Daily News Roundup: February 4, 2009

Well, as usual, I’ll start with the bad news first…

Disney Interactive Media reports $45 million loss

Disney Interactive Media, which includes Disney Interactive Studios, their online games, and mobile phone products, has released the first fiscal year quarter report. The report detailed that the company’s revenue increased by 13 percent, but in the end, lost over $45 million dollars.

Disney Interactive has reported it will be making some studios smaller and laying off some positions at development studio Propaganda Games.

With recent losses by many companies, Electronic Arts has also recently reported some losses from their recent fiscal year third quarter.

John Riccitello breaks out his EA plan for 2009

EA reported some significant losses for the third quarter of its fiscal year, and EA CEO, John Riccitello, might just have a plan. Riccitello explained that EA needs to get its operating costs down and to do better on the Nintendo Wii.

EA will be working hard on their EA Sports franchises, taking in a new Tennis game, and also is planning to release EA Sports Active. The company also mentioned Dead Space for Wii, and that they want to “rival Nintendo on their own platform.”

This could be the plan EA needs to get ahead on the Wii market.

Now onto the more happy news of today’s daily round up on Page 2…

Crytek Acquires Free Radical Design

Crytek, german video game developer, has said they have acquired Free Radical Design, which you may know is known for the TimeSplitters and Haze franchise.

Cameron Gunn, ReSolve Partners, confirmed this earlier today on GI.biz, and then Crytek made the official statement later. Crytek acquiring Free Radical Design will save around 40 jobs. Crytek is most well known as the developer of Crysis and Far Cry.

The last story of the day will hark on your childhood memories…

Lego Battles is Announced

TT Games and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced today, that they have a Lego title in development and it is called Lego Battles. Lego Battles is set for release on the Nintendo DS this summer.

This game will focus on all the Lego franchises you have come to know and love as a child. Yes, there will be spacemen, pirates, and many of the other Lego franchises you remember playing as a kid.

Time to relive our Lego dreams.

Author: TGRStaff

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