Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions walkthrough part 1


T h e W a r o f t h e L i o n s



Version 2.27

by Fritz Fraundorf


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I. Revision History 00rev

II. Frequently Asked Questions 00faq

III. Walkthrough – Main Quest

Chapter I: The Meager 00walk1

Chapter II: The Manipulative & The Subservient 00walk2

Chapter III: The Valiant 00walk3

Chapter IV: In the Name of Love 00walk4

IV. Walkthrough – Subquests 00sub

Agrias’s Birthday 00agr

Gollund Colliery 00col

Recruiting Balthier 00balt

Nelveska Temple 00nel

Recruiting Cloud 00cloud

Disorder in the Order 00dis

Lionel’s New Liege Lord 00lio

Midlight’s Deep 00md

V. Battle Strategies

Chapter I: The Meager 00bs1

Chapter II: The Manipulative & The Subservient 00bs2

Chapter III: The Valiant 00bs3

Chapter IV: In the Name of Love 00bs4

Subquests 00bssub

Midlight’s Deep 00bsmd

VI. Multiplayer Modes

Melee Mode – General Information 00melee0

Melee Mode – Treasures 00melee1

Rendezvous Mode – General Information 00ren0

Rendezvous Mode – Treasures and Ranking 00ren1

Rendezvous Mission Strategies 00ren2

VII. Jobs and Abilities

Job Requirements (Quick Reference) 00req

General Information about Jobs 00job0

Standard Jobs 00job1

Special Jobs 00job2

Job Statistics Comparison 00jobstat

Monsters 00mon

Enemy-Only Jobs 00job3

VIII. Ability Strategies

Ability Combos 00abil

Character Strategies 00char

Party Strategies 00par

IX. Statistics and Leveling

Bravery and Faith 00brave

EXP, JP, and Gil 00exp

Quickly Raising EXP and JP 00quick

Automated Leveling 00auto

Level-Downs and Stat Grinding 00down

X. Equipment and Items 00equip

Weapons 00weap

Shields 00shield

Headgear 00head

Armor 00armor

Accessories 00acc

Items 00item

XI. Finding Items

Poached Items 00poach

Shop Chart 00shop

Rare Item Locations 00rare

Missable Items and Events 00miss

XII. Errands

General Information About Errands 00err0

Errand Types & Preferred Jobs 00err1

Errand List 00err2

XIII. Random Battles

Overworld Random Battles 00over

Midlight’s Deep Random Battles 00mdrb

Special Random Battles 00special

Guest Characters in Random Battles 00guest

XIV. Other Game Information

Basic Mechanics and Tactics 00basic

Advanced Tactics and Secrets 00adv

Ivalician Calendar 00calendar

Zodiac Compatibility 00zodiac

Party & Boss Zodiac Signs 00boss

Status Changes (Quick Reference) 00status1

Status Changes (Detail) 00status2

Elemental Affinities 00elem

Arithmeticks Chart 00arith

Traps & Treasure Hunter 00traps

XV. Miscellaneous Reference

Zodiac Stone Locations 00stones

FMV Movie List 00fmv

FF References 00ffr

XVI. PSone -> PSP Changes

Game Changes 00psone

Name Conversion Chart 00names

XVII. Credits / Disclaimer 00cred






—Version 2.27 (5/13/08)—

– More random battle-themed updates…

> Since the types of enemies you can encounter in random battles varies by

chapter, I’ve expanded the random battle list to include separate

sections by chapter.

> On a related note, the special random battles don’t appear until Chapter

IV, so I’ve made a note of this in the section too.

> Guest characters in random battles can’t be recruited to your team, with

the exception of the Swine at Dorvauldar Marsh. I’ve corrected this in

the Guest Characters section.

> I also updated the Rare Items Locations list with some places to find

some of the monsters earlier in the game, when the locations I’d

previously listed were only available in Chapter IV.

> Thanks to Geomancer8 for the heads-up on some of the changes between


– Clarified the FAQ about Luso (he’s not missable, but you can’t get him before

his appropriate story event), since it was pretty unclear before.

– So far, I’ve gotten mixed feedback on whether to merge the walkthrough and

battle strategy sections. It would eliminate some scrolling back & forth, but

some people may prefer the sections separate. Let me know what you think as I

can go either way on this :). Thanks to all those who have provided feedback!


—Version 2.26 (5/4/08)—

– By popular request, I’ve added specific details on the enemy parties to the

Midlight’s Deep battle strategies. I hope this doesn’t take up too much extra

space, but people wanted it in there, so I added it 🙂 . Thanks, as always,

to Joe Davidson’s lioneditor (link below) for letting me pull this data from

the game and to Jason Corbett for formatting suggestions.


– Updated the Random Battles section to note another important difference

between story battles and random battles: in random battles, the enemies’

experience level is based on your own.


– Reader Don Jon suggests a tactic for learning the magicks that can be acquired

by being hit with them: if you equip something that absorbs the element in

question, you don’t have to worry about being killed the magick as you’re

trying to learn it.


– Made a few small tweaks / corrections to the Midlight’s Deep enemy frequency

charts (in the Random Battles section).


– The Catacombs is also a good place to find Greater Malboros; I’ve added this

to the Rare Item Locations list.


– I’m thinking about merging the Walkthrough and Battle Strategies sections.

This would reduce the amount of scrolling up & down needed, and also reduce


the FAQ file size by eliminating some redundant information. Anyone have any

comments for or against this change? Please drop me an e-mail if you do —

I’m definitely interested in feedback on this 🙂


—Version 2.25 (4/27/08)—

– In the previous update, I forgot to give my usual link to Joe Davidson’s

lioneditor save editor, so here it is now!:

It’s a great program and keeps getting better and better.


– Further revised the random battles section…

> Added estimates of how *frequently* the monsters occur at each location, in

addition to just listing which monsters can appear

> Fixed a goof in the list of guests in Random Battles — the guest Knight

at Zeklaus Desert comes when you enter from Dorter, not Gariland … there

isn’t even an entrance from Gariland! 😛

> Since the Random Battles section had gotten to be fairly large, I moved it

into its own division of the guide.


– Redid the Poaching List and Rare Items List with improved recommendations

about where to find most of the monsters for poaching.


– Updated the Zodiark sections with The Catacombs, The Switchback, and The

Interstice as suggested places to find enemy Summoners (for purposes of

teaching the spell additional party members). I also updated some old text

that referred to Terminus as being the *only* place to learn Zodiark, since

you can also learn it in one of the multiplayer missions.


– Finally got around to addressing the most important part of any FAQ: ASCII

art! I replaced the ASCII logo at the top with a new one that’s hopefully

less ugly 😉 Thanks to Ascgen dotNET –

  • for the software used to produce the image.


– Added a FAQ for "How do I learn new abilities?" since I know this can be a

sticking point for people just starting the game.


– Fixed the date of the last update ;P


(Older updates not listed.)






Q. Is Cloud still in this version of the game, like he was in the PSone


A. Yes. In fact, you can actually recruit him earlier than you could before.


Q. How do I get Cloud to join my party? And where do I find his sword?

A. See the "Walkthrough – Subquests" section of the FAQ. You need to complete

the Gollund Colliery, Nelveska Temple, and Recruiting Cloud quests in



Q. I didn’t buy the flower when I had the chance. Can I still get Cloud?

A. Unfortunately, it seems that you have only one chance to buy the flower. If

you declined to buy it, you are not able to get Cloud, or complete the other

sidequests that depend on the flower. Sorry 🙁


Q. What’s new in the PSP version of the game?

A. Check out the PSP Version Changes section – just hit Ctrl+F and type

in 00psone to jump to that section of the FAQ.


Q. How do I beat Wiegraf?

A. Equip the Auto-Potion ability on Ramza. Run from Wiegraf and keep using the

Tailwind ability to boost your speed. Repeat until you are getting seven or

eight turns in a row, then start using Focus to raise your attack power.

When you have high attack power, just attack and KO Wiegraf. Against

Belias, run up and attack him repeatedly. (If you don’t have these

abilities, check out the Chapter III Battle Strategies for a slew of

alternate strategies.)


Q. I just started the game; how do I learn new abilities?

A. New abilities are "purchased" using JP, which you earn from any succesful

action in battle. You earn JP separately for each job, so earning JP as an

Archer only lets you buy Archer abilities. (Gaining JP also eventually

unlocks new jobs for you to use.) To buy abilities, on the map screen, open

the menu (with Triangle) and enter the Formation screen. Then point to a

character, press Triangle to open the menu, and choose Abilities. The in-

game tutorial, available from the title screen, can walk you through this

step-by-step. If you check out the "EXP, JP, and Gil" section of this FAQ,

you’ll also find tips on maximizing your JP haul, though you don’t *need*

them at the start of the game.


Q. Where is Midlight’s Deep?

A. After you beat Mullonde Holy Place, go to the Port City of Warjilis. You

will see a scene at the bar, then the way to Midlight’s Deep will appear.


Q. How do I beat / find items in Midlight’s Deep?

A. See the cleverly-titled Midlight’s Deep section of the walkthrough 😉 .

Just hit Ctrl+F and type in 00md to jump to that section of the FAQ.


Q. OK, I think I understand the idea of finding the items, but how do I rotate

the camera to get the correct perspective?

A. Use the analog stick (in the lower left of the PSP). Every time you tap it

left or right, the perspective changes.


Q. How do I use items like Potions or Phoenix Downs?

A. Items are used with the Items command, which belongs to the Chemist job, so

switch one of your characters to a Chemist — or assign Items as a secondary

Action Ability.


To learn how to use each type of item, the character must also learn the

ability that goes along with it. For instance, to use Phoenix Downs, you

must first learn the Chemist’s "Phoenix Down" ability. These abilities can

be bought on your status screen using JP (Job Points) earned by using the

Chemist job.


Q. How do I get the new equipment in the PSP version?

A. The Tynar Rouge comes from the Agrias’s Birthday quest, and the Mirage Vest

and Ras Algethi come with Balthier. All the other new items can only be

obtained as prizes in one of the multiplayer mods. Some items can only be

found in Melee Mode and some only in Rendezvous Mode; see the respective

sections or the Rare Items List for a complete list.


Q. How do I get good items / more items in multiplayer?

A. You’ll get better items the higher your character level and (in Rendezvous

Mode) the more difficult the mission you complete; most of the new items can

only be obtained at a pretty high level. Winning Melee Mode battles and

completing Rendezvous Mode missions with fewer characters deployed and more

enemies KOed increases the NUMBER of items you get, but doesn’t change their



Q. Are there items or events in this game that I can permanently miss? What do

I need to do to see them?

A. I’ve put together a Missable Items and Events list — just press Ctrl+F and

enter 00miss to jump to that section.


Q. How do I use the Samurai’s ability Iaido?

A. First learn the ability you want to use. Then buy several of the

corresponding Samurai sword. During battle, you can use the ability if you

have the appropriate type of sword in your inventory (NOT equipped). Note

that this may break the sword, so I’d buy several copies.


Q. How do I learn Ultima?

A. Only Ramza and Luso can learn Ultima. Ramza or Luso must be in their base

job; then, if someone casts the spell on him, he will learn it. (As long as

just one of the two characters learns it, you can have him cast it on the

other to learn it later.) The best time to learn the spell is from the

assassins outside Limberry Castle in Chapter IV, but you can also have Luso

learn it on the Riovanes Castle Roof in Chapter III or from another player

in the multiplayer mode. (There’s also a guest character who can learn

Ultima during the final battle if Ramza or Luso casts it on her.)


Q. How do I get the lipstick accessory?

A. First, you need to keep Agrias, Alicia, Lavian, and Mustadio on your roster

until Chapter IV. Once Chapter IV begins, travel back and forth between

Gollund and Lesalia until the calendar says 1 Cancer. If you have at least

500,000 gil and are standing on a town (NOT a castle) when the calendar

turns 1 Cancer, you should get the scene where you acquire the Tynar Rouge



Q. How can I revive a dead character?

A. If the character is simply KOed (lying down with a red counter over his/her

head), you can use a Phoenix Down, the White Mage’s Raise/Arise spells, or

the Monk’s Revive. Or, finish the battle before the counter expires and the

character will also be restored.


If the counter counts down past 0, the character will turn into a treasure

chest or crystal. Once this happens, the character is gone for good and

there is unfortunately NO way to revive him or her, ever. (You can recruit

replacement generic characters from the Warriors’ Guild in any town; special

story characters are irreplaceable if killed.)


Q. Help! I beat the last boss and the game said it was saving afterwards, but

when I load up my last save, I’m just at the last boss fight again. Can I

go anywhere else?

A. Unfortunately, no :(. The game clear save is just to unlock some of the

multiplayer missions. If you want to continue roving the world map, you

need to keep a separate save from before you began the final sequence of



Q. How do I beat the Lionel Castle Gate?

A. There are two main methods: One is to give Ramza the Chakra ability and have

him use it every turn. The other is to use Teleport to warp outside the

gate. Either way, don’t open the gate until the fight outside is finished.

For more tips, see the Battle Strategies for Chapter II. Press Ctrl+F and

type in 00bs2 to jump there.


Q. How do I learn Zodiark?

A. You can only learn Zodiark from Elidibus, the boss of Midlight’s Deep, by

having him cast it on one of your Summoners. Equip the Mana Shield ability

to survive it. (You only have a random chance to learn the spell when

you’re hit with it, so you might not learn it the first time you’re hit with

it, but the odds are definitely in your favor!) If you don’t get the spell

in Midlight’s Deep, the only other place to find Elidibus is in the Brave

Story multiplayer mission.


Q. How do I recruit monsters?

A. Use the Orator’s Entice or Tame abilities on the monsters. If you switch to

another non-Orator job, you’ll need to also equip the Beast Tongue support

skill to use Entice on monsters. (For more information, see "Recruiting

Monsters" in the Monsters section.)


Q. How do I poach enemies?

A. Equip the Thief ability Poach and kill a monster with a regular attack.

Then go to a Poachers’ Den in a trade city and you can purchase what

you’ve poached. Note that Poachers’ Dens are NOT available in all cities;

only Dorter, Warjilis, and Sal Ghidos have them, and they don’t appear until

the start of Chapter III.


Q. How do I get the Genji equipment? Can I steal it from the boss who has it?

A. Unfortunately, you can never steal from that boss in the PSP version, so he

gets to keep his Genji gear to himself. Alas! However, you CAN get the

Genji Armor and Masamune from the new "Lionel’s New Liege Lord" subquest.

Press Ctrl+F and enter 00lio to jump to the guide for that quest.


Q. Aren’t there some new jobs added to the PSP version that weren’t in the

PSone version? How do I unlock them?

A. The PSP version of FF Tactics has two new jobs. To make a character into an

Onion Knight, simply get their Squire and Chemist jobs up to level 6. To

make a character into a Dark Knight, you first Master (learn all the

abilities for) Knight and Black Mage, have Dragoon, Geomancer, Samurai,

and Ninja at level 8, AND kill 20 enemies (not just KO–they must turn to

chests or crystals) with the character. Yikes! 🙂


Q. How do I unlock the _______ job?

A. I’ve put together a Quick Reference chart with all the job requirements;

press Ctrl+F and enter 00req to get there.


Q. What are the new subquests in the PSP version? How do I access them?

A. There are three new subquests in Chapter IV, one revolving around Beowulf

and the others revolving around Agrias. Beowulf’s subquest is available

after returning Reis to human form at Nelveska Temple and after completing

Mullonde Cathedral in the main storyline. (Press Ctrl+F and enter 00lio to

jump to the section with all the details on the Lionel’s New Liege Lord



Agrias has a couple of different subquests. First, if you still have Alicia

and Lavian, the Tynar Rouge event can be accessed on 1 Cancer. Second,

after Mullonde, travel to Zeltennia to open up another battle accessed via

the Tavern at Gariland. For details on these events, press Ctrl+F and

enter 00agr to jump to Agrias’s Birthday or 00dis for Disorder in the

Order, respectively.


Q. How do I recruit Luso and Balthier?

A. Luso is recruited automatically in Chapter III; you can’t miss him. You’ll

encounter him in a story event midway through the chapter, as you head

through the Zeklaus Desert after revisiting Orbonne Monastery. You won’t be

able to recruit him any earlier.


Balthier isn’t available until you’ve completed the battle at the Free City

of Bervenia in Chapter IV. Any time after that, read the "Rash of Thefts"

rumor at the Gariland tavern, then go to the Dorter tavern and read the

"Call for Guards" rumor. Win the battle that ensues when you try to leave

town and Balthier joins.


Q. What do the Bravery and Faith statistics mean? Do I want high or low

Bravery and Faith?

A. A high Bravery is almost always good. It increases your chance of using

Reaction Abilities, and makes certain weapon types (fists, knight’s swords,

and katanas) stronger. The only advantage of low Bravery is that helps you

find rare items with the Treasure Hunter ability, but you can just keep a

single low-Bravery character for that purpose.


Faith makes a character’s magick more effective, but also makes enemy magick

more effective when used against that character. So, generally, you’ll want

your magick users to have high Faith (to make their magick stronger) and

characters not using magick to have low Faith (to defend them from enemy



See the Bravery and Faith section for more specific details, as well as tips

on raising/lowering Bravery and Faith.


Q. What job should I use for the best HP? The best attack power?

A. I’ve added a Job Statistics Comparison chart to the FAQ to quickly compare

each job’s stats. Ctrl+F and 00jobstat will get you there.


Q. Is there a way I can quickly gain levels?

A. Sure, see the Quickly Raising EXP & JP (00quick) for strategies for this.

With the right magicks, it’s even possible to make this process completely

automatic! But keep in mind you never *need* to do this to finish the game.

Usually, a change of strategy should be enough to get you past the next

battle and you don’t need to spend time leveling if you don’t want to.


Q. Why don’t my Reaction Abilities always work?

A. For almost all Reaction Abilities, the chance of using the ability is equal

to your Bravery stat. Use Ramza’s skills or an Orator to raise the

character’s Bravery and your Reaction Abilities will activate more.


Q. How do I ride a Chocobo?

A. Move the character onto the same square as the Chocobo.


Q. What’s the deal with Onion Knights? They seem horrible. Is there any way

to make them stronger?

A. Actually, yes. The Onion Knight’s job level goes up as you master other

jobs, and if you can get the Onion Knight up to job level 8, they’ll become

more powerful. Also, if you play the game’s multiplayer missions, you can

earn some powerful "Onion" equipment that only Onion Knights can equip.


Q. One of my characters is threatening to leave the team. What do I do?

A. This is happening because your character has either a very low Bravery or

a very high Faith. Use Orator skills to increase his/her Bravery or lower

his/her Faith a little.


Q. Is there any kind of New Game+ mode, so that I can start from the beginning

but keep all my levels and items?

A. Unfortunately, no. FF Tactics dates back to a time before this feature

started becoming common in RPGs. Whenever you start a new game, you always

have to start from scratch.


Q. I got into a random battle and was facing a weird set of enemies. Is this

some special event? What’s going on?

A. Each wilderness location has a "special" random battle that you can randomly

encounter at low odds in Chapter IV. These special battles pit you against

unusual enemy parties — mostly collections of human enemies. You don’t get

anything special for winning these battles and they have no relation to the

story, but they can be an interesting extra challenge! For a list of all

these special battles, see the Random Battles section.


Q. Where do I get all the Zodiac Stones?

A. Look in the Zodiac Stones list near the end of the file. Be warned that

this list contains some spoilers.


Q. Why don’t any of the characters have noses?

A. Your guess is as good as mine. Some genetic defect or something, I suppose.






You’ll begin by entering your name and birthdate. If you want Ramza (the

protagonist) to end up with a certain Zodiac sign, see the Ivalician Calendar

section to match up the sign you want with what birthdate you should enter. In

a regular game, it’s not *too* important to give him a particular Zodiac sign,

so you can enter your own birthday or whatever else you want if you’d like.

But, if you want to maximize the damage he can do to enemy bosses, Capricorn is

probably your best bet; you’ll get this sign if you enter a birthdate between

December 23rd and January 19th. (Or, if you want as wide a range of Zodiac

signs as possible, you could make him a Taurus, Virgo, or Sagittarius, as no

other story characters have these signs.)

The game starts at Orbonne Monastery. A band of enemy knights shows up, and

you have to fight. This battle is pretty much automatic, as everyone except

Ramza is controlled by the computer. Gaffgarion and Agrias will take care of

most of the enemies without any trouble, so you can have Ramza just do pretty

much whatever you want. It’s possible that one or more of your weaker

teammates–Alicia, Lavian, and Ladd–will get KOed. Don’t worry; none of them

can die permanently in this battle. After Gaffgarion and Agrias finish wiping

out the enemies, there will be some story scenes, and Ramza will enter into an

extended flashback.


%%%CHAPTER I: THE MEAGER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00walk1


All of Chapter I is a flashback to Ramza’s days as a knight-in-training with

the Order of the Northern Sky. You (Ramza) and Delita will be at the academy

in Gariland, where you receive the assignment to defeat some thieves entering

the town. You are automatically joined by four squires and two chemists, then

the first battle begins. See "Battle Strategies" for tips on this and other

specific battles.


I’ve also added some general gameplay information to the "Basic Mechanics and

Tactics" section, which you might want to check out to help you get started if

this is your first Final Fantasy Tactics experience. (Some of this information

is in the tutorial, but you’ll also find some additional tactics.) Press

Ctrl+ F and enter 00begin to jump down there.


After you win the battle against the thieves, you will go to the map screen.

You can click on Gariland to visit its shops. The Tavern is used to hear

information about the game’s story and world, and later to run Errands for

extra JP and money and to enter the multiplayer mode. The Outfitter is used to

buy items. Finally, the Warriors’ Guild allows you to recruit new human

characters to your roster.


You may want to stop at the Warriors’ Guild recruit some new characters. In

particular, look for characters with reasonably high Bravery, especially if

your current characters don’t have very good Bravery. Bravery affects the

your chance of using Reaction Abilities and the strength of some attacks —

higher is better, of course! (Although there are abilities to raise everyone’s

Bravery later, you probably won’t get them right away.) You may also want a

character or two with high Faith to turn into a magick-user. A second thing to

look at is the character’s Zodiac sign. Taurus and Capricorn characters will

be particularly effective against the bosses in this chapter and the next, so

getting some of those signs on your roster will give you a bit of a leg up.

If you want to spend the time, you can mine the Guild until you get just the

character you want. If you don’t like the character that appears; simply

select "Don’t Hire." You won’t be charged anything and you can select Male

Soldier or Female Soldier to roll another character. You can keep doing this

until you get some high Bravery characters — though it’s certainly not

necessary to spend the time here if you don’t want. Note that female recruits

are 100 gil cheaper and probably more useful in the long run since some of the

game’s most powerful items can only be used by female characters.


This is probably the only time in the game that you’ll want to use the

Warriors’ Guild. If you lose any of your main team members later in the game,

you’re probably better off resetting. It’s tough to replace characters who

have already been built up with a lot of abilities!


Stop by the Outfitter’s in Gariland to buy some Potions. If one or both of

your Chemists has enough JP to learn the Phoenix Down ability, learn that

ability and then buy a few (1-2) Phoenix Downs at the store. Phoenix Downs are

great to have as they allow you to revive a KOed character. You’ll also want

to equip one of your Chemists with the Mythril Knife you picked up as a Battle

Trophy in the first battle; it’s stronger than the Daggers they already have.


Save the game by pressing Triangle and choosing Data, then head west to

Mandalia Plain. As soon as you leave the city, you’ll have a flashback (yes, a

flashback within a flashback) to the death of Ramza’s father Barbaneth. After

that sequence has ended, you’ll be back in Gariland. Click on Mandalia Plain

once again and this time you’ll actually get there.


At Mandalia Plain, you’ll meet Argath, under attack by the Corpse Brigade. You

can choose whether or not to help him (bottom option) or just go after the

Corpse Brigade (to option). This has no long-term impact on the storyline;

it only affects the victory conditions for the upcoming battle:

– If you choose not to help Argath (top choice), your goal is just to defeat

all the enemies. It doesn’t matter if Argath is KOed during the battle

or not. Choosing this option also adds 10 points to the Bravery score of

every character in your current squad, including Delita. 2 points of this

change will remain even after the battle.

– Choosing to help Argath (bottom choice) adds an additional requirement to

the battle: you’ll have to keep Argath from getting KOed during the battle.

This option has no effect on your team’s Bravery.

The first option both makes the battle easier AND gives you a boost in Bravery.

High Bravery is pretty useful since it increases some weapons’ attack strength

and your chance of using Reaction Abilities. There’s no benefit at all from

choosing the second option, so choose the first!


When the fight concludes, Argath will join as a guest regardless of which

option you choose before the battle. Back on the map, go on up to Eagrose

Castle. You’ll have a brief chat with Dycedarg, then Zalbaag will send you to

rendezvous with his spy at Dorter.


At this point, you might want to consider changing some of your characters to

new jobs. Chemists are really more useful than either White Mages or Black

Mages, so keep your Chemists as-is. But you might want to change some of your

Squires to Knights, since Knights have more HP and damage potential than

Squires. (Archers are also available at this time. They’re good in

general, but I’d skip them for the next few battles as melee combat is best

for them.) I made Ramza into a Knight at this point. It’s probably a good

idea to keep at least one Squire, though. Why is that? As long as you have at

least one Squire active in battle, everyone will earn some JP towards that job,

and that will help you buy useful Squire abilities like Counter Tackle, Move

+1, and JP Boost. Move +1 and JP Boost are particulary useful — JP Boost

increases the amount of JP you earn, and will help you learn all the other

abilities faster–it’s a good investment! At any rate, if you do change

jobs, be sure to buy (and equip) new gear for those characters.


Before you leave Eagrose, stop by the Outfitter. There’s new equipment for

sale here. Stock up on Potions, then arm your characters with the new gear.

Make sure all your Squires and Knights have Longswords, the best weapon

available to them right now. In particular, if you changed any of your

characters’ jobs, be sure they have equipment that goes with the new jobs. You

can safely skip the Mythril Knife, though–it’ll just increase a Chemist’s

attack power by 1 point, and they don’t do much fighting, anyway. The shop

also sells Battle Boots, which increase your movement range by 1 tile. As

handy is this, they’re pricey, so you won’t be able to afford them for your

whole team. If you buy them for anyone, give them to your Chemist, so he/she

can get around the battlefield quickly enough to heal people.


Also stop by the shop at Gariland, which sells different items than the one at

Eagrose. The Eagrose has equipment for Knights and Archers, but the shop

offers Plumed Hats and Leather Clothing, which is better armor for your Squires

and Chemists. Pick up these upgrades as well; you want to make sure your

Chemists stay alive so they can heal people! (Unlike in a lot of games,

armor in FF Tactics doesn’t actually reduce the damage you take; it gives you

more HP or MP. Still, it helps you stay alive longer!) Don’t forget that

you change Delita’s and Argath’s equipment, too, despite the fact that they’re

guest characters. You can (and should!) have them learn new abilities, too!


You may want to gain some levels before proceeding. You can do this by

strolling back and forth across the Mandalia Plain until you get into a random

battle. Note that while Ramza is required in story battles, you do NOT have to

deploy Ramza during the random battles. (Also, since Delita and Argath are

Guest characters, they won’t participate in random battles, only story ones.)


By the way, it’ll help you out in some of the future battles if you’re able to

teach Argath a simple Black Magick spell. This is pretty tricky, though, since

he doesn’t participate in any of the random battles and can only earn JP in the

story battles. So, the only way to do this is to have your Chemists take

enough actions during the story battles that Argath gains some JP in the

Chemist job and is able to unlock the Black Mage job. It’s cool if you can do

this, but don’t worry too much about it if you can’t; it’s not *necessary*.


Your next story destination is the Siedge Weald, to the east of Gariland. Head

down that direction.


When you get to Gariland, you’ll see a scene at the Tavern about the game’s

multiplayer modes. Both of these modes are now unlocked, and you can play them

by visiting a Tavern in any town. Melee Mode is a "versus" mode that pits your

party against another player’s. Rendezvous Mode is a co-op mode in which you

team up with another player to challenge various missions that will become

unlocked as you play through the game. Right now, there’s only one mission

available, "Chocobo Defense." Both modes allow you to earn and keep JP and

items; when you get to a high enough experience level, you can even obtain

items that you can’t get anywhere else. Another nice thing about these modes

is that you can’t permanently lose any items or characters, so they’re risk-

free. (Melee Mode does cost gil to play, though.) You can check them out now

if you want, although at this point, the Rendezvous Mode mission may still be

pretty challenging. Check out the Multiplayer Modes section below for more

information on the modes’ rules and for strategies for the Rendezvous Mode

missions. (Note that both modes are playable only over a local, "ad hoc"



If you don’t have a chance to play the multiplayer modes, don’t worry, you

definitely don’t need to play multiplayer in order to complete the single-

player game.


Continue on to the Weald and complete the battle there. Before proceeding on

to Dorter, make sure your Chemists have learned both Potion and Phoenix Down.

You can skip the abilities for all the individual condition-curing items,

though; most of the conditions aren’t that bad and when you get Remedies, those

will cure *any* status change. Other good abilities to learn are Stone and

Rush. When you get the JP, pick up Move +1, Focus, and Counter Tackle. Ramza

can also use the Tailwind ability, which you’ll want to get as well. Chemists

should have Potion and Phoenix Down.


When you enter Dorter, there will be a cutscene, and then you’ll be tossed into

a battle at the Dorter Slums. This is a pretty tough battle. If you don’t win

at first, try again, or build up your levels first. Upon your victory, you’ll

be able to visit the town. There’s no new equipment to buy, but stock up on

items. You’ll want at least 10 Potions and 4 Phoenix Downs. Potions are cheap

(50 gil each), so there’s no reason not to carry plenty. Also, winning the

battle at Dorter Slums netted you an Iron Sword, which is a better weapon than

anything you can find in stores. Equip it one of your characters.


Again, you may want to build levels before proceeding to the next battle.

When you’re ready, go on up to the Zeklaus Desert, where you’ll have a battle

at the Sand Rat’s Sieve. This is a difficult fight–the toughest in Chapter

I–so it may take you a couple tries. After you win, you’ll rescue the

Marquis. You’ll also pick up a Blind Knife. It’s not stronger than the other

knives you already have, but it does inflict Blind status on enemies (lowering

their hit rate), so give it to a Chemist.


Return to Eagrose Castle. You’ll meet Duke Larg, and then Dycedarg will let

Ramza and friends in on the next mission against the Corpse Brigade. The

shops at all three towns will now be stocked with new items. At Eagrose, you

can buy Iron Swords for both your Squires and Knights, as well as

Escutcheons, Iron Helms, and Bronze Armor for any Knights you have. Gariland

has better light armor, used by jobs other than Knights. If you’re using

mages, you can buy new magick weapons at Gariland and Dorter, as well as Hempen

Robes, which will raise their MP max. All towns also carry a new accessory–

the Shoulder Cape, which will boost both your physical and magick evade rates

by a little bit (10%). It’s not really as useful as the Battle Boots, though.


The most important new item isn’t actually an equipment–it’s the Hi-Potion,

which is now for sale under Items! Hi-Potions restore 70 HP instead of the 30

you get from a regular Potion, and since you should have a lot more than

30 HP now, you’ll need the healing boost. You can’t use Hi-Potions unless

you’ve learned the Hi-Potion ability (under Chemist), so be sure to have your

Chemist(s) learn this ability.


Buy as much of the new gear as you can. There’s a lot to buy, so you might not

be able to afford it all. Aside from restocking your item supply, the

priorities are probably the Iron Swords and Bronze Armor at Eagrose, and the

Leather Plate at Gariland, as well as restocking your item supply.


After you’re done shopping, your new destination is the Brigands’ Den, south of

the Mandalia Plain. You may want to bring more male characters than female

ones here, as there’s a chance that one of the enemies can charm a female

character–but it’s pretty unlikely, so don’t go out of your way to adjust your

roster. Also, if you happen to have any characters on your roster who are

Tauruses, Capricorns, or male Pisces, they’re good to deploy here. You’ll be

facing your first boss character here, and she’s a female Virgo. The three

Zodiac signs listed above will do the most damage to her. Again, it’s

definitely not essential to have them, but it’ll help you out if you do.


The Brigands’ Den is easier than the Sand Rat’s Sieve, so if you won

there, you should be able to attain victory here. Victory here nets you a

Bronze Shield, which is a more effective shield than anything else you’ve got

at this point. Following the battle, there will be a cutscene at Eagrose as

the Corpse Brigade strikes back.


Strip Argath of all his equipment, as he’ll be leaving your party shortly. Go

back up to Eagrose. A series of scenes will follow in which Ramza and Delita

decide to rescue Tietra, and Argath leaves.


At this point, you’ll probably want to start changing jobs, if you haven’t

already. If you change any of your characters to Monks, do so; they’re very

strong fighters. If any of your characters have enough JP to buy the Knight

abiity Equip Heavy Armor, a good strategy is to learn that ability and then

make the character into a Monk–the heavy armor will make up for the Monk’s

otherwise poor HP count. It would also help to have a Black Mage and Archer.

However, you will still want to have a healer, so give one of your characters

the Items ability. Before switching out of the Chemist job, you need to learn

(and equip) the Throw Item ability … otherwise, your items will have a range

of 1, and, as Sonic would say, that’s NO GOOD!


After you’ve finished changing jobs, be sure to buy matching equipment for

them. If you’re just now switching to Archers, I’ll explain the difference

between bowguns and regular bows: bowguns only require one hand, allowing you

to equip a shield, but bows deal more damage. Since Archers are usually in the

back line and don’t get attacked too much, a shield isn’t too important, so I

almost always use regular bows.


Note, also, that the Flame, Ice, and Thunder Rods (for Black Mages) boost the

damage dealt by your Fire-family, Blizzard-family, and Thunder-family magicks,

respectively. A good trick, then, is to buy a particular Rod and then learn

some of the spells that go along with it (e.g., buy the Ice Rod and then try

to learn Blizzard and Blizzara). This will increase the damage you can do with

your magick. These rods also sometimes cast Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder when

executing a physical attack, if your Black Mage happens to get caught in a



Return to Gariland. As you cross Mandalia Plain, an animated cutscene will

play. Once you get to Gariland, buy plenty of Hi-Potions (12 or so) and

Phoenix Down (6 should be sufficient). If you weren’t able to purchase all

the equipment upgrades you wanted before the Brigands’ Den, you could do so now

as well, but you’re probably better off saving your money–there are even

better items coming soon. But if any of your equipment was stolen by the

Thieves in the last battle, be sure to replace it.


Go north from Gariland to the Lenalian Plateau. You’ll have another battle

against Milleuda (Wiegraf’s sister). She is of course still a female Virgo,

so any Taurus, Capricorn, and male Pisces characters you have will be the most

effective against her.


After you win the battle at the Plateau, the shops will again update their

shelves with new equipment. As before, you’ll find heavy armor and most

kinds of weapons in Eagrose, and lighter armor in Gariland and Dorter. Buy

what you can and replace any items that Milleuda may have broken.


Also, at this point you should be in great shape to win the Chocobo Defense

mission in Rendezvous Mode, so if you’d like to check that out, you can earn

some extra items and JP. Strategies for these missions are available in the

Rendezvous Mode section.


Forge on from the Lenalian Plateau to Fovoham Windflats. At Fovoham Windflats,

you’ll square off against Wiegraf and his Chocobo Boco (a reference to Final

Fantasy V). This battle isn’t too difficult if you have good jobs. If you

want to exploit your Zodiac signs to maximize damage against him, he’s a male

Virgo, so Taurus, Capricorn, and female Pisces will be the most effective.


Nothing is added to the shops after the battle at Fovoham, so if your item

supply is okay, you can continue directly on to Ziekden Fortress, the final

battle of the chapter. You’ll probably want non-basic Jobs (particularly a

Monk or an Archer) for this battle. A Black Mage with Blizzard family magicks

will be quite useful, especially if paired with an Ice Rod. And, again,

Taurus, Capricorn, and female Pisces characters will be good against the boss.

If you need JP, you can always go to the Siedge Weald or the Mandalia Plain to

fight some random battles.


At Ziekden Fortress, you’ll find Tietra being held captive by a Gragoroth, a

Corpse Brigade knight. Argath arrive with some troops, and you’ll find

yourself battling an unexpected enemy. After you kill him, there are a couple

FMV scenes, the fort blows up, and the chapter ends. The game will give you a

chance to save, and then you’ll move on to Chapter II.


%%%CHAPTER II: THE MANIPULATIVE & THE SUBSERVIENT%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00walk2


You now return to the present, at Orbonne Monastery. Your current mission is

to rescue Princess Ovelia.


After a brief chat, you’ll be given a chance to add Ramza’s fellow mercenary

Ladd and both of Agrias’s Knights (Alicia and Lavian) to the party. There’s no

real reason not to take them along, so sign them up! They start with a bare

minimum of abilities, though, so they probably won’t see much use compared to

the characters you’re carrying over from Chapter I.


Note that to do one of Agrias’s Subquests in Chapter IV, you MUST keep Alicia

and Lavian (as well as Agrias, of course) on your roster until the subquest,

even if you never use them in battle. Don’t dismiss them or let them get

killed if you want to complete all the sidequests.


Agrias and Gaffgarion will also join as Guests. You still have all your

characters from Chapter I (except Delita) as well.


You’ll see that Ramza’s appearance has changed at the start of the chapter.

His Squire job is now able to equip heavy armor and shields, plus he has a new

ability to learn, Steel. Steel gives a character a +5 Bravery boost during a

battle, and some of this increase will remain even after the battle. Raising

your Bravery makes your Reaction Abilities and some attacks stronger, so this

is a good ability to learn. If Ramza has some spare turns near the end of a

battle, you can spend them using Steel to boost up characters’ Bravery.


If you have any abilities to learn, get them. Since the Guest AI can be

somewhat poor at targeting spells, you may want to de-equip any spellcasting

abilities (Black Magick or Mystic Arts) that Agrias may have equipped. When

you’ve got your team organized, go north to the only location available to you:

Dorter, where a battle awaits you. Win it (well, obviously) and you’ll have

access to all of the map again.


At this point, you should have had all your characters upgraded from the

beginning Jobs (Squire or Chemist) to more advanced ones. In particular,

you’ll want to have a Monk, Archer, Black Mage, and White Mage somewhere in the

party. I like making Ramza into a Monk; you’ll want to have him learn either

the Monk’s Chakra ability or the Time Mage’s Teleport for use in a battle near

the end of the chapter. An Orator can also be useful to have on the team, but

might take some time to get, as you have to get the Mystic job up to job level

3, and Mystic itself requires job level 3 of White Mage. If you want to take

the time to get it, you can also get the Thief Job, which is unlocked by

getting Archer to job level 3.


You now have the ability to take Errands at taverns. You can earn a lot of gil

and some JP from these jobs, so take them up (never more than one at a time,

though). Always choose to spend the maxinum number of days possible. While

the characters are away, you can continue on without them, or you have the main

group build up job levels with random battles. Or, if you just want to pass

time, you can walk back and forth between two blue dots on the map, which will

never trigger any random battles. (You can use Eagrose & Ziekden Fortress, or

Dorter & the Monastery.)


Also, two new Rendezvous Mode missions are now available in Taverns: Chicken

Race and Treasure Hunt, which offer better items than the Chocobo Defense

mission from chapter I. Chicken Race can be completed quite easily by a small

party of Chemists and is great for collecting items at this stage. Treasure

Hunt is a bit harder, but if you pick up the chest on the map, you’ll get a

good piece of equipment.


All the stores have new equipment, so pay them a visit to gear up your

characters. Remember that you’ll have to hike back to Eagrose to purchase

heavy armor and most weapons. Conversely, you’ll only find lighter armor at

the other two cities. Don’t buy any equipment for Gaffgarion. (It’s OK

to get stuff for Agrias, but her equipment is already really good.) Stock up

on Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs.


Note you can have random battles at the Fovoham Windflats and the Zeklaus

Desert that occur on entirely different maps from the story battles there.

They also feature some advanced monsters, so try recruiting them with a Orator.

Just make sure to keep an eye on the number of eggs they produce; wipe out the

majority of eggs before they clog your roster.


This is a good chance to build up your characters if you want. As long as you

have the Jobs I recommended above and new equipment for your main squad of

characters, you should be fine. When you feel confident that you’re done

preparing, go to Araguay Woods, east of Dorter. Here you have to save Boco

the chocobo from goblins. As when you met Argath, you’re given two options,

which will affect your victory conditions:

– If you choose not to help Boco (top choice), your goal is just to defeat

all the enemies, and you don’t have to keep Boco from being KOed. However,

you’ll also suffer a 10 point PENALTY to everyone’s Bravery; 2 points of

which will remain even after the battle.

– Choosing to help Boco (bottom choice) means you must keep Boco from getting

KOed during the battle, but does not penalize your Bravery.

This time, the top choice still gives you an easier battle, but you’ll take a

hit to your Bravery for selecting it. Since protecting Boco during the battle

isn’t hard at all, choose the second option to keep from losing Bravery. After

the battle, Boco will join.


Back on the map, go into your roster screen and change Gaffgarion into a Time

Mage or another crummy job. If you have the auto-equip feature on, be sure to

also strip off all his gear. Equip it on one of your other characters. He has

good armor, and the Power Gauntlet will give you an attack boost. (It’s great

for an Archer, or another character who doesn’t need the movement bonus of the

Battle Boots.) Then continue on to Zeirchele Falls. It’s pretty here, but

there’s still a battle awaiting you. Be sure to deploy an Archer for it.


After the battle, Delita will leave you with Ovelia. Ramza sets a new course

for Lionel Castle, so Fort Besselat disappears from your map, not to return

until much later in the game. Back on the map, help yourself to Gaffgarion’s

equipment if you didn’t earlier. If you need items, go back to Dorter.

There’s also some new equipment for sale at Dorter and at Eagrose, so it’s

probably worth making the trip as you’ll want the new gear for the next battle.

However, you may want to pass on the Poison Rod for your Black Mages. While

it does a little more damage physically (and sometimes poisons its target), it

doesn’t boost the power of any of your Black Magicks like the Flame, Ice, and

Thunder Rods do. Since your Black Mages usually attack with magick most of the

time (I assume 😉 ), you’re probably better off sticking your existing rod.


While Ovelia is listed on your roster as a Guest, she won’t actually

participate in any more battles. So, you’re safe de-equipping her Wizard’s

Hat and Wizard’s Robe and giving them to another character. The Wizard’s Robe

is an especially nice pick-up since you can’t buy them stores yet. It raises

your magick attack, so give it to one of your mages. However, she WILL be able

to use some of her abilities later. So, go into Ovelia’s ability screen and

teach her as many abilities under Princess as you can, then equip them.

They’ll come in handy in a few battles later down the road.


The next battle is a tough one, so be prepared. You’ll want Archers and Black

Mages, and, if you don’t include a White Mage in the party, one of the

characters should have White Magick as a secondary ability. A Black Chocobo

also be helpful, if you can get one. (Boco will randomly lay eggs and they may

hatch into Black Chocobos, but there’s obviously an element of luck/randomness

to this.) I ended up using Ramza, two Archers, and a Black Mage. If you don’t

have the abilities you want, you can move back and forth across any green dot on

the map to fight random battles and earn more JP. When you’re ready, go south

past the falls to the Castled City of Zaland.


You’ll meet Mustadio, who is being chased by some bad guys. Once again,

you’re given two options for the upcoming battle:

– Choosing the first option means that you DO NOT have to keep Mustadio from

getting KOed during the battle. This option raises the Bravery of each

character on your current squad (including Agrias) by 5, 1 point of which is


– Choosing the second option means that you DO have to keep from getting

Mustadio from getting KOed. However, this option raises all the characters’

Bravery by 10, 2 points of which are permanent.

In other words, you’ll get a Bravery increase either way, but you’ll get a

BIGGER increase for helping Mustadio. Of course, this also makes the battle

harder. So, there’s no clear "best option" here. It’s up to you which you

choose. Since this battle can be pretty challenging, you might want to just

pick the first option; it makes the fight quite a bit easier and you’re only

missing out on 1 extra point of Bravery. Again, no matter what you pick,

Mustadio joins you afterwards as a Guest.


When all the talking is finished, you’re now able to visit the stores in

Zaland. There’s not very much in the way of selection, but if you didn’t

upgrade your equipment after Zeirchele Falls, the Adamant Vest, Wizard’s Hat,

and Serpent Staff are all for sale here. (There’s nothing brand new.) There

are also a pair of new Errands available at the Tavern, and a new Rendezvous

Mode mission.


Your next stop is Balias Tor. When you first try to leave Zaland, there will

be a cutscene. Afterwards, you’ll be back on the map, but Balias Tor is still

red. Travel there for real this time, and you’ll get into a fight. Following

the fight, a cut scene will pop up back at Eagrose Castle with Dycedarg and

Gaffgarion scheming.


You can now finally get to Lionel Castle–don’t worry; there’s no fight!

You’ll chat with Delacroix and learn about the Zodiac Stones. Agrias and

Ovelia will then leave the party. Then you get to go shopping! There is a lot

of really powerful equipment you can get here, so load up on it (you should

have a lot of money by now). The Lightning Bow is a great weapon for any

Archers you have; it has a fairly high attack power and sometimes casts the

Thundaga spell. The stores also have a lot of new accessories — you might

want to pick up a Mage’s Cloak or two for your magick users. Finally, you can

now buy the Remedy item in all stores. It can cure any status ailment, so now

there’s really no point for your Chemists to learn the abilities for any of the

other status-restoring items.


Buy any stuff you want in Lionel now, as you won’t be able to do so later.

Since your access to the shops will be blocked off later, it might be a wise

idea to buy some spare pieces of heavy armor and helms. That way, if any of

your gear gets stolen or broken, you have a replacement.


Now that you’ve reached Lionel Castle, you’ll be able to deploy 5 characters

in both story and random battles, instead of just 4. If you’ve been using a

core team of just four characters, be sure to get a fifth equipped.


Also, you may want to send some of your characters out on a errand if you

haven’t been doing them — you can earn a lot of money from some. Again,

walking between Dorter and Orbonne Monastery is an easy way to pass time and

complete the errands while avoiding random battles. Be sure to complete all

the errands before heading on to Goug, though. Once you get to Goug, it will

be a while before you can go back to the other towns to retrieve your



If you go back up to Zaland, you can also buy some new light armor: Green

Berets and Wizard Clothing. Keep your magick users equipped with Wizard’s

Hats, though, as those raise their magick power.


If Mustadio has enough JP, pick up the Seal Evil ability for him if you haven’t

already–it’ll be handy in the next battle, as it turns undead to stone.


On to the fenlands. This should be a pretty easy battle as you fight your way

through here on to Goug. However, there’s a small chance that you may

encounter a Pig monster here in the initial story battle. (It does not appear

during random battles.) If you have an Orator, deploy him/her so that you can

recruit the Pig if you see it. You can use that Pig to breed monsters from the

pig family and then use the Thief ability Poach to kill them, which will yield

great rare items. (Unfortunately, you won’t actually be able to pick up the

items until the Poachers’ Dens open in Chapter III.) The next opportunity to

get a Pig won’t be until Chapter IV, so if you’re particularly intent on

getting a leg up on the enemy, you could keep entering the battle over and over

and resetting until the Pig appears and you can recruit it. But, that’s

definitely NOT necessary; you can skip the Pig entirely and do just fine!


Upon arriving in Goug, there will be a brief scene and then you’re back on the

map. The store doesn’t have much of anything, but if you’ve got a Orator or

Chemist, be sure to buy them a Romandan Pistol. The Romandan Pistol has a

great rangeoverall, and is especially useful if you have a chance to pair it

with the Knight’s Arts of War abilities — you can use it rend enemies’

equipments or stats at a distance! Goug also has a number of accessories

Make sure you’re stocked up on Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs; you’ll need them.

You may also want to equip the Archer’s Bane ability on any characters who have



Try to leave the city and you’ll be immediately thrust into a battle. Deploy

your Orator (if you have one), somebody with a bow, and somebody with Black

Magick. Ludovich, the leader of the Baert Company, will appear with Mustadio

and Besrudio (Mustadio’s father) captive. Mustadio reveals the location of the

Zodiac Stone. Ramza forks it over and you find out that Delacroix was in on

the plot. It’s fight time.


After a fairly tough battle, you check on Besrudio. Mustadio reveals that the

Zodiac Stone that Ludovich got was really a fake. Mustadio will now join as

you a normal party member — now you can control him! The only downside to

this is that he can now be permanently killed. Be sure to keep him alive;

you’ll need him to complete most of the subquests in Chapter IV. Musty’s

equipment is all gone, so be sure to re-equip him. Also, if he learned any

skills while he was a Guest, they’re gone for some reason.


The route back through the fenlands disappears. Take the ship (well, just walk

across the ocean) over to the Port City of Warjilis. Upon getting off the

ship, you’ll see a FMV sequence with Delita. After that scene’s ended, you can

explore the town. There’s no new equipment available, but to make some easy

money, go to the bar and accept the errand (to find the Highwind!), then go

back to Goug and get the job there as well. (There will be a cutscene with

Delacroix’s scheming when you leave Warjilis the first time). Just go back and

forth between the two cities until both jobs are complete. If you weren’t able

to afford all the equipment you wanted in Goug or elsewhere, you should be able

to get it now.


There’s also a new Rendezvous Mode mission, Lost Heirloom, that will have

appeared after you completed the story battle at Goug. This new mission is

pretty difficult if you don’t have a good defense, and the enemy Thieves can

charm female characters. If you have a female-heavy party, you may want to

wait until you get to Chapter III and can buy equipment that protects you from



Now that you have Mustadio, a good general trick for leveling up quickly is to

use Arm Shot or Leg Shot to debilitate the last enemy in a battle. Then,

you’re free to let the other enemies turn into crystals/chests. Crystals from

human enemies are often a good source of new abilities. Also, while the last

enemy is Disabled or Immobilized, you can have your characters attack each

other to raise JP. If you use the right strategy, you shouldn’t really need to

grind in this fashion, but it’s an efficient way to raise levels if you decide

to do so.


Now go up to Balias Swale, where you’ll find another fight. You’ll deploy

two squads here to save Agrias from Delacroix’s Gryphon Knights. This is a

really easy fight, so you might want to deploy some weaker characters to

give them a boost. Agrias will rejoin, this time as a controllabe, non-guest

character. Again, if you want to complete all the sidequests in the game,

don’t dismiss her or let her get killed.


After getting Agrias, if you head back down to Warjilis, you’ll find the shops

have a few new items available. Most notably, you can replace your Power

Gauntlets with the Diamond Bracelets, which gives you the Power Gauntlet’s +1

Physical Attack but also +1 Magick Attack and immunity to Slow. The latter

ability is pretty handy in the upcoming battle, so buy some for your main

squad. You can also upgrade your Wizard Clothing to the Brigandine, which

gives you a few more HP. (You’ll probably want to keep magick-oriented

characters on the Wizard Clothing or robes, though, for the magick bonus.)

There’s also the Mage’s Staff, and, in the unlikely event you have a Samurai,

the Osafune katana.


Your next stop is Golgollada Gallows. Make sure you’re ready; this is a tough

battle. The execution turns out to be a trap, and you have to fight

Gaffgarion. Bring your Diamond Bracelets!


After you attain victory at the Gallows (it may take a few tries!), you’ll see

a scene back at Lionel Castle in which you find out more about Ovelia’s past

and Delacroix’s plans. Then you’re back on the map. When you move back up to

Balias Swale, you’ll see a cutscene with Wiegraf.


Now, you can now wander around the map again. Next up is the final battles of

the chapter, which occur at Lionel Castle. However, if you want to travel

elsewhere, you can do so. If you click on any of the destinations PAST

Lionel Castle, you can walk right through the castle without getting into a

fight. Just don’t click on the castle ITSELF until you’re ready to fight.


To prepare for the upcoming fight, you’ll want to make sure that Ramza has

either the Teleport movement ability (Time Mage) or Chakra (Monk). If you’re

using Chakra, you can either make Ramza into a Monk or by assigning Martial

Arts as a secondary action ability. It’s also probably a good idea to equip

the Archer’s Bane rection ability on any characters that have it. When you’ve

done all that, it’s time for the final battles of the chapter.


When you click on Lionel Castle, you’ll have no choice but to attack the

gate. As Ramza tries to open the gate, Gaffgarion shows up yet again and

surrounds the castle. If you thought the Gallows was bad, here’s more fun.

Actually, the gate isn’t as bad if you play your cards right (see the battle

strategies). The save game screen will pop up at the conclusion of the battle

— there’s another couple battles right after this one. It’s your call as to

whether you should save. I’d recommend saving in a separate slot in case you

need to go back to get more JP.


After saving, you cut back to Delita at Zeirchele Falls with Ovelia. There’s

an easy battle here against the Order of the Northern Sky, but you get to

control Delita during it 🙂


Afterwards, you’re given another chance to save (again, don’t save in your

main slot). Then your roster screen shows up, allowing Ramza’s crew to learn

new abilities or change equipment (which might be necessary if the Knights at

the gate used Rend on you.) When you leave the formation screen, you’ll

immediately go to the next battle and start deploying your characters. This

time you’re up against Delacroix, who uses his Zodiac Stone to turn (with some

pyrotechnics) into Cuchulainn. Beat him and he’ll blow up (with more nifty

effects) and drop another Zodiac Stone.


Delita delivers Ovelia to Duke Goltanna, while Duke Larg maintains Orinus as

the heir to the throne. As the War of the Lions begins over these claims to

the throne, Chapter II draws to a close, and you’re again given a chance to



%%%CHAPTER III: THE VALIANT%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00walk3


Three months into the War of the Lions, things are looking bad for both Larg

and Goltanna. After a scene of Goltanna’s council of war, we cut back to

Ramza, whose new mission is to convince Zalbaag that someone is manipulating

Ivalice into the war.


You’ll start the chapter positioned at Dorter. The shops have a lot of new

stuff–as weird as it seems, those Croakadile Bags are *really* powerful,

although expensive. The Headbands are also a great buy; not only do they

increase your HP over the previous hats, they also give you a physical attack

boost. (You may want to keep your magick users with the Wizard’s Hats, though,

as those boost their *magick* power.) Now that you’re in Chapter III, you can

also buy X-Potions, so you’ll want to learn the corresponding ability with any

item-users you have.


The Poachers’ Dens are also now open. You can now use the Thief’s "Poach"

ability to poach enemies and get items from them at the Poachers’ Den. Poached

items are cheap; you can buy them for half their usual price! You can also get

some rare items from poaching that you can’t get anywhere else! Note, though,

that Poachers’ Dens are only found in Dorter and Warjilis, not other cities.

(Sal Ghidos, which you’ll reach in Chapter IV, also has a Poachers’ Den.)


For additional shopping opportunities, visit one of the castles, Lionel or

Eagrose. There you can pick up the Ancient Sword, a strong sword that can also

Immobilize enemies, the Mythril Bow, and some other stuff. The Fire Shield and

Ice Shield absorb fire and ice, respectively, which lets you do a handy trick:

Cast a fire or ice spell that targets both enemies and an ally with the shield

— you’ll damage the enemies, AND heal your character! Not only does this let

you get around the "friendly fire" effects when fighting in close quarters, it

even replenishes your HP!


All this new equipment is expensive, so luckily there’s a whole slew of new

errands, at least one in every town. If you’re short on cash, I recommend

spending a while completing them, buying stuff, and building up your

characters. If you’re offered any "contest" errand, take it right away,

because you won’t have the chance for very long.


A new Rendezvous mission, The Fete, is available. This one can be a little

difficult if you haven’t yet learned Shirahadori (see below), but with a

Summoner you should be able to win. There’s also the Lost Heirloom mission

from last chapter if you haven’t done that yet; the Nu Khai Armbands that you

can now buy will make this battle easier by protecting you from Charm.


There are some abilities you’ll need at the end of Chapter III that it’s a good

idea to start learning now. You don’t need these abilities just yet, but

if you build your characters towards those abilities now, you won’t have to

spend time grinding for them later. Specifically, you’ll really want Ramza

toi have Focus and Tailwind (both Squire), and Auto-Potion (Chemist). If you

have the chance to unlock the Ninja job for him, that’ll also help out a lot,

although it’s not strictly necessary. (It can be a bit of pain to unlock,

though, as it requires Ramza to at least have Archer at level 4, Thief at level

5, and Geomancer at level 2.) For your other characters, acquiring the Dragoon

or Ninja job on as many as characters as possible is helpful, but also not a

must-have. Combining the Ninja’s inherent speed and double attack with the

Monk’s Brawler ability makes for an incredibly strong and quick fighter.


You may also want to start developing a stealing specialist, if you haven’t

already. You’ll be encountering more and more enemies with rare equipment

that you can’t buy in stores, so you may want to swipe it :). It’ll be a big

help if you can learn the Thief’s Steal abilities, and either Concentration

(Archer) or Brawler (Monk), either of which will improve your stealing success

rate. If you don’t get to this until Chapter IV, though, it’s not a big deal.


Some other abilities that you want to work towards over the course of the

chapter are the Samurai’s Shirahadori reaction ability, the Ninja’s Dual Wield

support ability, and the Time Mage’s Teleport movement ability. Shirahadori

blocks physical attacks outright and, if combined with a high Bravery stat

(which you can boost with Ramza’s Steel ability), can render you virtually

impervious to physical attacks. It’s one of the best abilities in the game.

If you haven’t already unlocked the Samurai job, though, you’ll need to get a

character with Knight level 4, Monk level 5, and Dragoon level 2 to become a

Samurai. The Ninja’s Dual Wield ability is also great as it allows you equip

two weapons at once and effectively double (or come close to doubling) your

attack power. Finally, the Time Mage’s Teleport is helpful both for navigating

battlefields with tall walls (as it allows you to essentially warp right up

them), for teleporting through enemy forces blocking your path, and for

extending your move range in a pinch. If you try to teleport long distances,

it’ll probably fail, but this ability is still extremely helpful for navigating

heights and crowded maps. If you have a Summoner, the Golem summon will also

help out in a battle near the end of the chapter.


Lastly, if you haven’t been using Ramza’s Steel to work on building up your

Bravery, try to do so when you get a chance — having a high Bravery will make

your Reaction Abilities a lot more useful (such as the aforementioned



When you’re ready to get on with the game, equip your team with gear that

boosts their Move or Jump ranges. Safeguard may also be helpful. Then go up

from Dorter, across the Zeklaus Desert, to the Mining Town of Gollund. There’s

a fight here where you have to rescue Orran (although I can’t imagine he’d need

much rescuing). Black Magick and Thieves are handy here. After you save

Orran, you’ll chat briefly, and then he’ll head off to the south, sadly

depriving you of his super-powerful Celestial Stasis spell.


There’s no new equipment in the Gollund shops, so just head straight on to

Lesalia. There’s no fight when you first get here, just a short chat with

Zalbaag. However, as soon as you leave, you’ll have to fight Zalmour. It’s a

pretty easy battle. Alma then joins up as a guest. When you have a chance,

de-equip her Healing Staff, Barette, and Red Shoes. The Healing Staff and

Barette are items you can’t ever buy in shops, and the Red Shoes won’t be

available to purchase until much later. (It’s safe to de-equip all her gear

since, despite being a guest, she won’t actually participate in any more

battles.) The Healing Staff is an interesting "weapon" in that it actually

restores HP to the character hit by it. Equipping it on a magick-oriented

character can be quite useful since they probably won’t be doing much fighting

anyway and it gives you a free source of healing.


If you want to complete some errands easily, you can take the ones at Gollund

and Lesalia and then just walk back and forth until they’re done. Before

leaving this region, you can also stop at the store in Lesalia to buy new

heavy armor. Then go down to Dorter; there’s some new equipment here as well.

In particular, the Jujitsu Gi is a great set of clothes for fighting-oriented

characters as it also boots your physical atack power, and the Celebrant’s

Miter is a hat that boosts your MP. (You’ll probably want to keep your

fighters using the Headband for the attack boost.) Depending on what jobs

you’re using, there may be weapon upgrades as well.


A more powerful gun, the Mythril Gun, is now available for sale. Since Goug is

the only city that sells guns, though, you’ll have to walk all the way down

there if you want to buy it. (Note that the sea route between Goug and

Warjilis has vanished as of Chapter III.) It’s 2 points stronger and a

stronger guns never appears in stores, so it’s worth the trip if you didn’t

get the chance to steal them during the Gollund battle.


Purchase anything you want, then head to Orbonne Monastery. Note that

once you enter, you’ll be locked into a series of three battles, so make sure

that you’re well stocked with supplies. You could also pick up a few of the

Jade Armlet accessory, since they’ll be helpful in an upcoming battle, but

they’re fairly expensive and not really necessary.


At Orbonne Monastery, enter the Monastery Vaults (it’s the only option

available), where you’ll find Simon wounded. He tells you about Funebris’s

plot, and Ramza chases after the troops looking for the Virgo Stone. You’ll

have a chance to save your game. All you’d have to repeat if you died is that

short scene with Simon, but if you want to save, save in a separate slot

since you’re locked into a series of battle. The roster screen will come up,

then you will go down to the second floor and have a fight.


After beating the second floor, you have another save opportunity. Again,

save in a slot separate from your main file. For the next battle, you may want

to equip any accessories you have that boost your Jump statistic. After you

leave the roster screen, you’ll go to the third floor for another battle

against Isilud. Upon winning it, there’s yet another save point, and then the

last of the three battles, this time with Wiegraf. This time, equip any Jade

Armlets you have to protect yourself from his sword attacks. Afterwards,

Isilud escapes with a friend and your Zodiac Stones captive. Outside, Wiegraf

transforms in a rather frightening scene and Simon then shows up to give you

the Scriptures of Germonique.


Back on the map, go to the Chronicle option and check out your Artefacts.

Examine the Scriptures of Germonique and press Triangle to read it. After you

read it (which takes a while), go to Dorter. A mage will demand the Scriptures

and ask if you’ve read them. It doesn’t seem to matter what you say. When he

leaves, the route to Riovanes Castle will open. Try to leave Dorter (just

click anywhere on the map) and you’ll see an FMV scene with Delita and Ovelia.


After the scene concludes, go into Dorter and check out the shops, which once

again have some new equipment. The Power Garbs are a great buy; they’re good

new clothes that also raise your attack power. And don’t miss the White Robe

for your magick-users; you’ll have to scroll down through all the clothes to

find it. However, you may want to keep your Headbands and Celebrant’s Miters

instead of buying Black Cowls, since the Cowls don’t have any special stat

boost. Similarly, the Diamond Shields are not an especially great shield since

they don’t have any elemental properties, nor the magick block rate of the

Aegis Shield.


There are also a few new errands available down at Lionel Castle and the

Castled City of Zaland, as well as at Eagrose Castle. Taverns also offer a

new Rendezvous Mode mission, Desert Minefield. This one is relatively easy,

although tough to clear with just a few characters.


It’s now time to head north to Riovanes. As you head up through the Zeklaus

Desert, you’ll run into a fixed battle. Deploy your characters; if you have

anyone who can Poach or Entice/Tame monsters, they’re good to bring here.

There will be a CG scene, as Ramza jumps in to help Luso, and then the battle

starts. Defeat or recruit the enemy Behemoths and Luso will join up. (Luso is

the lead character from the Nintendo DS game Final Fantasy Tactics A2, not

coming to North America until later this year … he’s just moonlighting here

🙂 .) He’s basically a clone of Ramza, but he has an intrinsic Poach ability

(no ability needs to be equipped for it). This makes him very handy for

treasure hunting, especially during the monster-laden random battles. (Story

battles, of course, contain mostly humans and Poach doesn’t work on them.)


On the other hand, you may want to de-equip Luso’s Icebrand sword and give it

to Agrias — it will make her Holy Sword techniques extremely powerful!


If you poached any of the behemoths, you may want to go back to the Poachers’

Den in Dorter to see what you got, since a lot of these items can be quite

useful. If you recruited any of the behemoths, you’re even better off; you can

keep one behemoth on your team, have it breed other behemoths, and poach



After helping out Luso, continue on up to Lesalia, where there is more new

stuff (bows, daggers, and swords). Then continue to the Grogh Heights. Equip

some accessories to boost your Jump and smash your way through here (I actually

felt kind of bad killing those guys off) and you’ll meet up with Orran again.

You’ll receive a Mythril Gun in spoils from the battle, so if you didn’t

bother to go to Goug to buy any Mythril Guns, equip this one now.


Your next stop is the Walled City of Yardrow. Here you’ll encounter Marach

(the guy you met in Dorter) and Rapha. You have to save Rapha from Marach and

the Riovanes soldiers. Deploy lots of healers and magick-users; skip the

archers. After the fight, Rapha discusses her past. (Why the Grand Duke wants

Rapha and Marach’s powers so badly is one of FF Tactics’s great unsolved

mysteries 😉 .) Marach, meanwhile, delivers a amphibian ultimatum.


Rapha joins up as a guest for the next couple battles. She probably won’t be

all that helpful, though, since her Sky Mantra abilities only strike random

tiles in their effect radius and can’t be targeted too precisely.


Before you leave Yardrow, stop at the Outfitter and pick up some better

equipment for Rapha. But do NOT equip her with any "rare," non-buyable items

like the Barette or Healing Staff; if you do, you’ll lose them when Rapha goes

from being a Guest into a regular character.


There’s also good gear for your magick users: the Gold Hairpins, which raise

both your HP and MP a lot, and the Black Robe, which strengthens the power of

any of your fire-, ice-, or lighting-elemental spells. (You may want to keep

healers on the White Robe, since it’s got elemental defenses and they don’t

need the offensive capability.) There are also some new accessories; pick up a

pair of the speed-boosting Hermes Shoes for later use. The Bracer is also

available. It’s really expensive (50,000 gil), but it gives you a huge +3

attack boost, so buy one or two if you can afford them.


When you leave town, there will be another Delita battle. It’s a piece of



Back with Ramza’s squad, if you want to do further shopping, you can go back

down to Lesalia to buy new helmets, the Platinum Sword, and the Assassin’s

Dagger. If you have Ninjas, Samurais, or Dancers in the party, you may even

want to trek all the way back to Dorter, as you will find new weapons for those

three jobs there.


Clearing the battle at Yardrow also opens up another Rendezvous Mode mission,

Littering, which pits you against ten enemy Ninjas. If you bring characters

with the Sticky Fingers reaction ability, you can catch the weapons that the

Ninjas throw, which is a great way to build up your stock of weapons! You can

also start winning rare equipment from this mission, although your experience

level probably isn’t high enough yet for these items to appear.


When you’ve completed your shopping and catching spree, fight through the

Yuguewood and its undead inhabitants. Deploy Mustadio and his Seal Evil

ability will make quick work of them.


Don’t go on to Riovanes Castle just yet. It contains some very powerful

bosses, so you need to make sure you’re prepared. For Ramza, you’ll want the

Focus and Tailwind Squire abilities, as well as Auto-Potion from Chemist. Buy

a healthy stock (30+) of X-Potions. You’ll also want at least one pair of

Hermes Shoes and a Green Beret. (If you sold all your Green Berets, you can

buy another one at Yardrow.) Also helpful are Jujitsu Gis and Chameleon Robes

(both of which protect against instant KO) and Jade Armlets (protection against

Stop), particularly if you want to try to learn Ultima at Riovanes as opposed

to later. Since the Jade Armlets are pretty expensive, you may not want to

bother buying them unless you’re set on going for Ultima. (If you don’t get

Ultima now, you can also get it in Chapter IV.) Finally, if any characters are

close to reaching the Dragoon or Ninja jobs, you may want to bring them up to

those jobs, as they are quite helpful. Zeklaus Desert is a good place to level

up if you need to earn more JP.


When you think you’re ready, save your game, then pay a visit to Riovanes

Castle. You’ll see a scene with Barrington and the Templars, then have a

chance to save. Be SURE to save in a separate slot from your main game, so

that you can get out of the castle if you need to go back and level more/buy

stuff. If you save in your main slot, you may wind up STUCK and have to start

again from scratch!


You then go to the first of a series of three battles. Strip Rafa of all her

equipment; if she gets taken out quickly in the upcoming battle, Marach will

also disappear. Equip the Archer’s Bane or (preferably) Shirahadori ability on

any characters you can, as well as the Ignore Elevation or Teleport movement

abilities. If you have someone with the Golem summon, it’s also helpful.

Finally, equipping shields or capes for evasion may also be helpful. After you

defeat everyone outside the gate, a wounded Knight will crawl out, warning of

the Lucavi’s rampage.


Now, make sure you’re prepared. You’re about face a two-part battle against a

Zodiac-charged Wiegraf, and he is rather powerful. However, if you’re reading

this walkthrough and coming prepared ;), he isn’t that hard to beat. Before

the battle starts, set Ramza with the Mettle action ability and Auto-Potion

reaction ability. Next, you need to drop all your Potions and Hi-Potions. On

the roster screen, click on any character and go to Equipment. Choose View

List, find your Potions and Hi-Potions and select Discard. Throw away ALL of

them, so that you can only use X-Potions when Auto-Potion activates. As for

your othercharacters, make them into Dragoons or give them range weapons. Keep

Agrias as a Holy Knight if she has the Hallowed Bolt ability. (If your Ramza

is quite strong, you may not need such preparation–just give him Dual Wield or

Jump.) When you think you’re set, close the party roster screen and you’ll be

thrust into the battle against Wiegraf. (If you find yourself stuck in the

castle without these recommended abilities, I’ve listed some other alternate

tactics in the battle strategies below.)


If you win both rounds of the battle, you’ll go on to the last of this sequence

of battles, on the roof. Be sure to save again. For this battle, make Ramza

into a job with a high Speed stat (Ninja if available, otherwise Geomancer,

Thief, or Monk), and equip him with a Green Beret and Hermes Shoes to boost his

Speed as high as possible. Equipping the rest of the team with accessories

boosting Speed or Move is helpful as well.


You can also try to learn the Ultima spell during the rooftop battle. To do

so, you’ll need to deploy Luso (in his Game Hunter job), and equip the whole

team with Jade Armlets and either Chameleon Robes or Jujitsu Gis. (Keep Ramza

with the Hermes Shoes, though.) Or, if you took Alma’s Barette, you can also

equip that to protect a female character against both Stop AND KO. It’s pretty

challenging to learn Ultima here. There are other opportunities to learn the

spell in Chapter IV where you don’t have to contend with a suicidal Rapha and

will have a much easier time. So, unless you really like a challenge, I would

recommend waiting until Chapter IV.


Anyway, after you (eventually) ward off Elmdore and his assassins, Rapha will

use the Zodiac Stone to restore her family to a happy ending. You’ll get your

Zodiac Stones back, along with Wiegraf’s Aries stone and Isilud’s Pisces



Finally, Rapha and Marach will offer to join. You’ll probably want to take

Rapha, as her low Bravery makes her ideal for using Treasure Hunter. Marach

basically sucks, but if you don’t have a full roster already, there’s no harm

in signing him up. He’s pretty similar to Rapha in that his abilities strike

random tiles. What’s interesting is that they do more damage to enemies with

LOW Faith and get stronger when Marach has LOW Faith, the reverse of most

magick abilities. (Rapha’s abilities simply ignore Faith entirely.) If you

have an Orator lower Marach’s Faith, you can use Marach to attack the enemies

with magick while being resistant to magick himself, but the randomness of his

abilities still makes him not too useful.


%%%CHAPTER IV: IN THE NAME OF LOVE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00walk4


Chapter IV picks up right where Chapter III left off. After a brief scene

in Zeltennia Castle with Orlandeau and Orran, you’ll be plopped back on the

world map — haven’t seen that for a while, huh? — outside Riovanes.


Ramza’s appearance has changed again, giving him the ability to equip knight’s

swords, powerful weapons that you’ll start acquiring soon. He has also has a

new ability available (Shout), so be sure to learn that. You’ll note that

Squire does not appear as a Mastered job even if you learn all the abilities —

that’s because Ramza is missing the Ultima spell. If you managed to have Luso

learn it back on the roof, you can now have him cast it on Ramza in any battle

to teach it to Ramza. Otherwise, you’ll have a chance to learn Ultima for both

characters later on.


Be sure to change back to your normal jobs if you’re still altered from the

fights in Riovanes Castle. While you’re still at Riovanes, you can do a bit of

equipment upgrading. There are new swords, shields, and armor available. If

you visit Dorter, you can also buy new a ninja blade, katana, clothes (Gaia

Gear), the Yagyu Darkroods shuriken, and the Angel Ring accessory. Pick up

weapons you might need for you current jobs (and if you’re using Throw, stock

up on Darkroods). There are also a number of errands you can take in the

various towns, but many of them aren’t worth the time they take (and you

sometimes LOSE money on them), so it’s probably not worth the bother.


Now that you’re in Chapter IV, you can start accessing the game’s side quests.

First, assuming you still have Mustadio, you can head down to Goug to start the

Gollund Colliery quest, which will net you two great new characters (Beowulf

and Construct 8) as well as one OK one (Reis the Holy Dragon). This quest is

covered in the Gollund Colliery section below — press Ctrl+F and enter 00col

to jump there.


Second, you can also access the event to earn the Tynar Rouge accessory …

that is, IF you still have Mustadio, Agrias, Alicia, and Lavian on your team.

It occurs on 1 Cancer, which follows the month of Gemini, which follows Taurus.

So, if you’re in Gemini or Taurus, keep your head up about that. See the

Agrias’s Birthday section below for the full scoop on how to complete that



Finally, there’s a new Rendezvous Mode mission available, Shades of the Past.

This one is pretty easy if you have a good physical defense. If your level is

sufficiently high, you may start winning rare items from Rendezvous Mode!


If you don’t complete these sidequests now, don’t worry–they all have no

expiration date and you can always complete them later.


You’ll notice that a couple new routes have opened up from Riovanes: a shortcut

back towards Eagrose Castle, and another down towards Dorter leading through

the new Mount Bervenia location. You’ll need to visit Mount Bervenia later if

you’re doing the Cloud Subquest, but there’s not much to see there now.


Instead, you’ll want to head towards Zeltennia, where Ramza hopes to meet up

with Delita to discuss the Church’s plot. Go up to the pass near Lesalia.

This is a routine battle against the Order of the Southern Sky. Whip through

here and continue on towards the Free City of Bervenia.


Before you enter the town, equip the Safeguard ability on everybody who has it.

Archer’s Bane or Shirahadori, Jump, and Ignore Elevation or Teleport are also

helpful. In Bervenia, you’ll encounter — and fight — Isilud’s sister

Meliadoul, accompanied by some Summoners and Archers. She has some very useful

pieces of equipment (the Defender knight’s sword and the Chantage perfume), so

you may want to deploy someone with Steal and try to snag them, especially the

Chantage. (See the battle strategies for more tips on stealing.) If you don’t

get them here, there *are* other ways to get them, but it’s certainly worth

taking a shot at acquiring them here.


When you win the battle against Meliadoul, she’ll teleport away and you’ll be

able to visit the shops in town. The Outfitter doesn’t have anything new, but

if you were able to steal Meliadoul’s Defender and/or Chantage, equip them.

The Defender is the first knight’s sword you will have come across, which can

only be used a select few jobs (Knight, Dark Knight, plus Ramza’s Squire job

and Agrias’s Holy Knight job are the only ones who can use it now.)


Also, now that you’ve completed the battle at Bervenia, you can begin the

subquest to recruit Balthier. It requires trekking back down to Gollund and

later to Dorter, so you can either do it now or just wait until you pass

through that way a few battles later. For the full scoop on the Balthier

quest, see the Recruiting Balthier section — press Ctrl+F and enter 00balt to

jump down there.


When you first leave Bervenia, there will be another intermission with Delita

and Ovelia. Move on to Finnath Creek for another battle. You may want to

bring an Orator or someone else with Speechcraft and Beast Tongue as you may

able to recruit a Pig here. Instant-KO attacks (e.g. the Black Mage’s Death)

or petrification attacks (the Mystic’s Induration or Beowulf’s Break) will also

be helpful here.


After crossing the creek, you can finally get to Zeltennia Castle. Ramza will

go to the church, where he’ll meet Delita again. In an FMV scene, Delita

explains more of the church’s plan. Zalmour then shows up, and it’s fight time

(did you really think you could go somewhere without one?). With Delita’s

help, it’s quite easy. After the battle, you’ll meet with Valmafra, then

Delita will leave (bummer).


Strangely, the shops *still* don’t have anything new. But restock your items;

you’ll need lots of X-Potions. You may also want to grab a couple Aegis

Shields for any shield-using characters, if you don’t already have some in your

inventory. Then go to the Beddha Sandwaste, south of Bervenia. Here you’ll

encounter another Knight Templar, Barich, in a tough battle. To prepare

yourself, you may want to equip White Robes and Aegis Shields to protect

against enemy magic; deploying someone with the Esuna White Magick spell may

also be helpful. This is one the last difficult encounters of the game, as

pretty soon you… well, you’ll see.


After beating Barich (it may well take you a few tries), go to Fort Besselat.

You’ll have a choice as to whether to attack the south or north wall. Each is

a different battle. I find that the south wall is easier, especially if you

don’t have characters with a good Jump rating. Still, a good Jump stat is

useful for either battle, as are Shirahadori and Archer’s Bane.


Whichever way you go, you’ll end up at the floodgate. Save your game in a

different slot, then continue. There’s a second battle at the sluice. After

Ramza blows up the sluice, he, Orran, and Valmafra will rescue Orlandeau.

Orran goes back to Zeltennia to guard Ovelia, but Orlandeau THEN JOINS YOU!

YAHOO!! If you just heard a giant sucking sound, it was all the challenge

going down to Mexico (er, unless you live in Mexico, then it all went to

Zimbabwe). Orlandeau is ridiculously powerful, and once you have him, hardly

anyone in the game has a chance against you. He has all of Agrias’s,

Gaffgarion’s, and Meliadoul’s sword techniques, plus a full set of Crystal

equipment and the Excalibur, the latter of which gives him a permanent Haste.

He can also use every type of sword (katana, knight’s sword, etc.). To put it

simply, he is hell on wheels.


Meanwhile, Delita advances his power. A cutscene pops up instructing you to go

to Limberry. A handy new path now opens up between Fort Besselat and Zeirchele

Falls. If you didn’t already recruit Balthier, now is a great time to trek back

to either Gollund or Gariland to begin that quest. (Again, see the Recruiting

Balthier section below for the full scoop.) A new Rendezvous Mode mission also

becomes available, The Knights Templar.


Your next stop is the Trade City of Sal Ghidos. On the way, stop in at

Zeltennia. Finally, there’s new equipment for sale! Aside from one hat that

becomes available after Limberry, the gear here and at Sal Ghidos is the last

round of equipment upgrades you can find in stores. There’s better equipment

out there, of course, but you have to steal or find it; you can’t buy it.

There’s no point in holding back on upgrading, but save 50,000 – 75,000 gil or

so for some accessories you’ll need for the next arc.


At Zeltennia, you’ll find a new knife, sword, crossbow, polearm, shield, helm,

armor, and the Featherweave Cloak accessory. Note that there are two new sets

of armor available: the Crystal Mirror, which is a "regular" set of armor, and

the Mirror Mail, which gives the character a permanent Reflect (basically the

same as a Reflect Ring, but it doesn’t take up your accessory slot 🙂 ). This

reflects enemy spells, but it also reflects your own cure spells or buffs. If

you only use items to heal, though, the Reflect effect can be useful.


At your next stop, the Trade City of Sal Ghidos, you’ll run into what is

probably a familiar face … it’s Aerith! Choose the SECOND option to buy a

flower from her; you’ll need to do so if you want to complete all the

subquests. Be careful not to speed through the text and choose the first

option by mistake!


Once you have the flower, you can complete the Nelveska Temple quest (again,

covered below in the subquests section), though this also requires you to have

finished the Gollund Colliery quest first. The Nelveska Temple nets you one

character upgrade, as well as the chance to acquire some rare items via the

Treasure Hunter ability. Completing the Nelveska Temple in turn opens the

Recruiting Cloud quest, which lets you recruit Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

into your party. If you accidentally do NOT buy the flower, however, you’ll

miss out on your chance on complete these quests.


After meeting with Aerith at Sal Ghidos, head into town (yup, there’s no

fight). There’s yet more new equipment! Will the wonders never cease? Be

sure to stop in for an upgrade. You can get new knives, katanas, polearms,

poles, clothes, and hats. There’s also the new Luminous Robe, although it

doesn’t have any special bonuses, so if you’re using Black Magick, you may

prefer to keep the Black Robe for its offensive bonuses.


Before you leave, you’ll want to have a good selection of equipment to protect

yourself against the status conditions you’ll face at Limberry. Jujitsu Gis

and Jade Armlets are especially helpful, as they protect against the KO and

Stop conditions that Celia and Lettie throw at you, and Protect Rings will

defend against Sleep and Doom. You may also want to pick up a Nu Khai Armband

or two for male characters; these protect against Charm.


There are also a couple of new errands. Since Zeltennia and Sal Ghidos are

right next to each other, you can easily clear the errands in either town (as

well as in Bervenia) just by walking back and forth between them. They may

help you out if you need to earn a little cash to buy stuff, though, in many

cases, they’re just as likely to lose you money as to earn you it. If you

still need more money, you could complete the next two story battles (en route

to Limberry), then come back to Sal Ghidos to shop with the bonus gil you



Pop on down to Mount Germinas, where you’ll have a run-in with some bandits.

With Orlandeau in your party, this battle is a breeze. There is one special

item here, which you can obtain either during the story battle or a random

battle. It’s the Invisibility Cloak, a cloak that (as you might expect)

automatically makes you invisible. To get the cloak, first save the game;

then equip someone with Treasure Hunter ability and move him/her to the top of

the mountain. You’ll receive either an Ether or the cloak; the LOWER your

Bravery, the HIGHER your chances of getting the cloak. (Rapha is good for this

because she has a pretty low Bravery.) If you get the Ether, you lose your

shot at getting the cloak, so you’ll have to reset and try again. There’s no

time limit on attempting to get the cloak (as long as you don’t search and get

an Ether), so if you don’t have a good Move/Jump range or if your Bravery is

too low, you can skip it for now and come back later. This is the only

Invisibility Cloak available in the single-player quest, though you can easily

win more in Rendezvous Mode.


After Mount Germinas, you’ll go to Lake Poescas. This is another undead

scenario, but it’s really easy. As always, Mustadio and (if you have him)

Balthier are good for petrifying the undead. You then see a scene with

Dycedarg, after which you can go to Limberry Castle.


There’s a sequence of four battles at Limberry Castle; as usual, you’ll want to

save in a different slot between them, so that you don’t lock yourself in. The

first battle is at the gate (isn’t it always?). You’ll be fighting Celia and

Lettie again, so equipping your anti-Stop/KO/Charm gear is essential. The

battle is pretty easy, but it’s your best chance to learn Ultima. To do so,

just make Ramza into a Squire before the battle and he’ll learn the spell when

Celia or Lettie casts it on him. (Luso can also learn the spell, but it’s

probably easiest to just have Ramza learn it here and then later teach it to

Luso by having Ramza cast it on him.)


After winning the gate battle, you’ll see a story scene with Elmdore and

Folmarv. Keep your status protection gear equipped for the next battle. If

Ramza already learned Ultima, you can switch him back to his regular job now;

otherwise, you’ll have additional chances in the next two battles.


The second battle is against Elmdore, Celia, and Lettie in the keep. If you’re

looking for revenge from the Riovanes Castle Roof, now’s your chance — but

look out, Elmdore is still pretty darn tough, and nearly impossible to hit.

Check the battle strategies if you need help beating him.


After defeating Elmdore in the keep, you can return your equipment to normal as

you won’t have to fight Celia and Lettie any more. Next up is the courtyard,

you’ll have to square off against an old "friend." Deploying someone who can

inflict Disable status (e.g. Mustadio, Balthier, Beowulf, or a Mystic) is

particularly important for this battle.


Finally, you’ll proceed down to the basement for the last battle in this

sequence and your last encounter with Elmdore — now in Lucavi form. Equipping

Protect Rings beforehand will help guard against some of the status attacks he

uses on you. Meliadoul will also help you out here.


After you defeat Elmdore for the last time, you’ll collect two more Zodiac

Stones–Elmdore’s Gemini stone and Meliadoul’s Sagittarius stone–and Meliadoul

will offer to join you. Although she’s not quite as powerful as Orlandeau

(Orlandeau has all her sword techniques, plus more!), her sword techniques are

still pretty good … and, unlike in the PSone version, they work on monsters!

She also has a pretty high Faith, so she can be good with magick too if you

change her to a magick-using job. She comes equipped with the Save the Queen

knight’s sword; if you don’t plan on using her, give this sword to someone else

as it’s probably stronger than anything else you have save the Excalibur.


Limberry Castle is now a normal town, so you can go to the Tavern and Outfitter

(although there’s nothing new at the shop). When you try to leave, you’ll see

a long set of story scenes with Ovelia and then with Zalbaag. Now take a look

at map. You’ll note Eagrose Castle has turned red. It’s time to hike all the

way back there.


A new wilderness location has opened up west of Limberry: Dorvauldar Marsh.

Although nothing story-related happens here and you never *have* to visit, it

provides a handy shortcut between Limberry and Fort Besselat. Additionally,

there’s a small chance of encountering Pigs in random battles here — though

only when you’re entering from the Fort Besselat side. If you haven’t snagged

one yet for poaching purposes, you can look for one here. One of the later

sidequests also offers an opportunity to find Pigs at higher odds, if you’d

prefer not to wait for one to show up here.


Now that you’ve defeated Elmdore, many towns around the map also have new

errands to complete.


As you make your way back to Eagrose, stop in at a non-castle town. You can

now buy Thief’s Caps, the last piece of new equipment that the shops will

carry. If you don’t have any Nu Khai Armbands, you’ll also want to acquire

a set of those for an upcoming battle.


If you step into Dorter on the way back to Eagrose, you’ll have an extra battle

against Cletienne, another of Folmarv’s henchmen. Meliadoul automatically

participates as a guest in this battle, so be sure to equip her accordingly.

Alternately, you can avoid this battle entirely if you go to Bervenia and head

west along the northern coast … but this is such a long and circuitous route

that you’re likely to have more random battles than you save by avoiding

Cletienne. (Note that the Cletienne battle will also not trigger if you never

admitted into Meliadoul into your party or if she has already been killed or



When you finally do reach Eagrose, Ramza will open the gate (no gate battle,

yay!), and then you’ll line up for a fight. For an easy victory, equip Nu

Khai Armbands and deploy Agrias, Orlandeau, and Meliadoul. You’ll fight a two-

stage battle against another Lucavi, Adrammelech. When killed, he will yield

the Capricorn Zodiac Stone. (You can also pick up an extra Blood Sword and

Healing Staff in this battle if you bring someone with Treasure Hunter and low

Bravery, but it’s not too important to get and the Healing Staff is quite

difficult to reach.)


After defeating Adrammelech, head to Gariland. Stock up on Holy Water and take

the new route south to Mullonde. At Mullonde, you’ll be treated to a series of

battles, beginning outside the church (not that hard), and progressing inside,

where you’ll face off against Folmarv, Loffrey, and Cletienne. Equip Safeguard

here since Loffrey likes to break your equipment. The three Knights Templar

will teleport away after you beat on them for a while. If any of your

equipment got broken in this battle, you’ll need to replace it; strip the gear

from somebody you’re not going to be using in the next battle.


You’ll then go to the sanctuary, where Ramza will have to fight a possessed

former ally. If you’re still missing Ultima, this is your last chance to learn

it and save it to your save file. The sanctuary battle is the last of the

sequence of the battles at Mullonde; afterwards, Ramza will meet up with a

dying Funebris, who tells him that Folmarv is going to Orbonne Monastery.


Back on the map, a handy route has opened up between Mullonde and the Clockwork

City of Goug. Another set of subquests becomes available: Midlight’s Deep in

Warjilis Trade City, Disorder in the Order (in Zeltennia and Dorter), and (if

you’ve already completed the Nelveska Temple quest) Lionel’s New Liege Lord.

The All-Star Melee mission is also unlocked in Rendezvous Mode. And if you’re

still working on the earlier subquests, the new route between Mullonde and Goug

makes them a lot easier.


If you’re going to do these quests or anything else on the map, take care of it

now! Once you go to Orbonne Monastery, you’re locked into the game’s final

series of battles.


Before you go to Orbonne, make sure you’re ready. Your main team of characters

should be at least level 40. Equip yourself with all your best abilities, and

change to your best jobs. Earning JP doesn’t matter now. In truth, the last

sequence of battles isn’t all that difficult, just long. You may also want to

buy a couple pairs of Winged Boots since they’ll be helpful in one of the

upcoming battles. Definitely purchase some Thief’s Caps if you haven’t




Once you enter Orbonne, there is NO way to return to the world map. If you

want to be able to continue playing the game on the world map, you must keep a

save from before you entered the Monastery. Once you enter the Monastery,

save in a DIFFERENT slot.



The first battle at Orbonne is against some generic enemies — an easy battle.

Afterwards, you’ll move on to the fifth for the next battle. Beforehand,

ready your Safeguard abilities to protect yourself from Crush attacks.

Equipping Winged Boots or the Jump +x and Fly abilities will also help you

navigate the pit-laden terrain.


On the fifth level, you’ll face the first of a series of four battles against

the Zodiac Braves. First up is Loffrey. After you defeat him, he’ll suck you

through a portal to the Necrohol of Mullonde (of no apparent relation to

Mullonde Cathedral), then destroy the way back. Return your abilities and

equipment to normal.


Your next opponent is Cletienne. After that, you’ll face Barich, brought back

to life by the Zodiac Stones. This can be a pretty tough fight; deploying

long-range attackers is a good idea and you’ll probably want to equip Thief’s

Caps to keep Barich from Immobilizing or Disabling you.


Finally, you’ll head to the Airship Graveyard, which is really just a single

airship, and a rather odd location for a final battle. Folmarv will use the

Leo Stone to transform him into a giant lion, Hashmal. You may want to equip

your Jade Armlets again for this battle since he likes to cast Stop on you.

Defeat him and you’ll get the Ragnarok sword. St. Ajora will then appear.


You now have one last chance to save your game and adjust your characters.

Equip the Ragnarok sword. It’s strong but not quite as useful as the

Excalibur, since it doesn’t give you an automatic Haste. But if you have two

characters who can use knight’s swords (Knights, Dark Knights, and many of the

special jobs), you can give the Ragnarok to the second one


Another Alma will somehow appear. Ajora then summons four Ultima Demons in

response, then transforms into Ultima. Alma will join you as a guest for the

final battle, against the Generic Angel Boss (TM). After pounding on Ultima

for a while, Ultima will (of course) reveal his/her/its (?) true form, a

skeletony-type of angel. Thankfully, the Ultima Demons disappear for this

phase of the battle.


When you defeat Ultima’s second form, it will blow up (nice special effects).

The Battle Is Won! Leave the game on after the credits for an additional



Note that when the game says it’s saving afterwards, it’s just doing so to

unlock the last set of Rendezvous Mode missions. If you saved at any point

during the final sequence of battles (i.e., any time after you entered Orbonne

Monastery), loading this save will only put you back into the last set of

battles and doesn’t allow you back to the world map. So, again, if you want to

do anything outside of the Necrohol, hang on to a separate save from before you

entered Orbonne Monastery!


If you haven’t beaten Midlight’s Deep and all the other subquests, you’re not

done yet! Keep on reading for information on those quests.






Final Fantasy Tactics boasts a number of optional subquests, all of which

become available at various points in Chapter IV. In addition, some of the

subquests require you to have completed other subquests first. Specific

requirements for each quest are listed with the walkthroughs below, but I’ve

also provided this cheesy ASCII chart to demonstrate how they flow together.


Agrias’s Birthday ——–> Recruiting Cloud

(beginning of Chapter IV) /


Gollund Colliery ———-> Nelveska Temple

(beginning of Chapter IV) (after Fort


——> Lionel’s New Liege Lord

Recruiting Balthier (after Mullonde)

(after Free City of Bervenia battle)


Disorder in the Order

(after Mullonde)


Midlight’s Deep

(after Mullonde)


Once a quest becomes available, it never goes away. There’s no "time limit" on

when you can complete these quests (unless you dismiss one of the characters

needed for the quest, of course).


Walkthroughs for the quests are below. Battle strategies for the battles

encountered within these quests can be found in the Subquest Battle Strategies

section — press Ctrl+F and enter 00bssub to jump there.


%%%AGRIAS’S BIRTHDAY%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00agr


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: At beginning of Chapter IV

REWARDS: Tynar Rouge


A pair of Agrias-related subquests become available in Chapter IV. The first

one allows you to obtain the Tynar Rouge, a good accessory for female

characters (if not *quite* as abusive as the Chantage). To trigger the scene

in which you acquire the Tynar Rouge, you must move onto a TOWN or CITY (NOT a

castle) on the world map on the date of 1 Cancer, which is Agrias’s birthday.

In addition, you must also meet these other requirements:


– Agrias, Mustadio, Alicia, and Lavian must still be alive and on your roster.


– You must have at least 500,000 gil in your War Funds. Only 50,000 of this

will be spent as part of the quest, but you must have 500,000 available.


– You must be in Chapter IV. (This event can be completed at any point during

Chapter IV, though.)


Assuming you meet the above requirements, if you move onto a town (again, a

castle will NOT work), on 1 Cancer, you’ll see a scene in which Mustadio buys

Agrias the Tynar Rouge lip rouge for her birthday. The 50,000 gil cost of the

rouge will be subtracted from your War Funds. It’s worth the expense, though,

as the Tynar Rouge is a great accessory. It can be equipped by any female

character (not just Agrias) and grants a permanent Shell, Protect, and Haste,

as well as a bonus to your attack and magick strength.


1 Cancer follows after 32 Gemini. The easiest way to ensure that you land on a

city or town on that date is to simply move back and forth between Gollund Coal

City and Lesalia. Both of these count as towns, so you’re guaranteed to land

on a town on 1 Cancer. If you somehow miss the date and don’t end up on a town

on 1 Cancer, don’t worry; the event never "expires." You can just wait until

all the months cycle through and try again the next time 1 Cancer comes up, as

long as you still meet the requirements listed above. (Fortunately, the

villains are more than happy to postpone their plans of world domination while

you spend a year shopping for makeup.)


Although this event never expires, it can only be completed ONCE, even if you

cycle through the calendar to Agrias’s birthday again. You can only get a

single Tynar Rouge.


%%%GOLLUND COLLIERY%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00col


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: At beginning of Chapter IV

REWARDS: Beowulf, Reis [Holy Dragon], and Construct 8 join the party


In the Gollund Colliery quest, you’ll recruit three new characters: Beowulf,

Reis (in dragon form), and Construct 8. It’s the first in a series of three

quests, also leading into the Nelveska Temple and Cloud quests. To complete

ANY of these quests, you must have Mustadio still around, so don’t dismiss him

or let him get killed!


To start the quest, once Chapter IV begins, go to the Clockwork City of Goug.

Besrudio, Mustadio’s father, will show you an iron sphere he’s found. (If

you’ve already seen this scene, you don’t need to repeat it.)


Now go to the Mining Town of Gollund, in the center of the map. At the Tavern

in Gollund, listen to the rumor "The Haunted Mine." You will be asked to fight

a monster in the coal mines. Leave the bar. Nothing will happen at first, but

go north to Lesalia. Ramza will automatically go into the Tavern and learn

more about the coal mine job. He agrees to take it. On the way out, Beowulf

will stop you and ask you to take him with you. Choose the second option to

sign him up and he joins you as a Guest. (If you choose the first option and

reject his assistance, the quest will end and you’ll be permanently locked out

of it!)


You’ll note that the Mining Town of Gollund has turned red. First, equip

Mystic Arts as Beowulf’s second ability, since he already has a bunch of Mystic

Arts spells learned. Go back into Lesalia and check at the Outfitter’s;

depending on how far you are through Chapter IV, you may be able to buy Beowulf

some better equipment. Equipment that protects you against ice will be

especially helpful in the upcoming battles, so you may want to pick up some

Ice Shields or White Robes if you don’t have any in your inventory. (You’ll

have to go to a non-castle town to buy the robes.) Ideally, try to buy both

some Icebrands and other swords. The ice damage from the Icebrands will be

effective in some battles here, but there are also some monsters that absorb



Save your game–there’s an extended series of battles coming up–and return to

Gollund, where you’ll be forced into entering the Gollund Colliery. You have

to fight through three areas in the snow. Equipping your anti-ice gear will

protect you well against the ice attacks you’ll face. Since the snowy weather

boosts the power of ice attacks, you’ll also want to equip any Icebrands and

Glacial Guns you own for the first two battles. For the third battle, however,

switch them to other weapons; you’ll face Blue Dragons that absorb ice!


After the three battles, you’ll reach the Coal Shaft. The monsters here are

WEAK against ice, so strip off your anti-ice gear and re-equip any Icebrands

you have. In the Coal Shaft, the Holy Dragon Reis is being attacked by an

Archaeodaemon. You have to save her.


After this battle, you’ll get the Aquarius Zodiac Stone, and Reis and Beowulf

will offer to join you. Sign them both up as you need them for later quests.

(Be sure to keep them alive, too!) Reis, particularly while she’s still stuck

in dragon form, is not that great, but Beowulf IS. In particular, shoot for

learning his Vengeance and Chicken abilities. Chicken does a HUGE drop on

enemy Bravery and frequently turnes them into a helpless chicken, while

Vengeance is a potent attack with a long range.


Now that you’ve got the Aquarius Stone, return to Goug. You will put in the

Aquarius stone in the iron sphere, which transforms into Construct 8. A

comical scene will follow, and then another new character, Construct 8, joins

you. Construct 8 is more like a monster in that it can’t change jobs, but it’s

super-strong anyway. It has a long-range laser attack, an inherent Counter,

and is basically impervious to magick and most (though not all) status

conditions. Sign it up for sure!


On the way out of Goug, if you’ve progressed sufficiently far in the game,

you’ll get another scene in which Besrudio puts together another device that

requires the Cancer Zodiac Stone. If you’ve finished up Fort Besselat, you can

now begin the Nelveska Temple quest, below.


%%%RECRUITING BALTHIER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00balt


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: After completing battle at the Free City of Bervenia

REWARDS: Balthier joins the party, Ras Algethi gun, Mirage Vest


Balthier from Final Fantasy XII makes an appearance as an optional cameo

character you can sign up for your team.


Any time after completing the battle at the Free City of Bervenia in Chapter

IV, visit either the Magick City of Gariland, the Mining Town of Gollund, or

the Royal City of Lesalia. Read the "Rash of Thefts" rumor. You only need to

read this rumor at ONE of these three cities, not all three!


After you’ve read "Rash of Thefts," go to Dorter and visit the Tavern there.

Read the new rumor here ("A Call for Guards") that will have appeared if you’ve

read "Rash of Thefts."


It seems like nothing has happened, but return to the map and try to leave

Dorter. You’ll get into kicked into a battle (though not without a lengthy

FMV intro to Balthier first). Balthier will help you out here as a guest.

You can check the Other Subquests section of the battle strategies if you need

help, but it should be really be pretty easy.


Afterwards, you can sign Balthier up for your team. He’s basically a

combination of Mustadio (he has all of Mustadio’s Aimed Shot abilities) and a

Thief, with one unique ability of his own: Barrage. Barrage allows him to

attack four times in a row for 1/2 damage each time, essentially allowing you

to do double damage, and can’t be blocked. His "Plunder" abilities are also a

little better than regular Stealing; when it comes to stealing equipment, a

Plunder is 10 percentage points more likely to succeed than a Steal. (So, if a

Steal would have, say, a 36% success rate, Plunder will have a 46% success

rate, for instance.)


Balthier also comes equipped with a Ras Algethi gun and Mirage Vest, two items

you can’t find anywhere else! Both are quite strong, so if you don’t plan on

using Balthier, you should at least give his gear to someone else.


%%%NELVESKA TEMPLE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00nel


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: After clearing Fort Besselat and

completing Gollund Colliery quest. (Must also buy flower in Sal

Ghidos, see below)

REWARDS: Reis returns to human form, various items found with Treasure Hunter


In order to begin the Nelveska Temple quest, you must first have finished the

battles at Fort Besselat in the main storyline, as well as having completed the

Gollund Colliery quest above. (Beowulf and Reis the Holy Dragon must also

still be on your team.)


When you first reach the Trade City of Sal Ghidos during the main storyline,

you’ll be asked to buy a flower for 1 gil from Aerith. Make sure you choose

the SECOND option to buy the flower. You’ll need to buy this flower in order

to continue with the quest. If you fail to buy the flower when asked, it seems

that you do NOT have a second chance to get it, which means that you

unfortunately can’t continue with this quest 🙁


Once you’ve got the flower, go down to Goug and you’ll see a scene where

Besrudio presents another device unearthed from the tunnels; this one requires

the Cancer Zodiac Stone. (If you’ve already seen this scene, you don’t need

to go back to Goug.)


Now go back up to Zeltennia Castle. Go to the tavern and listen to the "Cursed

Isle of Nelveska" rumor. This will open up a new path on your map from

Zeltennia to Nelveska Temple.


Although you can open up the route to Nelveska as soon as you reach Zeltennia,

in order to actually trigger the battle there, you must have seen the scene

at Goug where Besrudio presents his weathervane-like device.


The battle at Nelveska Temple contains a number of rare items that can be

found using Treasure Hunter. These items include a super-powered Javelin and

Escutcheon as well as the Sasuke’s Blade ninja blade and the goofy Nagnarok

sword. The Javelin II and Escutcheon II are especially worth picking up (and

the Escutcheon II isn’t available anywhere else!). You only have this one

chance to get them, as there are no random battles at Nelveska Temple. Of

course, you certainly don’t NEED any of these items and they can be tricky to

get, so it’s up to you as to whether you want to try for them.


If you do want to get the items, you’ll need to have a LOW Bravery — the

higher your Treasure Hunter’s Bravery, the higher the odds of getting a crummy

item instead. Rapha is great for this purpose since her Bravery already starts

pretty low. For the best odds, though, you’ll want to lower it even further.

The best way to do this is probably with the Orator ability Intimidate; for

every use of this ability, she’ll lose 20 points of Bravery during the battle

but 5 points permanently. Be careful not to reduce her permanent Bravery TOO

low, though, or she will quit the party (so using Beowulf’s Chicken may not be

a good idea). 15 to 20 is probably a safe number.


Whether you’re planning on looking for the items or not, you’ll probably want

to buy some Gold Needle or Remedies before you leave town for the coming

battle, or equip Jade Armlets — the Cockatrices at the temple can turn you to



Go to Nelveska and you’ll be attacked by Construct 7. This is the one battle

here, so search for the hidden items if you want, or just take down Construct

7. (See the battle strategies for tips both on the fight and on successfully

retrieving the items.) When Construct 7 explodes, you’ll get its power source:

the Cancer Zodiac Stone.


When you try to leave Nelveska Island, Beowulf will use the Cancer stone to

restore the dragon Reis to her normal human form. She will then re-join your

party, keeping all her dragon abilities and adding many new ones she can learn.

Even in human form, her Dragonkin job can use very little equipment (just hair

adornments, bags, and some accessories), but she has killer stats and an

inherent Dual Wield. (The Dual Wield can only be used only with weapon types

that can be Dual Wielded, of course, but that includes her fists.)


If you now return the Cancer Stone to Besrudio, he’ll summon Cloud … but you

won’t be able to go any further to recruit him onto the team unless you’ve

already defeated Adrammelech in the main storylie. (See Recruiting Cloud,

below.) If you’ve gone even further and cleared Mullonde in the main

storyline, you can also embark on the Lionel’s New Liege Lord quest.


%%%RECRUITING CLOUD%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00cloud


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: Immediately after completing Nelveska Temple quest

REWARDS: Cloud joins the party


You can get Cloud any time after you complete Ford Besselat. In order to get

him, you must first complete the Gollund Colliery quest, followed by the

Nelveska Temple quest, both described above. You’ll also still need Mustadio



Having completed both of these quests, hike all the way back to Goug. (If

you’ve finished the battles at Mullonde, you’ll have a handy shortcut.)

Besrudio will power up the weathervane with the Cancer Stone and it will …

summon Cloud. Cloud, in typical Cloud fashion, will refuse to let you

introduce yourselves and run off in pursuit of Sephiroth.


Now you have to go all the way to the Trade City of Sal Ghidos. Remember when

you met Aerith here earlier? Well, she’s back, and this time she’s being

accosted by some thieves. Cloud comes to save her, but has another one of his

schizophrenic breakdowns. You have to save him from the thieves. This is

quite an easy battle, although you may want to equip Safeguard beforehand so

the Thieves can’t steal any of your gear. Afterwards, Clod… er, Cloud will

join you.


You’re still not totally finished with this quest. In order for Cloud to be

able to use his Limit attacks, you need to find his Materia Blade. The Blade

is found using the Treasure Hunter ability on Mount Bervenia. The easiest

method is to go to Riovanes Castle and just move back and forth between

Riovanes and Mount Bervenia until you get into a random battle.


Once you’re in battle, move your Treasure Hunter to the very tippy-top of the

volcano to discover the Materia Blade. You’ll need a Jump at least of 4 to

reach the volcano top — equip Germinas Boots if you need a boost. Unlike the

other rare items found with Treasure Hunter, this one doesn’t depend on your

Bravery. You’ll always receive the Materia Blade on this tile, regardless of

your Bravery; there’s no chance of getting the wrong thing. Once you’ve

secured the Materia Blade, finish off the rest of the enemies to end the

battle. (If you end the battle by mistake before getting the Blade, just start

up another battle; the Blade never disappears until you find it.)


If you’re having a hard time getting your Treasure Hunter up to the top during

the battle, one strategy is to kill off all but one enemy, and then use

Beowulf’s Chicken ability to turn the last enemy into a chicken. This leaves

you free to spend as much time as needed navigating the volcano.


Equipping Cloud with the Materia Blade allows him to use his Limit command,

although you still have to learn all the Limit abilities individually.

Honestly, Cloud isn’t really all that great a character, in my estimation —

his Limits take a long time to charge (you’ll probably want to give him the

Time Mage’s Swiftness ability), and he starts back at level 1.


%%%DISORDER IN THE ORDER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00dis


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: After Mullonde battles

REWARDS: Lots of stealable equipment


The second of two Agrias-related quests, this quest becomes available late in

Chapter IV, after you win the battles at Mullonde Cathedral. You do NOT have

to have completed the other Agrias quest (Agrias’s Birthday) to access it.


First, after clearing the Cathedral, make tracks for Zeltennia Castle, in the

upper right corner of the map. As long as Agrias is still with you, when you

reach Zeltennia, you’ll see a scene in which Agrias meets with Ovelia and sets

up an important later plot point. (If Alicia and Lavian are still around,

they’ll also participate in this scene, but they’re not required.)


Nothing else happens here, but now head to the Magick City of Gariland or

Eagrose Castle and hit up the Tavern. If you saw the above, there will be a

new rumor, "Disorder in the Order." Listen to it.


Now, if you head back to the Brigands’ Den south of Mandalia Plain, you’ll

get into a battle against some deserters from the Order of the Northern Sky.

Agrias functions as a Guest in this battle. Be SURE to bring a character who

can steal, as there are a lot of great rare items you can get here. (Balthier

may be particularly useful, since his Plunder skills a little bit more likely

to succeed than regular Steals.) While none of the stealable items are

available ONLY in this battle, it’s a chance to grab second copies of some

items you can’t buy in stores. The extra Venetian Shield and Kaiser Shield you

can get here are particularly handy, and you can also get more magick guns, a

Sasuke’s Blade, and Ninja Gear and a Barette. If you bring Orlandeau along,

you can also see a few extra lines of dialogue.


The actual battle should be fairly easy. Nothing special happens when you

clear it–it’s mostly just an avenue for stealing a lot of great items 🙂


%%%LIONEL’S NEW LIEGE LORD%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00lio


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: After Mullonde battles AND completing Nelveska Temple


REWARDS: Genji Armor, Zeus Mace, Sortile’ge, stealable Masamune and Chantage,

Hydrascale Bag, other equipment


To begin the new Beowulf subquest, you must first complete the Nelveska Temple

quest. At this point, you will have recruited Beowulf and Reis and returned

Reis to human form. Beowulf and Reis must also still be alive and on your

roster. (It’s not necessary to do to the quest to recruit Cloud or get his

Materia Blade.) You also have to completed the battle against Zalbaag at

Mullonde in the main storyline.


Finally, to activate the quest, you have to have read the "Lionel’s New Liege

Lord" rumor that appears in Taverns after you’ve completed the battle at

Bervenia Free City during Chapter IV. This rumor can be read before or after

you recruit Beowulf and Reis.


The main purpose of this quest is to acquire the Masamune and Genji Armor, as

well as a few other goodies.


This quest, of course, takes place at Lionel Castle. As soon as you visit

Lionel Castle after meeting the requirements above, you’re thrown into the

quest, so you’ll want to prepare first. Make sure you have a character able to

steal, as this subquest gives you a chance to steal a Masamune and a Chantage.


When you reach Lionel Castle, you’ll see a story scene and Reis will be

spirited away. You’re given a chance to save and adjust your roster before

being booted into battle. (Since Reis is presently kidnapped, you won’t be

able to select her as part of your team for this battle.) Note that Beowulf

functions as a guest in this subquest. If he’s KOed in the first battle, you

lose, so be sure to equip with some decent armor and/or a shield and deploy a

healer. (In thesecond battle, it doesn’t matter if he’s KOed.) The bosses

here have Safeguard, which renders them immune to Meliadoul’s Unyielding Blade

attacks, so you probably won’t want to deploy her unless she has some good

other abilities.


You’ll fight a sequence of two battles at Lionel. The first is against

Beowulf’s old pal Aliste. When you win here, you’ll get the Genji Armor, the

second strongest suit of armor in the game. You’ll have another chance to

save and adjust your team — so equip that Genji Armor — before moving on to

the second battle, against Bremondt himself. Be sure to deploy your stealing

character here, as one of the enemy samurai has the Masamune and this is the

by far the best place to get it. (See the battle strategies for more info.)


When Bremondt goes down, you’ll receive a Zeus Mace, a very nice staff, for

your efforts. (There’s a second Zeus Mace in Midlight’s Deep, but it doesn’t

hurt to have two!)


Beowulf and Reis are reunited, and in gratitude for all your help, Beowulf

hands over all his treasure, including a Gold Hairpin, a Hydrascale Bag, a

pair of Hermes Shoes, a Diamond Bracelet, and the Sortile’ge perfume. You’re

now prompted to add Beowulf and Reis back into your roster, and this subquest

is now complete!


%%%MIDLIGHT’S DEEP%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00md


QUEST BECOMES AVAILABLE: After Mullonde battles

REWARDS: Numerous rare items, Zodiark summon, the Byblos joins the party


Midlight’s Deep is a dungeon with ten floors (each a separate battle), each

packed with really powerful equipment. It’s completely optional, and in

fact is more difficult than the actual end of the game.


You can only access Midlight’s Deep after you beat Mullonde Holy Place. Then

go to the Port City of Warjilis. When you arrive, you’ll automatically see a

scene in the tavern in which Ramza overhears a rumor about the Deep. (Fans of

the original PSone version of FF Tactics may get a kick out of some of the

dialogue here.) When you leave town, a route will automatically pop up to the

tiny island to the east, which contains Midlight’s Deep, a ten-floor bonus



To enter Midlight’s Deep, move to the island. Then, click on Midlight’s Deep a

second time. Choose the floor you want to enter. (At the beginning, only the

first floor will be accessible, but you’ll open up more as you progress.)


—General Instructions——————————————————–



Midlight’s Deep battles are basically considered random battles, which means

that the exact line-up of enemies changes each time. It also means that you

don’t have to deploy Ramza. The exception is the initial encounter on the last

floor, which has a fixed set of enemies AND requires Ramza to be deployed.




To make things challenging, every floor of Midlight’s Deep is completely dark.

You can see your team and the enemies, but you can’t see the terrain. Crystals

left by dead enemies will light up much of the area, but there’s another way to

see. Select an attack with a really long range, like a gun attack, Beowulf’s

Vengeance, Construct 8’s Dispose, or best of all, Teleport (which lights up the

*whole* map). When you’re choosing a target, most of the panels on the

battlefield will be highlighted, giving you a chance to study the terrain. You

don’t even have to USE the selected attack, just select it, look at the map,

and then cancel back to the menu. Since you can do this every round, you

shouldn’t have too much trouble seeing what you’re doing.




But not only do you have to beat the enemies on each level, you ALSO have to

find the exit to open up the next level. If you kill all the enemies without

finding the exit, you’ll just be kicked back to the map screen and have to

replay the level before you can advance. To find the exit, you simply have to

move a character onto the tile that contains the exit, at which point you’ll

get a message telling you that you "found a passage leading deeper." Once you

finish off the remaining enemies and return to the map, you’ll be able to

select the next floor.


You do NOT need the Treasure Hunter ability to find the exits.


To make things tricky, the exit is RANDOMLY placed on one of several possible

tiles — so you don’t know where it is! But, the exit is usually on the

enemy’s side of the battlefield, and often on a tile that’s in a corner and/or

has a low "height" value. Not always, though.


Remember, the battle ends when you KO the last enemy, and if you didn’t find

the exit, you’ll have to replay the level. So, you need to find the exit

BEFORE you KO that last enemy. The easiest way to do this is to KO all but one

enemy, then use Beowulf’s Chicken spell on the last one to turn it into a

chicken. (If the enemy has 60 or more Bravery, you’ll have to use Chicken

twice before it actually turns into a chicken.) Once the last enemy is a

harmless chicken, it’s easy to walk around the level and look for the exit.

Chicken lasts for quite a while, but each turn the enemy gets 1 point of

Bravery back, and when it has 10 Bravery, the Chicken spell will wear off.

But, if you always recast Chicken when it’s close to wearing off, you can keep

the enemy a chicken forever :). Of course, you don’t HAVE to use the Chicken

trick to find the exit — it just makes it a lot easier.


While you do need to find the exits to advance, there’s no obligation to find

the exit on your first visit. If the battle gets rough, it’s fine to just

finish off the enemies and forget about finding the exit. You can look for it

on your next visit.


Also, once you’ve found a floor’s exit once, you never need to look for it

again. So, if you return to a previous floor to hunt for items or poach

monsters, you don’t need to worry about looking for the exit.




But wait! There’s more! Each level contains a number of rare items that you

can find using the Treasure Hunter ability. Simply move a character with

Treasure Hunter onto the correct tile and a new item is yours. If a character

without Treasure Hunter steps on the tile, you’ll often spring a trap instead,

but the item remains there, waiting for a character with Treasure Hunter.

(Note that even once the item is picked up, any trap on the tile remains there,

and then even a Treasure Hunter can spring it.)


As with most rare Treasure Hunter finds, you need a LOW Bravery level to pick

up the special item. The higher your Bravery, the higher your chance you’ll

get a crummy Phoenix Down instead. (The chance of getting the Phoenix Down is

simply equal to the character’s current Bravery — so a lower Bravery decreases

your chance of getting it.) If you DO pick up the Phoenix Down, the "good"

item is gone forever, even if you leave the map and come back later. So, if

you want to get all the items, you may want to save pretty frequently and only

try picking up one or two items at a time. That way, it’s easy to reset and

try again if you don’t get the item you want.


Rapha is great for finding the items because her Bravery already starts pretty

low. For the best odds, though, you’ll want to lower it even further. The

best way to do this is probably with the Orator ability Intimidate; for every

use of this ability, she’ll lose 20 points of Bravery during the battle but

5 points permanently. Be careful not to reduce her permanent Bravery TOO low,

though, or she will quit the party–so using Beowulf’s Chicken may not be a

good idea. 15 to 20 is probably a safe number and will give you some margin of

error in case she gets with a Bravery-lowering ability during a battle.




To make Rapha (or whomever you’re using as a Treasure Hunter) more mobile, give

her Germinas Boots to increase her move and jump range. If available, you can

also switch her to an agile job like Thief, Dragoon, or Monk. This is helpful

both for picking up the treasures and for finding the exits.


Alternately (or in addition), you can have her ride a chocobo to increase her

mobility. A Black Chocobo is particularly advantageous since it can fly right

over enemies. Just deploy the chocobo next to her, and then move her onto the

tile with the chocobo to have her ride it. You won’t actually be able to claim

items while on the chocobo, though, so park the chocobo NEXT to the tile with

the treasure and have Rapha use the Dismount command to step down onto the

treasure tile. It takes three turns just to move the chocobo, dismount, and

remount, so chocobos are mostly helpful on maps with tricky terrain that would

be even slower to navigate on foot.


If you’re having trouble with Rapha getting KOed quickly, try equipping her

with the Invisibility Cloak found on Mount Germinas (see Advanced Tactics and

Secrets). This cloak causes her to start the battle invisible. As long as she

doesn’t take any action and just moves around the battlefield looking for items

and exits, she will stay invisible and will be virtually ignored by the

enemies. (She’s still vulnerable to area-effect spells.) The Septie`me

perfume, poachable from the Greater Hydras found in the Deep, and the Ninja

Gear found on the sixth floor of the dungeon (The Palings) also have the same

invisibility effect. And since the Ninja Gear is body armor instead of an

accessory, it allows you to also equip Germinas Boots at the same time.


You can also combine this with chocobo-riding; if you’re Invisible when you

board a chocobo, the chocobo becomes Invisible too (even though it doesn’t look

like it on the screen :P). Be careful, though; dismounting from the chocobo

removes the chocobo’s Invisibility and gives the enemies a chance to attack it.


Note that you can also still pick up items as a Chicken, although you can’t

control the character. Since Chicken-ified characters usually run into a

corner, you can use this tactic for picking up items in the corner of a map.

Having a Bravery below 10 almost guarantees you’ll get the rare item.


As a caution, note that enemy characters with Treasure Hunter can also pick up

the rare items, which will prevent you from getting them! At the start of each

battle, you may want to check all the enemy humans to see if they have Treasure

Hunter. If they do, either KO or Immobilize them quickly to prevent them from

beating you to the loot!




So WHERE are all these great items? Of course, on each floor, the items are in

different locations. Since the tiles are not given any names or numbers in the

game, I’ve had to assign my own numbers to them. Here’s the scheme I’ve used:


When the battle starts, tilt the analog stick on the PSP left or right. When

you do this, the screen will change perspective and you’ll be looking at the

battlefield from a different angle. Keep doing this until your characters are

facing down and to the left on the screen.


Now, move the cursor to the lower left corner. This tile is (X: 0, Y: 0). If

you move the cursor to the left (using the left arrow on the D-pad), you’ll

be at (X: 1, Y: 0), then (X: 2, Y: 0), (X: 3, Y: 0), and so on. If you start

at (X: 0, Y: 0) and move upwards (up arrow on the D-pad), you’ll be at (X: 0,

Y: 1). So a tile like (X: 4, Y: 3) would be four tiles to the right and three

tiles up from the lower-left corner (again, this is when your team is facing

DOWN and to the LEFT at the start of the battle). I’ve given the locations of

all the items using this coordinate system.


For exact item locations, see each level’s battle strategy.




There are also a number of rare monsters in Midlight’s Deep, and poaching them

can get you some unique items you can’t find anywhere else. (See the Poaching

List for the complete list.) Fortunately, since Warjilis Trade City is a trade

city, it has a Poachers’ Den. So, after poaching some monsters, it’s easy to

head back to Warjilis and check on your haul.


If you’re serious about poaching (and have space on your roster), the best

tactic for getting these rare items is to recruit a monster from the species

using the Orator abilities Entice or Tame. (The Dragon’s Charm ability

possessed by Reis can also be used to recruit dragons and hydras, and works

100% of the time.) Once you’ve recruited the monster, just walk back and forth

between Warjilis and the Deep. As the days pass, the monster will lay eggs and

the eggs will hatch into new monsters. (You can use the Preview Monster Eggs

trick from the Advanced Tactics section to see what monsters you’re getting and

delete any that aren’t the exact type you want.) Poach THESE hatched monsters,

but leave the original in your roster. That way, you have a limitless supply

of monsters to poach. This is a great way to poach rare monsters that you

don’t appear in the wild very frequently.


In fact, breeding monsters is the ONLY way to get a Wild Boar, which in turn

is your only source for two super-rare items (the Ribbon and the Fallingstar



—Floor-by-Floor Walkthrough————————————————–


Whew! I think that’s all the instruction you need. Now head on in! The first

floor, The Crevasse, is just kind of practice; the monsters here are very weak.

You can find two of the magickal guns here, although you may already have a

Glacial Gun if you stole one earlier. The Blaze Gun is a little stronger than

the Glacial Gun, though, and both are worth picking up. These "magickal" guns

do elemental attacks. Their damage varies; sometimes you get a -ra or a -ga

spell visual effect and increased damage. The damage estimate you see when

preparing to attack is the "low" estimate if you just get the regular spell.

Note that the Kiyomori hidden on this level is just a regular Kiyomori katana

like you could buy in a store, making it the most useless pickup in the Deep.


After you find the exit in The Crevasse, you’ll open up The Stair. It’s

similar in layout to The Crevasse, but is a lot more challenging. Bringing

Archer’s Bane or Shirahadori is a good idea as there are a lot of enemy

Archers. After that comes The Hollow. Here, you’ll want to deploy range

attackers as the enemies start at a distance and can easily be picked off. The

Hollow also contains two good pieces of equipment: the Yoichi Bow and the Zeus

Mace. Be sure to pick them up! In general, collecting all the Elixirs is not

necessary as there are quite a few of them and you can do fine without getting

them all (or even any).


The fourth floor, The Catacombs, is also quite challenging. It may take you a

few tries to collect everything here, especially if you get a tough group of

monsters. But, the equipment available here is also quite good: the Kaiser

Shield as well as the Rod of Faith. The Rod of Faith is particularly valuable

and available here only. It’s a rod that maximizes its wielder’s Faith while

equipped, increasing their magick power (but also the magick damage they

receive). You can also whack other characters with it to give *them* Faith

status as well. This is particularly useful for Marach, if you’re using him.

The Faith status maximizes the damage from *both* his Nether Mantra abilities

(which normally do more damage when his Faith is low) and regular magicks

(which do more damage when Faith is high). Since the Rod maximizes your Faith

regardless of its normal value, you can also reduce a character’s Faith to make

them strong against enemy magick and then only give them the Rod when you want

them using magick. (See the related item under Advanced Tactics for more on

strategies using the Rod.)


The Catacombs also holds the Faerie Harp. If you don’t use Bards, you can skip

it. It’s worth noting, though, that the Faerie Harp is the only attack or

ability that can Charm all targets regardless of gender or human/monster status

— plus it’s the strongest harp, so it’s a good pickup if you DO have a Bard



Level 5 is The Oubliette. Here, you can get a second Excalibur sword, which is

definitely worth picking up (especially since it’s right next to where you

start!). Although you should already have one since Orlandeau comes with one,

two never hurts … the automatic Haste effect is incredibly useful! You can

give the second to another character who uses knight’s swords, like Agrias,

Beowulf, Meliadoul, or Ramza — or any character in the Knight job. You can

also find the Iga Blade ninja blade here.


Next stop is The Palings. All four items are right at the starting point, so

they’re easy to grab. These include the Blaster (the lightning-elemental

magickal gun and the strongest gun overall), the invisibility-granting Ninja

Gear, the Cursed Ring, and the Elixir. If you plan on tackling all the co-op

Rendezvous Mode missions, the Cursed Ring is quite important to one of the

missions and this is the only one you can get in the game, so don’t miss it or

lose it later!


Floor seven is The Crossing. The items here aren’t all that great. There’s

the Koga Blade ninja blade, and a Staff of the Magi. The Staff of the Magi

isn’t very good; it has a higher *attack power* than the Zeus Mace, but no

benefit to your magick strength — and how often do your magick-users hit

people with their staves? But, you want to bring Luso or somebody else with

the Poach skill, as there’s a chance of running into the stronger minotaur

monster here. Either of the items you get from poaching it cannot be found

anywhere else.


By now, you’re getting near the bottom, and the difficulty level is rising.

again. The next two floors will be quite tough, but they also contain some

very strong items. The Switchback holds the Ragnarok sword (not actually as

good as Excalibur as it doesn’t cast Haste), Robe of Lords (a GREAT robe), and

the best bow, the Perseus Bow. (You can also steal additional Yoichi Bows

from the Archers that sometimes appear here.) The final normal floor is The

Interstice. It holds the game’s best heavy armor — the Maximillian and Grand

Helm — as well as the Venetian Shield, second only to the Escutcheon (II) as a

shield. You want this stuff.


There’s only one level left after this, appropriately named Terminus. There’s

a boss encounter the first time you enter here, and it’s your one chance in the

single-player game to learn the game’s best Summon, Zodiark. If you want to

learn it, deploy your best Summoner (with Summoner as his/her current job) and

arm him/her with the Time Mage ability Mana Shield for protection.


When you enter Terminus, you’ll meet some weird old guy named Elidibus, who

will turn himself into a Lucavi. You’ll be accompanied in this battle by a

purple Byblos monster (its personal name varies). After defeating Elidibus

(and hopefully learning Zodiark from him), you’ll get the 13th (!) Zodiac

Stone, Serpentarius. The Byblos will offer to join your party. This is your

one opportunity to get this character, so sign it up. He’s only OK, though.


Congratulations! You’ve beaten Midlight’s Deep! You may notice that the Deep

stays a red dot on the map screen even after you’ve finished off Elidibus.

Don’t worry; you haven’t missed anything. It just stays red forever.


But, there’s still a few more things to do. Go back into Terminus after you

defeat Elidibus, and bring a Treasure Hunter. On the top level (where Elidibus

was), there are four items: two Elixirs, the Chirijiraden (the best samurai

sword), and the Chaos Blade. The Chaos Blade is one of the best weapons in the

game; it has a whopping 40 attack points, automatically Regens you, and

petrifies enemies!


If you’re into poaching, you can find Pigs and Swines on Terminus, as well as

all the members of the hydra family. All of these monsters yield rare items

when poached. (And if you want REALLY rare items, recruit a Pig or Swine and

wait until you breed a Wild Boar, then poach that!) You can also use Reis’s

Dragon’s Charm to recruit a Tiamat. They’re THE best monster in the game, and

they’re almost as strong as (if not stronger than) Orlandeau!


For other rare weapons, equip all your characters with Sticky Fingers and go

to The Interstice. If you can run into some Ninjas here, they’ll throw a

variety of nice weapons at you, which — assuming you have Sticky Fingers —

you’ll catch and claim for your own. If you’re at a high enough level, you can

even get Chaos Blades! Masamunes, Chirijiradens, Javelin IIs, and most other

rare weapons can also be obtained here. (The exceptions are the weapons that

can’t be thrown, like staves.)


What else is there left to do? If you leave Midlight’s Deep and head back

around the overworld, each wilderness locations has a "special" random battle

that you can occasionally run into. Some of these, like the infamous all-Monk

melee on Grogh Heights, can be pretty challenging. The special battle at Mount

Germinas also pits you against some gun-wielding Chemists and Orators, where

you can steal additional copies of the magick guns, and sometimes the

Stoneshooter. (For a complete list of these special battles, see the Random

Battles section under Other Game Information.) You can also continue poaching

monsters if you’re looking to complete your collection of items — see the Rare

Item Locations for where you can find everything. And, if you haven’t finished

the other subquests, those are still out there to complete!


Finally, you can team up a friend who owns a copy of the game to complete the

game’s multiplayer team missions in Rendezvous Mode, or battle against each

other in the Melee mode. (Note that you need to complete the main quest first

in order to unlock the last four Rendezvous Mode missions.) These missions are

some of the biggest challenges in the game, but you can also win a lot of

super-powered equipment not available in the single-player game.







%%%CHAPTER I: THE MEAGER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00bs1


—Battle 1: Gariland———————————————————-

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Delita [guest], 4 others

ENEMY FORCES: Squire (male) x3, Squire (female) x1, Chemist (male) x1



The key in this battle is advance slowly and not to let your characters get

spread out. Stay on the left side, away from the bulk of the houses.


The enemy Chemist has the ability to heal the other enemies, which can be a

pain. If you have the chance to take him out, do so; otherwise, he’ll heal the

enemy soldiers you’ve been attacking. Actually, you can stop him from doing

this even if you attack him just once. He’ll use up his turn healing himself

instead of healing any of the other enemies.


Attack from the enemy from behind or from the side whenever possible, as you’re

more likely to land a hit that way. (In general, rear attacks are best as they

also cancel out enemy shields — but no enemies have shields yet, so side and

rear attacks will be equally effective.) At the end of each character’s turn,

you choose which direction they facing. Make sure you end your turns facing

the enemies, which will make it harder for them to hit you from behind! (When

possible, you can even put your back to the side of a building to protect it



Make good use of your Chemists for healing–you start out with 5 Potions and

you can use them to heal a character who gets injured. If you don’t have

teammates who need healing, the Chemists can also attack. (Note that Chemists

have an inherent Throw Item ability, so they don’t have to be next to a

character to use an item on him/her. This is NOT true for other characters

using the Item ability, however.)


Don’t worry about Delita; the Guest AI is pretty reckless and it’s likely he’ll

get himself KOed. Since he’s a Guest character, though, he can’t die

permanently and will be revived at the end of the battle.


BATTLE TROPHIES: 2000 gil, Mythril Knife, Phoenix Down, Potion



—Battle 2: Mandalia Plain—————————————————-

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Delita [guest], Argath [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Squire (male) x4, Thief (male) x1, Red Panther x1



Your choice before the battle affects your victory conditions here. If you

chose just to fight the Corpse Brigade, you only have to KO all the enemies.

If you chose the second option, then there’s an additional requirement: You

must also keep Argath from being KOed, as you will lose the battle if he gets

KOed. The first option is better, of course, since it makes the battle easier



If you DID choose to help Argath, though, you need to protect him. Start

moving a Chemist towards Argath right away. Fortunately, Argath will probably

flee away from the enemies and into one corner. Heal him just to be on the

safe side, and then you’re free to concentrate on the enemies.


Attack from above if you can, and guard your back with the rocks scattered

about the battlefield or with other ally units. Remember that if you act

without moving, or move without acting, your next turn will come sooner than if

you both act AND move. So if there’s no real need for a character to move or

to take action, don’t do it just for the heck of it. Your next turn will come

sooner if you don’t.


You’ll encounter your first monster here in the form of a Red Panther. It’s

the toughest unit in the enemy forces, but it’s not too bad. Be warned that,

like all monsters, it will counterattack you whenever you attack it. Don’t

attack the Red Panther using a character who’s low on HP, or the counterattack

is liable to KO you! (You CAN avoid the counterattack by using the Squire

ability Stone to attack from a distance, but this ability is really too weak to

be worth using.) The Red Panther can also poison you, which causes you to

lose a little HP after each turn you take. You can cure this with an Antidote

if you want, but it’s probably not necessary–the poison wears off after a few

turns, anyway.


This may be your first chance to pick up crystals or chests. When the counter

over a KOed enemy unit goes down past 0, the unit vanishes and is replaced with

a crystal or treasure chest. Pick these up by moving onto the same tile.

Picking up a chest will get you an item. Picking up a crystal will either heal

the unit, or in some cases give you the option of learning many of the defeated

enemy’s abilities. (Note that although you point the cursor at an individual

ability, you actually learn ALL of the abilities offered, regardless of what

you pick!) Crystals from monsters will only heal you since monsters don’t have

any abilities you can learn, and crystals from humans won’t always offer you an

ability either. (Unless the units is in desperate need of healing, you should

generally choose to learn the ability, as this permanently adds abilities to

the character!) Crystals from humans are great to pick up as they can teach

you new abilities, so grab them when you see them. Monster crystals are only

necessary to pick up if you need healing — or to prevent the enemies from

getting to them first, as they can heal themselves with crystals too! Chests

typically just offer items you can buy in stores anyway and so are not as

important to collect, but early on they can still be useful as money is



If one of your OWN units gets KOed, you must act to revive the character before

the countdown runs down and the character is lost permanently. Right now,

you’ve got two ways to revive a character. If one of your Chemists learned the

Phoenix Down and you have Phoenix Downs in stock, you can use the Phoenix Down

to revive the character. Or, you can hurry and clear the battle before the

countdown runs out — when you win a battle, any characters who have been KOed

but not completely erased will be brought back to life.





—Battle 3: The Siedge Weald————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Delita [guest], Argath [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Goblin x2, Black Goblin x2, Bomb x2, Red Panther x1



This battle is nothing but monsters; watch out for their counterattacks! For

the most part, though, they’re not too tough. Take out on the enemies on the

higher ground first before you start crossing the water. Otherwise, you’ll

expose yourself to attack from above.





—Battle 4: Dorter Slums——————————————————

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Delita [guest], Argath [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Knight (male) x1, Archer (male) x3, Black Mage (male) x 2



The enemy has Archers and Black Mages, who both have ranged attacks and can

hit you from a distance. This means that you’ll need to be more aggressive; if

you hang back at a distance, the enemy can keep hitting you from afar!


Note that when one of your characters gets hit with a Black Magick spell, the

characters in adjacent tiles also take damage. There are two ways to avoid

this. While the spell is still charging, you can move the other characters out

of the way, or you can kill the Black Mage charging the spell and stop the

attack entirely! Since the spells do quite a bit of damage, it’s great to

take out the Black Mages as soon as you have the chance. They don’t have much

HP so you can finish them off easily. (Note that spells can also have a

"friendly fire" effect — if another enemy is in range of the spell when it

goes off, they get hurt too! You can possibly use this to your advantage by

positioning targeted characters next to enemy units.) To check when the spell

is going to be fired, press the Circle button when it’s your turn, then use the

Triangle button to bring up the menu and choose Turn List.


If you have Black Mages of your own, you can also use these area damage effects

to extend the effective range of your magicks. If the range of your magick is

one tile too short to hit an enemy, you can target the tile directly in front

of the enemy and the magick will still hit the enemy thanks to the area effect.

This is a good tactic for hitting more distant enemies, like you see in this

battle. Just make sure the enemy won’t be able to move out of the way before

the magick activates!


There are two enemy Archers on the tall building beside where you start. At

the beginning of the battle, Delita and Argath will begin climbing up the

building to attack them. Let Delita and Argath handle the two Archers, and

send at most one other character up the building. The rest of your team

should advance down the street. Take out the Black Mages first since they can

do so much damage.


It’s likely that one or more of your characters will get KOed during the

battle. Remember that if the counter over their head goes below 0, you lose

the character permanently. To avoid this, when a character’s counter gets low

(0 or 1), use a Phoenix Down on him or her. Even if another attack takes the

character out right away, the counter will be reset and you’ve bought yourself

a few more turns to finish the battle.


Since you start on the street and the enemy has the high ground, Archers are

not particularly useful here. On the other hand, Move +1 is a great ability to

have as it helps you quickly close the distance between you and the enemy’s

ranged attackers.


BATTLE TROPHIES: 500 gil, Iron Sword, Hempen Robe, Ether



—Battle 5: The Sand Rat’s Sietch———————————————


1st Squad – Ramza, Delita [guest], 1 other

2nd Squad – Argath [guest], 2 others

ENEMY FORCES: Knight (male) x 3, Archer (male) x1, Monk (male) x2



You’ll deploy your characters in two squads for this battle. Be sure to deploy

somebody with the Items command (either a Chemist, or another character who’s

learned the ability) in the second group.


There are two entrances to the fort. When the battle begins, send most of

your characters towards the entrance that’s closer to Argath. This is where

the bulk of the fighting will take place. Argath will probably make a suicide

mission into the building, but keep healing him anyway — if you were able to

give him a Black Magick spell (as recommended in the walkthrough), he’ll be

very helpful. Don’t crowd the doorway or you’ll get in trouble. Let

the enemies come outside to you.


Meanwhile, Delita will head towards the other entrance. You might want to

send one other character with him. Hopefully, Delita’s squad have the chance

to sneak up on the enemy Archer from the rear and take him out so he can’t keep

shooting at the main squad.


Remember that if a character doesn’t move on a particular turn, his or her next

turn will come quicker. If you don’t need to move to land an attack, stay put

and you’ll get more turns. This is especially helpful for your Chemist; by

having him/her remain stationary and throw items to the characters who need

healing, you’ll get more turns and more chances to heal.


BATTLE TROPHIES: 500 gil, Hi-Potion, Blind Knife



—Battle 6: Brigands’ Den—————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Delita [guest], Argath [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Milleuda, Thief (male) x2, White Mage (female) x2


BOSS: Milleuda [Virgo] – lv 7 Knight – Bravery 68, Faith 58

Equipment : Iron Shield, Bronze Shield, Iron Helm, Chainmail, Power Gauntlet

Abilities : Arts of War, random action ability, Parry, random Squire support

ability, Move +1



If you happen to have any male Pisces characters or Taurus and Capricorns of

either gender, deploying them here can be useful. Milleuda, the boss here, is

always a female Virgo, and the three Zodiac signs listed above will do extra

damage to her. (You can only prepare your Zodiac signs in this way when

fighting bosses; non-boss enemies have randomized Zodiac signs.)


I recommend standing up on cliffs on the left side of the fort when possible;

you have a height advantage there. Since you should have Hi-Potions now, use

them for all your healing needs–the 30 HP from a regular Potion just doesn’t

cut it now.


There are two White Mages here. Check their status; they may have Black

Magicks or Items as a secondary ability. A Black Magick-wielding mage is the

most dangerous, so if either or both have Black Magick, try to take any of

these out first. (You can use the same tricks you used in Dorter to avoid

their magick.) However, if an Item-using Mage comes out of the fort and starts

using Hi-Potions, you may need to take her out first or she’ll just heal all

the enemies. If either mage starts casting Cure, note that you can stop it

more or less same way you can stop a Black Magick spell — either take out the

enemy they’re trying to heal, or KO the Mage herself.


After you’ve taken out the White Mages, concentrate on Milleuda. Her attacks

are quite strong, If you have the Rend Weapon or Rend Armor abilities (both

from the Knight job), you may want to try them on her. Breaking her weapon

will greatly reduce her attack power, and breaking her armor will reduce her

HP total. If you already have a Thief, you could try stealing her equipment

too, as she’s got a nice set of gear, but you’ll be able to buy all her stuff



The Thieves here may swipe some of your armor, or at least your headgear.

Although this might be annoying, it’s not really too bad; you can just re-buy

the items after the battle. What’s much more deadly, though, is the Steal

Heart attack they may use on your female characters, which will turn them to

the enemy side. If you have a choice, try to deploy male characters for this

battle as they can’t be affected by a Steal Hart from a male Thief.


Milleuda is the game’s first boss character, which means that as soon as you

KO her, the battle ends, even if there are other enemies left standing. If

you’re in danger, take her out quickly to end the fight. But if you’ve got

Milleuda cornered or otherwise have the upper hand, you may want to finish

off the other enemies for more Exp & JP, then let them die completely so they

turn into a chest or crystal.


BATTLE TROPHIES: 700 gil, Iron Sword, Bronze Shield



—Battle 7: Lenalian Plateau————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Delita [guest], 4 others

ENEMY FORCES: Milleuda, Knight (female) x2, Black Mage (male) x2,

Time Mage (female) x1


BOSS: Milleuda [Virgo] – lv 8 Knight – Bravery 68, Faith 58

Equipment : Mythril Sword, Bronze Shield, Barbut, Chainmail, Shoulder Cape

Abilities : Arts of War, random action ability, Counter,

random Squire support ability, Jump +1



Again, Taurus, Capricorn, and male Pisces characters will do extra damage

against Milleuda since she’s a female Virgo.


Play the first few rounds defensively to prevent any early casualties, and use

the high ground to your advantage. Send one or two characters after the Black

Mages, and possibly the Time Mage as well. If you have an Archer, send

him/her up onto the tall ridge and shoot down on the enemies.


After knocking out the Black Mages, concentrate on Milleuda. This time, she

has the Counter ability, which means that whenever you hit her with a close-

range attack, she has a chance of striking back. So, be sure not to use any

close-range attacks against her unless your HP is high. A good strategy is to

attack her with long-distance attacks like bows and Black Magick, which won’t

allow her to counterattack. Milleuda might also use her Rend abilities to

break your gear. Again, as soon as Milleuda goes down, the battle ends, even

if other enemies are still standing.


BATTLE TROPHIES: 1000 gil, Silken Robe, Battle Boots



—Battle 8: Windflat Mill—————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Delita [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Wiegraf, Boco, Knight (female), Monk (female) x2


BOSS: Wiegraf [Virgo] – lv 9 White Knight – Bravery 71, Faith 64

Equipment : Mythril Sword, Round Shield, Barbut, Chainmail, Shoulder Cape

Abilities : Holy Sword, random action ability, Counter,

random Squire support ability, Jump +1


ENEMY: Boco [Aries] – lv 7 Chocobo – Bravery 68, Faith 48



Like his sister, Wiegraf is a Virgo. He’s male, though, so this time Taurus,

Capricorn, and FEMALE Pisces characters are the ones to deploy (if you happen

to have them — if not, don’t sweat it).


Wiegraf is the only real threat here; most of his companions are pretty weak.

Start moving along the bottom of the cliff and quickly take out the Chocobo

(Boco) and the Monk. Wiegraf and the other enemies will soon move down to

fight you. Finish off any enemies that are low on HP, then go after Wiegraf.


Wiegraf uses a couple different special sword techniques that allow him to

attack from a distance and (unlike magick) don’t require any charge time.

Most of the time, he’ll use Northswain’s Strike, which strikes a single

character (usually for about 35 HP or so), but if your characters are close

together, he may also use Judgment Blade to attack a "plus-shaped" group of

tiles. These attacks are pretty strong, but Wiegraf doesn’t have a great

defense, so if you hit him with a few strong attacks (Mythril Swords, black

magick), he’ll go down quickly. Just stay healed!


Because you’re fighting in such close quarters, watch out for the "friendly

fire" effects of your own spells! In general, if one of your allies is

standing right next to an enemy, a useful trick is to target the tile right

BEHIND the enemy to avoid hitting your ally when the spell goes off. For

instance, if your characters are positioned like below, target the space marked

with a *:

*EA (A = ally, E = enemy)

This way, you’ll still hit the enemy, but the spell is positioned so as not to

harm your ally.


As soon as Wiegraf’s HP drops to critical status, he’ll teleport away and the

battle will end.





—Battle 9: Ziekden Fortress————————————————–


1st Squad – Ramza, Delita [guest], 1 other

2nd Squad – 2 others

ENEMY FORCES: Argath, Knight (male) x3, Black Mage (female) x3


BOSS: Argath [Virgo] – lv 10 Knight – Bravery 32, Faith 67

Equipment : Knightslayer, Round Shield, Barbut, Chainmail, Power Gauntlet

Abilities : Arts of War, random action ability, Auto-Potion, Equip Crossbows,

Move +1



You’ll deploy in two squads again for this battle. Deploy your best damage-

dealer along with Ramza in the first squad. The character in the second squad

are going to be largely useless as they start far away from the action. If you

want to pick and choose Zodiac signs, Argath is again a Virgo and susceptible

to Taurus, Capricorn, and female Pisces attacks.


Luckily, you can almost beat the whole fight just using Ramza. Just go after

Argath and completely ignore the other guys. He’s only got a crossbow, so he

can’t do much damage to you, and he’s useless at close ranges. Just chase

him down and hit him with your strongest attacks, like Knight and Monk attacks

and Black Magick. Because it’s snowing, the Blizzard families of spells will

be particularly effective — and even more so if the caster has an Ice Rod

equipped. You’ll want to block Argath from climbing up the stairs to the roof

of the fort, as he has a good sniping point if he gets up there and it’s slow

climbing up after him. Just position your characters between him and the

stairs and he shouldn’t be able to climb up there.


Argath does have the Auto-Potion ability, which gives him a random chance to

heal himself with a Potion when you hit him, so you may want to avoid using

very weak attacks against him–the gain from the Auto-Potion may heal him more

than you hurt him for! (The ability isn’t always activated, though. And Auto-

Potion also can’t protect him whenever you land the killing blow. Again, as

you soon as you knock down Argath, the fight–and the chapter–ends.





%%%CHAPTER II: THE MANIPULATIVE & THE SUBSERVIENT%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00bs2


—Battle 10: Dorter———————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Gaffgarion [guest], Agrias [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Black Mage (male) x2, Archer (female) x2, Thief (male) x2



There’s no boss here, so you’ll have to wipe out every enemy on the map to win.

If you’ve got good jobs, though, this battle should be no problem. Just move

up the path and take out the enemies as you go. The Black Mages and Archers

do the most damage, so when you’ve got a choice, go after them before the



Agrias has a nasty habit of casting spells indiscriminatly on your own people,

thanks to the goofy Guest AI. You can either de-equip her spells from the menu

beforehand, or pay attention to which she enemy she is targeting and stay



BATTLE TROPHIES: 1000 gil, Flame Rod, Mage Masher, Phoenix Down



—Battle 11: Araguay Woods—————————————————-

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Gaffgarion [guest], Agrias [guest], Boco [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Goblin x5, Black Goblin x1



If you choose the second option before the battle, you must keep Boco from

being KOed. Fortunately, this isn’t hard. Boco will usually retreat into a

corner, where will be chased by the lone Black Goblin. Boco can take care of

himself just fine, so don’t bother going after the Black Goblin unless you’ve

mopped up all the other enemies.


The Goblins aren’t very strong, especially with Agrias’s and Gaffgarion’s help,

so I recommend just rushing them. Stay out of the ditches.





—Battle 12: Zeirchele Falls————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Agrias [guest], Delita [guest], Ovelia [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Gaffgarion [Fell Knight; Virgo], Knight (male) x5



First, take out Gafgarion. If you turned him into a crummy job before the

battle and stripped off his armor (heh heh), you should be able to KO him in

one hit.


The mission here is to protect Ovelia, which means you can’t let her get KOed.

She isn’t in too much danger, though, since she can cast Aegis, which puts a

whole lot of good defensive buffs on her. She only has enough MP to cast this

once, though, and it wears off after a few turns. Just to be on the safe side,

keep a healer reasonably close to her.


Start off by taking out the Knights on your side of the falls. One of the

Knights from the far side will probably try to cross over, so position an

Archer (assuming you have one) on the corner of the cliff and shoot down at the

guy. Agrias tends to loiter in the water and may finish him off; if not, send

a character or two down after him.


A great trick here is to KO one of the enemy Knights while he’s standing on the

bridge. Until he decomposes into a chest/crystal, his body will completely

block the other Knights from crossing the bridge. Since the Knights have NO

ranged attacks, you can use this as a chance to shoot at them from afar.


If any of the Knights drops to critical HP, he may try to flee up the cliffs on

the side of the falls. You’ll have to chase after him, so it may be useful to

bring a character with a good Move range to this battle. (Battle Shoes and

Move+1 or +2 will increase your Move range.)





—Battle 13: Zaland———————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Agrias [guest], Mustadio [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Knight (male) x2, Black Mage (male) x2, Archer (female) x2



This is a toughie. If you chose the second option before the battle, you’ll

have to keep Mustadio alive; otherwise, you can let him get KOed without

losing the battle. (Of course, choosing the second option also gives you a

greater boost to your Bravery.)


When deploying your character, deploy them in the "front" row (i.e., the row

where Ramza is already standing). This starts them closer to the gate and

allows them to get into the city faster.


The enemy is holed up inside Zaland and launches arrows and powerful Black

Magick at you through (and over) the wall. Any melee characters you have will

need to rush for the gates. In the mean time, your Archers and mages can fire

back with their own ranged attacks. Equip the Archer’s Bane reaction ability

on any character who has it, as it will help protect you against the enemy



Mustadio will initially do one of our things. Most likely, he’ll run up on the

top of the gate and attack with his gun from them. This is the "good" outcome

since it keeps relatively him out of harm’s way. But sometimes he’ll stay on

the ground inside the city, which is bad news, as all the enemies will pick on

him and it’s hard to reach for him healing. In this case, your best option is

to cast Shell on him to reduce the magick damage he takes. Note that you

can’t throw items through the wall, but you CAN cast White Magick through it,

so you’re probably better off with a White Mage for healing here.


If you’ve been using Ramza mostly for close-range attacks, he may not be much

help here. On his first turn, have him use Tailwind on one of your Archers or

Black Mages to boost their speed and get them more turns. Then start him

running towards the gate so he can get into the city and use melee attacks.


Make the Mages your first target, since their magick attacks are so strong.

Use Black Magick, bows, and the Black Chocobo (if you brought one) to take them

out as quickly as possible. Until the Mages go down, keep your characters

spread out so enemy magicks can’t hit more than one of your characters at a

time. After the Mages go down, go after the Archers, then the Knights.


Mustadio’s initial abilities seem to be randomly determined, but if he happens

to start with Beastmaster, land the Black Chocobo next to him. Mustadio’s

Beastmaster skill will allow the Black Chocobo to cast Choco Meteor, a really

strong attack. (You can tell what abilities Mustadio has equipped by clicking

on his tile.)


Mustadio also uses his Aimed Shot abilities to put status conditions on the

enemies. Immobilize (from Leg Shot) will keep an enemy from moving for a few

turns, and Disable (from Arm Shot) will keep an enemy from taking action. If

a bad guy gets hit with Disable, don’t bother targeting them any further,

since they can’t do anything to hurt you for a few turns. A Knight that’s been

Immobilized is also a low-priority target since he can’t move to attack you as

long as you stay out of the tiles directly next to him. (The Black Mages and

Archers can still shoot even if they’re Immobilized, though!)


As for the Knights, they’ll probably try to climb over the wall on the side of

the map opposite the gate into the city. Agrias will attack them, but she

can’t take them out her own, so help her out with your ranged attacks.


The Knights may also use Phoenix Downs to revive any Mages and Archers you KO.

Characters revived with Phoenix Down comes back with only a little HP, though,

so you should be able to knock them back out again with just a single attack.


BATTLE TROPHIES: 2000 gil, Mythril Sword, Hi-Potion



—Battle 14: Balias Tor——————————————————-

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Agrias [guest], Mustadio [guest], 3 others

ENEMY FORCES: Knight (male) x2, Archer (female) x2, Summoner (female) x2



This battle can be harder than it looks. The enemy squad has Summoners for

the first time (one positioned on each side of the hill), and their summon

spells can do big damage to your team.


On the first turn, Mustadio will probably chase after one of the Summoners.

Send a fast and/or magic-using character around the opposite side of the hill

to take out the other Summoner. The Summoners don’t have much HP, so you

should be able to finish them off in a couple turns. Meanwhile, have the rest

of your squad attack the center of the hill. If you can attack the enemies

quickly, the Summoners may squander their turns casting Moogle for healing

instead of using damaging summons on you.


You’re not *required* to keep Mustadio alive in this battle — if he gets KOed,

you won’t lose the battle — but it’s a good idea to keep him standing, as his

gun is quite helpful. As in Zaland, don’t waste your turns attacking enemies

that Mustadio has Immobilized or Disabled.


A cool trick here is to use the Squire ability Rush to knock the Knights and

Archers off the hill. They’ll take damage if they fall too far, and you’ll put

them out of range of attacking you.


BATTLE TROPHIES: 1000 gil, Holy Water



—Battle 15: Tchigolith Fenlands———————————————-

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Mustadio [guest], 4 others

ENEMY FORCES: Skeleton x2, Bonesnatch x1, Ghoul x2,

Floating Eye or Malboro or Pig x1



The last member of the enemy forces is randomly determined; it’s usually a

Floating Eye, but sometimes you’ll get a Malboro or Pig instead.


Randomness aside, this is a fairly normal battle with a few quirks. First, if

you end your turn in the swamp, you get poisoned. (Simply passing through the

swamp as part of a move won’t poison you as long as you end the move on dry

land.) This isn’t that bad, but if you have a choice, stand on land. And be

sure not to end your turn in any water where the Depth is displayed as 2 — if

you stop here, you won’t be able to take any actions, as you’re up to your head

in water. (The Ninja ability Waterwalking would prevent this, in the unlikely

event you have it already.)


Second, almost all the enemies (everyone except the Malboro, Pig, or Floating

Eye) are undead — that means you can use heal spells and items to damage them.

It’s quite effective. If you’ve had a chance to learn Mustadio’s Seal Evil

ability, he may also use that to turn the undead monsters to turn them to

stone. Other than those two exceptions, there’s nothing here you haven’t seen



The Pig shows up pretty infrequently, but if you DO see it, it’s definitely

worth trying to recruit it using the Orator’s Entice or Tame abilities. You

can use the Pig to breed pig-family monsters, all of which yield great rare

items when poached. Or, if you can’t recruit it but DO have Poach, you could

at least poach it, though you won’t actually be able to collect your poached

item until Chapter III. Note the Pig can only appear during the initial story

battle, not later random battles.





—Battle 16: Goug Lowtown—————————————————–

YOUR FORCES: Ramza, Mustadio [guest], 4 others

ENEMY FORCES: Archer (female) x2, Thief (male) x2, Summoner (male) x2



The enemy Archers in this battle have a huge range and it’s hard to stay

out of range completely. So, don’t deploy any character who has really low HP

as you probably won’t be able to protect him/her/it completely. Equipping the

Archer’s Bane reaction ability will help you a lot, if you have it available.


Mustadio will be almost invariably killed at the start of the battle — he has

no equipment and starts right next to the enemies. Don’t worry about him.

He’s still a Guest so he can’t die permanently yet.


Move your guys up onto the roof. Use ranged attacks to take out the Summoners.

Note that both Summoners are one side of the enemy roof and both Archers on

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