Army of Two (Preview)

Army of two is, perhaps, one of the lesser anticipated games coming in 2007. Made by EA, it has a strong emphasis on gameplay and is sure to be solid. Games such as Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas show that the Xbox 360 has the power to bring what was once seen as fantasy to a reality. However, unlike the other games, this game is based solely around co-operative two man play; either a highly intelligent computer A.I or a mate via live, takes the helm. The trailer is so utterly action packed; it felt like a Hollywood movie brought straight to our homes. The trailer begins with President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation. The speech gets us ready for an intense conclusion as the two man team suit up showing off their guns, armour, and from what seems as customizable face masks. One with flames on it while another bears a terrifying skull.

The speech ends and cuts to the team in a helicopter handing ammo to each other which you will hopefully be able to do in the game. Another vehicle cuts onto the screen as one guy drives while the other fends the enemies off using a turret mounted on the back. The heavy and bulky armour is then shown off as a couple shots seem to just bounce off him, and then he quickly returns fire.

The game is focused on the two-man aspect of gameplay that even your armour links together, and your partner is topped off with incredibly smart artificial intelligence. If your tactics aren’t up to standard your partner will diss you, answer back, or even refuse to follow orders if things go wrong time after time. A second trailer released, showing off the gameplay techniques used by the SSC. ‘Alice Murray’, SSC mission operator, probably the woman who gives you the Intel much like Anya in Gears of War, explains what the SSC do. One of the men provides covering fire for the other, while your partner runs to a safer position. You also see they have a sense of humour, shown when they are practicing close quarter combat while shouting ‘’oh yea!’’. ‘Two man tactics’ are then shown to us that show off the co-operative features gamers will be able to exploit. ‘Flip object to create cover’ shows the two pushing a heavy obstacle to their advantage, thus creating a wall to hide behind. ‘Tactical shooting’, then presents the ability to dive for cover and blind fire to suppress your enemies. ‘Back to back’ cover, where the team use each other as shields as they move around to shoot what seem to be terrorists. ‘Two-man hovercraft’ is a means of escape, one driving as the other one provides turret fire. ‘Drag injured’ is where your fellow team mate is down but not out and you have to drag him to safety. A solid title that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Author: TGRStaff

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