Play And Learn In Your Spare Time

There's a group of people out there…a shrinking group, but still very vocal, that maintains that games are a empty art form, if they are considered an art form at all. On the surface, it's hard to disagree, especially when you see games like Dead Space. I'm as big a fan of that game as . . . → Read More: Play And Learn In Your Spare Time

Bargain Bin: PlayStation Edition

Each and every week, if you pop into N4G, you’re bound at some point to come across some article rumoring the return of backwards compatibility to the PS3. Discounting the fact that this would be a huge kick in the balls to anyone who purchased a PS3 after Sony cut PS2 BC, it should be . . . → Read More: Bargain Bin: PlayStation Edition

Bargain Bin: Collections Edition

Some people are collectors. They buy a game, like it, and then must own everything that goes along with it. I’m not one of those people, but if I find a good game I do like to explore the others in the series to see if it has anything else to offer. That . . . → Read More: Bargain Bin: Collections Edition

Bargain Bin: Strategy Edition

Are you armchair general? Do you watch the History Channel hoping to glean some insight from Patton or Napoleon? Do you sit on the beach imagining the way your virtual forces would invade it, looking for tactical weakness while the children play happily amidst the sand and waves? If so, let me know . . . → Read More: Bargain Bin: Strategy Edition

Bargain Bin: GameCube Edition

The Wii isn’t exactly known for its massive library of hardcore games. In fact, on more than a few occasions, I have been a tad critical of Nintendo’s current cash cow. Well it deserves it! Last year was pathetic, and though this year looks a bit better Nintendo hasn’t done much to . . . → Read More: Bargain Bin: GameCube Edition

Bargain Bin: Castlevania Edition

My first experience with Castlevania was the N64 game, which, endowed with some monstrous controls and lousy 3D camera angles, sadly turned me away from the series for way too long. That said, I’ve recently gotten into this long-running franchise and I’ve decided to share my joy with you in . . . → Read More: Bargain Bin: Castlevania Edition

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