The Good, the Bad, and the Shipping: October 4-11

It’s almost the end of the weekend but we here at TGR are going to help combat those blues by again giving you the jumpstart on all the games leaping, teleporting, and fighting their way onto shelves all across America this week. Thanks and enjoy!

Nintendo DS

1.Bleach: Dark Souls
2.Crash: Mind Over Mutant
3.Imagine: Babysitters
4.Imagine: Fashion Designer New York
5.The Legend of Kage 2
6.Lovely Lisa
7.Polar Bowling
8.Prey The Stars
9.Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals

Nintendo Wii

1.Game Party 2
2.Line Rider 2: Outbound
3.Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune
4.Crash: Mind Over Mutant
5.NBA Live 09 All-Play
6.North American Hunting Extravaganza
7.Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway
8.Sam and Max: Season One.
9.Ten Pin Alley


1.Rhiannon: Curse of The Four Branches
2.Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy
3.Agatha Christie: Death of The Nile
4.Etch A Sketch
5.Everlight: Power to The Elves
6.Exodus from the Earth
7.Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle
8.Pet Pals: New Lease on Life


1.Crash: Mind Over Mutant
2.The Dog Island
3.NBA ’09: The Inside
4.NBA 2K9
5.NBA Live 09


1.Fracture (pictured)
2.NBA ’09: The Inside
3.NBA 2K9
4.NBA Live 09
6.Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars


1.Crash: Mind Over Mutant
2.My Spanish Coach
3.NBA ’09: The Inside
4.NBA Live 09

Xbox 360

1.Crash: Mind Over Mutant
2.Fracture (pictured)
3.Guilty Gear 2: Overture
4.NBA 2K9
5.NBA Live 09

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