Metal Gear Solid 4 walkthrough


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# # # # ###### # # # # ###### #####
# # # # # # # # # # # # # #
# # ###### # # # ###### ##### ###### # # # #

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\_____|\__,_|_| |_|___/ \___/|_| \__|_| |_|\___|

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| Table of contents |

...1) Version history
...2) About this guide and legal
...3) Controls
3.1- Basic controls
3.2- CQC
3.3- Hold-ups
3.4- Octocamo
...4) Enemies
...5) Walkthrough
5.1- ACT 1
5.2- ACT 2
5.3- ACT 3
5.4- ACT 4
5.5- ACT 5
...6) Special Thanks/Credits
...7) Closing notes and contact

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Version History
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
.3 -- First submitted version, no line breaks and only partly done with act 2
.4 -- finished with act 2, partly done with 3, still no formatting
.8 -- finished with walkthrough, still no formatting
.9 -- Added line breaks, table of contents, version history, about this guide,
and closing comments First version on gamefaqs.
1.00 -- Current revision. Added octocamo, enemy alertness/status, cqc, and
| Future releases (planned) |
1.10 -- Add unlockables, search system, embelums
1.20 -- Add drebins shoper’s guide, item list, weapon list
1.30 -- Add online
1.xx -- Add names of every area you visit instead of what I have now.
2.00 -- Add cutscene info and storyline, turning this into a spoiler guide
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About this Guide
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This guide is a comprehensive walkthrough of this game. For the first two
acts, it will list the locations of basically every item you will encounter
in this game. After this, it drastically cuts back on item hunting and shifts
to the stategic aspects. This is mostly due to the drastic cutback on free
roam gameplay. I’d explain why exactly here, but that would be giving away
the general plot to those who haven’t completed the game yet.

This guide contains ABSOLUTLEY NO SPOILERS. None of the cutscenes or codec
conversations are explained in this guide. I will (often) mention when a
cutscene will appear, and reference some events that have already happened
for clarity’s sake, but I never give away plot points or anything of the like.

times the ammo I will be describing will be different for you if you don’t
have the gun I have, even if it is your second playthrough (provided you
didn’t buy the same guns I did). Also, I’m fairly certain the ammo types
that spawn are random anyway. However, the locations will always be the
same for every playthough, so it’s still worth checking the locations out.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This guide is Copyright 2008, by the author Subject 17. You can feel free to
check out my blog at
(soon to be renammed

You can always find the latest version of ths guide at gamefaqs, and minor
updates will be immediatley shown on my blog.
List of sites approved to host this guide: (and by extension gamespot)

Direct link to most recent version:

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Start..................Pause game/Access menus
Select.................Show map and description of current control scheme
Left Analog stick......Movement
Right Analog stick.....Move Camera
D-pad..................Cange level of zoom in scope
..................Change channel in briefing room
X ..................Crouch
..................Prone (hold)
..................Dive (while running)
..................Side dive (while strafing in AIM mode)
..................Stand (while crouching/prone)
Square.................Turn auto aim on/off (while aiming)
.................Turn flashlight on off (in weapon window w/ app. gun)
Triangle...............Toggle First person view (in aim mode)
...............Flip over (while prone)
...............Play dead (while prone) (hold)
...............Hug wall/hang/search/wake/drag/action (when prompted)
L1.....................Aim mode
L2.....................Switch item (hold)
.....................Equip/unequip item (tap)
R1.....................CQC (with compatible weapon and not in aim mode)
.....................Shoot (while in aim mode)
R2.....................Switch weapon (hold)
.....................Equip/unequip weapon (tap)
.....................Alternate fire (in aim mode with compatible weapon)
R3.....................Recenter Camera
Sixaxis................Clear camo pattern (shake)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CQC was introduced to the Metal Gear series back in Metal Gear Solid 3. It
has proven to be both a fun and effective way to eliminate enemies. To CQC
someone, simply equip a one handed weapon (or don’t equip any) and press R1
next to an enemy while not in aim mode (not holding L1). There are many
different ways to CQC someone. This section is going to go in depth with all
the different ways you can use CQC.
| Toss |

First off, there is the basic CQC toss. Hold the R1 button while near an
enemey, and give the left analog stick some input. This will cause Snake to
grab the enemy and toss them to the ground, knocking them out for a very long
time. Actually, this causes the longest stun time of any manuver in the game.
This is the easiest and most effective move to use; it allows you to quickly
eliminate a guard in the shortest possible time.
| Disarm |

Next off, we have the CQC disarm. If you tap R1 in front of an enemey instead
of holding R1, you will do a punch, followed by another punch, followed by a
knee to your opponent. I believe the first two strikes disarm your foe, and
the third will knock them out. This an only be preformed on an enemy looking
you in the eyes, i.e. facing you. It’s generally used in an act of desperation
and slightly faster than a CQC toss.

| Grab |

Finally, we have the CQC grab. The CQC grab is a very versatile action. To
preform one, simply walk up to your opponent and hold R1 without giving the
analog stick any input. This works from front or behind (usually), and from
here you can do several things to your foe.

If you hold triangle, you will slit his throat. This will take about a second
to complete the animation, and will (obviously) kill your opponent. This
means that 1) the one you killed will never again be a threat to you, and that
2)if any other guards stumble across his body, they will go into caution mode.

If you release R1, and then quickly simutaneously press forward and R1, you
will knock your opponent to the ground. THIS WILL NOT STUN THEM. They will
simply be an active guard, laying on the ground. They will get up unless you
follow this with a hold up, which is covered in the next section.

If you release R1, and then quickly simutaneously press Left/Back/Right + R1,
you will do a hip toss, which is essentially the same as the CQC toss. This
WILL knock them out, and they’ll be out for the same length as the CQC toss.

If you press L1, you will can use them as a human shield and aim semi-normally
with the right analog stick. Enemies will be hesitant to shoot at you while
you do this, but if you linger too long they will shoot, or attempt to flank

If you Hold R1 with more pressure than you normally would, you will choke them
until they pass out. I have heard that you can repeatedly tap R1 to snap
their neck, like you could in Metal Gear Solid 3. However, I have not yet
confirmed this.

If you press X, you will put them into a crouch. From here, if you release
R1 and then quickly simutaneously press Forward + R1, you will roll them over
and squat on top of them, and from here you can choke them by holding R1.
Alternativley, you can Release R1 and preform a hold up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hold ups
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Holding someone up is pretty easy. With no weapon drawn (but with one
equiped), sneak up behind someone, get close (but not too close), and press L1
to hold them up. You can search their body from here by pressing triangle,
and once the routine starts, press triangle at every prompt. You’ll be able
to find a lot more items faster this way than you would by dropping their body
repeatedly. If they see you are no longer holding them up, they will call for
backup and try to kill you. However, if you hold them up while they’re on the
ground, they won’t be able to see you leave. A passing enemy will investiage
held up enemies, and will release them from the hold up state.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Octo camo
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Metal Gear Solid 4 has done away with the old camoflauge system in favor of a
new, streamlined one. Instead of repeatedly pausing the game and switching
different outfits to blend into the environment, this camo system simplifies
this by copying any texture you are pressed against while still.

To copy a texture while laying down, simply stop moving. After a second, you
will hear the suit copy the texture of the ground. Your camo rating will
drastically improve when you do this, allowing you to basically just simply
crawl past any enemies in sight. However, guards will spot you if they get
close enough, no matter your camo rating, and dwarf geckos will spot you if
you are heard or they pass their laser over you, no matte your camo rating.
Geckos are a cross between guards and dwarf geckos, in that they both have
a laser that will spot you no matter your camo rating, and they have the
proximity threat as well.

You can also copy texture by hugging a wall. To hug a wall, simply press
triangle next to it. Stay still for a second, and your suit will copy the
texture. Crouching while hugging the wall will further increase your camo

To clear your camo, simply shake the sixaxis controller. Your camo will go
back to its’ default sneaking suit state.

To manually set a camo, pause the game and go to the camoflouge menu. From
here, select "cloth" and select "manually set camo". Your suit will use
whatever texture you have selected, and will not copy another, even if you
stay still while prone/hugging a wall. To register a texture to be used for
camoflouge, copy the desired texture with your octocamo, navigate here, and
select "register camo" to save the active texture. You can then use this
just like the rest of the manual camoflouges. If you want to go back to
using the automatic camo, pause the game, go to "camoflouge", and select
"auto" for cloth instead of "manual".

When you aquire the face camo, you can either not wear it to see old snake’s
face, you can equip the "facecamo" to copy any textures you press against,
just like the regular "cloth" octocamo, or you can use a custom facecamo,
which are face camos that make you look like other people in the game or past
faces of snake.

Finally, in the camoflouge main menu, you can select a disguise. The first
two disguised you get (one for each of the first two acts) will disguise you
as whatever rebel group is in that act, allowing you to be seen by them
without them attacking you. However, if you help the rebels defeat the PMCs,
you can get the same effect. There are also other disguises that are purely
for show, such as the suit or Altair’s rags. Finally, there is a corpse camo
that will disguise you as a corpse, and will even fool the geckos.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Opponent Habits and Traits
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Opponent Awarenes/Alertness |

There are four levels of awareness in Metal Gear Solid 4. These varying
levels decide how alert the guards you encounter are.

Normal- The default level of alertness. Guards will not be activley looking
for snake. They will patrol their default patrol path and will be
much less observant overall.

Caution- Guards are slightly more vigilant in their searches. They still
patrol their default paths, but there may be more of them than there
would be in the normal phase. They are more observant than usual,
meaning you are more likely to be caught in the similar scenerios
than you would be in the normal phase. This occurs after the evasion
phase, or if a guard who was stunned wakes up, or if a guard finds
a dead comrade.

Evasion- This mode only comes after the alert phase. Guards calm down and
regroup, collect themselves, and activley search for snake. They
are very vigilant and observant, with no patrol pattern. They will
simply run about, looking in places they think snake might be hiding.
These places often include the last known position of snake.

Alert- The highest level of awareness. Guards know where snake is, and will
essentially sprint to his location. You have to break the line of
sight for this timer to begin counting down. Guards will radio in
for backup if possible.

| Opponent Status |

There are five opponent stati (is that the plural of status...?) in MGS 4.
If a normal guard sees a held up, stunned, or asleep guard, they will come
over and investigate, bringing the other guard back to normal status. You
can pick up and drag stunned, asleep, or dead guards. When you drop their
body, an item will occasionally fall out. You can also wake asleep and
stunned guards by crouching and pressing triangle near them to eliminate
one star/z from their head. Finally, you can do a body search on a guard
that is held up. This is fully explained in the "Hold up" section above.

Normal- The opponent has no inhibitions to their preformance. They will act
normally, and are affected by the awareness/alertness levels.

Stunned- The opponent is unconcious. Another guard can wake a stunned one.
When the stunned opponent awakes, they will remember what happened to
them and go into caution mode. Stunned opponents will awake normally
when all of the stars above their head are gone.

Asleep- The Opponent is unconcious. Another guard can wake a sleeping one.
When the sleepign opponent awakes, they will NOT remember what
happened and they will NOT go into caution mode. Sleeping opponents
will awake normally when all of the Z’s above their head dissappear.

Held Up- The opponent is concious, but is not a threat to you so long as they
don’t know you no longer have your gun drawn on them. They will stay
in this state indefinitely, or until another guard gets them out of
it. They will go into caution mode when another guard frees them

Dead- The opponent is of no threat to you. If another guard sees their
dead body, they will go into caution mode, and possibly replace the
dead guard.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Pistols |
Operator- 420 71.0 D C E B S B 7 .45acp
GSR- 430 63.5 D C E B S B 8 .45acp
Five seveN- 300 80.0 D D B B S B 20 5.7x28mm
PMM- 325 70.0 D D E A S B 12 9x18mm
PSS- 350 50.0 D D C A S B 6 7.62x42mm
G18C- 300 60.0 D D C C S B 33 9x19mm
Mark 23- 440 90.0 D C E B S A 12 .45ACP
Race Gun- 200 60.0 E D E A S B 19 .38 (9x23mm)
DE .50- 700 90.0 C A E D S B 7 .50AE
| Submachine Guns |
P90- 300 135.0 D D B B B B 50 5.7x28mm
M10- 420 73.0 D C E B B B 30 .45acp
MP7- 250 140.0 E E B A B A 20 4.6x30mm
Skorpian/Vz.83-325 75.0 D D E B B S 20 9x18mm
Bizon- 325 100.0 D D E B B A 64 9x18mm
MP5SD2- 290 160.0 E D E B C B 30 9x19mm
| Assault Rifles |
AK102- 415 200.0 D E C C B D 30 5.56x45mm
M4 Custom- 400 220.0 D E C C B D 30 5.56x45mm
Mk 17/SCAR H- 530 200.0 C C C C B D 20 7.62x51mm
G3A3- 540 250.0 C C C C C E 20 7.62x51mm
FAL Carbine- 550 230.0 C C C C B D 20 7.62x51mm
AN94- 375 220.0 D E C B B D 30 5.45x39mm
XM8- 400 220.0 D E C C B D 30 5.56x45mm
| Machine Guns |
HK21E- 530 250.0 C C C C D E 100 7.62x51mm
M60E4- 550 260.0 C C C C C E 200 7.62x51mm
PKM- 730 265.0 C B C D E E 100 7.62x54R
Mk. 46 MOD 1- 400 250.0 D B C C E D 100 5.56x45mm
| Shotguns |
Twin Barrel- 1250 40.0 B S B E A C 2 12 Gauge (00 buck)
M870 Custom- 1300 50.0 B S B D E C 4+1 12 Gauge (00 buck)
SAIGA 12- 1250 50.0 B S B D B C 8 12 Gauge (00 buck)
| Sniper Rifles |
M14EBR- 530 230.0 C C B D B - 20 7.62x51mm
DSR-1- 900 300.0 B A A D C - 5 7.62x67mm
SVD/Dragonov- 740 280.0 C B A E B - 10 7.62x54R
VSS- 475 150.0 D D A D B - 10 9x39mm
M82A2- 2500 300.0 S S S E B - 10 .50BMR
Rail Gun- 5000 300.0 S S S C D - 40 Rail Gun Ammo
| Grenade Launchers |
XM25- 2000 300.0 A S - E B - 6 25mm Air Bust Grenade
MGL-140- 2000 300.0 A D - E E - 6 40mm Grenade
| Missile Launchers |
RPG-7- 3500 250.0 S S - E B - 1 RPG-7 ammo (80mm?)
M72A3- 2450 200.0 A D - D A - 1 M72A3 ammo (74mm?)
Javelin- 5000 400.0 S S - E B - 1 Javelin Ammo
FIM-92A- 3000 500.0 S S - E B - 1 Stinger Ammo
| Explosives |
Grenades- 2000 30.0 A S
Petro Bomb- 1000 30.0 B B
Willy Pete- 1500 30.0 A S
Claymore- 2000 20.0 A S
C4- 3000 3.0 S S

| Anesthetics |
Mk. 2 Pistol- 350 78.0 D - E S A B 10 Anest. .22
Mosin Naget- 750 300.0 B A E D B - 5 Anest. 7.62mm
Sleep Gas Mine-5000 3.0 S - - - - - - -
S.G. Satchel- 5000 3.0 S - - - - - - -
| Stun/Other thrown projectiles |
Stun Grenade- 2000 30.0 A S
Chaff Grenade- 0 30.0 - B
Smoke Grenade- 0 30.0 - -
Magazine- 0 30.0 - -

| Other Weapons |

Mantis Doll- Lets you control people with active nanos
Sorrow Doll- Lets you control the dead
Playboy- Guards will pause to look at it
Stun Knife- Instant kill with R1, instant Stun with R2

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This first, kind of prolougeish area has brief spouts of gameplay with short
cutscenes breaking it up. Simply crawl under neath the truck, watch the next
cutscene, run over the guy’s gun, and then run to the end of the street.
Another cutscene will play. After this, walk out into the street, and
immediately run into the building on your left. Go up the stairs, and then
dive through the "window". Keep running straight down the street; when you
get to the end a metal gear will appear. Just stick to the right side of the
street and get out of there as fast as you can; he won’t hurt you if you don’t
stick around. Sit back, learn the set up of this game, and get ready for the
first act.
| ACT 1 |

This first area introduces you to the octocamo system, along with the stealth
gameplay. Basically, if you lay down or press triangle near a wall, your suit
will copy the texture of whatever your body is pressed against. It will stay
this way until you stop moving in prone/against the wall, in which case it’ll
once again copy the texture you are pressed against (if it’s different). To
get rid of the camo, just shake the sixaxis/dualshock 3. This will return it
to the "sneaking" camo. If you press start, and go to the camouflage menu,
you can register the texture you copied for later use, manually set the suit
to preset/downloaded/registered camos, change your face camo if you have it,
or change your costume settings (if you have one). Octocamo is essential to
this game, you will use it constantly. Okay, back to the game: There are
initially two guards in this area, but more come very soon. If you want the
cardboard box, dash across the street at the start, and then crawl into the
doorway of the building. Follow the hallway past the corner and the cardboard
box will be inside the room, laying on the floor. There are noodles in the
locker. Noodles are great for restoring both health and psych, way better than
rations. Stay in crouch whilst in the building, lest the PMCs outside see you.
Go back the way you came, DO NOT CONTINUE ALONG THE HALLWAY. The PMCs will be
coming this way, and it’s narrow enough that they’re basically sure to spot
you. Crawl back across the street, and travel through the buildings. Keep an
eye out for the guards, pass when they’re not looking, or just simply crawl
along with the octocamo. Once you get to some wreckage, crawl underneath it,
and mind the militaman getting shot. You can either wait for it to be over or
try to pop the PMC in the head before it’s over. Personally, I shot the guy
in the head once, and did not even warrant a caution, so if you don’t mind the
kill added to your stats feel free to do so, as it will make coming out of
the crawlspace easier. Once you get to the end of these buildings, there is a
regain in the locker. Might as well pick it up. The guards won’t be looking
in your direction when you can come out of this building (usually), so you can
crouch run if you wish. Make a right out of the building, and go to the end
of the road to collect some more ammo. Go through the doorway here to enter
the next area.

There is a compress underneath the stairs. You may recognize this area from
the first gameplay demo of this game. You can hop up next to the statues and
grab it’s... member for camouflage. There are several ways to advance, but I
personally recommend running up the stairs and diving over the hole, and then
sneaking up behind the PMC here and either CQC him or do a hold up. Work your
way up/along this street. There is only one guard patrolling it until you get
near the end (you’ll be close to a dumpster), in which case 2 PMCs will come
out. Either hide in the dumpster or octocamo it to stay hidden until they
pass, and then go into the ruined building on the right side of this street to
start a cutscene. There are a few items scattered around this area,
specifically a compress on the other street (don’t get it, it’s not worth the
trouble) along with a regain in the lockers below that PMC you may have
knocked out and a ration you will see as you work your way up the street.
Watch the cutscene, and behold your new favorite toys: The Mark II and the
Solid Eye. The mark II is pretty fun to pilot. Just equip it, and then run
around the battlefield, scanning the way ahead. You can activate stealth with
X, extend the arm with L1, and when the arm is extended, shock an enemy with
R1. Press triangle near a wall to knock. Any action requiring you to extend
the robot’s arm will put you out of stealth mode. The solid eye has three
modes -normal, binocs, and EEV. Normal will simply highlight any items laying
around and any NPCs nearby, showing various points of data about them
(distance, what kind of object, friendly?, health, etc). Binocs mode is
similar to the scope of past metal gear games, with all of the perks of the
normal mode but no where near the walking speed. You will not be able to use
weapons while in scope mode. The last mode is EEV, which basically puts a
green tone over everything, has the same features as normal mode, and also
highlights all NPCs and objects. The solid eye and Mark II share battery
power, so use them sparingly. Oh yeah, and that tranq gun you got? Prepare
to meet your new best friend. Besides boss fights, it should never leave your
active weapons list. So, now that we have that all out of the way, simply make
your way past this firefight, or just take out all the PMCs, and move on to
the next area. There is some AK/M4 ammo back where the PMCs were running from
if you want it.

Choke the first guard you see. once you get into the tunnel, hide in the
enclave to the left until some guards run past you. whenever you see some
guards staying in place, you can always crawl around them for this area. Keep
a sharp ear out for the guards’ conversation, as they will say if they need to
go help upstairs or not. IF they mention anything about backup, just hide
until they pass. Before you come to the area with a bunch of wounded
soldiers, there is an MP3 in an enclave to the left, and after you pass the
room where they are talking strategy, head to your left after the guards pass
to get a bunch of ammo, and then once you are back into the hallway, you can
search the room at the end on the right for a lot of sweet stuff, such as a
militia disguise and an RPG. You can now basically just slap on that disguise
and run through the rest of this section if you feel like it. One last thing:
If the militia love you, you can just run past them plain as day in any outfit
and they’ll let you pass. This applies for all areas of the game. So, once
you reach the end of this level, talk to drebin, and fall in love. Weapons,
anywhere and any time!? SWEET! I’ll explain a bit about his store: Any
attachment you buy will work with any of the guns it says it can work with,
and in addition to that, once you buy an item, you can attach it to all the
weapons that can accept it, AT THE SAME TIME. You don’t have to repurchase
anything in order to put the attachment on all the weapons. So, that being
said, i’d go for the laser and dot sights, first thing. Hold off on purchasing
guns, as you will be able to find them in the field and then unlock them for a
much lower price than if you were to buy them. This does not apply to every
weapon however, as certain ones such as the flint lock and the M82 won’t
appear in game. However, the XM25, MGL, Stinger, M72, SVD, and masterkey all
do appear in game. You will get to keep all your weapons, ammo, and
attachments through multiple playthroughs of the game, however you won’t get
them all back until you meet up with the MK II.

Run over the body, continue down corridor to get a ration and some noodles,
then come and head up the stairs. once you reach the second floor, you can go
and jump down behind where the boxes block off the hall on the level below you
to collect an RPG and a sleep gas mine. If you wish, head up to the top floor
again to dive roll into where you have to go next, landing on a cement block
with another RPG on it. Make your way through the building. When you see two
militamen who have apparently been spotted, stick around until they die to
collect their weapons, then leap onto that ledge immediately left of them to
get some anesthesia rounds for your tranq pistol. backtrack a slight bit to
see a similar looking ledge to hop up onto. Continue your way through the
building, and after you see a ledge collapse, the next little area will have
some ammo underneath the white cement ramp. When you get to the top of this
ramp, you either have to hug the wall or hang-and-shimmy your way across.
When your past this and into the next room, hang right, walking under the low
hang, and jump down to collect a ration. make your way out of this room and a
laughable cutscene will soon follow. You acquire a drumcan, which you can
just to either hide in like a cardboard box, or press x to send it spinning.
You can knock out enemies very easily by doing this, however you’ll vomit
after you put it away, leaving you vulnerable for a second or so. Run down
the street, and turn right at the first car you see. There is some .223 ammo
behind the boxes here. Take the ladder up, make your way along the rooftops
until you get to a mortar, and get ready to have some fun! Use it to blast
the PMCs to your hearts content, and then ditch it, continuing with your
mission. Crawl under the car, and either take the left over the boxes or go
play with the militia to continue. If you take the main street, use the
mortar to blast the building at the end clear of snipers. The multistory
building near you has some snipers in it along with grenades, and the broken
one has a ration in it. I’d just stick to the main street, however. Past the
turn in the street, there are some boxes on the left with a crawlspace near it
-either take that or just continue down the street, either way eventually
going past this battle to reach your destination.

In this building, walk around the ground floor to collect some weapons, in
addition to a claymore and a playboy. CRAWL OVER CLAYMORES, for all you MGS
noobs. Go up the stairs, taking note of the BOMB, which you should also crawl
over. Feel free to explore any of the other floors, or shoot the claymores
instead of collecting them, but if I were you i’d just collect them and make
your way to the top floor. If you go exploring and see those lasers, know
this: You can’t get past them. Make your way over to the second set of
stairs, get to the top of them, and once on the roof, go run past the back
rooms to start a cut scene. Once you pick up your first P90, buy it, and then
use that for the rest of the frog battle. These opponents aren’t that tough
at all, but they come in massive numbers and can hop onto walls and such, like
those annoying little critters from resistance. Eventually you will have
worked your way downstairs, and a bulldozer will come crashing in. You only
have to kill like six more frogs, and then you take a hop down an elevator
shaft. Time for some more cutscenes.

You’ll see a bunch of militia fighting a few PMCs. After that friendly tank
comes in, head for the gap in the wall in the right. Either take the ladder
or the crawlspace, they lead the same way, but the crawl space has a ration in
it. Help fight the PMCs off, and once your done, head to the really tall
ladder and climb to the top to find a javelin on the roof of this building.
After you get it, head back down the stairs collecting the ration and some
.223 ammo as you go. Head up the small ladder farther down the street, and
follow it until you find a place you can jump off of to start a cutscene.
After it’s over, go collect yourself some drebin points by running over the
numerous dead bodies. Pop the next two guards in the head with a tanq, or
just sneak by them. Do the same with the next one, and head into the
alley/building to your left. There’s some music right behind the first box
you see in the building, and a guard upstairs. Theres some anesthesia behind
the first boxes you see upstairs,and some noodles can be found if you travel
through all the doors. There is a playboy on the bed. This place makes a
nice sniping perch if you should so choose to use it. In the lockers you will
find some goodies, and the one by itself has an M4 suppressor. There is a
ration underneath the table, and some smoke grenades in the hallway
downstairs. Make sure to grab the PSS behind the dumpster past the courtyard.
Make your way past these last few guards, and be done with the first act.

| ACT 2 |

During the briefing, you can manipulate the screen with the following
controls: Triangle switches camera view, L2 fullscreens the current main
camera, and the square button allows you to control the mark II. If you bump
into people with the mark II, you can get special face camos. There is also a
battery and a digital camera you can collect here.

When you gain control, the very first thing you want to do is drop down and
explore that building on your right. There is a rebel disguise, a special
herb, and two special ammo boxes for a shotgun in the hut. Also, check out
the upstairs of the barn for some pentazemin, and then hop over the gap to
collect the SVD, way earlier than you would otherwise. Hop downstairs to get
some anesthesia in one of the horse stalls, then go look under the house
across from your view of the soldiers to get both stun grenades and 3 m4
suppressors, and inside this house for the fury music. I strongly suggest
freeing the rebels, and then eliminating all the guards so you can fully
explore, and so the rebels are on your side from then on. Once you’re done
with this area, follow the path the rebels are taking to get to the top of
those cliffs. Campbell will call, then continue along your merry way. The
next part pits you against a bunch of PMCs, but you have the rebels on your
side. Use the octo camo and mark 2 pistol to work your way through these guys.

Pick off the two snipers on the ledge to your right. Work your way up to the
front lines here, being careful to not get caught. While you could continue
all the way up on the left, If I were you I would cross the road and take a
trail on the right side of this battlefield. Doing so will lead you to a
mortar which you can use against the PMCs. Continue following this trail, and
then sneak into the walled in base. The first, bug building you see from this
approach is the power station. Clear it out, and the militia will come in and
disable it for you. There is some C4 and a ration under the desk in the non
generator room, along with a generic ammo box, think it’s .223 ammo. There
are also sleep gas mines (not active) in the generator room, and a regain,
playboy, and compress under the building. Once the rebels have run, make sure
to collect the M60’s from the sandbag, a stinger missile launcher in a boxed
in area, in addition to a pss, 12 gauge slugs, pentazemin, and some ammo on
top of the tower. You have to climb up the tower next to the power generator
room, hang from the edge, and use the wires to cross over. NOTE: DON’T TRY
to a waiting APC to meet someone familiar.

Take the path farthest to the left, following the rebels if you helped them
win. There are a whole lot of goodies in the first few feet once you get out
of the grass, such as an XM8, a javelin, some sleep gas mines, 12 gauge Vring,
anesthesia, noodles, etc. Keep following this path to find a regain on the
left side of some rocks, and if you crawl under these rocks you can get a PSS
and compress as well. If you decide to take the road instead, you will find
nothing. Take the farthest left, sort of up hill passage to proceed to the
next area.

This path is the most covered from the road, and by extension the truck that
follows it. Continue down this path to collect som .45 acp ammo, and mind the
guard just past this pickup. There are multiple guards around this rebel
prison camp, along with one in the watchtower, and one on the road. I
recommend silently taking them out to free the rebels, but it’s your call.
The biggest building here has some .223 ammo below it, and some 7.62mm inside
of it. In another area inside this building, you will find some stun
grenades, 9x39mm ammo, and the VSS sniper rifle. Outside you will find a
regain on a table. Finally, there is some anesthesia and .45 ammo outside
near a pile of...wood or steel I think. When you’re done exploring, just head
out to the entrance of a mine shaft.

This is another rebel vs PMC area. Keep an eye out for dead soldiers, they
drop some good weapons. A sample from my experience: Masterkey (both runs),
G18C, M60E4, PMM. Make your way to the road; a bulldozer will appear to help
you bust into this mansion. Exploring on the right will net you a ration,
along with healing music from MGS3 between a dumpster and the outer wall.
This area will be crawling with dropped weapons. Inside the building,
approaching from the right, will be a pss in the fireplace, along with a
regain under the table. There are some grenades on the couch in the next
room, along with some pentazemin on the on the other side of this room. You
can find a playboy in the front entrance to this house on a couch. Outside
the front entrance, there is a ration ontop of some boxes, in addition to some
willy pete grenades where you would first come in and if you were to have
taken a left isntead. Upstairs, you will find some .45acp ammo, a ration, and
a play boy in the first room you encounter. There is a master key, some 40mm
grenades, and some mosin naget sleep ammo on the balcony, in addition to
5.56mm ammo on the other side of an open skylight. Jump down the skylight.
Once down the stairs here, there will by some claymores on the shelf to you
left, and a room full of various items, with anesthesia and 12 gauge v-ring
being among the most interesting. Head up the ladder when you’re ready. From
here on out, you will never be have the option to sneak by a firefight between
rebels and PMCs again.

After a lengthy conversation with naomi, Laughing Octopus will appear, along
with a bunch of FROGs. Just switch over to the P90 for the fight against the
frogs, since that’s what they’ll be using. There a are whole lot of goodies
laying around, including V-rings under one of the first desks in front of you.
Use your solid eye to find them all, but save the battery, since you’ll be
needing it soon. Once you’ve defeated all of them, get ready for your first
boss battle! I hope you picked up one of those millions of M60’s laying
around, or a PKM from outside the vista. If you did, equip it now. If you
didn’t, you’re stuck with the M4 or MK17, which are still very capable
weapons for this fight. Also, get out your mark 2 pistol while you’re at
it. Just use your solid eye and threat ring to find her, and blast away.
After a bit of damage, she’ll fall to the ground, and either get up for
another attack or roll into a ball and release a cloud of black ink, which
will blind you for a second if you don’t get out of the affect area fast.
She also will release some sort of explosives, so avoid the red blinking,
beeping objects that magically float around in the air. She will hide in some
hard to see places occasionally, such as on the ceiling in the outer ring of
hallways, in a stack of boxes, one of those skeletons naomi has, a giant
MK II, a dead soilder, and even naomi. She likes to randomly crash in through
the windows, and near the end she will turn into a ball and roll at you, which
can prove quite devastating (I actually died from this once when I wasn’t
watching my health). Just hop onto the nearest high object to avoid getting
hit. Once you have finished her and she turns to her human form, PULL OUT
YOUR MARK II PISTOL. Shoot her with this until she passes out/dies. If you
do, you get a special face camo (her face). If you widdle her health down
instead, you get nothing. Don’t let her grab you, in which case she will make
you constantly loose health until you shake her off. She’ll randomly dodge
some of your shots, there really isn’t anything you can do about it, just keep
shooting at her. When you have beaten her human form, expect a call from
drebin explaining her melodramatic past. Get used to this, it’ll happen 3
more times, each time being more outrageous then the last.

The next part is kind of annoying. You have to follow naomi’s trail. Raiden
will give you a bunch of bs about how to naturally follow her trail, using a
keen eye to look out for disturbances in nature, looking for bent grass and
perturbed animals, before telling you that instead of meticulously observing
every little detail in the terrain, you can simply use the solid eye’s nvg
function instead. Not far from the start, there will be a ration to your
right. There will be a few branches of the trail. At the first one, take the
left path (the one with the most footprints). Across the bridge, there will be
a guard. Sneak past him or just take him out. After you do, take the right
path. The left one leads to a house with some goodies if I remember, but
there’s also a guard there and it requires some backtracking, so it’s best to
just leave it be. Soon after you follow his branch, otacon will ask you if
"you think that could be naomi" laying with a sniper rifle, facing the path.
Well, obviously it isn’t naomi, but it would still be a good idea to take note
of him, and either prone your way across his field of view, or simply take him
out with a shot from your mark 2. If you want to see a cool easter egg,
before you move past this area follow the single set of footprints to the
right to see something laying on the rocks. Haha, looks like she was having
herself a good time... but that brings up some interesting questions, doesn’t
it? You can hear a laughing women if you follow along this path (not the
footprints), it might be worth investigating. Anyway, back to the path. Take
out the guard in the gap in the rocks, and head down and across the river.
Otacon says something about naomi’s footprints vanishing. Press on straight,
and mind the member of the frog to your right when you see some footprints
reconvene with the trail you’re following. The footprints get confusing here,
but take the left path where there are a lot of footprints. Put away the
solid eye, as it can give away your position. There will be one or two frogs
past the grass path here on your left, silence them. Head to the right, and
behind the closest tree stump, hidden by some flowers, is another guard. Take
him out. Be careful if you run over him, as there is a claymore next to him.
Follow the path to the left. When it branches, take the right path, or the
left if you feel like it (they wind up in the same place). There is a frog
sniper here, take her out. Notice the shoes left in the middle of the road,
and the claymore on top of them. There are some stun grenades behind where
the sniper was as well, if you want them. Follow the two reconvening trails,
and soon you will get to another clearing with a dozy guard to the right.
Take the left footprints again, and mind the guard farther up, on the right,
away from the path of the trail. Take him out from behind and grab the pss,
then head back to the trail, which gets a whole lot bigger now. Head left
into the mineshaft to proceed to the next area.
Get ready for a cool cutscene.

Once you regain control, start by shooting into the black smoke, and
specifially at the powered suits when you can get a clear sight of them. The
guards around you won’t shoot at you, but sometimes they can climb on top of
the APC and grab you. Just CQC them when they do this/try to do this, or if
you just don’t care about killing guards, shoot them to prevent them from
every reaching you in the first place. When you see gecko, ignore their weak
points (legs) and just go for the head. It’s faster, easier, and nets you
drebin points. Ignore the other vehicle in the next section, and just go for
the gates. Strafe up and down either side of the gate. some geckos will jump
in front of you, just shoot them while you can, you probably won’t get many
before drebin moves on. ignore the other vehicle again, as drebin will ram it
off the road. More geckos ahead, drebin will ram the one running in front of
you. Keep aiming for the heads. The next area will trigger a memorable E3
cutscene. Sit back and enjoy. When they’re over, run straight, and follow the
people. Run straight past this first gecko. Turn right, and run to the end
of the alley. The last gecko is hard to get past, the only way i’ve been able
to do it is get on the edge of the range where his leg sweep is activated, go
out of the damage range, and then dive through before he can redo this move.
The second you get past him, you escape and get to sit back and watch the
vamp fight from e3.
| ACT 3 |

In the next mission briefing, there isn’t really any cool hidden items except
for some ammo waaay in the back behind the helicopter. After a long time,
naomi will finally stand up so you can hit her and get another face camo of
raiden, this time with the visor open. For the first part of the next act, you
will have to trail a resistance member through an Eastern European city.
Since you won’t really need to do anything to the enemies other than knock out
a few who are blocking his path or trying to arrest him, I won’t do all in
depth about the weapon locations. If you really want to find them, you can
just use the solid eye. The guy will wait for you whenever you aren’t near
him, and all that signal interceptor is good for is to find the general area
of where this one guy is. If you loose him, you can’t just find a new member
of the resistance, you have to go back and find this one.

Start off by running straight to the van. A directed sequence will occur, and
you will be shown the resistance member you have to follow throughout the
city. If you hold him up and do a body search, you can get some music track
from snatcher. Just follow him throughout the city, you’ll never follow
anyone else. Take out any guards that are in your way with the mark 2, and
don’t forget that you can put away the disguise whenever you want and trade it
for full octocamo, which is basically essential once the guy you’re stalking
changes into a PMC outfit. If this guy spots you (not a "hey, did i see
someone there" spot, but a "hey, i’m shooting you in the face because I don’t
know who you are and that’s what I do" kind of spot), there is a possibility
he will go along this very convoluted route that at first seems faster but
winds up taking about twice as long as his normal route does. Either way,
he’ll eventually pass a spotlight with a bunch of guards around it. Don’t go
on the sidewalk until the spotlight has just passed it. If the spotlight goes
over you, you WILL BE FOUND, no matter what your camo rating. This also
applies to the spotlights on his convoluted route. Once he/you get(s) to
midtown n sector, he will change into a PMC outfit. If you loose him in a
bunch of guards, it will be obvious which one he is (the one who whistles,
doesn’t have a gun, and walks completley different), so obviously don’t kill
any guards here, lest you risk killing him, in which case you’re screwed.
Not that you should be killing guards in the first place, that is. The area
he first comes out of will have two rations and a compress in it. I know, I
said I wouldn’t give away the locations of items, but they’re right there so
you might as well pick them up anyway. Now that I think of it, there is also
some 5.56 ammo on the right side of the street in the last part of the section
before Midtown N. Anyway, just use your octo and face camo for this part, and
try to crawl along the sidewalks from here on out, since there are some road
patrols who will spot you if you crawl in the street. Soon after he changes,
three guards will ask him to follow them. Just crawl behind them, and don’t
get too close. Eventually all three will split off. After at least three
trucks pass, he ditch the costume and go back to his Eastern European outfit.
Just wait for him to walk a bit, move towards him, and a cutscene will start.
Snake anihilates everyone with his CQC, this scene being by far the best
demonstration of CQC yet. Big mamma will go on to explain a whole lot about
snake’s beginnings, the Patriots, and a bit about Big Boss as well.

You start off on a motorbike. You will have infininite ammo for all of the
weapons you can equip. This includes pistols, submachine guns, grenades, the
twin barrel shotgun, and the XM25 grenade launcher. However, I doubt you will
have aquired this weapon yet if it’s your first playthrough, which means
you’re doing o have to stick with the submachine guns. I’d ditch the Skorpian
ASAP, it has a small magazine that requires constant reloading, and we are
going to be missing a lot of shots here. The P90 would probably be your best
bet. Make sure to equip a laser sight with it, as this will greatly aid in
your aiming. I wouldn’t go into First Person View for this fight, as you will
have some dead spots where you can’t shoot your gun around eva’s head. If
there are a lot of enemies around, eva will tell you where to concentrate your
fire, but in any case aiming for the enemies in front of the bike is a good
bet. Lastly, try not to hit the other people on motorbikes, they’re friendly.
In the next area, there will be a humvee that starts attacking you. It won’t
shoot the van, and I couldn’t kill the turret gunner, so just leave it alone
and it will crash into a wall in a few seconds. When the frog jumps on top of
the van, shoot her off. When you get near the river, and she powerslides for
the second time and stops for a bit next to two humvees, take out the
explosive barrel on the left, then go for the turret gunners. She’ll drive to
the other side now, and execute a slowmo jump. You probably won’t be able
move fast enough to take out more than one or two guys during this jump. You
can shoot the boxes you just jumped over when you have landed to cause an
explosion, and from there i’d work my way over to the turret gunners and then
the foot soilders. For the rest of this section, you won’t have to deal with
any more geckos, but a few frogs will jump ontop of the van. There are
usually explosive barrels around the frogs on foot, so just spray away.
In the next area, many raven soilders will try to bomb you. They only take a
few shots to take down, so for the most part you can just strafe them with the
P90 to defeat them. A few soilders will appear in humvees or walking on the
ground, and near the end of this section they can start to be a pain. Just
remember that the only people in a humvee you can kill are the turret gunners.
For the most part, i’d stick to shooting at the ravens since they net you
drebin points, but since the soilders seem to do more damage it would be wise
to get a few of them out of the way. Once eva gets shot, there will be a few
more frogs standing conveniently next to explosives, making for easy pickings.
However, the ravens will start to drop a whole lot of bombs once you’re back
on the street, so make sure to equip your rations if you’re low on health.
Eventually eva will crash into a wall along with the van, and after a touching
cutscene, you’ll have to take on raging raven.

For this boss battle, I would reccomend staying on the floor where you start
off. There is a ration on the one base of the staircase, and some 5.56mm ammo
a bit farther up the staircase. Personally, I like to stay at the bast of the
staircase opposite the ration, and just wait for raging raven to come inside
before unloading on her with an M60. On the next floor, there is some 7.62mm
ammo, in addition to some .22 anesthesia inide and some 7.62 anesthesia
outside the room. There is some 12 gauge v-ring on the top floor, along with
a music track from HIDECHAN. Anyway, just stay on this bottom floor, and use
that cover to avoid all of the missiles shot at you. It seems that in order
to make her appear, you have to be spotted by one of the other ravens. If
you’re accurate with your M60, you can literally kill her after only three
apperances. Just make sure to continuously shoot her when she’s inside, so
she won’t be able to aim her 40mm grenade launcher at you. When you’re done
with the firght, pull out your mark 2, and repeat the same process as the last
boss fight: Shoot the crap out of her chest with it until she passes out.
Drebin will now explain to you why she is the way she is, and you’ll get a new
face camo, along with the 40mm grenade launcher.
Time for some kick ass cutscenes.
| ACT 4 |

Mission briefing. There aren’t any new camos here, but if you want to, you
can play with the remote by using R1 with the Mark II to change the channels.
There is a regain and some ammo on the left side of the back part of the
nomad. You will fall asleep on your way to shadow moses, and a dream scene
will take place, Metal Gear Solid 1 style. The controls here are also MGS1
style, and you can’t press select to see them. So, a quick run down of the
controls: Square is attack, Triangle is First person view, Circle is punch
punch kick/knock on a wall, start is pause, and the rest of the controls are
either the same or don’t do anything. There is no CQC here, however you can
flip a guard by pressing square while moving the analog stick, although this
will not knock them out like it does elsewhere. You can also choke them to
death by repeatedly tapping square and not moving the analong sticks, but only
if you sneak up behind them. So, anyway, back to the walkthrough. Running
along the right hand side of this map, in the snow, will net you a ration.
The only chaff grenades I know of in the game are in this dream sequence, so
it would be wise to pick some up. They’re on the helipad. Once the pattern
of lights allows you to pass betweeen them, run as fast as you can. You will
pick up the chaff grenades and make it to the other side just in time. There
is a room across from where you get off this helipad with some stun grenades
and a security camera in it. To avoid security cameras, simply stay out of
their field of view, and use their blind spot (directly under them) to sneak
past them. From here you can crawl through to another room with some other
goodies in it. When you’re ready to move to the next area, you can either
take the path on the bottom, below the security camera on the left, or
alternativley take the path through the rafters by heading along the right,
and bypassing the security camera and a guard on top of the rafters. If the
guard on the rafters is coming towards you, move to the far end of the rafter
and hide behind the part of the building sticking out until he passes.

First off, put on your face camo. There will be some ammo along the walls
immediatley where you start. Continue along the right side. At the top of
the hill, there is some more ammo. From here you can hear/see the a gecko.
Soon after jumping down the hall, there will be a whole in the wall along the
right with your standard assortment of goodies. Sneak past the gecko, and
continue along the right to see a clearing. There is a ration where it was
in the dream sequence. There is another ration where you came into the area
last time, and in the room with stun grenades there is a various assortment of
ammo. Crawl into the next room to gain a dp boost, and in the next room there
will be a bunch of explosives ammo. Under the truck where you could find the
SOCOM in the original mgs will be the MARK 23 (same gun). If you look in the
doors, you can see the next area, which has about 30 or 40 unmanned sentries.
Run up the stairs you may have taken last time, and take the same crawl space.
Alternativley, use the entrance on the bottom floor. However, this route puts
you on the other side of the room from the exitYou will get a drebin point
bonus for crawling through here. When you get out of the vent, be careful not
to be spotted by the sentries. If the laser passes over you, it will be an
instant alert phase. However, they generally are pretty stupid, and won’t
spot you if you have decent camo. They also appear to be death. There isn’t
anything special in that first room to on this floor, so it would be wise to
just avoid this area. On the other room on this floor, there are stun
grenades and nothing else. If you travel down the stairs from the second
floor, you will get a 1000 pt drebin point bonus. Downstairs, next to the
exit, there is a mark 23 suppressor and some .45acp ammo.

Wen you exit the tank building, there is a ration on the left, along with RPG
ammo and some other ammo on the right. There are two gecko here, who will
walk back and forth across the level in a rectangular pattern. There are some
40mm grenades next to the second gecko, and various rations and ammo around
the rest of this area. When the geckos wake up, wait for them to face away
from you and just crawl across the route. In the next area, there is ammo
scattered around the room, along with a stinger missile launcher in the truck.
Otacon will inform you that the door is locked, so you have to go inside of the
elevator and travel to the old office to unlock it. Once you travel down the
elevator, there will be a M72 missile launcher, along with some claymores.
Farther down this area of the office, there is a music track along with
rations and ammo. Follow the hallway to initiate a flashback and a drebin
point bonus. Once otacon asks you to put in the code, you can either put
in the code, or enter one of the following numbers to get a bonus: 78925 for
better accuracy, and 13462 will net you a track that allows you to put
soilders to sleep on touch. When the cutscene is done, run around the room to
pick up some 40mm grenades, along with rations and ammo.s Once you get into
the old chamber lock, a gecko will fall through the wall. The hallway here
makes a T-shape, once the geck leaves to patrol the other side of the T, make
a dash along this part of the T to the other side, then crawl underneath the
desk. Make your way to the other side of the room, and leave it. The gecko
will never patrol on this side of the hallway, instead he will just walk up
and down the hallway with the previously eletified floor. However, once in
alert mode, he will come crashing through this door, so it’s best to hide in
that mini office to your right here once he starts his charge if you decide to
fight him. However, as long as you aren’t in any of the three elevated levels
of alert, you will simply be able to hop in the elevator and get out of there

Once you get out of your elevator, head to the door which the Mark III will
begin to unlock. However, this is not an instant process, and a gecko will
soon hitch a ride on the elevator, even if you destroyed it in the previous
area. You’ll have to keep it distracted, which is much easier than it sounds,
provided you haven’t exlusively reloaded by using the circle button until this
point. Simply throw magazines in an off area of the map, and once the gecko
is done investigating, throw another one. Keep this up for the two and a half
minute timer. If you run out of magazines, you’ll have to deal with shooting
a few shots at it, and then running around the objects in the center, keeping
sure to stay on the opposite side that the gecko is. However, 20 magazines is
more than enough to keep the gecko lured away, provided you aren’t wasteful.
Soon after the Mark III is finished, the gecko will leap to the second floor,
allowing you to make a clean getaway.Right away, run to the end of this short
road to grab both 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammo, jump down into the snow, and look
within the storage shed to find an SVD along with some ammo for that gun, some
claymores, and some mosin naget ammo. These will all be much needed for the
boss battle you are about to partake in. Jump down the rocks to activate a
cutscene and start the boss battle.

For this boss battle, it would be wise to NOT STAY IN OPEN GROUND FOR ANY
EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. I say this because, if Crying Wolf jumps on top of
you, it will be an instant kill, sort of like the gecko footsweep. Also,
there really isn’t anything worth collecting on the battlefields, save for
some C4 and other handheld grenades in the middle, power transformer area.
So, your best bet is to dive over that tree from the start, and make a beeline
for the first tower you see. For the majority of this boss battle, you will
simply run between these two towers. Put on your solid eye and turn it to
Night Vision mode to find Crying Wolf, and just snipe her with the SVD from
either of these two towers. If you’re a good shot, you can get multiple hits
on her before she runs. Your psych meter will probably be empty for most of
this fight, so sniping may be hard for you if you haven’t recently used a
compress or played dead. You can always cheat and use pentazemin to get off a
quick shot if you have it, however. To get from one tower to the next, try to
dive off the railing nearest to the staircase on the other one, and run up it
as fast as you can. The farther tower has an XM25 grenade launcher on it’s
top floor, so be sure to pick that up. If you’re running low on ammo, some of
the tower guards carry the DSR, so if you have that gun you should be fine.
Okay, now that we’re all set up, here are wolf’s attacks: Her main attack is
the railgun. The railgun fires a bullet at a very high speed, creating a
shockwave where ever it hits. Sometimes you can dodge this simply by laying
down and letting the railing take the brunt of the force, however there are
some gaps and angles where this won’t do anything to stop it. Also, after you
shoot her, she will sometimes attack you with explosives she tosses up onto
the catwalks you are sniping from, so simply run when you hear the clinking
of a grenade (i don’t know if they are grenades, but they have the same
soundbyte when they land on the ground. Also, keep an ear out for the
throwing sound of a grenade). Just dodge between these two towers until you
have defeated her, she doesn’t come up with any new tricks. Remember to use
the solid eye to find her unique shape (it’s either much smaller or much
bigger than the Frogs, depending on how she’s positioned and how she’s aiming)
and to know which part of her to hit (the actual beast part of her isn’t
highlighted at all). Once she’s done, with, switch back over to the Mark 2
once again, and go collect another face camo. After you have defeated her
human form, you will collect her Railgun and Drebin will explain this beast’s

! Alternate Strategy !
Just thought I’d share a tip for the Crying Wolf battle. Immediately
after the cutscene where she almost nails you with the tree, you’ll be
staring at a truck in front of you. Crawl under from the rear and face
forward towards the woods. Your stress won’t go down since you’re
sheltered, and the FROGs are easy pickings. Every few minutes or so,
Wolf will pass by in the woods. Use your night vision to spot her and
snipe her up. The battle takes longer this way, but you’ll literally
take no damage. If it gets boring and she isnt coming out, just get out
from under the tank until she yells and run back under.

Thanks to Jeff C. and Nick for this tip.

Hey, isn’t this the place where you had to swap discs in MGS1? Run inside and
you’ll trigger a rather hilarious codec conversation with Otacon. Alright,
time to find metal gear Rex. The next area is crawling with those annoying
three handed sentries, so stick to the normal rules of evading them: Worry
about the laser and their patrol routine, and camo/sound for very close
proximity. Head to the door, and otacon will tell you it’s not working.
Go to the opposite end of this side of the room now to get into the elevator.
You can basically just run up both sets of steps and dive over the side, if
you don’t mind the minor loss of health. There is an itunes track here
somewhere, but I picked that up first playthough so i’m not exactly sure where
it is. Sorry! :( ...anyway, the elevator will trigger a flashback, and
you’ll get a drebin point boost because of it. Once out of the elevator, you
will see a Gecko patrolling the area. Remember, these guys are a cross
between guards and sentries, in the sense that if they pass their laser over
you, you’ll be spotted no matter your camo rating, and if you are in their
line of sight or near proximity, they’ll also spot you. Either way, it’s
very easy to pass this first guy. Simply run like crazy in a straight line
once he turns away from you. Near the small steps, there are a few boxes of
ammo, including anesthetics. The next room is by far more difficult. It has
two geckos, in addition to those annoying three handed sentries. First, run
to that reddish, metal thing in next to the raised path in the center of the
room when the gecko isn’t looking that way. Once you are there and it walks
back to where it looks away from the center of the room, hop onto the platform
and crawl under neath whatever machinery that is on the rollers, collecting a
javelin as you do so. When it’s safe, continue in this direction out the
other side. Once you have deemed it safe, crouch run to another one of those
reddish steel things on the right side of this platform, and AS SOON AS YOU
KNOW NO GECKOS ARE LOOKING, run, RUN your little hind end off into the doorway
and dive over that railing. I would check the map to see what area I mean if
I were you to make sure you know where you’re going. If possible, don’t even
pause to make sure the two geckos on this side of the aforemention machinery
are looking, check this while you are running to that reddish piece of steel
panel. I say this because, if you happen to be spotted, one of those gecko
will block this exit to the next area, meaning you’re basically screwed and
should just start over, or go rambo with that javelin you picked up if you’re
having one of those days. In this next room, there will only be like two
sentries, and it’s very short, so you may be tempted to just say "screw it"
and run past all the sentries. However, if you go into alert phase, the next
area will be blocked, so just stay stealthy a bit longer. At the top of the
staircase, you will find a lot of useful items, so i’d make a pass up there
before you run into the next area.

Once the lift has reached the top, you will have to fight vamp in a boss
fight. Use whatever you want to bring him down (although I personally feel
that using anesthesia works the fastest, but whatever), but make sure his body
is within running distance of you. Whenever you knock him down, he’ll get
right back up. A quick call to otacon will tell you what it took me 30 some
"kills" of vamp to figure out. Once he stands up, CQC grab him, and make sure
you have the syringe equiped. Once you have him in a lock, press triangle to
stab him in the neck with the syringe, which will put a quick end to him.
There are various ammo items laying around the room, including some 5.56mm
which you may actually be in need of after that crying wolf fight. Whenever
vamp gets within striking distance, roll out of the way so he doesn’t stab
you. On occasion, he’ll squat down before lunging at you, in which case you
should just run in a different direction than he’s facing and roll when he
lunges. Also, sometimes he will jump high into the air and stop you, so once
again, dive to dodge this. Whatever you do, don’t lay down, as he will start
one of those dances ontop of you like he did raiden earlier. Also, if you
dodge early, he’ll still hit you. Don’t run into him when he stands up, else
you will be knocked to the ground and you’ll probably have to fight him
again. If you do mess up giving him the syringe the first time, subequent
defeats will be much easier. I often get lucky with the Mark 2 and all of
his psych will drop in one random hit after the first time you defeat him.
After you stab him, raiden will appear, along with some suicide gecko.
Suicide gecko will walk around the perimiter, and then hop on the inside after
a while. Once they are inside your perimiter, they will start a countdown to
self destruction. If this timer reaches 0, you loose. Immediatley a gecko
will hop in front of you, acting as a sort of tutorial on how to handle this.
With the railgun, L1 Charges, R1 fires. It is a huge waste to fire a
non-charged bullet with the railgun. There is an audio cue to when the gun is
fully charged, and it’s pretty distinguishable. You can switch between first
and third person without loosing the charge, but if you lower your weapon, the
charge will be lost. For this reason, I would not reccomend ever taking your
finger off the L1 button for any reason, as there is one part where several
gecko storm you and you won’t really be able to get through it if you don’t
act flawlessly. Make sure to equip your rations from the start, so you won’t
have to waste your precious charge to switch to them later. Zoom in with R1,
and from here you will be able to see when the gun is charged (all the bars
will be a solid color). Use this to aim all the time, lest you waste your
shot. The only time I could ever see why you wouldn’t aim in this fashion
would be during that part where multiple geckos rush you. Aim for any
metallic part of their body for a sure kill. The geckos only attacks are some
machine guns they’ll rarley fire at you, and of course the self detonation
thing. I have never had one land on me, so I don’t think you have to worry
about that. Eventually Raiden will kill Vamp, some cutscenes will pass, and
you’ll get control of Rex. Sweet! This is probably the most fun you will
have in this game, so i’d save here if you want to come back to it (although
if you didn’t play this chapter last, you’ll have to reinstall the chapter

Before you do anything, press select to get aquainted with the controls.
This escape sequence is insanley easy. Basically, rex is a total beast, so
you won’t have to worry about those suicide gecko too much. In this area i
wouldn’t even bother with the other weapons, as only a few seconds of fire
from rex’s machine guns will destroy them. Use L1 to use the cockpit view,
which is basically the only view you should use to shoot with. If you come to
an area with a lot of gecko, feel free to stop for a second and shoot a little
bit, as the time limit is very generous. If you see geckos on the railings, a
burst from your machine gun will not only take them out, but the entire
railing with it. Try not to crash into the walls. After a while raiden will
jump off, because apparently he was jelous that you were upstaging him with
rex in the "who can take out geckos the fastest" contest, or at least that’s
the only plausible explanation I have come up with for this. Just keep
trudging on as you were, and eventually you will see the orangish glow of the
outdoors, in which case this chase sequence is done with. The next part is a
boss fight between you and metal gear ray. From here on, don’t use the
machine guns anymore. It’s time for you to be aquainted with the rest of
Rex’s arsenal. First off, we have a whole load of balistic missiles which can
lock onto multiple parts of your opponent at once, and there must be at least
10 or so of these things launched at any gived time. Lock on with L1, and
fire with R1. Once you have spent your cache of missiles, switch over to the
laser if Ray is close. Charge it with L1, and once charged you’ll have about
two seconds of sustained fire with R1. If you continue to hold it down, it
will increase the charge level, meaning it will be more powerful when you do
use it. I somehow got this charge level up to 4 once, but the next time I
tried two was the max. Overall the laser is very similar to the rail gun.
This is probably the most devestating attack Rex has, and what you will be
using the most. However, it seems that the power of this weapon decreases
with range, so if you’re out of missiles and Ray is far away, it might
actually be best to use the machine guns. As far as ray’s attacks go, the
most devestating one is where he will jump ontop of rex, causing a
considerable amount of damage. Try to dodge this and similar attacks by
dashing with the X button. Basically, just move in any direction and tap the
X button to dash. This also works for avoiding Ray’s missiles. The last
thing you should know about this boss battle is that, after a failed charge by
Ray, you have the ability to get close to him and press triangle, which will
allow you to do the jump attack on him. So anyway, defeat ray, and get ready
for some more cutscenes. You have to love Raiden.

| ACT 5 |

You can’t play around with mark II during this next briefing, so just sit back
and enjoy the story. You’re going to board outer haven via catapult here.
Once you do, get out your mark 2. There isn’t anything worth exploring to
find here, and this is by far the shortest chapter gameplay wise. Shoot the
first two guards with your mark 2, and continue up the left side here. Two
more FROGS will jump down, take them out as well. Another will jump down
ahead of you right as you get to the place where the last FROGS jumped from.
Another two FROGS lay up this path, take them out as well. Just stick to the
left side of the ship all the way to the other side. Press against the walls
to get past the cargo when you have to, and mind the geckos. There will be
two final FROGS here, near the end of this side. Once you get to the other
side, a gecko will jump down, and will soon be blasted by the artillery.
Another gecko will run over to investigate, but will soon resume it’s patrol.
Once the coast is clear, head to the door and press triangle. Mash triangle
as fast as you can, and the door will open shortly. Head inside, and make
sure you have a P90, rations, and a syringe on standby. You’ll need them soon
enough. Head into the elevator to start the next major battle.

First off, you’ll have to take out a bunch of FROGs. Just use the computers
and different levels as cover, prioritizing the enemies on the same level as
you first, then go by proximity. After you’ve cleared out the inital batch or
two, more will attack solely from the balcony above you. Take them out. A
few more batches of FROGS will fight you on the ground floor, just use the
P90 to take them down. There is ammo and rations littered all over the
room, specifically near the blocked doorwars on the uppermost floor. When
you’re done with the FROGS, get ready for the last battle against a beauty
and the beast member- Screaming Mantis. Meryl will start to shoot at you
not too long into the fight, and a bit later on she will try to shoot herself.
Just CQC her when she does the latter, and dodge for the former. If you’ve
played the original Metal Gear Solid, immedietly switch your controller to
something other than one, but don’t pause the game before doing so. When
otacon ridicules you, and after campbell asks you to try the same thing you
just did, run around wildly shooting every weapon in your inventory to
fruitlessly attempt to damage mantis before giving up, walking away, and
crying yourself to sleep. Delete your game save data, and return Metal Gear
Solid 4, because "you can’t figure out how to beat it." However, if you’ve
never played metal gear solid, you should instead use the syringe on yourself
to break the strings controlling you, and then avoid getting hit by those
ghostly projectiles mantis shoots at you. If you get hit, no big deal, just
use the syringe again. Anyway, you will notice that, while your aim will no
longer shift, you still won’t be doing any damage to Mantis. Aim for the red
doll instead of mantis. It may not seem to be doing anything, but if you look
closley you will see that the strings are slowly snapping on it. Eventually
it will fall off, in which case you should run to pick it up. Once you do,
equip it in your inventory, and aim for Mantis. Since she still has that blue
doll, she can still attack you with the dead enemies, but meryl will no longer
be under her control. None of this matters anyway, since the second you hit
her with the mantis projectile, all you have to do is continue to hold L1 and
shake your controller up and down in your hands to quickly kill her. She’ll
transform into her beauty form, you’ll shoot her in the face with the mark 2,
and then psycho mantis will make a cameo before drebin explains how she got to
be here.

For a while, you’ll just keep on running straight as different parts of your
past flash by in audio form. The last three chambers will drop this
treatment, however, and you’ll have to dive roll by these dwarf gecko, as
otacon calls them... I think. Don’t bother shooting them. Just run up to
their front lines and dive across them. Run a bit more after you’re clear of
them, and then dive again after every successive group. After this, you once
again realize that Raiden kicks major ass, and you enter the microwave room.
For a while, you can get by with just walking, but eventually you will have to
crawl along. Just hold the left analog stick forward, until the end where you
may have to place your controller on the floor to hit triangle fast enough.
You should not be able to see triangle in the part where you are crawling on
your hands and knees, and when you start crawling you shouldn’t see it too
often at all. Don’t mind the fact that your health is basically at zero, this
is normal and you should be able to reach the end of the door in time. While
your health will run out rather fast, you can still move as long as your
stamina bar has some life in it. Anyway, after you get to the end, more
cutscenes occur, and you have basically saved the day. Well, I guess it was
Otacon who really saved the day. I don’t know why you even had to go through
that microwave room in the first place to be honest, the Mark III made it all
the way by itself. In the end though, it is a good thing you went. Also, did
anyone else wonder why Meryl, and later Johnny, didn’t walk with you through
those catwalks with the mini gecko? I mean, they could have just held out
outside the door there... And why did Raiden have to defend that area if
Otacon locked the door from the inside? Just seems pointless to me. Then
again, it wouldn’t have been nearly as dramatic, and johnny may have never
asked Meryl to marry him without that, so whatever. Also, you probably would
have been killed if Raiden hadn’t come to save the day, which seems to be a
reoccuring theme in this game.

So, after this whole touchy feely "we won" cutscene, you get to have one last
boss fight against liquid/liquid ocelot/young ocelot/ocelot. The controls for
this fight are different than the normal scheme, so be sure to check them out
with a quick press of Select, which is also the only way you can pause the
game. Basically, mash R1. If you’re low on health, or if you are just that
kind of fighter, you can block with L1. If you hold L1, R1 will always be a
hard punch. Pressing X will dash in whatever direction you are pressing on
the left analog stick, and will execute a duck if you aren’t pushing the stick
in any direction. If you press R1 while dashing towards Liquid Ocelot, you’ll
do a body bash. Tapping R1 a few times can net that sweet punch punch kick
combo we know and love from past metal gears, and holding R1 will allow you to
do a hard punch, or a CQC toss if you apply some left analog stick action.
There are a lot of quick action button press thingamabobbers here, which
basically means you should be ready to follow any on screen cues to press
triangle or R1. This is especially true durin the CQC grabs on either side.
If you toss liquid/ocelot to the ground, you can either choke him, punch him
in the face, or if you’re slow, punch him in the gut. Near the end of this,
there will be a finishing button press, where if you press it in time, you’ll
slam his face into the ship, and if you miss it, he’ll turn you over and punch
you a few times. If you get him near one of those three posts, you can also
do a cool environmentally sensitive context press where you slam him into the
post and choke him. This is not a one sided fight, however. Liquid/Ocelot
has a few tricks up his own sleeve, with different ones for each part of the
fight. In the first part, he will do a body bash, which will knock you to the
ground. He’ll make a grunting sound along with crouching before he does this,
allowing you to dodge before he strikes. Just try to CQC throw him for this
part of the fight. After a bit, you will punch him in the face, and knock
some of the liquid out of him. He’ll now be liquid ocelot from MGS2, and will
bring more powerful blows with him. Your health, along with his, will be
restored to a point as well. He’ll dodge more in this part of the fight, and
it’s a good idea to block here. He has a very powerful punch that will
quickly end you if you don’t dodge it. Thankfully, there is enough time
before he uses it that you can dodge it often, so long as you don’t dodge
INTO it. If you can end him near a post, you will be able to simply
repeatedly cqc him into one of these until eventually the game takes over and
you guys exchange flips to start the MGS3 battle, but I wouldn’t count on that
as being your tactic. Once again, count on your CQC skills to eliminate him.
If you have gotten this far, it’s rare to fail, but it’s still possible.
Ocelot now gets some CQC moves of his own now, although you can break out of
them if you time your button presses right. After a bit of this, you’ll both
turn your age and all of your abilities besides basic hard punches. Just
nudge a bit towards him, and let him come the rest of the way to you. Once
your fists are nearly touching, with like 6-8 inches between them, press R1.
As soon as you see the camera cut back to the "you can control your
character" view, immedietly, without pause, press R1 again. Do this for the
rest of the fight, and he won’t have a chance to counter, which basically
means you win. Just don’t be slow with it, else he’ll counter you. Even if
he does, it’s actually kind of hard to loose at this point in the fight.
If you’re actually trying to beat ocelot, you should win no problem. Time to
sit back, watch the end of this chapter, and a whole load of cutscenes. Bit
of advice: Just because you see credits, it doesn’t mean that the game
is over.

! Alternate Strategy !
In the Boss Fight with Liquid/Ocelot ( Both Rounds ) you can significantly
reduce your chances of getting hit by losing your balance on any of the
ship�s edges. To do this, run to the edge of your choice and attempt to
walk off of it. Doing so will make Snake frantically flail his arms to
regain his balance. While Snake is struggling to regain his balance Ocelot
can throw punches at Snake but will not be able to deal any damage until
Snake regains his balance. Feel free to use this little trick to your
little heart�s content.

Thanks to J.M. for this tip.

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Special Thanks/Credits
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First off, a sincere thank you is directed towards Hideo Kojima and the rest
of Kojima Productions for making this amazing game. I’ve been a Metal Gear
fan since the original Metal Gear Solid, and this game was the perfect end to
it all.

A special Thank You goes to the following people who have contributed to this

Etcee- Corrected some mistakes I made after the Crying Wolf Boss battle,
also contibuted the name and location of "The Best Is Yest To Come"
iPod music track in Act IV
Jeff - Provided alternate strategy for Crying Wolf boss battle.
Nick - Provided alternate strategy for Crying Wolf boss battle.
J.M. � Provided alternate strategy for Liquid Ocelot boss battle.

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Closing Notes/Contact
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This guide is far from done, but it is still more than sufficient to get you
through the game. There may be some factual errors in this guide, seeing how
this was my second playthrough. If you spot any, please let me know at and include something relating to this guide in the
subject so I know it isn’t some random spam.


This walkthrough reposted to with permission of the author.

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