Wolf King Keyboard Addon Review

The WolfKing Warrior is an add on to the keyboard (and yes, you can still use your keyboard while working with the Warrior) and features a custom key configuration that is based on the typical hot keys used in a FPS game.
It is round, with the center keys being the movement keys. For those using the ‘pad’ with their left hands, the space button is at a natural angle for the thumb. In a semi-circle above the movement (and strafing) keys are the number keys with the F keys in a semi-circle above those.

The keys are strategically placed around the pad to reduce the twitch time of key pressing in a MMO or FPS. The basic layout is this:

Top semi-circle is F1 – F12, second semi-circle is ~ Ctrl, K 0 – 9, the interior is where things really shine, ctrl, shift and Tab easily accessed in one vertical row, q w e r g t a s d f z x c m h n are snugly center face and there are a few other keys placed right where you would need them.

The pad itself is sloped and gradually inclining to assist with the hand growing weary from extended use. The plastic casing is just what you would expect from a keyboard. The best part? There is no software to install and install is literally 5 – 10 seconds.

In addition to the FPS, this keypad was used for movement in MMOGs and RPGs and the results were excellent with EQ2. About the only problem encountered was when using multiple hotbars that required the Alt key to access hot commands.

One thing to note is that the Wolf King Warrior is only one product offered by wolfkingusa.com they also have a full sized keyboard that has the warrior attached, we have not tested this keyboard but would have to assume that with the quality we see with WKW that the KB would be great as well.

Thanks to the Wolf King I can happily say my frag count is a little bit higher and my wrist hurts less from extended MMO sessions.

Author: TGRStaff

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