The Kunarkian Rhinoceros – A SOE Guide

The Kunarkian Rhinoceros
From Tony Garcia, Sr. Game Designer, Sony Online Entertainment

Long have the fertile valleys of the Overthere been home to one of the most powerful creatures in the Jarsath Wastes, the Kunark rhinoceros. These beasts have been indigenous to Kunark’s northwest coast for ages. Over those ages, many empires rose and each of those societies have attempted to tame the mighty rhinos for use as beasts of burden. However, the Kunark rhino’s unruly temperament created an impossible environment for any beast master.

It would not be until the end days of the Age of Turmoil when the Cabilisian Empire was finally able to breed a new rhinoceros that could be domesticated. The new rhinos would carry the light mariner cavalry of the Iron Guard and later fill the ranks of most iksar cavalry units. With the new rhino mounts, the iksar cavalry turned the tide of numerous battles that would have otherwise been lost.


After proving to be a juggernaut on the field of battle, the new breed of Kunark rhino made its way into iksar enemy hands, some even being seized by elite outland elements of the ogre Rallosian Army. The Kunark rhino has now earned its right to be called one of the most important mounts in military history.

The Kunark Rhino is available with the expansion, Rise of Kunark for EQ2.


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