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Crackdown FAQ: Version 1.0Made by: l EcHo 360 l
With the U.S. release of Crackdown already behind us and the European and Asian territorial relases days away, I thought it would be a good idea for a guide about the game, what it has to offer and other information. This is for people interested in purchasing the game or newcomers to learn about the basics. I hope you enjoy it!

Please note: This guide is not intended to be a walkthrough on how to beat missions, just a detailed introduction about the game and how to play. Hopefully this answers any questions you have about the game.

Table of Contents:
A. Introduction
I. About/Features
B. Controls
I. On foot
II. Vehicle
C. Game Modes
I. Enemy Gangs
II. Abilities/Orbs
III. Supply Points and Markers
IV. Weapons
V. Vehicles
D. Downloadable Content/Halo 3 Beta
E. Achievements
F. Frequently Asked Questions
G. General Tips
H. Acknowledgements/Sources/Conclusion

A. Introduction:

You are the last hope! The Agency is very grateful you have volunteered to help protect the members of Pacific City. The situation is that our capital is being controller by three violent gangs- Los Muertos, the Shai-Gen Corporation, and the Volk. In response to this outburst of crime, The Agency has discovered the work of the scientist (and Shai-Gen general) Dr. Baltazar Czernenko, who created a human-modification procedure, which is used to create Agents like yourself. Your abilities include amazing evolution and regeneration.

Your primary objective is to break the bonds of these gangs and eliminate all resistance and leaders. Doing this will restore peace to Pacific City. Good luck!

I. About/Features:
Developer: Real Time Worlds
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Genre: Action
Release Date:
US: February 20, 2007
Japan and Austrailia: February 22, 2007
Europe: February 23, 2007
Consoles: Exclusive to Xbox 360
MSRP: $59.99
Game Rating: M for Mature, Blood and Gore,  Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs
Players: 1 on a Single Console, 2 over Xbox Live
Engine: Havok Engine

Next-Gen Visuals: Making great use of the Xbox 360’s power, Crackdown delivers with amazing graphics and incredible detail.

Free as the Wind Blows…: In Crackdown you can exlpore Pacific City to the fullest. This wide-open urban-jungle can let you choose how to attack your opponents and what paths to take.

Use that Environment!: Low on ammo? Not an issue! Thanks to the Havok Engine, in Crackdown there is a mass number of props you can use to take out the enemy gangs. You will redefine chaos!

Double Trouble: Why take on the fight alone? With Xbox Live, help restore peace to Pacific City with a buddy cooperatively.

B. Controls
Here are the basic controls for the game:

I. On Foot
A Button- Jump (Press and Hold)
B Button- Kick/Pick up/Drop Object (Press and Hold)
Y Button- Enter/Exit Supply Point
X Buton- Swap weapon/Pick up weapon (Press and Hold)
Left Thumbstick- Movement/Crouch and steady aim (Click and Hold)
Right Thumbstick- Aim/Precision Targeting, Jump (Click and Hold)
Left Trigger- Target Lock
Right Trigger- Fire/Throw
Left Bumper- Reload/Zoom Out (Sniper Scope)
Right Bumper- Throw grenade/Detonate (Press and hold)/Zoom in (Sniper Scope)
Directional Pad- Sniper Scope
Start- Pause
Back- City Map
Xbox Guide- Opens up Guide

II. In Vehicle
A Button- Handbrake
B Button- Horn/Agency tech
Y Button- Enter/Exit vehicle
X Button- N/A
Left Thumbstick- Steering/Air control
Right Thumbstick- Look Behind
Left Trigger- Brake/Reverse
Right Trigger- Accelerate
Left Bumper- Previous Music Track
Right Bumper- Next Music Track
Left Bumper + Right Bumper- Pause Music Track
Hold Left Trigger + Left Bumper- Decrease Music Volume
Hold Right Trigger + Right Bumper- Increase Music Volume
Directional Pad- N/A
Start- Pause
Back- City Map
Xbox Guide- Opens up Guide

C. Game Modes
There are 3 difficulties- Tough (Easy), Ruthless (Medium), and Psychotic (Hard).
Solo Campaign:

In the Solo Campaign you take on the scum of Pacific City alone, improving your skills and getting the best information fed to you by the Agency Network.

Co-Op Campaign:
In the Co-Op Campaign, it is very similar to the Solo Campaign, but you can take on mission with another Agent.

Time Trials:
Once you trigger the dossier for a boss by getting near the mission area, that mission is playable in Time Trials mode. Here, you face any unlocked mission while being timed. Once you are involved in a Time Trial the surrounding area will be blocked off, then it will be you versus the Boss or Kingpin and their henchmen.

I. Enemy Gangs:

i. Los Muertos
Los Muertos (The Dead) are a significant group of narcotics operationers controlling two islands on Pacific City’s easy side known as La Mugre (The Dirt).

  • Bosses, Generals, and Kingpins:
    • (Name, Classification, Effect of Elimination of Kingpin, Location)


      • Juan Martinez- Boss, None, Hillside Housing
      • Jose Guerra- Boss, None, Nightclub
      • Violetta Sanchez- General, Decreases number of enemies in the compound, Apartments
      • Rodrigo Alvarez- General, Decreases Kingpin’s guards health by half, Sports Complex
      • Rafael Diaz- General, Removes roadblocks barring entrance to compound, Garage
      • Ramon Gonzalez- General, Decreases weapon power of Kingpin’s guards, Lighthouse
      • Don Domingo Garcia- Kingpin, Strength of Los Muertos crushed, Villa
  • Lower Enemies
    • Associates
      • Underhanded and sneaky. Nonthreatening wives or girlfriends. Little known info.
    • Street Soldiers
      • Average enemies, nothing to stress over.
    • Street Thugs
      • Decent weaponry. Deadly with number.
    • Henchmen
      • Most dangerous of the groups. Powerful weapons and a force to be reckoned with.
  • Arsenal
    • Harlington HMG-90
      • Clip Size: 80, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 800
    • Kokov Diktat
      • Clip Size: 8, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 80
    • Ingalls X80 SMG
      • Clip Size: 32, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 320
    • Dempsey SO-6 "Stub"
      • Clip Size: 4, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 40
    • Shrapnel Grenade
  • Agency Supply Points
    • Pacific City Bank
    • Royal Vista
    • Garcia Point
    • Hillside Housing
    • Social Security
    • Radio 410 Tower
  • Rooftop Race Locations
    • Around the Wheel Race
    • Los Muertos Rooftop Race
    • La Mugre Skyline Race
    • Rooftop Acrobatics Race
    • Goin’ Home Race
  • Road Race Locations
    • Crazy Horse Race
    • La Mugre Alleys Race
    • Los Muertos Endurance Race
    • Hillside High Race
    • La Mugre Coast Race
    • Off-Road Chaos Race

ii. The Volk
The Volk (The Wolf) are a fierce group of warriors who will take you out if you’re not careful. It is recommended that you are a 2-star agility before attempting their missions. 3-star would be better, but 2-star will do. Their game is organized crime and they control the area known as The Den.

  • Bosses, Generals, and Kingpins:
    • (Name, Classification, Effect of Elimination of Kingpin, Location)
      • Sergei Yuriev- Boss, None, Oil Refinery
      • Igor Biragov- Boss, None, Traffic Depot
      • Olga Ramanova- General, Lowers amount of explosive available to Kingpin’s guards, Quarry
      • Boris Mikhailov- General, Decreases number of enemies at Kingpin’s location, Docks
      • Natalya Gryzunova- General, Decreases guards health in half, Observartory at night, Arcade at day
      • Viktor Rabotnikov- General, Lowers power of Kingpin’s guards weapons, Weapons Dump
      • Vladmir Golyak- Kingpin, Diminishes will of the Volk, Oil Rig
  • Lower Enemies
    • Volk Thugs
      • High powered assault rifles and vicious.
    • Explosives Experts
      • Located near Boss and General locations. Be careful around them
    • Snipers
      • Good and bad. They can hit you from far away, but if you get they should be no trouble.
  • Arsenal
    • Ingalls MG-60
      • Clip Size: 32, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 320
    • Watson HE99 "Hothead"
      • Clip Size: 10, Max. Clips: 2, Max Ammo: 10
    • Watson HE79 "Grenadier"
      • Clip Size: 10, Max. Clips: 2, Max Ammo: 10
    • Harman MP-50
      • Clip Size: 32, Max. Clips 10, Max Ammo: 320
    • Dempsey 190 Equalizer
      • Clip Size: 8, Max. Clips 10, Max Ammo 80
    • Bastion S600 "Long Eye"
      • Clip Size: 5, Max. Clips: 4, Max Ammo: 20
  • Agency Supply Points
    • The Retreat
    • Hi-Power Tower
    • Storage Facility
    • Maxims Arch
  • Rooftop Race Locations
    • High Volk-age Race
    • Ascending the Cells Race
    • The Wolf’s Teeth Race
  • Road Race Locations
    • The Alleys of the Den Race
    • The Widowmaker Race
    • The Freeway Gauntlet Race
    • Tour the Den Race
    • The Volk Endurance Test Race

iii. Shai-Gen Corporation
The Shai-Gen Corporation is an evil and sinister group of gang members. They are based in the Corridor, created for the unified, an expensive pampered lifestyle, almost a utopia. Only the greatest of Agents can take on this challenge. Are you up to it?

  • Bosses, Generals, and Kingpins:
    • (Name, Classification, Effect of Elimination of Kingpin, Location)
      • Melissa Fang-Yin- Boss, None, Intel Facility
      • Thadeous Oakley- Boss, None, Public Relations Dome
      • Mrs. Timbol- General, Decreases the guards’ weapon power, Human Resources Facility
      • Vitaliy Rzeznik- General, Decreases number of guards and the Kingpin’s location, Security Complex
      • Dr. Baltazar Czernenko- General, Decreases the Kingpin’s guards’ health bars by half, Research Center
      • Colonel Axton Cowell- General, Removes the roadblocks in front of the entrance the the Kingpin’s location, Defense Tower
      • Zuang Lun Wang- Kingpin, Diminishes strength of the Shai-Gen Corporation to almost nothing, Corridor’s Main Skyscraper
  • Lower Enemies
    • Shai-Gen Thugs
      • Surgeons with pistols. They can be dangerous at a distance. Use their pistol to even the playing field.
    • Shai-Gen Soldiers
      • Weapons range from pistols to submachine guns. They guard Bosses and Generals. They don’t stop until you’re dead…or they are.
    • Lackeys
      • Remarkable speed, super strength, and a lust for you to be dead. No weapons except for their surroundings.
    • Shai-Gen Snipers
      • Be careful, these enemies like to attack from afar with snipers and rockets.
  • Arsenal
    • Smithers "Punisher"
      • Clip Size: 16, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 160
    • Watson HE99-X "Firefly"
      • Clip Size: 1, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 10
    • Bastion SX900 "Longshot"
      • Clip Size: 1, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 10
    • Cluster Grenade
  • Agency Supply Points
    • Comfortitude, LTD.
    • The Block
    • Bubble
    • Stripey’s Cafe
    • Intellicenter
  • Rooftop Race Locations
    • Wings Are for Suckers Race
  • Road Race Locations
    • City Park Burnout Race
    • Shai-Gen’s Shopper’s Race
    • Shai-Gen’s Tourist Race

II. Abilities/Orbs
As an Agent, you have certain abilites that will increase over time, making you faster, stronger, or a better shooter. These are broken down into 5 main categories. The maximum rating you can reach is 4 stars. Once you have maxed out the skill the percentage to the next star will read "–" instead of a 5th star. Picking up icons around Pacific City known as Orbs will increase a certain stat, or if you pick up a hidden orb (?), it will increase every stat somewhat. These orbs are scattered everywhere, so get hunting!

i. Agility

Agility is perhaps the most important and most efficient ability. It allows you to jump higher and run faster than a normal person would. Make this your primary objecte. Here is a list of ways to increase this statistic:

  • Kill enemies from high locations
  • Find Agency Agility Supplements
  • Find Hidden Orbs
  • Complete Rooftop Races
  • Take out Kingpins

ii. Driving
Driving is not a beneficial as the other abilites. You could go around the whole time afoot, but it is a good stat to have up in case you want to evade an area quickly. Here is a list of ways to improve this statistic:

  • Kill enemies while in a car
  • Complete driving stunts
  • Find hidden orbs
  • Complete road races
  • Take out Kingpins

iii. Explosives
Your Explosives ability is very valuable. You can kill multiple enemies at once and get a chance to reload. Increase your Explosives ability by:

  • Killing enemies with grenades, rockets, exploding vehicles, etc.
  • Finding the hidden orbs
  • Killing the Kingpins

iv. Strength
Strength can be a fun one to go for. You can lift objects such as people and use them to kill other people. Once you build up your strength you can even pick up trucks to cause mayhem! Here’s how to level is up:

  • Kill enemies with heavy objects and melee attacks
  • Find hidden orbs
  • Take out the Kingpins

v. Weapons
This is most likely the second most important ability. You will rank up quickly with this as using firearms is the primary way to fight crime. Your accuracy will increase and your range will as well. Here’s how to rank up your Weapons ability:

  • Kill enemies by shooting them
  • Find hidden orbs
  • Kill Kingpins

III. Supply Points and Markers

i. Supply Points
The premise of Supply Points are to give the Agents a place to restore health and ammo. They are scattered among Pacific City and can be used to move quickly around the city. When you get near one it is revealed by a marker, an orange beam on your HUD. When you take enemy weapons, return them to Supply Points and they will be added to your armory for later use.

ii. Markers
There are 3 types of markers- stunt, rooftop races, and road races.

  1. Stunt Markers
    1. These are the circles of light floating in the sky. Drive a car through them and your Driving ability will increase.
  2. Rooftop Race Markers
    1. Indicated by green beams of light, rooftop races are used for Agents to test their running skills and increase your Agility skills rating.
  3. Road Race Markers
    1. The purple gates of light are road race markers. If you beat the goal time your Driving ability will increase.

IV. Weapons

Previously in the Gangs sections they each had their own personal arsenal, now here is the complete list:

  • Pistols:
    • Colby "Master"
      • Clip Size: 12, Max. Clips: 15, Max Ammo: 180
    • Kokov Diktat
      • Clip Size: 8, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 80
    • Smithers "Punisher"
      • Clip Size: 16, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 160
  • Shotguns
    • Dempsey SO-6 "Stub"
      • Clip Size: 4, Max. Clips 10, Max Ammo: 40
    • Dempsey 190 Equalizer
      • Clip Size: 8, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 80
  • Submachine Guns


    • Colby EAR50
      • Clip Size: 32, Max. Clips 15, Max Ammo: 480
    • Harman MP-50
      • Clip Size: 32, Max. Clips 10, Max Ammo: 320
    • Ingalls X80 SMG
      • Clip Size: 32, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 320
  • Automatic Rifles
    • Ingalls MG-60
      • Clip Size: 32, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 320
    • Harlington HMG-90
      • Clip Size: 80, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 800
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Bastion S600 "Long Eye"
      • Clip Size: 5, Max. Clips: 4, Max Ammo: 20
    • Bastion SX900 "Longshot"
      • Clip Size: 1, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 10
  • Launchers
    • Watson HE99 "Hothead"
      • Clip Size: 10, Max. Clips: 2, Max Ammo: 10
    • Watson HE79 "Grenadier"
      • Clip Size: 10, Max. Clips: 2, Max Ammo: 10
    • Watson HE99-X "Firefly"
      • Clip Size: 1, Max. Clips: 10, Max Ammo: 10
  • Grenades
    • Colby "Limpet Charge"
    • Grenade
    • Shrapnel Grenade
    • Cluster Grenade

V. Vehicles
Vehicles are the quickest transport in Crackdown. Here is the full list of vehicles in the game:

  • Agency Vehicles
    • Agency Supercar- fastest, but lowest armor rating. At 4-star, the Horn is replaced with a machine gun.
    • Agency SUV- Balanced. Medium speed and medium armor rating. At 4-star the Horn is replaced with a jump feature.
    • Agency Truck Cab- Slowest, but highest armor rating. At 4-star the Horn is replaced with a turbo boost.
    • Agency Police Car- Won’t respond to driving level. No Horn, but a siren instead.
  • Civilian Vehicles
    • Green Sedan
    • Teal Sedan
    • Convertible Sports Coup
    • Orange Convertible Coup
    • Blue Station Wagon
    • Red Four-Door Compact
    • White Family Van
    • Green Roadster
    • Sports Pickup Truck
    • White Compact Convertible
    • Orange Four-Door Sedan
    • Umber Coupe
    • Blue Sports Coup
    • Classic Red Sedan
    • Stretch Sedan
    • White Two-Door Sedan
    • White Pickup Truck
    • Blue Work Van
    • Red Two-Door Bus
    • Coupe Truck
    • Green Two-Door Van
    • Medium Delivery Van
    • Large Delivery Van
    • Orange Delivery Van
    • Blue Truck Cab
    • Green Truck Cab
    • The Tow Truck
    • Garbage Truck
    • Tour Bus
    • Blue Hauling Semi
    • White Hauling Semi
    • Baggae Truck
    • Ramp Truck
  • Los Muertos Vehicles
    • Los Muertos White Coupe
    • Los Muertos Green Coupe
    • Los Muertos Orange Coupe
    • Los Muertos Muscle Car
    • Los Muertos Two-Door Sedan
    • Los Muertos Van
    • Los Muertos Pickup
    • Red Los Muertos Pickup
  • Volk Vehicles
    • Volk Compact Truck
    • Volk Armored Bus
    • Volk Medium Truck
    • Volk Large Truck
    • Volk Missile Carrier
  • Shai-Gen Vehicles
    • Shai-Gen Coupe Sports Car
    • Shai-Gen Sedan
    • Shai-Gen Stretch Sedan
    • Shai-Gen Pickup Truck
    • Shai-Gen Six-Wheeled Truck
    • Shai-Gen Mini Van
    • Shai-Gen Semi Cab

D. Downloadble Content/Halo 3 Beta
i. Downloadable Content

  • (Item, Price, Size)


    • Demo: Free, 1.24 GB
    • Game Content:
      • Four-Play Pack: Free, 8.71 MB
    • Gamer Picture Packs/Themes:
      • Agent Picture Pack: 160 MP, 220 KB
      • Fun Picture Pack: 240 MP, 300 KB
      • Gang Picture Pack: 120 MP, 204 KB
      • Action Theme: 150 MP, 5.01 MB
      • Minimalist Theme: 150 MP, 1.39 MB

ii. Halo 3 Beta
Here is how everything works:

  • To get the Halo 3 Beta when it is available, you must be connected to Xbox Live.
  • You will find the "Download Halo 3 Beta" option under "Downloads" on the Main Menu of Crackdown, but it will be grayed out until the beta is released late spring.
  • When it is released, ithe "Download Halo 3 Beta" option will be activated automatically, and you can choose it to connect to the Xbox Live Marketplace to download the beta, free of charge, with no codes required.
  • Once it is downloaded you can play it by pressing the "Play that Halo 3 Beta" option on the Main Menu of Crackdown. Please note, this is the only way the Beta will launch, from the Crackdown disc.
  • The Beta will only be available for a limited time and after that time expires, the Halo 3 Beta option will no longer be available. It is only available in English.
  • For more information, visit

E. Achievements

Unlockable How to Unlock
Agency Athlete (20) Run & jump your way to a 4-star Agility rating.
Agency Brawler (20) Punch, jab, kick, and throw your way to a 4-star Strength rating.
Agency Explosives Expert (20) Bomb your way to a 4-star Explosives rating.
Agency Marksman (20) Hit your target every time to achieve a 4-star Firearms rating.
Agency Wheelman (20) Accelerate and slide your way to a 4-star Driving rating.
Airtime Assassin (10) Shoot and kill 5 gang members in a single jump (while airborne).
Bare-Knuckle Brawler (15) Kill 150 gang members with your bare hands (or thrown objects).
Base Jumper (10) Jump from the top of the Agency Tower and land in the water below.
Body Juggler (20) Use explosives to keep a body up in the air for 10 seconds.
Car Juggler (20) Use explosives to keep a car up in the air for seven seconds.
Chain Banger (10) Blow up 100 explosive objects in 60 seconds.
Double Trouble (10) Double your fun – complete your first mission in Co-op mode.
Driving High (10) Achieve a height of 115 feet or more in a vehicle.
Firing Squad (15) Fire away – shoot and kill 500 gang members using firearms.
First Blood (10) Eliminate the first of 21 gang bosses.
Free Runner (50) Collect 500 Agility Orbs.
Front Flipper (20) Execute two forward flips in a single jump in a moving vehicle.
Global Impact (15) Kill 15 gang members using the Observatory Globe.
Hazardous Hangtime (10) Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle.
High Flyer (10) Make your way to the top of the Agency Tower.
Los Muertos Cleanser (20) Murder Los Muertos – Kill all Los Muertos gang members.
Los Muertos Intel Master (10) Locate all Los Muertos dossier targets.
Mad Bomber (15) Show your explosive personality – kill 500 gang members using explosives.
Master Agent (50) Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters.
Orb Hunter (50) Collect 300 Hidden Orbs.
Over Our Heads (30) Successfully complete all 12 Rooftop Races.
Rampage (20) Wreak havoc in 60-second increments.
Repo Man (10) Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles.
Ring Leader (20) Drive through all of the unique Stunt Markers.
Roadkill King (15) Mow down and massacre 175 gang members while driving.
Road Warrior (30) Successfully complete all 14 Road Races.
Shai-Gen Cleanser (50) Assassinate Shai-Gen – Kill all Shai-Gen gang members.
Shai-Gen Intel Master (10) Locate all Shai-Gen dossier targets.
Shot-putter (10) Throw any object (other than a grenade) 205 feet or more.
Stunt Driver (20) Successfully execute five car stunts – front & back flips, barrel rolls, a long jump.
Tag Teamer (40) Partner up and complete every mission in Co-op mode.
Take Me To Your Supply Point (10) Unlock your first Supply Point.
The Trifecta (50) Wipe the city clean by taking out all members of all three gangs.
Timed Stunt Driver (20) Execute six car stunts in 60 seconds.
Untouchable Agent (15) Kill 200 gang members without dying yourself.
Volk Cleanser (40) Eviscerate the Volk – Take out all Volk gang members.
Volk Intel Master (10) Locate all Volk dossier targets.
It’s Good To Be Connected (30) Unlock all Supply Points.

F. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What’s the name of this game?
A: Crackdown.

Q: Who is the developer?A: Scotland’s Real Time Worlds

Q: Who is the publisher?A: Microsoft Game Studios

Q: Does this game support HD?A: Absolutely! Up to 720p or 1080i.

Q: Does Crackdown support downloadble content?A: Yes, it does. There is already content on the Marketplace now.

Q: So, the Halo 3 Beta the happens to come with Crackdown, huh? What’s so great about the game?A: Crackdown is a very unique game with great range for exploration. Hi-Def visuals, compelling gameplay and the
ability to play cooperatively over Live are more than enough reasons to buy it! And a free Halo 3 beta invite isn’t to shabby either.

Q: How much does it cost?A: $59.99

Q: What other systems is Crackdown available for?A: None. Crackdown is exclusive to Xbox 360.

Q: Will we ever get the extra 100 gamerscore to equal the full 1,000?A: Yes, it will be made possible thanks to free downloadable content at a later time.

Q: Are there any talks of a sequal?A: Not yet. If it successful there will more than likely be one. Only time will tell.

G. General Tips

  • Concentrate on your skills before worry about trying to take on the Bosses and Generals.
  • Search the area for the orbs and complete many Marker Challenges.
  • Be well-rounded- kill your enemies with various techniques to get all your skills up.
  • If you’re getting hurt significantly, find cover or drive away.
  • Your fists are as good as your firearms, so use them! Get up close and personal and show those gangs how an Agent rolls.
  • Carry the world on your shoulders…kind of. When running low on ammo, use your surroundings. You never know what you may find to make your day easier.
  • 2 heads are better than 1- co-op is not only more fun than playing alone, but you can get the job done twice as fast.
  • Unlock Supply Points. These can be very helpful to replenish your health and ammo, and you can teleport between them to move around Pacific City quickly.
  • Use what you’re given- If you find a special weapon from an enemy, take it back to a Supply Point for later use.
  • Use different strategies- you can take on obstacle from different angles and see what works best.
  • Have fun and be ready for the Halo 3 Beta! If you don’t have Xbox Live Gold or a Hard Drive, get one soon and don’t be left out for the Beta.

H. Acknowlegdements/Sources

This guide was made by l EcHo 360 l. This is an original guide and all my work. Info was gathered and and cited above. The forums and have the only permission to use this FAQ. Please do not redistribute this in any way. Thank you!

PS- This guide will be edited with the release of new content or any mistakes I or you all find. Thanks again!


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