WinAdmin iPhone Application Review

WinAdmin is a Remote Desktop tool for the iPhone, and a damn good one at that. What’s Remote Desktop you ask? It’s simply the ability to access your main PC desktop from anywhere that has an internet connection. WinAdmin does just that, only it puts the entirety of your PC on the screen of your iPhone. Essentially, it’s like carrying around your computer in your pocket at all times.

All versions of Windows since Windows 2000 support a built-in Remote Desktop feature that not many people know about. Enabling it is as simple as right-clicking My Computer and going to the Remote tab. What WinAdmin does is uses this built-in Windows program to grant access to your entire PC, as long as you’re in an EDGE, 3G, or WiFi area. (And when are you not, really?)


After simply opening ports 3389 on your router and entering in your computer’s IP address in WinAdmin, connecting to your computer remotely is as easy as the press of a button. WinAdmin allows users to customize both the resolution shown on the portable screen, as well as how many colors should be allowed. The smaller the number for both options, the faster the performance overall, however the application is useful and functional even on the slow EDGE network.


Overall, it’s your PC in your pocket. Not only does it support perfect touch-screen navigation, but it has a pull-up virtual keyboard, so you can use your PC to its fullest extent. Making a quick tap on screen registers a single click, while tapping and holding initiates a right-click. You can even send a Ctrl-Alt-Delete command if needed. Multitouch zooming and swiping allow you to view your desktop at any magnification, and rotating your device in landscape view gives for a more realistic monitor feel. WinAdmin is a must-have for all iPhone owners who’d like the ability to access their PC at any given moment and is an incredible tool when needing to perform long-distance computer maintenance.

Author: TGRStaff

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