Rumor Killers: Sept. 26

Is a New Metal Gear Solid Game on the Way?

Sometimes you find rumors in interesting places, like this story of a new Metal Gear Solid game (codenamed "Existence") based on an entry Konami has made in a Japanese trademark database. Seems like we might not be through with the world of Big Boss, the Patriots, and Solid Snake after all.

According to the original source, this is the same set of steps taken by Konami when it was setting up the copyright for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. They then speculated that since Kojima has stated that Solid Snake’s story is done, perhaps this title will take us back in time ala Metal Gear Solid 3 and give us yet another look at the saga of Big Boss.

It is interesting to note that the trademark has been filed for Metal Gear Solid: Existence, and not Metal Gear Solid 4: Existence, meaning that this is likely a new title and not simply an expansion or director’s cut of an already released game. Besides, Kojima himself has said that the Metal Gear saga is not over, merely the Solid Snake storyline. That would still leave us room to explore the exploits of Liquid, Solidus, or even Big Boss. We’re hoping for some sort of official announcement at next month’s Tokyo Game Show, but in the meantime we have no issues with arbitrarily raising your excitement level.

TGR Verdict: Very Likely

Is a Fallout MMO on the Horizon?

If you’re the type of gamer who reads this website, then chances are good that you’re pretty excited about the impending release of Fallout 3. The franchise, which is making its console debut, has already seen the hype train go barreling down the tracks, and all that’s left is to see if the game can live up the monster reputation its already set for itself.

Surprisingly though, that might not even be the biggest thing in the Fallout universe to get worked up over, as now there is word that Interplay has confirmed suspicions that they are working on a brand-new Fallout-themed MMO.

While Bethesda bought the rights to make the console sequel that is about to make its world debut, Interplay retained any future MMO properties and seems to be applying them to a new game called "Project V13." Obviously, those familiar with Fallout lore will surmise that this is code for Vault 13. Further certifying that this is the real deal, Interplay has brought Chris Taylor, a Fallout original, back to work as the Lead System Designer for this new title.

It seems pretty clear that this game is in the works, and that we’ll be seeing it soon. According to Interplay’s agreement with Bethesda, any MMO that is to remain the property of Interplay must be on retail shelves by April 2014, so the company really can’t spend a lot of time dithering about if they’re going to get this thing off the ground. We’re certain this is the real deal, now all we have to do is await the release date so we can start planning our schedules around when we’re going to stop playing Fallout 3 and start playing the Fallout MMO.

TGR Verdict: Rumor Confirmed

Has Ghostbusters Finally Found a Publisher?

While the Ghostbusters themselves may believe in spooks and spirits, gamers have begun to wonder if the game of the same name is real, or just a figment of our collective imagination. Every since the Activision-Vivendi merger, the game has dropped out of sight, languishing without a publisher and existing in gaming purgatory, serving penance for a crime it didn’t even know it committed.

It looks like the game may have found new life though, as it seems that Atari may just be interested in publishing. Unfortunately, both Activision and Atari have not commented on this, so it remains firmly entrenched in Rumorland for a bit longer.

If Atari has the resources to pick up the rights to the Ghostbusters game then it would likely be a good play for them to do so. Phil Harrison has been working very hard to try and turn the company around, and one such way to do it would be to put out a highly-anticipated title such as this. It seems like this could be a golden opportunity, if the price is right.

Unfortunately, with only this single source reporting the story, no comment from either party and no evidence to support the claims, we’ll have to leave this one right in the middle of the scale. While we can’t confirm the rumor, look on the bright side: we can’t kill it either, so there’s still hope for Ghostbusters yet.

TGR Verdict: Rumor Possible

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