Rumor Killers: January 20

Rumor Killers

Sony helping with Quantum Theory?

Quantum Theory is an exclusive third-person shooter from Ninja Gaiden developers Tecmo. The game has a kind of dark, sci-fi look to it, and gives players control of two characters. The first is Sid, the “dark hero” who wields a massive gun. Then there is Filena, a female character who wields a weapon that can change from a sword to a gun. Fancy, huh? Basically they are both battling it out to get to the top of this tower for their very own reasons: Sid wants to destroy the tower, while Filena wants to find her father, who I’m guessing is at the top of the tower, as fathers always are!

Other than that, not much is know of the game. According to Quartermann’s rumour mill on the very last issue of EGM, though — our thoughts go out to those guys by the way — the game will be getting a new co-publisher to help along its development. The exact words are as follows.

“Tecmo’s slick  PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter Quantum Theory might be getting a big boost when a larger co-publisher signs on to help push the game.”

There are two possible outcomes to this with,  only one of which would please the most rampant PlayStation fanboys.  The first possible outcome is that Sony is going to lend a helping hand with funding on this game. This would come at a great time, with Microsoft recently stating that third-party support for the PS3 is dwindling. This would show great support by Sony for third-party developers, and other companies would take note. Also this would guarantee 100% exclusivity on PlayStation 3, and let’s be honest, that’s very hard thing to come by these days. The second possibility is that another big-name publisher has thrown its hat into the ring, i.e. Ubisoft, EA, or Activition-Blizzard. Now what this could mean is that it could still be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but only for a timed period, much like Bioshock was.

From what we can gather, we see this as Sony getting in on the act; we would be very surprised if that wasn’t the case. Sony needs to show love to third party developers, and what better way than by by helping out Tecmo with publishing this game? Sony needs as many exclusive games as possible it wants to catch up to the 360 in 2009. What better game to start off on?

TGR Rating: Highly Likely

Will Left 4 Dead come to the PlayStation 3?

Valve’s Left 4 Dead has become everything people hoped it would be: fast, violent, scary, and overall, one of the best multiplayer experiences you can get on any console to date. Valve must be extremely pleased with the reception the game has received, as well as the impressive sales on Xbox 360 and PC since launch last November. With all that, there has always been that shadow over the exclusivity of this game. We all know about Valve’s lack of love for the PlayStation 3, but that doesn’t stop people spreading rumors about it. If you are a regular reader of Rumor Killers, you will know that we have covered this in previous installments, so why bring it up again? Well, fresh new rumors of course.

The first fresh rumor to come up was someone stating that EB Games is now accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 version of the game. This came with photographic "evidence" of a receipt with "Left 4 Dead PS3" on it. Now at this point I would expect you PlayStation fans to start looking forward to finally getting your hands on this gem, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet as this couldn’t get faker if it tried. The Photoshop work was horrible, leaving clues everywhere and making it look dodgy and horribly wrong. Not only that, but the person behind it came out and confirmed that this was indeed a fake. Now we wouldn’t usually run this if it was just this fake rubbish, but the next bit of evidence is actually worthwhile.

From, the source for our Assassin’s Creed 2 Rumor Killers Special, as well as Alan Wake‘s release date, comes a page for the PlayStation 3 version of Left 4 Dead, with “coming soon” written next to it. Now since we ran the Assassin’s Creed 2 story, has since replaced the date with “to be confirmed,” so maybe we have uncovered something new again. Has jumped the gun again? Could have. One thing is for sure, the photographic evidence is a fake, the pre-orders in shops are fake, but this evidence is not fake. Is it just a mistake, or is there something more to it? We think Valve will continue the success of this game and bring it to the PS3 in the near future. 

TGR Rating: Likely

Incognito’s next game Warhawk 2?

Warhawk is probably still one of the most-played online games on the PlayStation 3, constantly being updated with new features, map layouts, weapons, and different map locations. Incognito doesn’t forget about its games after release. Although we are not complaining about them freshening up Warhawk from time to time, we do want a brand new game from them and we want it now!!! No really, we do want to see what they have up their sleeves, and this might actually come sooner than expected. 

Over on his Twitter feed, Dylan Jobe has been teasing fans with a meeting with Sony execs. This is what he had to say: “SONY Execs in town today — Drinking my coffee & getting ready, reviewing notes and finishing up my presentation draft.” Well, looks like this meeting could be about a brand new game concept they have or, pushing the boat further, progression of a game already in development for the PlayStation 3. But what could this game be? Warhawk 2, maybe? One thing is for sure; it is not new downloadable content for Warhawk. You don’t have this kind of meeting for that, so it’s definitely a new game. There were more clues were found in the Twitter to help with the mystery, too: “Just finished an intense story/progression discussion with our game designer — mentally drained but good results.”

Now could we be seeing Incognito going back to some storytelling, with single-player heavily involved?  Could very well be. This could be Incognito redeeming themselves for dropping a single-player mode from the first game so late in development. How good could Warhawk 2 be with single-player added to the already great multiplayer experience set by the original on PSN?  We sure hope that these are clues about a planned sequel. Remember to come back to for the latest news on this development.

TGR Rating: Possible

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