puts female characters at a risk for

being Charmed with Steal Heart. This is very bad news when you have such a

small fighting force, so deploying all male characters might be advantageous.

Once you get to Chapter III, you can also buy Nu Khai Armbands to immunize

yourself against Charm.


As with many Rendezvous Mode battles, the emphasis is on physical defense.

This map features Knights and Thieves, and most perniciously, three Archers,

two of whom like to hang out at the back of the map and rain arrows on you.

Equip shields and cloaks to boost your evade rate, and Defense Boost [Mystic]

to reduce the damage you sustain. The Archer’s Bane reaction ability is

particularly well-suited for this map, since it gives you a good chance of

blocking the Archer’s attacks outright. (Shirahadori, which blocks both arrows

and melee attacks, is even better if you have it.) If you don’t have Archer’s

Bane, Auto-Potion makes a good substitute. You could also use Counter — this

won’t improve your defense, of course, but if you already have a good shield

and cloak, Counter is a great way of improving your damage output. Knights

make a good overall choice for this map since they can use shields and heavy

armor and have a good offense as well.


You’ll probably also want a way to restore your HP and revive KOed characters.

Since you have so few characters here, you may not have space for a dedicated

healer, plus Chemists and White Mages will get killed pretty easily here.

Instead, try adding Items or Martial Arts (or even White Magicks) as a

secondary action ability to one of your other characters. Auto-Potion and the

Monk’s Lifefont movement ability are also good for restoring HP over the course

of the battle. If you’ve progressed far enough to steal the Blood Sword, it

can be pretty helpful as it will allow you to regain HP when you attack. (If

you’re tackling this mission much later, though, you won’t want to use it as it

won’t be very strong compared to other weapons and the enemy HP levels.)


Between the Thieves and Knights, there are also a lot of opportunities for your

equipment to be broken or stolen, so Safeguard may be helpful. This is

particularly important for female characters, since losing their Nu Khai

Armbands means they can be Charmed. (Remember, if lose your equipment in

Rendezvous Mode, it IS restored to you after battle, but losing it during the

battle still makes it difficult to win!)


When the battle starts, you’ll want to take out the Time Mages first. If they

get off a Haste, Slow, or Stop spell, this can be big trouble when you’re

already outnumbered. (They may hit you with Gravity magicks as well!) There’s

one on each side of the map, so have each player quickly move foward and KO

one. There’s a good chance that the Time Mages may have the Mana Shield

reaction ability, which allows them to take damage to their MP as a buffer

against your attacks. Draining their MP in this way is pretty much as good as

KOing them since they won’t be able to use magicks, so you can then leave them

be. (Their physical attack can still do SOME damage, but the Thieves and

Knights are a much higher priority.)


For offense, physical-oriented jobs are probably your best bet. Magick tends

not to be so good, since magick-using jobs are at a disadvantage for evading

attacks and are even more vulnerable when charging magicks. The Dragoon’s Jump

attack is particularly useful, since it temporarily removes you from the

battlefield and prevents you from being attacked. (Just watch out for the

slight overhang with the spinning wheel on Player 2’s side of the map. If

you’re standing directly underneath this overhang, you won’t be able to Jump.)


Mustadio will have joined you by the time you get to this mission. His Arm

Shot and Leg Shot abilities can be useful in temporarily taking an enemy out of

play. As a Machinist, he’s probably going to be too weak to survive here, but

you can turn him into a Knight and then equip Aimed Shot as a secondary



If you have a shield, cloak, and Archer’s Bane, the Archers will really have

quite a low hit rate against you and you won’t need to worry about them too

much. First, take out all the melee fighters on the lower level.


Remember that shields aren’t effective against attacks from the rear, and your

own job’s innate evade rate is not effective against rear nor side attacks.

(Cloaks and Archer’s Bane work at all angles.) So, try to position yourself

after each move so that your back is not vulnerable. You want to avoid turning

your back on the Archers so that you can keep blocking their arrows.


Conversely, try to attack the enemy Knights from the rear so they can’t use

their shields to block your attack. You also won’t want to attack the enemy

Thieves head on, as they have a high evade rate from the front. Of course, the

Concentration support ability [Archer] allows you to circumvent enemy evade



Enemies that you’ve weakened to critical HP may start to flee towards a corner.

Don’t worry about these guys; they’ve essentially removed themselves from the

battle. Focus on the enemies who are still fighting you.


After you’ve defeated most of the enemies on the ground, you have a good chance

to heal before the final charge to the roof where the Archers usually are. Try

to revive any KOed characters — remember, your star ranking may decrease if

any of your allies have to teleport out of battle.


Although this battle is fairly do-able with four characters, completing it with

just two characters to earn 5 stars can be tough early on. To succeed, you’ll

really need to have the best possible defense; Jump, Safeguard, Lifeont are all

advantageous too. Of course, like all Rendezvous missions, this gets easier as

you go through the game, since better cloaks and shields become available and

your offensive capabilities increase as well.


TITLE AWARDED: Count’s Guard


—Rendezvous Mission 6: The Fete———————————————-

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Start of Chapter III

BATTLE MAP: Lionel Castle Oratory


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Knight (male) x2, Monk (female) x2, Bard x3, Dancer x3


You’ll fight a large group of enemies in close quarters here, including a rare

encounter against enemy Bards and Dancers. The two Knights will rush you

first with their Move +2 movement ability, and tend to be quickly followed by

most of the rest of the group.


Depending on your level, the Bards here may have Lamia’s Harps, which sometimes

confuse your characters when they strike. This is bad news if it happens, so

equip Nu Khai Armbands (newly purchasable in the Outfitter) to prevent this.

If you don’t have or can’t afford the Nu Khai Armbands, you can cure confused

characters by hitting them with a weak physical attack. If you’re at a high

enough level, the Bards will just have Bloodstring Harps instead, which drain

HP back to the Bards. While annoying, this is less dangerous to you, and you

can just mop up the Bards after you’ve KOed the real threats.


You’ll face mostly physical attacks here, so a good physical defense is a must.

Use armor to raise your HP, and equip shields to help block physical attacks.

(Note, though, the two Knights always have Concentration, which prevents you

from evading their attack.) If you have the Samurai’s Shirahadori reaction

ability, this battle will be pretty easy as you can block most all the attacks

you’ll face, even the Knights with Concentration. You can still win without

Shirahadori, though; the Chemist’s Auto-Potion is another good reaction

ability for keeping your health up. The Mystic’s Defense Boost support ability

is also helpful. Finally, you could try the Golem summon to absorb some of the

physical attacks, but you’re being bombarded with so many attacks that the

Golem effect is likely to wear off too quickly to be much help.


The Chemist’s Safeguard support ability can also be somewhat helpful here since

it prevents the Knights from breaking your gear. That said, Defense Boost is

probably the better choice if avaialble.


Since you won’t be hit with magick, this is one battle where it helps to

place your characters next to each other. This minimizes the number of

directions from which the enemies can attack each character. As the battle

progresses, you can also stand next to the bodies of KO enemies to block off

more lines of attack. In addition, if you mostly stay put in this formation

and attack enemies as they come to you, you can get more turns as you won’t

need to use up CT by moving.


Your best offense here is probably Summons. Since you’re crowded into such a

small space, they will hit lots of targets, and they won’t damage your own

allies. Use a strong summon, or pair one of the initial three elemental

summons (Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh) with a Flame, Ice, or Lightning Rod for extra

damage. The Moogle and Faerie summons can also be used for emergency healing.

Black Magick can work too, but will hit fewer targets and can also damage your

allies. Either way, Chakra is quite useful for recovering your MP — you can

give this to the Summoner, or have an adjacent character use it. (The latter

is probably better since it allows the Summoner to spend all his/her turns

casting Summons.) You’ll also need to protect your magick-user since they

tend to be pretty fragile. Giving the caster a shield or heavy armor can help

somewhat, but remember that shields are no good against the Knights and their

Concentration ability. The best tactic is to put your magick-user in the "back

row," behind characters with a better defense. These characters can block the

enemy from getting to your Summoner and absorb some of the hits while your

Summoner blasts away at the enemies with magick.


Other good attacks include sword techniques (especially Hallowed Bolt and

Divine Ruination) and the Monk’s Shockwave. All the Bards and Dancers have the

Defense Boost support ability, which automatically reduces the damage they take

from all physical attacks, including things like sword techniques and Jump.

You can still use these attacks, of course, but magick is going to be the most

effective. Ranged weapons tend not to be useful here; since the enemies are

close to you anyway, the long range doesn’t help you much, and you’ll want the

higher attack power of a close-range weapon.


The Knights are probably your first target since their Concentration ability

makes their attacks largely unblockable. After that, you’ll want to go after

the Monks, who always have the Items ability and can heal other allies. Watch

out, though — the Knights have Counter, and the Monks have the First Strike

reaction ability, which allows them to cancel direct physical attacks and hit

you instead if you attack them from an adjacent tile. To avoid these

counterattacks, don’t use direct physical attacks, but target the enemies with

magick, Jump, sword techniques, or other ranged abilities like the Monk’s

Aurablast and Shockwave. (You can also use a plain physical attack if you’re

attacking from a distance, like with a bow or polearm.) Note that the Monks

are also always given the Equip Heavy Armor ability, which gives them a fair

amount of HP.


The Dancers and Bards are less of a priority to defeat (especially the Bards),

but ANY enemies you can defeat early on will help relieve some of the pressure

on you.


Both the Monks have Items and can use Phoenix Downs to revive KOed allies;

other enemies may also be randomly assigned the Items ability. If you’re using

Summons, this isn’t too much of a problem; the revived enemies will come back

with only minimal HP and will be wiped down the next time you cast a Summon.

Otherwise, try to pick off these weak enemies before they get healed back to

full HP.


One last caution: it’s likely that at least one of the enemies will have the

Geomancy ability, and will use the Contortion ability from the back of the

battlefield. While this attack won’t do much damage, it has a chance of

turning you to Stone, so bring an ability that can cure this status, like

Purification [Monk], Esuna [White Mage], or Gold Needle [Chemist]. Or, if your

levels are high enough that the Bards have Bloodstring Harps, you won’t need

a Nu Khai Armband to protect against Confusion, so you can equip a Jade Armlet

to protect yourself against Stone. (However, if the Bards are still using

Lamia’s Harps, the Nu Khai Armband is more important.)


For this battle, it doesn’t matter who is player 1 and player 2 since you start

in identical positions relative to the enemy.


TITLE AWARDED: Lord of the Night


—Rendezvous Mission 7: Desert Minefield————————————–

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Story Battle 26: Monastery Vaults – First Level

BATTLE MAP: Zeklaus Desert


YOUR FORCES: 1-2 characters per player, Govis

ENEMY FORCES: Bomb x2, Grenade x4, Exploder x5


GUEST: Govis – Chemist – random Bravery and Faith values

Equipment : No weapon, random other equipment

Abilities : Items, random other abilities


This mission is an escort mission. You lose if Govis, the guest Chemist, is

KOed. You win when Govis reaches the far side of the map, or if you KO all 11

enemy bombs. KOing as many of the bombs as possible will earn you a higher

star rating (and hence more chests) at the end of the battle, so that’s the way

to go.


Unfortunately, Govis is a bit of a hazard to himself. He likes to charge right

at the bombs and attack them with his bare hands, which tends to get him

counterattacked and KOed. The best remedy is to bring Mustadio (or, later,

Balthier) and have him use Leg Shot to Immobilize Govis at the start of the

battle. (Player 1 starts directly behind Govis and has a clear shot for this.)

Your odds of successfully Immobilizing Govis depend in part on Govis’s random

Zodiac sign and its compatibility with Mustadio’s, so there’s some luck

involved here. Putting Immobilize on Govis will keep from charging forward,

and he should be pretty safe. Immobilize will wear off after a few turns,

though, so prepared to use it again. If Govis does manage to move forward,

he’ll be in danger. Quickly move some characters between him and the enemies

to shield him. (You could also put Govis to sleep, which lasts longer, but

this has the disadvantage of making him more susceptible to attack if the bombs

DO reach him.)


It’s probably a good idea to bring someone with healing abilities who can heal

Govis, just in case. Mustadio can double with this role if you switch him to a

Chemist (and then assign Aimed Shot as his second abilitiy). Don’t be shy with

your items; you get them all back after the end of the battle, anyway.


Don’t underestimate the bombs. There are a lot of them, and they come at you

quickly. You may be more successful if you generally let them come to you

instead of charging them. This will keep you from getting surrounded.


Equipping Flame Shields here is quite helpful as it allows you to actually

absorb the damage from the Exploders’ Spark attacks. In general, a good

physical defense is important here since the bombs use mostly physical attacks.

Shields, cloaks, and Parry will help you avoid their attacks — and Shirahadori

is even better, if you’ve already obtained that. Auto-Potion is also quite

useful, especially since you don’t really use up potions in Rendezvous Mode.

Where possible, put your back against a cactus, so the bombs can only attack

you from the side or front, which allows you to use your shield.


For attacking the bombs, Agrias’s sword techniques are always good as they

can’t be counterattacked, do high damage, and can often target more than one

enemy at a time. (Or, if you’re only able to attack a single bomb, use

Northswain’s Strike, which has a chance of instantly KOing its target.) If you

want to use Black Magick, note that the Bombs absorb fire and halve damage from

ice, so use Thunder spells only. The same goes for Summons and weapons; be

sure to avoid the Icebrand sword. (Note that the Icebrand sword will turn even

your sword techniques into ice-elemental attacks!) If you happen to have the

Leviathan summon, it will do a lot of damage since the bombs are all weak to



Finally, you could try using Orator skills (Entice or Tame) to recruit one or

more bombs to your side. This can help even out the enemy’s numerical

advantage, but it has pretty low odds of succeeding.


Of the three kinds of bombs, the Grenades are the most dangerous. Their

Bomblet attack does a lot of damage and is non-elemental, so the Flame Shield

won’t protect against it. Take out the Grenades first, and try to get rid of

them before the Exploders reach you.


Once the Exploders join the fray, they’ll start using their Spark ability,

which heals any nearby bombs and also damages any characters who aren’t

protected with a Flame Shield. This can get quite annoying if the Exploders

get into a big group because the Exploders will just keep healing each other

and you won’t be able to defeat any of them. Attack one of the Exploders at a

time until you KO them. You can also try to use your characters to block the

Exploders from reaching each other, or draw them apart into separate groups.

This will reduce their ability to keep healing themselves. Another alternative

is to use abilities like Arm Shot or Mystic Arts to take away the Exploders’

ability to act.


Be careful about leaving any bomb in a low-HP state. It may use Self-Destruct,

which will do sizable damage to a wide range and has a good chance of killing



To earn a five-star rating on this battle, you must deploy only a single

character per player, and you must KO all the bombs. This can be quite

difficult, especially when this mission is first unlocked, since you have to

juggle defeating the bombs with healing Govis and preventing him from reaching

the finish line. You’ll probably want to have one character do the fighting

while another character heals and Immobilizes Govis, but it will be tricky if

you’re not able to easily take out the Exploders.




—Rendezvous Mission 8: Littering———————————————

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Story Battle 29: Yardrow



YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Ninja (male) x 5, Ninja (female) x5


This is a battle against a squad of ten enemy Ninjas. The Ninjas are extremely

fast and, unless you have an auto-Haste item, it’s likely that all of them will

be able to attack before you can even move. Even if you make your own

characters into Ninjas, the enemies can probably move first because of their

superior level-up history.


So, surviving against the initial onslaught is your first priority. Equip

armor that will boost your HP as high as possible (Equip Heavy Armor may be

useful). Use shields and cloaks to boost your evade rate.


The Thief’s Sticky Fingers ability is pretty much made for this battle. When

activated, it not only blocks the Ninja’s Throw attacks, but adds the thrown

item to your own inventory! Of course, like most Reaction Abilities, it is

dependent on your Bravery and doesn’t always activate.) And, if you don’t

already have it, it costs only 200 JP to acquire. Actually, if you have them,

Shirahadori (Samurai) or Reflexes (Ninja) are even better as they will help you

against even the Ninjas’ regular physical attacks as well as the throws. (They

won’t allow you to keep the thrown items, though.) Auto-Potion is also

extremely helpful, especially if you throw away your regular Potions and/or

Hi-Potions first so you can just use more effective potions.


Teleport and Ignore Elevation can also be helpful for making it easier to get

atop the roof tiles where some of the Ninjas may be, but they’re not really



Player 1 starts battling the female Ninjas and Player 2 start battling the male

Ninjas. For the most part, this doesn’t really matter. However, there’s a

chance that the Ninjas will randomly be assigned the Steal Heart ability, which

lets them Charm targets of the opposite sex. Just in case, have the player

with more female characters be Player 1 and the player with more male

characters be Player 2.


At the start of the battle, focus on cutting down a few Ninjas as fast as

possible so you’re not so outnumbered. Strong physical attacks are useful.

Target those Ninjas with whom you have good Zodiac compatibility as you may be

able to defeat them in a single strike. (Fortunately, Ninjas are pretty

fragile.) Mustadio’s Arm Shot ability is also quite useful; Disabling the

Ninjas keeps them out of your hair for a few turns. Leg Shot isn’t too useful

because even if the Ninjas can’t move, they can still throw things at you.


Because it’s snowing, ice-based attacks will be powerful. This might include

Luso’s Icebrand sword, as well as magicks like Blizzard and Shiva. Equip an

Ice Rod on any magick users to make their ice magick even stronger.


Be careful using Aim and especially Jump here; the Ninjas are so fast that

you’ll need to make sure the attack can execute before the Ninjas can move out

of the way.


If you’re already into Chapter IV and have acquired some of the sidequests

characters, they may be useful here. Balthier is basically a stronger Mustadio

and Beowulf’s Disable, Break, and Chicken abilities can be used to quickly stop

some of the enemy Ninjas.

Although deploying a small number of characters will earn you the most chests

after battle (as always), you may find it more profitable to bring in a lot of

characters with Sticky Fingers and waltz through the battle, collecting as many

weaponas you can. You can get a lot of good weapons this way! This battle is

also great for Ninjas of your own; picking up the crystals the enemy Ninjas

leave will net you many Ninja abilities quickly.


Once you hit level 90+, the enemy Ninjas will start throwing rare weapons that

you can’t buy in stores. Come back to this battle and you can use it to easily

collect multiple Chaos Blades, Javelin IIs, and so forth. This is a fantastic

weapon to get lots of rare weapons. Just raise your Bravery up and catch away!

The highest-level enemy Ninjas will throw the best weapons.


In general, one trick for catching lots of items is to wipe out most of the

enemy Ninjas, then Immobilize the remaining one(s). Stand at a distance and

the Ninjas will have no choice but to throw weapons, which you can then catch!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work later in the game, when the Ninjas will all

have Thief’s Caps that protect them from Immobilize; instead, just run from

them and stay out of their immediate attack range so theyy’ll use Throw





—Rendezvous Mission 9: Shades of the Past————————————

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Start of Chapter IV

BATTLE MAP: Brigands’ Den


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Milleuda, Knight (male) x5, Archer (male) x2,

White Mage (female) x2


ENEMY: Milleuda [Aquarius] – Knight – Bravery 65, Faith 65

Equipment : Defender, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Mail, Chantage

Abilities : Arts of War, White Magicks, Parry, Safeguard, Move +1


There are a lot of enemies here, but they all have pretty weak jobs that are

mostly limited to physical attacks. If you bring a good defense against

physical attacks — a good shield and Shirahadori or especially First Strike —

you’ll be practically invulnerable.


The Teleport or Ignore Elevation movement abilities may also be helpful. The

enemies sometimes climb up atop the fort and stay there, and it can be

difficult to chase after them. A Jump attack with a high horizontal and

vertical range would also work.


Milleuda’s Chantage will keep reviving her if she gets KOed, and she has

Safeguard, so you can’t steal or break the Chantage. This means that the only

way to get rid of her is to first KO all the other enemies, and *then* finish

her off. (You could soften her up with other attacks beforehand, though

there’s not much point.)


The enemy has a number of characters who can heal the other enemies. These

include both of the White Mages, as well as Milleuda, who casts Arise. You’ll

want to stop them first. Even though Milleuda has Chantage, you can stop her

White Magick by using Orlandeau’s Duskblade or a Dark Knight’s Infernal Strike

to wipe out her MP. (You can also just KO her when she starts casting Arise;

she’ll bounce back, but the spell will be canceled.) The White Mages are

pretty easy to take out, but be aware of their reaction abilities: the Mage

that starts on the right side of the fort (from your viewpoint) has Magick

Counter, and the one on the left side has Soulbind, which bounces half the

damage you do back onto you. Neither of these abilities are really that

dangerous, though, especailly because you may be able to defeat the Mages in a

single strike anyway.


Both of the White Mages also have Sortile’ge perfumes you could steal if you



Milleuda’s Parry will block physical attacks, but Jump and sword techniques

will crack through her defenses, or you can just attack her from behind. (Note

that for some reason she’s now an Aquarius, even though she was a Virgo in the

single-player game.)


Since having a good physical defense will make you practically invincible here,

this is a great battle to deploy just a single character per player to maximize

your item haul.




—Rendezvous Mission 10: The Knights Templar———————————-

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Story Battle 41: Fort Besselat Sluice

BATTLE MAP: Mullonde Cathedral Nave


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player


1ST BATTLE: Isilud, Wiegraf, Squire (male) x4, Archer (male) x4

2ND BATTLE: Cletienne, White Mage (female) x2, Black Mage (female) x2,

Time Mage (female) x2, Summoner (female) x3

3RD BATTLE: Barich, Chemist (male) x5, Orator (male) x4

4TH BATTLE: Folmarv [Divine Knight; Leo], Loffrey [Divine Knight; Capricorn],

Knight (male) x3, White Mage (male) x2, Dragoon (male) x2


ENEMY: Isilud [Gemini] – Nightblade – Bravery 73, Faith 63

Equipment : Defender, random other equipment

Abilities : Arts of War, random other abilities


ENEMY: Wiegraf [Virgo] – White Knight – Bravery 71, Faith 64

Equipment : Save the Queen, random other equipment

Abilities : Holy Sword, random other abilities


ENEMY: Cletienne [Gemini] – Sorceror – Bravery 51, Faith 81

Equipment : Wizard’s Rod, random other equipment

Abilities : Magicks, random other abilities


ENEMY: Barich [Sagittarius] – Machinist – Bravery 64, Faith 62

Equipment : Blaster, random other equipment

Abilities : Aimed Shot, Safeguard, random other abilities


This mission occurs in four successive "trials," with each trial pitting you

against some of the Knights Templar plus a lot of generic enemies with themed

jobs. This works a little differently from anything in the single-player game,

in that you jump directly from one battle to the next, with no chance to heal

or change equipment. (However, any status ailments you have will be cured,

and broken equipment will be restored.)


Unlike the multiphase Lucavi battles in the single-player game, any "buffs" you

cast on yourself do not carry over from one battle to the next, so using Focus

or Tailwind a lot during the first battle will not help you with the later ones

🙁 . Any crystals and chests are also erased from the battlefield between

battles, so if you see something you want to grab, be sure to pick it up before

the battle ends!


In each trial, you must defeat all the enemies (not just the Knights Templar)

to advance to the next one.


Because there’s four battles here, it’s advisable to equip your characters for

the long haul. You’ll need abilities to heal yourself with, like Items or an

attack that drains HP (such as the Dark Knight’s Sanguine Sword or Orlandeau’s

Shadowblade). Protection against Immobilize or Disable is also important; you

can get this from equipping a Guardian Bracelet or Thief’s Cap. Shirahadori

and a high Bravery is also quite useful for blocking enemy attacks. Finally,

Safeguard will be helpful in stopping the Unyielding Blade attacks used in the

fourth trial.



The first round pits you against Wiegraf and Isilud, plus some Squires and

Archers. The Squires all start in a plus-shaped formation and can be easily

hit with an area-effect attack like Hallowed Bolt or Black Magick at the

beginning of the battle. They’re actually mostly harmless, so if there’s any

left standing after your initial attack, you may want to leave them be and

concentrate on the other enemies. Wiegraf is probably the toughest enemy here.

(Isilud no longer has his super-powered Jump attack that he used in Orbonne

Monastery, so he isn’t much of a threat.) The enemies often get pretty bunched

up, so attacks that can hit a group are useful!


Before you finish off the last enemy, you may want to stop and heal yourself

since you will not otherwise be healed between battles.



When all the enemies in the first trial are KOed, you’ll fade to the second

trial. This one includes Cletienne and a slew of magick users. If you move

forward quickly, you can probably take out both Black Mages with a group attack

before they can do anything. The "cone" attack pattern of the Dark Knight’s

Abyssal Blade is especially powerful here; if you move forward and use it

immediately, you can strike a huge swath of the enemy forces. In general, the

enemies in this trial are even more apt to get into large groups, so take

advantage of this by hitting them with area-effect attacks.


If you take out the Black Mages and then the Summoners, the enemies won’t be

able to hurt you much. They’ll keep healing themselves and casting buffs,

which is *annoying*, but they can’t really hurt you and you can quickly re-KO

any enemies that get revived.


Since the enemies here typically know a lot of magick, this can also be a

decent opportunity to learn some magick abilities if you let the enemies decay

into crystals after being KOed. Use Duskblade, Infernal Strike, or Rend MP to

steal all the MP from the last enemy and you’re pretty much free to let the

other enemies decay. Just be sure to pick up the crystals before this trial

ends, since they’ll disappear when Trial 3 starts.



The third trial is probably the trickiest. You’re fighting ten gun-wielders —

Barich, 5 Chemists, and 4 Orators — and they start so spread out that you can

only attack one at a time. Actually, if you have Shirahadori and a good

Bravery, this isn’t too bad because you can block even gun attacks with

Shirahadori and they won’t be able to hurt you. If you don’t have Shirahadori,

at least equip something to boost your elemental defense (since many of the

enemies have magick guns). A Venetian or Reverie Shield, White or Sage’s Robe,

or Minerva Bustier all work great for this purpose, and even a Flame Shield can

work in a pinch, although it’s not quite as effective. (The Ice Shield is not

a good idea since it also renders you weak to the lightning attacks from the

Blaster guns.)


Barich is the real threat here, since he can inflict Immobilize and Disable

from a distance. If you don’t have any defense against Immobilize or Disable,

you’ll need to take him out immediately. (Being Disabled also keeps you from

using Shirahadori to defend yourself!) This whole trial is pretty annoying

since the enemies keep using items to heal and revive each other.



Finally, the fourth trial features Folmarv and Loffrey and an assortment of

Knights, Dragoons, and White Mages. Folmarv and Loffrey have been upgraded to

??? HP status, meaning it will take a lot of damage to defeat them. However,

if you have Safeguard, they can’t use their Unyielding Blade techniques. They

can use their other Action Ability (which is randomly assigned) as a backup,

but most of these aren’t too bad.)


Move forward and quickly attack the three Knights with a group attack. You’ll

probably want to target the Dragoons next. The Dragoons have a habit of moving

as far from you as possible and launching Jump attacks from there, so attacking

them before they can move too far is helpful. (Of course, if you have your own

Jump attack, it’s no problem.) The White Mages tend not to actually have much

in the way of magick, so you may want to save them for last. Note that Folmarv

and Loffrey have Safeguard, so Unyielding Blade is not effective against them.


Completing this battle earns you an invitation to the Knights Templar! Too

bad Ramza turns it down 😉


TITLE AWARDED: Templar’s Apprentice


—Rendezvous Mission 11: All-Star Melee—————————————

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Story Battle 52: Mullonde Cathedral Sanctuary

BATTLE MAP: Gariland


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Ramza, Mustadio, Agrias, Rapha, Marach, Beowulf, Reis, Orlandeau,



ENEMY: Ramza [Capricorn] – Knight – Bravery 70, Faith 70

Equipment : Ragnarok, Venetian Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Mail,

Guardian Bracelet

Abilities : Arts of War, Items, First Strike, Safeguard, Move +3


ENEMY: Mustadio [Libra] – Machinist – Bravery 60, Faith 62

Equipment : Blaster, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, Japa Mala

Abilities : Aimed Shot, Arts of War, Soulbind, Defense Boost, Move +3


ENEMY: Agrias [Cancer] – Holy Knight – Bravery 71, Faith 63

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Armor, Ribbon

Abilities : Holy Sword, White Magicks, Shirahadori, Safeguard, Move +2


ENEMY: Rapha [Pisces] – Skyseer – Bravery 31, Faith 69

Equipment : Eight-fluted Pole, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, Septie`me

Abilities : Sky Mantra, White Magicks, Soulbind, Swiftness, Move +2


ENEMY: Marach [Gemini] – Netherseer – Bravery 69, Faith 31

Equipment : Eight-fluted Pole, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, Japa Mala

Abilities : Nether Mantra, Items, Soulbind, Swiftness, Manafont


ENEMY: Beowulf [Libra] – Templar – Bravery 45, Faith 65

Equipment : Ragnarok, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Armor, Angel Ring

Abilities : Spellblade, Martial Arts, First Strike, Safeguard, Move +3


ENEMY: Reis [Pisces] – Dragonkin – Bravery 62, Faith 64

Equipment : Cachusha, Septie`me

Abilities : Dragon, White Magicks, First Strike, Brawler, Move +2


ENEMY: Orlandeau [Scorpio] – Sword Saint – Bravery 77, Faith 65

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Armor, Japa Mala

Abilities : Swordplay, Iaido, Mana Shield, Safeguard, Manafont


ENEMY: Meliadoul [Capricorn] – Divine Knight – Bravery 67, Faith 78

Equipment : Defender, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Armor, Septie`me

Abilities : Unyielding Blade, Items, Shirahadori, Attack Boost, Lifefont


This is a battle against many of your own story characters–or at least some

very accurate impostors. Your doppelgangers have mastered many of the game’s

most advanced abilities and techniques, making this a tough battle. On the

bright side, all of them just have regular HP totals.


Orlandeau, Mustadio, and Meliadoul love to break your equipment, so you’ll

want to equip Safeguard. (Or, you can deploy Balthier as a Sky Pirate, since

this job has an innate Safeguard.) Even though any broken equipment is

returned to you at the end of the battle in Rendezvous Mode, having your gear

broken during the fight will make it tough to win.


You’ll also need protection against Mustadio’s Immobilize and Disable attacks;

a Thief’s Cap, Guardian Bracelet, or Ribbon will take care of this. The Ribbon

is particularly helpful as it negates all of the other status ailments that

Beowulf will try to throw you.


Shirahadori and First Strike are not that helpful here since they won’t protect

you from the special job techniques used by the enemy. Instead, Mana Shield

and Manafont is probably your best best.


Finally, be aware that the clones’ Zodiac signs often match up poorly with some

of your story characters’. A quick guide to a few of the key characters you

may be using:


Agrias Ramza, Rapha, Reis, Orlandeau Mustadio, Beowulf, Meliadoul

Beowulf Marach Ramza, Agrias, Meliadoul

Reis Agrias, Orlandeau Marach

Balthier No one Orlandeau

Orlandeau Agrias, Marach, Reis No one

Meliadoul No one Mustadio, Agrias, Beowulf

In summary, Beowulf and Meliadoul have bad comptability and are less useful

here — plus many of the enemies have Safeguard and are protected against

Meliadoul’s Unyielding Blade attacks anyway. Orlandeau and Reis have

advantageous compatibility. Agrias is a mixed bag, so if you use her, make

sure you supplement her with another character or two with a different sign.


Player 1 has it especially tough as his/her team starts near Orlandeau, Reis,

and Mustadio, who will immediately attack Player 1’s team. Attacking with HP-

draining attacks like Sanguine Sword [Dark Knight], Orlandeau’s Shadowblade,

are useful since they let you damage while still recovering HP. If you’re

trying to complete this battle with a small number of characters, be sure to

equip Player 1 as defensively as possible. You may have to resort to giving

Player 1 items that yield a permanent Reraise (e.g. Chantage or Brave Suit) and

letting him/her get KOed and regenerate. If you use this strategy, Player 2

will need to play as defensively as possible since if s/he gets KOed too, you



If you’re not fully equipped with Ribbons, Beowulf should probably be your

first target, since he can inflict all kinds of status ailments on you. Note

that his Angel Ring lets him Reraise once after you KO him, so be prepared to

KO him a second time shortly after you take him out once.


Reis, Agrias, and Orlandeau are the next characters you’ll want to attack.

Reis and particularly Agrias can be taken out fairly quickly. The enemy

Orlandeau has unfortunately figured out the Mana Shield/Manafont combo, which

means it will definitely take several attacks to KO him. So even though

Orlandeau is the biggest threat, you may want to first KO a few of the other

enemies (like Reis and Agrias), just to quickly reduce the number attacking you

at one time.


If you have Safeguard, Meliadoul is reduced to just using physical attacks.

Ramza is a Knight in this battle and also pretty much just uses physical

attacks. You can worry about them later. Rapha and Marach are as irrelevant

in this battle as in most of the game, so finish them off last.


Climbing up on the roofs can be somewhat helpful, as long as you have attacks

you can use from there up. While the roof won’t help you escape the sword

techniques (which have infinite vertical range), it at least makes it harder

for Meliadoul, Ramza, and Reis to attack you.


Note that if one of the enemies gets lowered to critical HP, he or she may just

run into the corner. It’s pretty safe to ignore such enemies and save them for

last. They’re not going to attack you, so focus your attacks on the enemies

who are still a threat.


Three of the enemies — the Rapha, Marach, and Mustadio clones — have

Soulbind. This tends not to be too much of a problem, since you may be able to

KO them in a single attack anyway. Plus, they’re the weaker enemies, so you

can save them to KO later.


Finally, a number of the clones (Ramza, Marach, and Meliadoul) can use Items as

a command. In practice, this isn’t too bad since they mostly will just use

regular Potions on themselves, which is about the least threatening action

possible. They also don’t have Throw Items, so they can’t heal anyone from a

distance. However, they may sometimes revive KOed allies with a Phoenix Down.

If this happens, you can use an area-effect attack to KO the character again

*and* hit the Items-user. (Since they don’t have Throw Items, they’ll have

to stand in a tile adjacent to the downed tile to use the Phoenix Down.)


Although the clones have a lot of good equipment, most of it is protected with

Safeguard and so there’s not actually much you can claim. You’re limited to

Meliadoul’s Defender, Reis’s Cachusha and Septie`me, Mustadio’s Blaster, and

Rapha’s Septie`me.






The following four missions are only available after completing the main quest

of the single-player game. After the ending, the game will add an additional

"flag" to your save directory that makes these missions accessible. Load up a

save from before you entered the final sequences of a battle, go to a Tavern,

and you’ll see the last missions.


You will NOT be able to access these missions if your only save is in the

final sequence of battles 🙁 — you need to be able to get to a Tavern.


—Rendezvous Mission 12: The Guarded Temple———————————–

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Completing single-player game and Nelveska Temple quest

BATTLE MAP: Nelveska Temple


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player

ENEMY FORCES: Construct 2 [Automaton] x1, Construct 3 [Automaton] x7,

Protoconstruct [Automaton] x2


You must defeat all ten Automatons before they self-destruct and destroy the

temple. This battle really centers around the two Protoconstructs, both of

whom start atop the temple. They control the countdown; every time one of gets

another turn, the countdown ticks down one "minute" from 10. If the countdown

drops to 0, the Automatons explode and you lose. The countdown can only be

stopped by defeating at least one of the Protoconstructs. (Since they take

turns counting down, defeating one will stop the whole process.) To make

things more tricky, on the turn when the countdown is "supposed" to go to 8,

the Automatons experience a "system error" and it jumps all the way down to 4.

This means that you must defeat at least one Protoconstruct within the time it

takes for the Protoconstructs to get 7 turns.


Unfortunately, taking them out isn’t easy since both Protoconstructs have

tremendous amounts of HP. If you’re at level 90+, they will have several

thousand. Plus, there are 8 other Automatons as well.


On the bright side, you may bring up to FOUR characters into battle (combined

across the two players) and still receive a 5-star ranking! And you will need

all four 🙂


Sword techniques are your weapon of choice here, so you’ll want to have each

player deploy Agrias and Orlandeau (or possibly Meliadoul). You’ll need to

maximize both your speed and attack power. Use the Tynar Rouge (for

Agrias/Meliadoul) or the Brigand’s Gloves (for Orlandeau) to give them a

permanent Haste, and add a Move +x ability to increase your mobility across the

map. To maximize your attack power, equip them with Chaos Blades and either

Vehemence [Dark Knight] or Attack Boost [Geomancer] as a support ability.

(If you have it, Vehemence is probably best as it will give you the bigger

attack boost. It does lower your defense, but this is one battle where the

best defense is a good offense 🙂 — if you can smash the regular Constructs

quickly, you have far fewer sources of damage to contend with.)


Since you’ll need to focus on offense, you won’t have much time for healing.

Equip your best armor and helms to boost your starting HP as high as possible.

You’ll face no status attacks here, so Ribbons are unnecessary. Chaos Blades

will also help you a little by giving you a permanent Regen. Potentially, you

could also use Sanguine Sword or Shadowblade to drain HP during the battle,

although you don’t want to be doing this too often — it’s not as strong an

attack as some others, and can only strike one enemy at a time. If you have a

Brave Suit (from Melee Mode) or Grand Armor (from a previous victory here), you

will definitely want to use those as they give you a permanent Reraise and you

don’t have to worry about your HP at all.


There aren’t really any especially great reaction abilities here, since NOTHING

can block the Dispose laser attack. Instead, use abilities that can boost your

stats. The Archer’s Adrenaline Rush will increase your speed every time you

get hit, allowing you even more turns. For female characters, Fury [Dancer]

could also be a good choice, as it will allow you to increase your attack power

even higher.


If you’re having trouble surviving, you can use Mana Shield and Manafont,

though this will require you to give up any other movement ability. You can

also swap Vehemence out for Attack Boost (which doesn’t lower your defense) if

you have low HP. Finally, you could add Dragonheart as a reaction ability if

you don’t have a permanent Reraise, though this is of no help against any

attack strong enough to KO you in one blow since you never get a chance to cast

the Reraise.


If one player has a somewhat stronger team, you’ll want to make that player

Player 2 since Player 2 starts a little closer to the stairs and the



OK, enough preparation. Onto the battle!


When you start out, rush forward and attack the Constructs on the ground with

Hallowed Bolt and Divine Ruination. You should be able to defeat each one in

one or two hits. Try to aim your attacks so you can hit as many as possible at

one time. (In addition to using Hallowed Bolt, you can also move into the

enemy ranks and fire Divine Ruinations parallel to the front of the temple.

This is often a great targeting strategy for hitting 2 or 3 Constructs.) As

each character takes his or her turn, move them as far towards the stairs as

you can while still attacking the Constructs. Essentially, you want to "sweep"

across the front of the temple, taking out the Constructs from left to right

and moving towards the stairs.


You should be able to defeat most of the Constructs before more than a handful

of them move. Quickly mop up the remaining ones as you head for the stairs.

If you do need healing, you can use Shadowblade or Sanguine Sword to finish off

any remaining Constructs and sap their HP.


If you weaken one of the Constructs, it may just run and hide in the corner.

Leave it — it’s harmless and not worth chasing after when you need to defeat

the Protoconstructs ASAP.


Once you reach the Protoconstructs, concentrate all your attacks on one of the

two. Once you defeat one Protoconstruct, the countdown should stop and you’re

home free!


Attack the Protoconstructs with Divine Ruination and Crush Armor, both of

which do identical amounts of damage to monster targets. When available,

Divine Ruination is slightly preferred as it is has a chance of Confusing the

Protoconstructs, who are NOT immune to Confusion! But, before you use Divine

Ruination, make sure that it won’t hit any of your own allies and that the

Protoconstruct you’re targeting is within its vertical range. If you can’t use

Divine Ruination, Crush Armor works fine too and has no friendly fire



Wherever possible, stand in one place and attack without moving. This will

allow you to get new turns more quickly.


Like Construct 7, both Protoconstructs have a Reraise that activates the first

time they are KOed. They will return to action and immediately attack again.

Actually, this isn’t such a problem, because the self-inflicted HP loss from

their Tasks abilities usually KOs them right away. Once KOed a second time,

they immediately turn into chests (which seem to always contain Bracers).


The battle won’t actually end until you’ve KOed every last Construct, but once

you defeat one of the Protoconstructs, you don’t have any more time pressure

and should have no trouble mopping the remaining bots.


There’s a certain amount of luck involved in this battle, since the Constructs’

Zodiac signs are randomly determined and you may end up with good or bad

compatibility purely by chance.


The treasures from this battle include two you can’t find anywhere else in

Rendezvous Mode. One is the Grand Armor, the best heavy armor available, as it

gives you a permanent Reraise and Regen. This one is definitely worth getting!

The other is the Fomalhaut gun, which is thoroughly pointless to look for here,

as Fomalhauts are abundant in Melee Mode.


Again, keep in mind that you can deploy 4 characters and still get the highest

possible ranking here.





—Rendezvous Mission 13: Nightmares——————————————-

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Completing single-player game

BATTLE MAP: Limberry Castle Undercroft


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player


1st Squad – Zalera [Death Seraph; Gemini], Adremmelch [The Wroth; Scorpio],

Ultima Demon x3

2nd Squad – Cuchulainn [The Impure; Scorpio], Belias [The Gigas; Virgo],

Hashmal [Bringer of Order; Leo], Ultima Demon x2


You’re battling all of the Lucavi (sans Elidibus) at once, plus five Ultima

Demons. Player 1 will begin battling Zalera and Adremmelech’s group, while

Player 2 fights the three other Lucavi.


Between the five of them, the Lucavi can throw a lot of status conditions at

you, so you’ll need to equip Ribbons (or Onion Gloves, if you’re using Onion

Knights). Fortunately, the Lucavi don’t seem to have any of the magick attacks

they used in the single-player game. If you have Ribbons, all they can do is

use physical attacks. This means you can pretty much prevent them from hurting

you at all if you combine a Ribbon with Shirahadori or (preferably) First

Strike, or even just a good shield.


In fact, if you have Ribbons and Shirahadori/First Strike, the Ultima Demons

are actually the biggest threat, since they use magick attacks. Go after them

first. The Dark Knight’s Sanguine Sword can be useful for draining HP from

them to keep you healthy. The White Mage’s Arcane Defense is also a useful

support ability to reduce the magick damage you take. (If you’re being

targeted by an Ultima Demon’s magick, you can also try moving next to another

enemy, as their magicks can hurt friendly targets as well.)


Because all of the enemies here have the Can’t Enter Water "ability," the water

in the middle of the map functions as a safe spot. The Ultima Demons can still

hit you with their magick if they get close enough, but the Lucavi can’t attack

you at all (assuming you’re guarded against status conditions). You can jump

directly into the water from the bridge in the center if you have a Jump of at

least 4, or Waterwalking, Levitation, Ignore Elevation, or Teleport. If you

don’t have these abilities, you can also get in the water by using the little

"step" (a tile of height 3) on side of the map. It’s on the side of the map

WITHOUT the gravestones. From the water, you can safely throw ranged attacks

at the enemies. Actually, if you have First Strike or Shirahadori and a high

Bravery, there isn’t much benefit to this, since the Lucavi can’t hurt you

anyway, and you may not be in range to attack the Ultima Demons.


Watch out for the Ultima Demons turn to crystals. The Lucavi can pick up these

crystals up to restore some of their HP (though fortunately not all of it).

This isn’t fatal, but can be annoying! Grab the crystals as soon as they

appear, and if you see a KOed Ultima Demon about to disappear, try to position

yourself between the enemies and the body so that they can’t grab the crystal

before you can. The Lucavi themselves explode when KOed and do not leave



With Ribbons and First Strike, this battle actually goes quite quickly — not

only are you virtually invulnerable, you’ll quickly defeat the Lucavi because

their attempts to attack you get turned into additional attack opportunities.

That makes this battle a great one to repeatedly tackle to acquire high-level

rare items. Each player can deploy just a single character to increase your

treasure haul.


The two unique treasures you can obtain here are the Gungnir spear and the

Dreamwaker staff. The Gungnir isn’t really special — it’s weaker than the

Javelin II. The Dreamwaker is the best staff in the game; although it doesn’t

have the strongest attack power, it boosts your magick power more than any

other staff.


TITLE AWARDED: Dreamcatcher



—Rendezvous Mission 14: Brave Story——————————————

AVAILABLE AFTER…: Completing single-player game

BATTLE MAP: Monastery Vaults – Fifth Level


YOUR FORCES: 1-3 characters per player


1ST BATTLE: Luso, Cloud, Chocobo x3, Black Chocobo x3, Red Chocobo x2

2ND BATTLE: Mustadio, Balthier, Chemist (male) x2, Chemist (female) x2,

Orator (male) x2, Orator (female) x2

3RD BATTLE: Onion Knight (male) x2, Onion Knight (female) x3,

Plague Horror x1, Cockatrice x2, Sekhret x2

4TH BATTLE: Cuchulainn [The Impure; Scorpio], Elidibus [Serpentarius],

Great Malboro x5, Knight (male, undead) x3

5TH BATTLE: Dycedarg, Zalbaag, Gaffgarion, Argath, Dragoon (male) x6

6TH BATTLE: Orlandeau, Agrias, Alma, Ovelia, Rapha, Marach, Orran,

Time Mage (female) x2, Mystic (male) x1

7TH BATTLE: Elmdore, Zalbaag, Celia, Lettie, Archaeodaemon x6

8TH BATTLE: Bremondt, Beowulf, Aliste, Reis, Hydra x2, Greater Hydra x2,

Tiamat x2

9TH BATTLE: Isilud, Meliadoul, Barich, Cletienne, Loffrey, Wiegraf, Folmarv,

Zalmour, Time Mage (female) x2

10TH BATTLE: Delita [Sagittarius; Holy Knight], Valmafra [Leo; Sorceror],

Dark Knight (female) x8



If you thought The Knights Templar was long, this one is even longer! FFT’s

100-Man Melee, the Brave Story mission consists of no fewer than TEN continuous

battles, each with 10 opponents, for a total of 100 enemies. You’ll face off

against most of the game’s story characters in the game here.


Orlandeau and Agrias are really the best characters here, since their sword

techniques work on everything. Meliadoul would also work, but only if

supplemented with some other good attack command (e.g. Darkness, or maybe

Jump) since some enemies have Safeguard and are immune to her Crush attacks.

Other good abilities to have here are Darkness and Arts of War (for equipment

and MP breaking). A long-range Jump can be useful in some situations, but

there are a lot of enemies here who have Shirahadori and can block it.

Finally, Balthier’s Barrage attack is also effective for general combat and for

breaking through enemy Shirahadoris.


A few key defensive abilities will actually protect you almost everything here.

First, Shirahadori and a high Bravery will stop physical attacks. Safeguard

will make you immune to Crush attacks, and also keep your equipment from being

stolen or rent. Finally, equip female characters with a Ribbon (easily

obtained in Melee Mode or elsewhere in Rendezvous Mode) to stop all status

attacks, and male characters with a Thief’s Cap to at least stop Immobilize and

Disable. With these abilities, there are actually only a few enemies here that

pose a real threat.


The best shields to go with are the Reverie Shield or Kaiser Shield, both of

which halve damage from fire, ice, lightning attacks. This is important

against the hydras — there’s no way to *evade* their breath attacks, but the

shield will reduce the damage it does. The Escutcheon II is actually less

useful here — since Shirahadori can block almost all physical attacks anyway,

the high physical evade rate from the Escutcheon II doesn’t count for much.


As with The Knights Templar, you won’t be healed between battles. KOed

characters also won’t be revived, although their death counter will reset.

Other status ailments ARE removed, as is broken equipment. Buffs will also

disappear, so using Tailwind during the first battle will not help you later

on, alas. Finally, crystals and chests on the battlefield will also disappear

between battles, so if you see something you want to grab, be sure to pick it

up before the battle ends!


Since you’re not automatically healed, having some healing abilities is

important. Carrying a Chaos Blade actually helps a lot with this, since it

gives you a permanent Regen. If you have a powerful HP-draining attack —

Orlandeau’s Shadowblade or the Dark Knight’s Sanguine Sword — you’re set. (An

HP-draining weapon like the Orochi ninja sword or the Blood Sword could

conceivably also be used, but the former won’t allow you to use sword

techniques and the latter is too weak.) Armor that gives you an auto-Reraise

— i.e., the Brave Suit from Melee Mode or the Grand Armor from The Guarded

Temple — will also help out a lot. Otherwise, you might want to consider

giving one character an Action Ability that lets him or her heal (e.g. Items,

Martial Arts, White Magick, Iaido, or Summon). Before wrapping up each battle,

you can leave one enemy standing and take some time to heal characters.


Equipping the Tynar Rouge or a Brigand’s Gloves will give you a permanent

Haste, which is quite useful both in giving you the edge against the enemies

and in reducing the time needed to hack through all ten levels.


Move +2 or Move +3 is probably the best movement ability here. Since you’re

fighting on a map with a lot of holes, though, you might also consider the

Time Mage’s Levitate ability, which will let you move anywhere you want and

saves you from having to take detours around the holes.


Also note that you CAN target "hole" panels, even though you can’t see your

targeting cursor. This is often useful when a hole happens to be a good place

to center a Hallowed Bolt.


Since many of the enemies here have Shirahadori or First Strike and physical

attacks are ineffective against them, using Onion Knights (even fully powered

up ones) is probably not a good idea.


Finally, it’s worth pointing out that this mission is LONG. You and your

partner will need to set aside a fair amount of time to clear all ten battles.


Now for strategies for specific battles:



ENEMY: Cloud [Aquarius] – Soldier – Bravery 76, Faith 59

Equipment : Materia Blade, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, random accessory

Abilities : Limit, Shirahadori, Swiftness, other abilities random


ENEMY: Luso [Cancer] – Game Hunter – Bravery 71, Faith 63

Equipment : Icebrand, Crystal Shield, Thief’s Cap, Luminous Robe,

random accessory

Abilities : Huntcraft, Reflexes, Tame, Move +1, random movement ability


The first battle pits you against Luso, Cloud, and 8 chocobos. Cloud has

Swiftness to help his Limits charge faster, but even still, you can probably

take him out before he can use them. (He has Shirahadori, so don’t try direct

physical attacks unless you’re Dual Wielded.)


After Cloud, the Red Chocobos are the next enemies to take out since their

Choco Meteor attack is unblockable and does a fair amount of damage. Attacking

them with HP-drain attacks will keep you healthy. The Black Chocobos are

your next target, since their Choco Pellets attack is also reasonably powerful.

(You can at least block this one with shields, though not with Shirahadori.)

Although the plain yellow Chocobos can heal wounded allies, this isn’t too much

of a problem since you can probably defeat most of the Chocobos in a single

attack, which leaves no chance for healing! Luso also doesn’t really have any

special abilities and isn’t much of a threat.



ENEMY: Mustadio [Libra] – Machinist – Bravery 68, Faith 65

Equipment : Blaze Gun, Thief’s Cap, Luminous Robe, random accessory

Abilities : Aimed Shot, Arts of War, Soulbind, Defense Boost,

random movement ability


ENEMY: Balthier [Leo] – Sky Pirate – Bravery 75, Faith 63

Equipment : Blaster, Crystal Shield, Thief’s Cap, Luminous Robe, Angel Ring

Abilities : Piracy, Items, First Strike, Throw Items, Move +1


Battle two is against 10 gunfighters, including Mustadio and Balthier.

Shirahadori will be very helpful here in avoiding the enemy gun attacks. If

you have Shirahadori and gear to protect against the Bunansas’ Arm Shots and

Leg Shots, you can’t really be hurt here. If you’re not protected against

Immobilize or Disable, you could try Purification or Esuna to restore

characters who do get Immobilized or Disabled. (If you’re just Immobilized,

you can even use it on yourself.)


Agrias has poor Zodiac compatibility with Mustadio and won’t do much damage to

him, so to speed things up, send another character after Mustadio.


Remember that Balthier’s Sky Pirate job has an innate Safeguard, so Crush

skills will not work against him. He also has an Angel Ring, which means that

you will have to KO him twice. Or, simply attack him last. (Since he takes a

while to take down, you might want him to attack him last anyway.)


The female enemies in the back row tend to use Dance abilities, but this isn’t

a particular threat.



ENEMY: Red [Capricorn] – Male Onion Knight – Bravery 75, Faith 65

Equipment : Ragnarok, Kaiser Shield, Grand Helm, Maximilian, Japa Mala

Abilities : Arts of War, Counter, Safeguard, Move +2


ENEMY: Purple [Pisces] – Male Onion Knight – Bravery 75, Faith 65

Equipment : Dragon Whisker, Grand Helm, Maximilian, Japa Mala

Abilities : Jump, Dragonheart, Safeguard, Move +2


ENEMY: Green [Taurus] – Female Onion Knight – Bravery 75, Faith 65

Equipment : Perseus Bow, Ribbon, Maximilian, Bracer

Abilities : Items, First Strike, Safeguard, Move +2


ENEMY: Black [Virgo] – Female Onion Knight – Bravery 75, Faith 65

Equipment : Zeus Mace, Crystal Shield, Ribbon, Maximilian, Sortile’ge

Abilities : Iaido, Cup of Life, Safeugard, Move +2


ENEMY: Yellow [Cancer] – Female Onion Knight – Bravery 75, Faith 65

Equipment : Wyrmweave Silk, Ribbon, Maximilian, Cherche

Abilities : Dance, Mana Shield, Safeguard, Move +2


Battle three pits you against the Motley Onion Fighting Outfit plus some

assorted monsters. Try to KO the Plague Horror and Cockatrices quickly since

they can inflict status ailments like Stone on any characters that don’t have

Ribbons. The Sekhrets are the next targets since their Earthsplitter attack is

pretty powerful. (If you’re using Levitate, though, you’ll be immune to this



Although Onion Knights can’t normally equip abilities, the Fighting Outfit has

them anyway. With Shirahadori, though, they’re mostly harmless, so take out

the monsters first. Red, Green, and Black basically just use physical attacks,

which you can easily deflect. Purple uses Jump attacks; these can also be

blocked by Shirahadori, but it makes him harder to hit. Be sure to attack him

when you get the chance. Yellow is pretty annoying because she tends to runs

into a corner and use Dance. Plus, she has Mana Shield, so she takes several

attacks to defeat. You may want to chase after her and start attacking her



The Onion Knights all have Safeguard, so, again, Crush skills are out. This

also means that you can’t steal any of their equipment, which is unfortunate,

as it’s quite good!


If you want to defeat the Onion Knights quickly, Orlandeau has great

compatibility against Green and good compatibility against Purple and Yellow.

Agrias has great compatibility against Red and good against Purple. Meliadoul

has good compatibiltiy against Green and Black but terrible compatibility

against Yellow!



Battle 4 is where it starts getting a little more interesting. Here you’ll

face Elidibus, Cuchulainn, three undead Knights, and five Great Malboros. The

Great Malboros’ Bad Breath can be quite dangerous for characters who don’t have

a Ribbon. You may want such characters to keep their distance from the

Malboros. The Malboros have quite high HP and may take multiple attacks to

KO, so focus your attacks on one or two until you take themdown.


If you have someone with Items, use Phoenix Downs to quickly defeat the enemy

Knights; if you’re using Balthier (or Mustadio), Seal Evil is even better.

Remember NOT to try draining HP from undead enemies, as it actually hurts you!

When you KO them, the Knights here all get stars over their head rather than

death counters, which means they can’t revive even though they’re undead. (So,

it doesn’t really matter if you don’t petrify them.)


Instead, focus on breaking through the enemy line so you can reach Elidibus.

He can still cast Zodiark which, of course, makes him the biggest threat.

He’s not quite as dangerous as he was on Terminus, though, just because the map

is smaller and you should be able to reach him before he can cast the summon.

One strategy you may want to use, then, is just to wipe out his MP so he can’t

Zodiark. Two Rend MPs will do it, or you can use Duskblade or Infernal Strike.

Even if Elidibus has no MP, he can still use Poisonous Frog (which doesn’t cost

MP) to frog you, but this will be removed at the end of the battle. Cuchulainn

will probably just use Nightmare to put you to sleep, which, while annoying, is

relatively harmless. You’re better off defeating Elidibus first, *then* going

after him. The enemies here use a lot of status attacks, but with at least one

Ribbon, you should be OK, and all of the status ailments are removed for the

start of the next battle.


If you didn’t learn Zodiark from Elidibus during the single-player game, or

want to have additional characters learn it, you can learn it here as well.

It’s probably easier to survive the spell here as you have a good opportunity

to use Rend Magick on Elidibus and make the summon less deadly. Note, though,

that you must successfully complete all ten battles in this mission to keep the

summon; if you die partway through, Zodiark will be lost.



ENEMY: Dycedarg [Scorpio] – Rune Knight – Bravery 68, Faith 66

Equipment : Save the Queen, Crystal Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe,

Magick Ring

Abilities : Swordplay, Items, Regenerate, Arcane Strength, Move +1


ENEMY: Zalbaag [Cancer] – Ark Knight – Bravery 75, Faith 68

Equipment : Save the Queen, Protect Ring, other equipment random

Abilities : Blade of Ruin, Martial Arts, Bonecrusher, Attack Boost, Move +1


ENEMY: Gaffgarion [Virgo] – Fell Knight – Bravery 65, Faith 52

Equipment : Defender, Reflect Ring, other equipment random

Abilities : Fell Sword, Bardsong, Counter, Defense Boost,

random movement ability


ENEMY: Argath [Virgo] – Squire – Bravery 54, Faith 52

Equipment : Gastrophetes, Thief’s Cap, Luminous Robe, Guardian Bracelet

Abilities : Fundaments, Steal, Bravery Boost, Equip Crossbows,

random movement ability


Battle 5 pits you against Duke Larg’s forces, including a plethora of Dragoons.

Gaffgarion and Dycedarg use sword techniques, making them the most dangerous,

and Gaffgarion’s allow him to steal HP back to himself! However, Dycedarg

does not have the Magicks command that he used in Eagrose Castle, and this

version of Zalbaag does not have Vampire.


You can often hit multiple Dragoons with your initial attacks. Some are

arranged in a plus-shape formation that you can hit with Hallowed Bolt or other

area-effect targets. If you look closely, you’ll also see that many are

arranged in a horizontal line; Divine Ruination, Kiku-ichimonji, Shockwave, or

other attacks that strike along a long line can hit many of these. You can

probably KO a majority of the Dragoons in your initial attacks.


As long as you have Shirahadori and good Bravery, the other Dragoons can’t hurt

you much. So, target Dycedarg and Gaffgarion next because of their powerful

sword techniques. Argath is totally useless here (he just has a crossbow), so

you can leave him for later.



ENEMY: Orlandeau [Scorpio] – Sword Saint – Bravery 77, Faith 65

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Helm, Crystal Mail, other equipment random

Abilities : Swordplay, Iaido, Bonecrusher, Doublehand, Move +2


ENEMY: Agrias [Cancer] – Holy Knight – Bravery 71, Faith 63

Equipment : Save the Queen, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Mail,

random accessory

Abilities : Holy Sword, Iaido, Shirahadori, Defense Boost, Move +2


ENEMY: Alma [Cleric] – Leo – Bravery 31, Faith 87

Equipment : Mage’s Staff, Barette, Gaia Gear, Red Shoes

Abilities : Holy Magicks, Time Magicks, Soulbind, Arcane Defense,

Ignore Terrain


ENEMY: Ovelia [Taurus] – Princess – Bravery 53, Faith 72

Equipment : Mage’s Staff, Cachusha, Gaia Gear, Red Shoes

Abilities : Holy Magicks, Time Magicks, Soulbind, Arcane Strength,

Ignore Terrain


ENEMY: Rapha [Skyseer] – Skyseer – Bravery 31, Faith 69

Equipment : Eight-fluted Pole, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, Featherweave Cloak

Abilities : Sky Mantra, Items, Nature’s Wrath, Swiftness, Manafont


ENEMY: Marach [Netherseer] – Netherseer – Bravery 69, Faith 31

Equipment : Eight-fluted Pole, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, Featherweave Cloak

Abilities : Nether Mantra, Items, Nature’s Wrath, Swiftness, Manafont


ENEMY: Orran [Cancer] – Astrologer – Bravery 73, Faith 71

Equipment : Omnilex, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, Japa Mala

Abilities : Astrology, Items, Magick Counter, Swiftness, Lifefont


When Dycedarg’s team goes down, you’re halfway through! Next up is a tricky

battle against a large assortment of your own allies, including Orlandeau,

Agrias, Ovelia, Alma, Rapha, Marach, and Orran. You’ll now be on the receiving

end of Orran’s Celestial Stasis ability. If you have Ribbons and Thief’s Caps,

though, you’re mostly immune to it. (Characters with Thief’s Caps can still

be Stopped, but that’s all.) It still can cast Stop on characters who don’t

have a Ribbon, though, so you’ll probably want to make a beeline for Orran and

KO before he can paralyze anyone. (Orlandeau should be able to defeat him in

a single attack thanks to their Zodiac compatibility.) If your entire team has

Ribbons, you can pretty much ignore Orran completely.


Along with Orran, Agrias and Orlandeau should be your first targets because of

their powerful sword techniques. Agrias’s Save the Queen gives her a permanent

Protect, which makes her slow to defeat. Try using Crush Weapon to break it.

(She also has Shirahadori, so Jump or non-Dual Wielded physical attacks will

not work.) Agrias and Orlandeau have good Zodiac compatibility with each

other, which means Agrias is good for defeating the enemy Orlandeau and

Orlandeau good against the enemy Agrias!


Once you defeat Agrias and Orlandeau, you’ll probably want to go after Alma

and Ovelia next. As in the main storyline, they mostly cast their Aegis buff.

This can make other enemies tough to defeat, but Alma and Ovelia always cast it

on themselves, so you’ve got some time to catch up to them and defeat them.

Watch out for their Soulbind! They have so little HP that you may be able to

just circumvent Soulbind by KOing them in a single attack, though. (This will

be a little tougher if they cast Aegis on themselves and have Shell/Protect;

you could try dispeling those effects if you have an ability that will do so.)

If they did succeed in casting Aegis on themselves, they’ll have a Reraise that

lets them return after the KO. So, stay close to them after KOing the first

time. When they wake up, quickly KO them again before they can cast Aegis a

second time. Note that Alma has a very high Faith, so magick would do a lot of

damage to her.


Rapha and Marach are, as always, not really worth worrying about until the end.



ENEMY: Elmdore [Gemini] – Ark Knight – Bravery 70, Faith 70

Equipment : Masamune, Genji Shield, Genji Helm, Genji Armor, Genji Glove

Abilities : Sword Spirit, Vampire, Shirahadori, Brawler, Master Teleportation


ENEMY: Celia [Sagittarius] – Assassin – Bravery 65, Faith 70

Equipment : Kiku-ichimonji x2, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, random accessory

Abilities : Subdual Arts, Vampire, Move +1, random other abilities


ENEMY: Lettie [Scorpio] – Assassin – Bravery 65, Faith 70

Equipment : Spellbinder x2, Thief’s Cap, Black Garb, random accessory

Abilities : Subdual Arts, Vampire, Move +1, random other abilities


ENEMY: Zalbaag [Cancer] – Ark Knight – Bravery 33, Faith 77

Equipment : Runeblade, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Mail,

Germinas Boots

Abilities : Blade of Ruin, Vampire, Adrenaline Rush, Defense Boost, Lifefont


In Battle 7, you’ll face Elmdore’s forces, including Elmdore, Celia, Lettie,

the zombie version of Zalbaag, and some Archaeodaemons. Elmdore is equipped

much as he was before, and you can’t still get his Genji stuff. Celia and

Lettie still have their Subdual Arts abilities, and all four humans (including

Celia and Lettie!) now have the ability to turn you into Vampires. This causes

a character to go Berserk and start trying to Vampire other characters,

including your own allies! This can be pretty dangerous, especially since you

lose the battle if all characters get turned into a Vampire. Shirahadori does

not block the Vampire attack, but having a Ribbon will at least protect you

from the Vampire status if not the damage from the attack. If one of your male

characters does get turned into a Vampire (as signified by the bat icon), keep

your other characters clear of him. As long as you do so, he should just

attack monsters, and you’re fine. There’s not much that can cure Vampire

status, only the Holy Water item, but it will be removed at the end of the

battle. If the Vampired character really gets to be a problem, you could

always KO him and then revive him at the start of the next battle when he’s no

longer a Vampire.


The good news is that Celia and Lettie are in perfect position for a Hallowed

Bolt at the start of the battle. You can probably also attack multiple

Archaeodaemons at once. Unlike in Limberry, Celia and Lettie do NOT turn into

Ultima Demons when KOed. Zalbaag, for some reason, seems to turn into a

crystal immediately upon being KOed. Grab it before any wounded enemy can.


Elmdore has a lot of HP and will probably take several attacks, so you may want

to focus on eliminating the other humans first.


Be careful when attacking the Archaeodemons. Their Karma magick does damage

equal to the HP they’ve lost. If you leave an Archaeodemon standing with

little HP, this attack will be very powerful and do hundreds of damage! Once

you’ve started attacked an Archaeodemon, quickling finish it off. The

Archaeodaemons like to retreat into a corner of the map; a long-range Jump

attack is good for defeating them, if you happen to have it. You can also take

advantage of the old trick of standing next to another enemy when one of the

Archaeodemons starts casting Giga Flare, so the enemy will be hit by magick’s

effect radius. At any rate, the Archaedemons don’t have that much HP, so you

can hopefully defeat them in one hit if your Zodiac compatibility isn’t bad.

(There’s a certain amount of luck here since the Archaeodemons have random

Zodiac signs.)



ENEMY: Bremondt [Gemini] – Celebrant – Bravery 15, Faith 75

Equipment : Zeus Mace, Gold Hairpin, Lordly Robe, Featherweave Cloak

Abilities : Priest Magicks, Throw, Counter Tackle, Safeguard, Lifefont


ENEMY: Beowulf [Libra] – Templar – Bravery 60, Faith 73

Equipment : Ragnarok, Venetian Shield, Grand Helm, Maximillian, Germinas Boots

Abilities : Spellblade, Iaido, First Strike, Safeguard, Manafont


ENEMY: Aliste [Scorpio] – Templar – Bravery 70, Faith 58

Equipment : Ragnarok, Kaiser Shield, Genji Helm, Genji Armor, Genji Glove

Abilities : Spellblade, Iaido, Shirahadori, Safeguard, Move +1


ENEMY: Reis [Pisces] – Dragonkin – Bravery 70, Faith 58

Equipment : Cachusha, Japa Mala

Abilities : Dragon, White Magicks, Dragonheart, Arcane Strength, Lifefont


Battle 8 pits you the characters from Beowulf’s storyline, plus an assortment

of hydras. This is probably the toughest battle in the sequence: Beowulf and

Aliste can inflict status ailments, the hydras do big damage (and their breath

attacks can’t be blocked with Shirahadori), Reis can support the hydras, and

Bremondt and Reis can both Raise KOed allies. This is where Kaiser or Reverie

Shields will be quite helpful, as they halve all the damage from the hydras’

breath attacks.


If you can move quickly, you can hit Beowulf and Aliste with a Hallowed Bolt

before they can move. You’ll want to take them out first because of the status

ailments they can inflict on characters without Ribbons.


If you have your own Reis deployed, you should be able to use Dragon’s Charm to

invite the hydras onto your team. This is quite helpful, as it not only

reduces the number of enemies you’re fighting but gives you an extra helping

hand. (They won’t stay with you past this round, though.)


Although the hydras are the ones doing the damage here, you’ll probably have to

KO Bremondt and Reis first. Otherwise, they’ll just keep healing or Raising

the hydras. (Orlandeau can do a lot of damage to Reis because of his Zodiac

compatibility.) Don’t worry; Bremondt doesn’t turn into the Dark Dragon when

KOed here.


The hydras all have 900+ HP, so you’re unlikely to be able to KO one in a

single attack. For your first attack, try using Northswain’s Strike or the

Dark Knight’s Crushing Blow, which may inflict KO or Stop (respectively) and

put the hydra out of play in a single blow. (Of course, there’s no guarantee it

will happen, but it’s worth a try!) Six hydras together are quite dangerous,

so focus on quickly KOing a few to reduce the number of enemies you’re facing.

The white Tiamat and black Greater Tiamats are the real dangers because they

have the breath attacks; unless augmented by Reis’s Beastmaster, the orange

Hydras can only do physical attacks, which you can easily block. Any hydra

that gets separated from the group is a prime target, as you can attack it

without putting yourself in danger. And as always, whenever you can attack

without moving, you’ll get more turns quickly. The hydras’ breath attacks can

do quite a bit of damage, so keep your HP high using HP-drain attacks. Hydras

that are low on HP may flee into a corner, and you can just leave them there

until you defeat the others.


After battling all these hydras, you may find yourself low on HP by the end of

the battle. It’s probably a good idea to heal yourself before moving onto the

next battle. This is fairly easy to do; if the last hydra has critical HP, it

will just cower in the corner and you’ve got plenty of time to heal. Just be

sure to pick up any crystallized monsters before the hydra can heal itself!



ENEMY: Isilud [Pisces] – Nightblade – Bravery 97, Faith 63

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Luminous Robe, other equipment random

Abilities : Arts of War, Counter, Attack Boost, Ignore Elevation,

other ability random


ENEMY: Meliadoul [Capricorn] – Divine Knight – Bravery 97, Faith 63

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe, Septie`me

Abilities : Unyielding Blade, Counter, Attack Boost, Ignore Elevation,

other ability random


ENEMY: Barich [Sagittarius] – Machinist – Bravery 97, Faith 62

Equipment : Blaze Gun, Thief’s Cap, Luminous Robe, random accessory

Abilities : Aimed Shot, Mana Shield, Defense Boost, Lifefont,

other ability random


ENEMY: Cletienne [Gemini] – Sorceror – Bravery 97, Faith 81

Equipment : Wizard’s Rod, Thief’s Cap, Luminous Robe, random accessory

Abilities : Magicks, Magick Counter, Arcane Strength, Manafont,

other ability random


ENEMY: Loffrey [Capricorn] – Divine Knight – Bravery 97, Faith 68

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe,

random accessory

Abilities : Unyielding Blade, Soulbind, Arcane Defense, Ignore Elevation,

other ability random


ENEMY: Wiegraf [Virgo] – White Knight – Bravery 97, Faith 64

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe,

random accessory

Abilities : Holy Sword, Mana Shield, Attack Boost, Ignore Elevation,

other ability random


ENEMY: Folmarv [Leo] – Divine Knight – Bravery 97, Faith 68

Equipment : Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Luminous Robe, other equipment random

Abilities : Unyielding Blade, First Strike, Defense Boost, Ignore Elevation,

other ability random


ENEMY: Zalmour [Sagittarius] – Celebrant – Bravery 97, Faith 70

Equipment : Eight-fluted Pole, Thief’s Cap, Luminous Robe, random accessory

Abilities : Priest Magicks, Magick Counter, Arcane Strength, Lifefont,

other ability random


On to Battle 9! Here you’ll fight all the Knights Templar. This is also a

tricky battle, especially because most of them have Excaliburs (giving them an

auto-Haste) and all have 97 Bravery, which means their reaction abilities

activate quite frequently.


If you have Safeguard, you’ll be protected against their Crush attacks and they

pretty much have to resort to physical attacks, which you should be able to

block with Shirahadori. This makes Wiegraf the most dangerous — Safeguard

won’t protect you from his Holy Sword techniques, and they do a LOT of damage,

thanks to his Attack Boost!

Hit Isilud and Meliadoul straight off with a Hallowed Bolt, then go after JP Boost * 250 Raises JP received by the unit by



–Movement Abilities–



Move +1 * 200 Movement range + 1


JP to master: 1670



Squires are what you’d expect from a starting job — functional, but nothing

all that special. Their abilities are useful early on, but there aren’t too

many that you’d use later on. Move +1 is a great all-purpose movement ability

though, and definitely worth learning before you move on from Squire. (Most

other jobs have a movement range of only 3, making it tough for them to keep

up with the battle.) JP Boost is also great for helping you learn other

abilities quickly, especially when you switch to a new job and need to gain

levels quickly. It’s a great investment to learn JP Boost early on.


If you’re into grinding levels, Focus and Stone are good abilities to use

repeatedly to build up experience or JP.



Required jobs : none

Needed for jobs : White Mage (lv. 2), Black Mage (lv. 2), Onion Knight (lv. 6),

Mime (lv. 8)


Equippable weapons: Knives, guns Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes Jump height : 3

Innate ability: Throw Items Physical evade : 5%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: *** MP: *** Phys. Atk.: ** Mag. Atk.: ** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: ** MP: ** Phys. Atk.: * Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *



–Action Abilities: Items–

Damage based on user’s: nothing




Potion * 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 30 Can use Potions (restore 30 HP)

Hi-Potion * 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 200 Can use Hi-Potions (restore 70


X-Potion * 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 300 Can use X-Potions (restore 150


Ether 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 300 Can use Ethers (restore 20 MP)

Hi-Ether * 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 400 Can use Hi-Ethers (restore 50 MP)

Elixir 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 900 Can use Elixirs (restore all HP &


Antidote 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 70 Can use Antidotes (cures Poison)

Eye Drops 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 80 Can use Eye Drops (cures Blind)

Echo Herbs 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 120 Can use Echo Herbs (cures


Maiden’s Kiss 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 200 Can use Maiden’s Kisses (cures


Gold Needle 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 250 Can use Gold Needles (cures


Holy Water 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 400 Can use Holy Water (cures Undead

and Vampire)

Remedy * 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 700 Can use Remedies (cures Stone,

Blind, Confuse, Silence, Oil,

Toad, Poison, and Sleep)

Phoenix Down * 0 1/* 1/- Any Y 90 Can use Phoenix Down (revives

KOed character with minimal HP)


Note 1: All Items abilities require you to have the corresponding item in your

inventory. One item is consumed with each use. Aside from Elixirs, all the

items can be bought at the Outfitter, although some do not become available

until later in the game.


Note 2: The Throw Items ability (equippable, and also innate in the Chemist

job) extends the range of all Items abilities from 1 to 4.


–Reaction Abilities–



Auto-Potion * Any HP loss Yes 400 Use weakest potion available on self


–Support Abilities–



Throw Items +* 350 Increases horizontal range of Items

command from 1 to 4.

Safeguard * 250 Equipment can’t be broken or stolen

Reequip 0 Allows use of Reequip action to

change unit’s equipment (but

consumes turn)


–Movement Abilities–



Treasure Hunter 100 Allows you to discover any hidden

items on the destination tile,

which are then added to your

inventory. Your chance of getting

a more valuable item increases

with LOW Bravery.


JP to master: 5140



Despite being a "basic" job, Chemists are great! Items are great for healing

because they don’t take any time to charge and never miss. Ethers and

Hi-Ethers are also a convenient way to restore MP. And, since the effect of

items is fixed, you can assign the Items ability even to a character with low

magic ability. The only real downside is that items can only heal one

character at a time.


Early in the game, Chemists make great healers. Plus, once you’re able to buy

guns (late in Chapter II), they have a good range attack, giving them something

else to do when the team doesn’t need healing.


Be sure to learn Throw Items before you switch your Chemist to another job.

Otherwise, your items will only have a range of 1 and won’t be much good at

all. (Chemists themselves don’t need to learn Throw Items, as they have it as

an intrinsic ability.)


It’s pretty safe to skip the items that cure negative status (Eye Drops, etc.);

you don’t have to face these status conditions all that often. Save your JP

and just learn Remedy; once Remedies become available (midway through Chapter

II) they duplicate the effects of ALL the other items. The exception is Holy

Water, but there’s pretty much only point where you have to worry about being

hit with the Undead or Vampire conditions.


Safeguard is an important support ability, especially later in the game when

you have rare equipment that you can’t buy in stores. You don’t want that

being broken or stolen! Although you don’t need to equip Safeguard all the

time, it’s good to have on hand for particular battles where the enemies are

apt to break your equipment.


The Treasure Hunter movement ability, on the other hand, isn’t all that useful

during the main game since most of the items you find from it are nothing

special. However, in the game’s sidequests, Treasure Hunter will net you some

rare items you can’t find anywhere else, so at that point you’ll definitely

want to have at least one character learn Treasure Hunter. (Preferably someone

with low Bravery, as this increases your chance of getting good items with it.)



Required jobs : Squire lv. 2

Needed for jobs : Monk (lv. 3), Samurai (lv. 4), Dark Knight (Mastered!)


Equippable weapons: Swords, knight’s swords Movement range : 4

Equippable armor: Shields, helms, armor, robes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 10%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: **** MP: *** Phys. Atk.: **** Mag. Atk.: ** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: **** MP: ** Phys. Atk.: **** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *




–Action Abilities: Arts of War–

Success based on user’s: Physical Attack & Weapon Strength




Rend Helm 0 Weapon Any Y 300 Destroys target’s headgear

Rend Armor 0 Weapon Any Y 400 Destroys target’s armor

Rend Shield 0 Weapon Any Y 300 Destroys target’s shield

Rend Weapon * 0 Weapon Any Y 400 Destroys target’s weapon

Rend MP * 0 Weapon Any Y 250 Lowers target’s MP (by 1/2 of

target’s maximum MP)

Rend Speed * 0 Weapon Any Y 250 Lowers target’s speed by 2

Rend Power * 0 Weapon Any Y 250 Lowers target’s phys. attack by 3

Rend Magick 0 Weapon Any Y 250 Lowers target’s mag. attack by 3


When combined with the Dual Wield support ability and Dual Wielded weapons,

Arts of War fires twice per use.


If Rend Helm, Armor, Shield, or Weapon is used against a target not equipped

with that type of item, it functions as a physical attack instead. (This is

useful when you Dual Wield and succeed in rending the item on the first



–Reaction Abilities–



Parry No 200 Block physical attacks with weapon;

rate of success is equal to

current weapon’s Block Rate (see

weapon list). Not effective

against rear attacks.


–Support Abilities–



Equip Heavy Armor +* 500 Can equip heavy armor + helmets

regardless of job

Equip Shields + 250 Can equip shields regardless of job

Equip Swords +* 400 Can equip swords regardless of job

(does not apply to knight’s

swords or fell swords)


–Movement Abilities–



JP to master: 3750



The Knight’s greatest asset is not the Arts of War, but its fairly good

fighting stats and inherent ability to equip swords, heavy armor, and shields,

a power that can be transfered to other jobs with its support abilities. Equip

Heavy Armor helps make vulnerable jobs tougher, and Equip Sword is quite useful

for many of the story characters, who need to have a sword equipped in order to

use their special abilities.


Knights are also a good job late in the game, when you’ve learned all the

abilities you want and now just want to maximize your characters’ power. They

have good HP and attack power, and are one of the few jobs that can equip

knight’s swords, the single-player game’s most powerful weapons. (The only

other standard job that can use them is Dark Knight, which has quite a few

prerequisites to unlock).


The Arts of War abilities are only moderately useful as Knight. They have

fairly low accuracy and if you’re close enough to use them, you’ll often want

to just start attacking and KO the enemy rather than mess with his/her stats.

However, pairing Arts of War with a gun (e.g. by using the Orator’s Equip Gun

ability) or the Archer’s bows lets you use these attacks at a distance, which

makes them quite useful. You can break your enemies’ weapons before they can

get close enough to use them!



Required jobs : Squire lv. 2

Needed for jobs : Thief (lv. 3), Ninja (lv. 4)


Equippable weapons: Bows, crossbows Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Shields, hats, clothes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 10%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: *** MP: ** Phys. Atk.: **** Mag. Atk.: ** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: *** MP: ** Phys. Atk.: **** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *



–Action Abilities: Aim–

Damage based on user’s: Physical Attack & Weapon Strength




Aim +1 * 4 Weapon Any Y 100 Charge up attack for more damage

Aim +2 * 5 Weapon Any Y 150 Charge up attack for more damage

Aim +3 * 6 Weapon Any Y 200 Charge up attack for more damage

Aim +4 8 Weapon Any Y 250 Charge up attack for more damage

Aim +5 10 Weapon Any Y 300 Charge up attack for more damage

Aim +7 14 Weapon Any Y 400 Charge up attack for more damage

Aim +10 20 Weapon Any Y 700 Charge up attack for more damage

Aim +20 35 Weapon Any Y 1200 Charge up attack for more damage


Each of these Aim abilities does more damage than the previous one, but also

takes longer to charge. (e.g., Aim +4 does more damage than Aim +3). Note

that if the enemy you’re targeting moves while you’re charging, your attack

will miss.


Aim does NOT prevent enemies from evading or blocking your attacks, despite its

name (and the effect of Aim in other Final Fantasy games).


–Reaction Abilities–



Adrenaline Rush * Any HP loss Yes 900 Raise Speed by 1

Archer’s Bane * Arrow attack Yes 450 Evade bow / crossbow attacks


–Support Abilities–



Equip Crossbows + 350 Can equip crossbows regardless of

job (does not apply to regular


Concentration * 400 Prevents enemies from evading your

physical attacks


–Movement Abilities–



Jump +1 200 Jump height + 1


JP to master: 5600



Archers make a very valuable addition to your team early in the game, when you

have few other range attacks. Later in the game, as you acquire guns, sword

techniques, and other ranged attacks, Archers become somewhat less useful. For

one thing, their Aim command is of limited value. The high Aims (Aim +10,

etc.) take too long to charge and there’s rarely any enemy you can target with

them. The short Aims will increase your damage a little and are worth using

when you have the chance, but don’t increase your offense enough to make them

worth choosing over another command.


Archer’s Bane, though, is a great reaction ability against enemy Archers —

with a high Bravery, you’re almost impervious to arrows! Since you’ll fight

Archers in quite a few battles throughout the game, this is a good ability to

learn early on. Later on, it becomes completely superceded with Shirahadori,

which (despite what the game says) blocks BOTH close-ranged and bow attacks.


Always equip your Archers with the 2-handed longbows rather than crossbows–

longbows do more damage, have a longer range, and don’t need a direct line of

fire. Crossbows do let you equip a shield at the same time, but since your

Archers should be on the back line anyway, they don’t need shields that much.

Note that Archers are in fact the ONLY standard job that can equip longbows.

The Equip Crossbows ability only let other jobs use crossbows (not longbows),

which makes the ability of dubious value since crossbows are not so good.



Required jobs : Knight lv. 3

Needed for jobs : Geomancer (lv. 4), Samurai (lv. 5)


Equippable weapons: none Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Clothes Jump height : 4

Innate ability: Brawler Physical evade : 20%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: ***** MP: *** Phys. Atk.: ***** Mag. Atk.: ** Speed: ****

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: **** MP: *** Phys. Atk.: *** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *




–Action Abilities: Martial Arts–

Damage based on user’s: Physical Attack




Cyclone 0 Self 2/0 Any – 150 Non-elemental attack

Pummel 0 1/1 1/- Any – 300 Non-elemental attack, does

variable damage (may be more or

less than estimate)

Aurablast 0 3/3 1/- Any N 300 Non-elemental attack

Shockwave * 0 4Dir 8/2 Any N 600 Earth attack

Doom Fist 0 1/0 1/- Any – 300 Causes Doom status (enemy is KOed

after 3 turns)

Purification * 0 Self 2/0 Any – 200 Removes Stone, Blind, Confuse,

Silence, Berserk, Toad, Poison,

Sleep, Immobilize, Disable

Chakra * 0 Self 2/0 Any – 350 Restores some HP and MP

Revive * 0 1/0 1/- Any – 500 Revives KOed character with

minimal HP


–Reaction Abilities–



Critical:RecoverHP Critical HP Yes 500 Restores HP completely

Counter * Phys. Attack Yes 300 Counter-attack with physical attack

First Strike * Attack command Yes 1300 Cancels enemy’s Attack command and

you attack enemy instead. Only

works if enemy is within your

range. Does NOT work against

generic monsters.


–Support Abilities–



Brawler +* 200 Raises unarmed attack strength and

increases effectiveness of Martial

Arts abilities and success rate of



–Movement Abilities–



Lifefont * 300 Restores HP whenever you Move


JP to master: 5300



Monks rock! In my opinion, they have the best selection of abilities in the

game. Shockwave and to a lesser extent Aurablast are decent offensive

abilities. And, they have three healing abilities that don’t require any

charge time: Chakra can restore HP *AND* MP to a group, Revive revives KOed

character and usually has an 80+% hit rate, and Purification cures a number of

status changes to a group. Martial Arts is a great command to have as it gives

you both offensive and defensive abilities packed into one ability slot. The

one caveat is that the healing abilities work only over a small vertical range

— you can’t Revive someone at a different height than you, for instance — so

be mindful of that during battle.


Monks also have great reaction abilities. Counter is a great reaction ability

to have in almost all situations. Getting counterattacks in response to enemy

attacks lets you do a LOT more damage. Against humans, First Strike is even

better since it cancels the enemy’s attack outright, but it’s not effective

against generic monster attacks — so don’t use it when you’re traveling the

map and will just be facing random battles. (First Strike *is* effective

against monster-like bosses and other "special" monsters.) Critical: Recover

HP can be moderately useful too since it can restore your HP to full and save

a critically wounded character, but many attacks can KO you outright and never

even put you in critical HP. (So, Counter is usually better.)


Another advantage of Monks is that they have good stats: they have a strong

attack and are pretty speedy. Consider pairing their attack with the Ninja’s

Dual Wield to get two punches and double your damage! Their only weakness is

that they can’t equip much in the way of armor, but Equip Heavy Armor can be a

good remedy for that.


—WHITE MAGE——————————————————————

Required jobs : Chemist lv. 2

Needed for jobs : Mystic (lv. 3), Arithmetician (lv. 5)


Equippable weapons: Staves Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes, robes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 5%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: ** MP: ***** Phys. Atk.: *** Mag. Atk.: *** Speed: ****

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: **** MP: **** Phys. Atk.: *** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *




–Action Abilities: White Magicks–

Damage based on user’s: Magick Attack & Faith, plus target’s Faith




Cure * 6 RA 4 4/* 2/1 Any N 50 Restores HP

Cura * 10RA 5 4/* 2/1 Any N 180 Restores HP (more)

Curaga 16RA 7 4/* 2/2 Any N 450 Restores HP (even more)

Curaja 20RA 10 4/* 2/3 Any N 800& Restores HP (best)

Raise * 10RA 4 4/* 1/- Any N 200 Revives KOed character with

half of maximum HP

Arise * 20RA 10 4/* 1/- Any N 600 Revives KOed character with full


Reraise * 16RA 7 3/* 1/- Any N 1000 Gives Reraise status

(automatically return once

from KO)

Regen * 8 RA 4 3/* 2/0 Any N 350 Gives Regen status (restores HP

each turn)

Protect 6 RA 4 3/* 2/0 Any N 70 Gives Protect status (decreases

physical damage received)

Protectja 24 7 3/* 2/3 Any N 600 Gives Protect status

Shell 6 RA 4 3/* 2/0 Any N 70 Gives Shell status (decreases

magick damage received)

Shellja 20 7 3/* 2/3 Any N 600 Gives Shell status

Wall 24RA 4 3/* 1/- Any N 400 Gives both Protect and Shell


Esuna 18RA 3 3/* 2/2 Any N 300 Cures Stone, Blind, Confuse,

Silence, Berserk, Toad,

Poison, Sleep, Immobilize,

and/or Disable

Holy 56RA 6 5/* 1/- Any N 600 Holy attack


–Reaction Abilities–



Regenerate * Any HP loss Yes 400 Gain Regen status (restores HP each



–Support Abilities–



Arcane Defense * 400 Lowers damage received from magick


–Movement Abilities–



JP to master: 7070



White Mages are, of course, a healing oriented job; Holy is their only real

offensive spell. However, they tend not to be as effective on defense as

Chemists, since their spells consume MP and need time to charge up. The charge

time is particularly problematic if an ally has just been hit for a lot of

damage and you need to patch him/her up right away — you might not have time

to wait!


What’s GOOD about White Mages? Well, they can heal more than one character at

a time (since most of their spells affect more than one tile). They can cast a

few other "buffing" spells like Protect and Shell, though note these buffs can

miss if you have low faith or magick power! Their Arise spell is also capable

of restoring a character at full HP, which Phoenix Down or a Monk’s Revive

cannot do. They’re also the fastest of the mage jobs.


Overall, though, the charge times and MP costs associated with White Magick

make Chemists a better choice. If you’re likely to get any use out of White

Mages, it’s probably in the early stages of the game, when you’ll frequently

face barrages of weak attacks spread out against your team. Then, the ability

to heal multiple characters at once is important.


White Magick can also be used an offensive weapon against undead enemies,

though there aren’t too many undead enemies and most are pretty easy anyway.

Besides, you can use Chemists’ Items to hurt undead enemies too!


—BLACK MAGE——————————————————————

Required jobs : Chemist lv. 2

Needed for jobs : Time Mage (lv. 3), Arithmetician (lv. 5),

Dark Knight (Mastered!)


Equippable weapons: Rods Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes, robes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 5%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: ** MP: ***** Phys. Atk.: ** Mag. Atk.: ***** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: ** MP: ***** Phys. Atk.: ** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *




–Action Abilities: Black Magicks–

Damage based on user’s: Magick Attack & Faith, plus target’s Faith




Fire * 6 RA 4 4/* 2/1 All N 50 Fire attack

Fira * 12RA 5 4/* 2/2 All N 200 Fire attack (stronger)

Firaga * 24RA 7 4/* 2/3 All N 500 Fire attack (even stronger)

Firaja 48 10 4/* 3/3 All N 900& Fire attack (strongest)

Thunder * 6 RA 4 4/* 2/1 All N 50 Lightning attack

Thundara 10RA 5 4/* 2/2 All N 200 Lightning attack (stronger)

Thundaga * 24RA 7 4/* 2/3 All N 500 Lightning attack (even stronger)

Thundaja 48 10 4/* 3/3 All N 900& Lightning attack (strongest)

Blizzard * 6 RA 4 4/* 2/1 All N 50 Ice attack

Blizzara * 12RA 5 4/* 2/2 All N 200 Ice attack (stronger)

Blizzaga * 24RA 7 4/* 2/3 All N 500 Ice attack (even stronger)

Blizzaja 48 10 4/* 3/3 All N 900& Ice attack (strongest)

Poison 6 RA 3 4/* 2/2 All N 150 Causes Poison status

Toad 12RA 5 3/* 1 All N 500 Causes Toad status, or cures Toad

status if target already a Toad

Death 24RA 10 4/* 1 All N 600 Instant KO

Flare * 60RA 7 5/1 1 All N 1000 Non-elemental attack


–Reaction Abilities–



Magick Counter Magick attack Yes 800 Counterattack w/ same spell


–Support Abilities–



Arcane Strength * 400 Increases damage inflicted by your

magicks. Also works for other

abilities that depend on your

Magick Attack stat, like Iaido,

Geomancy, and Limit


–Movement Abilities–



JP to master: 8400




When it comes to magick, Black Mages are the mythril standard — they have a

lot of MP (second only to Summoner in standard jobs, and third to Summoners

and Beowulf’s Templar job overall), and THE highest magick strength of any job.

Plus, they can equip rods that boost their magick abilities even further, and

their Arcane Strength makes their magick do more damage. In other words, the

magick abilities of other jobs get even stronger when used by a Black Mage —

so a great strategy is to learn spells from other jobs, then turn your

characters into Black Mages. (Or, even better, learn Arithmeticks and then

turn into a Black Mage so you can cast ALL spells at high power!) They’re the

best magick job available.


So, how about Black Mages’ own spells? Well, Black Magick tend to be pretty

useful–especially early in the game, when you have few other abilities that

can attack multiple enemies. Against monsters, you can also use Black Magick

to exploit their elemental weaknesses (check the Monsters section below to see

what they are).


Later in the game, Black Magick isn’t quite as effective since you have other

ways of attacking groups of enemies that don’t consume MP and don’t need to

charge (e.g., sword techniques, Iaido). Plus, the strongest Black Magick

spells take a while charge, although the Time Mage’s Swiftness support ability

is one remedy for this — or you could use Arithmeticks, which lets you cast

spells without charge time. Note that the -ja spells CANNOT be used with

Arithmeticks, so if you’re using Arithmeticks, you’ll probably want to learn

Flare before the -ja magicks. (On the other hand, -ja spells can’t be

reflected, so even if an enemy has Reflect, you can use -ja spells to still

attack with magick.)


Magick Counter is a decent reaction ability when faced when lots of enemy

mages, but there aren’t really too many situations where this is needed.


The Black Mage job must be Mastered to unlock Dark Knight. You can speed this

process if at least one character has already learned the -ja spells; cast them

on allied Black Mages and they may learn the magicks from being hit with them.

(See "Learning Magick from Being Hit" under Advanced Tactics for more on this



—TIME MAGE——————————————————————-

Required jobs : Black Mage lv. 3

Needed for jobs : Summoner (lv. 3), Arithmetician (lv. 4)


Equippable weapons: Staves Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes, robes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 5%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: ** MP: ***** Phys. Atk.: * Mag. Atk.: **** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: ** MP: **** Phys. Atk.: ** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *




–Action Abilities: Time Magicks–

Damage/success based on user’s: Magick Attack & Faith, plus target’s Faith




Haste * 8 RA 2 3/* 2/0 Any N 100 Gives Haste status (CT charges


Hasteja 30 7 3/* 2/3 Any N 600& Gives Haste status

Slow * 8 RA 2 3/* 2/0 Any N 80 Inflicts Slow status (CT charges


Slowja 30RA 7 3/* 2/3 Any N 600& Inflicts Slow status

Stop * 14RA 7 3/* 2/0 Any N 350 Inflicts Stop status (CT doesn’t


Immobilize * 10RA 3 3/* 2/1 Any N 100 Inflicts Immobilize status

Float 8 RA 2 4/* 2/1 Any N 200 Gives Float status (see below)

Reflect * 12RA 2 4/* 1 Any N 300 Gives Reflect status

Quick * 24R 4 4/* 1 Any N 900 Fills CT gauge – instant turn!

Gravity 24RA 6 4/* 2/1 Any N 250 Damage = 1/4 of user’s max HP

Graviga * 50RA 10 4/* 2/3 Any N 550 Damage = 1/2 of user’s max HP

Meteor 70 20 4/* 4/3 Any N 1500 Non-elemental magick attack


–Reaction Abilities–



Critical: Quick * Critical HP Yes 800 Fills CT gauge to 100; instant turn!

Mana Shield * Any HP loss Yes 400 Damage dealt only to MP instead of

HP if MP >0


–Support Abilities–



Swiftness * 1000 Reduces number of clock ticks needed

to charge up magicks & Limit


–Movement Abilities–


Teleport * 650 Teleport to any square when moving

regardless of move range, height,

or obstacles/enemies in the way.

Chance of failure increases with

longer move distance. #

Levitate 540 Permanent Float status (can move

over water as if land, immune to

Earth-elemental attacks, and

increases height by 1)


# Teleport never fails if you teleport only within your regular horizontal move

range. For every additional tile beyond your move range, the chance of failure

increases by 10%. (Teleport always has an infinite vertical range and your Jump

stat has no effect on its failure rate.)


JP to master: 8920



Time Mages mostly play a support role, casting spells to assist allies or keep

the enemies from acting. These abilities can be quite useful, but it’s

probably a good idea to have another ability ready set from another job (e.g.

another magick command) to supplement them with more conventional offense or

defense. The Samurai’s Iaido, if available, is also a good choice since it’s

boosted by the Time Mage’s high magick attack but saves your MP for Time

Magick. Having good magick stats (Magick Attack and Faith) is also important

so that your Hastes and Slows are likely to succeed.


Meteor and the Gravity spells can also be good attack spells, but they can be

somewhat slow, especially Meteor. (Gravity and Graviga are particular useful

against major bosses since they are helpful in cutting down the bosses’ large

HP totals.) Try first casting Immobilize to keep enemies from running out of

your way out of your Meteor. The Time Mage’s own Swiftness support ability

also speeds the charge time of these spells. It’s good for Time Magicks as

well as for Summons and Cloud’s Limit attacks.


A great ability to transfer to other jobs is the Mana Shield reaction ability,

which makes damage go to your MP instead of your HP as long as you have at

least 1 MP. This isn’t so good for magick users since it quickly drains your

MP, but it can be great on physical fighters who weren’t going to use their MP

anyway — especially if you pair it with Manafont or another ability that lets

you recover MP quickly. Mana Shield is also very helpful in surviving the

Zodiark summon in order to learn it (see Summoner, below).


The Teleport movement ability is also extremely valuable, though isn’t *quite*

as great as it seems. While you can conceivably warp long distances with it,

the further you’re teleporting, the greater the likelihood the teleport will

fail and you’ll end up back where you started, unable to move at all that

turn. However, Teleport still lets you move through enemy units and gives you

an infinite vertical movement range, which completely changes how can you move

around certain maps. For instance, you can teleport right up a castle wall to

attack the Archers up there, or take a shortcut over the side of a cliff. This

can be very helpful in a number of story battles as it lets you get the jump on

range attackers. So just teleport at short ranges and you’ll be fine!



Required jobs : Time Mage lv. 3

Needed for jobs : Bard (lv. 5), Mime (lv. 5)


Equippable weapons: Staves, rods Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes, robes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 5%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: ** MP: ***** Phys. Atk.: * Mag. Atk.: **** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: ** MP: ***** Phys. Atk.: * Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *




–Action Abilities: Summon–

Damage based on user’s: Magick Attack & Faith, plus target’s Faith




Moogle 8 3 4/* 3/2 Ally N 110 "Moogle Charm": Restores HP

Shiva 24 7 4/* 3/2 Foe N 200 "Glacial Shards": Ice magick


Ramuh * 24 7 4/* 3/2 Foe N 200 "Judgment Bolt": Lightning magick


Ifrit 24 7 4/* 3/2 Foe N 200 "Infernal Blaze": Fire magick


Titan * 30 10 4/* 3/2 Foe N 220 "Gaia’s Wrath": Earth magick


Golem * 40 4 All allies N 500 "Earthen Wall": Blocks physical

attacks targeting allies until

its HP damage limit is reached

(not effective against monster


Carbuncle 30 5 4/* 3/2 Ally N 350 "Ruby Light": Gives Reflect


Bahamut 60 15 4/* 4/3 Foe N 1600&"Megaflare": Non-elemental attack

Odin 50 13 4/* 4/3 Foe N 900& "Obliteration": Non-elemental


Leviathan 48 13 4/* 4/3 Foe N 860& "Tidal Wave": Water magick attack

Salamander 48 13 4/* 3/2 Foe N 860& "Wyrmfire": Fire magick attack

Sylph * 26 7 4/* 3/2 Foe N 400 "Whispering Wind": Inflicts

Silence status

Faerie * 28 7 4/* 3/2 Ally N 400 "Fey Light": Restores HP

Lich * 40 10 4/* 3/2 Foe N 600& "Descending Darkness": Dark

attack; does damage equal to

1/2 of target’s maximum HP but

may miss

Cyclops 62 12 4/* 3/2 Foe N 1000&"Climactic Fear": Non-elemental


Zodiark * 99 17 4/* 4/3 Foe N & "Darkening Cloud": Non-elemental



When Summons are used, a special attack name (not just the name of the sword)

is displayed — these are listed in quotation marks above.


The Zodiark summon cannot be purchased with JP; it must be learned from the

boss on the last floor of the bonus dungeon. See the Midlight’s Deep battle

strategies for more tips on how to learn it.


–Reaction Abilities–



Critical:Recover MP Critical HP Yes 400 Restores MP to maximum


–Support Abilities–



Halve MP * 1000 Halves MP cost of abilities


–Movement Abilities–



JP to master: 9800



While summons don’t have quite the power in FF Tactics as they do in some other

FF games, they’re still strong. Plus, they have a wide effect radius, and,

unlike Black and White Magick, don’t hurt your teammates or heal the enemies.

The Summon command also offers you a nice mix of both offensive abilities and a

few defensive ones: Moogle and Faerie restore HP, and the very useful Golem

summon blocks all enemy physical attacks for a while. The Lich summon is also

particularly effective against many of the game’s major bosses; it always takes

away half their maximum HP despite their high HP totals.


The disadvantages of Summons are that they take quite a while to charge and

cost a fair amount of MP. The former could be remedied with the Time Mage’s

Swiftness ability, which shortens charge time. MP costs can be dealt with

using the Summoner’s own Halve MP support ability to decrease MP costs, with

equipment that boosts your max MP (all robes, and some hats), or with the

Chemists’s Ethers & Hi-Ethers. There are also some abilities that let you gain

MP from your enemies: The Mystic’s Absorb MP lets you absorb MP from enemy

spells, or you could also pair Summon with Mystic Arts to use Empowerment to

steal enemy’s MP. (Orlandeau’s Duskblade and Beowulf’s Syphon can also steal

MP.) Unfortunately, you can’t equip *both* Swiftness and Halve MP as they use

the same support ability slot, but you could pair Swiftness with MP-boosting

equipment, Items, Empowerment, or Absorb MP.


If you’re trying to master jobs for the purposes of powering up Onion Knight,

note that Summoner isn’t considered Mastered until you learn Zodiark.



Required jobs : Archer lv. 3

Needed for jobs : Dragoon (lv. 4), Ninja (lv. 5)


Equippable weapons: Knives Movement range : 4

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes Jump height : 4

Physical evade : 25%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: *** MP: * Phys. Atk.: **** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: ****

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: *** MP: ** Phys. Atk.: *** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: ***



–Action Abilities: Steal–

Success based on user’s: Speed




Steal Gil 0 1/1 1/- Foe – 10 Steal small amount of gil

Steal Heart * 0 3/1 1/- Foe N 150 Inflicts Charm; only effective on

monsters and opposite sex

Steal Helm * 0 1/1 1/- Foe – 350 Steal target’s helmet

Steal Armor * 0 1/1 1/- Foe – 450 Steal target’s armor

Steal Shield * 0 1/1 1/- Foe – 350 Steal target’s shield

Steal Weapon * 0 1/1 1/- Foe – 600 Steal target’s weapon

Steal Accessory 0 1/1 1/- Foe – 500 Steal target’s accessory

Steal EXP 0 1/1 1/- Foe – 250 Steal target’s current EXP


–Reaction Abilities–



Vigilance Any HP loss Yes 200 Enter into "Defend" state (doubles

evade rates)

Gil Snapper Any HP loss 200 Receive gil equal to HP lost

Sticky Fingers Throw 200 Blocks Ninja’s Throw attack; thrown

item is added to your inventory!


–Support Abilities–



Poach * 200 Monsters KOed with physical attack

are poached and disappear from the

map; item becomes available at

Poachers’ Den


–Movement Abilities–



Move +2 * 560 Movement range + 2

Jump +2 500 Jump height + 2


JP to master: 4520



Thieves are poor at magick and only moderately strong physically. But, boy,

are they fast! Their movement range and jump height are both 4, so they can

get across the map quickly.


This job is useful mainly for its abilities. Stealing your opponents’

equipment not only cripples them, but adds items to your inventory–and this is

the best way to get a number of rare items! If you like getting rare items,

you’ll also want Poach; many pieces of equipment can only be obtained through

poaching monsters. (A side note about Poach: this also has the advantage of

removing monsters’ bodies from the map, preventing them from getting revived.)


You could just learn the crucial Steal abilities and then move onto other job.

Ninja, in particular, might be a good to graduate your Thief too, since the

success of Steal is affected by your speed–and Ninjas are even faster than



When Thieves aren’t stealing, they can also fight. Since they can only equip

knives, though, their offense can be somewhat weak on its own. You may want to

use an ability like Equip Axes or Equip Swords to bolster their offense.


If you’re planning on using Steal Heart at all, a female Thief is somewhat more

advantageous to have than a male Thief, as Steal Hearts works on the opposite

gender and there are somewhat more male enemies than female ones.


Move +2 is also a great movement ability and makes characters quite a bit more

mobile. Note that this ability supercedes the Squire’s Move +1 in every way

— there’s absolutely no trade-off or downside to selecting Move +2 over Move

+1 once you’ve learned +2.


The Thief’s reaction abilities, on the other hand, tend not to be too useful.

Gil Snapper is worthless as the amount of gil you receive from it is so small–

the same goes for Steal Gil. Sticky Fingers is not particularly useful for the

bulk of the game as you won’t fight too many Ninjas, but can be used in the

optional sidequests to harvest rare weapons from high-level enemy Ninjas. So,

again, if you like rare items, Thief is your job 🙂



Required jobs : Mystic lv. 3

Needed for jobs : Bard (lv. 5), Mime (lv. 5)


Equippable weapons: Knives, guns Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes, robes Jump height : 3

Innate ability: Beast Tongue Physical evade : 5%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: *** MP: *** Phys. Atk.: *** Mag. Atk.: ** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: *** MP: * Phys. Atk.: ** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *



–Action Abilities: Speechcraft–

Success based on user’s: Magick Attack




Entice * 0 3/3 1/- Foe N 100 Target becomes a guest ally and

joins permanently after battle.

(Does not work on story


Stall 0 3/3 1/- Any N 100 Resets target’s CT

Praise 0 3/3 1/- Any N 200 Raises Bravery by 4 #

Intimidate * 0 3/3 1/- Any N 200 Lowers Bravery by 20 &

Preach 0 3/3 1/- Any N 200 Raises Faith by 4 #

Enlighten * 0 3/3 1/- Any N 200 Lowers Faith by 20 &

Condemn 0 3/3 1/- Any N 500 Causes Doom status (enemy is KOed

after 3 turns)

Beg 0 3/3 1/- Foe N 100 Receive gil from enemy

Insult 0 3/3 1/- Any N 300 Causes Berserk status

Mimic Darlavon 0 3/3 2/* Any N 300 Causes Sleep status


Speechcraft abilities cannot target monsters unless the user has the Beast

Tongue ability. Orators have this ability innately, but other jobs will have

to equip it.


# Note: These abilities change Faith or Bravery by 4. 3 points of this change

remains only for the battle, but 1 is permanent.


& Note: These abilities change Faith or Bravery by 20. 5 points of this change

is permanent.


–Reaction Abilities–



Earplug Speechcraft Yes 300 Cancels Speechcraft ability used on



–Support Abilities–



Equip Guns +* 800 Can equip guns regardless of job

Tame 500 Physical attacks will recruit

monsters if they have critical HP

(< 20% of max)

Beast Tongue +* 100 Can use Speechcraft against monsters


–Movement Abilities–



JP to master: 3900



Like Time Mages, Orators play a supplementary role. One of their main purpose

is to recruit enemy units — if you want to recruit monsters on this team, you

need this job! (To recruit monsters, either use Entice + Beast Tongue, or

equip Tame and hit monsters with a physical attack.)


Equip Guns is the other key Orator ability. While Orators can equip guns

naturally, Equip Guns lets you transfer this ability to other jobs. Having the

long range of a gun is handy for "support" jobs that aren’t going to be on the

front lines.


Finally, the Orator lets you play with Bravery and Faith statistics. Boosting

your Bravery is particularly useful as it increases the strenght of some

attacks and makes your Reaction Ability more likely to activate — and has no

side effects. However, you can just as easily raise your Bravery with Ramza’s

Steel ability, which also has the advantage that it never misses. Since Faith

controls both the damage you deal with magick and receive from enemy magick, it

can also be advantageous to raise your magick users’ Faith (making them

stronger) and lower everyone else’s Faith (since they won’t be using magick,

decreasing their Faith makes enemy magick less effective). It’s not essential

to tweak your Bravery and Faith like this, but if you DO want to do so, a good

tactic is to do it in a random battle against weaker monsters (e.g. at Mandalia

Plain), where you can use Speechcraft with less enemy interference. A tough

story battle is not a good place to grind Bravery and Faith.


You can safely skip Earplug since you’ll face enemy Orators only very rarely.



Required jobs : White Mage lv. 3

Needed for jobs : Orator (lv. 3), Arithmetician (lv. 4)


Equippable weapons: Staves, rods, poles, books Movement range : 3

Equippable armor: Hats, clothes, robes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 5%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: ** MP: **** Phys. Atk.: * Mag. Atk.: **** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: ** MP: **** Phys. Atk.: ** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *



–Action Abilities: Mystic Arts–

Success based on user’s: Magick Attack & Faith, plus target’s Faith




Umbra 4 RA 2 4/* 2/1 Any N 100 Causes Blind status

Empowerment * 2 2 4/* 1/- Any N 200 Drains MP from target to caster;

amount drained is 1/3 of

target’s maximum MP

Invigoration 16 2 4/* 1/- Any N 350 Drains MP from target to caster;

amount drained is 1/4 of

target’s maximum HP

Belief * 6 RA 4 4/* 1/- Any N 400 Causes Faith status (character

has 100 Faith; both character’s

own magick and others’ magick

targeting the character are

maximally effective)

Disbelief * 6 RA 4 4/* 1/- Any N 400 Causes Atheist status (character

cannot use magick but is also

immune to others’ magick)

Corruption 20RA 5 4/* 1/- Any N 300 Causes Undead status

Quiescence 16RA 3 4/* 1/- Any N 170 Causes Silence status

Fervor 16RA 5 4/* 1/- Any N 400 Causes Berserk status

Trepidation * 20RA 4 4/* 1/- Any N 200 Lowers target’s Bravery by 30

Delirium 20RA 5 4/* 1/- Any N 400 Causes Confuse status

Harmony 34 A 3 4/* 1/- Any N 800 Removes Float, Reraise, Regen,

Invisible, Protect, Shell,

Haste, Faith, Reflect

Hesitation * 10RA 5 4/* 2/0 Any N 100 Causes Disable status

Repose 24RA 6 4/* 2/1 Any N 350 Causes Sleep status

Induration 16RA 10 4/* 1/- Any N 600 Causes Stone status


–Reaction Abilities–



Absorb MP Magick Yes 250 Gain MP equal to MP cost of spell


–Support Abilities–



Defense Boost * 400 Lowers physical damage received


–Movement Abilities–



Ignore Weather 200 Move through swamps at normal speed

even if it’s raining; cancels

weather effects on Black Magick

Manafont 350 Restores some MP whenever you move


JP to master: 5970



Mystics specialize in inflicting status conditions on their foes. These spells

often fail, so if you want to use this job, a character with high Faith is

necessary to increase your success rate. In general, though, Mystic is just

not a very useful job. They don’t have much in the way of direct offense or

defense, and their status affliction spells just aren’t useful enough to

compensate for their charge time, MP cost, and success rate. Mustadio and,

later, Beowulf are much more effective at inflicting these kinds of status



Defense Boost can be a somewhat useful support ability, however.



Required jobs : Monk lv. 4

Needed for jobs : Ninja (lv. 2), Dancer (lv. 5), Mime (lv. 5),

Dark Knight (lv. 8)


Equippable weapons: Swords, axes Movement range : 4

Equippable armor: Shields, hats, clothes, robes Jump height : 3

Physical evade : 10%

Stats When Active Job:

HP: *** MP: **** Phys. Atk.: **** Mag. Atk.: *** Speed: ***

Stat Growth Rates:

HP: **** MP: **** Phys. Atk.: **** Mag. Atk.: * Speed: *



–Action Abilities: Geomancy–

Damage based on user’s: Physical Attack & Magick Attack




Sinkhole * 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Non-elemental attack, causes


Torrent 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Water attack, causes Toad

Tanglevine * 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Non-elemental attack, causes Stop

Contortion * 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Non-elemental attack, causes


Tremor 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Earth attack, causes Confuse

Wind Slash * 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Wind attack, causes Disable

Will-o’-the-Wisp * 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Fire attack, causes Sleep

Quicksand 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Water attack, causes Doom

Sandstorm 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Wind attack, causes Blind

Snowstorm 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Ice attack, causes Silence

Wind Blast 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Wind attack, causes Slow

Magma Surge 0 5/* 2/0 Any N 150 Fire attack, instant KO


All Geomancy abilities do more damage when the user has high physical attack

and magick attack stats, but magick attack increases the damage more than

physical attack.


Note: During battle, only one Geomancy ability is available for use at any

given time. The available ability is determined by the terrain type of the

tile on which the user is standing:

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