Rumor Killers – July 1st, 2008

Call of Duty 6 Goes Sci-fi

We have all seen what Call of Duty: World at War, created by Call of Duty 3 developers Treyarch, looks like: back to WW2 and, more specifically, fighting in the Pacific against the Japanese. Many people seem annoyed that Call of Duty 4 developers Infinity Ward aren’t making the game, and even more annoyed that it’s going back to WW2. But with all this talk, where does that leave Infinity Ward? We can only assume that they are hard at work on Call of Duty 6, but recently, reports started flying round about the game’s setting.

According to these reports, it’s not back WW2 and it’s not modern day, but the future.

What do other websites think on this rumor? Joystiq mentioned something rather interesting, insisting that rather than “introduce elements of unrealism into such a history-steeped series, they could be working on an entirely new, space marine-flavored franchise.” That does make sense: it would be a rather big risk to launch Call of Duty into the future with such references then being made to games like Halo 3. The problem is that, although creating a whole new IP in the future would be something original and fresh, Activision would rather stick to an IP they know will sell by the bucket loads and I don’t think they will let their best FPS studio go off and do something that could be a gamble.

My personal opinion is that I don’t think we will be hearing anything on this in until Call of Duty 5 ships, as any talk of an Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty will only dampen sales of Call of Duty 5. That doesn’t mean that the rumor is not true, but for the time being, Call of Duty has always been about historic moments in history and for it to go into the future could have a major kick back if not done right.

TGR Verdict: Alive and Kicking

Rare Developing Killer Instinct 3

Once considered one of the best fighting games around, the Killer Instinct franchise has yet to make a transition from the days of the SNES and N64. The Rare-developed game hosts some of the craziest combos and unforgettable characters. So it comes to no surprise that gamers around the world are begging Rare to develop and rekindle the once great fighting franchise.

Rare, being their cheeky selves, have been teasing gamers with little Killer Instinct 3 hints for a while, most noticeably on Christmas cards sent to gaming websites which had a picture of Banjo sitting on chair next to the fireplace, decorated with a stocking with Killer Instinct 3 written across the front. There’s also this photo taken from inside Rare studios in the UK.

This time, the Killer Instinct 3 rumor is from EGM’s Quartermann. Quartermann is claiming that Rare is already underway on Killer Instinct 3 for the Xbox 360, called “Killer Instinct 3-D: Death, Destruction, and Doom.” It’s about time we got a new Killer Instinct and where better to have it but on the Xbox 360 with Live; this isn’t the first time this rumor has appeared, and I can’t see it being the last.

TGR Verdict: Alive and Kicking

God of War 3 to be shown at E3

There are a few games known by the world to be Playstation games but God of War sticks out from the crowd. The franchise so far has spawned 2 PS2 games and a PSP game, and everyone assumes there is going to be a God of War 3.

Sony itself was quoted at the Paris Game Developer Conference as saying God of War 3 will be shown at this years E3, though Sony has denied this as a mistranslation. PS3 Fanboy and Joystiq are both in agreement that a God of War 3 announcement would be amazing, but both doubt that Sony would announce it at this years E3 and if they did, would only be a teaser and nothing more.

E3 is still the biggest gaming shown on earth and all eyes will be on Sony to outdo Microsoft; what better than to announce God of War 3? One thing we do know is that it won’t be released yet for a very long time, with some retailers having it down as Christmas next year, so maybe this E3 is too soon, and instead could be revealed later on in the year. With Sony formally denying and a release touted for next Christmas, there is only one verdict.

TGR Verdict: Rumor Killed

Microsoft to drop price of 360

When Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe, it boosted sales and ever since that price drop, the 360 been selling well there. Microsoft hasn’t until now needed to drop the price in North America as the 360 been outselling the PS3 on a regular basis. With the PS3 picking up some needed steam from Metal Gear Solid 4, it’s now up to Microsoft blow away some of that steam and a price drop would certainly help.

CVG contacted Microsoft but got that "we don’t comment on rumor and speculation." To add more fuel to the fire, a sales leaflet from retailer K-Mart shows the Premium Xbox 360 at $299.99, which is $50 off the original price. Games analyst Michael Pachter believes that a Xbox 360 price cut makes sense; speaking to, Pachter says:

"Microsoft has historically been a price taker – meaning that they typically wait for Sony to cut first, however, they haven’t been in the position of having a cost advantage before, as they do now. Putting Microsoft’s cost advantage together with Sony’s reticence to lose more money, it’s easy to conclude that you will see Microsoft reverse course and be a price leader. I believe that every 360 sold is one less potential PS3 sold – and vice versa – and expect Sony to behave rationally."

The price at that value would see the 360 enter what Microsoft says is “mass market” price. I agree with Pachter that an Xbox 360 price drop is indeed incoming and, with Sony stating they don’t want to loose anymore money on the PS3, could see the 360 run away with the majority of sales in the United States.

TGR Verdict: Alive and Kicking

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