The Good, The Bad, and The Shipping January 4 – 11

Nintendo DS

  1. Paws & Claws: Pampered Pets.

  2. Big Bang Mini

  3. Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero

  4. Hotel For Dogs

  5. Jumble Madness

  6. Retro Game Challenge

  7. Animated


Nintendo Wii

  1. Neighborhood Games

  2. Paws & Claws: Pampered Pets

  3. Fishing Master World Tour

  4. Hotel For Dogs



  1. Cid The Dummy

  2. Ski And Shoot



  1. Cid The Dummy

Author: Nick2930

I am a 33 year old librarian, part time writer, all time gamer, and what my cousin refers to as an intellectual badasss. Normally I wouldn't brag, but I like that so much I feel compelled to.