The Darkness Video Game Review

The Darkness is a truly great experience for anyone who enjoys a first person shooter, blended with a good story and dark overtones, ok and if you like the idea of revenge while eating hearts from your enemies. Altogether though as you progress through the game you gain new darkness abilities but the game does not really get progressively more difficult. But with excellent cut scenes that help describe the story to the sweet graphics and sound, it was throughly enjoyable being a dark badass!

Is this game a Renter or a Buyer?? I am going with it is a BUYER!

The Darkness:
The clever aspect to this game is the actual use of dark and light to supply you with your demon powers. While the game is pretty much set entirely in the evening, you will find that you are more often than not stopping to shoot or whip lights out as you walk around. Even slightly more interesting is that almost every single room has a light source. You can choose to send out you tentacle head to creep along the floors, walls and ceilings to snuff out lights or go headlong in blasting out light sources while evading bullets. Either way it is fun for a bit but after a while it is the same ‘ol song and dance. But, the cleverness is that in the light your powers are drained but in the dark you are almost invincible, well almost.

The Weapons of Darkness:
There are quite a few ways to kill your pals in the Darkness. Handheld weapons include; dual pistols, Ak47, M16, Shotguns and the Super fast shotgun. When you visit Hell the first and second time you only have a WWII pistol or rifle to use.

But onto the cool stuff, the darkness powers themselves. There are four Darkness powers (Creeping Dark, Demon Arm, Darkness Guns, and Black Hole) which are most of the time more deadly than any firearm.

Lest’s look at each power:
Creeping Dark:
Send out your right tentacle to stealth kill and rip out hearts, also scout the area and knock out lights. The power is drained slowly and there is a neat way that the Creeping Dark returns to you. It can be frustrating at some points like when you go up walls and also disorientating when on a ceiling.

The Demon Arm:
Perhaps one of the coolest and most used powers next to the guns. You mainly use this power to skewer you enemies, move objects and slap lights out.

The Darkness Guns:
Some people who have reviewed the game did not like the guns, I thought they were fun. The LT shoots out what can be considered a highly accurate bomb of energy, the RT fires the weaker and more useless gun.

The Black Hole:
OK, now the Black Hole just makes the last part of the game way too simple. You can take out a whole room of enemies without even stepping into the room. Basically it sucks everything near it into a vortex killing anything nearby.

To further complement your ability to kill, you can summon four different Darklings (Berserker, Gunner, Kamikaze, and Lightkiller).  The berserker is you usual grunt that deals in hand to well axe, hockey stick or hand pummeling. The Gunner is not easy to control but can be fun, need to watch where you are with the gunner as he can easily harm you if you are in the way. The kamikaze is pretty much a bomb deliverer, one shot before you need to summon again and the LightKillers (my favorite) which will run around a room and shock all lightsources or living beings around. Overall it really does not matter, they are all fun and are funny at times, like the berserkers pissing on enemies or the lightkillers shocking random corpse. One last note on the Darklings is that they are buggy and pressing X does not always get them to go where they are supposed to go.

I found they subway area and side quests to be pretty boring personally, so I will not go into much detail here.

For 2 parts of the game you end up in the Hell of the Otherworld. This is a place where World War II is raging forever, and is also the home to the Darkness. It is here where you will…oh I will get to that in the spoiler next week 😛

The End?
The end of the game leaves you pretty well disappointed, all you do is let the Darkness control you while butchering a mansion filled with thugs, also Darklings spring into existence without being summoned. At the lighthouse, I was sorely disappointed when I could not decide to kill Paulie or not, I let my character sit there for about 40 seconds before Paulie started to fire on me and well then I had to skewer the poor runt. So, do not let yourself get too hyped at the ending, enjoy the ride.

In closing, the Darkness is a wonderfully crafted experience from Start to well near finish, truly worth a rent and possibly a buy (just to congratz the developers on a great job). The multiplayer experience is well not even worth mentioning right now as it is pretty straight forward fare and pretty boring. But just being the biggest badass in the room and being able to “express you inner Darkness” is well worth the journey.

What did you think of the game?

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