Lost Planet: Walkthrough

Written by xTheGunslingerx:

Mission: [1]

Achievements: -Mission 01 cleared (10)

-“Earth” Explorer (10)

In this mission you will be making your way into the Arkid hive to remove all visible threats.

You’ll find yourself standing by the VS – “Nida”, hop in by hitting “B”, and move out. Destroy anything that will give you T-Eng. While moving under the stone arch, Genessa will be spewing out Sepia, and Sepia will be emerging from the snow, you should have no problem taking them out with your Gatlin Gun. As you approach the garage, a Chryatis will also emerge.

-Blast away at the yellow joints of the Chryatis body, to effectively break off the two large blade-like arms that it will use to chop at you with. Once you’ve removed our new friends arms, shoot the T-Eng sac on its tail, and rejoice in your small victory.

Next exit the Nida to move into the garage. There will be a lot of Sepia flooding out of Genessa in the garage, it may seem like a good time to use the Shotgun, and if you picked it up before entering I suggest holding it a little longer. Use the grenade to blow up the fuel tanks or cars near the Genessa, and then move in to finish off anything still kicking.

When you’re done lighting the fire settle down by the “Data Post” and hit “B” to activate it.

If you’d like to make the ending a bit easier, head up to the barbed-wire fence upon exiting the garage. Look for a dead man, and then dig up the rocket next to him. (Hit “B” to dig). Before heading into the hanger, shoot the fuel tanks or any Sepia/Genessa you see. Once you walk in a Chryatis will claw up. Personally I suggest you ignore the giant beast, and just get up the stairs to the far side of the hanger. From up here you can hit the Chryatis joints without worry. Make a new door by blasting the fuel tanks, and head out. Ready to be like Indiana Jones? Here’s your chance, your first encounter with a Dongo. The Dongo will roll up into a ball and try to run you over. Or it will use its massive pincers to try and crush you like a mouse in a rat trap. Try to move around them when encountered. If you can manage this, give’em as good a shot as you can at the thermal energy sac on the tail. Or shoot the cars/fuel tanks near the Dongo’s to avoid closer combat.

After you’ve finished with the Dongo’s, move up to the cliff, and using your “anchor” pull yourself up to the next ledge, and activate the next Data Post. Be careful of the landslide, and move to the left of the hill after seeing the rocks roll by. Wait for another Dongo to roll down this pass, and step aside so as it can fall off the cliff. Be careful of more fall rocks, shoot any loose boulders you notice up ahead to clear the pass. Anchor yourself to a cover position if you get caught close by.

When you enter the mouth of the cave, the first swarm of Trilid will begin. Use the shotgun to take out these clusters; and any Genessa that would spawn more of these pests. As you move in, take out all the swarms, and Genessa, and activate the Data Pad to your right. Move up the stone bridge removing the nests of Genessa up here. Circle around the cliff, to the next bridge, and activate the next Data Post.

Run up the web-like bridge and into the nest.

Boss Battle:

The “Godon”. A stronger more evolved form of the Dongo. Quickly grab the Drio (VS). Once in you’ll be able to attack with a Gatlin Gun. If you want to place a Rocket Launcher or another Gatlin Gun onto the Drio’s opposite arm simply stand with the empty arm over the detached weapon and press ‘B”. Only use the Rocket Launcher if you will not be close to the splash damage. As the Godon attacks, side step it with sliding dash, or hover over it and blast away at the tail as you would with a Dongo. When you weaken the Godon it begins Rolling about the hive, like crazy, just avoid it, and watch for falling debris. The battle shouldn’t be too hard for a first attempt, but you have plenty of more weapons and another VS if you sustain heavy damage to your initial SV.

Target Marks: Target spells “Earth”

-T- Look for the stone-like archway shortly after grabbing the VS –“Nida”, there will be some storage to the left of the path, behind these cans, is “T”, shoot it to take it.

-A- After passing through the fence and on the side of the fuel tanks facing the wall you’ll find “A”.

-R- Go to the top of the stairs in the hanger, and in the corner of the hanger is “R”

-E- Once in the cave, drop into the stream, looking east at the waterfall.

-H- When you step off the first stone bridge in the cave, step onto the ledge to the right, looking north under the bridge you were on and “H” is sitting there.

Mission: [2]

Achievements: -Mission 02 cleared (10)

-“Storm” Explorer (10)

Begin by anchoring yourself onto the nearby rooftop; and to the first Data Pad. Be ready for action, your first Arkid encounter will be 8 Dongos all ready to maw you down. Note the earlier tactics for defeating a Dongo and apply here. I suggest sneaking around and attacking the tail, but you may find that a lot harder in this situation; so be sure to side step as often as you can and keep an eye on at least 2 Dongos at a time. If you grab the shotgun you may want to sidestep the Dongo, anchor to it, and blast the tail. Difficult at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and upon so be able to remove all 8 with less difficulty.

Head across the field and to the next Data Pad. At the first archway you’ll see another Dongo, work you magic and continue. Well out of the frying pan into the fryer, you now have 6 more Dongos in the field ahead of you. No worries, 6 is nothing to the 8 you just took out. Besides, once you kill them, and get to the Data Post be ready for another battle with a Chryatis. There will be a Gatlin Gun near the VS, grab it, and take out the Chryatis. Up ahead and after the second Chryatis battle, shoot the thermal energy pads to blow through the slimy wall and then through this opening. As you exit the path swarms of Trilid will be coming at you. Just keep moving down the street for another Chryatis battle. Near the Data Post you’ll have to blow shoot out the door to enter the location ahead. Get in the VS and move out. You’ll run into another Chryatis, and Crimson Pirates ahead, so be ready. As soon as you start heading down the western street be careful of the Chryatis, and the rocket wielding snow pirate who’s up in the tower at the streets southern point. After you cleared the Chryatis and all Crimson Pirates, activate the next Data Pad.

You’ll need to anchor up to the broken ledge of the nearby building(nearby the Data Post that is), just be careful as there are likely a few more Crimson Pirates hiding up there. Moving left anchor up to the next floor. Keep moving in this pattern until you reach the top. At the top anchor next to the bridge. On the bridge you’ll only encounter Crimson Pirates. Just blow through them all, and get to the VS up ahead. The VS is the Evax; a nice little suit that will transform into a snowmobile (Hit “Y”).

Up ahead to the right before an overturned trailer, is a lump of snow and buried underneath is a shotgun. Climb up on the arched trailers to get a view of the Crimson Pirate ambush ahead. Just take them out and move ahead safely. Grab the Rifle before you move ahead. Use the Rifle to take out all the Crimson Pirate in the distance. A Drio-CC will sneak up on you, run back to the bridge for cover, and take it out with a rocket launcher, or hit it with grenades. Activate the Data Pad, and move ahead.

Make this fight a bit easier, Anchor to the catwalk inside the tunnel, and snipe the Crimson Pirates, on the catwalk, and in the tunnel. Activate the Data Post at the end of the tunnel. Move to the corridor on the right, and head out. The fortess is guarded by snow pirates, turntables and a Drio-CC. Stay put, and snipe out all defenses. Including the Drio-CC pilot. Head to the building on your left, and remove the Crimson Pirates that will emerge from here. There are 3 Data Post you may want to take control of in this part of the map. The first is in the outpost building to the left. The Second in the building to the right, the 3rd is right on the steps to the gate. Grab a VS and make your way up the gate, bombarding the Crimson Pirate defenses.

When you enter the Crimson Unity fortress, you’ll be on foot, and encounter the Faze-CC. Just charge through and get into the Drio. You’ll encounter some Crimson Pirates too but they won’t be a worry once you’re in the VS, just step on them.

Battle the Faze-CC:

The Faze-CC will attack you with both a Gatlin Gun, and Rocket Launcher. While the Gatlin Gun will only break you down over time the Rocket Launcher will finish off your VS quick, so be sure to avoid it at all costs. First take out the two Drio-CCs that will be helping the Faze-CC. Once these two are removed the Faze-CC battle is a bit easier. Use the Sliding Dash to avoid the Faze’s jumping capabilities. If you can slide past it, hover and get some distance the rocket launchers will prove most effective. If not just keep side stepping/sliding from the attacks and just keep hitting it with the Gatlin Gun(s).

Target Marks: Target spells “Storm”

-S- After passing through the first arch, look to the left for a machine gun, and northeast for a few windows on the structure. “S” is in the second window.

-O- When you are anchoring between floors of the ruined building, look to the east corner for windows. Near the top floor is a window with “O” in it.

-T- Fall into the ditch on the train bridge. Looking south, “T” is behind a row of rebar.

-M- At the end of the train tunnel look west, and “M” is hiding on the tunnels rocky ledge.

-R- In the large building to the left of the Crimson Pirate fortress, go upstairs, and behind the boxes is “R”.

Mission: [3]

Achievements: – Mission 03 cleared (10)

– Worm Hunter (50)

-“Mirage” explorer (10)

There are Genessa and Trilid to your left and right, take them out and then activate the Data Post ahead. If you look for the hidden weapon nearby, you can pick up some useful Disk Grenades. Once you step onto the snow fields, and Undeep will destroy any VS you are operating. So grab some big gun and move out on foot. Look near the Domes for two buried Rocket Launcher. Up near the barricade before the snow fields is a hidden 3rd. Grab all the ammo from these if you want to get the Worm Hunter medal from taking down the Undeep. Now if you keep close to the edge of the fields, and just run, run and dodge the Undeep, you’ll be able to get across without a battle. If you want some fun, or a medal, walk through, and fight the giant worm then.

-To fight Undeep, you need to blow up each of the 12 thermal spores on its body. There are 6 on the head end, and 6 on the tail end; 3 on each side of each end. If you picked up all the rockets, you should be able to hit these a bit easier, and quicker. Shoot the Undeep just to get its attention first. Don’t move in if it attacks, or tries to swallow you, wait for it to pull back. Use this time to run in close, and at an angle to avoid its bite. While running in you can blast away at the yellow spores. Or throw a Disk Grenade at them to remove them faster. Keep up with this same strategy until you need to take out the spores on the tail end. When you see the tail, sprint away from the bomb-like pellets, it will shoot at you and wait for the tail to stop swinging as much, as it begins to slow its motion you can hit the spores much easier. *Remember you must complete the level to unlock the achievement* Sometimes you’ll get the kill while only taking out a portion of the spores. The field is filled with Undeep, so after killing one, another will appear with full spores, pay not attention to it.

Move on the eastern side of the fields, stay close to the border on your right side, so as to hit each Data Post. Once up to the factory, activate the Data Post and head in. After moving in to check out the interesting new VS’s, a new enemy will jump you.

Battle the Firecracker:

A powerful VS, the Firecracker will emit a cloud of smoke to damage your visibility of the battle. Mounted with a Gatlin Gun, Missiles, and a Plasma Laser you’ll need to play your cards right to get through this. Jump in the Drio and ready up. You can hover to avoid the Plasma Laser’s sweeping attack. Use your Sliding-Dash to avoid the Missiles. And just try not to take much damage from the Gatlin Gun; it’s embarrassing. To help limit the Firecrackers mobility, stay inside the factory. Just avoid the Plasma Laser as much as you can, there are several weapons you can attach within the factory. If you can keep your distance the Rocket launcher should prove useful. Over that I suggest Gatlin Guns, Shotgun, or Laser Rifle.

Target Marks: Target spells “Mirage”

-I- Near the beginning of the level to the left is a small dome like building and Genessa. On top of the structures block extension is “I”

-R- once through the barricade, turn left, and “R” is halfway upon the barricades outer side.

-A- Heading straight from “R” alongside the barricade to the cliffs, turn right, and travel alongside the cliff until you come upon “A”

-E- Moving from the barricade exit, to the right, and up to the first two Data Posts, “E” is sitting right next to the second post.

-M- On the same path from “E” move up the next Data Post. “M” is just behind the structure the Data Post rests on.

-G- Is on top of the pip emitting from the factory at the end of the fields. A challenging hit, but moving around the bard-wire fences should give you a good view of it.

Mission: [4]

Achievements: – Mission 04 cleared (10)

-“Meteor” Explorer (10)

You’ll need to take out the Genessa and Sepia that infest this region. Clear the location, watch out for the Dongo, and then look to the skies for a fight with the Windega. Focus on the Genessa and Sepia first. Go after the Dongo, but ignore the Windega until you have the Dongo beat, and activate the Data Post. (Just be careful of the Windega’s bombardments. (You can try to get “Moth Hunter” For killing the Windega at this point, but it’s very difficult, you’ll have another opportunity in the game.)

Just beyond the hole you’ll need to drop into is a buried rocket launcher, in the small mountain inset. You may fancy it. But I suggest only using it to shoot from the mouth of the hole, rather than dropping in with it.

Welcome to an NEVEC base. Just shoot fish in a barrel, keep yourself suspended until you clear out all Genessa and Sepia. (Remember shoot fuel tanks whenever possible to gather more T-Eng, or destroy large swarms of Akrid such as these.) Exit into the hall and continue. Up ahead you’ll encounter “Mountain Pirates”. Grab the nearest VS shoot anything that moves. Other VS will appear from the firefight you are having with Mountain Pirates. You can wipe it out, or shoot the pilot if wait for it. You’ll encounter a few more, but nothing you can’t handle with your strong arsenal. Now take out the Dongos which rolled in. After you’ve made you stand, activated the Data Post, move through the exit. Lower yourself on the side of the cliff, and be careful of Mountain Pirates, Genessa, Trilid, and most of all the pestering Jellon which will float around the cliffs edge. If they get close, they’ll explode and inflict some surprising damage. Just try to blast a few from a distance.

After you move through the clearing and off the cliff, you’ll find yourself inside another building with a Faze waiting for your use. Use the VS’s Double Jump capabilities to climb the tower, landing by landing. Just try to blast the Jellon and Trilid in the area to keep from taking heavy damage. Although a quick run can get you through rather safe. Once up and out of the tower move to the Data Post.

Dig up this new Faze you’ll find near the Data Post, as it will have a Missile Launcher mounted on. Just be sure to dig up the Laser Rifle beyond the Data Post and switch that with the Gatlin Gun. When you’re done all that’s needed up here, scale the rocks and up the Mountain.

Battle the Raibeon:

Do not confuse the Raibeon with the Windega. You will not unlock the “Moth Hunter” achievement for this battle. Small Raibee will protect the Raibeon in the beginning of the battle, so you’ll have to kill them first. Use the Fazes jump capabilities to avoid the Raibeon’s attack of stinger like projectiles. Side-step the Raibeons bombing attacks, or shoot them as they fly at you and they’ll explode en route. When you see it fly off into the distance be ready to leap and avoid the deadly stinger it will try and impale you with. Make sure you have that Laser Rifle charged, between attacks the Raibeon will pause for a few seconds. Just long enough for you to get it with the Laser Rifle and Missiles as well.

Target Marks: Target spells “Meteor”

-E- After the hole you drop into in the first section, move to the end of the gorge, and “E” is right ahead of you.

-O- After killing all the Akrid in the dome shaped room and heading out, look to the hallway on your left, and “O” is sitting at the end.

-R- Once in the large factory, and finished killing everything, look to the corner with the two large tanks. Look at that wall and follow it to your left until you see a few crates. “R” is behind the crates.

-M- On a snow peak near the cave, you’ll see “M” not far from the cliff.

-T- Under the top platform of the tower, you’ll just make it out high to the right of the two giant cylinders.

-E- After the tower, stand at the cliffs edge just after the Data Post, you’ll see “E” on the edge of the cliff.

Mission: [5]

Achievements: – Mission 05 cleared (15)

-“Aurora” Explorer (15)

*-Moth Hunter (50) (Best chance for getting Moth Hunter if mission 4 was too difficult)

Get to the Data Pad. Activate it, and clear the Genessa and Sepia on the slopes. Just keep anchoring to each landing. Just watch for falling rocks. There are more Genessa inside the landings too. Blow up the fuel cans, and grab yourself a nice VS Laser Rifle. Keep anchoring up until you reach the top landing. Now you’re ready to go moth hunting.

-To kill the Windega, charge up the Laser Rifle. As it passes, shoot off a wing. Wait for another pas, and get the second one in a clear shot. Finish it off, pat yourself on the pack, and get into the cave. Clear your way through, collecting T-Eng, activate the Data Pad, and move to the Drio fast. Be sure to remove all Genessa in the area to help run-off the amount of Trilid. As you move through you’ll also battle several Raibee. Just be ready to side-step away when they start pulsing blue. The Skalts will launch thorn-like buds at you, so be sure to avoid these, and fire at the bulb of each stalk to prevent further growth of these plants. After you activate the next Data Post, move into the tunnel, and head out of the cave. There is plenty of ammo in the chambers to your left and right, pick these up, and then blow through the wall into the center chamber.

Battle the Queen:

The Queen is just a giant Chryatis. You want to hit the yellow spore on its forehead, but like the Chryatis, taking out its limbs from the yellow joint will weaken it, and actually present you with a clear shot at the head as it takes a second to recover. The Queen will try to freeze you with an icy blow, but it’s a rare attack. Hover when the Queen tries to attack with its front arms. The Queen can also cause small cave-ins in this location, so be careful of falling rocks too. Mostly be careful of when the Queen slams her front arms in several vicious blows. Just keep shooting the limbs off, and weakening it for a headshot. If you need to, grab the VS Rocket Launcher to help. Like the cave before this, you can shoot the orange cones on the caves ceiling to fall down and bomb the Queen with.

Target Marks: Target spells “Aurora”

-R- Before anchoring up to the platform move along the slope and view underneath this first landing. “R” is behind on of the foundation walls.

-R- On the landing above the first, move into the room with e Genessa. “R” is just off to the back of the room

-A- After getting the Laser Rifle, anchor to the next landing, and look behind the wall to your right.

-U- in a small tunnel at the top of the cave, shortly after getting the Drio.

-A- In the bottom of the cave, to the side of the ramp.

-O- After exiting the sloping cave, and into the Queens Hive, “O” is to your right upon entering.

Mission: [ 6 ]

Achievements: – Mission 06 cleared (15)

-“Thunder” Explorer (15)

Activate the Data Post, then move right in, take cover as often as you can, take out the NEVEC soldiers. When you get to the Rockets use them to take out the VS and turntable ahead. Anchor up the next Data post on the balcony. After you snipe out the next NEVEC soldiers with the Plasma Gun, anchor up to the 3rd Data Post. More NEVEC troops ahead, along with a VS. You’ll find a VS Rocket Launcher nearby, be sure to pick it up after sniping the soldiers, and then take out the VS. Move into the building ahead, kill any soldiers, and anchor up the second level. Get over to the downed VS and meet up with your party. Now with your new Ivan; a superior VS made by gale, move into the next facility, and load up on ammo.

Battle Green Eye:

Once Green Eye appears, circle the room for VS ammo, and any T-Eng you can collect. Blast away at the 8 green sacs on his back. You’re best option is to keep face to face with this beast. You can easily move aside as it tries to charge after you, and will have occasionally opportunities to hit its side as it turns around. Dash aside as it continues to charge you. When you’re finished with these 8 sacs, you’ll have to take out the 4 others which will appear on its face. Green Eye will continue shooting icicles from its back. Move aside when Green Eye starts to blow air, because it’s an icy breath attack which will push a wave of snow and ice right at causing massive damage. Likewise when Green Eye pulls up its front legs for a stomping rampage; the fatale blows will push out shockwaves and damage anything in close range. Once the 4 are gone, you have one more, a very large and weak sac will be exposed on its face. Blow this up, and rejoice.

Target Marks: Target spells “Thunder”

-T- Once on the balcony, simply turn and face north. Shoot “A”.

-U- Down the first street before going under the archway, look to your left.

-N- Move up the street, and then look back down after passing the first archway. On the corner of the ledge to your left. (you’ll have to be up the street enough to see over the archway)

-H- Under the second archway to your left.

-D- Move to the blue dumpster in the NEVEC building, and just behind it is “D”.

-E- Once through the door at the end of the hall in the Green Eye facility, turn around, turn on your light, and look above the doorway.

-R- On the ceiling in the Green Eye facility, near the room with VS weapons.

Mission: [7]

Achievements: – Mission 07 cleared (15)

-“Tornado” explorer (15)

Take this part slow. Activate the Data Post. Kill off any NEVEC soldiers you spot and be sure to pick up either a Rifle or Plasma Gun as you’ll want to snipe a clear path ahead of you. Anchor to the next landing, moving along the hill, get to the weapons, and get ready for more action. As you move ahead, be sure to snipe out any VS operators as well. Once you’ve clear enough enemies, blow open the container doors, and get your new X-Seed all ready. Push to the next Data Post, and watch for more X-Seeds or Evax. Eventually Granseed VS will start to appear. You can blow open another container and grab one yourself if you want the balanced weapon calibers. As you progress through the canyon pass, and encounter more Granseed, push right up to the gate marking the familiar snow fields. Activate the nearest data pad and mount up in the Hardballer. As you move across the field, stick to the cliffs on your right. You’ll fun into several Chryatis, and Skatl. While they are of little worry to you, collect as much T-Eng as you can from them to prep the Hardball for a bigger fight. You’ll begin to encounter a several Gorechryatis. Larger and stonger than Chryatis, Gorechryatis will spew out incrediable bombs of T-Eng. Their tail and joints are plated, but still the weakest points. Just tear off the plating by hitting these spots anyways and the Gorechryatis will fall. Their numbers will increase, and you don’t have to fight if the battle becomes too heavy.

Just make it to the NEVEC base in one piece. Inside the base are a few NEVEC soldiers. Remove them and continue down into the base. Be watchful of the Cyclops’s in this fortress. They don’t cause a lot of damage, but if they detect your motion and attack you can become annoying. Just kill them the T-Eng you collect will restore you beyond the damage they inflicted. Use a Turntable to blast them away or if you move in and pick one up, use the Plasma Gun to snipe the Cyclops’s eye. (The eye is its weakest point, and a nice target). Snipe out any remaining Cyclops’s or NEVEC Soldiers. When you’re ready, anchor up the walkway and continue. Blow the door open ahead, and activate the Data Post. Just make sure you collect all your ammo and T-Eng before climbing into the Granseed.

Battle the Cakti:

The Cakti will primarily fire off its Vulcan Laser. While this will cause your VS to pause for a second, it will not inflict serious damage if you get hit a few times. As you are battling Cyclops’s will spawn and fight you as well, but besides being able to kill the easily they should not be a worry, or real focus. Use the 3 boxes on the rooftop to help shield you in this fight. The Cakti will try to use its Rocket launcher, or hover and land on top of you, as you avoid these attacks the boxes will prove excellent cover. Likewise with the Cakti’s tank conversion and Drilling rush. Do everything possible to avoid the drilling charge, if it hits you with these two drill bits when transformed to a tank, it will cause massive damage. After the Cakti drill rushes, or attacks with its hover or rockets it will often pause a second. As you dodge its blows move yourself around it to give it a clear shot to the unprotected hub (the center cockpit of the VS). While the front offers more armor, you can station yourself to it’s rear and inflict greater damage.

Target Marks: Target spells “Tornado”

-T- Behind the red transport container, near the edge of the cliff.

-O- Before the plains, above the red gate.

-A- On the snow fields, sitting at the cliffs edge, to your left. At the furthest possible point of the cliffs tip.

-R- With your flashlight check between the stone columns on the left side of the fortress. (located on right edge of the snow fields)

-N- Moving down the right side of the snow fields, “N” is behind the T-Eng plant at the end of the fields. Use your flashlight.

-D- Once in the fortress, step off the edge of the walkway and into the water. With the wall to your left, looking west, “N” is right in the pool of water. Your flashlight should help here.

-O- Right inside the lower level entranceway to the Crimson Pirate (NEVEC) fortress.

Mission: [ 8 ]

Achievements: – Mission 08 cleared (20)

-“Volcano” explorer (20)

Remove the Genessa on the walls ahead, to prevent further Trilid swarms. Anchor up up to the containers and to your right up the ramp. Activate the Data Post, and move across the beam. Once you have the VS Rocket Launcher shoot at the Neegal you saw entering a few moments ago. Move down the hill killing all Neegal that spawn. When you reach the containers, shoot the Genessa, or fuel tanks. Hitting either one will make everything explode anyways, and torch swarms of Sepia/Sydsepia. Activate the data post, and fight off the Sydsepia onslaught. Moving around the corridor to your left, climb aboard the GTF-11. Push through the doors, and watch for a few Raibee. Inside you’ll have a new Cakti to play with, and a good time to blow up the approaching Neegals. Pilot the Cakti to the next Data Post and then into the Volcano facility. Quickly look to the ceiling and remove all Genessa from the location. Next take out the Trillid. The Cannon is over-kill right now, so use the Vulcan laser. Get onto the road and watch for Raibees and a Godon as you move towards the Data Post. Once you can activate the Data Post. Before you make it to the red transport container more Neegal will appear. Once all’s clear, blast through and get yourself the Faze. (Yes it’s hard to part with the Cakti but necessary). Just use the Faze to get to and activate each Data Post. Just run to the southern exit. Kill off the Cyclops’s , and get into the Faze. Destroy the structure holding up the VS over the lava. Then grab yourself the Hardballer. As you push over the bridge and travel the roadway to the 18 wheelers you’ll encounter more NEVEC soldiers and two VS’s. You’ll have to take out another Cakti up ahead, but it won’t be a tough battle like in mission 07. Activate the next Data Post ahead, and drop into the shaft. If you want to use the Hardballer for the boss battle, it’s best to switch VS’s as well. In the next room are two more VS’s to take out, so grab the EM Laser once you drop onto this landing. Activate the next Data Post. Move in so you can attach both the Rocket Launcher and EM Laser to your VS. Now you are ready to blow up anything. When everything is clear, and you’re ready to move on, go back, put your new toys onto the Hardballer, and proceed.

Battle the D-Cakti:

The D-Cakti will be commanding 3 Cakti. Use the EM Laser to stun each of the Cakti, and then blow them up with the Rocket Launcher. Once they’re clear move in on the D-Cakti. Like the Cakti, the D-Cakti is strongest in Tank formation, and will have it’s weakest point on the backside. In normal form, the central hub is still the weakest point, but likewise weaker from the back. The Vulcan Laser will give you a few problems but nothing damaging, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t avoid it. Unlike the Cakti, in tank form drilling, or hovering to drop over you will not inflict as much damage as a direct hit with the Missiles Launcher or Cannon. Dash away from the D-Cakti when it hovers, or tries to drill rush you. When it’s ready to fire the cannon hover or dash aside, the shot is on a straight trajectory. The Missiles while stronger are a bit slower, giving you more time to react to their approach. Use the Grenade Launcher once you run out of Rocket launcher ammunition. And if you take too much damage, there are still two other Hardballers near the storage crates. Hover over it when as it finishes an attack to get a fast shot on its weaker back. Don’t waste shots when it’s in tank form, you likely will not be presented with a view of its back, or lower side to make a worthy shot on it. If you can, then go for it though.

Target Marks: Target spells “Volcano”

-V- On the beams used to travel to the VS Rocket Launcher, “V” is just west and beyond of the VS weapon.

-O- Between red containers on the first floor room of the complex like-structure.

– L- Looking south-east in the room with lava, up on the ledge behind several pipes.

-C- On top of the transport container with the Faze inside it.

-A- Under the road, at the intersection, anchor yourself up onto a slanted bridge support beam.

-N- Jumping off the roadway onto the metal bridge, “N” is resting on a crossbeam.

-O- behind the giant fan, looking south, “O” is sitting just behind the blades.

Mission: [9]

Achievements: – Mission 09 cleared (20)

-“Rainbow” explorer (20)

Your first encounter…more NEVEC soldiers. Kill them, and grab yourself a new Plasma Gun. Use the crates or trucks for cover as you activate the Data Post. As you look to the east you’ll notice several VS and Turntables, you’ll want to destroy from the safety of this point. Three of the VS’s are sitting on small landing platforms in the ditch or by the cliff. Move ahead and under the overpass you’ll find some VS weapons to help take out further NEVEC forces. Anchor up to the large platforms by the poring lava and up to the highway. If you still need to take out some VS, the Turntable is an excellent weapon right now. Blow open the transport container, and take a Granseed, or X-Seed. (I Suggest Granseed). Over the Lava, watch for two X-Seeds, activate the Data Post, and through the gate.

A few Jellon in here but nothing to fret about. In the shaft, blow up all Genessa, Sydsepia, and Jellon you can see. As soon as it’s safe, activate the Data Post and anchor down to the next level. Once in the Cakti use it to drill your way through the cave. Once you encounter the Godon and Bolsepia, use the Cakti to blow through these beasts, and onward until you encounter a few Dongo, and the larger cavern. Grab the Granseed once you can, and continue to the next chamber. Watch out for the Skalt, they’ll push right up infront of you on this path. Nothing the Granseed can’t take care of, but they can catch you off guard. As soon as you blast the doors open at the end of the mineshafts you’re back at the NEVEC dome fortress. When you clear the Akrid, and the Godon is it came up the ramped entrance, blast open the storage container, and grab the Hardballer. Move into the next section to activate the Data Post, kill the infesting Bolsepia and Genessa, and move into the domed chamber ahead.

Battle Tencale:

Well this battle may remind you of the Roman Coliseum. Stay to the outer edge as the Tencale emerges so as not to be hit by some of its annoying attacks. As you are fighting you’ll also have dozens of Bolsepia to attend to or ignore. Just remember, Bolsepia explode T-Eng, and cause damage as such at close range, try to blow them up while they are near the Tencale. Be sure to avoid its stinger attack. It’s a bit hard to predict but when you see it pulling back to whip out at you, you can time yourself and dash aside quickly. The Tencale will try several other attacks such swinging its legs to try and smash you like other Akrid before it. Be careful when moving under it as well, the Tencale will drop itself on top of you if given the chance. Likewise the Tencale will ensure it will shoot you with webbing and pull you towards the Bolsepia. Besides the warning I’m sure you’d like tips to beating the Tencale. Well as you should guess, the Tencales weak spot are the joints on its legs. Shoot off at least two legs and bring the Tencale down, you’ll have a few seconds time to blast away at the kill spot on the Tencales back now. After a few seconds the legs will grow back, and the Tencale will be standing upright again. Everytime you blow off those legs, remember to collect the T-Eng. Likely the Hardballer will be destroyed. Its okay, you’ll have an X-Seed and a Cakti in the room. Never waste a minute even between dashing away from an attack, keep hammering its legs to get to that back. If you do switch to the X-Seed next, your shotgun will inflict heavier damage to its back, and can finish it off.

Target Marks: Target spells “Rainbow”

-R- On the second road, that circles the mountain, look to the roads end by the lava-fall. “R” is on the roads edge.

-A- Look to the room near the shaft full of Genessa, in the back corner is “A”.

-I- When you find the X-Seed in the mines, “I” is resting up on the ledge just left of the X-Seed.

-N- Near the Granseed, for the spotlight on the western wall. “N” is next to the spotlight.

-O- At the end of the small corridor, behind the storage tank.

-B- Next to the light on the floor, on the ramp leading into the facility.

-W- In the last room with the Data Post, look to the opened transport container. “W” is in the back corner of it.

Mission: [10]

Achievements: – Mission 10 cleared (20)

-“Blizzard” Explorer (20)

First things first, grab you Granseed, and move over to the edge of the cliff. Now just blow everything up. There are some Zebets on the tunnel, so get the. A Godona and a few Neegals. Once clear, move to the street, and head down to the underground tunnel for a Hardballer. Drop into the tunnel and in this room you’ll encounter a Gorechryatis. There should be a VS weapon or two lying around, picking up the shotgun will finish this fight fast. Watch for a few Raibees too as you’ll have to get out and activate the Data Post near the trailer. Collect some ammo, maybe switch to the second Hardballer. When your ready move down the next hole. Ready up for a huge battle. Activate the Data Post, and move ahead.

Battle the Saizarod:

The largest Akrid in existence. You’ll have to fight this battle in small stages. First shoot the glowing thorn-shaped hooks, “feelers”. When the Saizarod pulls back into its cave, you’ll have to follow on foot, pull out the best weapon you have and drop in after it, and give it a shot to the exposed spores. When another one grows back, it’s time to move back to the VS. You’ll continue like this until the probing feelers are successfully removed. Which is twice for each feeler. The next part you’ll want to spend a lot of time hovering, to evade the various lava attacks the Saizarod will use on you. There will be a few Trilid and Parajellon flying about, but they’ll be taken out in the crossfire, focus on the Saizarods mouth, every time it opens and a giant tongue-like tentacle extends out. This will be the new weak spot to hit. Charge up the Laser Rifle, and give that a direct hit. The Rocket Launcher of course will work just as well, and better if you have both of these mounted on the same VS. If you get close the Saizarod will spew a stream of lava at you, and this attack will inflict the most damage next to lava bombs it will fire from its mouth. A warning to this latter attack is a gas resonating from the Saizarods mouth.

Once the Saizarod falls, you’ll continue the level through the door to its back. Activate the Data Post ahead, and move into the facility. There is another Gorchryatis and more NEVEC soldiers in this hanger. There are 3 other Data Posts you can activate in this room, on the left side. In the room, you’ll encounter Trilid, NEVEC soldiers, enemy VS, and Genessa. It’s a great time to build up a lotttt of T-Eng, so you may want to take advantage of it before heading out. Once you’ve turned on the Data Posts, head through the gate to the next hanger. I suggest using a Hardballer when you go into the next room. There will be several vital suits lying around, which you can use at your leisure. Take out the two enemy VS’s that will jump you as you enter this base. The parking garage for the VS’s makes good cover and you can switch up VS’s if you don’t want the Hardballer to sustain a lot of damage. There is one Hardballer you should switch to before heading to the elevator. On the left side of the facility. Grab it and move ahead.

Battle Bandero’s Heavy Ivan:

Grab an EM Laser upon enter the room (to your left). Bandero will use 3 different attack methods. The missiles are nothing to worry a lot about. You can dodge them or blow them up as they come after you. The columns in the facility will offer you plenty of protection. When Bandero’s arms extand he’ll try to grab you and give you a powerful electric shock. If you travel as he begins the attack, reverse dash, and fire while doing so, he’ll be standing in one spot, make a nice target. One good thing about this battle is how easy it is to recognize Bandero’s attacks. Bandero will also charge up the Heavy Icans sword, and lunge at you, in an impaling attempt. Avoid this as it will inflict incrediable damage. A quick dash should do the trick, and one better you can swing yourself around him, and get in a few good shots on his back. When you run out of Rocket Launcher ammo, use the shotgun. The shotgun is one weapon that will cleanly break through the Ivan’s shielding ability.

Target Marks: Target spells “Blizzard”

-B- On the road were it’s illuminated by a light look for metal leaning against the wall. “B” is behind the metal

-L- In the area leading to the NEVEC base. Behind a rock in the north-east corner.

-I- In the area with the Gorchryatis blast away the storage bin. “I” is behind them near the Hardballer.

-D- Resting atop a ledge near the “white” building in the area with the Gorchryatis.

-Z- Next to the 4 creates with a Data Post on it in the 1st hanger after Saizarod.

-Z- To the right of the hanger door, across the caution strip.

-R- Look South, “R” is inside the red transport container with a Hardballer inside.

Mission: [11]

Achievements: – Mission 11 cleared (30)

-“Stardust” explorer (30)

This level is one of the quickest and straightest shoots you’ll venture. (well… until the boss). When you move into the shaft, you’ll encounter several NEVEC VS, and Cyclops’s. However the Yuri is far superior to anything you encounter at this point. While taking out these last NEVEC VS’ keep flying up the shaft, and to the last battle.

Battle Dennis Isengard and the Billion Sword:

When you are outside about to battle this mega-VS, it’s best to put your attention on the elevator for a second, and you’ll see the rotating rings with yellow orbs; shoot the orbs so as the Billon Sword will take on less power. (It helps a little). Learn the attacks carefully. During the entire battle you want to be firing the Vulcan Laser, or the EMF blades projectile attack. When the Billion Sword fires the missiles, they are slow so you can dodge them, or shoot them. When it fires a pulsing plasma rounds, these are likewise easy to avoid, simply drift in the same direction as the Billion Sword. When the Billion sword attacks with its Plasma guns, sweeping both vertically and horizontally, you want to back away as far as you can, just outside of their range. A warning to this attack is a chest high salute of the Billion Swords cannon-like arm. You can break down the Billion Sword piece by piece with the EMF shots, and Vulcan Laser, however if you want to move in for a horizontal swing, the best time is when the it fires several homing lasers. You’ll need to stand still or move backwards as they come at you, wait for them, and then dodge. Moving as fast as you can, you should be able to give the Billion Sword one good swing. I suggest the Horizontal blade it will allow you pass by the Isenberg easier.

Once the Billion Sword becomes weak it will spin with two extended plasma swords. Keep your distance return to shooting at such a range until they drop. Once they do, you can move in for another swing.

Target Marks: Target spells “Stardust”

-A- When entering the tunnel to the shaft, turn and face the doorway.

-S- When you enter the shaft look at the floor in the center of the room.

-T- While standing on the floor after grabbing S, look under the landing platform from the tunnel you just came out of.

-R- Near the NEVEC logo, under the first ring resting on a platform, while flying up to the next landing.

-D- After getting “R”, “D” is on the next level of the same ring, racing the wall which slants to you.

-U- On a landing like “R” beneath the second ring.

-T- Halfway up the 3rd section of the shaft, hidden against the triangle designed walls. Looking west.

-S- Looking East, this target mark is in the same section as T, about 2 triangles lower.

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