Bargain Bin: Ninja Edition

Ninjas are cool. There’s no denying it. They breathe cool, they sweat cool, they have other bodily functions that expunge coolness. So whenever a video game comes out featuring a ninja, even in a completely historically inaccurate manner, it’s generally something to be celebrated. Of course, there are a rather stupefying number of lousy ninja games out there, but we’re just going to ignore that for now. And while ninjas might be cool, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to pay too much to imitate them. Thankfully as we tend to do here at the Bargain Bin, we have found some affordable, quality alternatives for those of us who can’t afford even a single shuriken. Playing ninja may be fun, but playing it while still having cash for all those flashy holiday games on the horizon is most certainly better.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PlayStation 3)

Now Ninja Gaiden isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. Maybe the insanely punishing NES version, which I still haven’t beaten after having it in my possession for a good fifteen years, is, but the newer Ninja Gaiden games strike me as more than a tad on the silly side. I mean, just look at Rachel. That she can even stay standing with all that sweater meat is a testament to the sad immaturity which still resonates throughout much of the gaming industry. Furthermore, the camera in these games is amongst the most wretched I have ever played with.

That being said, I can’t deny that despite some of its rather obvious flaws -I mean come on, they’re bigger than her head- Ninja Gaiden is probably one of the best and most challenging games for action fans out there. And PS3 owners easily got the best, albeit latest version of the game, which can now be bought brand new for around thirty bucks. Now, this is not a game for the easily frustrated. The difficulty is insane even at the lower settings and is borderline impossible on the higher difficulties. That said, its a game well worth working at; watching someone with the skill to tackle those harder play throughs is pretty impressive.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma has it’s flaws though, some of which have already been mentioned. The overall silliness of the game and the horrible camera set aside, the graphics, though updated, are certainly showing their age. While many of the character models look great, the environments are a bit lacking. Beyond that though, the game is rather good, and with the bonus of the PS3’s exclusive extras, if you have the option, this is the version of the game to get. (Note: Used Amazon prices are subject to change)

Used- 23.99

New- 29.99


New- 29.99

Legend of Kage 2

A sequel to an arcade and NES game I’m too young to have played, Legend of Kage 2 is one of those games that seems to have been made for no particular reason. It’s also one of those games that certainly earns its generally 8/10 or B rating. That being said, some of the best times I’ve ever had have been with B-rated video games. They may be a bit rough around the edges, but they are often still quite fun to play and by all accounts Legend of Kage 2 fits that description.

Featuring graphics that could have come from the SNES during its prime, Legend of Kage 2 is neither the ugliest, or the nicest game the DS has to offer. Additionally, its level design can get a bit repetitive and its boss fights are a tad on the uncreative side, but overall its a solid ninja action game, based around fast paced combat and skills that be unlocked and accumulated as the game progresses.

Publisher Square Enix might try and sell you a Final Fantasy game you’ve probably already played five times for forty dollars, but they’re using their heads with this one. Legend of Kage 2 retails for around twenty dollars, making it more than affordable for all the good qualities it has. (Note: Used Amazon prices are subject to change)


New- 19.99



Shopping Advice

Never, ever, go into a game store unless you already know what you want. Even if you don’t have anything in mind, you’ll find something, especially with so many good used games floating around out there. And chances are if you, as I have on more than one occasion, leave Gamestop with half a dozen games, you’re likely going to be trading a few of them right back in. It doesn’t matter if they only cost you twenty bucks total, if you don’t play them they’re still a waste of money. Buying things on a whim is usually never a good idea and that extends to video games to. Think before you pay.

Author: TGRStaff

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