Star Wars Battlefront Review

Ehhhh….Is this a game that YOU want?
Star Wars: Battlefront
Awesome! There is actually a star wars game where you don’t play as a Jedi? Then this must suck… Shall we find out? Or do you want to be a LOSER and read other reviews o.O xD Also, this game has nothing really to do with any other Star Wars game. Barely any similarities.

Gameplay: 8/10

Alright…Gameplay…There is a Historical Campaign mode, Galactic Conquest, and Instant Action. ( I will explain historical campaign later in this review).

Galactic Conquest:

Okay… there are 8 choices (Birth of Rebellion, Dark Side Rising, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, The Galactic Civil War, A Galaxy Divided, The Clone Wars, Balance of the Force) with four choices, you can play in the Clone Wars (CIS versus Clones) or Galactic Civil War (Rebellion versus Empire). After you chose, you can chose (yeah…this sounds like a guide but isn’t) what world place you want to play and stuff.

Instant Action:

In my opinion, I prefer this over all three choices, this is what you do. You chose the map you want and you can do a certain order or put it as random. One disadvantage is if you don’t know the map names, then three words, SUCKS FOR YOU. I guess you’ll figure out the level names the hard way…

Historical Campaign:

Aight…In Historical Campaign, this is the main game thing and you can chose two different eras, Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War. In Clone Wars you play as the Clones and in Galactic Civil War, you play as the Rebels. Also, and overall the computers can play as Jedi but you can’t. So there are only two way that I know of how to kill them. Either throw a grenade and knock it off the map on the level, Cloud City or land a spaceship thing on them.

Graphics: 4/10

Yeah…the graphics in this game…SUCK! Okay, yeah kind of dramatic BUT they do…First of all, when you see plants or trees or something in the ground, it is hard to see through them like there would be a giant rock in your face. Also, in a certain map, they have ice caves and everything looks the same (like in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun of you played the level, Midnight Raid on Guadalcanal).

Controls: 6/10

Okay, the controls you have to give SOME credit to. It’s ok for the first shooting Star Wars game, and they did well trying to not make any buttons where you have to shoot, at least you press (I think it was) R1 instead of having to like double click A to do the jet pack.

Replay Value: 9/10

I have to say that this has the best Replay Value. As you know in the Historical Campaign/Instant Action/Galactic Conquest part of the review, it says all the stuff you can do. Well the reason why I think the replay value is the best is because you have like eight different modes with two different teams to play as each time. Plus you can whoop your friends in the Galactic Conquest and play in Split screen mode under 4 different modes and two different teams per time. Good luck whoopin’ your friend in the game.

Author: TGRStaff

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