Top 5 Xbox 360 Games PS3 Fanboys Wish They Had

We realize that some of you 360 owners probably weren’t all too thrilled with seeing the best PS3 games of your dreams paraded in front of you in last week’s article, but as promised, we’ve turned the tables, and are now highlighting the best games for the Xbox 360 that make Sony fanboys question their gaming way of life. Sure there have been some losses such as BioShock, but Microsoft’s console is still packing plenty of titles for PlayStation fans to wonderingly stare at through their 360 owning neighbor’s windows and possibly even knock on the door. Here are the top 5 reasons why they should.

5. Dead Rising

Long time PlayStation gamers are no strangers to the zombie survival genre, so it’s only natural for them to be a little envious when 360 owners get to enjoy one of the best. Dead Rising makes use of the next gen hardware by bringing home the feeling of an en masse undead assault with literally hundreds of mobile corpses on screen at once, forcing players to resort to using katanas, guitars, or maybe some unwanted PS3’s found on the shelves of the open ended shopping mall the game takes place in. No matter how many you kill, the horde just keeps coming, and we’re sure PS3 owners feel the same about their counterpart’s bragging. Remember Sony fanboys, Resident Evil 5 doesn’t count as a comeback because that one is on the 360 too!

4. Fable 2

While the original may not have lived up to the hype, can you name us one non-Japanese fantasy RPG on the PS3 that supersedes the first Fable? We didn’t think so. Giving players a dynamic world up to 10 times larger than the first rendition of Albion, Fable 2 looks to be making good on Peter Molyneux’s epic promise to fans of the original with even more ways for players to develop themselves, their offspring and even their pets. Add drop-in cooperative play and you have a sequel that should provide one of the most immersive fantasy experiences outside World of Warcraft, including the addiction. Don’t count on this one pulling a BioShock guys, as Microsoft owns the developer behind Fable, Lionhead Studios.

3. Gears of War 1 & 2

With toys, books, a film, and anything else that the logo can be slapped on and sold, Gears is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing IP’s that the industry has ever seen. The intense stop and pop gameplay has been a favorite of gamers and a boon to the 360 brand, functioning not as mere appetizer for a main course of Halo, but a major franchise in its own right. Gears is also an important symbol when it comes to the 360’s graphical capabilities, showing that regardless of any Sony exec smack talk, the system can most certainly bring on the next gen beauty, or should we say destroyed beauty?

2. Mass Effect

When sci-fi nerds are looking for a new gaming console, which do they choose? The one with the best space opera to be found in videogames of course! BioWare has given gamers an expertly crafted world that feels like an established sci-fi franchise that has already existed for generations.There have been rumblings of the series coming to the PS3, seeing as EA is the new owner of BioWare, but Senior Manager at the Vancouver Developer, Matt Attwood, has said that current plans to port the sequel only go as far as the PC. When it comes to the growing North American RPG market it’s quite clear that some of the strongest titles can only be found on the 360.

1.Halo 3

The most horrid example possible, one that will twist the gut of any PS3 fan reading this. For even the name Halo is but a revolting curse in the world of PlayStation fandom, and to have any love for Master Chief is to in effect harbor warm feelings towards the entire Xbox brand that he so symbolically represents. Sony fans can deny it all they want, but the Halo series remains one of the most influential console FPS games of our time and is arguably the main reason that the 360 exists today. Given the difference that Halo has made, and success it has brought to all things Xbox, there’s no reason why PS3 fans would not wish for an alternative history where Sony got a hold of Bungie’s masterpiece instead of Microsoft. You will never get a Sony fanboy to even acknowledge the prominence or quality of the Halo series, but we all know that it would have flourished on any system.

Now don’t get all upset PS3 fans, because you’ve already had your moment to shine. Also, any of you 360 owners feeling a bit cocky right now should go look at the previous article for some humbling revelations. Thanks for reading our two-part flame war inducing series!

Author: TGRStaff

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