WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 Guide PT. 2

Special Referee:
◘ Count pins – A Button
◘ Perform Countout ( when the player is out of the ring) – A Button
◘ Announce Submission ( when a submission is performed) – A Button
◘ Declare DQ – A Button
◘ Slide in and count pins – A Button

Royal Rumble:
◘ Control Superstar when press back button is displayed – Back Button
◘ Entering ring after force out, must have finish icon – Left Bumper
◘ Lift up opponent groggy on the ropes, only when the players weight class is heavier than the opponent’s by one more class – Right stick in any direction
◘ Throw opponent over the ropes, while holding them – Right Stick

Steel Cage Match:
◘ Start Climbing up the cage – Left stick + A Button
◘ When up on the came, the meter appears – A Button
◘ Escape the came – A button
◘ Diving attack from the top – Left Stick + X Button
◘ Shake the cage when the opponent climbs it – X Button
◘ Throwing the opponent of the cage – Right Stick when next to the cage.
◘ Dropping from the cage – Right Bumper
◘ Escaping through cage door – Right Stick when player is against the turnbuckle in the left corner.
◘ Throwing the opponent into the cage – Irish whip the opponent towards the cage which is Right Bumper + A Button

*** in A Cell Match:

◘ Throw player into ring – Right Stick down, when standing between the cell and the ring.
◘ Cell grapple attacks- Right Stick, up, left or right also as above when between cell and the ring.
◘ Open cell door – Run toward the door
◘ Enter/Exit cell door –  A Button
◘ Climb Cell –  Run towards the cell
◘ Climb down from the cell – A Button, while standing on the edge
◘ Throw opponent off the cell – Right Stick toward the opponent

Elimination Chamber:

◘ Climb on top of Chamber – Left Stick + A Button, when on the turnbuckle

◘ Climb down from Chamber – A Button
◘ Climb chamber – A Button Towards chamber wall
◘ Diving cross body – X Button, when on chamber wall
◘ Move over chamber – Left Stick while on chamber wall
◘ Grind opponents face on chamber – Irish Whip towards chamber ( Right Bumber + A Button=Irish Whip)
◘ Pull down opponent – Right Stick any direction, underneath an opponent

Buried Alive Match:

◘ Trigger burial mini-game – Drag opponent towards casket
◘ Special casket finishing move – Irish Whip opponent toward casket and press Left Bumper for finishing move, must have the finishing move icon.

Tables Match:

◘ Pick up table – A Button
◘ Set up table, while holding it – A Button
◘ Drag table – Hold A Button when standing next to the table.
◘ Release table – A Button
◘ Double stack tables – While having one table walk over to the one setup and press A.

Ladder Match:
◘ Pick up ladder – A Button
◘ Set-up ladder – A Button
◘ Drag a setup ladder – Hold A Button
◘ Release ladder – A Button
◘ Put ladder horizontally against an already set-up ladder – Left Stick towards the ladder + A Button while in possession of the ladder.
◘ Run-up leaning ladder – Y Button
◘ Push ladder over – A Button
◘ Drop safely to mat – A Button

B. Game Modes
In WWE® SmackDown® vs. RAW® 2007 there are many modes.  The game pack the most out of any previous title this time around.  It is a more in-depth game for sure with so many modes like PPV and create a mode.  Here are all of the modes:

Single Player:

◘ Exhibition
◘ Season Mode
◘ General Manager Mode
◘ PPV Mode

◘ Create Modes:  Create a Superstar
Create a move-set
Create an entrance
Create a championship
Create a stable


◘ Exhibition Matches – Play against other people that have the game.  There are different types of matches under this mode:  Single, Tag and Main Event from the campaign included as well.  You can also create a match with your own rules in it as well.

◘ Online Titles Matches – Create your own Championships and defend them against other players online.

◘ Rankings:

Online Boards will show you ranks for different categories:

▪ Overall Ranking
▪ Wins & Loses
▪ Win % & Winning Streak
▪ Total Winning Streak
▪ DQ
▪ Title Victories
▪ Title Defenses & Total ones
▪ Champion Value/Prestige

◘ Trade Created Superstars – Trade your players that you have created with other’s online and also negotiate at your own risk.  This is such a fun feature.

Advanced Info About Match Types:


▪ No Manager
▪ No Manager vs. w/ Manager/
▪ Manager vs. w/ Manager


▪ Tornado
▪ Elimination
▪ Elimination Tornado

Other Types:

– Triple Threat
– Fatal


– Royal Rumble
– Main Events
– Backstage Brawls:

  • Bar Brawl
  • Parking Lot Brawl

– Battle Royal:

▪ 4-man
▪ 5-man
▪ 6-man

– Buried Alive
– Elimination Chamber: Normal 6 Man, Normal 6 Man Tag.
– First Blood
– Hardcore
– *** in Cell
– Iron Man
– Ladder
– Last Man Standing
– Special Referee
– Steel Cage
– Submission
– Tables
– Money in the Bank

There are a variety of different game modes in this game.  THQ has made sure that this game a lot of gamplay to it so they have included most major game types in WWE.  The game definitely takes some learning curve if you have never played a wrestling game such as this.  The different game modes have different controls as I have mentioned above, you may need some practice before you can take this game online or play it on harder difficulty.

C. Gameplay Info
Ultimate Control Moves – Using the grapple while pushing in any direction of the Right stick will do a control move.

Environmental Hotspots – Places around the ring you can use to help put your opponent out, like the medal stairs, announcer stands and such.

Fighting Area in the crowd – You can take your opponent into the crowed and have some fun.  The audience will hand you objects to use on your opponents.

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