Three to Watch in December

The Game Reviews is well aware of the difficulty gamers face when floods of new releases come rushing at them from every direction. Sometimes it’s hard to determine just what titles in the consequent sea of software are worth your hard-earned cash, and which could be passed up and returned to at a later date.

Three to Watch is a new monthly feature here at TGR,highlighting a triad of worthy titles for the upcoming month and keeping our readers in the know. Without further ado, here are December’s Three to Watch:

Prince of Persia (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Release Date: December 2nd (360, PS3); December 9th (PC)


Prince of Persia

This may not be the Prince of Persia we have come to know in recent years, and the game has seen its fair share of criticism because of that. Many people love the Sands of Time trilogy, but Ubisoft has decided that it’s time for a change; they have decided to implement a new prince, a change in visual style, and a new AI partner to create a PoP experience like never before.

The new Prince of Persia will feature Elika, a new AI partner who helps you along your quest through a stylized, cel-shaded world, cast in a whole new light. The high flying acrobatics, combat, and solid storyline everyone has come to expect remain intact, if not improved upon. With the announcement of significant downloadable content, this game should not be put on the back burner, but added to the top of your December list.

Rise of the Argonauts (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Release Date: December 16th


This has been a big holiday season thus far, but the month of December is lacking those big name titles that bring all the hype and publicity that we have seen from this year’s November releases. Enter Rise of the Argonauts. Though the game has not been huge in terms of hype, this could be one of the better action-RPGs of the season.

You follow your character Jason, who lost his soon-to-be wife on the day of his wedding, and now vows to avenge her death. The game takes place in ancient Greece, and allows you to fight alongside of mythological characters such as Hercules and Atalanta, guiding them into combat with blessings from the mythological Gods that watch over the world. We have seen some decent gladiator- and Spartan-focused games in the past, but with the solid storyline, action-oriented combat mechanics, and unique favor system this game implements, Rise of the Argonauts could be a standout title in December.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PS2)
Release Date: December 9th

Think the PlayStation 2 is dead, huh? Well just ask developer/publisher Atlus and you will find out that you are dead wrong. Persona 3 FES for the PS2 was the 4th best game (according to metascores) in April ’08, which just so happened to be the same month that the mammoth GTAIV hit store shelves. How’s that for a dead console?

Persona 4 promises to deliver the time-tested gameplay that faithful fans have come to love and expect, with a new, direct-control option for support characters, a number of special attacks, and, of course, the titular Personas. A new weather system affects in-game events, and the huge cast of characters really flesh out yet another in-depth storyline for players to enjoy. If you’ve got a PS2 hanging around somewhere, make sure you grab this one next week.


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