Interview: Ladytron

We recently had the chance to speak with Rueben from Ladytron

TheGameReviews: I’ve been a fan of your music for a while now. Are any of your older songs going to appear on future games?
Ladytron: Hello, nothing planned as yet – but we’d rather our newer songs to be used actually, because that’s where we are right now, musically.

TGR: Are there any artists that you absolutely idolize and look up to? Did they inspire you to create music yourself?
L: There are loads – too many to name all – getting asked to support Nine Inch Nails on a european tour was pretty impressive and we’ve just been asked to play at the Sydney Opera House at a festival curated by Brian Eno this summer. Apparently his daughter got him into us πŸ™‚

TGR: Are you excited to be featured on video game soundtracks?
L: yes – because it’s such a massive opportunity for our music to get to new fans. When you play a game – the music hardwires itself into your head – think Super Mario Bros and all the classic Nintendo soundtracks – then you have all the nostalgia for 8-bit Atari sounds…

TGR: Do any of you guys enjoy playing video games? If so, what kinds are you into?
L: Yeah danny and I play games – danny’s into the role-play stuff mainly to stop being bored when there’s no internet. I tend to play low-commitment games like Need for Speed Carbon and Wipeout πŸ™‚ Mira played Second Life once and got accidentally shagged on the beach at a nudist colony.

TGR: What kind of music do you enjoy? Any recommendations? Are you perhaps friends with the other bands signed onto Artwerk?
L: Yeah we are mates with Datarock, who played with us on our North American tour – they are a lot of fun. I’m listening to some old stuff i enjoyed in the 90s right now – an electronic act called Future Sound of London. And a new band from Australia called HTRK πŸ™‚

TGR: If you could be featured on the soundtrack of any game coming out in the future, what would it be?
L: Always loved Grand Theft Auto! Maybe the next one…

TGR: Are you going to be writing any new specific songs for games, or do you submit songs you’ve previously recorded?
L: Both. We did 3 exclusive tracks for the Sims mid 2008. They were all written especially for the game and we even recorded the vocals in Simlish πŸ™‚

TGR: It seems to me that “Destroy Everything You Touch” would work great in an RPG-styled game. Are there any songs in your catalogue that you associate to any video games or films, or events in your life that are special to you?
L: I suppose they all do. Fighting in Built Up Areas always had a gaming vibe to it. We are all big film fans so visual elements are all big influences in the way we put our records together.

TGR: What sorts of subjects inspire you to write music?
L: Life in general.

TGR: I know We just got Velocifero not too long ago, but when can we expect another studio album?

L: Hopefully soon – We have an album in basic form already – we just need to spend some time working on it. Give us a few months.

TGR: Thanks for the interview! Is there anything extra you’d like to say to our readers?

L: Eat your greens.

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