Force Unleashed

Lucas Arts has slaved over their upcoming title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and while very little is known about the plot line, other than the fact that it will occur in between episode 3 and 4, this game promises manipulate physics in a way only a Jedi could. Unlike many games where actions seem canned and rehearsed, Force Unleashed plans to utilize extremely advanced technology they have developed which they have entitled: DMM and Euphoria. DMM allows objects to act as their common everyday counter parts would. Wood when stressed will break like wood; metal will break like metal, and so on and so forth. This game is a physicists dream, taking into account not only the direction of impact, but also the magnitude of the force itself, and the material of the object itself. Euphoria presents the unique concept of characters acting like real beings as they are programmed for self preservation. When a character senses their own demise, they will reach out and grasp for safety. These two implementations on the part of Lucas Arts along with a very strong track record, prompt us to label this as a game to watch. We will keep you in touch during any and all developments. Release is expected around November 2007.

Author: John Laster