3 Video Games Coming In 2013 Worth Saving Up For

You do not have to be a video game industry insider to know that 2013 is going to be a wonderful year for video games. If you are serious about playing the best games that will be launched in 2013 then start saving up right now for these 3 future classics.

Tomb Raider
Rebooting a series is always a tricky affair, more so if the series is as popular and successful as the Tomb raider franchise. Lara Croft, the protagonist of the series, has forever been immortalized as one of the greatest video game characters of all time, irrespective of gender. Indeed, her presence has influenced almost every single female character to appear in video games since the first Tomb Raider game, released in 1996. The original game was almost single-handedly responsible for the success of Sony’s PlayStation and Lara Croft became the biggest iconic female characters in video games since Samus Aran was revealed to be a woman at the end of the 1986 classic, Metroid. With 9 successful games (and many other spin-offs not part of the main series), the Tomb Raider franchise has been one of the most profitable mainstays of the video game industry, even spawning a movie series with Angelina Jolie in the lead. However, rebooting the franchise is not being seen by industry insiders as a massive gamble. Fans have often complained about how the series was getting stagnant and a reboot is exactly what the doctor ordered. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will use the new Tomb Raider game to show fans the new origins of the reconstructed Lara Croft. The initial gameplay trailers for Tomb Raider have been well received by fans and critics. The new gritty atmosphere of the game guarantees something new that no Tomb Raider fan would have ever experienced in any of the previous titles in the old series.

BioShock Infinite
One of the best things about the first BioShock game that immediately caught your eye was the level design. The developers, Irrational Games, were able to create an underwater dystopia that sucked the player into this new and incredible surrounding. However, fans were not too pleased to see the same environments again in BioShock 2 and felt that the game didn’t really have anything new to offer. 2K Games made a note of this and have ensured that the 2013 instalment of the series, BioShock Infinite, introduces viewers to completely new surroundings. This time, instead of roaming the corridors of Rapture, the player is thrust into the fictional city of Columbia that floats in the sky. The initial gameplay videos have drawn a rollicking response from the video game community and BioShock Infinite is already being touted around as possibly being the best fist-person shooter game of the year. A new story arc also means that new players can jump in and quickly adapt to the gameplay.

As far as video game franchises go, it doesn’t get any bigger than the Grand Theft Auto series. One of the most controversial video game franchises of all time, GTA has given the world of video games some true classics, including GTA: Vice City and GTA IV. Every new GTA game is looked forward to with great anticipation and the same is true for GTA V. When the first teaser trailer for GTA V was released, the Internet went ballistic over the prospect of new game in the series. Just like its predecessors, GTA V has to live to up to massive expectations and no one has any doubts that the new game will exceed any and all expectations. No one can truly call themselves a gamer unless they have played every single title in the GTA series and GTA V can already be called a classic even before it is released.

There will be hundreds of games releasing in 2013, but these 3 games will be at the top of every wish-list and are guaranteed to be worth every penny you spend on them.

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