Bionic Commando Video Game Preview

It’s been 20 years since his first outing on the NES, and the long dormant Bionic Commando finally awakes. A remake of the 1988 original, Bionic Commando Rearmed, was released for Xbox Live Arcade last August, and it was well received, bringing a classic 2D scroller to a fresh audience. Now, with the help of . . . → Read More: Bionic Commando Video Game Preview

TGR’s Best of Eurogamer Expo 2008

As the highlight of the London games festival, the Eurogamer Expo 2008 came to trendy East London on October 28 and 29. This event saw the gathering of developers keen to show off their latest creations and hundreds of gamers checking out an impressive repertoire of upcoming games. Although not the biggest games expo on . . . → Read More: TGR’s Best of Eurogamer Expo 2008

Prince of Persia Video Game Preview

Ubisoft is attempting to rejuvenate the Prince of Persia franchise this time around, with eye-catching illustration-style graphics and a new female sidekick. From the short hands-on time TheGameReviews spent with Prince of Persia it looks to be an accessible and broadly appealing title.

In this installment, the tone appears to have taken a turn to . . . → Read More: Prince of Persia Video Game Preview

Review: FIFA 09

FIFA licensed football games always sell well as hardcore football fans lap up the annual update with the latest players, kits and stats. Partly thanks to a high profile advertising campaign ‘09 has been the fastest selling FIFA game of all time. The marketing department has obviously done their job well, but has the development . . . → Read More: Review: FIFA 09

Review: Pure

 Rating Preview  Fun Factor

 8.0   Graphics

9.0  Sound

8.0  Multiplayer

8.0  Single Player

7.0  Controls


Black Rock Studio’s quad bike racer Pure takes big air to fantastic new heights and enters the player into the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) world tour, a . . . → Read More: Review: Pure

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