Five Ways to Game on Halloween

Here at TGR, we like to embrace the seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and, of course, Hell on Earth. There is no bias whatsoever. So we’ve decide to compile a list of five things gamers could possibly get up to on this gruesome night.

Play Dead Space (and other horror games)

The obvious choice for your gaming shocks tonight would be the newly released Dead Space, a harrowing tale of an engineer stuck in space on a ship full of what were once humans. But maybe it’s also a good time to go back to those horror classics. By now, you’ve probably forgot the parts that were scary. Good choices come in the form of Doom, The Suffering, Fatal Frame/Project Zero or Silent Hill. Just don’t get caught playing them after midnight, as the witches may punish you by bring whatever horrid monster you are fighting on-screen to life. And then making it share a room with you. Maybe try and get caught playing Dead or Alive or even Leisure Suit Larry, just in case.

Dress Up As a Video Game Character

I must admit that last Halloween, I dawned a red karate gi (which was white 12 hours previous; thank goodness for quick dye), a black belt, cheap gloves (which I cut so they were fingerless), tape (wrapped around my feet), horrible ‘blonde’ hair dye (that turned my hair semi-neon) before finally rolling up my sleeves up to make them look like they had been ripped off, all in the spirit of looking like Ken from Street Fighter. It was a proud moment for me but, I’ll admit, one of my geekiest. Zelda or Solid snake are safe bets, but if you’re heading off to some random Halloween Party, then please, PLEASE don’t dress as "The King of all Cosmos" like the poor chap above. I’ll bet he was mistaken for a coat rack.


Play Zombies

It’s the latest craze! While the origins of the Zombie game mode are sketchy (personally, I’d say it started with AVP’s ‘Alien Tag’), it’s quite clear that it has become the definitive feature to have in your game. Halo 2 brought it to the masses through honor rules of community members, Halo 3 had an ‘Infection’ mode built in (arguably, not as good as Halo 2‘s version of Zombies), as did Perfect Dark Zero, while Far Cry: Instincts had its ‘Predator‘ mode. Recent games such as Saints Row 2, Gears of Wars 2, Call of Duty: World at War and Left 4 Dead look to build on the success. There’s no doubting it; if something scary looking runs at you at twice the speed, or with twice the strength of you, or with something twice the something of you, you’re gonna scream like a little girl and fire.

Trick or Treat for XBL Marketplace Points/Wii Points/PSN Points

Test the patience of your friends as you bombard them with requests of "Trick or Treat." If they aren’t willing to budge with their Microsoft points or something of similar value, then simply leave them bad feedback — under "Unsporting Conduct." By the way, we don’t condone those sort of actions. It was merely a suggestion for a trick. Hmm. Or you could go over to their houses and sabotage their AV cables in some way. Hmm. Or you could steal a donkey then — oh dear, the evil ideas are flowing. Mwahahaha!

Take a Wii to a Halloween Party

We’re not telling you to dress up as a Wii — we just thought the picture was funny — but why not make sure there’s a Wii at the party you’re going to. How ridiculous would it be to see a pirate and a ninja settle their differences in Wii Sports’ boxing mode. Or watch on as the ‘schoolgirl’ and the ‘cheerleader’ give it their all in Wii Sports’ tennis. You would be, of course, watching the doubles action on-screen, right?

Author: TGRStaff

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