Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Review

 Rating Preview  Fun Factor

 9.0   Visuals

9.0  Sound

9.9  Single Player

8.0  Controls



Since the release of Sony’s third iteration of the Playstation family, gamers have responded with mixed signals. While the majority, including myself, was eager to welcome . . . → Read More: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Review

Conan Demo Review

Some Background for you:

At the outset, Conan has lost four of his enchanted pieces of armor that he intends to recover, and each one will grant him a new magical attack when he retrieves it. As a barbarian, Conan doesn’t especially relish the thought of using magic, but he also recognizes its utility when . . . → Read More: Conan Demo Review

Lost Planet: Walkthrough

Written by xTheGunslingerx:

Mission: [1]

Achievements: -Mission 01 cleared (10)

-“Earth” Explorer (10)

In this mission you will be making your way into the Arkid hive to remove all visible threats.

You’ll find yourself standing by the VS – “Nida”, hop in by hitting “B”, and move . . . → Read More: Lost Planet: Walkthrough

EndWar: A Revolutionary RTS

EndWar: A Revolutenary RTS Written by Cooper Published by CroTech

EndWar Preview

Last time the Tom Clancy brand moved beyond tactical shooters, players ended up with one of the most popular series in recent years: Splinter Cell. Now Ubisoft is mixing up the war-game formula again with EndWar, by moving from tactical . . . → Read More: EndWar: A Revolutionary RTS

Forza Motorsport Car List and Info

Microsoft today confirmed that their highly anticipated racer Forza Motorsport 2 will have a demo ready out for the play before the game releases.  The publisher said no more details besides stating that the demo will hit Live on May 15, 2007. In addition developer Turn 10 has put out another list of cars to . . . → Read More: Forza Motorsport Car List and Info

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