Cloning Clyde Guide

Cloning Clyde Guide
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Cloning Clyde FAQ
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Note: This guide is not intended to help you get the par times on every mission and is not intended to be a walkthrough for each level. It is only to help people get a general idea of the game and supply some information about the controls and what the characters abilities and such are like.

  • Introduction
    • Cloning Clyde is an original addictive side-scrolling platformer with amazing graphics and tons of quirky puzzles to keep you busy for hours, rasing your Obsession Score. You get to play as an assortment of different Clyde clones ranging from an exploding barrel to a monkey. Clyde took part in a scientific experiment that went wrong, and your goal is to help all the clonded Clydes escape the clutches of the evil robot security machines. Good luck!
  • Controls
    • Left Thumbstick (Move/Climb/Stats)
      • Use the Left Thumbstick to control the movement of the various Clydes by either walking, swimming, or climbing.
      • Click in the Left Thumbstick to view your statistics of the level your are currently playing.
    • A (Jump)
      • Press the A Button to make Clyde jump.
    • Right Thumbstick (Zoom Camera)
      • Hold the Right Thumbstick up to zoom in, and hold it down to zoom out.
    • X (Attack)
      • Press the X Button to do an attack move.
    • Y (Switch Characters)
      • Press the Y Button to change characters.
      • Pressing Y again after this will switch control to the highlighted clone.
      • Pressing B will switch to the next closest clone.
    • B (Action)
      • Pressing the B Button will cause Clyde to do an action move.
    • Left Trigger (Mini Map)
      • Pulling the Left Trigger will bring up a mini map of the level.
    • Start (Pause)
      • Pressing Start will pause the game.
    • Right Trigger (Continuous Action [in versus only])
      • Pressing the Right Trigger will do the same action as the B Button, but continuously.
    • Left Bumper (Block)
      • Pressing and holding the Left Bumper will cause Clyde to block.
    • Right Bumper (Super Attack)
      • Pressing the Right Bumper will cause Clyde to do a Super Attack, causing more damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Game Modes
    • Single Player
      • In Single Player Mode there are 3 different difficulties.
        • Easy: Great for kids, some pets, and beginners.
        • Normal: Nice challenge for the regular players.
        • Hard: Only attempt if you are ready for a challenge.
      • The are a total of 40 missions. These include:
        • 1 Training Mission
        • 4 Trial Missions
        • 24 Missions
        • 10 Challenges
        • 1 Boss Stage
      • There are 3 main goals for each mission
        • Complete each mission successfully.
        • (Optional) Collect the lost action figures. (Total: 156)
        • (Optional) Help the clones escape.
      • Cheats
        • For completing various tasks within the game you unlock cheats which can be used in the Cheats menu. Here is a list of each one:
          • Big Head-Clyde
          • Lab rat-Clyde
          • Franken-Clyde
          • Mini-Clyde
          • Robot-Clyde
          • Giant-Clyde
          • Princess-Clyde
          • Devil-Clyde
          • Cowboy-Clyde
          • Santa-Clyde
          • Martian-Clyde
          • Mutant-Clyde
          • Concept Art
            • 13 drawings from the game.
      • Game Options
        • The Game Options Menu is available when you pause the game.
          • Here is a list of things you can control from this list:
            • Sound
            • Whether Clyde wears underwear or not
            • The display of gamertags
            • In-Game Hints
            • Controller Vibration
    • Multiplayer
      • There are 2 game modes for multiplayer:
        • Co-Op
          • Same as Single Player, but you can play with another person by Split Screen or over Xbox Live.
        • Versus
          • There are six arenas you can choose to play in either on Split Screen or over Xbox Live.
          • The objective is to find your opponents security machines and destroy them before they destroy yours.
  • Leaderboards: The Leaderboards are available through the Main Menu and can be used to view your high scores or records against your friends or the top players.
  • Achievements: There are 12 total achievements worth 200 total points.
    • Absurd Amphibian (10) Become a Frog-Clyde
      Ancestorial Antics (14) Become an Ape-Clyde
      Battle Addict (12) Play Versus mode
      Becoming Baaaad (8) Become a Sheep-Clyde
      D.N.Ain’t (16) Become a Mutant-Clyde
      Dupliclone Dash (18) Complete levels 1 – 24 and 10 Challenge levels under par time
      Foolish Freedom (20) Exit 75 clones through the ventilation shafts
      Kenn Collection (15) Collect 50 of the cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures
      Killer Kudos (25) Collect 100 of the cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures
      King Clyde (20) Complete all of the Super-Challenge Levels
      Master of all Clyde-Dumb (30) Complete the Game
      Poultry Party (12) Become a Chicken-Clyde
  • Characters
    • Here is a list of all of the different Clydes you can play as:
      • Clyde
      • Ape-Clyde
      • Frog-Clyde
      • Sheep-Clyde
      • Chicken-Clyde
      • Mutant-Clyde
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Q: How much does Cloning Clyde cost?
    • A: 800 MP.
    • Q: When was this game released?
    • A: Cloning Clyde was released July 19, 2006.
    • Q: Who developed Cloning Clyde?
    • A: Ninja Bee
    • Q: How many playable levels are there?
    • A: 40 single player mission, and 6 multiplayer levels.
    • Q: What options are there for downloadable content?
    • A: Well, besides the game itself along with the trial version there are 4 gamerpic packs for download.
    • Q: What is the game rated?
    • A: Everyone 10 and older.
    • Q: Any extra goodies that come along with a purcase?
    • A: Well, yes and no. They are not automatically downloaded with a purchase, but you must earn them. You earn a Chicken-Clyde gamerpicture for beating all of the Training levels, and a Clyde gamerpicture.
    • Q: Do you recommend this game?
    • A: Absolutely! This is an excellent original Xbox 360 arcade title packed with hours of fun- with multiplayer as well, this game is a must-buy! Yes [Y]
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