Defiance the Game – 5 Things To Like, And Not Like, About It

So Defiance™, at least the game portion, has launched as promised on April 2nd in the USA. In case you were trapped in some other dimension for the last three months, here's a brief description of what all the hype is about. Trion, developer & publisher of Rift, End of Nations, and other popular . . . → Read More: Defiance the Game – 5 Things To Like, And Not Like, About It

EA’s ‘BattleField 3: AfterMath’ Game Review

It’s been a year since the launch of Battlefield 3, a remarkable game with varied missions in gorgeous environments, featuring a wide range of weapons and awesome array of vehicles. Since then DICE has been consistent in keeping up with its promised release schedule. DICE launches an expansion every three months and refreshes the . . . → Read More: EA’s ‘BattleField 3: AfterMath’ Game Review

Forza Horizon For Xbox 360 Review

Microsoft Studios has given us some legendary gaming titles. We initially learned to drive virtual cars with Microsoft’s Midtown Madness, we crushed several dynasties and emperors in the Age of Empires, flew a Boeing, drove the world’s fastest train and what not! And, now it’s time to set the streets of Colorado on fire, . . . → Read More: Forza Horizon For Xbox 360 Review

Assassins Creed 3 Review


I personally have always liked the early Assassins Creed games. My enthusiasm began to wane somewhat with the release of Brotherhood and then Revelations, yet I still held a candle for the franchise and eagerly awaited the release of Assassins Creed 3 by Ubisoft. Assassins Creed fans will know Ezio is no more and that's . . . → Read More: Assassins Creed 3 Review

The Five Fundamentals of FIFA 2013

The latest edition of EA Sports’ football game has been touted as revolutionary and it is fair to say that it is one of the best of its kind to date. There are five fundamentals of FIFA 2013 that make it so advanced and give it a more realistic feel than any of its . . . → Read More: The Five Fundamentals of FIFA 2013

Dishonored Review

Anyone who played the first Assassin’s Creed will be familiar with the particular brand of disappointment that permeates the Dishonored experience: it’s a solid game that should have been really, really great. Flashes of brilliance abound, but the title never coalesces into something truly incredible.


Dishonored can best be described as . . . → Read More: Dishonored Review

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