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Whether you’ve heard of Datarock or not, the Norweigian duo’s music has surfaced in quite a few EA games as part of the Artwerk label. "Fa Fa Fa," a funky Talking Heads-inspired number, is heard in NHL 08, FIFA 08, NBA Live 08 and The Sims 2: Free Time. "New Song" is featured in this year’s Madden title, and a remix of "I Used to Dance With My Daddy" can be heard in Need for Speed: ProStreet. We had to get some thoughts on the matter from vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Fredrik Saroea.
The Game Reviews: Congratulations on being signed to Artwerk! I first heard your music through "Fa Fa Fa". Are any of you guys gamers? If so, what kinds of games do you enjoy?
Fredrik Saroea: Yeah man: Skate Or Die!

TGR: Are you going to be providing new original songs for Artwerk, or are you going to use more songs from your existing catalogue?
FS: "True Stories" is exclusively released via FIFA 09, but the track wasn’t specifically written for the game and will eventually be released as a single. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide exclusive tracks in the future, but right now we’re totally preoccupied working on our follow up album.

TGR: What are some examples of music that you guys would normally listen to?
FS: Bach, Fela Kuti and Ornette Coleman.

TGR: If your music could be featured on any game, what would it be?

FS: Skate Or Die!

TGR: The success of "Fa Fa Fa" has been amazing. Do you have any plans to create something even bigger and better, or are you planning on taking a different direction with your music?

FS: I gotta admit it’s hard not being affected by that kind of response, but we’re trying not to think too much about it and just work as we always did, fooling around without commercial aspirations or too much of a cynical approach. I’d say the follow up walk the same path as "DATAROCK DATAROCK" though, but it’s just as much in line with what we do live, which again is very different, but nobody’s getting a cardiac arrest.

TGR: Are you friends with any of the bands on the Artwerk project, and if so could we expect some collaborations with them in the future?
FS: Not yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve Schnur and his team already has a few insane ideas.

TGR: Can you tell us a little bit about the plans you have for your music in the future?
FS: Right now we’re putting the final touch on our follow up album, we’re working on the new artwork and the first videos, and on top of that we’re in the middle of producing and releasing 10 different artists on our own label, Young Aspiring Professionals aka YAP Records.

TGR: Thanks for the interview! Do you have anything you’d like to add?
FS: Check out our not very professional label:

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