DS- Pokemon Diamond Review

Pokemon Diamond

Its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, but is it better than ever? One way to find out…

Story: 8

As usual, you are trying to become the Pokemon Champion and trying to stop a new Team of criminals from catching Palkia or Dalgia [depending on game]. A team called Team Galaxy. But this time you are in a new region with new Pokemon and new Elite 4 members. Your rival (whatever you name him) is a friend and is not a criminal/thief like Ruby and Saphire. Also, instead of the slogan “Gotta Catch Them All” it should be changed to “Gotta See Them All”. The reason why I say that is because another new feature is you have to see all the pokemon to get the National Pokedex instead of catch them all. It’s new but I like having a challenge. Also, a new place is constructed called Pal Park. What you do is, after you beat the Elite 4, you put your old GBA game (Emerald, Ruby, Saphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green) into the GBA pack and you can ‘migrate’ your pokemon from any of the GBA to either Pearl or Diamond, but you can only 6 Pokemon per game pak per 24 hours.

Graphics: 9

You’ll never believe me but… Woah, from Red, Blue and Yellow version to this is INCREDIBLE! When you are walking anywhere you can see that it has some 3-D images. For instance, when you are walking in Jubilife city, you can see 3-D images of the buildings. Beside the fact of a lot of advancements, check out the Pokemon! They like changed a lot! I mean seriously, if you were to turn on your Red, Blue or Yellow version, you would be laughing your soul out saying "I can’t believe everyone actually thought these graphics were awesome compared to now." I was seriously laughing!

Controls: 9

The controls are easy to figure out because it doesn’t consists of having combinations {Ex: Holding A & B to get menu}. Now to get the menu up you must press the X button and instead of pressing Select to get your registered item out, you press Y. It may be different but if I am correct you can change the controls.

Replay Value: 8

Like all other pokemon games you can replay the game after you beat the Elite 4. But after you basically catch and see all the pokemon it can get boring, but it can keep you busy until then.

Gameplay: 10

All I have to say is that the new features amazed me. In all the previous pokemon games, you were not able to run inside building, but now you can. Also, now they added a new feature which you can go underground and create secret bases, find fossils, meet with friends and many more. And they have Wi-Fi and GTS (Global Trading System) where depending on the pokemon you have seen, you can trade wirelessly between anyone in the world! Something that’s can be annoying at times is that some people only have Level 58 Diagla and they for a Level 100 Palkia. So do trades that make sense and help you out! Plus, there is 107 new pokemon to catch and see and on your touch screen of the Nintendo DS, there are about 20 or so new technobob things. There is a digital clock, tracking pokemon map, counter, step counter thing, and BEST OF ALL, there is a new item which allows you to see the pokemon in the daycare instead of always having to check up on them!

Overall: 9

You must get this game if you have Wi-Fi so that you can register your friends. It is SOOOO worth it. The pokemon may look weird but still, it’s a great new advancement for pokemon! This game is worth it, even if you didn’t like pokemon in the past. Give it a try! Ask a friend or something, but it is worth it!


The game is worth it! But after you beat it if you don’t have Wi-Fi it can get very boring! Have fun playing!


Author: TGRStaff

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